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ah, wasn't one of the thought i'd be singing in parliament with the foyer. i never dreamt of it. where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music knocked down rules and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera ah, agreeing to disagree. crisis talks between the us and russia were over ukraine end without breakthrough. fundamental principles that the united states in our partisan allies are committed to defend. that includes those that would impede the sovereign right. ukrainian people to write their own future. there is no trade space. they're not ah, hello, i'm adrian for them. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up as strikes by the saudi led coalition in yemen. killable them 70
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people, a trigger. a nationwide internet blackout a powerful explosion leaves a giant crater flattens hundreds of homes in gonna thousands of she is dead and ah, me, rock and roll. legend meatloaf dies at the age of $74.00. ah, we say, ah, ah, ah! mistakes were high and talks between the top diplomats of russia, the u. s. over ukraine, but a near 90 minute meeting between antony blanket had such a love rav ended in geneva without resolution. but with the hope of future negotiations,
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moscow still sticking to its demands that nato should not allow membership to ukraine. above a former soviet states, a blanket reiterated the position of the u. s. and its european allies. but those demands cannot be met. based on our discussion, i believe we can carry forward this work of developing understanding agreements together that ensure arnett, our mutual security. but that's contingent on russia stopping its aggression toward ukraine. so that's the choice that russia faces. now, you can choose the path of diplomacy that can lead to peace and security, or the path that will lead only to conflict, severe consequences and international condemnation. but mom would love to live at the end of our meeting. we agreed that next week the u. s. is going to present us with written answers to all of our proposals. and you also said in particular that ukraine represents no threats to russia. and i would like to once again remind everyone who analyzes our public statements that never before has russia threatened
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the ukrainian pupils? our white house correspondent kimberly hallett joins us now live from washington. kimberly the talks for frank and business like, according to the secretary of state, nothing was resolved, but it looks like they are going to continue to tour. what's the u. s. strategy here? well, the u. s. strategy is to kind of let this simmer for a few days. they want to see what russia will do in terms of responding to the proposals that have been put forward by antony blank. and russia for its part is looking for some sort of written response by the united states. we know that antony blinkin wants to speak with the national security council back here in washington. so presumably that process will play out. now the u. s. president joe biden, for his part, was just speaking in front of reporters reporters attempted to ask him about russia
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. he acknowledged that they had questions, but walked away from the microphones instead of answering. so it's clear he does not want to speak before. there has been an opportunity to chew over what has happened in the this meeting that has taken place with the u. s. secretary of state and his russian counterpart survey. laugh rob, what we do know from the u. s. president joe biden press conference earlier this week. or middle of the week is that he believes, given the fact that russia has positioned more than a 100000 troops along the border with ukraine, is that lot of putin is likely to challenge the west to test, to do some sort of invasion, antony blake and saying today that the united states has intelligence that has seen that they've seen the plans. they believe this is going to happen. they've seen on social media the uptake, the sort of the sort of the setting the table if you will for this to happen. so
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this is what they expect, but they believe there is this narrow window of opportunity to try and bring this down to bring the temperature down. so in the words of the secretary of state, russia really has the opportunity. the ball is in their court. according to the united states, there's the opportunity for diplomacy, or d escalation, or russia can pay the price in the eyes of the west. should it choose to invade ukraine. the preference of the united states in the west is that it chooses the escalation and whitehouse correspond. kimberly, how could reporting live from washington? kimberly many things in yemen, more than 70 people were killed in an air strike that had a temporary detention center who the rebels say. the saudi led coalition struck the facility and saw the province. the area is a who the strong hold rescue operations are underway to try to find survivors who may be buried under the rubble. well, there were also airstrikes targeting demons, port, city hood data. at least 4 people were killed there and 17 wounded. who the rebels
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say that the saudi led forces struck a telecommunications building, and that triggered a nationwide internet blackout which continued for hours. the web monitoring group net blocks says that connectivity dropped around one a. m on friday, an under c fiber optic called the full can cable system, provides connectivity for parts of asia and africa that cable runs under the gulf of aidan and into her data, which came under attack on friday. i'll just here as mohammed our tub reports now from the capital center of the sally, the quality says that this, these kinds of attacks are aiming to undermine the how these capabilities militarily butts are so far what the house is turned out to the streets of the many chemicals and also in other cities, we have chatted and condemned at such attacks that have target big gatherings of civilians. they say that these, these kinds of air strikes wouldn't wake in there. well,
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and also the resilience towards continuing their what the say the fight against the saudi coalition. and also that the, this, these attacks according to the hope he's overshoot. spokesperson, who says that these attacks would and also waking, he mentioned that wouldn't be em. and he's resilience the have the gun under these attacks for nearly 7 years and the opposite side. that then, contrary the military capabilities are getting stronger the via the, the have become able to, at different cities like what the have a kid like the target has been carried out against the united states when they have attacked the pose. and also that the wandering also and threatening to attack the holly fire tower in case the u. a. a continued its participation in the solid quality of war kill. according to the words, the president of the un security council is strongly condemned. the latest strikes,
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not acceptable. and we absolutely call for, for restraints on all sides. the escalation of the military conflict in yemen is really very, very old army life. now for the you and your, your contact for me to get it's a james phase. is the james tell us more about reaction to these strikes the, the un well, you heard the president, the security council that norway, that was no speaking in its national capacity. the council, as a whole has been meeting, but they've not been meeting about the latest air strike. they've been at strikes all week in yemen on whose he held territory, but they are in response to an attack, as you heard a moment ago on abu dhabi, the capital of u. e, where 3 people were killed on monday. and it's that attack alone that the security council discussed it, didn't discuss it under its yemen, a gender item,
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it discussed it under the issue of terrorism. and they focus just on the attack in abu dhabi and they should a statement the security council just on the attack in abu dhabi. after that meeting, the u. a ambassador, came to speak to reporters. she was flanked by 6 other ambassadors, including 3 of the permanent members, the u. k, the u. s. and france and lawn, no say, but when she spoke to reporters wanted again, just to speak about what happened in abu dhabi at the start of the week. not about the saudi lead coalitions response. so i pressed her, your defense under law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the president and the counsel, no way speaking in a national cap capacity said the attack that took place and saddam was unacceptable . what you have heard to day. and you will know, following the work of the council that this is rec, what you have heard today is the unanimous condemnation by the security council
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against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of january. okay. and that is regular schools and bush given that in the system though it may be as many as i'd like to refer you to the coalition statement on that matter. but i also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. that was the comments from the ambassador of the united arab emirates. i can tell you that human rights groups have been watching what's been going on in the security council. yes, they say the security council should be condemning that attack that took place on abu dhabi. they say that was very wrong and it should not have that the youth is, should not have been targeting a civilian infrastructure in abu dhabi, but they say it's one sided. the security council also should be looking at what's happened in recent days. and particularly in recent hours in who the hell territory
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in yemen are diplomatic editor, james based their live at the you and in new york. james, many thanks. 11 iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by ice or fighters. it happened at night and an army barracks in the out a seam district, north of baghdad. it's one of the worst assaults on the iraqi military in recent months. there's also been an eyesore attack in neighboring syria. it's fighters stormed the detention center in africa. and briefly fried some of its fighters, kurdish forces who control the area, say a car bomb struck the prison gates as detainees began to riot security forces killed at least 40 gunman around 90. i sold fighters who escaped, recaptured by kurdish forces, tongue and in new zealand. have come out in big numbers to send aid supplies home following saturdays, volcanic eruption, and soon army more. government aid is also arriving in tanya from new zealand and australia now as here has weighed hey reports. oakland is the world's largest
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polynesian city and tongue ins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to send food, water, and other items to toner and to show unity and resilience. muffin summer and bring all little country down, you know, pretty on, i guess we have a lot of, i was a middle. what we face of smells refis together was overcome any for the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast there as when disaster, hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have. we give it out of love, we give it to our own family back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will be sent to tanya early next week. governments are also sending aid new zealand and australian air force planes landed at the international airport near the capital local ofa. despite some ash from the volcano still being on the runway. and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies,
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divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of tongue recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day, they're learning more about how significant the eruption was. scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so to put that into some kind of perspective, when we fly, i gets across pacific we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers, with some communication being restored slowly. many tongue ins and new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home. now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne, hey al jazeera auckland's tongue and i flaked piece her tougher to foot. was a flag barrow for his nation at the summer 2020 olympics. just for,
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for speaking to us about a 0, he'd heard that his father was safe. he's been on quite the adventure. i'm straight up to the straight after the snobby he ended up on the day before. so went out at the age of 74 for our 1st 1st contact, 1st aid out to the heart by islands and then found his way back to just today. i created a go for the page, thomas to not be released by be the talk before. and i created that we've been i had it up within the hour of seeing the footage of the snobby actually did it just before communication was cut. the soon as i saw that for this i went, this is a good. this is not going to be good, there's going to be a lot of damage. i didn't know the exact amounts of damage at that time, but we started a fundraiser. and initially was about schools and hospitals. and now seeing what the need is in other areas are, you know, we're,
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we're looking at how we can best provide initial aid, but also rebuilding aid over over the next coming months. and it looks like it's so we reached out to people in our, by the half by islands, which were most affected. and we've offered initially to, you know, to cover the costs of break of fuel. but i just heard as well that on that the short on flower the short of water, the short on food. and this one bakery has only 60 readers worth of fuel left. got a weather update. maxine al 0, then bro, hang a refugee stranded in indonesia after harrowing boat journey share. the applies with 0 and who reports from the paul, which is struggling as covet 19 infections such ah
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get ready for it? sub 0 temperatures come into the golf. hello, everyone. good to see you. let me share those details right off the bat. this is what you're going to wake up to on saturday morning. re add minus one single dose digits. doha minima. just 9 degrees and look at those winds will still see them howling at about 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. here, saturday afternoon, you're temperatures will recover some re at, at 12 and dos 16 degrees. but again, the wind still going to be a factor of the pakistan garage. you've also been dealing with some pretty stiff. when's a height 26 degrees? and we've got a lot of activity. we've been cross afghanistan into northern parts of pakistan, so snow to be expected. cobble about 5 to 10 centimeters rain for his law, but we know not too far away from the city. you'll get into the snow. also dealing with snow for turkey, i think it's stan bull can see about 5 centimeters and for central areas over that
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higher ground $20.00 to $30.00, to be expected. here, off to south africa, think more flooding in the cards for madagascar, we could see a tropical cyclone cook up this weekend. so that's going to amplify rainfall amounts, extreme heat warnings in play for the western and northern cape, as those temperatures approach 40 degrees. stickle c, so ah frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though they're cap cbd, of the very beginning that it looks bank for informed opinions, liking politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of these critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not okay. it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans inside story. on al jazeera
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lou. ah, again this is out a 0. let's remind you of the main news. the south talks between russia of the u. s . over mounting tension and ukraine of concluded without a resolution. u. s. secretary of state antony blanket has been meeting russia's foreign minister. so gala ross in yemen, at least 76 people are reported to have been killed in an ass strike that had a temporary detention center who the rebel say the saudi led coalition struck the facility and saw the province. the area is a hoot, the stronghold and aid from around the world is being sent to toner, was the pacific island nation clears up after a major pl kenneth corruption and tsunami. at least 3 people on and had died
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following saturdays in a rush. at least 17 people have died in an explosion at western gone up. it happened in a small town near the city of go. so videos from the scene posted on social media, showed the extent of the damage. police said the blast happened on a truck carrying explosives between 2 gold mines, collided with a motorcycle, it dozens of buildings were destroyed and several people were injured. most of the victims have now been moved to hospitals in the bogo. so district people have been advised to leave the area nearby, towns of open shelters in churches and schools that men is we would be wonderful fully, fully, all the i made a globe. everything was heated with yet with japan is expanding its corona virus restrictions in an effort to beat
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a surgeon case is caused by the omicron variant restaurants and bars will close, early in tokyo and a dozen other areas starting on friday. the restrictions are set to be in place until february, 13th. people entering australia will no longer has to present proof of a negative p c r test. as of sunday. instead, passengers will be able to do a rapid and john test within 24 hours of departure. and people who have contracted cove at 19 will now have to wait 7 days before being cleared for travel. while the 14, the polls capital has imposed tough corona various measures as the country battles its biggest outbreak, yet the government fears that daily case numbers could double to 20000 by the end of the month as health work as continued to contract cove at 19 ramirez limbo reports now from kaufman. do so sheila committee owns a store in the heart of tommy gut mondo's tourist and business hub. she and her family have remained safe from cove it,
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but the virus has hit business hard. when it got rid lynn, anybody else had a body or hague, uncovered has hurt us. people are afraid to come out to know the bars and clubs or clothes. and even if there were open, people wouldn't come. good neighbor near a dance fir. during the 2nd wave last year, the delta variant was killing hundreds of people. hospitals were running out of oxygen cylinders and intensive care. by this time the army kron strain, which is more transmissible, is spreading to the community health experts say it is infecting nearly every household in the valley. but hospital admissions and fatalities are significantly lower nepal experience the sojourn cove cases this week with more than 10000 people being infected every day. it's a record daily high for the country. since the start of the pandemic, the government projects, the daily infections made double by the end of this month and has implemented a series of measures to probe the 3rd. the cut monday district administration office suspended major services after a number of its stuff contracted cove. it,
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including the chief district officer, maybe says about he gonna be rather negligible. and we are focused on discouraging mass gatherings and large crowds. and instead encouraging people to follow government health protocols. mine is horrible and i like other schools are shut till the end of the month. and front end workers are receiving booster doses. gatherings of more than 20 people are banned and masks are mandatory outdoors. people will need vaccine cards to enter public spaces and to access public services . the 3rd wave has infected health workers in hospitals and health care facilities in large numbers. by way of my believe that the, the previous wave left her health care system in shambles. we were unable to cope with the overwhelming number of patients. this time we have to look out for our health professionals who are the backbone of this. i saw the government was only 40 percent of nipples. 30000000 people are fully vaccinated. 50 percent have received
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a partial dues with a relatively low vaccination rate. experts say that hauled should expand its vaccination dr. moscow and maintain social distance. remy at the limbo al jazeera cut under ra hanger. refugees from bangladesh who arrived in indonesia lost once of told, al jazeera of their hurrying journey by boat among the group of children who made the trip alone. al jazeera, jessica washington, that some of them in a denise is at a province in locked them away in north archie. these children are now safe after surviving a dangerous journey at sea for more than a month. many of them miss their loved ones. had some asked if they could use our phones to call home. this young girl tells her family about a fellow passenger who died on the boat. i saw them put her body in a sack with a heavy rock. she says, i saw them throw her into the ceiling of the 105 ro hanger. refugees staying here.
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nearly half our children around 2 weeks after their arrival in indonesia, the rank of refugees have been vaccinated and completed their initial health checks with their daily needs being met. the focus is now on trying to gain a clearer picture of the individuals in this group. and helping them make contact with their families of to spending 10 days in quarantine, they are now able to share their stories. this 13 year old says the journey was terrifying. now sometimes the bows would tilt so much, we felt like we were drowning. wow. she says her parents wanted her to leave the refugee camp in cox's bazaar in bangladesh, so she could get an education. hello, i miss my parents. i feel like crying for them. some here are children who are married to hang a men in malaysia or engaged to be married. i got married 7 months ago. my husband works in malaysia. she is only 15 officials an uncanny say they are trying to keep
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the refugees safe and are providing counseling. we just want to make sure that all aspect of their but fictions is provided for this little experts say these children could be targeted by smugglers again or a router. there are people who are, who would potentially prey on these children and use them or exploit them in a, in this way and try to move them i voluntarily or not across borders. no, it is for now. marian says she's just happy to be on land and out of immediate danger. i believe. good days come after bad ones. she says they've come here looking for them. jessica, washington out a 0 look somali ha! the funeral for molly's for president abraham bouquet to has taken place on the capital bomber co. he died on sunday at the age of 76, k, to lead molly for 7 years, but was forced from power in 2020 by the military,
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following huge antique government protests on the zeros nicholas hark reports now from darker in neighboring cellar gall, his body is being transported in this military camp where he is receiving the national honors, ironically by the military agent that had toppled him in 2020 and had kept and kept him in house arrest. now he suffered a minor stroke just after he was toppled. he allen similitude didn't to leave the country for for treatment. and it seems that there's been some complication in his health, but but lead to his death for 76 year old. was a contested figure in his time in office. remember before his toppling, there were tens of thousands of people in the streets of miko asking for his resignation. he's been accused of corruption in his time and office. in fact, his son booby cater who is the former defense minister with an self imposed exile
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in ivory coast, is under currently under investigation for embezzling funds from the military meant to equip the army. while he was back in the country. he's back in the country to dress this funeral where he said that his father was a man that meant no harm to anyone. but his legacy, of course, will be question, given the situation in which molly is currently absent in this memorial is the military gentle leader. himself as he me goiter, none of the military were there present when his body was brought to the place of of memorial. the singer and actor meatloaf has tied the crummy when a born marvin lea a day played eddy in the rocky horror show at the rocky horror picture show. i'm sorry. i've sold more than 100000000 albums. world wise, a cause of death has not been made public or 0. sandra chappelle takes a look back at his wife. oh,
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but i'm ho forming on stage or in front of camera. meatloaf was a type of entertainer always left an impression keyboard on screen. as eddy in the rocky horror picture show. the 1st a medical classics he'd be associated with ah, owns and character overly dramatic estate performance is evolved into a senior pool. ah, he collaborated with songwriter jim steinman on bad out of hell, which is released in 1977. the critics didn't know what to do with it. rolling stone magazine, david zulu stores. audiences however love. it's mindy, anthony. it's one of the top selling albums of all time. more than 14000000 copies
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uber weight since it became one of the biggest swaps stores in the world. the fact that they have bought tickets come to shows. and the majority of my loved one, i'm done. that's been the best present that you could ever get. oh, success continued into the ninety's. juicer. younger audiences were introduced to him through his film and television appearances was try, ah, oh, that out of hell was later adapted into an over the top award win musical. which is currently touring the united kingdom i think he was forever proving himself to the world, but he was bigger than all of them. and he could survive and he could,
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he could swing against any tide. and that was his, upon his appeal. i think that's what resonated with people, you know they, they would go to the shows and he would put on this rampaging performance in defiance as it were of everybody else. and that was part of his appeal. really, he went on to sell more than 100000000 albums. martin lee a day better notice meatloaf was 74 years old. ah. this is l 0. adrian finnegan here in dough. how about the headlines? talks between washer the u. s. or the mounting tension of ukraine. i've concluded without a resolution. he was secretary of state antony, blanca has been beating russia's foreign minister, so gay, lovegrove, based on our discussion i believe we can carry forward this work of developing understanding agreements together that ensure our net.


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