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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 7:00am-7:30am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, to the un calls for an investigation off a saudi led coalition airstrikes and yemen kill more than 80 people being held in a detention center. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is dr. sierra la, you from doha. also coming up no break through. it talks to diffuse tensions every ukraine has top us and russian diplomats meet in geneva, a desperate tin up as an oil spill blamed on last week's pacific. an army ravages the coast, appearing and tens of thousands of people rally in washington. the head of a legal showdown of the right to abortion in the united states.
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ah, you and secondly, general antonio garages, calling for an investigation after air strikes by the saudi led coalition killed more than 80 people in western yemen. at least 3 children are among the dead. well, the strikes hit our detention center and solder and the port city of a data drawing condemnation. a statement from the saudi official news agency has denied that its coalition forces targeted the facility. our diplomatic editor james bays report some un headquarters in new york. as strikes had been carried out on who the hell territory in yemen all week. but this one was by far the most deadly. i'm the main target seems to have been a detention center in the healthy stronghold of sedar in northern yemen. the death toll continues to rise as they find bodies many believe to be migrants,
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while searching for any survivors. bombardment this week by the saudi led coalition follows a brazen attack by the hu thies, using drones on the capital of the united arab emirates, abu dhabi on monday, which killed 3 people in new york. the un security council met behind closed doors to discuss that attack, but not the attacks on who the controlled areas. the current president of the council is no way i asked some basset mon, a jewel, for her countries reaction to the scale of the death toll and saddam, it's not acceptable. i'm be absolutely call for for restraints on all sides. after the meeting, the ambassador of the united arab emirates flanked by representatives of 6 other council members, including the permanent members the u. k. fronts and the u. s. gave a statement that disagreed with aggression by the fees as well as the proliferation of miss fall and other technology that enabled the terrorist attack. she made no
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mention of the attack by the coalition of which the u. a is one of the 2 main members. so i press the ambassador, your defense under law has to be proportionate. does it not? and the president, the counsel, no way speaking in a national cack capacity, said the attack that took place and said that was on the accept what you have heard today. and you will know, following the work of the council, that this is rare. what you have heard today is the unanimous condemnation by the security council against the terrorist attack against the united arab emirates on monday, the 17th of john, i'm not asking you about that. i'm asking about your response and whether it was proportionate given that at least 60 people have died, maybe as many as i'd like to refer to the coalition statement on that matter. but i also like to affirm here that the coalition undertakes to abide by international law and proportionate response in all its military operations. human rights groups have criticized the security council's approach as one sided. the council did issue
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a statement, but again, only on the drone attack on abu dhabi, the secretary general of the united nations, antonio terrace, has addressed the cottage and saddam and other attacks and who controlled areas. he's called for prompt, effective and transparent investigations. james bowes al jazeera, at the united nations mean arguments who the health minister has appealed to the international community for medical aid, the acute, the saudi, the coalition of the liberty targeting civilians, national am judy and i could be arrested. then we are looking at a very big crime and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. that's what we see. what the targeting of the attention center inside the province and the continuous killing of civilians, war criminals, escape prosecution. and consider this a war crime against humanity, but the world should take responsibility at this critical moment in human history. we are witnessing many victims. while jamal benomar is a former us special envoy for yemen, he says, the strikes are the latest in
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a series of war crimes committed by the sound of correlation. it is a sign of desperation, you know, from the, the saudi coalition side. and, you know, when they entered this, when they decided to launch this war and yeah, man, you know, they promised to know that they will bring back the proxies or the clients to power, you know, within 3 weeks, 7 years have passed and they have not been able to achieve any of the objectives they failed consistently to bring an end to this war. in fact, that intervention has only complicated an already complicated situation. political situation in, in yemen that has been no, no accountability whatsoever since the start of this war. it's a failure from the not only do and the state side, but the permanent members of the school council. the reality is that all the 5
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members, instead of cooperating to try and find a way on how to compel the saudis to, and the war in yemen and compelled the m and the sides in order to enter in good faith in a political process. you know, to end the strife um, they in fact have been competing for lucrative contracts with ravia and e. so the highest body in the world and united nations. this is us go to council. you know, the members have not been, i have not played, i'm afraid. a positive role in the last few years for us and russia held what they say are frank talks. they trying to restore their standoff over ukraine. moscow insist nato should not let ukraine join the alliance, but that's been rejected by washington. its european allies and nato. natasha battle has moved from geneva at a hotel in geneva, the u. s. secretary of state and russian foreign minister arrived for crucial talks
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into diffusing tensions over ukraine. antony blinkin and sir gala froth set the tone early both said to break through was unlikely. we don't expect to resolve your late work as well. also, i mean with those in his job rotary with we are not expecting a break through this meeting either. we are expecting answers to our proposals after the meeting law for offset moscow wanted a written response from the u. s. to its demands, including a guarantee that nato will not grant membership to ukraine, something blank and has repeatedly called a non starter. but he said the u. s. would respond to russia if moscow addressed it's concerns and respected ukrainian sovereignty. we've been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's order that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe,
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and the united response from united states and are partisan allies. u. s. intelligence says russia has already amassed at least a 100000 troops on its western border and is moving weapons into allied belarus, north of ukraine. the u. s. and russian positions are clearly far apart, blinkin and lap off making very little real progress. but the 2 men did agree to continue to pursue diplomacy as a way of the escalating, a crisis which could lead to war. it was on the shores of lake geneva, the talks between the u. s. and russia led to the end of the cold war, decades on how old rivalries have resurfaced, both sides accused each other regression and relations of dangerously deteriorated . the outlook for the coming weeks is turbulent. natasha butler al jazeera geneva. so let's take
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a closer look at moscow's demands it once nato troops out of romania and bulgaria and seeks guarantees, the alons won't add any new members, namely ukraine and georgia. russia also wants assurances. the u. s. won't build any new military bases in former soviet states. and i told her so far reject these demands and says it's up to sovereign states to determine their own security arrangements or to find their differences the years in russia say they're open to further dialogues. daughter jibari reports now from moscow the russian foreign minister said that there is currently a lot of hysteria that russia is not interested in invading ukraine. and all this talk is a false narrative that's been created by the western powers to give them an excuse to put more nato troops alongside the border, a with russia. and that is something this country cannot accept. he said they will wait to find out a written proposal in a written answer by the u. s. government next week, where the u. s. stands on what the russians are asking for,
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and they will decide how to proceed from that point forward. he said that it is not an out of the question to continue the dialogue and it was not worthy to hear the u . s. secretary of state saying these are not negotiations there, just discussions. and i think it's important to highlight that because each side, they are very much entrenched in their demands and that is not likely to change. but what is now clear is that dialogue and diplomacy is not dead. both sides are eager to continue dialogue about the differences they have when it comes to the looming crisis and not just ukraine, but also nato, and its role in this part of the world. and the russian foreign minister said that they will study carefully, they're written answer from the u. s. and then decide how to proceed for their part . this is what they wanted to hear, that they will get a written response, and they know it got a time frame for that from the u. s. government of next week,
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and they will decide how to proceed from that point on the u. s. as it will continue to you, sanctions against leaders, it accuses of undermining peace in bosnia herzegovina. comments were made by the head of the us agency for international development. offer a visit to the country early this month, washington and out sanctions against mila dudek, a bosnian serb representative in the countries. 3 member presidency. leaders here are attempting to so division, present. dudek in particular, has created a climate of tension. one that is vulnerable to miscalculation and the risk of escalation. not 250000 liters of drinking water delivered by the new zealand navy is being distributed across the top. it's the largest delivery of fresh water to the islands 6 days after devastating volcanic eruption and some ami water sources on the archipelago had been contaminated by ash and sea water. new
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zealand also sent equipment to disseminate up to 70000 meters a day. peruse tackling a large oil spill on its shores linked to the volcanic eruption near toner freak waves caused by the undersea eruptions struck an oil tanker as it was unloading its cargo, pitching 6000 barrels, avoid into the sea, marianna sanchez as this report. it's been declared an environmental emergency crude oil washing assure after a devastating spill along the peruvian coast, lima. the sooner caused by the volcanic eruption near dawn that on january 15th apparently ruptured an underwater pipeline. as the spanish ritual oil tanker was, am loading crude at a refinery, causing the disaster and investigation is underway. a for the see the challenge to contain and clean the estimated 6000 barrels don't be impossible to accomplish, but seems to volunteers have that kind of a to beach near the main spill area are doing their best
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a few kilometers away at the bay of course another team is recovering only 20 barrels of the per day. market size, they don't know what's really not much, just a grain of sand. the attention on the clean up campaign should be more aggressive. concerns university students up to up to see some fish. but for now we are cleaning and seeing what we can do with this credit because we are not going to be so harkness and leave them their environmental authorities. so the damage now extend 3000 square kilometers affecting and con based which bio diversity from the fisherman's protected islands to the coastline. for now, we're about 4 kilometers of the coast of the be if i'm gone. and here the water is completely under a blanket of oil. the ocean current is helping to spread it even further, making it more difficult to clean to contain its advance environmental authorities have caught enough the small bay area fishermen. i really not. i mean,
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this is more than 800 families who need it for their living now have nothing to sell a barrel to a door. everything has stopped and no one is going out to see because we know that the fish is unusable and will be contaminated. it's surprising that wraps has not had a contingency plan. on thursday, president bill castillo declared, the environmental emergency describing the oil spill as the most worrying ecological disaster. in recent times, some are blaming wetzel but the company says it had no warning of the sooner me and is not responsible. while judicial authorities open than investigation, experts say reversing the damage is impossible, especially with so much to be done. and so few volunteers at work on the ground and in as anxious i just see that need my fatal. not more so to come here now does air including thousands of display serious struggle to stay warm and find shelter off my smoke storm ripped from their tents and
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a regulation row in thailand. why the work on volunteers like these is on the threat from a new draft all born that status? ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the with sponsored play cuts on airways. get ready for sub 0 temperatures come into the golf. hello everyone, good to see you. let me share those details right off the bat. this is what you're going to wake up through on saturday morning. we add minus one single digit to doha, minolta just 9 degrees and look at those winds. we'll still see them howling at about 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. here's saturday afternoon, your temperatures will recover some re add at 12 and do a 16 degrees, but again, the wind still going to be a factor of the pocket stone garage. you've also been dealing with some pretty stiff wins a high 26 degrees and we got
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a lot of activity. we've been cross off gonna stun into northern parts of pakistan, so snow to be expected. cobble about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters. rain for his love of bob, but we know not too far away from the city you'll get into the snow. also dealing with snow for turkey, i think is stan ball can see about 5 centimeters and for central areas over that higher ground $20.00 to $30.00, to be expected. here off to south africa, i think more flooding in the cards. for madagascar, we could see a tropical cyclone cook up this weekend, so that's going to amplify rainfall amounts, extreme heat warnings in play for the western and northern cape, as those temperatures approach 40 degrees. stay cool, sir. so, oh, the weather sponsored by castle right ways and we'll just see a while to warm is can we listen design is are making serious efforts in order to stop the trend of those. here we
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meet with global news makers about the stories on how to see a key mentoring. is that nice? i'm more guy on out there a ah, welcome back of her grandma about top stories. he at this hour more than 80 people, including children, had been killed in 2 air strikes, and yemen un has condemned the latest that are the sound live coalition armed ask, hold on all sides in the conflict to begin dialogue. the us and russia of hell. what they say are front talks, as they trying to resolve their stand off over ukraine. russian fruit build up on
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the ukranian borders, few weeks of tension and race. fears of a conflict. and peruse tackling lodge oil spill in that shores. that's been linked to the volcanic eruption near toner freight waves caused by the russians. struck an oil tanker as it was um, noting its called for that now to the ukraine crisis. and for many in the country, the build up of russian troops at the border has echoes of 2014, when war came to the east of their country. or abdul, hamid is in care of where some bracing for more valves. i know i many she's come to pay her respects not to forget friends lost his, the war broke out in the east of the country in 2014 in millsboro got sca was a volunteer. baghdad providing support to the soldiers under frontline. the idea of possible renewed fighting worries her knee of course i think her the words going on and on from 2014 ah,
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i don't know where we have a big we're but we have guns and we already talk of war and a possible russian invasion concerns many ukrainians, but people here feel things could be different this time around. many a grateful of the support. some western countries have provided ukraine. some public the thanking the u. k for its recent delivery of mid rage weapons. but elsewhere around give people are going about their daily lives wondering if war is as imminent as their leaders have been warning. there's also a sense among people here that the situation is made more complicated because of the competition between russia and the west. over influence in this part of the world, ukraine being at the center of it. dmitri sokolov and his wife or lynn,
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i left crimea soon after russia. next have been insular in 2014. like many, he thinks that ukraine has come a long way since we are different in mentality the road different. we are very much different now from, from russia, and we are very much different from ukrainians. that war, you know, 2014, more than 50 percent v vi. we believe that this is just a part of game. like, let's say, a kind of trade in, you know, we would sure what states we'll provide to rush on the brochure, et cetera. so we hope it, sol, blubbering, i think, but for catch a push ne and skia, the problems also come from within. she hasn't returned to her home tom of logan's, since pro russian separatist took over. i thought she summed up to do the problem is not only russia, sometimes i don't feel part of this country. sometimes my friends and colleagues make the point that we are guilty of provoking this conflict. i really don't
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understand where i belong. h is on ukrainians. have learned to live with a threat from their big neighbor, many say is become part of their lives. but what they fear now is that any move by russia order us could bring more divisions among ukrainians. hood abdul, hamid elder, 0 give at least 11 migrants and refugees have drowned and a shipwreck off the coast of tennessee. the group was attempting to cross the mediterranean to reach europe. 21. people are rescued by the coast guard, according to a spokesman for the tennessee amish. ministers from greece, poland and italy had taken part in a border security conference. in lithuania, they say reinforcing frontiers. i'm cracking down on people. smugglers will protect you citizens and those who undertake perilous journeys to reach europe. can you blame bella roost for helping provoke a crisis. alluring migrants with false promises. a busy entry into the blocks our firm position would cease reflected in the joint statement signed by 16 member
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states of the european union. the majority of member states. the one that we adopted today is that border protection is critical for toppling the european migration crises in order for the european asylum system to properly function. in norfolk, syria, frost heavy, rain and snow have damage more than 70 camps for internally displaced people. almost 3000 tents have been affected, leaving many families struggling to find shelter or stay warm. the un, as was the flooding when the snow starts to melt, millions are displaced within syria, largely due to the civil war. there was l. herani as mona, from booboo village, and i left the northern country side window. so that's a young wants to. can you met you? how luna is that a teddy threw on him? the camps residence had been trying for the last 3 days to remove snow from their tents and to repair these tests that were damaged because the very bad weather in the area of bull beula in aleppo,
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countryside amid fears of more snow to fall in the coming day and that the camps residence fear the worst, and they've been suffering enormously over the past few days. get the middle, he had he and as you can see, this tense and many others have been damaged. and we've had 3 of rough days. our tense has been damaged and our suffering continued. we haven't received any help yet. in may a hold on hold be a no human was out of them. they said that the volume of assistance is not enough to meet the needs of the residents because the bad situation is suffering and humanitarian crisis in the area. they fear the worst will happen because of the current weather situation. and the miserable condition i told the tense can't even provide residents with the minimal safety they need mon or sylvia and dennis from the international rescue committee, she says more resources needed to help display people the. so this is
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a particularly difficult situation and we as i a see together with our partners in, in really working to try and speed up support with winter is ation kids. normally we try and support the population by replacing 10, bringing them warm clothes, black, big, maybe to put that on top of their houses or 10. we try to also support with cash. that gives them the possibility to choose what they really want, what they really need to support their family a few well. so i mean, there's a number of way we can, we can support them. unfortunately, right now the need is high and we really try our best to, to prioritize. you need to consider that they need this not only shelter they need is also hospital. they need is protection. there are huge protection needs in syria
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. they need is related to child protection, food security, where a lot of people that feel do not have food to eat every day. so we, we try to balance all of us. we try to balance and definitely we call the international community and donors to consider to consider these because there's, there's a lot more that we could do if more resources will be dedicated to cd. i support i'm to abortion activists have gathered in washington d. c. for the annual march for life rally in march, the anniversary of a landmark supreme court ruling in 1973 that legalized abortion thousands march to the court, which is considering 2 state bounds limiting access to abortions. if the justice is upholders laws, the historic ruling will be overturned. how does your castro is that the right? it is the 49th anniversary of the roe vs wade court decision which gave access to
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abortions to american women. and these marchers who are adamant and that access and immediately these are anti abortion activists. and they represent a minority of americans, only one in 5 say that all abortions should end in this country, but they are a vocal minority. and they believe right now they have the wind behind their sales . that's because last year in conservative states, more than $100.00 new restrictions on abortions took effect. and just yesterday, the u. s. supreme court again declined to immediately end a ban on abortions after 6 weeks in the state of texas. but the big court case still pending before the u. s. supreme court is a case on whether roe vs wade should be overturned altogether. in other words, whether or not to remove that right to abortion in america. and these activists believe that with the, the conservative leaning on the user cream,
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or thanks to those 3 new justices appointed by former president donald trump. they think that this is the moment when they will prevail in order to and abortions in the u. s. m. p 's in thailand approved the 1st draft of a controversial new law for title control of a non governmental organizations. the government says the new powers off a national security reasons. tony try report fresh vegetables unloaded into the office of a local charity in the coastal town of somewhat. second, the food is a lifeline for more than 10000 migrant workers who have lost jobs in the seafood industry because of the coven 19 crisis. but the charity relies on donations mainly from overseas. and that will become almost impossible to manage under the new law. yet m w a m lock up in over, de la will not allow organisations found of americans to be registered. what might be very, if it becomes law, how will r and g o is founded by migrants survive? at b, as in international sanctions,
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were placed on thailand's fishing industry in 2015, as well as the legal fishing non governmental organizations, orange years, had exposed to polling working practices such as traffic, labor, and slavery on fishing boats. the government has initiated reforms, but similar exposes would be a legal under the draft law. the new legislation would also allow the thai government to scrutinize sensitive records and communications if organisations based and thailand but operating in authoritarian regimes in the region amongst the country. yeah, i ah, my can body, are we exam allow, they do not have a lot of the, the society and internet. so how can i say since us in bangkok that we are going to be next killed already? very soon. in the past 18 months there been freakin protests against the government and the monarchy, but attempts to arrest and jail. the leaders have in some cases,
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been frustrated by organization's representing their legal and constitutional rights. the former generals that lead the government have made no secret of their disdain for such organisations. and their desire for more control. none the less, critics say the current draft is far too broad. even basic humanitarian work could be threatened by this new law. the organizes of these food donations for those people to thanks by the cove at 19 downton concerned, they could be shut down because their work could be perceived to show thailand and the government in a bad light to many who live on the margins of society. such as the homeless and yos are providing help where there's no government aid. ha, ha, mcdonald mc one. ah, this is a clear violation of our rights. our work is for the greater good and the people. and only society will judge us, even if the government persuaded to make substantial revisions to his n g o law. it's likely to be keeping
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a much closer eye on organizations such as this. tony chang al jazeera, bangkok, flooding on landslides and peru of cut off access to the ancient city of mac, picchu, modern flood waters of submerged roads and rail tracks in and around the unesco world. heritage site taurus stranded in the area and now being moved out. now political debate has turned into a brawl and the honduran congress pushing and shoving broke out before the swearing in ceremony of a new parliamentary speaker, divisions within the ruling party of a just who that person should be ended up in a fist fight. ah, to have a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera,


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