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tv   Risking It All Lesotho  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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molly's regime for failing to organize elections and extending the gent as rule for another 5 years. aaron, land borders are shot access to the central bank and financial transactions. frozen . what we currently need for the country is to unite and not just in words, but in action. was it last good bye to a democratically elected president? it feels like the end of an era. there's a sense of uncertainty as to what lays ahead for country in search of peace and unity. nicholas hawk al jazeera. ah, not a quick check of the headlines here now to sierra more than 80 people, including children, have been killed and 2 airstrikes in yemen. the u. n. as condemned the latest act by the saudi coalition, and as called on all sides in the conflict to begin dialogues now or any bombardment or their target civilians on the or that he's not careful enough to
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protect civilians is of course, also an acceptable it what we need is to stop these vs circle in which things get escalating one after the other. what we need it is to have as we have been proposing from long ago a ceasefire together with the opening of harbor and the airports. and then in the beginning of a serious dialogue among the parties, these escalation needs to stop. the us and russia held what they say, a frank talks they try to resolve their stand off over ukraine. moscow is sticking to demands that nato should not lead ukraine. john the alliance, but that's been rejected by the u. s. and its european allies. peru is tackling a large oil spill on its shores. that's been linked to the volcanic eruption of tongue, a 10000 kilometers away. freak waves caused by the undersea eruptions struck an old
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tanka as it was unloading its cargo. 20 children in nigeria are missing off to our men, stormed their village and kidnapped them. it happened in bono state where are groups of cat out hundreds of attacks. over the last decade, resident said, fight us from ice hills affiliate and west africa attack. the village on thursday, the rams humanitarian chief who's been visiting the region, said the group posed a clear and present danger. in northwest syria, frost, heavy, rain and snow have damaged more than 70 camps when term late displaced people. almost 3000 tents have been effected, leaving many families struggling to find shelter or stay warm. the un has warned, the flooding on the snow starts to melt. well, those are the headlines and it continues here on al jazeera, after whisking it all. cedric that's what i thought now
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ah ah josh this who to is a small, landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square kilometers with a population of around $2000000.00 but it's unusual for
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african country. every winter, it's covered in snow. it even has a ski slope. it also has a lot of water. what south africa does not. so it's applies. it's much larger labor with a vital resource. but the people of is 22 are not well all elicit to the rules are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote, rural areas are only driven by men or women taxi drivers. i limited to towns and cities i oh, but these 2 young women have decided to change things, hollis and felina, a planning to branch out onto the suitors,
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out of town tracks. they've invested all their savings on a major service for their old minibus. lindsey i hadn't did pay than you $180.00. dan wouldn't let out. good the other good. actually one little de la had president mila pads. it's all right. you might be in town. there is a lot of competition, but in rural areas, taxi for red. so alice f epolina are hoping to double their income, but their friend, william is like the idea of them driving the sticks. i got the law was committed to the to europe. i'm much in allah. vienna. jennifer motto, one mother just in our lives is, you know more here's how it plays into moody. who didn't follow hannah, what a skinny to face with jessica 30. so again,
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so that they get very good toy, like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really usually can't get to have a tele de la you to, it's gonna jared. good hijack. i'd rather well know you got better milk lucas, america. thank you so much for no one has gone, pu, said batesville, as i go. so i put alice and fed lina simply can't afford to come, so they'll need to be careful, and they, and their families, pray for ah, with, ah alina, if the world already dreaming of making beef money ah, in towns course, there are both, sorry,
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but out here in the country a good day then and bang, a gallagher. so a map, one of them by their lips and inner beds. and like you will see some more. ha ha, ha, ha, thank you. by about to reading the map. however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country track with
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i don't how to go with reg ah, what i say yes. with number 2. that's how i live in the go what i will. yeah, i do a yes on my lessons with no. gosh, thank you. not saying, wow, like you're not joy. you told a we not the auctions. alice decides to sticking with it is better than letting felina drive
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ah, with the outside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving in a low gear. if heating the engine, ah, i think i might have a good i like how got to la la with
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me and still no sign of any customer alice and filename. john may have missed one by to factor in the suit and transportation horses riding as the only means of trans we hear that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go with a guy. so paula osborne, a good number. hello larry. hi, you've been busy with a lena. i've managed to keep the engine cool,
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but still don't have any pain customers. i a nissan. what's the one i got? i mean, finally a passenger with one whole dollar in his pocket. ah
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mm. with a number, a wholesaler. how can i trust with so few women twice? bush taxi's in a suit to the tend to command pupils respect. riley
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divided by this cotton. last not my follow up with a new group of passengers gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store a. i mean i would like, yeah, i get music. mike meet on his happy watch. he's striving with white. now she needs to concentrate hand on this tip to send
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a . alice is struggling to controlling her old taxi and has an unusual way. you're sharing her passengers. oh yeah. oh no, no. no, i do. and i got, i got with what i was i was he who i've, i've had this well i do work with
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them. but i hi paul, who all to help with . thank you. thank you very much. so and i went a for me, my dad has it. go ahead. oh, so that's how i go. we'll choose, i'm gonna want to i got a while. i'm in order to go with
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that. i already thought that i had a meeting with a fenced in back down as, as lawyer dealing with
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alina finally get to the bottom of history. and our united within last passenger with old drama has given them an appetite with and asked if earned $5.00. they can afford lunch with cubicle. i'd be very so when this, when i said to her good to go home, number one that we did not as a letter,
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this is another one. i want us as a grades. i don't think it's on a grades and he's out of the hang. didn't it? didn't consider it, these are basically with so that's a political to make it to from i feel i him a one open a gun. not in terms of citizen. sure. well, it was, you know, with didn't, but i cannot wait so hard to po for alice and felina. only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford for lunch. ira i the next to for them is a place called the family of the horses, but they're not looking for passengers there. but one of alice's cousins, i give the mud road big, you know, and, and day and they do more tribes or her little go
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go by law, move up better, but i didn't know lucy, stay there for another time. now look, look up at the homes with another $10.00. i philip will be guy. all comes up. what do you guys shop with or not of medical estoppel? they're not bad at 1900. ah, if you see 2 posts racing isn't one on a truck. but on the mountain platters here, the white is a yoko heroes. and every week, detroit long distances to see this past, ah,
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in time is leading and freethinking owns along behind him. oh boy yo would not give me your body and wendy more more by biting you now when you taught what you read um will be more fun. oh, well of course, during the week, but you know what i do about but, but you know, we've got oh, from knew where 300 people have right at this remote mountain venue. riders and spectators down building savings today in the hope of pulling off in the middle. when you have a i, there might be a better than that. what i would you about? i
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a, your pool a, it's under ring. ah. in just in time to take the lead, his horse suddenly sorts of course i
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can make the spectacular come but can only be taking place a little talk with you shortly to get ahead. okay, did you boucher with a . 8 guy who did you know, got new listed to look up a medicaid dam on each other so too much like us lost a ticket made. i'm on like a house in bow born stuff off like i like. i mean, i wasn't gonna tell it did not go filled with understood, twit,
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you one of you pretty sub war. now, if i'm not buy one, i list her mom, i'm to, i'm going to do talk over this hutus most valuable natural resource is it's new to the country is sometimes referred to as a war to tower. it's the high country in africa. and even us use point, it's 1300 meters above sea level. ah, august is the middle of winter. when temperatures dropped below freezing, sometimes as low as minus 10 celsius. ah ha, i a
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a new one week. humanity has harnessed need to hear, expect building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes if this spot on the continent a
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. 2 0, i see that now you probably got a buy new rag america. my daughter's a phone. so yeah, that isn't girl is headed that the board didn't take you. ha, ha ha ha. i give them a 1000000 if you'd like, you were not with us and said alina, can afford herself drink. so leave them at the feel assault, dreaming of the day with can calendar skincare ah,
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in time meanwhile has more nice skills and just to striding. when he's not at the races, he is a very different job. as a paramedic dish, as relief woman has cold for his helper monday malays all the or so got to slow going. got the other we are going or g h l, i didn't know what was on you. took a nike who had our guy come, i actually in the best for me, for a warning. hell, so cool. again, delta dental and i think will resolve some delisa mormon cd sal conky. i moved out to san jose, remove harden's alcohol and never implement into despite be in a lot of pain. it will have to endure whole day on horseback to get to hospital
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a hot would you talk about those one? yeah. now how do i go with oh no, i wouldn't do it. i got a whole lot. i guess one of the toner by the got but each with albany while we're 6. right. how does it should you do it by the gate? you but she has to go fill out by you. it's a good one. i'm with the moon on the moon on his you're denied what i literally years out to you did that with somebody just a moment and well, more now than mom did the scene
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in the city sitting down and doing nothing. one gave the story out of your site. it some so the way people like alice said alina and m time twine every day to make everyone flies just to little easier for a jenny, a jenny, and one of necessity, a 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the curriculum on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, knowledge is here. with every oh frank assessments. this crisis is continue to. we can look a shanker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that it was frank informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate . do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. once. inside story on al jazeera americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so raw?
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that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy, and the impact on the world on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm down jordan tow the top stories here on al jazeera, you and 2nd general antonio content issues calling of an investigation loft, the air strikes, bodies savvy lead coalition killed more than 80 people in western yemen. at least 3 children are among the dead. the strikes hit a detention center in santa and the port city of data. but a statement from the saudi official news agency has denied that it's coalition forces targeted. the facility are diplomatic. as a james based report from the un headquarters in new york that i have heard as strikes have been carried out on who the hell territory in yemen.


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