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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, condemnation and calls for accountability after a saudi coalition, as strike kills more than 80 detainees in yemen, most of the migrants ah, oh, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera life though. ha, also coming up. american military hardware reaches ukraine. russia deploys it's fighter jets for drills. we'll have the latest on the tense stand off on the border . a major safety issue all just about paint job. a dispute between air bus and casa airways escalates into
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a very public fuse and spilling out of control. why gum violence has become a huge problem in sweden and why it's affecting certain communities the most? ah. in yemen rescue workers continue to search for survivors, tramped under the debris of a destroyed detention facility, who the officials say that a saudi led coalition and strike hit the temporary holding center and saw the province on friday. the coalition denies that more than 80 people were killed, including migrants, women and children. dozens are injured or unaccounted for. aid agency say the hoot is used the facilities to hold migrants who are mostly from africa. i'm trying to reach gulf nations. although the air strike in the western port, city of hud ada, targeted a communications hub that triggered a nationwide internet blackout. and for the 2nd day, more than 30000000 deputies have no access to online information. who the officials
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say that 4 people were killed in the attack on data, including children. will you and secretary general was condemned. the air strikes and is called for a transparent investigation, but on the ground, yeoman's warring sides a blaming each other for the escalating conflict. national anom judy and could be done. we are looking at a very big crime and there's a green light from the americans to kill civilians. you know, that's what we see. what the targeting of the attention center inside the province and the continuous killing of civilians. war criminals escape prosecution, and consider this war, crime against humanity within the world should take responsibility at this critical moment in human history. we are witnessing many victims. saudi said tv read out a statement by the coalition, which turns the blame on to who these react says the rebels fail to mark the sites on a no strike list over the that's what the hell. the alleged target was not included in the non targeting list. according to the mechanism approved with the office for
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the coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen and was not reported by the international committee of the red cross. well, here's a statement from the red cross. it says that all parties have an obligation to take all necessary precautions before an during an attack to spare civilians and those not taking part in the hostilities. detainees included and nothing we do or don't do changes those obligations. referring to the no strike list, i'll just serious mohammed, i'll top reports now from santa regarding who were inside this building, which is the temporary detention center for those who are still waiting for their trials or sentences and also for refugees who, who happened to be there detained because be there, there is a big wave of migration the through yemen to towards the saudi arabia who are looking for their livelihood there. and also from there,
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maybe the travel to europe and to other countries around the world. so if you happen to be there migrants and also yemenis who are still waiting for this and this is all due in order to be sent to the big world, the central prison, their coding to the set is 6. and also the figures that have been revealed by the health ministry a at least now, until now, 8087 people being killed in this attack. we have just ducked out about 5 people being under the debrief. also, the, the total number of the people who were inside this prison 266. as we can imagine that over 130 people have been injured. and this tech, the tech has been denounced by the health ministry and also the human rights
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ministry of the, the rub by the host or considered such as illegal as a war crime, according to their words. and also the have called for the introduction of escape until these attack and also for others that have been carried out by the quality of the 1st u. s. military aid has arrived in ukraine. that's part of washington's $200000000.00 security sport package. that was approved in december, but in the capital care of hundreds of people have rallied, urging all parties to deescalate tension, has been growing concern with russia, mobilizing tens of thousands of troops along the border raising fears of an invasion. moscow has denied that it has any such plans. well, for many ukrainians, the build up of russian troops of border as echoes of 2014. when war came to the east. don't a serious hold or abdul hamid now has some of their stories. forgive me. i know many of them she's come to pay her respects not to forget friends last as the
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war broke out in the east of the country in 2014 in their sarah. god sca was a volunteer back then providing support to the soldiers on the front line. the idea of possible renewed fighting worries her knee. of course, i think her, the words going on and on from 2014 i don't know where we have a big we're but we held guns and we already talk of war and a possible russian invasion concerns many ukrainians. but people here feel things could be different this time around many a grateful of the support. some western countries have provided ukraine some publicly thank in d, u. k, for its recent delivery of midway to weapons. but elsewhere around give people are
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going about their daily lives wondering if war is as imminent as the leaders. i have been warning. there's also offense among people here that the situation is made more complicated because of the competition between russia and the west. over influence in this part of the world, ukraine being at the center of it. dmitri sokolov and his wife or lynn, i left crimea soon after russia next to peninsula in 2014. like many, he thinks that ukraine has come a long way since we are different in mentality the road different. we are very much different now from, from russia, and we are very much different from ukrainians. that war, you know, 2014, more than 50 percent v v v. believe that this is just a part of game, like, let's say, a kind of trade in, you know, over which are what states we'll provide to rashanda pressure, et cetera. so we hope it, sol blew up and i think but for catch you, i'll push ne,
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an sky. the problems also come from within. she hasn't returned to her home. tom of logan's, since pro russian separatist took over me, i thought she summed up to do the problem is not only russia, sometimes i don't feel part of this country. sometimes my friends and colleagues make the point that we are guilty of provoking this conflict. i really don't understand where i belong. 8 years on ukrainians have learned to live with a threat from their big neighbor. many say is become part of their lives. but what they fear now is that any move by russia order us could bring more divisions among ukrainians. who that, that i meet elders you are kiff. so when we talk about troops there, the border, what does that actually mean? his command, santa maria, with some geographical context. there are an estimated 100000 russian troops deployed near ukraine's border. but that's a 2000 kilometer border. so we're talking about
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a lot of different strategic positions on the map. so here it is, and festival just a reference. so put in the to at capital cities, moscow to key of 750 kilometers as the crow flies. but if we go down into the border region itself and you see just some of the locations i've put in here, where we know russian troops had been st. places like a cream over and solitude. he's a close to the board, only 30 to 40 kilometers away. in fact, on the little further north, poke nevada, that is a 170 kilometers away. and actually we've got some satellite imagery from this showing the build up of troops and hardware that's been assembled. similarly, we can see them in cream over. and yonah at yonah here from that point down to the ukraine border. still 250 kilometers away. but clearly there are a lot of results as it rushes disposal and they could move on a moment's notice. and just to worry about the, whether it's worth thinking about this as well. snowy sub 0 temperatures in the region, this is just little snapshot of minus 7 degrees, feels like minus 11 at this point. that of course means frozen ground,
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which plays into the hands of the russian military tanks. now, so once shaping up to be one of the biggest disputes in the asian industry in years, there's a very public fall out between capital airways and air bus. the manufacturing giant has cancelled a multi 1000000000 dollar order from the airline for a take a look 50, a 321 neo jets, no air buses and happy because capitol railway says ground, many of it's a 350 aircraft, a completely different that cross there are now 21 of those out of operation. the airlines says that it won't accept the rest of the aircraft that it had ordered. the latest twist in the saga is a video issued on saturday by counsel airways where the line points out surface damage on its ab. i say 3 fifties in december counselor, i always said that it was suing airbus over what it described as the accelerated surface degradation of the a 350 alex. but chad us is
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a navy ation specialist and explains what's led to the court case launched by counter railways. all the video that katara always released last night revealed and, and this is what the called case centers over is that the sup is degradation and the impact is having in various different areas of the a 350 is manifesting in various defects, including the lightning protection system now air bus continued to insist that this is not a safety related issue, and they say all saw the european regulator back that statement up. but he also did issue a preliminary warning, stating that a poll fitting quote of the lightning protection system on around a dozen a through fifties may have a card. and this is something that definitely the high court in england will be looking at as they assess the state of these aircraft. and it's happening over many there are now 21 grounded here in java. and this is having a significant impact, of course on control is,
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is operations. because the having to drop in across from other airlines to cope with the, the shoe across the state. that there are now in terms of like global fleet. we know through various investigations, no to be with reuters, that there are 5 other airlines who have expressed similar issues. but the thing about aviation is that the relationship into an anal on in the manufacturer is often kept very private. so we haven't had as public as what we are hearing with cancer allies. whether update next year on our sarah, been sol searching deep inside brazil's amazon were indigenous tribes of trying to protect her way of life from outsiders. arrays to help tournaments recover from the devastation correspond. volcanic eruption of tsunami of china though, was trying to extend its influence fur. ah, ah,
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look forward to brightest gomez with sponsored play cutaways. here's your weather update in a minute 15. hello, everyone. nice to see you. so we do have some showers, dancing around the hall and focused on a new delhi in india. so this is going to help improve the air quality in both of those cities. the line of showers really extends toward the east as well, impacting the indian state of what's been goal. so some showers around for cold cuts, we take a closer look. you've got a high of $23.00 degrees, a fairly dry, though, toward se so tom, on the do tonight at $32.00 dry for sure longer and same goes for the mall. d. smalley has a high of 32 degrees off to southeast asia. right now, the rain still falling, just not at the same intensity through sumatra. java and also west pop. you are. they want to take you to the philippines cuz we're gonna have a steady stream of rain leak in here over the next few days. this is going to impact places like sebu and also the vow in the days to come. let flood of rain that was playing central and eastern parts of china has now shot out toward these
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china sea. so most like a firehose of rain, so dose with rain in cargo shima with the high 7 degrees on sunday. and this is going to run into some cooler air and generate snow for northern parts of horseshoe . on sunday. meantime, for the korean peninsula, sol, a high 7 degrees c later. the weather, sponsored by katara ways, charged with crimes against humanity, $4000.00 counts of torture and $58.00 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power tracks the 1st ever war crimes trial of a syrian high ranking officer. i am taking part of this trial because he did something bad to me and to others as verizon. i don't get i focused about jobs as part of that he, the trial of on was slim part to on. i just gotta lou
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. ah, hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. this are more than 80 people have been killed by a saudi coalition, as strike in yemen. that's according to the doctors without borders and hoot. the officials, the un secretary general's called for an investigation. he respiratory 8 as arrived in ukraine's capital kia, it's the 1st shipment of a $200000000.00 package. tensioners escalated his washing forces mobilized, mere ukraine's border. and a dispute between catherine at waste abbas appears to be escalating. the airline released this footage, showing surface damage on its airbus a 350 stat shortly after airbus said that it was canceling a multi 1000000000 dollar deal with cancer airways. it's been
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a week now since the volcanic eruption of tsunami, near tonka, destroyed large parts of the south pacific nation for several days. they were cut off from the rest of the world, but aid is now flowing in from new zealand and australia but as weighed. hey, reports from oakland, there may be more than just good will behind the donations much needed clean drinking water is now flowing into tong, a navy ship. the outer rolla carried 250000 liters of water from new zealand, along with a desalination planned to make more. it's a life saving delivery after ash from the volcano blanketed the islands of tongue a week ago and contaminated the water supply in oakland there was another show of pacific island generosity as a delegation from sophomore handed over supplies to the speaker of thomas parliament, who says his people are doing the best they can, but still need help. i think people are trying to get back to work, restore some sense of normality, but the same time that disruptions to services,
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water services, power ops, communication, still intimate. and at a government level, there's been a rush to help tanya, which analysts believe has been motivated by humanitarianism and geopolitical strategic goals. for years, western regional powers, new zealand and australia have been worried about china's growing influence among the smaller pacific island nations, including tanya, is clearly being plenty of generosity on display here as there has been a government level. but after any natural disaster, attention inevitably turns towards the recovery and rebuilding phase. how will that happen? and most importantly, who'll pay tongue a thanked china for being the 1st to donate money and supplies. but the, for the russian tongue is economy was amiss with the government struggling to pay back more than a $100000000.00. that was lent by china after damaging riots in 2006, 8. beijing has refused to write the debt off. and some believe last week's natural
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disaster may provide new zealand with an opportunity. i would say that. and wellington, particularly the pressure coming in from united states is straight for somebody to be looking after the south pacific is very strong. no tongue is parliamentary speaker says it's important that any future aid money benefits the people done or this very sensitive topic. but ah, you know, tie accepts a lot of foreign aid from, from many different places around the world. and we just need to ensure that that aid is funneled in a sustainable fashion. at the moment the aid is flowing in the form of donations, but longer term rebuilding may be a more complicated affair. wayne, hey, al jazeera or claims. at least 6 people have been killed in a bombing in afghanistan as happened to the western city of her at medical sources of the hospital. birth of told al jazeera that the explosion targeted a passenger bus in the city center on saturday evening. officials say that 9 people were injured,
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have canister interior minister says that employees of the previous government and not being targeted by the taliban in his 1st sit down interview. sort of just in connie told 0 that the new administration is keeping its word on the issue. he requested that we blow his face a ma hallmark in the college blue circus. the supreme leader announced the general amnesty for all of the employees of the previous government, and on that basis we should not discriminate against any of them. so no one can data promises. there are some elements of ill intentioned individuals who conduct sabotage operations in afghanistan and seek to destabilize the security situation. sweden is battling a wave of gang violence and now has the highest rays of gun deaths in europe and with people from immigrant backgrounds disproportionately affected. the issue is providing more fuel to right wing parties ahead of this year's national elections.
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i'll just 0 pull race reports. ah, it's a typical winter's day in lin shipping a tylic in the snow and a relatively safe corner of the world. but a surgeon gun crime here and nationwide has made sweden one of the worst countries in europe for gangland shootings, the highest tone of hooting at alien shopping on the sugar sugar last year. and lin shipping that we had 12 shootings and 5 killings there. previously we had one shooting a year on the situation in sweden as being driven by drugs and money and a totally different way to how it used to be data. police say 15 gun conflicts from the way in stock home alone, mainly in the suburbs. a report from the national crime prevention council has shown sweden as the only country in europe. what gun deaths, arising with 4 killings per 1000000 people against the continental average of 1.6 in 2021. there were 342 shootings and 46 deaths in the southern city of malmo, 6 months of police raids, 2 years ago began a period of calm but with drugs and guns flowing into mile my over the bridge from
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denmark, solution to the violence seems a long way off, some whoa as a former high ranking young member in mile my. now he works with young people to try and keep them out of criminal gangs. we may involve him, scene of a triple murder in 2018 and where there was another deadly shooting. last week from now my doing accumulated the month. young gang members don't realize what they're getting into all the things escalate quickly. they don't have trust in d o t, warranties. they don't have other opportunities through the study. wait for a good job. they don't have patients for them. would it cost money to count this novel paying? you know, this isn't only affecting people in the criminal underworld in 2019 a young mother was shot dead here on the streets and momo. a year later, a 12 year old girl was caught in cross fire in stock. for the most part, it's young men often teenagers who are killing and being killed. prime is now a major electoral issue under sensitive one, after national studies linked it with immigration. most of the individuals in
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sweden, using far as a method of violence, are immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants. but we also know that the victims of such crimes are also immigrants. people have been afraid for being called the racist. if we do not talk about this, then we cannot solve the problem. new prime minister magdalena under sean has already toughened rhetoric on immigration and sweden's open door policy for refugees is long gone. that part in response to the right wing suite and democrats becoming an integral part of the opposition with an election this year sweet and must now way. it's traditionally tolerant values against the death toll on its streets. full rece algae is era. mama, hong kong lead us as at hamsters, a party responsible for an increase in cases of the delta variant. officials recently, coal, 2000 of the root and self to fears that summit contracted coven. 19 the city is seeing a rise in cases which carry lamb says is also due to people. ignoring quarantine
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was the pacific island nations of samoa and kit boss. have imposed corona virus loc downs. after international arrivals tested positive, both countries that almost entirely avoided coven 19 kit, abbas hadn't recorded a single case while samoa had only 2. since the pandemic began brazil's amazon, this home to the world's largest number of un contacted tribes for years. though missionaries have violated brazilian law by entering their lands. indigenous activists managed to expel them during the pandemic, but now they're appealing to the supreme court hoping to keep them out for good. not a 0, monica anarchy of has more from giovanni valley in brazil's amazon, a state. this town of 20000 on the border of the amazon rain forest is one of the most under source in all of brazil. but without the little knot she lacks in schools and doctors. it makes up for in churches and preachers,
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one on almost every street out or the other christ will come again. this time to the peruvian city of cosco. for decades of the law has been a magnet for christian missionaries across the world. like josh mcentire from alabama. he says he moved here to answer god's call but for others. at the leah is a crucial stepping stone to their job id valley reserve home to the largest number of isolated indigenous pride from the world. many christians believe it's fertile soil for converting fresh souls, even if it means reaching out to people what no contact with outsiders. evangelicals come here to entice the young with promises of a better life than use them as guides to spread the gospel. if they insist on approaching our villages will tie them up and destroy their plains and boats. brazilian legislation forbids any contact with isolated tribes keeping intruders out is often
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a challenge even for the special squad of indigenous trackers who patrol a territory the size of morocco. this is the outpost of the national indigenous foundation. the government agency in charge of protecting the isolated tribes of the job id valley, but it was unable to stop missionaries from entering their lands and trying to make contact with them. one american missionary is said to have been found by the my d. 's. people down this river, be back. why you river andrew tom can the american missionary 1st arrived in brazil in 2007, but me now my t's tells us that tom can eventually worked his way up the river and that members of his tribe caught the missionary on a non authorized expedition in their job id valley did turn into a story. the matisse people were hunting when they came upon the american pastor camping close to where the isolated peoples lived. he was accompanied by 2 members of the my ruin. a tribe of tribal leaders say it's not the 1st time they receive
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reports of tonkin breaking the law in the name of god. now they've united forces against what they consider to be religious predators, by taking them to court eliezer. my rule board, the 1st indigenous lawyer from their job id valley is the one responsible for bringing the lawsuit. the case was taken all the way to the supreme court from i for my so we have information to tribesmen from dish. every valley were offered $20000.00 to accompany missionaries deposited a territory occupied by the isolated people. i'll shahida asked tonkin for a comment. he didn't confirm nor deny the accusations against him. but in an email, he told us that jesus is still sending disciples into the world to preach the gospel to every creature. and that although christ followers didn't strike out to defy any government, they are to obey god rather than men. in march 2020, the missionary posted a video on social media claiming to show him in another countries. i'm here in
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a town of a city of are built in northern iraq cove in 19 forced all outsiders, including missionaries to leave brazil's indigenous reserves. tribal leaders are fighting to keep them out for good, despite present jade bull scenarios, attempts to keep them there. during the pandemic, his supporters and congress tried but failed to pass the law, allowing missionaries to stay. now even local villagers, why have been converted like this? my own a pastor, want them out. why this monsieur? the using the bible to spread dissent to divide our people village chieftains who have not converted to being questioned by the younger generations. who say they won't obey leaders who aren't evangelical? that's not the way our society's work, and that's not what christ has taught us. he died preaching peace and harmony. why not intolerance handle? meanwhile, the legal battle over the missionaries and their contact with indigenous tribes continues to play out in brazil's capital brazilian legislation, allowing contact with isolated people is being discussed in congress in the supreme
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court. just a year before president bull sonata runs for reelection, monica, you're not give, i'll jazeera job id valley. you've probably heard of the term mindfulness, the practice of looking within and connecting with your true self will the man who's been praised for developing the practice. so it's not hom has died, but his work is living honestly, a harding reports. ah, it takes discipline to so oh, to listen, understand a brief blue. these are all principals, vietnamese buddhist monk, take me a ton, devoted his life to sharing with others. you don't had put a more all your pig yasandra in yourself in order to begin to be happy. ah,
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much of his work came to be known as mindfulness and helped place him on an international stage. able to influence world leaders in global politics. tick me a ton was exiled from vietnam after opposing the war. in the 1960 s he campaigned for the united states to stop dropping bombs here meeting the late martin luther king junior, who later nominated him for nobel peace prize. you've said that the only way we can begin to in war as me is, is due to communication between people. yes. and we should be able to say like, this is not our intention to make your suffer more. it is opposite. so please tell us about your suffering, your difficulties. i'm eager to learn to understand. mindfulness has fast become a pillar of the more than 5 trillion dollar wellness industry. many major companies like google have adopted his practices as
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a way to keep employees happy. they don't need to buy a ticket. ah, a trend ticket to wrong. we need to ride on our in breath. my for in grant and now grant in under through. hm. oh good girl. monks all over the world have gathered to pay homage to one of their greatest leaders are a man devoted to listening. breathing and letting go. oh ah. it's good to have you with a solo, adrian finnegan here in dough. how the headlines allowed to 0 more than 80 people have been killed by a saudi coalition. air strike in yemen, that's according to the doctors without borders. and who's the officials. the un


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