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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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a 16 people in corruption with an compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, soldiers in burkina, faso stage and uprising against the government. the defense ministry says the situation is under control. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the 1st visit by a taliban delegation to europe and seizing power in afghanistan, al jazeera, learns that negotiations will be about women's rights in return to aid. the u. k
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accuses russia of a plot to install a probe kremlin leader in ukraine. moscow says that's nonsense of a hunter. ice will fight as in northern syria after the armed groups, bloodiest attack since its defeat in 2090. ah! we began to advocate a fossil, a nation on the edge people in the capital. why do go woke to heavy sounds of gunfire at several military camps and that were fears of attempted coup that a fence, but as the spoke on state television, reassuring the nation, the president has not been detained. an order has been restored. the mutiny was triggered by longstanding demands from soldiers that they say were ignored. same bus raphi reports in burkina faso capital. why do people reported hearing the sound of heavy and sustained gunfire? government denials that the army has seized control along with reports of gun
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battles at numerous army barracks all add to growing uncertainty in a country whose president seems conspicuous by his absence. assurances that president rog mark christian color is fine and still in charge may not be enough to satisfy many in a country that seen at least half a dozen koos or attempted cruise since independence. in 1967. i strongly deny. first of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country's been threatened. so as i said, these movements a localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements. the security operations began in earnest a day earlier as police class with anti government protesters who blamed the government for failing to deal with armed groups. in brooklyn, foster the defense minister characterized it as putting down an uprising. the
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protesters say the groups affiliated with kindness and eisen operate in the country with near impunity. and as you know, we have seen enough and we don't want to cry and we don't want the open. we have seen enough, the president must leave. he has to leave, we support the soldiers, they must resist the one. we've heard that the army is going to take over and we support the tomorrow the day after tomorrow, and even before tomorrow. the support of the army attacks in recent years of killed an estimate of 2000 people and displaced 1500000 the targeting of civilians and soldiers has also become more frequent. and parts of the countries north and east are effectively no go areas for government forces. a former french colony, the landlord, west african nation, is home to an estimated 21000000 people. the country is mineral rich, but most work in the agriculture sector, as farmers and herders. high rates of poverty and food insecurity make burkina faso
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. one of the least developed countries in the world green pastures for armed groups to take root. in basra g, i'll to 0. every wilkins as a journalist on the ground in the capital. he spoke to one of the soldiers involved in the uprising about their demands. a sticker with quality as if a do you offer? henry wilkins has more now from one to 2. it's very difficult to get up today information at the moment. the government has shut down the mobile internet network,
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which means that the information is really not travelling at the moment. so me. when i left the camp with me and he was taking place this morning around about 10 a. m the meet and he was still very much on going. so despite the fact that the government does seem to be key to push the idea that everything is under control, it really doesn't seem to be in case of the moment. the key faster has been involved in a 6 year conflict with al qaeda it's. it's not a war that they are winning. and then back in november of last year, a military base in the north country was overrun by terrorists, 40000000 military. what killed a minute later transpired? the military base that was run out of it's like c to 2 weeks. so that many calls
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from people in the general public comments within the military itself for the government to gain when it comes to dealing with this war, which is taking over a large part of the of the country sides breaking ears. the saw from our media where the president has announced that he's stepping down. aman sucky sin holds the launch, the symbolic position. he says he's residing because he's unable to influence important foreign and domestic issues affecting his country. so i guess you have differences with prime minister nicol washington over a number of issues, including the dismissal of the head of the armed forces for the 1st time since seizing power in afghanistan, taliban officials renew or up for talks. the negotiations in norway will focus on easing afghanistan's was thing. humanitarian crisis and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives. and normally i'm yet good the then him
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a bomb to clear hard on him in norway we have a meeting with the u. s. and also with european union on matters of mutual interest . one part of our meetings would be with our afghan diaspora who are outside the country, especially in europe with their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings for mutual understanding will continue between afghans and zeros a sullivan javert explains. now what's at stake at those meetings? we have run into a government's delegation is led by the foreign minister. i mean on the piece is not just going to be meeting representatives, office governments, but also i've gone diaspora as well. we believe efforts are being made to hold at least some meetings with i've got women. but we've also been speaking to some leaders who say this is not a united have gone diaspora. there are differences between the people. there's well one prominent fee to saying that they are against the taliban, but this particular group does not represent her as well. so it is going to be
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a difficult task ahead for all of the sides trying to reconcile the differences between the people living. and i've got to stand the people in charge of a blind spot and those living in exile the damage of abundance of they like to call them, says one the rest to release the funds, the gun funds, which are nearly about $10000000000.00. pretty down, predominantly in the united states being held. they want the sanctions from the united states, united states, as well as the united nation, is to be lifted against the group and their allies. also, the best is going to be pressing them hard on the issues of women's rights, civil liberties goes education. and this is something that we've seen as, as a sticking point between the 2 sides that they are not able to move forward. we're not expecting any major breakthroughs, but diplomats have been telling us that this is a step in the right direction to try and reconcile the differences between. i've gone themselves and try and solve the problem for millions of outcomes. living in desperate condition. the u. k. says that russia is in contact with former ukranian
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politicians as part of its plans for an invasion, but hasn't provided any evidence. britain, as foreign ministry says it has information that russia is planning to replace ukrainian president, a lot of landscape with fully ukrainian m. p. even more f, british deputy prime minister dominic rob told you, came media that there would be serious consequences if russia makes this move to try to invade, but also install a puppet regime. russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman as to smith the comments as disinformation accusing working the nature of deliberately escalating tension with ukraine or his else's heroes dorsal jabari with the view from moscow. the u. k is claims of moscow trying to install a pro russian leader in kiev is absolute nonsense according to the kremlin, and it's aimed at trying to provoke attention and escalate the situation with kemp . the kremlin has said that these accusations are absolutely false and that their
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main goal at spreading this, this information as they call it, is to show a yet again, that these nato countries are headed by anglo saxons who are trying to, i incite further tensions, and increase the disputes between this country and ukraine. meanwhile, it appears that for now, diplomacy is not dead yet. as the british foreign secretary will be traveling to moscow to meet her russian counterpart in early february as well as the british defense secretary will be traveling to moscow. this week to whole talks with high level officials here. so for now it appears that the path that to diplomacy and dialogue still remains open. that's got the view from london. i'll just eras will re challenge hospital. there's a certain amount of confusion about exactly why the british government has gone about releasing this information in this particular way. there is a degree of detail that they go into the names 5 individuals who they say are being essentially groomed, lined up by the russians to be
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a puppet regime in kiev bots. there isn't any evidence, as he have said, and there is questioning about exactly what the motivations are for the british government to do this to release this information. i think if you're listening to dominate robin is rounds on the morning tv shows earlier on sunday, you could perhaps get a clue. well, have to leave. one of them is that yes, the main thing that he's being asked about was the scandals engulfing the government. the government would like very much to change the topic of conversation and talk about something else. let's talk about russia. perhaps. there is also another reason you could see in what he's saying. he's talking about the, the, the cost of russia with face if it did invade ukraine. he says, human cost because ukraine would defend itself very vociferously. but also there be an economic cost to russia. and he says that economic cost would be more effective
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if the international community speaks as $1.00 release with a broad consensus or perhaps this release of information is a way for the government to try and boost that broad consensus. senior us officials are talking to kathy about potentially supplying europe with gas. if russia invades ukraine, control is one of the world's biggest producers of liquified natural gas, but mostly exports to asia only supplying 5 percent of europe's gas. a white house official says the talks between president joe biden to cut out of the f shake to meet ben, how many tommy could happen to washington? by the end of the months? we'll get a weather update next year here up. so to come, it's been 2 years since we 1st went into locked down. we'll take a look at china is struggling to keep its covert 19 case numbers, but 0 ah
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with when says die down and temperatures are on the way up. hello everyone, great to see you. let me show you the details. here we are on monday already. we can see an improvement. re add at $24.00 degrees. let's go in for a closer look around the golf. i'll put this a few days out. so here we are on wednesday and we've got a southerly pushovers, so that pops up the temperature in riyadh to $26.00 degrees. just a few days ago, your low temperature was about to and every one seen improvement in their conditions, minima. a high of 22 of the pakistan, karachi, it has been fairly windy over the past little bit. but those winds are finally back in off temperatures are rising here too. with the hiv 28 and showers in la hor have helped to improve the air quality. we do have a lot of snow across turkey, it's stranded people in the south and we may see snow where we don't usually see it . so for example, on talia, we'll look at the next 3 days, you know, over the last 30 years,
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but one to 2 big dumps of snow and we could see 2 to 7 centimeters on tuesday. for a southern africa, we've got a tropical wave of moisture rung out. it's moisture over madagascar and it's now slipping into central parts of mozambique flooding to be expected here. and temperatures are dropping in cape town on monday. and now they're in the nose for you, sir. ah, ah, challenges in with jesse while the water is in which we are making serious effort in order to n t and just drop the 10 that we need to make is stormy.
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i ah, hello again. this is al jazeera, let's roger the main nearest the saw. there's been gum fired, several military camps and peculiar faces capitol. while good to go. the defense minister denies that the army has taken over and detained the president. sidney a tell about officials are in norway for the 1st talks on european soil. out 0 has learned that they'll be pushed on promises to uphold human rights in return for billions of dollars and frozen humanitarian aid. and russia has rejected britain's accusations that it's plotting to install a pro moscow leader in ukraine. the u. k says that russia is in contact with former ukranian politicians as part of
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a plan for an invasion fest. fighting in the northeast of syria is into its 4th day . i school fighters are trying to free comrades from a prison there. i saw was defeated in syria 3 years ago. and this is being seen as one of its deadliest attacks since then. local kurdish forces supported by u. s. air strikes, a pushing back aren't as here, as i said, beg reports, not with this is the moment i still detainees, escaped from prison in northern syria. for days i still fight is have attempted to free their fellow members. it's unclear how many have managed to escape how many have been killed or recaptured by kurdish forces who are being supported by u. s. air strikes. the prison has is more than 1200 prisoners from 50 different nationalities. it's seen as the most significant attack by isolate since the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. ah, this footage shows ice of the fight is breaking into prison. a pile of bodies
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dressed in uniform lane, the corner kurdish forces say they have the upper hand. i le dash muscle habits. now, dice exist only in the prison li, i mean, apart from the prison. they don't exist any way. so they are controlling the prison only, and we are surrounding them. so they do have weapons. i don't deny that, but they can't do anything with that that they might run out of ammunition and therefore they don't fight back. residents near the prison of fleeing the fighting number has been bombing pain and conflict since yesterday, and young people were slaughtered. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic. we fed the shelling and conflict. we got scared for children in flood. there's also reports, iso fighters have broken into homes and killed people. lottery, diane, members, broken and killed for men, our neighbors. 2 of them were brothers. as the fighting continued, the fear now is whether this attack means
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a significant return by the armed group or a one off attempt to replenish its numbers for future front against kurdish forces . i said bake jazeera families, displaced by fighting a struggling on the freezing temperatures in syria. thousands of internally displaced. people are affected off of the tents were damaged, most don't have access to heating. i'll just hear arabic mohammed al, jazz jazz every is there near aleppo. the government and as we have the plight of the syrian display citizens in the camps within the lepers, nor the countryside as renewed as the snow storm attacked them again. last night. tense, a totally submerged under snow camp residence had been battling all night to keep their tents standing and many have failed. residency. they joined hands help one another during the storm. as you can see, this is one of the tents that came down over the heads of those who were taking shelter inside. residents complained about the response by release agency and the mika aid provided to them. civil defense crews have been struggling over the past 5
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days to clear the snow off the roads to any possible assistance coming their way. the camps in f rain province had been totally cut off by the tearing conditions are extremely dire under the snow storm and very cold temperatures, especially because residents in these camp cannot afford any heating. young children are suffering. all that residents can do is to hunker down close to each other in the tend. libya has opened the 1st detention center for migrant women. that's an attempt to reform the system after protests and recent lungs, i'll just here as many trainer reports from tripoli were here in the area of, of saline and tripoli. we're live in, authorities are opening the 1st or female and children detention center detention centers in the, in libya are usually very over packed or they're not very sanitary. and there are accusations of a lot of abuse or sometimes even rape. so i think the hope here by levin
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authorities is that this will limit or the amount of abuse that's happening in the detention centers. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach europe. just kind of give you ah, some numbers according to the international organization for migration in 2021. over 32000 people were rescued at c, trying to reach europe. they were brought back to libya, that number includes over 2400 women, and over 430 young girls of those, those women and young and children will now be put in this facility. a here in the capitol. tripoli are we spoke to a young refugee, or just a few days ago, and we asked them, you know, do you think that that african migrants trying to reach europe will ever and, and this is what he had to say. if the situation and media is not sob for the libyans themself to feel safe to have
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a bit acorn not to external people in the street, not arbiter, the 10 people people will continue to is trying to reach your i'm is still very good because i can still go on privacy, because i have no other options in lebanon, protests back on the streets of the country, continues to grapple with an economic collapse. many angry with the governments recovery plan, which they say is short of much needed reforms at the crisis. continue some demonstrators fear that maybe no end in science 0 as a hotter reports now from beirut, denied their money and their savings. these people say they are faced with no choice, but to keep protesting. it's been 2 years since lebanon's banks insisted. money could only be withdrawn in the local currency, the lira it is at a much lower rate than the markets, which means they lose 70 percent of its value. it's a process now known as li revocation. changing dip was it would take us to
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a hyper and hyper inflation. this is very bad, that the economy, the financial system collapsed in late 2019 successive governments had piled up that for years before money stopped coming in the bank in the central bank and the state where literally and that together as a result the excessive human ticket nomic model is fine, do deposit through a deposit from the western community, which the bank then use the land to the central bank. now the state is nearly bankrupt and banks are insolvent. authorities have not agreed on the way out of the crisis, but they acknowledge lubrication is possible, but at the rate that dominates trading. let if occasion is one of the things that it is mentioned from now and then makes it very difficult in order to see exactly
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when they will that thing beg with both. as far as i know, a prime minister me out the is doing his best and order the small and the middle deposit that to receive back. there deposits. many are skeptical protests like this one have not abroad a change. the state is still controlled by the same political class, blamed for the financial collapse and those who hold the power and the individuals linked to them by the majority of shareholders and bank depositors say it is they who have been bearing the losses in the financial sector. officials estimates amount to $69000000000.00. we think i also like factors increase back on people. and meanwhile, like the majority of the people get paid and living easier, i would have loved around 95 percent of it. value politicians should be presenting an economic recovery plan to the international monetary fund to receive assistance, but that would require reforms that we can there hold on the states resources.
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instead, they prepared a state budget that appears to put additional burdens on the people while protecting their own financial interests. zanna could their elses either beirut in summer go delayed local elections taking place the vote seen as a test for president mackie, sol, as well as for the opposition al jazeera nicholas hark has traveled to a remote town in the center of the country to follow the campaign a campaign to win hearts and minds, synagogues ruling party coalition candidate alpha see wants to become the mayor of gin. guinea, once a thriving railway town abandoned by the state. gone. are there generations of syrian lebanese and mullins, who settled by the railway line exporting textiles, peanuts and cotton. this no longer the gateway to africa. it is now a place where the young want to leave to go to europe. alpha see wants to see can
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get, he'll return to its former glory, senegal, mostly coming out of the big cities is a very poor country. this people are in need of new infrastructure. they're in need of a new hole, even something that they can rely on. there's nothing worse than use that. don't have a hope of a better future. at the, you know, gratian avenue into city rail line in the car, president mikey sell promises a better future despite an economic boom. many young people feel left behind in march. nationwide protests erupted, triggered by the arrest of opposition leader whitman, sancho, people looted foreign supermarkets, businesses denouncing, growing inequality, poverty and unemployment. the populace politician sancho is running premier in the southern town of the ghetto. there is no way that my political party will lose these local elections. we have come here to strengthen our political foundation.
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this is well, originally humble in the last presidential election, so i won most of the votes here. i have come to confirm my support and safe guardian but for voters, many of the pledges made by past, mayors remain unfulfilled. in guinea. the promised football stadium is health built . the ice factory is still not completed. people are still waiting for the promised development funds coming from the car to arrive to this remote railway town. but in sir narrow, there's still no electricity or running water and there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades. there's a sense of frustration among the people here towards the political system and politicians and the challenge for candidates. it to try to convince people to come out and vote in this local election with over $225000.00 candidates. most of
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them running for the 1st time this call could become a turning, quote, changing singles, political landscape. nicholas woke al jazeera ingenue in china. the government is under pressure over its 0 cove, its strategy, the beijing winter olympics is now just 2 weeks away. and more clusters are emerging driven largely by the oma kron until to variance 2 years after the original epicenter. woo, hon 1st went into lockdown al jazeera, katrina, you reports who aren't sports center has reopened for winter activities. but 2 years ago, the city stadium was used for a very different purpose. it became a makeshift hospital for thousands who had fallen ill with the corona virus. la hulu, mama, this bore senders set up $1100.00 bed in 72 hours and an immediate $1056.00 mild convict 19 cases in total that we managed to achieve 0,
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staph infection went 0, secondary infections, and 0 death, little a general 232020 city authorities took the then unprecedented step of locking down . it's 11000000 residents. human to human transmission of the virus had just been confirmed, and more than a dozen people had died. from here, the virus would go on to infect hundreds of millions around the world. to day one has resumed normal life, and officials say corona virus infections in the city have been eliminated. the sea food and animal market where the outbreak was 1st identified as close. though the pandemic origin remains a mystery, an inquiry by the world health organization concluded that the possible leaking of the virus from a wound lab was extremely unlikely. though many scientists are calling for further investigation. the starting point of that international process can't be
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compromising with the chinese government or appeasing sensitivities. it has to be establishing a gold standard for what a full and unrestricted international investigation would entail. the chinese government has dismissed the theory and turned its attention to keeping current of ours case numbers to 0. but this has been a struggle. the provinces of colonel said c gong and tinge in city are battling outbreaks of birth, the omicron and delta variance. millions of people have for weeks been confined to their homes. bating has reported more than 10 cove in 19 cases. this past week. authorities has again pointed to import and goods, international deliveries and frozen food as a likely source of infection. those living in the capital had been warned to limit deliveries from overseas. though many experts are skeptical that packages can transmit the virus. people have also been warned against traveling during the
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upcoming luna new year festival. the most important public holiday of the year missiles here are under intense pressure to control the outbreak before the winter olympics opens on february. the 4th doors taking part in the games will be confined to a strict. then you bubble designed to be sealed off to protect the rest of china's population. khatri you al jazeera baiting. ah, it is good savvy with us. hello, adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines on al jazeera that's been gunfire at several military camps in beacon of francis capital. wa, google. the defense minister denies that the army has taken over and attained the president. it said she feels sure there was an uprising in 6 locations including the capitol. now everything is calm. those involved in the uprising are being in.


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