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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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we made our 1st key way, those birds will join 14 other kiwi released in the last b mom. it's a vital step in fading while t we, which will almost walked out across the region 2 decades ago. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the are 0 news. i live from london coming up. gunfire rings out at several military barracks in burkina, faso, and protest as torch. the headquarters of the president's party at the government denies reports of an attempted cou. a ukrainian politician dismisses u. k allegations that is part of a russian plot to replace ukraine's government. for
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a 4th day, a fierce battle rages around assyrian prison, where i saw fighters are trying to free their comrades. a new coven measures in beijing as china is at 0 cove strategy comes under growing pressure. 2 weeks before the winter olympics begin. and in sport, liverpool and dan said manchester cities lead at the top of the english premier league rads are now just 9 points behind the leaders. thanks to a 31 win against crystal palace. ah, begin in book in a faso where there's been a day of violence in army camps and on the streets. people worked to the sound of heavy gun, fired several military barracks and muted as soldiers seized control of one base in the capitol. the government know that been an attempted crew to report the military
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had taken charge and detained president hawk mock cab away several hours later protested burnt, and looted the headquarters of cocoa, his political party for his weeks of growing frustration over the government's failure to stop the attacks by on groups which led to protest and clashes on saturday. the decade long violence has killed thousands and displaced. one and a half 1000000 people are the end of last year, many of whom have sort safety in the capital. and we wilkins reports. we're going to downside military barracks in downtown. why could do the neary. com, broken only by the sound of gunfire? al jazeera, went inside the camps and spoke to the soldiers. they made a series of demands, but did not call for the dismissal of bikini fossils. president, rocca, bori auto seeker news in point pleasant. my cmc at st. mud in point
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with louis smith by mid differ catherine with st. george personal alumnus available. as you need to speak to you about my lamps, will you do qualify it as if a do you offer became fair. so his face the tanks by armed groups linked to al qaeda and i fill in recent years, an estimated 2000 people have been killed and a further 1500000 have been displaced while the government has resorted to arming civilians to fight off armed groups many in the armed forces see this as a mistake. they say they should be given the means to fight armed groups, not civilians who were just taken inside the camp as mutiny, as pointed their guns with us. inside we saw mutineers with ski masks,
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firing their guns in the air, demanding to be heard. the government has the situation has returned to normal. the defense minister denies this was a crew attempt, same president bori is safe and still in charge. not by deity. i strongly deny, 1st of all, the head of state has not been detained. no institution of the country has been threatened. so as i said, these movements localized, they are circumscribed, and we're following the evolution of those movements. on saturday, security for his fault with anti government protestors who blamed the leadership for failing to stop the attack by arms groups. negotiations are underway between the presidents and the soldiers who states the mutiny. but trust is hard to come by . court in the middle of the people, it became in a country that appears to be spiraling out of control. henry wilkins al jazeera. why could, to the 20th staff from london is david auto,
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who's director of the geneva center for africa, security and strategic studies. thanks very much for being with us. the soldiers seem to have a number of demands. what was the main reason they acted as they did say, is that the need some kind of change. so the one, the top brass of the booking of a military to be changed amongst as i think the cited page, you know what they say they need more military reinforcement. you know what to do with the how this movement. i think they also requested for some tactical equipment . you know, one of the things that they would just complain about is the fact that in some circumstances the so go do you have these groups, you know. ready these are the greatest hell they're more than the military. i think one of the last few months, we may the stuff they want to see the world disorders, you know, they want to make sure that the government can take care of the families of those
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who are biting the war from. and you know, i think, you know, these are the key demands which they made, but it's, it love to see if this is going to be awarded by the government yet. yeah. i mean, how likely is it that any of these demands will be met virtually, but of course, you know, what happened in molly, you know, that would be the back of the mind of the resident christine the corey. i mean, he would have to think very carefully because of course, this is the same lead to over to have a case up. i mean, if you don't, in my book, you know, we'll have to make sure that you know, they can grant, you know, some of these operational and tactical demands. but i don't see a change of the ministry leadership because of course, that can lead to another. you know, this is a country that is known as the capital of the world committed to the world. the denied that kimberly was, was detained. do we expect to hear from him or what was your expectation on that?
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i think still very you know, one doesn't really know. i mean, when it comes to, especially booking a puzzle. it's a very tuition but i think within the next 7 or 5 days, one would know exactly what is going on. we haven't heard from depressed and yet we've had from the ministry of defense. you know what general amy, what he said is that because the president is not state and that this is not a who the talk and you know about the military don't have that has carried out the mutiny. you don't have to meet the demand that we don't know where this is going to, especially with the, with, with it. and you mentioned the grips that they had to fight to tell us more about how important their position is in book in a faster i think it's because you don't see the true president. you don't want to go up in libya of the groups, for example, the stomachs because of the greatest held on their own. they call the janine,
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you know, i think unique about the spread of course the topical my region of molly booking are possible and the and the pricing along the borders. the targeted a lot of the booking of a military forces in the region and also the launch attacks, you know, again more to national company. so, you know, this is a much more severe credit for booking or not just looking at, of course, west african countries who is also along those lines. and gunner, so what we're seeing here is an increase in the capacity of these so called you have these groups operated within this region. so it's quite a prison integration. the last thing we want to see is a booking class and that was on the same line with will happen in money. david also thank you very much indeed for you and i thank you. thank you. protest as they're demanding better security in the democratic republic of congo.
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the reclass with police in goma, he used to gas and rubber bullets to disperse, and the recent surgeon attacks and kidnapping in the region. at least 4 people were shot dead by on groups this week. and the 16 people have died in a fire at a nightclub in cameroon capital, and happened in the early hours of sunday in an up market district of the city. the bays was caused by explosion from fireworks being used inside. 8 more people were injured. the government says investigations are being carried out to find out the names and nationalities of the victims. coming off on the news from london, taliban officials travel to norway for the 1st talks with the west on european soil . taking power in august maybe opened the 1st detention center for migrant women will explain why. and in sport, the knockout rounds of the africa combinations get on the way. and there's already
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been plenty of drama. ah, i believe you have a pro russian political party and ukraine has dismissed british claims that he's part of a plot to replace ukraine's government. a criminal is also rejected. the allegations that moscow has been working to replace ukraine's president for them is lensky with former m. p, you've got a morris in an interview. why also said he's considering legal action. rushes for ministry, says britain and nato on deliberately escalating tensions with key f. was unusual for the push for an office to release intelligence information like this. and it gave almost no detail about the conspiracy or a chance has more from london. the british government hasn't said why they are not providing the evidence to back up this intelligence claim. but there are good reasons why they might not want to because of course, in an intelligent setting,
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if you reveal the evidence, the way in which you found intelligence out that can blow the source of that intelligence and close off any more of it coming your way they don't want to do that, but it does make it just a matter of trust. do you trust the british government when they say something like this? and of course the russians is saying, no, we absolutely don't. it's nonsense. also saying it's nonsense is the man at the heart of this intelligence release. his name is gift ne, mariah from egypt senior, but of course everything looks ridiculous and funny. first it's baseless, has everything performed 5. secondly, it's absurd because i've been under sanctions from the russian federation since the 1st of november 2018. i have been denied entry to russia. i represent a threat to russian security that happened after a conflict with the victim id for choke. after that, i created my own party sanctions were imposed to limit my political activity in
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ukraine. it seems the british governments announcements is being treated with a certain amount of amusement. and that's mainly because he had to get him arrive. the man we just heard from is seeing there is a bit of a fringe figure with not that much influence and it's believed in care. there are more obvious choices that the kremlin could turn to if they wanted to put in place some sort of puppet regime. and also there are into agency rivalries between the g r u the f s b s. the off agencies that don't actually often work together. and so one agency might be planning something or positing something which other agencies don't condone and hasn't actually necessarily yet got the by and of the kremlin. so what the british intelligence services a picked up on could actually be low level chatter and not something that's really a consolidated plan. in while ukraine's military is working to bolster its defense
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units with civilians being called on to join reserves. when people say they're willing to sign up as 100 and how many reports from that training can't in the capital key f, f. in a parking central give military drills, teaching the basics of combat to civilians from all walks of life. this is how young people like allison here as him ankle a student in the science of plants, spend their weekend, enjoy. come more game naturally from your i just have so for the my family, marcia hobbs, the distinction auto deescalate and i can continue my or your scientific work and not be accepted. we're it's all part of our program to become member of the territorial defense unit. they are run by regular military officers or combat veterans like ego region of who 1st served in the den soviet army. boom,
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ninja, dublin luma would go on. i don't feel comfortable fighting. the russians were all slavic, but we're on our own land. we haven't defended. we understand the situation, it's not nice to kill someone, but sometimes we have to, i feel responsible for these young people. there are arch similar drills are happening all over, you call it. the government is hoping to form up to $25.00 brigades to be deployed in cities around the country. last year, parliament passed a law that allows ordinary citizens to join these territorial defense units. now they are part of the country strategic defense when their role is to provide popular resist, veronica. 2 martin case, the ukranian army is overwhelmed. these units are now part of the military, alongside the navy, air force and army. 32 percent of ukrainians say they are willing to enlist.
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they won't carry heavy weaponry. that is left to the regular army. it's now better equipped as military support hoisin from several western country. but for marcia, who's keep the role of this popular resistance unit, is crucial even though she can find herself in harm's way. our main task is to support the army in not in the front line by monday, but her back and also to protect a infrastructure to the support surveillance. i'm friends that nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's better to be prepared actually because it could change any time. and to nowadays, changing very quickly or unison russian diplomats haven't made any progress yet. the uncertainty has gone up a notch and with it the urgency among ukrainians to mobilize sooner rather than later. or that,
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that hamid al jazeera give. senior us officials are talking to kat are about potentially supply europe with gas. if russia invades ukraine. cutter is one of the world's biggest producers of liquefied natural gas, but mostly exports the asia and the supplying 5 percent of europe's gas. white house officials, as talks between president joe biden and catherine emir shaped. i mean, i mean, her mother fanny could happen in washington by the end of the month. i mean, years president has announced that he's resigning from a largely symbolic physician. and it's like a, she has been president since 2018 and was in a stand off with communist. any question in the last year ever. a number of issues including the dismissal of the head of the armed forces. because he says the country is constitution doesn't give him enough influence over policies. rescue crews in yemen have recovered 5 more bodies from the rubble of a prison facility, hit by a foundry, lead kurdish, and asked strike on friday. a groups at least 87 people were killed,
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doctors without borders. mission in yemen, says, rescues, have not completed the search efforts at the sight of the prison in northern said, our province is a strong hold of who's the rebels. internet has been down across the country for a 3rd day after separate strike, it telecommunication center. in the city of her data. fighting has continued for a 4th day around a prison in northeast northeast in syria, where i so fighters are trying to free imprisoned members. is the most significant attack by the group since it was defeated in syria 3 years ago. local kurdish forces pushing back, supported by us air strikes with dozens reported dead on both sides. a big report. this is the moment i saw detainees escaped from prison in northern syria. over the 4 days iso fight to sub attempted to free their fellow members. it's unclear how many have managed to escape how many have been killed or recaptured by kurdish
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forces who are being supported by u. s. air strikes. the prison has is more than 1200 prisoners from 50 different nationalities. it's seen as the most significant attack by isolate since the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. this footage shows icily fighters breaking into prison. a pile of bodies dressed in uniform lay in the corner. kurdish forces say they have the upper hand. i like the ash mussels, habits now dies exist only in the prison really. i mean, apart from the prison, they don't exist any way. so they are controlling the prison only, and we are surrounding them. they do have weapons, i don't deny that, but they can't do anything with that. they might run out of ammunition and therefore they don't fight back. residents near the prison or fling the fighting another's been bombing warplanes and fighting since yesterday. young people were slaughtered. what is happening? money?
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the situation is catastrophic. we fled the shelling and conflict. we were scared for our children. i. there's also reports i sell fighters have broken into homes and killed people. as bad as i am dire, she's killing people. it's members, break him and killed 4 of our neighbors. 2 of them as well as the fighting continues. the fear now is whether this attack means a significant return by the armed group or a one off attempt to replenish its numbers for a future front against kurdish forces. i said bake al jazeera, displaced people in the syrian countryside are bracing for more heavy snow. of the blizzards hit that camps. thousands of people in rebel held areas of the north a particularly affected most don't have heating and family say they're struggling to find ways to survive the biting cold. any tense in a freedom and it live has been destroyed by the snowfall. agencies say this winter is particularly difficult to to rising poverty, higher prices and dwindling aid ton of been officials and begun talks with western
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powers in norway. focusing on i've got a songs, worsening humanitarian crisis, and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including the u. s. some have been drove a report day one of the 3 day trip for the african delegation that by the foreign minister, also is the 1st faith in europe after trips to russia. iran cut their china and pockets done. but no worries made it clear that this does not mean legitimacy for the fall. a bond, a chance to talk to those who are in charge of oakland sun and nor did any more bomb to put him in norway. we have a meeting with the us and also with the european union on matters of mutual interest. one part of our meetings would be with an afghan, despoil, who are outside the country, especially in europe with their ideas, consultations and plans will be heard. this means that meetings from mutual
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understanding will continue between afghans during the closed doors meetings at a local hotel, economic business and political issues are high on the agenda. the rest is looking to use it's leverage of sanctions, frozen of grant money, and humanitarian aid. while the interim government wants money, legitimacy, and removal from band lists, the focus from outside remains and pressing taliban leaders on their promises to deliver women's rights good education and civil liberties. balaban the dis, trying to move from a fighting force to a governing council. have yet to deliver on a country wide secondary education for girls, but have allowed women to work in hospitals, schools and airports. they deny arresting women and cracking down on activists. while some women continue to protest and demand their rights. very often in the absence of that communication, the international community or different stakeholders keep moving, the goal posts. so in order to make sure that the taliban are there with the words that they're putting out,
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there are lining with their actions and women and disenfranchised groups. in general, in upon us on our protected ah, that's going to be a huge outcome if it back can come out of or we can start headed in that direction from norway. the harsh winter is yet another stream for most afghans who have not been paid for months and struggling with a collapsing economy. and the biggest step for balaban leaders is to keep the population fed and warm. agencies warn a 1000000 of gun children could pre salvation that despite the united nations providing money to pay for salaries and importing essentials like wheat and electricity, taliban officials insist this he piece and won't let of loaner son become a security concern. but they say, in order for it to function as a state, the international community must release $10000000000.00 of, of gone money, frozen abroad to get the economy going and address humanitarian needs. a solomon job it, i'll da 0. a prominent turkish journalist has been arrested on
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a charge of insulting president ship tie up at one. so this combat was taken into custody after reading a palace related proverb about an ox, on opposition channel tele one, and posting it on twitter. the proverb was allegedly directed at the turkish president, cash could face between one and 4 years in prison if convicted, the channels chief editor says the rest is an attempt to intimidate journalists. libya has opened the 1st detention center for female migrants and children that will be run by female offices follows recent protests over conditions and years of report of women being raped by gods. last year, the libyan coast guard intercepted more than 32000 people, trying to cross to europe and took them back to shore. around 3000 were women and young girls, you ins as there are more than 12000 people, held in 27 official prisons and detention facilities,
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many of whom were rescued at sea. but that was more a held illegally in secret facilities. all those run by groups where conditions are inhumane, and there are hundreds of credible reports of abuse and of people being sold into slavery. when trina has more from tripoli, were here in the area of saline and tripoli, where living authorities are opening the 1st of female and children detention center. easy tension. centers in the, in libya are usually very over packed, or they're not very sanitary. and there are accusations of a lot of abuse, sometimes even rapes. so i think the hope here by libyan authorities is that this will limit the amount of abuse that's happening in the detention centers. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach europe. we spoke to a young refugee just a few days ago, and we asked them, you know, do you think that that african migrants trying to reach europe will ever and,
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and this is what he had to say if the situation in libya is not thought for the libya themselves, the feels have to have a better economy. not extra people in the street not are bitter. and the 10 people people will continue to is trying to reach europe. i'm is still the kid because i kind of still go on privacy because i have no other options. people in tongue are struggling to deal with ash and dust in the aftermath of last week's volcanic eruption. and you know me, the country remains in critical need of supplies, international navy ships and flights of brought some aid and communication equipment. phone lines are slowly being restored and stories of survival or emerging a couple who owned a beach side resort of spoken of they will do. they say that you know me warning signs wasn't working. so they drove through town, telling people to leave. one thing though,
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this least thought on that day was awful. the word would come to an end. i've never seen sama like that. i'm the friday that might, that might before those, the squire's with different colors. it was yellow, was ready was orange. and her mom as soon as something like that in him, i seen a black ash cast look. seems like it was following us on the car else more still to come this hour. we meet armed indigenous trackers in brazil working to protect their vast lambs. my new enemy plus i'm so sorry, a cavity, search prompt, museums, prime minister to ramp up restrictions and cancel her in reading. and in school winning the field goes where the story saturdays nfl playoffs is teams closing on the place of this year suitable. ah,
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while we're seeing snell where we don't usually get it. hello everyone. here's the details. this includes for the greek capital athens shield of smell over you on monday. ok, so it was by february, thoughts and snow, but before then was in until 2008. this weather maker is going to curl up into southern turkey. so that means snow very likely for on talia. and over the past 30 years, you've only seen a round of snow once twice. and now we're looking at about $2.00 to $5.00 centimeters. central europe looks like this. the snow is starting to wind down here, but breezy conditions for areas of croatia, scattering of showers, rolling across the northern ireland into scotland. and then we do have a feed of rain and snow slamming into western norway. iberia by day is fine, but by night those temperatures are dropping off, especially northern spain, weather alerts in play there as your temperatures dip down to about minus 6. then we have sand and dust storms along that border with chad and jerry. not too far
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away from n jemina, but all of the action going on toward southern africa. this tropical wave of rain has transferred from madagascar into central. the northern moves and beek. we are going to see some severe flooding dare, and temperatures have fallen, and cape town to 26 on monday season. ah. the long before the cold, with crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate break down destruction of nature can lead to destruction of april. all harold lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told was completely impossible to suddenly become possible connected the wake up cold with can't be ignored on a job with co create a culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism. world wide as to reward,
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merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou ah ah, i reminded the top stories, yoga 0 soldiers in book in a far so staged a mutiny to demand more support in their fight against arm groups gunfire and at least 6 locations led to fears of
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a crew. the government has denied that as well as reports. the president had been detained. fighting has continued for a 4th day around a prison in northeast in syria, where i so fighters are trying to free imprisoned comrades is more significant attack by the on group since it was defeated in syria 3 years ago. and the leader of a pro russian political party in ukraine as dismissed british claims that he's part of a plot to replace ukraine. government criminal is also rejected allegations that moscow has been working to replace ukraine's president with for my m. p. recalls for an investigation after british m. p said she was fond from a ministerial job in prime minister barak johnson's government, partly because she was a muslim former transport minister. no struct. connie told us sunday times that when she lost her job in 2020, she was told her was lumniss was making colleagues uncomfortable down the street at the prime minister wrote to her to invite her to begin a formal complaint process,
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which, which she did not do johnny disputes that it was still a sense of chaos around bras. johnson's government, as it heads into a crucial week when the report on lock down parties at downing street is due. chris wilkins is managing partner at oddly and strategic advisory. families also form a u. k. prominence to teresa mays, director of strategy, and joins a slide from east jose by scott, thanks very much indeed for being with us. so. series of damaging allegations against the johnson government in the last week or so. our precarious is his position. oh, it's very precarious. nevis soaps on him from all sides. he faces this week, the report of senior civil servant to re into those lockdown parties. the suggestion that down the street do in the lockdown was not abiding by the rules of rest. the country were busy enjoying themselves. also when else lockdown, he thinks is the allegations you've just referred to from his colleagues that she
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was fired from his cabinets as a result of her listening faith am. and the 3rd thing is that he's complaining about. his party manages the party whips, allegedly, but mailing them into back in the prime minister is current predicament, which means that scotland yard, metropolitan police are looking into that closely. so there are lots of difficulties for whom. and this week really is full of pitfalls. but i have to say having talked to ministers, come to missus and others this weekend, there was a sense the disposal of that. they think he can make it through this week and carry on his prime minister. but it is possible anything could come out of the woodwork yet and develop plan. yeah, you mentioned that series of problems for him. which of them do you think would be the most likely to trigger a vote of no confidence? well, it's interesting, the problem he has with the party gates is it's become known this idea about all the parties down the street going on during lockdown fund them. and the problem
12:33 am
with that is that this report comes up this week. might find that the prime minister misled parliament and knowing the misleading parliament has reached the municipal code. and that's why he felt to be resigning matters. so that might be an argument there if that comes out, whether he knowingly misled the house commons or not. so that is a serious matter. then on the blackmail point, if the match for these do decide launch an investigation into the government and that's all the really a very serious matter as well. so it is quite a remarkable to an event, but ultimately i suspect this will come down to an argument that one would knowingly did the promised and knowingly our house of commons ally. and i suspect on that point he will be able to carry on because they won't be able to prove that point. i mean, even if he does survive this week or the next door, is there an issue with the government's credibility and perhaps suppose already suggesting that he might have become an intellectual liability?
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would that be a concern for the, for the conservative party? i think that's the thing just a few weeks ago the considers were headed in the opinion, polls or strong. so we're still working hard. now we've had a series of opinion polls, but in the opposition labor party, on average 10 points ahead. one pole gave them the highest lead of the conservatives for more than 10 years. and on the leadership level, key estimate of a park leader has no pulled ahead of the prime minister. and that's why, and he used the same me this weekend, even though he might make it through this week. there's a crucial set of local government elections in many. and they'll see what happens in may. and if it proves something's long, thought to be a winner. actually is now a drag on the conservative vote. it's after the local elections in may. he might be in real trouble to tell about this latest move, you can come in unusual to release the accusations about a russian plot in, in ukraine. is this something to do with the secretaries leadership operations or
12:35 am
would you see it as a kind of attempt to distract people from current domestic issues or do what you have to take on it? certainly the case that the folks actually stress is one of the leading contenders take over from both jobs and if he does full and i'm sure she is, look at ways to promote to come to the see. but i have say in this instance is more like the something like this would be agreed with the security service. it be agreed with down the street, the home office without the government department. so it's quite possible that actually this is a case of the government as a whole, trying to move the agenda on, talk about something else and distract attention from the premises. difficulties is quite a bold move and not something that you see that often. so there are lots people speculations, not actually. yes, obviously there's an important issue there on ukraine, but maybe actually the story being out there on the front pages doesn't altogether harm the government given what they're going through, chris, for him. thank you very much,
12:36 am
tom. just now the giovanni reserve in brazil's amazon is home to numerous tribes. you've never had contact with outside world, but illegal hunters and fishermen are encroaching on this space. warning, can you hear reports on the fight to keep the tribes safe? steve, in the amazon jungle, various indigenous leaders have joint forces to protect their livelihood. we accompanied native trackers during a week as the police, their job id valley reserve in area twice the size of japan. it's the home of 18 tribes. 11 of them have had no contact with the outside world. economic wonder are this part of the road belongs to brazil where white men do as they please. but ahead of us is the indigenous giovanni territory. it's forbidden to all but us. yet we're still in danger. in the past, the threat came from oil companies and muggers. the government forced them out 2 decades ago when the job id reserve was de, marketed to well,
12:37 am
some by you who used to make a living. cutting down trees in the area is now helping indigenous tribes face a new enemy, increasing number of poachers and fishermen who have been sneaking into these remote lands to steal their food. i have been legally capturing endangered and expensive species like the beat out of cool fish and turtles to export them at high prices to neighboring columbia. and crew. you're working outside is depleting this protected forest of game, the local, indigenous tribes hunt, and fish just enough to survive. the legal fishermen catch as much as they can to sell abroad and make money. they have already had shootouts or government authorities who tried to stop them. the patrol men are few in number, but have been armed by injury yos with technology, satellite maps, cellular apps, and a radio to communicate with the villages inside the job id valley. we've been patrolling
12:38 am
the duck why river for 2 days now, and the mobile, indigenous people have been showing us how poachers and fishermen enter their lands illegally. the find these small canals, as you can see here, behind me, and they ride these wooden canoes, which are very small, all, and very hard to find specially at night we followed the intruders tracks into the jungle. our guide shows us how they cleared a path to carry canoes, 2 small rivers further down, which will take them deep into the forbidden territory. it's a daily tent kilometer height, through unchartered glance, with an occasional stop to hunt for food on the way the fine new clues like this empty salt bag, full, but the salt is used to preserve the fish until they are taken for the market. the fish are taken to the bad thing, 5 hours down the river in the market place. smugglers also sell illegally hunting alligators and turtles. but the real business is booming,
12:39 am
just across the border in the colombian city of leticia. ah, all the fish here comes from brazil on a good month. this fishery selves 70 tons. the most precious species is the beat out of cool, one of the largest fresh water fishes in the world. i d as bid, ada tells us. he caught almost 150 last week. i sell them in columbia because the price he is better than brazil. he claims all the pete i will call here, are certified and have come from designated management ponds in the amazon like this one. but the colombian navy, patrolling the saudi moiz river, says most fish are illegally caught and smuggler. oh, indigenous leader. better model says the legal fisherman work for international drug cartels as part of a money laundering scheme. vicki and you could gather con workings out there to move on to every little canoe can carry the equivalent of $8000.00 worth of fish and turtles. and there are many canoes working for one master. we set up our own
12:40 am
patrols to prove to the government what's going on, but, and nobody sees my. he says that unless drastic measures are taken, many more endangered species will continue to be smuggled out of the indigenous territory threatening nature and the livelihood of the tribes. monica, he and i give al jazeera job id valley with us in 2 weeks ago till a start of the beijing winter olympics china 0 coverage strategies coming under ever more pressure. new measures are being imposed in the capital as covert clusters pop up. driven by the on the crone and delta variance is exactly 2 years after the original epicenter. we 1st went into lockdown. katrina, you report still wants sport center has reopened for winter activities. but 2 years ago, the city stadium was used for a very different purpose. it became a makeshift hospital for thousands who had fallen ill with the corona of ours.
12:41 am
laura, good emma. there's bore sender set up $1100.00 bed in 72 hours, and it emitted $1056.00 mild convict 19 cases in total that we managed to achieve 0, staph infection of ones 0, secondary infection on the 0 death. wiggle you. on january 23, 2020 city authorities took the then unprecedented step of locking down. it's 11000000 residents. human human transmission of the virus had just been confirmed, and more than a dozen people had died. from here, the virus would go on to infect hundreds of millions around the world. to day one has resumed normal life, and officials say corona virus infections in the city have been eliminated. the sea food and animal market where the outbreak was 1st identified as close. though the pandemic origin remains a mystery, an inquiry by the world health organization concluded that the possible leaking of
12:42 am
the virus from a wound lab was extremely unlikely. though many scientists are calling for further investigation. the starting point of an international process can't be compromising with the chinese government or appeasing sensitivities. it has to be establishing a gold standard for what a full and unrestricted international investigation would entail. the chinese government has dismissed the theory and turned its attention to keeping current of ours case numbers to 0. but this has been a struggle. the provinces of kern and says she gong dung and tinge in city are battling outbreaks of birth. the omicron and delta variance, millions of people have for weeks confined to their homes. staging has reported more than 10 covered 19 cases. this past week. authorities has again pointed to imported goods, international deliveries, and frozen food as
12:43 am
a likely source of infection. those living in the capital had been warned to limit the deliveries from overseas. the many experts are skeptical that packages can transmit the virus. people have also been warned against traveling during the upcoming lunar new year festival. the most important public holiday of the year. officials here are under intense pressure to control the outbreak before the winter olympics opens on february. the 4th doors taking part in the games will be confined to a strict. then you bubble designed to be sealed off to protect the rest of china's population. khatri, you al jazeera beijing, new zealand is moving to its highest level of creative ice restrictions with more mosque wearing and limits on public gatherings. often outbreak of the micron very and come in is to just in the order made the announcement and reveal to how the new measures would affect her. my reading would not be going, he'd but i just join many other new zealanders who have had an experience like that
12:44 am
as a result of the painting. contin, anyone who's caught up in that scenario. i'm so sorry, but you are, we are all sort resilient and i know we understand that we're doing this for one another and i know that will help us continue on in washington dc. thousands of protests as have rallied against vaccine mandates. protest organizers say getting knocked, elated and wearing a mosque should be a personal choice. event was billed as an anti mandate demonstration, but several prominent speakers denounced the vaccines themselves. petty calhoun is more from the u. s. capital there been protester. alta pandemic across the country, but this is really the 1st large scale one to come to the streets of washington dc . now they're billing themselves as anti mandate against masks against vaccines. but when it comes to the whole idea of mandating vaccines, the bite administration has been dealt a lot of setbacks on that. the supreme court said that they can't force employers that have more than $100.00 employees to force vaccinations or,
12:45 am
or require testing and a judge just at least temporarily put on hold the by the ministrations demand that all federal workers and contractors get vaccinated. and it was clear talking to people in the crowd that they really were against the vaccine. even the speakers on stage. many of them saying things that were simply not true. we've no doubt for 2 years that there are cheap se highly effective and widely available medicines that can treat this disease. i'm here in santa, for my right, to be able to say that i do not want the vaccine. i care about my body. i care about the effect that this is happening on people, and i don't wish to separate them. i live in the united states of america, and this is a free country, local official. so they were concerned about this event in part because of its size organizers. so they expected about 20000 people from all over the country. and again, this was a rare of rally against masks and vaccine mandates. well,
12:46 am
here in the district of columbia, if you want to set foot in a business like a restaurant or pretty much go inside anywhere, you have to have a mask on. and you have to show proof of vaccination for that reason. the d. c. police have extra officers on the street, in case anyone tries to break the rules. on monday, secret balloting will begin to select a successor to prison says you matter, ela, italy's former prime minister soon rebellious coney withdrew from the election. but that doesn't mean he isn't trying to impact the vote. adam rainy reports from room . now the scandal tainted former prime minister silvio berlusconi has pulled out of italy's presidential election. his main goal is to block the leading contender from winning deprive that man prime minister mario draggy, has led a pandemic unity government for the past 11 months. you know, most candidates don't formally and out to run, but draggy, his strongly hinted. he wants to move on to the presidency, a fact the to the local molto,
12:47 am
the queen look at us that we have accomplished what we will hold on to do. i'm a man a grandfather if you like, the service of institutions. if fellow scone and the leaders have at least 2 main right wing parties keep the rug in the prime minister's office, they might be able to stave off a general election for another year while they build support for conservative government. at least president mainly perform ceremonial duties, but can be called on to resolve political crises, the election and normally behind the scenes of fair in which legislators and regional representatives cast secret ballots has now captured the nation's attention. i am in favor of electing a woman and leaving druggie where he has been doing a good job. my god, we all wish our current president mac, that i would just stay in office for another term, a tie and see 80 year old sir john at that ella as a steady and unifying force, he says he has no interest in a 2nd 7 year term there is a chance he could be convinced to stay on. also, the running justice minister marked to cut tabio,
12:48 am
if she went and she would become at least 1st female president. the focus right now though is under aggie, and that ela mini italians worried that if motto, draggy is elected to service the president. here's another palace that the stability his government has secured of the past year will fall apart as political parties here fight over who becomes the next prime minister least political historian, lorenzo castellano, he says legislators would already have a plan in place if they choose to like drug or drug will be elected only if there's an agreement on the future of the government, but i get his overseen the influx of billions of dollars and he, you recovery funds. the worry is if he's no longer prime minister with a lease recovery could go off track. many people can be president of the republic while as a brand new or a drug, he is not easily replaceable. so ease much more useful as a premium. the election held in parliament will likely go on for several rounds until a candidate gains enough votes. whoever wins will have to try and help italy avoid
12:49 am
political crises. and it tries to solidify a sustainable recovery from the pandemic. adarine al jazeera rome still had this news out in sport, raphael and the dal is getting closer to the history making title when in melbourne, details coming up shortly. ah, europe's grand capital are littered with monuments loading their imperial passion, and their museums filled with artifact. spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of origin. people in power explores the heated debate, right from ownership admits activists taking matters to their own out of africa on a, just a, you know, the latest news. they've been extremely harsh traditions and for 10 years they was
12:50 am
the victims of and i guess most people got to cherry and crisis with detailed coverage warnings that only problem fractions. so in power, large partial precisely polygon, gap here from the around the world on those people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging. brought them lou. oh sport. lauren, thank you so much. we start with the africa nations where there has been a huge win for to nicea. the north africans have eliminated nigeria and the round
12:51 am
of 16 with a one know when over the super eagles. it's a result that goes against the form books and is the only just grade through the group stage winning just once. while nigeria won all 3 of their games. joining us now is elisia folk men in tunis. but 1st, let's go to fidelis by in a boucher and fidel is that there must be huge disappointment in nigeria, especially after how well the team played in the group stages. here for many, many years isn't bad with disappointing nights because the player had to raise this technicians very high for many football funds. and before even expecting to mention a team of nigeria to get us off the final isn't before know they were more like people with divided us to how to, to perform given that player some players pulled out last minute before they left
12:52 am
will come over. and then there was a change of coach for 4 weeks before the tournament on some, also the a close to refuse to release them. so when they have the 100 percent record indigo stage, you want to be expecting them to go very far so that the social media and the outcome of the much expressing their disappointment or some of them are already more like optimistic. i do have a young team that maybe a teacher championships, they'll be able to perform much better. all right, thanks for that. fidelis. let's go to tunis now and elise. yeah. i how huge is this? when for tennessee and fax? i think even, you know, is the most open church nation and really surprised that that she went today. i mean the streets, you know, her focus years. main thing when that when the whistle approach is very, very tense match. but i mean, anybody who's watching very light,
12:53 am
they played a very quick game and managed to hold the advantage. second, 2nd problem, i mean, taneesha has been on the back. so i have is to say we're in that group, there's been a number of positive tests and made a lot of people point loaded about the coach. but you know, this is, this is really the spirit in terms of concepts and change, things that have been very, have a sense of a majorly lifting event where people, it fits really in 5 people and, and going forward. i think that's a real hard chinese. you can actually push forward in the rounds janitta last one back for to come back in 2004. and certainly i think for nation this is, this is an amazing achievement. the last time that nigeria and
12:54 am
match it was the reverse nigeria. 11 go nigeria to night. go for geneva and this is huge. all right, well we'll see how far they can get l e c. i thank you so much for now. o. burkina faso were the 1st team to book a spot in the corner finals, and they did it in dramatic fashion. the west africans beating a ball on penalties after the game finished $11.00. after extra time, we can or fast as best showing out the tournament was in 2013 when they were one and so they were pull, have cut the gap at the top of the english, a premier league, the red, so beaten crystal palace, 31 for ldl van dyke, alex oxley, chamberlain, and for being you all getting goals and means liverpool are now 9 points behind table toppers, manchester city with a game and hands if he would have played 90 minutes like least out of the game that would have been about optimal for growth suppose for be didn't and so it could be
12:55 am
the draw or whatever, but that be wanted, i'm over to warn about to be honest. it's so important for us and feeds really good and 3rd place. chelsea are now 10 up points behind man city. the blues beat london, rivals taught them to nail on sunday. the result is a blow dispersed top for hopes they finish the weekend. 7th. one is silver lining for them is that 6 place arsenal can only draw against burnley. raphael noodle is still on track for history making when at the australian open. the spaniard succeed advanced to the quarter finals after beating his opponent to adrian marino of france. fidel is amy to secure a record breaking 21st grand slam title. he'll play dennis shoppable of of canada for place in the last 4 or women's world number one. ashley barty was far too good for amanda. anna psm,
12:56 am
ova already overpowering the player who knocked out naomi osaka, and her last match. she went on to win in straight sets parties. amy to become the 1st australian to win this title. since chris o'neill achieved the feat back in 19 from the 8th tournament, organizers have stood by ad decision to ask vans to remove t shirts and a banner bearing the words where is punctuating. actress shared this video on social media earlier in the tournaments. chinese player disappeared from public view for 3 weeks after accusing a government official of sexual assault campaigner, say they are printing more t shirts and planned to hold a bigger protest. the women singles of final on saturday, winning feel goals were the story of the nfl playoffs. on saturday, the san francisco 49 ers upset, the nf c top seeds, the green bay packers. this cake securing a 131010 win, affording honors for now playing the championship game for the 2nd time in 3 years
12:57 am
. there was a calmness, honestly, in, tried midway through the 1st or 2nd that i realized that was the type of game. you know, they, they got off to get started their 1st job, but our differences point, graydon, there's just a seal to the game. you know, even when they had the lead, i felt like we were control the game as crazy as that sounds. the cincinnati bengals are also one went away from the super bowl. the bengals beat, the tennessee titans, $916.00. and once again, the gang was decided by a late field. sweden sandra nay's, lend secured her 2nd ski cross victory, 24 hours in the final world cup race before the beijing olympics, capture an author recovered from a crash midway through the race and sweden. no one to catch up to nase land. he dominated from start to finish. 25. you will keep sleep in the world. a cup of breath. okay, and that is all you sport for now. it's now back to lauren in london. thank you very much indeed. and that's it for me or intended for the sousa are back with more
12:58 am
in just a moment. buffalo ah! news news, news, news, news, i each and every one of us ever got a responsibility to change our patients. for the better the we or we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become
12:59 am
a magnet, who is incredibly rest. asking women to get 50 percent representation in the same spiritual assembly here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reasoning. this is extremely important. service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who've been left behind me ah, ah.
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the revealing eco friendly solutions to come back? threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah. gunfire rings out at military barracks and broken offense. so and protested torch the headquarters of the president's party. the government denies it's an attempted coup but imposes a curfew. ah, nora taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, a ukrainian politician dismisses you k allegations of he's part of a russian plot to replace ukraine's government.


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