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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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repair for their job, i try to do the same then minutes later once the earth is just a blurb below it's time to freefall with france condemned the co burkina faso and i knew and my call says he's been assured the deposed president is in good health and not being threatened, ah dissolve, is there alive for my headquarters in ohio, that obligates also ahead in eastern ukraine that people are concerned to most of a possible escalation in the conflict. we report from the frontline as fear as grow of a russian invasion of ukraine,
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belize in the u. k. say they'll investigate gatherings held at the prime minister's office after reports of parties during locked down. a tragedy overshadow the football at the africa combinations at least 8 people are killed in a stampede. and cameron ah, the french president, somebody on my call says he's been inform burkina, faso is deposed president, rocca, bori is in good health and not being threatened. the military issue is triggered, international condemnation would be un u. s. and eco was calling for. gabor is immediate release. crowds have been gathering in the capital was due to show their support for their military. the soldiers who carried out the crew say they took power because the government failed to contain armed groups that have killed thousands semi because more from the
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capital walker do. there's a lot of support for the to, there's could be approximately a 1000 people. it's hard to tell but they're. # in the, in the center downtown, in the square, they're tearing a showed a slides. a lot of them are holding slides of molly and bertina fossil shilling, sort of solidarity the 2 military leaders and both countries now and same down, down with eco box, which is the west african block thing because it sanctions, if they're about to come. so there's a lot of support right now for the military seizure, but just taking over what they're saying, they feel that having no need after time when there isn't security, then there's a problem with security is the way to go. and that particular the long soldiers who have battle hard and right now and to have experience in the field, they think that they can better serve the country than the previous regime. who lot of people said didn't feel like they had a military strategy. i wasn't focusing enough on equipping and training the soldiers. while new shipment of aid from the united states has arrived in ukraine,
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the pentagon size and also put 8 and a half 1000 troops on high alerts. it says they're prepared to deploy, if needed, along with other nato forces in eastern europe. this comes as fears continue to grow of a possible russian invasion of ukraine. in some cases, some of these forces were already on a heightened posture, readiness to deploy posture, and the secretary decided to make it even more short term even more. so in some cases, units would go from say, 10 days prepared to deploy. now there at 5 days, right? for more on those. let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how can so the u. s. now has 8 and half 1000 troops on stand by. what does that practically mean? kimberly always the president has a decision to make and we're expecting to get a decision sometime by the end of the week. the president worked all through the weekend and into this week, and that was
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a series of meetings with the national security council advisors at cap david, a secure location. then he met to by video conference with european leaders, and that was a bit of choreography in order to show that there was unity after initially, there had been some division over whether or not this was the right strategy. there had been some reticence of the part of some european leaders, but the u. s. president saying now that there is unanimity when it comes to what he says is facing russian aggression as he calls it. even as there is this, amassing russian troops along you creeds, borders, others. also, of course, russia alleges the aggression of the united states, bolstering and supplying these a weapons in the form of aircraft, and warships, and potentially soldiers in the form of, of adding and bolstering to the eastern european nations that make up the nato
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allies. now, it is important to know that the united states, when they, if they do send these soldiers the some 8500, this would not be to ukraine, proffer, but instead, would be to essentially help the nato allies. should russia invade ukraine. and we should also point out that there is the potential to increase that number if things were to deteriorate, now to that end, it wasn't just european leaders that were being briefed in the coordinated with. there is also the u. s. congress that needs to be advised in all of this, and the leaders of both us senate and the house of representatives. you chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, respectively. they have requested classified briefings, that the way how says is being coordinated and to that. and we should also point out that the white house is also underscoring, that it's not just sort of the weaponry that is being discussed, but also those punishing financial sanctions that are also being potentially levied
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against russia. should vladimir putin decide to you evade ukraine. ok, thank you so much. kimberly health reporting from washington d. c. well, let's get more on the situation on the ground and ukraine. we have a they have need who is near the front line of the conflict in the eastern part of the country. that's where people are increasingly concerned about a possible russian attack is here in eastern ukraine that people are concerned to most of a possible escalation in the conflict. this part of the country has seen fears of battled back in 2014 and 15. this is what's left of the industrial area where on the edge of ad v for one of the towns that was badly hit. and during the battles that centered around the airport in don't, yes, which is only 5 to 7 kilometers away from here. now the front line is just a few 100 meters down this way we went there at the last position of the ukrainian
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forces, distance only a 100 meters from the last position of the pro russian forces and the 2 sides stare at each other all day. and all night long now, the situation is very calm. we just heard a few punctures. ukrainian soldiers told us that that happens a lot. they say that they refrain from retaliating, simply because they don't want the situation to inflame. now we did ask them how they felt about maybe a russian invasion in the coming weeks. well, they said that they didn't know if it was going to happen, but that this time round, they felt that the army was stronger. they have received training. they have received military equipment, it keeps on poor game. so they do say that the situation would be much different on the ground. the british prime minister boris johnson, has accused russia of having his eye on more than you crane the russian president.
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that is, so johnson said the vladimir putin as also buying other former soviet nations to build up the country's influence. he says he's made the u. k is position very clear to russia. on the 13th of december, i spoke to president putin and i stressed that nato had no thought of encircling or otherwise threatening his country. and that russia enjoyed as much right, any other state to live in peace and security. but as i said to him, russia, ukraine also enjoys an equal and symmetrical right to that russia. and i said, any attack on his neighbor will be followed by tough a sanctions against russia. further steps to help ukraine defend herself by an increased nato presence to protect our allies on nato's eastern. meanwhile, police in london have opened an investigation into government events held during
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the drone of virus lockdown. officers have been passed information from an inquiry led by senior civil servants through gray, which is looking into more than a dozen gatherings. the most recent revelations accused the u. k. prime minister for attending a birthday party, organized by his wife during the 1st lockdown in june 2020. as a result, firstly of the information provided by the cabinet of his inquiry team. and secondly, my officer's own assessment. i can confirm that the mat is now investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and watch hole in the last 2 years in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations. so let's go to anderson and since running us from london, andrew talk us about talk us through the police investigation and how significant it is so significant. it's rudy puddle. another,
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a major question mark over this whole scandal at the gatherings here in downing street will be investigated along with other gatherings and whitehall parties, if you will. and they will be investigated according to crescent dick. the commissioner of the metropolitan police are in intensely, and they will look at all of the evidence passed on relating to these alleged breaches of cove at rest restrictions passed on by the soon gray inquiry. sir grey, being a c or civil servant task in the cabinet office or in investigations into the park alleged her breeches. now, the question is this? oh, how will the information from the inquiry be passed on? it is highly likely now that scotland yards investigation will come fer won't, will actually be allowed to run as long as necessary. that could be months. it
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could even take as long as a year. and it's now possible that sir grey's inquiry will be released, but it will be stripped of any thing that could, could, in any way, compromise the police inquiries. so now the political question is, this will parliament here the real true nitty gritty as to what you k prime minister boris johnson has done? did he break the law briefing very recently? or has said that he as far as he's concerned, he didn't breach any law. he welcomes the police inquiry. and this is now a major issue, especially after these revelations are all another party, this time, a birthday party in downing street itself in the cabinet room in which his wife is alleged to organized an affair whereby the prime minister came in and 10 minutes later he left, but there was a song,
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happy birthday song, and there were up to 30 people present. so andrew, and just sounds like the presser keeps piling on the prime minister. i mean, talk us through the, the unlikely scenarios for him going forward. well, every day there seems to be another aspect to this story though. newspapers have been running a whole varied amount of leaks and information related to the prime minister stance . now as far as the conservative party is concerned, a growing number of m p 's are calling for him to either resign or indeed they will write letters to a back bench committee. notice $922.00 committee which will look at are the numbers involved. and if the maths are right there could be a leadership where challenge are quite quickly vote of confidence in the prime minister. so there is a growing time within the party that,
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that boris johnson could, should, seriously consider resigning because he's becoming more and more of a liability. the question comes back to this issue of this police inquiry. the escalation of this whole, a whole affair in that does that inquiry, go on and be allowed to, to reach its conclusions, or is the political position facing the prime minister such that he has to stand down because of what may already have been released from the me inquiry or in the cabinet office. now we do know that the intended publication of the report and the cabinet from the cabinet office was going to be this week. certainly not now. and the best that could be expected it was seen is some highlights from that inquiry, rather than the summary of the inquiry. it does not prejudice in any way. the police inquiries so fresh from his mounting on the prime minister. but is this
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something that could suit him? is this like allowing the whole affair to be a spread out over a much longer period of time and could he fight it out? could he still survive? many political commentators feel he won't, but there is a possibility. he called all right, a lot of questions. thank you so much. andrew simmons reporting from london still had on al jazeera mass testing ordered in parts of the chinese capital. after a rise in covered 19 infections just days away from the winter olympics and beijing on the final day of talks and alls low between the taliban and western diplomats, we'll hear from the head of the european union delegation to afghanistan coming up right after at the break, ah, with bur yet can feel the chill in the
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air. hello, everyone that we're talking about northwestern portions of india, temperatures below average, here in new delhi, just 16 degrees, and we do have cold wave alerts in play for the indian states. have roger stand and also what's a br, dash temperature is also run and below average in them by so here's a peak at the next 3 days. you should be about 30 degrees, $26.00 on wednesday, but ok $28.00 on friday and plenty of sun. we do have a band of rain stretching across from tom on the do through the bay. i've been gall, pretty close to that border with me and bar and bangladesh. off to the southeast of asia. rain is starting to wind down across areas of sumatra and java. really the heaviest falls of rain will be for the philippines. this disturbances just whip in rain all around the bottom line is too much rain here too fast been as a result, we do have severe flood advisories for southern in central portions of the country that the ne monsoon is amplifying. that. let's go off though to central and eastern
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portions of china sug of rain, it's still running across the yangtze river valley. and now for japan, we flip the switch on for that see effect snow. so we'll see the snow pile up over the hills of honshu and the days to come. that sure weather report see later take care ah. joined the debate fate. a racer of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online. your voice, the comment section is right to join our conversation. we had on protective when everyone is protected, it is not being nationalistic about you just look at it in a very different way. said that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solutions. let me put it clear for you this dream analogy. era ah
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the somewhere around the top stories and i'll just say we're this our, the military coupon book enough also has triggered international condemnation. a group of soldiers opposed cavalry. on monday, the french president, am i doing my call and says he's been informed that he's in good health. police in london have opened an investigation into government events. health during corona virus lockdown. officers have been passed information from an inquiry led by senior civil servants to great, which is looking into more than a dozen gatherings. while the african taliban had begun their final day of talks with western diplomats in norway, the 3 days of closed door meetings were the 1st in europe since the group to control of
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a gun. astonished august. us and you diplomats are asking them to uphold basic freedoms. in return for humanitarian aid, civil society groups are also involved in the talks drawn by under as from brown to the head of the european union delegation to have gone to san ambassador. welcome to al jazeera. we will talk about the di, or humanitarian situation and i've got a son. i know you've just come back from there. but 1st, if you can give me your overall assessment on the talks that have been taking place in norway and what you're hoping will come out of them. it's been a useful meeting. we have raised all of the very important points that we have raised also on previous occasions where the taliban. but i think the most important thing is that they had their own intra off gun dialogue with civil society, with other non taliban africans. and we, of course, we have made clear that women rights and also the inclusion, the participation of women in the african society is very important. it's important
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for the rights of women, but also it's important for productivity. and it's important for the legitimacy of the defacto government, because only through internal legitimacy can you aspire to achieve at certain point to external legitimacy. ok, the delegation al jazeera has learned this, that the, the taliban will be pushed on. some of the promises that they had made, including women's rights that you speak of in return for access to billions of dollars that are needed for the dire humanitarian situation in the country. so the taliban needs the funds. what does that you need to see in return? you just mentioned women rights, women's rights, anything else? we expect absolutely the opening of schools for all girls. and we also think that it is very important for a gun. it's time to have
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a broad inclusive government. we have made that point several times with a guy with, with, with, with the taliban. it's not only about women, but it's also about all forces, ethnic groups, geographical representation. and i think this point is, is always off importance. and this time we stress, particularly the central bank and the liquidity crisis, because we think, i mean one thing is, humanitarian assistance that the europe in union has increased 6 fold since since the, the summer. but we are also talking about some basic needs in health, primary education and food security. and for that to happen, i think we need to see also progress from the taliban. have you talk to us about the humanitarian situation rather because i know you've just come out of i've got to stop. i mean the,
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you win is saying that 23000000 i've gone is that 55 percent of the population are, are now in need of some sort of from dade. yes. the country has seen droughts like in many years before, unfortunately as a result of climate change. but there's also a man made, let's say, a problem which is the standstill of the economy. because donor donors have stopped paying a donor funding, including ourselves and the banking sector is in crisis. so what we're trying to do is to revise the banking system, the banking sector, so that people can pay food and can pay the services and that the economy will not come to a complete stance. so because that would be the worst. what do you say to those who are perhaps critical of these talks going on right now, or any talks with the taliban, simply say, well, the, this group is being rewarded despite the human rights abuses going on in the
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country. for us, it's not a reward. it is always the idea that it's better to have a transactional relationship to actually talk and it is given tate as we see it, you know, silence doesn't work and silence doesn't work enough down this time. so what we're trying to to do is to come into a constant exchange with the defective government and to make sure what our demands are, but also to make sure what other of gun demands are. because it's not, it's not only about the european union or the international community, it is about rick reconciling africans with themselves and making sure that the taliban respect representing the tea and inclusiveness for, for the people off. well, here's the thing. i mean, no country yet in the international community has recognized the taliban yet we see talks going on. so how does that you engage on this issue of recognition
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recognition is not on the agenda. there is a broad consensus that we will not recognize for the moment to taliban government, but we are trying to do everything under the threshold of recognition. so we have set up our minimal presence, which is not yet a fully fledged embassy. it is also not a counselor, it's not a consulate, but it is an office with limited number of staff that helped facilitate humanitarian assistance and the safe passage where regional a governments regional countries. first and foremost katara have been very instrumental. and so this is the way to go and all depends on, on the way how the taliban position themselves in the future. okay, we'll leave it there. thank you so much ambassador for joining us here in the hot and talking about the sun. now the world soccer body fee for has
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expressed its condolences after $8.00 people were killed in a stampede. in cameroon, dozens more were injured in the cross during africa talk football tournament. the cup of nations had happened outside the stadium, north of the capitol, yolande alexia brian. ripples desperate grief outside. what should have been a fun that family evening at a football match. instead, this woman is crying out for her father and asking god why several people were killed when crowd surged at the entrance to the africa cup of nations match between hosts, cameroon and cameras. who is among who? no, i don't know what people behind you said push i was among them. and when i saw that i left to enter from the north west. they stayed there. and that's when someone left to open the barrier. so someone pulled it by push like that. some fell on top
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of others, but there were even babies. norwin bama, they bully cellphone meadow. as the police closed the gate, a crowd of people came from behind and i was stuck in it so i couldn't go back. i was below and god spared me to knock on i. d. as in apple, red ha. was seen lying motionless near an entrance to the stadium. one person mount next to one of the victims and appeared to be trying to resuscitate them. i just know there were 50 people, i saw nearly 50 people on the ground. the african for bull confederation says it's investigating the incident. crisis talks are reported to have been cold over widest security issues. a limit stadium can hold 6000 people. the capacities been limited to just 60 percent because of coven 19. that capacities increased to 80 percent when the home team cameron's indomitable lions play. i can
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tell you that tonight, there was absolutely more than 80 percent that the stadium that was nearly full. i'm assuming that's because of the barriers that hold up sort of preston. but from what i can tell you is that going into the stadium, there's a very serpentine corridor that's not very wide. it's maybe 2 or 3 meters in width . and that people were increasingly frustrated about how cameron was meant to host africa, the biggest football tournaments in 2019. but the event was taken away from them and handed to egypt. after concert stadiums were not ready for the games. there were question marks of about construction and security. i lim day is the main stadium for the escal tournament. its a to stage 3 more games, including the final on february 6, alexia ryan al jazeera, 2000000 people in beijing had been ordered to get tested for coven 19. the decision came after a series of outbreaks ahead of the winter olympics next week. those in beijing neighborhoods considered high risk for infection,
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have been told not to leave the city. hundreds of business owners in south korea have shave their heads to protest against corona virus restriction damaging trade. most businesses have to close at 9 pm and only take away is allowed for restaurants . leaving shop owners frustrated. the infection rate there has risen to a record high with cases topping more than a 1000 a day for the 1st time. more than 20 australian sailor is on a military a vessel on its way to tongue. i have tested positive for over 19 the pacific island nation hasn't reported any infections so far, that the government is worried about the flow of aid. also bringing an outbreak of cope with 19 tang is dealing with the aftermath of a devastating volcanic eruption on toonami more than a week ago when a report from new zealand. the h. m. a s adelaide left australia on friday carrying much needed aid supplies to tong up. but as the ship near its destination, the australian government confirmed there had been a coven 19 outbreak on board,
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or can report to the to 23 personnel on hi to myers allied to which the party brisbin army matter of days ago have been tested positive for with cove ignorance on there, of those people obviously, and others on board who are in isolation of the moment. tongue. it desperately needs outside assistance after the volcanic eruption and soon army more than a week ago. but doesn't want to risk an outbreak of coven 19 brought by 8 workers. it's insisting that all supplies must be delivered contactless. at this stage, the adelaide will complete its mission. as some communication is restored and toner, more images are coming out showing how devastating the disaster was. these are from the island of no mac up one of the closest to the volcano, and one of the most affected the red cross estimates waves as high as 15 meters smashed into num, luca and nearby islands. really, nobody knew that there was
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a wave coming. i'm so we had all in every household that was on the road, like we just shouted out soon, army soon, army, you know, get to higher ground. most people here have been moved to the main island of tall top. oop, they're a long, clean up as underway and power has been restored, but livelihoods in this tiny island nation will take a long time to rebuild. i have a bakery, but i can't even opens now because of the ash in the bakery. my whole tongue is economy was already in trouble before the disaster. now the outlook is even more grim and basic supplies may become hard to get when we're talking about crops. and it was severely damage due to the dust covering the farms. a yan and the crops you managed to survive, you with our, our shoot,
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we're talking about teen and corn, beef, or 2. in the short term assistance will continue to arrive at the time it will need long term help to rebuild and recover. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on you zealand. australia has paid $14000000.00 for the copyright of the aboriginal flag. it was created in 1971 and become the official flag of australia's indigenous communities. the orders to created at least the rights and would charge for its use. but organizations like the australian football lea, use the flag, but refuse to pay for it. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the military, kimber again of fossil, his triggered international condemnation. a group of soldiers deposed the president's cavalry on monday, the french president and anybody.


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