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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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while journalists under because democracy is center upon the truth tellers see the world from a different perspective on antiques. ah . u. s. military supplies arrive in kiev as russia launches new drills and near you cray. ah matheson, this is al jazeera alive from do are also coming up hundreds, march burkina, faso capital in the show support for the military takeover. regional leaders say the president was intimidated into resigning but he's in the u. k. say they'll investigate gatherings held at the prime minister's office after reports of parties
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during locked on. and the international monetary fund cuts its growth forecasts for the global economy this year. it's blaming the omicron variant higher energy prices and inflation. ah. the 3rd shipment of $200000000.00 worth of american military equipment and ammunition has landed in ukraine. the u. s. and nato allies are supporting ukraine against a possible russian invasion. russia has launched new military drills and master troops near the ukrainian border. the kremlin accuses the west of provoking tensions by putting its forces in europe on high alert buttons, prime ministers, calling on european allies to be ready to deploy sanctions. if diplomacy fails. on the 13th of december, i spoke to president putin and i stressed that nato had no thought of in circling or otherwise threatening his country. and that russia enjoyed as much right as any
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other state to live in peace and security. but as i said to him, russia, ukraine also enjoys an equal and symmetrical right to that russia. and i said that any attack on his neighbor would be followed by tougher sanctions against russia. further steps to help ukraine defend herself and bind increased may 2 presence to protect our allies on nato's eastern flag. okay, let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hall. could see those pictures that we saw earlier of the plane arriving at the airport outside care with those supplies, showing the early stages of the us efforts in this getting underway. yeah, this is part of a package that was announced by the u. s. secretary say antony, blinking, and this is a part of 90 tons of not only a equipment as well as military supplies,
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but also we know that there is another package that is being assembled and ready that is not yet deployed. and that is the military equipment and personnel that the u. s. president has yet to approve in terms of deployment. right now we know there is a heightened alert for that of deployment, and we expect the president could i execute that by the end of the week, but for now they are at the ready. and what does that look like? that is a package. in addition to what we're seeing already, that would be much more expansive. it would be warships, it would be aircraft. and it could be up to $8500.00 us soldiers. now they would be part of a broader nato force. they would not be going into ukraine, but instead will be bolstering the nato force in and of itself in these eastern european countries. and now we also know that should things deteriorate if lead
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recruit doesn't vague ukraine, those numbers could increase n, y as the united states doing all of this. well, number one is to support nato allies. but it's also to encourage russia or rather to discourage russia ad vladimir putin, the russian president in order to a socially discourage him from invading ukraine and other words, get him to think twice about doing so. not a, sounded the bargain ministrations been talking to some journalists and giving some indication of kind of the actions it would take in the event that to russia did try to invade ukraine. one of the concern yeah, we've been hearing for a long time that there is going to be put in place, punishing financial sanctions. should russia decide to invade? now we're getting a better sense of what that looks like. we know that the united states would put in place export controls and u. s. goods going to russia. in other words,
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this would be a goods that russia's currently purchasing in the area of aerospace as well as artificial intelligence or a i. and this would really cripple their ability to conduct operations. and in other words, aerospace, engineering and artificial intelligence and those kinds of things that really russia has allowed itself and believes it's at the forefront in so this is one of the tactics of the united states would believes that it would inflict harm on russia. should it decide to invade ukraine? now, what we also know is that there was a lot of concern by european allies in terms of the energy supply. if russia were to cut that off, and what would that look like moving forward? and so we also know in these discussions, according to u. s. officials that there are explorations that are way conversations under way in terms of trying to find alternate sources of oil and gas. if russia were to do that,
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leave some of those european partners a little bit strapped, especially in the winter, which is of concern. apparently some of those alternate sources are now being lined up. cut are being potentially one of those nations that could help out. and the reason this is so important is because this is providing the sort of unity that the united states was looking for in terms of moving forward and sending a message to vladimir putin. one that was discussed on a video call held by the u. s. president in the last 24 hours company. thanks very much. kimberly hawk or white house correspondent in cranes, conflicts with separatists has been concentrated in the east. but villagers near the border with russian alleys crimea, says they're worried about the threat of an attack. charles trafford is sharlena in southern ukraine. russian onyx crimea is a few kilometers in that direction. now, despite moscow saying that it has no intention of launching and offensive,
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we be speaking the people in villages like this one and they tell us they are increasingly afraid. darkness, manteca, we are scare it, will it through the hardships of 2014 when russia to crimea, and perhaps the threat is the same. now it's that we have small children in the family. we have already packed our emergency belongings, close and documents. so if we need to, we can hide somewhere in sellers, for example, was they somewhere safe? a few people are traveling in or out of crimea or in recent weeks, but we met someone who had just returned and thought of a story, a little also a scary. i have just arrived to day from sebastopol the atmosphere. com. people are out with their children playing in the snow. oh, the mood is relaxed in comparison to 2014 to 2015. when people discuss the conflicts and what to do, some people aren't really talking about war now because so accounts like that saying that the situation remains calm in crimea, but that comes on
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a day. when the russian defense ministry has announced that it has started new tank drills, military exercises on the peninsula, which means hundreds of thousands of people in this region can only hope that the intense diplomatic efforts don't fail. char stratford al jazeera cheer, vonner, some new grain. russian authorities of added jailed kremlin critic alex in the valley and some of his allies to its list of terrorists and extremists, moscow abandon of on his political network as extremist last year during the sweeping crackdown allies including your balls so ball, but also added to the list in it, volkoff and yvonne is done off, were added earlier this month. all 3 are outside russia at the moment. the military coup in burkina faso has triggered international condemnation with the u. n. and the u. s. calling for the deposed president. immediate release. crowds have been gathering in the capital to show their support for the military. the soldiers say
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they took power because of the government's failure to contain attacks from armed groups. because hack reports he sense of unease and uncertainty in burkina faso capital rugger. dougal at the market taylor city mon compound is worried for us, so has a checkered past with a series of military coups since independence in 1900. 60 the fears the latest military take over me so disunity level. but the problem is we don't have peace in brooklyn of fast, so i hope the military didn't just come to take power. they need to bring back civilians, so they can go back to their work and defend the country. the army has suffered several defeats against arm groups linked to al qaeda and i thought they appeared to be gaining ground, forcing millions to flee towards the capital. soldiers seized power on monday by attacking the president's motorcade. the troops blamed president hot market boy and his civilian government for military defeats and increasing insecurity. the president announced his resignation in
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a hand written note. it's not known where he is. the french president imagined my con, told reporters tuesday that he's been informed. cavalry is in good health. the e u. u and west african regional organization echo us are urging the president's immediate release their calling on the soldiers who moved near to return to their barracks. my appeal is for the armies of these countries to assume their professional role of armies to protect their countries and re establish democratic institutions. just in the past year, they have been coups in chad, sudan, molly, and guinea. let's agree. this is the latest co in a region marked by military takeover as well. this is a said back to democracy. some see the military as able to succeed, where civilians have failed in bringing back security in a region marked by violence. despite the 14000 un peacekeepers and neighboring molly as well as 5000 you and french soldiers in the region, there is a hell is facing unprecedented attacks and losses. buchanan plaza was spared until
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2015, when 8 popular uprising ended the 27 year rule of former soldier, plesco bowie, that was seen as the beginning of unrest, while some now celebrate the qu, others fear a return to the past. this is an abrupt end to the democracy so many here had fought for nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr lives in london of opened an investigation into government events held during corona virus lockton. this is a separate inquiry from the one led by senior civil servant su gray, which was also looking into more than a dozen gatherings. the most recent revelations accused the u. k. prime minister of attending a birthday party, organized by his wife during the 1st lockton in june 2020. as a result, firstly of the information provided by the cabinet of his inquiry team. and secondly, my officers own assessment. i can confirm that the matt is now investigating
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a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last 2 years in relation to potential breaches of cove at 19 regulations and who simmons is in london. and he says, the prime minister is increasingly being seen as a liability to his party. it is pretty extraordinary that you have a police investigation into criminal offenses here in the heart of government dining street and also whitehall, that amounts to 8 events. we understand crescent a dick, the metropolitan police commissioner outlining there that the investigation is taking place and it's cooperating with the cabinet office inquiry called by the downing street staff and that prime minister of forest johnson. now, those criminal inquiries are separate. it would seem to the grey inquiry,
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and now we have a situation where part of the situation went by all the promises of an imminent result. to the inquiry. internal inquiry effectively have gone away because the police inquiry will look at prosecution as a potential for prosecutions. how long that will take is unknown. it could be weeks, it could be months potentially. so what we're going to find is that the will be highlights from the graying inquiry very likely will not be enough to satisfy the public demand for answers was boris johnson guilty of offences already his popularity ratings of dived. the political situation facing him is that the conservative party is now feeling that he's a liability, and that is increasing with a drip feed of toxic information about these parties. and the apparent hypocrisy involved with government ministers in the prime minister himself in
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breaching lockdown rules. so had an ard, missouri buried in ash, no water, and still no electricity by much needed aid supplies meant for talk, can't be delivered. i was 20 years since the end of the civil war in sierra leone has peace and life any better. ah hey, they're great to see you after a cold snap, a warm surgery there for the middle east. we'll talk about that in a 2nd. but 1st i want to draw your attention to the love that we've got. what weather here. once again, could see some flooding and snow for places like lebanon, and also into syria. k. now let's take you to the gulf or put the colors on here, dark of the orange, the higher the temperature, southerly push, or they are here. so that pops up the temperature in riyadh to $27.00 degrees on
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wednesday. well above average of the pakistan we've also got temperature is above average here in the north islam vog coming in with a height 20 degrees. different story for turkey. a lot of snow is so this was a scene that is symbols european side airport. so is stumble, have all the money over the past $2.00 days, or the 20 centimeters of snow. so flights were grounded there at that shield of snow swiping southern areas. we saw dustin in antalya, but the bulk of the energy, once again running into vill of adds up to southern africa right now and remnants leftovers of what was tropical cyclone ana here they are on wednesday. press play, see where it goes. it goes from zimbabwe into zambia. this is certainly not good news because in both of those countries, we have had some flooding and temperatures in cape town. 26 sets after 45 on the weekend see later. ah
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gutter. one of the fastest growing nations in lou ranika needed to oakland and development international shipping company to become a teen middle eastern trade and money skills. 3 key areas of develop, filling up from connecting the work future. wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, you're watching all the 0 reminder about top stories. this are the 3rd shipment of $200000000.00 worth of american military equipment has landed in ukraine,
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or there are increasing fears of a russian invasion. the kremlin blames the u. s. for increasing tensions, rushes begun more military drills near the ukrainian border and in crimea. the military coup in burkina faso has triggered international condemnation, u. s. b e. u and regional block eco was calling for the immediate release president wash cowboy, a group of soldiers to post colonial monday. it's not publicly known where he is, but he's in london, have opened an investigation into government events held june. the corona virus locked on, this is separate from an inquiry led by senior civil servant a suit gray. the most recent revelations accused the prime minister boris johnson of attending a birthday party organized by his wife during the 1st long term. the global economy is expected to grow by 4.4 percent this year. that's half a percentage point less than previously estimated international monetary funds says
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the recovery from the pandemic as lost momentum because of a resurgence in cases. inflation is also partly to blame for the i m f. 's latest down great prices and the world's richest economies are at a 25 you high. other concerns include the growing crisis between ukraine and russia, and china's slowing economy. beijing has maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic, but experts are wanting. that's unsustainable. although nabarra is the head of the international monetary funds, world economic studies research division, he said he thinks higher inflation is set to last for longer than previous lot thought. and will hit developing economies harder. there's been a difference in the amount of policy support that economies have been able to provide based on the amount of policy space that they have going into. this is the spend. and we've seen a bunch of economy and able to deliver much larger fiscal support on average than the emerging market and developing economies that's, that's help with the rebound. also, economies on average of also been able to,
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to vaccinate their populations at a faster pace than much market in developing countries. and that's allowed a resumption activity. so we are seeing faster resumption and activity in advance economies as a result. on average. this divergence is expected to persist going forward and it's, it's also a concern for us now with the prospects of advance economy and central banks. shifting the monetary policy stance. and as that happens, there's a risk that interest rates increase and barring costs go up. and this puts pressure on vulnerable emerging market in developing economies, in particular. the risk intensified if, for instance, inflation went to surprise even more on the upside, which would require a faster response from the bank economy. central banks, for example, the federal reserve in the united states. then what the current events, so into our forecast that would happen,
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that would also and addition pressure to situation for marketing next, on developing economies that are on morally wrong football body for has expressed its condolences after 8 people were killed in his time, paid in cameroon. dozens more were injured in the cross during africa, the top football tournament, the cup of nations. it happened. i was had a stadium north of the capitol. your day, alex, your brian reports that were grief outside what should have been found the family evening at a football match. instead, this woman is crying out for her father and asking god why o people were killed when crowd surged at the entrance to the africa cup of nations match between hosts, cameroon and cameras. i know there were people behind you said push. i was among them and when i saw that i left to enter from the north west,
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they stayed there. and that's when someone left to open the barrier. so someone pulled it by push lock that some fell on top of others, but there were even babies in norway, bama, they policy also metal. as the police closed the gate, a crowd of people came from behind and i was stuck in it. so i couldn't go back, i was below and god spared me to knock on ideas and opal rep ha! was seen lying motionless near an entrance to the stadium, one person mount next to one of the victims and appeared to be trying to resuscitate them. i just know there were 50 people, i saw nearly 50 people on the ground. the african for bull confederation says it's investigating the incident. crisis talks are reported to have been cold. i've it wider security issues and they my stadium can hold 60000 people. the capacities been limited to just 60 percent because of coven 19. that capacities
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increase to 80 percent when the home team cameron's indomitable lions play me. i can tell you that tonight. or there was absolutely more than 80 percent that the stadium that was nearly full on. i'm assuming that's because of the barriers that hold up. give sort of rustin ah, but from what i can tell you is that going into the stadium, there's a very serpentine corridor that's not very wide. it's maybe 2 or 3 meters in which and the keyboard go wrong. increasingly frustrated about how cameron was meant to host africa's biggest football tournament in 2019. but the event was taken away from them and handed to egypt. after concerned stadiums were not ready for the games. who they were question marks of about construction and security. elim bay is the main stadium for the african tournament. it's a to stage 3 more games, including the final on february 6th, alixia brian al jazeera, to 1000000 people in beijing have been order to get tested for coven. 19 the
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decision came out to resumes of outbreaks ahead of the winter olympics next week. those in beijing neighborhoods considered a high risk for infection, have been told not to leave the city. hundreds of business owners in south korea have shaved their heads to protest against corona virus restrictions damaging trade . most businesses have to close at 9 p. m, and only take away is allowed for restaurants, leaving shop owners frustrated infection rate, there has risen to a record high with cases topping more than 8000 a day. for the 1st time, an outbreak of covered 19 is the latest thread facing tomba. australian sailors of tested positive or shipping aid to the islands, devastated by the volcanic eruption and synonymy 11 days ago when he has more from new zealand. the h. m. a. s. adelaide left australia on friday carrying much needed aid supplies to tong up. but as the ship neared its destination, the australian government confirmed there had been a covert 19 outbreak on board or can report to the to 23 personnel on hi thomas
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adeline, which departed brisbin. a matter of days ago has been tested positive for with cove ignorance. on there of those people obviously, and others on board who are, you know, so i should at the moment, tongue. it desperately needs outside assistance after the volcanic eruption and to nami, more than a week ago. but doesn't want to risk an outbreak of coven 19 brought by 8 workers. it's insisting that all supplies must be delivered contactless. at this stage, the adelaide will complete its mission. as some communication is restored and toner, more images are coming out showing how devastating the disaster was. these are from the island of no mac up one of the closest to the volcano, and one of the most effective. the red cross estimates waves as high as 15 meters smashed into num mikka and nearby islands. really nobody knew that there was a wave coming. i'm so we had all in every household that was on the road like we
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just shouted out soon army soon army you know get to higher ground. most people here have been moved to the main island of toma top oo. they're a long, clean up as underway and power has been restored, but livelihoods in this tiny island nation will take a long time to rebuild my other bakery. but i can't even opened it now because of the ash in the bakery. my whole tongue is economy was already in trouble before the disaster. now the outlook is even more grim and basic supplies may become hard to get when we're talking about crops and it was severely damage due to the dust covering the arms. a yan and ross, you managed to survive. you with our, our shoot a good a school. we're talking about t, n, r,
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coil east or at 2. in the short term assistance will continue to arrive for the tomlins will need long term help to rebuild and recover. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on a museums that of the world health organization has a free run to a 2nd term after a secret ballot by the executive board feathers at how long the braces is the sole nominee for the leadership vote in me. a former ethiopian government minister says his 1st 5 year term has been challenging, and it's a great honor to be given the opportunity to continue the battle against covered 19 last was in madagascar, have killed at least 34 people. every rain caused landslides was destroyed homes in the capital, and another evil around 50. 5000 islanders had been made homeless in the past week . that was a war infamous for its cruelty in its mutilations, as well as child soldiers paid for by exports of so called blood diamonds, mind by slave labor. it's 20 years since the end of the civil war in sierra leone.
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the recovery has seen some progress and reconciliation, but as ahmed inter supports from the capital fleet, and despite its vast mineral riches 8000000 people remains some of the poorest in africa. this victory on the outskirts of prieto is one of dozens of small and medium industries that rules from the ashes of several young civil war. it refines and exports, palmer, oil and byproducts. and in the past 2 years has been able to expand its reach to market in west africa and asia, what 5 percent goes in the local market. and the balance we are exporting to countries like gun on senegal, liberia, and would like to explode more and more countries. the government says focusing on the country strength is key to industrial growth. and one of the areas which we have tried to focus on is our culture because our culture is one area where we can
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have a whole lot of raw materials for industrial development. but recovery, so on many fronts, from rescuing the economy to tackling corruption and reconciling it's one of the one on the juices. jessica has his hand chopped off by rebels. children the war because of the truth requires this uncle, my son, that we will forget that we will forgive, but we will never forget because we are karen did. did it? did it? did the off house all day activities which was not dos, 11 years of civil war killed at least 50000 people enforced half a 1000000 from their homes. one of the bloodiest conflicts started on rebels attempted to overthrow the government as well as rape mutilations enforced used of charge. soldiers fighting was often funded by so called blood diamonds. mind with slave labor. one of the toughest bottles of the ferry or civil war was 41, west african food, but the local office. we had,
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we have been in control of that you stuck without. i think there was this morning and the bridge over there, which is now called the piece bridge stand as reminders of some of the doctors, doctors, instead of you rebel, so forth in the war. i also still struggling to dick its own. most of my colleagues, some of them are not gone against legally such as societies because why they have already been little they did to the assets. diabetes was i to have take them more like me. i dis, i said diesel sites in and all the government admits the reconciliation process is slow. do want more speed. what's on that? this administration? i think we have address models the recommendation. not any od admins to show before before president bill settlement has been stable. politically, for the past 20 years, but divisions remain for now, the biggest concern for the government of citizens alike is competing corruption.
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improving infrastructure and reducing unemployment, all require a huge amount of money. something settle, young doesn't have. despite its vast mineral wealth, edris al jazeera free town, said leon, animal rescuers in south africa have returned our nautilus to the wild. following years of a remarkable surgery is called sal. we're kelly is had 30 face repair operations of to poachers hacked off his horn. the charity saving the survivors says the 10 year old has healed remarkably well and they say they hope he can mate. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, a u. s. plane carrying military equipment and munitions has landed in key f. earlier russia launched more military drills near ukraine and in annexed crimea. moscow blames the us for increasing tensions in the region after putting its forces
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in europe on high alert, our white house correspondent, kimberly hoggard has more. what we know is that there.


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