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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind me. ah, the us ends more ministry, a to ukraine and seems to both the europe, energy supply and fields were rushing invasion, grow. ah . the cloud, this is out there life and also coming up support on the streets for the minutes. you can begin faster, you it in us as a countries to pose president rook for a must be released. you k police investigate claims of parties in downing street during lockdown, including the prime minister's own draft,
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a celebration. and an outbreak of the creative artists on the striving mental vessel complicates a delivery to soon army hit. ah . so the united states is working on pounds to reduce europe's dependence on russian gases. tension is billed of ukraine, washington and its european allies of scouring global markets including cutter for alternative energy sources in case russia squeezes supplies in retaliation for possible sanctions. so part of the united front, the u. s. in europe are putting up a response to russia's military deployment on the ukranian border. a russia has been holding a week of military drills in the region, as well as in crimea, which moscow and next in 2014. and ukraine itself, a 3rd shipment of american weapons, and ammunition has now arrived as part of a $200000000.00 aid package. this is aimed at shoring ukrainian defenses against
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the threat of russian invasion, which the u. s. president says could be a world changing event. i. let's cross over washington dc. i'm fisher, is standing by sir allen. the president has been speaking. what else you had say? well, we know that he's going to meet the guitar to amir on monday. part of that is to talk about fuel supplies to europe, if there were to be any squeeze, put on raw, put on by russia to europe. if sanctions were put in place. joe biden went out shopping today, so it's not all about ukraine all the time. but inevitably, he was asked about what was happening. and there was a strong warning for vladimir putin from the u. s. president. there will be an enormous consequences if he were to run in bay that he could the entire country or a lot less than as well. for russia not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences, remember,
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enormous consequences were wide. this would be the largest if we were to move in with all those force, middle orders of asians, ward, it would change the world. obviously, the president forgot about the u. s. invasion of iraq, which at that time was the biggest invasion since the 2nd world war. it's interesting that he is trying to get a united front across the u. s. one of the things he insists on doing is putting his 8500 troops on heightened standby. none of them will be going to ukraine. he says. but of course, if there were any need to allies like in poland or romania countries bordering ukraine, he'd be more than happy to send them there if there was a need and what kind of backend as the president habit the congressional support. so for while there have been a confidential briefings held for members of both parties in the leadership on the house, both house and the senate, and surprisingly from mitch mcconnell,
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who is the republican leader in the senate. there was a vote of confidence for joe biden did a saying that the president is absolutely doing all the right things. he's lining up diplomatic and economic sanctions. he is making sure that troops are ready to move, not waiting for the us invasion, and he is providing military aid part of that $200000000.00 package to ukraine. so that if there is a russian invasion, they will be in a position to defend themselves. this says that mitch mcconnell is the president heading in the right direction, but there was a warning from lindsey graham, who is regarded as a hawk in the senate. he is also a republican, he said, look, he thinks joe biden is doing a good job, but he believes that the sanctions and vladimir putin should be imposed. no, not wait for any invasion. he says it's important because it would send a message to the wild that the u. s. is going to stand up to billy's. his warning is that if they don't make a stand over ukraine,
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then there would be great concern for taiwan island. thanks about a, an official there in washington d. c. i. let's take this on further. we can speak to simon henderson who jones live, also from washington. he is the baker fellow and director of the gulf and energy policy program at the washington institute. simon, welcome. so 1st up, russia as control of the gas t hat, the supplies 40 percent of europe's air gas intake. what would it mean to the millions and millions of people who rely on that supply? if putin does start to strangle it as they get cold, where january still february is still going to be cold, probably at least the 1st off as march as well. if putin plays with the gas supply . and there might be cuts in electricity and heating and cooking for a chunk of pop, the population of europe could be impacted so. so very severe privations it
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is there any precedent i what, what, what can we look at in the past during the cold war? for instance? i'm not sure there is a precedent of such and you know, a day we're jumping the gun to say this is going to happen, but merely the threat of it happening or the possibility without the threat necessarily being stated. it makes politicians in europe very uneasy as to what are the alternatives and especially given the lack of time. well, that's the major challenge. because europe, nato, us allies, a cetera define it as you would like, want to give the appearance of unity. and that is always difficult when it's tied up with their own views of their own electorates about what they could do
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or should do. and frankly, it's not as if there's plenty of gas in the rest of the world which could quite quickly be shipped to europe to make up the distance, the difference or the potential difference. such cargoes are not just sitting there waiting to be given a destination. they're usually committed to go to other places, know notably in asia and it to get from say for example, cutter through to europe, takes many weeks. and so everybody's court at this point. what about germany is position and all of this? it's a major challenge for the new chancellors, not completely. and germany, if you'll forgive, the metaphor appears to have dug its own grave on this one. but 1st of all,
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it's got a relationship with russia on gas supply. and despite people being unhappy about that relationship has only increased that relationship on top of that germany has been i'm var mentally good and has been closing down its nuclear plants and closing down its cold plants. so it doesn't have much alternative to the gas supply from russia is the are noble question, i suppose a what, what makes putin hesitate to put the squeeze on gas supply? i would like to think he doesn't know what sort of reaction he'd would get in response and he wants to add had, have the threat hanging there. but i would like to think he's lows to
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use it if nothing else, he wants to have friends in europe, not necessarily germany or the united states or britain, but some of the other european countries. he would like to support moscow or acknowledge the leadership of moscow. he's not going to do that if he turns off their gas supply. right. interesting to get your analysis, appreciate that very much, sir. simon henderson, thanks very much into the u. s. coast guard is searching for the fibers aft report . sort of boat capsized. the man was found clinging to a boat about 70 kilometers from fort pierce, in that in florida. he told rescuers at 39, others were on boats when it left the bahamas on saturday night. no one was wearing like jackets when it was hit by bad weather. at the coast guard says they're treating it as a suspected case of human smuggling. as being international condemnation of the military could begin a faster united nations of u. s. according for immediate release of the post president of rock mark border,
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it's hundreds of people celebrated in the streets of the capital on tuesday to show support for the military soldiers say they took part because of the government's failure to contain attacks from armed groups. so met, nick has more from the capital. we're good. there's been a lot of public support as of yesterday when they made the announcement. and then today there were several 100 potential up to a 1000 people gathering downtown in the square carrying, champing, supporting the military. so there's a lot of support right now for, for the military. and then people are aware that there's also potential sanctions coming from the regional block. and they, they say down with hacker watson, regional, but they, they're not need to care right now. they think that the military takeover is worth whatever that they might have to face down the line. if there's a lot of questions about how and what is going to change now that the military is taken over and is the people that have spoken to who are part of the q, say that there's going to be more of
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a focus on the military on getting them equipment on training on putting younger people at the head who know what it's like out there in the field to have been their colleagues have died. they're very frustrated. they're the government's handling of the situation so far and say that they think that they can put together a better military strategy according to military. yesterday there. a was running the country and there was a man who signed and signed the communique name is henry and he is in charge. a right now he's a young man, he's about in his forty's, he was recently i given a promotion, ironically by president cowboy. and so, and people who know him say that he's always. a been there like him, so he seems to be at the head of this military photo taken over as of yesterday evening. the still ahead heron out to 0. we look at the find sensitive force. the international monetary fund to county is grateful cost, the global economy. this year and 20 years on from the end of early and civil war.
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why the country remains one of the poorest in africa despite its fast mental world the the still arctic air over the us and canada. this very obvious is purple bit here. now does war matt study from the west? we tend to get it coming through as a series of cold spells from the latest real different temperatures will be on wednesday in auto and quebec. the cold window makes minus 3 and new york feel pretty roll. but the sun's above to compensate. now the cloud comes across, temperatures tend to rise, and then it starts to snow's has been a series of cold and less cold events. this is no exception. chicago shows it from miles 12 on wednesday goods and minus one. but it snows by the evening and that laughs at least into friday when it gets cold once again. if the article has not
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left and it has been felt all the way down south to the gulf coast but doesn't produce much snow, been in the rockies further west pacific coast and wind has been a problem. but the sun is out and the wind tensed. the di down may be helping the firefighters during fisting pretty settled weather throughout the caribbean and the gulf apartment or baseline there, which will bring significant rain to florida, maybe pops the bahamas and a few showers in your catan and the seasonal rainy's through ecuador. when it is part of western brazil, quite possibly the moon be flash subtle to from that amount of rain. ah ah, to inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide as to reward, merit and excellence, and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation
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and owner translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bones of friendship. and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou, lou ah, allegheny watching out 0 reminder about top stories you saw and the u. s. is work your plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas as tensions billed over ukraine. washington and its european allies, the scouring global markets for alternative sources in case moscow squeezes supplies in retaliation for possible sanctions. russia is healthy, a week military drills in the region and an ex crimea in ukraine, a 3rd shipment of american weapons and ammunition has arrived. the same to shore
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yup. ukrainian defenses against the threat of russian invasion has been international condemnation of the military cued between across so hundreds have been celebrating the capital on tuesday in support of the army. soldiers say they took part because of the government's failure to contain the tax from armed groups . the international committee of the red cross as is deeply concerned about intense fighting around a prison seized by ice will fight as in naughty, sincere. about 45000 people have been displaced by the violent and has a can city. the i c r. c is calling from media humanitarian access. i saw members attack the jail on thursday in a bit to free thousands of fellow fighters. kurdish forces trying to re take control of the facility police in london have opened an investigation into parties held at government offices that allegedly violated cobra, 19 lockdown rules. prime minister bars johnson is undergoing pressure to step down . he's most recently been accused of attending a birthday party,
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organized by his wife during the 1st done in june 2020. that involved i did do 2020 in school pupils, which the visiting prime minister, a happy birthday day the same day. his wife carry dozens of his colleagues and even their interior designer attended a birthday celebration with cake inside 10 downing street. now finally, for his johnson's the subjects of a police investigation. weeks after reports emerged of parties in or near downing street during lockdown. i can confirm that the mat is now investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last 2 years in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations. the move comes after officers working in downing street gave evidence to an existing internal government inquiry headed by civil servant to gray. that process is quite properly
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involved, sharing information continuously with the metropolitan police. so i welcome the mit decision to conduct its own investigation because i believe this will help to get the public, the clarity it needs and helped to draw line under matters. the opposition labor parties repeated calls for boris johnson to resign, suggesting he'd like to parliament just weeks ago. mister speaker, the prime minister told this house there was no party. how does the pay master general explain that? i know across the country, people know we know they have made up their minds about the prime minister. so when will his party capture? the prime minister's popularity and credibility writings have tanked with every new report of alleged rule breaking. one you survey suggests 62 percent of the population think he should step down. yeah, of it on his own vote for his her. it's got a go pro roseville. go
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a 2nd so long as mean so many controversy so far and hasn't kicked him out of officer smith at 1 pm at the moment. but many conservative m. p 's have insisted they'll wait until c grade report is finished before deciding whether to trigger a leadership contest. to the latest twist could be a lifeline for the prime minister. because the irony is that the inquiry being conducted by the cabinet office being led by c gray who is a senior white whole civil servant, will probably now be delayed because these criminal proceedings are around the way the criminal investigation is underway. so the nonsense part johnson actually has some breathing space, breathing space perhaps. but with every day that passes, he knows that could be more damaging revelation. and now there's the possibility of police action to nadine baba al jazeera a to kevin $990.00 drugs, are no longer available to doctors in the united states. that's after specialists concluded the ineffective against our con variance, the us food and drug administration revoked emergency authorization for the
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medication made by re general. and then i, lily a millions of americans have used drugs for treatments, but base drug makers had already warned they were unlikely to work against on the crime and denmark as expected to announce the removal of all covered 900 restrictions by the end of january rolls, were relax 2 weeks ago, a line 10 miles in museum been used to reopen, but masks remained monday, 3 long with proof of vaccination or a negative test. 40000 new danish cases were registered on monday. and an outbreak of code 19 is the latest threat facing toner, dozens of australian sailors of tested positive well shipping aid to the islands, devastated by the full kind of corruption into nami 11 days ago. when hay has more now from the h. m. a s adelaide left australia on friday carrying much needed aid supplies to tong up. but as the ship neared its destination, the australian government confirmed there had been a covert 19 outbreak on board or can report to the to 23 personnel on hi to myers
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allied, which departed brisbin. a matter of days ago have been tested positive for with cove ignorance on their of those people obviously, and others on board who are, you know, so i should at the moment tongue that desperately needs outside assistance after the volcanic eruption and soon army more than a week ago, but doesn't want to risk an outbreak of coven 19 brought by 8 workers. it's insisting that all supplies must be delivered contactless. at this stage, the adelaide will complete its mission. as some communication is restored and toner, more images are coming out showing how devastating the disaster was. these are from the island of no mac up one of the closest to the volcano, and one of the most effective. the red cross estimates waves as high as 15 meters smashed into num mikka and nearby islands. really nobody knew that there was a wave coming. i'm so we are in every household that was on the road,
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like we just shouted out soon, army soon, army, you know, get to higher ground. most people here have been moved to the main island of tongue, a top oo there, a long, clean up as underway and power has been restored. but livelihoods in this tiny island nation will take a long time to rebuild. i have a bakery, but i can't even opened it now because of the ash in the bakery, my whole tongue is economy was already in trouble before the disaster. now the outlook is even more grim and basic supplies may become hard to get when we're talking about crops. and it was severely damage due to the dust covering the arms and the crops yield managed to survive, the you with our, our shoot. what issues were talking about g, an acord,
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b for boy? at 2. in the short term assistance will continue to arrive at the tone means will need long term help to rebuild and recover. wayne, hey, al jazeera, towed on museums. it was a war infamous for its cruelty and child soldiers paid for by the export of so called blood diamonds, mined by slave labor. it is 20 years since the end of the civil war in sierra leone recovery has seemed some progress in reconciliation. bosses operated with reports from the capital of free town. despite its vast mineral riches 8000000 people remain some of the poorest in africa. this factory on the outskirts of frito is one of dozens of small and medium industries that grows from the ashes of saroyan civil war. it refines an export to pump oil and byproduct. and in the past 2 years has been able to expand its reach to markets in west africa and asia. what 5 percent goes in the local market. and the balance we are exporting to countries
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like gun on senegal, liberia, and would like to explode more and more countries. the government says focusing on the country strengths is key to industrial growth. and one of the areas which we have tried to focus on is our culture because our culture is one area where we can have a whole lot of raw materials for industrial development. but recovery, so on many phones from rescuing the economy to tackling corruption and reconciling it to people on the one on the juices. jessica has his hands chopped off by rebels . children the war because of the truth requires this uncle, my son, that we will forget that we will forgive, but we will never forget because we are karen. did they did, did it? did they aff house all day activities, which was not dos like 11 years of civil war killed at least 50000 people enforced half a 1000000 from their homes. one of the bloodiest conflicts started on rebels attempted
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to overthrow the government as well as rape mutilations enforced used of charge. soldiers fighting was often funded by so called blood diamonds. mind with slave labor. one of the toughest bottles of the ferry or civil war was $41.00, west african full battle global forces area. then in control of that you stuck without. i think the wife this morning and the bridge over there, which is now called the peace bridge stand as reminders of some of the doctors, doctors, instead of you rebel, so forth in the war. i also still struggling to decades own most of my colleagues, some of them are not going against legally such as societies because why they have already been little they did to the assets. diabetes was i to have take them more like me. i dis, i said diesel sites in and all the government admits the reconciliation process is slow. do want more speed. what's on that is administer,
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shall i think we have address models the recommendation? not any od admins to show before before president bill. several years has been stable politically for the past 20 years, but divisions remain for now, the biggest concern for the government of citizens alike is competing corruption. improving infrastructure and reducing unemployment. all require a huge amount of money. something several young doesn't have despite it's vast mineral wealth. i'm and edris al jazeera free town said leon, what am part 2 of our series on life sincerely. and we look at the devastating burner outbreak, how victims ferry now and what lessons it says another outbreak as attend gym til wednesday hit at houses here. the global economy is expected to grow by 4.4 percent this year. that's half a percentage point less than previously estimated. the international monetary fund says, recovery from the pandemic has lost momentum because of
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a resurgence in cases. inflation is also partly to blame for the i m. s. latest downgrade prices in the world's richest economies are at a 25 year high. other concerns include the growing crisis, of course, between ukraine and russia, and china's slowing economy. paging has maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. but experts awarding that it is unsustainable. rosa jordan reports from washington, d. c. on those who are already struggling to make ends meet just a few months ago, the international monetary fund predicted. the global economy would flourish in 2022. but now the i m. f has a different outlook. thanks to inflation not seen in decades. i am an economist said inflation as the result of pretty much everything going wrong at the end of 2021. the arm across search, sickening hundreds of millions of workers worldwide. the resulting production cut
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in everything from oil and gas to consumer goods to fresh and packaged foods. visitors to this food bank in washington, d. c. se rising prices are harming their families. is really impacting my family tremendously. because if not, we'll be here. you know, and in order for the organization to help us as s like as of left, it's in valley, nothing in this, those, these shop with them. there's the ongoing global supply chain disruptions likely to be around well in to 2022. the only way to reverse inflation says the i m f that raise interest rate for us. monetary policy is at a critical juncture. in most countries, when inflation is broad based, alongside a strong recovery, like in the united states or high inflation runs the risk of becoming entrenched as in some emerging market and developing economies and advanced economies.
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extraordinary monetary policy suppose should be withdrawn. in china, it's 0 cove, it policy is having an impact on the world's 2nd largest economy. the report found that less demand for housing and consumer goods likely will depress its growth back in the us, thanks to a jobs glut created by the pandemic. u. s. workers are demanding and getting bigger paychecks. but the u. s. government says consumer prices also rose 7 percent in december, wiping out whatever financial cushion these workers thought they had between that and the end of a federal child tax credit program. low and middle income families are back to counting every penny, sometimes coming up short. so we're having to make some choices about what people receive in their bag and we're having to cut down on some of the more expensive grains, the more expensive canned items. and substitute those with some that are
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a little bit cheaper enabled. the other thing that we're having to do is figure out what we can find and we're not able to find as much variety as we were able to find . even last summer. the i m f says inflation should go down if the federal reserve does raise interest rates this year. that's because people don't spend as much gland credit gets more expensive. it also says economic growth should improve as more people get vaccinated and return to work. but if the pandemic worsens again, the i m f says inflation will affect all people's lives for some time to come. rosalind jordan, l 0, washington, at the i, m f one cell salvador to stop using bitcoin as legal, tender. i'm after it to say the use of crypto currency poses risks to financial stability, integrity, consumer protection. i'll el salvador president and ny mckenney. suppose the adoption of bitcoin is legal tenant. back in september,
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while many australians are celebrating their national day with friends and family crowds gathering to protest against what they call invasion day. january the 26 marks the landing of the 1st fleet from britain, and was now sidney back in 1788, and the establishment of a penal colony, a growing number of australian se colonization led to oppression abuse and genocide of the indigenous people. and should not be celebrated, someone that they changed. ah, this is out there. these are the top stories. the us is working on plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gases. tensions build of ukraine of washington. and it's european allies of scouring global markets from tentative sources in case moscow squeezes supplies and retaliation for possible sanctions. and russia is holding a week in ministry drills in the region and in.


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