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debt to the black people to day some over so scar, we even scared us, be dropped because a surprise out there, a correspondence, a moral debt. ah, we're leading eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, [000:00:00;00] ah, the u. i sends more military aid to ukraine and seeks to bolster europe's energy supply as fears of a russian invasion grown. ah, i'm nick loud. this is out. is there a life and her also coming up? support on the streets for the military, q and bikini fast?
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so the u. n. n u s. say the countries to place president rock bought a must be released as australians, martha and national de thousands right now, calling for change of date say marks has thought of colonization. a u. k, please investigate claims upon isn't timing street during lockdown, including the prime minister's own birthday celebration. ah, so the united states is working on plans to reduce europe's dependence on russian gases. tensions build over ukraine, washington and its european allies, a scouring global markets, including kata for alternative energy sources in case russia squeezes supplies from retaliation for possible sanctions, is all part of the united front. the u. s. in europe are putting up in response to russia's military deployment on the ukranian border. russia's holding awaken military drills in the region as well as in crimea,
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which moscow and next in 2014 in ukraine, a 3rd shipments of american weapons and ammunition as arrived of as part of a 2 $100000000.00 aid package. it is aimed at shoring up ukrainian defenses against the threat of russian invasion, which the u. s. president says, could be a world changing event. there will be an enormous consequences if he were to go in and bade, as he could, the entire country or a lot less than as well. for russia, not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences, remember enormous consequences worldwide. the should be the largest, if we were to move in with all those forced to be largest of asians were to change the world. let's not from adam fisher who has more from washington, dc. it's interesting that he is trying to get
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a united front across the u. s. at one of the things he insists on doing is putting his 8500 troops on, heightened stand by. none of them will be going to ukraine. he says. but of course, if there were any need to allies like in poland or romania countries bordering ukraine, he'd be more than happy to send them there. if there was a need. well, many in east in ukraine had been living with conflict for years. in estimated 14000 people have died in fighting between russian back set protests in ukrainian forces . and as the international stand of continues prospects for peace in the region and achieve more fragile harder, adul hammered reports now from app div her in the winter, see, the landscape of the front line of this conflict seems frozen in time. the ukrainian army is entrenched just a few kilometers north of den. yes. the stronghold of russian back separatist. the
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enemy is not far away. and so indeed, all one phone with me. so they can they hear us? ok. the army has moved into what is left of the industrial area on the outskirts of at the fca. the conflict also seems to be frozen in time. neither side making gains since the war broke out in 2014. few soldiers believed that the large scale russian invasion is imminent, even if they remain on the alert. i shall play york with sir sir door to them. i think this is all a move to the stabilize the situation inside the country was been going on for 8 years now, but with trained we have modern weapons and the hell from nato was arriving. what we feel to support and we are ready to fight and just don't q gunshots from the other side. in clear violation of disease by agreement,
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which international monitors say is regularly breached by both sides. but even if the conflict has been at their state made for several years now, life has never really fully recovered in the towns and villages along the contact line. people here feeling that their lives have also been put on hold somehow. the population of ad viva is a 3rd smaller than before. the war started olean, their yohina, and yet in the us, they love sky among the very few who never left their hometown. directly beneath the giggles in the tool of the conflict is apparent. their story was a reflection of the frontline in some way i am all in as ukrainian and then the some of her close relative support to separate just to stick out enough. those that are near and it turned their back on us you. they had their own vision about what's happening and they say, we are not cease. what are some even call to me an enemy and the full meaning of
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the word annually. and then moved here from siberia when the soviet union still existed. said no, my pleasure. my relatives are all over russia. and when the war started, they told me i had to return soon, but i had my house and family here, many of them mine the military. so for them, i betrayed my leech and is to russia. people here have learned to live to the rhythm of the front line, but the devastating effect of this long sluggish war will impact their lives. many se, for several generations to come. with abdul hamid al jazeera at v fca in eastern ukraine . the u. s. coast guard is searching for survivors off to report sort of boat capsized. a man was found clean to boat, about 70 kilometers from fort pierce in that in florida. he told rescue as at 39 others were on the boat when it left the bahamas on saturday. night nobody was wearing life jackets when it was hit by bad weather because god says they're treating it as
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a suspected case of human smuggling. this been international condemnation of the military current became a faster united nations and the u. s. economy for immediate release of the deposed president rock mock a border ah, it's hundreds of people celebrated in the streets of the capital on choose day to show support for the military. soldiers say they took part because of the government's failure to contain attacks from armed groups. so met nick has more from the capital. we're going to look at the streets of order to view. it's hard to believe there was a military coup yesterday after days of unrest and gun battles, and military bases near the president's house, as well as the presidential palace on monday evening, the military force. i took the state television and said that they had to attain the president and that he was in the safe place, although they wouldn't say where he was. they said that they were angry at his inability to unite the country and pushed back armed groups that were taking over uppercase fossa. today, people took to the streets rally in support of the military saying that this is
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long overdue thing that they think that there needs to be military in charge of the country in order to succeed in order to move forward. however, it's unclear what will change what the military will be able to do that the previous review wasn't a lot of people are asking those questions as well. people within the q told me that they're speaking to the previous regime that they're speaking to religious and community leaders and our next steps. so a lot of people are waiting to see what's gonna happen in the coming days. because hack takes a look at what's behind this coo and indeed others in the region. he sense of unease and uncertainty in burkina faso capital was due at the market taylor city man. compel re is worried for us. so has a checkered past with a series of military coups since independence in 1900. 60 the fears the latest military take over me. so disunity level. but the problem is we don't have peace in brooklyn a fast. so i hope the military didn't just come to take power. they need to bring back civilians,
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so they can go back to their work and defend the country. the army has suffered several defeats against arm groups linked to al qaeda nigel, they appeared to be gaining ground, forcing millions to flee towards the capital. soldiers seized power on monday by attacking the president's motorcade. the troops blamed president hock mac, eh, boy, and his civilian government for military defeats, and increasing insecurity. the president announced his resignation in a hand written note. it's not known where he is, though french president emanuel. my con, told reporters tuesday that he's been informed. cavalry is in good health. the us and west african regional organization echo us are urging the president's immediate release, their calling on the soldiers who move near to return to their barracks. my appeal is for the armies of these countries to assume their professional role of armies to protect their countries and re establish the democratic institutions. just in the
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past year. they have been coups in chad, sudan, molly, and guinea let's. this is the latest co in a region marked by military takeover as well. this is a said back to democracy. some see the military as able to succeed, where civilians have failed in bringing back security in a region marked by violence. despite the 14000 un peacekeepers and neighboring molly as well as 5000 you and french soldiers in the region that the hell is facing unprecedented attacks and losses became of us, it was spared until 2015. when a popular uprising ended the 27 year rule, a former soldier plus con valley that was seen as the beginning of the rest, while some now celebrate the qu, others fear are returned to the past. this is an abrupt end to thee democracy. so many here had fought for nicholas hawk al jazeera, the car police in london have opened an investigation into parties held at
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government offices that allegedly violated cove in 1900 locked on rules. the prime minister bras johnson is undergoing pressure to step down. he's recently been accused of attending a birthday party, organized by his wife during the 1st lockdown in june 20. 2019 barbara has i hate june 2020 in school pupils, which the visiting prime minister, a happy birthday day the same day. his wife carry dozens of his colleagues and even their interior designer attended a birthday celebration with cake inside 10 downing street. now finally, or is johnson's the subject of a police investigation? weeks after reports emerged of parties in or near downing street during lockdown. i can confirm that the mat is now investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last 2
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years in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations. the move comes after officers working in downing street gave evidence to an existing internal government inquiry headed by civil servant su gray. that process is quite properly involved, sharing information continuously with the metropolitan police. so i welcome the met decision to conduct its own investigation because i believe this will help to give the public, the clarity it needs and helped to draw a line under matters. the opposition labor parties repeated calls for boris johnson to resign, suggesting he'd like to parliament just weeks ago. mister speaker, the prime minister told this house there was no patsy. how does the pay master general explain? now? i know across the country, people know, we know they have made up their minds about the prime minister. so when will he party capture the prime minister, popularity and credibility ratings have tagged with every new report of alleged rule breaking. one you survey suggests 62 percent of the population think he should
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step down. yeah, of it on his own vote for is her, is gonna go private orosco go a 2nd so long as mean so many controversy so far and hasn't kicked him out of officer smith teflon pm at the moment, but many conservative m. p 's have insisted they'll wait until su grey's report is finished before deciding whether to trigger a leadership contest. so the latest twist could be a lifeline for the prime minister. because the irony is that the inquiry being conducted by the cabinet office. be glad i seen gray, who is a senior. why whole civil servant will probably now be delayed because these criminal proceedings are around the way the criminal investigation is underway. ah, so in our sense force, johnson ashley has some breathing space, breathing space perhaps. but with every day that passes, he knows there could be more damaging revelations. now by the possibility of police action to nadine baba al jazeera, i still had her announce zera or microns hit,
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peruse children hard making many sick and keeping them out of school. that is a campaign to vaccinate and an outbreak of korean virus on an on an australia military vessel complicates a delivery to sue nami. ah, look forward to brighter sky's the weather. sponsored my cattle airways. that a c still warm enough to generate snow showers for japan, for honshu and her kinder in particular than nothing like as big as they weren't like as generous with a snowfall and the sunshine in between. it's still cold but not as cold as it was. and little breeze means souls for basing that full, there is rain heading out towards shanghai. it's snow feather and, and in china. but it's still cold enough that you might be surprised at. shanghai is obvious by 8 degrees this time the, this is no biggie. really. the re my become significant and sir martin's the
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snowing sham that hong kong a relatively warm $21.00 degrees in the philippines, a barrage of showers is running across all the islands. flash flooding from north to south is a possibility. and that circulation is one to watch, might drift towards vietnam, or watch it closely just in case it does illegally year. really mostly settled weather in india, a few shells back in the southeast corner. this is morning fog, poor air quality, a cold wave. in fact, a moment, new delhi, temperatures about seventy's, the same as the whole mass reflected in 3 day full caf. 17. to 19 that our warnings, ours of cold wave and fog, some good persisting all day as desist a friday and saturday. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was
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a slave of the li property al jazeera, is james gannon explorers, his family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from mom of their choice, translate people and america's debt to the black people to day. so over, so stall we eva, ski to speed drought does a surprise al jazeera correspondence, a moral debt. lou, the me gave me, which reminded me top stories and the u. s. is working on plans to reduce your dependence on russian gases tension builds of ukraine, washington and its european allies of scouring global markets, alternative sources in case moscow squeezes supplies,
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retaliation for possible sanction. russia is holding a week of military drills in the region and then next crimea, ukraine, a 3rd shipment to america, weapons and ammunition arrived the same, showing up the crating defense gates of russian invasion the same international condemnation of the military q and became a fast hundreds in celebrating capital and tuesday for the army soldiers say they took part because of the government's failure to contain the tax from groups to cave in 1900 antibody drugs and no longer available to doctors in the united states . that's off the specialists concluded the ineffective against alma cron variant, the us food and drug administration revoked emergency authorization for the medication made by general. and eli lilly. millions of americans have used the drugs treatment, but both for bankers had already warned. they were unlikely to work in some denmark as expected to announce the removal of all covered 900 restrictions by the end of
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january. rules were relax 2 weeks ago, allowing cinemas and museum venues to reopen, but masks remained monday tree. along with proof, vaccination are indicative tests of $40000.00 new danish cases were registered on monday with the world's highest mortality rate. peruvians have suffered more than most in the pandemic, and with omicron causing a sharp increase in infections. children are being hit hard with 5000000 children, as young as 5 years old, are now eligible to be vaccinated. marianna, such as reports from the capital b o 5 year old william particular doesn't like getting vaccinated, but his mother elizabeth couldn't be happier. he suffers from a rare decease. she says he sometimes runs from the house, putting his life in danger, but now he is protected there left the i guess the money thought and now i'll be relaxed with the vaccine. i know that he will be protected because at some point to get infected, i won't be afraid that he could die. but yeah,
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i know another beatles government has launched a vaccination campaign for 5 to 11 year olds. the aim is to vaccinate 4300000 nationwide. the on the chrome variant has health workers worried, especially here at the national institute of children's health doctors here tweet rare or grave medical conditions all meant that elaborately made our law. the covered cases have increased in 2 years. we've treated 5000 children with respiratory conditions. and $350.00 were covered this year alone. we already have 800 patients diagnosed and it's because of our micron. the health ministry says nearly $850.00 children have died after contracting corona virus. since the pandemic began, in fact, the children occupy 2 thirds of all intensive care beds. the health minister says the number of children who test positive for corporate 19 is likely to rise. this as health authorities warned their closely showing a red alert. as there are only
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a few ice you bit left that children around the country. now her doctors and parents hope the vaccination campaign go swiftly, especially because schools are expected to reopen in march. for 2 years, most children have remained at home. lonely lobbyist says his 7 year old boys, neuropathy, illness, worsened. recommended phyllis, there is the need to walk and walk the stress of not going out. seeing friends or the countryside being in open space. israel has been very hard for them. experts say the lockdown has had a devastating psychological effect on kids. but loony says his son can make up for some of the last time and get some relief with the certainty though, that he is protected against the virus. medina, santas, i just see that lima made an outbreak of cove at 19 as the latest threat facing toner,
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dozens of australian sailors have tested positive walls. shipping aid to the island, devastated by the volcanic eruption and soon army 11 days ago. when hay has worn out from new zealand, the h. m. a s adelaide left australia on friday carrying much needed aid supplies to tong up. but as the ship near its destination, the australian government confirmed there had been a covert 19 outbreak on board or can report to the to 23 personnel on hi to myers adeline, which to potter brisbin. a matter of days ago have been, have tested positive for with cove ignorance on their of those people obviously and others on board who are you know, so i should at the moment tongue it desperately needs outside assistance after the volcanic eruption and to nami, more than a week ago, but doesn't want to risk an outbreak of coven 19 brought by 8 workers. it's insisting that all supplies must be delivered contactless. at this stage, the adelaide will complete its mission. as some communication is restored and toner,
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more images are coming out showing how devastating the disaster was. these are from the island of no mac up one of the closest to the volcano, and one of the most effective. the red cross estimates waves as high as 15 meters smashed into num mikka and nearby islands. really nobody knew that there was a wave coming. i'm so we are in every household that was on the road like we just shouted out soon army soon army you know get to higher ground. most people here have been moved to the main island of toma top oo. they're a long, clean up as underway and power has been restored, but livelihoods in this tiny island nation will take a long time to rebuild my other bakery. but i can't even open now because of the ash in the bakery. my whole tongue is economy was already in trouble before the disaster. now the outlook is even more grim and basic supplies may become hard to
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get when we're talking about crops and it was severely damage due to the dust covering the arms. a yan in ross, you managed to survive, you with our, our shoot, what is we're talking about t, i. e at 2. in the short term assistance will continue to arrive at the tone means will need long term help to rebuild and recover. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on a new zealand. well, many australians are celebrating that national day with friends and family crowds, a gathering to protest against what they call invasion day. january. the 26th marked the landing of the 1st fleet from britain to what's now sydney in 1788 in the establishment of a penal colony, and a growing number of australian se colonization led to oppression abuse and genocide of indigenous people and shouldn't be celebrated at some one that they change,
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including some of the people can't mouse like pictures from australia. let's cross live, not to sarah clark and brisbin in australia. so sir, tell us more about these rallies and what's planned. will these valleys they take place every year around the country that's happening once again in 2022 d. c. we have some of those relatives that be canceled to be due to the, the social distance thing, regulation and the, the code outbreaks. but the ones that should go on line, but we would expect at large numbers together, we think some already in sydney, some in brisbin and other capital cities and the rally that is not just addressing the concerns about the date of a study is a public holiday but they're also addressing the concerned about the indigenous australians and that the indigenous australians were the 1st arrivals, not the brits, not the live in the ship. the fate of 11 convict ships derived in 1788. and this year the rallies got other issues which they, including in these protests around the country and they're pushing for issues like
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indigenous rights at the end of a black test in custody and child removal. now, should also note that much the 50th anniversary of the original fit up of the aboriginal 10 embassy and camera. people had visited campbell know that that tenant has been it had all parliament and now for 50 years. but on this day and 17, when the 11 convict shipped arrived, and the critic said also marks of the day of the genocide against aboriginal people and torture at all. and as i should say, the mid the rally, we've got the see the mental is building with the more more people support this and this year expecting more people to gather those protests around the country. yeah, i was going to say the whole thing is gathering pace to what degree do strategies around the country as support this. we're getting more and more politician from both sides, acknowledging this movement and acknowledging that i want to change the actual di, gotta get rid of the stratford. i generally will make it onto another dice. and that's the push for, from the movements and not just the politicians. we've got
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a number of high profile people also mapping what they call invasion of the prime minister got most. and he's already attended the very flag writing ceremony and the citizenship ceremonies. he said that a strongly continues its journey, but more and more high profile people are pushing the name change as well as the date change. so as the mid builds, we do expect the political side or the political parties to acknowledge the movement as well. all right, sir, and leave it there. thanks so much. sorry, o'clock. reporting from prison. flash floods in madagascar of killed at least 34 people. heavy rain cause land slides which destroyed homes in the capital. enter no river. around 55000 island has to be made homeless in the past week. and rescue crews in the tech. he should have a stumble if cleared roads and runways after winter storm dumped ice and heavy snow the region is experiencing and prolonged and extreme cold. not still full has
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caused calles on the roads and at the main airport where flights were cancelled on monday. well bang, says 11 e governments. revenue fell by nearly half last year. it says the lebanese g, d p declined by more than 10 percent, and blames was financial crisis in lebanon. other countries elite at the local currencies last 90 percent of its value since the crisis started in october 29 teams and the global economy, it's expected to grow by 4.4 percent this year. that's half a percentage point less than previously estimated. the international monetary fund says, recovery from the pandemic has lost momentum because of a resurgence in cases. inflation is also partly to blame for the i mass latest downgrade prices in the world's richest economies are at a 25 year high. other concerns include the growing crisis between ukraine and russia and china slang economy. beijing has maintained
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a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. but experts awarding that that is unsustainable. well, her number is the head of the national monetary funds. well, definitely studies research division. and he thinks higher inflation is set to last for longer than previous he thought. and we'll hit developing economies harder. there's been a difference in the amount of policy support that economies have been able to provide based on the amount of policy space that they have going into this is spend and we're seeing advanced economy and able to deliver much larger fiscal support on average than the emerging market and developing economies that's, that's helped with the rebound. also nice economies on average of also been able to, to vaccinate their populations at the base and merging market in developing countries. and that's allowed a resumption activity. so we are seeing foster assumption and activity in advance economies as a result on average. this divergence is expected to persist going forward. ready and it's, it's also
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a concern for us now with the prospects of advance economy in central banks, shifting the monetary policy stance. and as that happens, there's a risk that interest rates increase and barring costs go up. and this puts pressure on vulnerable emerging market in developing economies, in particular. the risk intensified if, for instance, inflation went to surprise even more on the upside, which would require a faster response from the bank economy. central banks, for example, the federal reserve in the united states, and then what the current events. so into our forecast that would happen, that would also, and addition pressure to situation for under the next developing economies that are one of the i m f ones el salvador to stop using bitcoin as legal, tender i'm f direct to say use of the cryptic currency poses risk to financial stability, integrity, and consumer protection. el salvador president ny kelly, a supported the adoption of bitcoin is legal,
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tender in september. animal rescue. as in south africa have returned to run north road to the wild following 6 years of surgeries and treatments. the rhino survived to 30 face repair operations off to purchase hacked off its horn. the charge he saving the survivors, says the 10 year old has healed remarkably well, and they are hopeful that he can make it. you can find to play more to websites, al jazeera dot com this address. ah, so this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, and the united states is work your plans to reduce your it's dependence on russian gases. tension builds over ukraine. washington and its european allies have scaring global markets for alternative sources in case moscow squeezes supplies. a
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retaliation for possible sanctions and russia is holding a week managed drills in the region and in an next crimea and ukraine. the fed shipment of america,


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