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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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and your ceremony has been lodged hopper ish as an individual's p $5000.00. to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, responding to russia, security demands over ukraine. u. s. a. nato deliver their proposals to moscow. ah, hello i, mariam, noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a di, are you an assessment of the situation in afghanistan? a country where ki services are collapsing? millions of control by fear. massage nation attempt and a military takeover,
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west african leaders corner emergency meeting of a bikini versus latest coo and a confirmation that you are a supreme court. justice stephen breyer will retire, setting up a political showdown over who will replace him. ah, hello, welcome to the program or united states and nato delivered written responses to russia. security demands over ukraine. moscow says it's ready to retaliate. if the west does not provide constructive answers. fears over a potential rush, an invasion of ukraine has prompted one of the biggest mobilizations of western forces in europe. us, after you say, anthony blinking says the response may know concessions to the main demand that ukraine be barred from joining nato and was coordinated with ukraine and european allies. our response to russia reflects what i said in keith, berlin,
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and geneva last week. we're open to dialogue, we prefer diplomacy, and we're prepared to move forward. where there is the possibility of communication cooperation. if russia deescalate its aggression toward ukraine, stop the inflammatory rhetoric and approaches, discussions about the future security in europe. in a spirit of reciprocity, our responses were fully coordinated with ukraine and our european allies and partners with whom we've been consulting continuously for weeks. we sought their input and incorporated into the file version delivered to moscow. so we are now reaching out to russia once agains, and to try to pursue a path of dialogue onto the font a political solution. that's the reason why we are sent them this evening of the written proposals from a 3rd to nato allies. her covering a wide range of different issues by the voice while we are are hoping for. i'm
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working for a good solution. the escalation, i also prepared florida worst rosalyn jordan is standing by for some washington d. c. with more details on america's position far so let's head to the russian capital. moscow i dosage of bar a joins us now endorse of the suggestion is that the u. s. is not satisfied. russia's main demand, so any indications as to the kremlin next course of action then hello. and they will take some time to consider all options and we've heard from the russian foreign minister earlier when he was briefing the do my hear, that is the legislative body about where things stand and according to surgery, oliver off of the russians are also prepared to respond in any way they can and all options for them are on the table. and they were waiting for this response which
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came by the u. s. ambassador to this country john sullivan, who went in to the foreign ministry this evening. and he was in there for about 30 minutes. and then he left without addressing any of the questions from reporters outside the foreign ministry. but the russians are likely to study the response from the americans, which will not be made public at the request of the u. s government. the circle of rob had said that last week at the meeting in geneva, a with u. s. secretary of state entity blinkin that's it was up to the americans, whether not to make public their answers and it would be up to them to the side. and it appears as the u. s. secretary of state has said that they will now choose not to release the answers publicly because they believe they want to give diplomacy a chance. the russians have said that if they're not satisfied with the response, as they receive from the americans and nato, they will study their options and they will pursue whatever path is in their best interests. the main point here being that the russians believe it is their security that is under threat by the expansion of nato. and they want to go back to the 1997
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and amount of countries that were part of that alliance. and that since 9714 new countries of joint that aligns, that is exactly what is causing concern. and that is one of the reasons the russians have said that they don't want ukraine to be the latest member to join this alliance. and that would be very much a red line and appears now. the americans and nato have made it very clear that russia has no a move to make sure they cannot dictate who can and cannot join this alliance. and the russians will have to decide how to move forward, but for their part, they said they will continue to bill their troops alongside the border with ukraine because they are carrying out military trails as well as moving their troops up north to bell roofs where they will join what they will hold joint military drills with that country. in february, we will likely hear from the kremlin and the foreign ministry on thursday. they have scheduled the briefings in the afternoon. so we will get a better indication as to what the russian government will do in the coming days.
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so tell us more about the remarks that were made by foreign minister circle of roles a little bit earlier on and how the foremost go might respond to the threat of nato military infrastructure moving closer to its borders. well they've said that that is something that is unacceptable. and there's also not only just the threat of nato troops moving closer to this country. and they've said that to any kind of sanctions that the u. s. government is threatening against the kremlin end, at present ins, laundry potent are very destructive in nature. they say that the united states has really a box themselves into a corner by the language that they've been using. and it is a misinformation campaign they, that russia has no interest in invading ukraine. and they're merely looking out for their best interests. and should this kind of rhetoric and behavior continue,
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then russia will have to take the further steps to ensure their own security. and they've never actually clarified what that means. there's already nearly 800000 russian troops alongside the border in the southwest part of this country with ukraine. and they is no clear indication whether or not they will increase that number as a result of what they perceive to be an imminent threat from nato forces in ukraine . but they've said that ukraine is really in a situation where they are demanding their western countries come to their aid of when there's really no actual threats from bratia. and this is all a pretext for them to actually inside some kind of an action against russia. so they're very much prepared for all possibilities. all right, thank you very much. dosage of bari and moscow rosen jordan joined us live now from washington, d. c. and of course we'll be hearing from century say anti blinkin. earlier on. what was the tone of his statement? what sort of message was he trying to convey firm but still holding out the
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possibility that diplomacy will resolve this crisis. the secretary of state antony blinking was a very precise and very measured but also very firm in his opening statement about the delivery of the u. s. response to russian demands. but he also was very careful to try to create the space. so that tub both the russians and the u. s. and it's western allies can try to find a solution without losing face. this is of course, so the hard work of diplomacy trying to figure out how much to put pressure on your opposing party without causing a kind of rupture that could end up destroying the negotiations. whether those negotiations go from here now, particularly if being can made it explicit that that, that they will not agree to, to russia's main demand in terms of nato expansion. well,
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as far as the americans are concerned, that is not the beginning or the end of a areas where the u. s. and russia can try to resolve their differences, even though they won't make the statement that they gave to the russians public. the americans are saying that what they believe can be worked on include general areas of improved arms control agreements of trying to build on the new starter deal that was agreed to in the past year. something that is a critical, well given that both are nuclear states of the, of fact that the u. s. is willing to talk about how a members of nato conduct their training exercises and provide more transparency to of the russian government about those exercises in order to clear up any concerns that they might be posing an indirect, a threat to a russian sovereignty insecurity. there are areas of which the americans believe
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can address russian concerns, but they also have to make a plane that they're not going to be blackmailed into, allowing moscow to take over a ukraine, a whole scale adjusted to og say that it wants to guarantee its own people security, thank you very much from washington rosen. jordan that, ah, life in afghanistan is become a frozen hell. you and sentry gentle has warned antonio terry says, humanitarian crisis is left the country hanging by a thread with education other social services in collapse. while the un special envoy to afghanistan says it appears that taliban is again, using fear in order to control the population. a diplomatic edison james base has more now from united nations. this meeting called by the current president of the
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security council, norway. it's prime minister yona sca store is here in new york for the meeting, sharing the meeting. he told me that the world needed to pay more attention, perhaps, currently distracted by the news from russia and ukraine. because there is the real fear of a looming humanitarian crisis. the un secretary general says the countries hanging by a thread, he said daily life has become a frozen hell. he says over half of all afghans facing stream levels of hunger, they say it's more than a humanitarian problem. the whole economy of afghanistan is collapsing. they need to get liquidity into the economy and there's pressure, i think, behind the scenes on the americans to try and unsafe and freeze some of those funds . the taliban were recently or delegation of a ton of more recent recently and also low where they had discussions with the international community also with civil society representatives of the un special
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representative in cobbled, deborah. lon said that was good news, but she said there was some very worrying news as well. let me quote her, she says on the ground as compelling evidence of the merging environment of intimidation and the deterioration of human rights. she says that the taliban may be thinking that they can control the population by fear rather than understanding and responding to its needs. she also said there are increased reports of killings and enforced detention and disappearances. and she said who she was particularly concerned about recent disappearances of female activists. and she urged the taliban to take action. the military coup in became, is due to be discussed after emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. you want us to demanding the immediate release of deposed president rock bore a really to say they these power because of government failure to stop the tax file . groups linked to hide and ice pack has fallen. developments in like
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a do group and sent mr. boyce there, it's kind of unusual, a recall in the city i've been here before and usually at this time of the hour, the streets would be bustling with activity. i want to show you right behind me. i'm just going to step away from there, shot further in the distance is actually the presidential palace no longer in the hands of the president security guards, but now it's burkina faso special forces that they've set up a checkpoint that we can't go any further. now that's no longer at the center of power for this country. the decision making now is happening in downtown. why do go in one of those camps where the new strong men of the country didn't colonel? but only that me back earlier today met with members of hawk cowboy. the idea here is to try to put in place as quickly as possible before friday's meeting of the west african heads of state, some sort of national unity government to show that they have some sort of legitimacy here. since that coo earlier this week,
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watching out their life from london most delightful young program far from home and frozen to the cool, a heavy snow makes life even more miserable. the millions of displaced syrians. hong kong is high rise, locked down thousands laced more days and restrictions as new clothing. casey discovery. ah there it snowed so much. 2 days ago in greece and turkey, it's still on the ground. the still cloud circulating around the low isn't far away, but is drifting away for the rest of europe looked the north linux stormy weather, the middle, it still underneath this area at the satellite weather, which is generally speaking. it's still foggy, including places that change. admittedly, that's the picture, and take it on tuesday of snow that fell on monday in athens. so as you can see,
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pretty bad scene, but it's improved now. the sunny's eye temperature slowly rising, but not much is still wearable way below where it should be in the balkans and then the snow coming to replace what has been gray, foggy weather for a good part of germany, austria, and better route for example, but it stays cold and that cold spreads eastwards, not as not a raw cold, a snowy cold in this case proper when to see them to the risen in london and paris because the winds picked up and churned up the weather. they're not bad to be honest. dan, in spain and portugal where sun is predominant in give, it's like the snow for 3 days, a hint of sunshine, no more than that at about one degrees. so this is proper, continuous wintery weather. the cold as leaked further south, as you know, through good part of egypt and libya, and it enhances the ha, mattson blowing dust everywhere. ah,
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for our claim. for full minutes of practice, i bought 2 a t bed dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever went to an impudence. they will have to overcome many mountains come over your path of hope and inspiration, where the light shines. witness on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. united states and nato delivered written responses to russia's security demands over ukraine,
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such as the blinking says the response made no concessions to the main request that you cry be bought from joining nato. moscow says it's ready to retaliate. if the west is not provide constructive answers, hyphen afghanistan has become a frozen hell you, inspector general is wanting a good terrorist. as you can. monitoring crisis left the country hanging by a thread with education and all the social services in collapse military couldn't begin a fast. so as you to be discussed as an emergency meeting, the west african leaders on friday. the u. s. u. s. a demanding the immediate release of deposed president walker boring now u. s. supreme court justice stephen breyer will retire at the end of his car. and tom bryan is one of 3 remaining liberal justices in the conservative majority court . he is 83 years old, is retirement look of president joe biden, his 1st chance to nominate a new liberal judge to the country's highest judicial body. join now by
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a white house correspondent, kimberly alcott from washington. and i suppose are all eyes now and who the u. s. president nominate to replace him. how significant is the timing of his retirement is very significant because this is something that the biden administration is keen on doing because they want to ensure that they can continue the ideological makeup of the supreme court. that as you point out right now, currently tilts republican are conservative and they don't want to see that go any further. and so to ensure that with the mid term elections in november and the prospect that potentially they could lose control of the u. s. senate which confirms such appointments, they would like to do that in advance of those elections. and so they are now going to have this opportunity to in the, with the appointment to our rather with the retirement of steven briar. they will
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be able to, they be the president of the united states will be able to make his pick. now terms of his pick, we should point out that the president has said repeatedly, he feels it's important to put in an african american woman. so of the press secretary in saki, we'll be having her briefing in the next hour. and we'll be watching carefully to see if any names come up of who the president may be putting forward. but in terms of the timing, you have to remember that the predecessor of joe biden, donald trump, did have 3 supreme court picks. that's what shifted this court balance to the right on the political spectrum. and democrats are still a little upset about that. 3rd pick, it was as a result of the death of ruth bader ginsburg a beloved democratic pointer or nominee. and they're fearful that if given the
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advanced age of stephen briar, if they don't replace him now, the same thing could happen again. and so that's why they are doing this, and it has real implications for jo biden's agenda because when you think about it, there are number of things that the president is pushing forward, that the supreme court could ultimately decide whether it's preserving abortion rights, whether it's protecting voting rights, or even deciding the 2024 presidential election. this is all so these are all issues that the supreme court could decide. and so this is why the of lease is suspect that steven briar is announcing his retirement. we should say, it's not officially announced just yet, but already we're hearing from chuck schumer, the top democrat of the senate, saying that's the body that would approve this nomination. he saying that, look, we're going to make sure that this is something that is confirmed and done with speed and determination. because again, they don't want to see this blocked if they wait too long. and perhaps with mid
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term elections, republicans control that chamber. so timing is everything when it comes to the decision of steven briar to step down. now, thank you very much for washington. our white house correspondent, kimberly elk it. now the saudi coalition fighting in yemen is launched as strikes in the capital sun up the targets included who's the military size, as well as a national t, v, and radio tower. it was in response to the rebels who control the capitol firing missiles towards up with tubby in the u. e. u e says it's intercepted and destroyed them. kurdish allied forces say they've taken full control of a prison facility that has been besieged by i still in northeast and syria, fighting broke out at the jail and the city of hoss the care on thursday. when i sell mounted a bit to free thousands of its fighters will in almost a week of fighting over control of the facility, about 200 inmates in 27 kurdish fighters were killed. a spokesman for their syrian
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democratic forces says, all i sell fighters, so have surrendered, ending the situation. units have also voice concern about a $150.00 children and miners detained at the jail, saying it had reports of fatalities, humanitarian groups call for immediate access to be granted to the area. but in other developments, nearly 3000000 to spaced people in northwest in siri, our risk of exposure now as their camps of bassett, by freezing weather. heavy snow is destroy tense and it's preventing crucial humanitarian aid deliveries. united nations has appeal for help. as i beg, brings us more now a city of tent. this is life for around 250000 syrians forced from their homes by the civil war. and now after 10 years of continued conflict, snow and rain is their latest enemy. i was over, so a lot of the very cold weather, the massive volume,
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snow and the bad conditionals. the camp have led to the towns, damages everywhere. we are allah, and we urge those who are willing to help do their best for us. we don't have firewood and there is no heating. we burned some shoes and clothes just to offer some heat to the children and the father, traveling to the area was already difficult. the snow has made it near impossible. aid agencies are struggling to get access. tents have collapsed under the weight of the snow. the few that do have shovels do what they can. the rest are left to move snow with their hands and freezing temperatures. oh, the one little hobbies about the whole camp does not have bread. we call upon the humanitarian organization and all the authorities concerned to urgently help the camp and its residence. the un says more needs to be done, but for the people here they need help. now, what of the other things i would think the whole camp is in real danger and we don't know what to do. we have spent the last 70 years and tense and displays caps
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. they can't find us a flat. the camps are inadequate. at the best of times, the snow is only adding to the misery he's people face as that big i'll deserve. corona vars. cases are going up in pakistan that prompted officials in the northwestern city of the shower to impose a so called smart lockdown. people are neighborhoods are selectively restricted depending on test results. last week, the country reported its highest number of daily infections since the pandemic began. meanwhile, hong kong 0 covered policies being challenged by the army. kron variance, a crown of arse, locked down in 3 apartment blocks has been tightened. at least 200 people in one housing, a state of tested positive, rich planet, has our port, anger and disappointment, the thousands of residents confined to their homes on the quite an estate. one of hong kong, largest public housing complexes. a 5 day lockdown was supposed to end wednesday
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until more infections were detected to play safe, protecting the our residents as well as preventing the spread of their sod virus. we have no choice but to extend the i restricted testing declaration for another 2 days. those in lockdown say the government orders have been confusing. she had don quixote and all the government announced arrangement ferry late. we have no idea where to go for to matters rate us. i think the government's plan is without the vision. so it is inconvenient for out of like b, we are not familiar with smartphones. people living here say that the daily cues for testing make them anxious, because the area is overcrowded and waiting times can be too long. for hygiene conditions and piles of rubbish are all so a concern, fries on detail. very bell tangle. there is garbage in the staircases every day. the government's arrangement is very bad too. as you can see from this queue, it is much easier to get clothing. and many worry that the strict locked down will
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be extended beyond friday and into the chinese lunar new year holiday, which begins next week. the restrictions are part of hong kong goal of stamping out all cove transmission. yeah, i think the, the reason why we are adopting a dynamic there will policies to minimize the stress on the health care system. even though in the crime, we know there's very mall disease. and then of course, currently down relative issue cases in hospital. and i think non in our to you right now, the strict locked down here at quite till the state is an unprecedented move by the hong kong government. it's similar to the strategies seen across the border and mainland china, which also takes a no tolerance approach to the virus concerned to in china's capital. the winter olympics are due to start next week in beijing, mass testing for 2000000 reh events is underway in the southern santi district of beijing. as infections, their increase china hopes, mast testing and aggressive quarantine rules will contain the virus. but as it
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prepares to ring in the year of the tiger, ongoing restrictions of proving that army kron is tough to tame brit clena, al jazeera hong kong. british prime minister, boris johnson, continue to resist calls to resign, as he faced and pays in parliament on wednesday. johnson refused to comment on an internal investigation to whether his government held gatherings in breach of covered 19 roles investigation. findings are expected to be published sin and improper reports. please provide the following up leaving downing street now the subject of a police investigation and hoping to persuade his party in parliament to move on from the policies in number 10. in truth, many people have already decided whether they believe boris johnson over what's referred to as party gate. the latest twist, including one loyal m p, claiming the prime minister had been ambushed with a birthday cake at a celebration in june 2020. we all got in parliament. johnson was asked yet again about his assurance his last month. would that be no parties that no coven 19 rules
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had been broken. the minister o code says, but ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer that resignation. just the prime minister belief that applies to him by mister, mister speaker, of course. but let me tell the house. i think he is inviting her question about an investigation which is, you know, mister speaker, i can't a comment. johnson brushed off calls to resign. you saying he had important work to do, but top of his inbox will be the government reporter overseen by civil servant. c grey, into a series of gatherings in downing street since the 1st lockdown in 2020. so can the prime minister confirmed that he will publish the full su cray report as he receives it? lisa, mister speaker, well, i can tell him is that we've got to leave the report to the independent investigator as he knows. of course, when i receive it, i'll course i will do exactly. i want, i said, as part of the report,
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police officers working here gave evidence that evidence led the metropolitan police to decide they would launch their own investigation into potential breaches of coven laws. any one found guilty could receive a fine, but the mere fact, the prime minister could be interviewed as a suspect, as a layer of embarrassment to widespread public resentment. neetha investigates and prove that he was her breaking the rules. and yes, different he was making their own visit therapy was dying that time below. following it strictly was differently against the spirits of what we've all trying to do as a nation. and yet, if he's broken the law within my a speculation mounted about how many conservative m p 's might soon be sending in letters to trigger a no confidence voted. johnson's leadership. the foreign secretary was wearily defending her boss on national television and a 100 percent supportive of the prime minister. he has done a great job. it whether it's delivering brack say,
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whether it's the response the pandemic. there's no doubt the shines. come off or is johnson's image is a man of the people, but it's his colleagues, not the public having to decide right now whether he can come back from this or whether he's become too much of a liability. the d baba al jazeera whenever they were coming right here al jazeera dot com is viney cigar. ah, a quick look at the main stories for you now. in ice, it states and nato delivered written responses to russia, security demands over ukraine. the i, sam baset had delivered the american document early or on. moscow says it's ready to retaliate if the west is not provide constructive answers is over a potential rush. an invasion of ukraine has prompted one of the biggest mobilizations of western forces in europe. the u. s secretary of state antony blinkin says the response made no.


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