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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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some not stable critical debate by reporting the claims that nato constitutes an interesting chill threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al jazeera ah the u. s. de la visits reply to moscow security demand saying it offers a new diplomatic path to diffuse tensions between russia and ukraine. ah, well, i'm so rahman, your geologist, there alive, my headquarters here in the hall, also coming up please. the more humanitarian aid for afghanistan,
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the un warns the country is hanging by a thread. a millions of people are living in frozen hel. also reports that the u. s . supreme court justice stephen breyer plans to retire paving the way for president joe biden to nominate his 1st replacement to the top court. and honduras gets ready to swear in his 1st female president. but that's been overshadowed by a leadership battle in congress. ah, welcome to the program, the united states and nato say they're offering russia a diplomatic path out of the ukraine crisis in a written response to moscow security demands. the pair said that prepared to discuss arms control but rejected russia's call to ban care from nato muslin. jord reports not for washington dc. on wednesday night, the u. s. ambassador to russia,
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john sullivan hand delivered the american response to russia's demands for increased security guarantees. amid it's stand off with the west over ukraine, the letter several pages long repeats. the biden administration's position u. s. troops go where they're wanted. individual countries decide whether they want to join, nato and russia must abandon any plans to invade ukraine. moscow says it has no such plans. the document is with them and balls in their court. we'll see what we do, as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine, were prepared. either way, good to see you again. but the u. s. also offered some proposals it thinks could reassure russian president vladimir potent and his government renette arms control, improved transparency on us engagement in ukraine, and changes to
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u. s. nato exercises and eastern europe. the russians received a similar note from nato leadership in a bid to head off a possible conflict in ukraine. we colon rashaw once again to immediately the escalate the situation. nato firmly believes the attentions on this agreements must be sold through dialog on diplomacy. nato was offering to host negotiations between the us and russia to resolve the crisis but stolen bird told reporters 5000 nato rapid response. troops can be called up in just a few days if needed. but washington and its european allies have stepped up deliveries of military age to keep, including defensive weapons. unity among western nations though has not been complete. i in fact like germany, notably hasn't provided any military aid to keep sensibly because of its reliance on oil and gas deliveries from russia. the u. s. reportedly is trying to address
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those concerns. i'm absolutely confident in german solidarity in our being with ho together with us and other eyes and partners in confronting renewed russian aggression against ukraine. meantime, the u. s. and russia are still walked in a spat over diplomatic thesis. 26 russian diplomats in their families left washington on wednesday because of what the russian ambassador called on going harassment by american authorities. u. s. official say it's now up to moscow to respond to what the americans consider reasonable proposals to and the crisis. but they saying they're still ready to impose the harshest sanctions possible. if moscow orders its troops to invade ukraine. rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department. now this be no immediate response from moscow to the u. s. and nato demands, but to elia, russia's foreign minister warned of swift retaliation unless concessions are made.
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if you, when you're good, usually constructively, with a constructive response does not arrive and the west continues its aggressive course. moscow will, as president putin has said on more than one occasion, take the necessary retaliatory measures. so just though still busy for security of russia and its citizens is an unconditional priority, and it will be reliably ensured in all circumstances by max bergman served as a top adviser in the state department under present brock obama working on ukraine . and he says that moscow security demands unmasking other intentions. i think no one is very optimistic that the diplomatic track will be picked up by russia. because i don't ultimately think that russia's issues are with nato military exercises, or with the posture of nato. i think the us has done a very smart thing to say, like, what russia, if your concerns are really are the security or security issues such as are military exercises or various arm sales that we have done in our,
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in arms transfers to ukraine. we can talk about that is we have a long history of talking about that with the russians and the soviet since the cold war period. ready of trying to create strategic stability. but i think at the heart of this, i think is about russia wanting to control ukraine in what the us is not going to do is to sort of see, to ridiculous demand, such as ensuring that, that ukraine will never be part of nato. frankly, russia already have sort of a detail about that because russia has occupied part of the brain. and i don't think there's any possible way that ukraine becomes part of nato, as long as russian forces are still on cranial territory. so i think what we're really talking about is the russian looking for reasons to walk away from talks to justify potential invasion. and so that's why i think everyone in washington is very much on edge right now. life that has gone on is becoming a frozen hell. that's the warning from un secretary general antennae garish. who
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says the ongoing humanitarian crisis has left the country hanging by a thread or diplomatic added to james things reports now from the un. with more than half of the afghan population suffering from all the un calls extreme levels of hunger, the secretary general antonio terrace again sounded the alarm. 6 months after that they covered by the taliban. afghanistan is hanging by a thread. for guns daily life has become a frozen hell one of the kind of stones best known women's rights. campaigners who still lives in cobbled came to new york to address the security council. after 20 years of tasting freedom working, studying, playing, sports, performing music. it has taken less than 6 months to completely dismantled the rights of the women and girls across the country. her account was backed by the un, special representative inside afghanistan, debora law and said
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a number of women activists had recently been adopted and then had disappeared. she said this was part of a wider, deeply worrying pattern. and here on the ground there is compelling evidence of an emerging environment of intimidation. and the deterioration in respect for human rights. yes suggests that the consolidation of government authority may be leading toward control of the population by fear rather than by understanding and responding to its needs. the meeting was presided over by norway's prime minister jonas ga stora. his government fluid taliban delegation for talks in oslo with international diplomats in afghan civil society. in recent days, in an interview for talked to al jazeera, he told me this was not meant to give the group legitimacy or recognition. to me, it looks like this. if we don't sit down with them, present the expectation,
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the demands and what they have to deliver afghanistan and going, it's going to sink, fell in that tremendous humanitarian. this all search, most of us got stones reserves remain frozen, but the un wants to change that without renewed liquidity in the african economy. as a risk, the da humanitarian situation becomes a country wide famine. on the other hand, some nations still worry about rewarding the taliban when the human rights situation in particular, the treatment of women seems to be getting worse. not better. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations southwards military says north gray refined to projectiles believe to be ballistic missiles. they will all from the coastal city of ham, who into the sea. if confirmed it would be the 6th launch of ballistic missiles this year. the un says pill yang has violated security council resolutions. us media is reporting that supreme court justice stephen g breyer is set to retire
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at the end of the court current term. now the 83 year old departure will give president joe biden, his 1st trans to nominate a new judge to the country's highest judicial body during his campaign, but probably to choose a black woman. hydra castro reports supreme court justice. steven briar had long rejected viewing the high court through a political lens at 1st, dismissing calls from democrats to step down so that a president of their own party may name a replacement if the public says judges as politicians and robes. its confidence in the courts and in the rule of law itself can only diminish, diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check or other bring born in 1938 in san francisco riah grew up in a middle class jewish family. he said his upbringing helped develop the pragmatism that later shaped his legal views. i stephen drive, you solemnly swear. he was a federal appeals court judge for 14 years before president bill clinton nominated
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him to the supreme court in 1994. every judges, particular obligation, is to deal fairly and thoroughly with the legal problems of the individual parties before the court, whether they are poor or rich or helpless or powerful minority or majority. ryan joined the courts liberal wing consistently ruling in favor of abortion rights, environmental protection, and voting rights. he opposed to the strict textural interpretation of the u. s. constitution as endorsed by conservatives. but he believed in compromise and was a famous optimist. just as briar, i think is a true technocrat in the best sense of the word he believes in a good ideas, thoughtful compromises and intelligence and expertise running the world.
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ah, and he has really tried to do that quite consistently in his time on the court. in his later years on the court ry are questioned, the legality of the death penalty and drafted one of the rulings of holding obamacare. his retirement now sets up a political battle to name a replacement. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. i re come as a political analyst, he says biden's new pic won't change the ideological makeup of the supreme court. we have to keep in mind that whoever he places on the court, they're still going to be a 63 set up where you have 6 conservative, 3 liberals. so whoever this person is, it's not going to change the trajectory of the court. what this does is it allows binding to actually bolster his legacy, but more importantly, given an eye towards the midterm elections, where many believe democrats could lose both the house and the senate, whoever he named it could energize his base to get more democrats,
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more excited to come out to vote. this potential selection comes amid a range of challenges right now, confronting this administration. we're talking about a stand off with russia over ukraine. and addition to that, kobe 19 continues to punish the united states rising inflation. and also the president's signature agenda. items his bill back better plan simply has failed. and so right now the president need to win in this will certainly be want to give it to and there has certainly been, you know, some level of push for him to retire. but as if he is, if you're asking if he is sensing that if he is thinking that he should leave, i think the answer to that question is no. again, even though the court has now been seen as heavily politicized. many of the just simply do not adhere to a lot of the background noise that plays out in washed. we'll still have hail al jazeera destroying data. europe's police agency is told to get rid of information that holds on thousands of people under the assassination attempt under military
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takeover. west africa leaders call an emergency meeting you about the queue in the key, inoffensive their stories after the break. ah, there is 3rd so much 2 days ago in greece and took it. it's still on the ground. it's still cloud circulating around the lo isn't far away, but is drifting away for the rest of europe looked the north lennox stormy weather, the middle. it's still underneath his area of at he saw tonic weather, which is generally speaking, still foggy, including places that change. admittedly, that's the picture taken on tuesday of so that fell on monday in athens. so as you can see, pretty bad scene, but it's improved now to sonny's i tempted to slowly rising, but not much is still wearable way below where it should be in the balkans and then
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the snow coming to replace what has been gray, foggy weather for a good part of germany, austria, and better roost for example, but it stays cold and that cold spreads eastwards, not as a raw cold, a snowy coat in this case, proper winter, seen them to the risen in london and paris because the wind picked up and churned up the weather and they're not bad to be honest. dennis been in portugal where sun is predominant in give it's like the snow for 3 days. a hint of sunshine, no more than a at about one degree. so this is proper continuous wintry weather. the cold is leaked further south as you know, through a good part of egypt and libya, and it enhances the ha, mattson blowing dust everywhere. ah frank assessments for china? well, bannister from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world informed opinions,
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a critical debate with plays a substantial threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah look back to watching all just bear with me. so ronda reminder of all top stories, the u. s. and nato say they're offering russia a diplomatic path out of the ukraine crisis, in a written response to moscow security demands. the parents say they're willing to discuss arms control, but ruled are boring here from nieto. so the un secretary general says of got to
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stand is hanging by a thread with education and other social services close to collapse. the un is working to provide aid and suspend sanctions and you expressive joe biden is to get his 1st trans to nominated new supreme court. judge media reports a liberal justice stephen g. breyer is said to retire at the end of the course current. now a major australian energy firm has announced its withdrawing from me. and mo woodside is the latest company to pull out because of human rights concerns. it follows an edge giant chef on the total. now the energy sector has been the armies biggest source of foreign income, human rights watch. so similitude crackdown on descent about 2 crimes against humanity. let's bring in that sarah clark, who's monitoring events was brisbin, australia, or, i mean, sarah, what's push woodside to leave me a bar. i mean, that conscious all pressure from their shareholders regarding ethical investments.
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well, you'd have to assume that both those issues might help them make the decision. there's been pressure on conference for a number of the, the cooper last year. and there are a number of growing number of sins which are now leaving me my as a result. now i would thought had placed all its business decisions and entities under use last year appointment. emergency decoration a back in every 2021. so one your life now it's now this decision was made a stipend by the company's chief exec make. i knew she thought me, mom, the period right in human rights situation. she said that while woodside had hoped to be able to generate energy for the people, mamma, that there is no longer a viable option for woodside to continue activities. now, the company did not that have been guided by the us principles on business and human rights when making a decision. a bit of background woodside had been operating in may market 2013, and conducting various explanation and drilling activities. assets with the site,
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my main, my oil and gas supplies and other entities. and as i mentioned, one of the numbers in the last week to include tuber on and total energy of an exiting b. as a result, the crew, of course, you know, the financial loss will be great to australia, as we say, just as it has been to the french company to talent. the american company chevron, in the long term study a very important message all day to either people in the same industry or to those or foreign investors that are in me and mall. well, the energy job would start to try has noted the huge financial impact. this will have to take time to complete procedures to exit exploration activities in met him in joint venture. would have been out of date development in the by the guy which is optional. now would not have known in this site, but that i non cash expense associated with withdrawal fiscal 2021 net profit by
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about after about $130000000.00. and that of course, is in addition to the 71000000, don't expiration expense. one of the oral blocks in maine, where the flag, as noted by some authority, the analysts, guy gas project generated generate an estimated $1000000000.00 for the military, jones and me and my so, you know, i need seeing this is going to be a heavy blow to their ability to buy a number one weapon fund their atrocities in the future. so o'clock in britain, thanks very much for the latest. now europe police agency has been ordered to destroy information at holes on thousands of people. regulators accused europe hall of exceeding e. you limit for data storage step, vassar has more from amsterdam long found the linda file, the court case in amsterdam against police to find out why europe all is buying on
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him. the dutch activists as the worst he did, was break a window during a protest for homeless people, while police in the netherlands admitted founder linda is no danger to society. he has yet to find out what you are. paul knows about him. they don't have trip on the data. and if they don't have creep on the data and they spread it all around the world, this is super dangerous. what is the danger of the danger is getting arrested and ending up in an, in, in the police cars to the or worse in a certain country because they don't like political activist or left wing political activist. in my case, you report obtain personal data, thousands of citizens up. the french police hacked into an encrypted phone messaging service. as a result, dutch french, german, and british police arrested hundreds of suspected criminals in 2020, in the so called and called chap case. the most remarkable find was a container equipped to torture people. lawyers are questioning the legality of the operation, and you see fish new old. so if you see a wave of court cases now in the netherlands, u. k, from being finland and germany,
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everyone is fighting this, but so far, clarity has not been given bass. this is quite unique because anchored chat is one of the biggest hex ever done by the police, and they should clarify if it was done legally, the u. a b, and data protection supervisor has completed your pulse practices with those at the american spy agency. as we field by whistleblower edward snowden in 2013. so you can not collect the data just in case it will be necessary. it will be useful in the future. you should know from the very beginning to what the doctor is thought for. this is the difference between the european approach and approach in some other parts of the world where it is acceptable that the data is stored in case it will be useful in the future. you know, a full declined to comment on camera, but in some response, the agencies fast at the 6 months time limit for data storage just not enough. and
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that it is assessing how the supervisors decision to destroy the data will affect the security of you citizens. while most europeans won't complain about data storage for criminal networks, but it's concern about millions of innocent people who are being monitored. the european commission is discussing if legislation to allow euro pulse, mass data, storage should be adopted. i'm actually quite surprised that what happened at that time was and as a, everybody was speaking out very clearly in the e. u. and now the use of doing in themselves. and there was not so much outcry yet from the linda is calling on other europeans to go to court to demand access to the files stored about them. but he wants, it could take many years before they'll receive answers. steadfast and al jazeera, amsterdam, the military kid gave us answers that to be discussed as an emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. now the regional organisation echo has condemned to
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take over the you and of us also demanding the immediate release of the deposed president. raw come boarding because that has more from the capital. what do it's in this upscale neighborhood in wonder do that president hawk monica boyes? being held under house arrest this nearby, the presidential palace just behind me. it's now in the hands of special forces. we can go any further. they've set up checkpoints. it's no longer the center of decision making in this country. that's now in a military count in downtown walker do go where earlier the head of the military june, lieutenant colonel. oh, he met with the former government of hawking mach category. essentially trying to create some sort of government of national unity to gain some sort of legitimacy. the fear is sanctioned from the west african body echo off the heads of states. a west africa are going to meet in ivory coast on friday, but also sanctions perhaps from the un or the something that this country cannot
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afford. there are still attacks happening in the north, in the east, from arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i still, and while earlier, during the week, thousands of people took to the streets, it was less of a celebration for the end of february regime. it was a celebration for hopes that this new leadership may be able to bring purity to this country. we met with one of the organizers of this march, and this is what he had to say. what is the new region need to facebook in a set of what got to go? people ask yet we need a stability. we have more than 2000000 people displeased the need to be able to go to 1000, have been killed. we need to regain control of our country. and we bought this in 2015, thousands of people storm this road behind me, leading to the presidential palace and not marked the return of democracy 6 years ago. people now hope that with the new regime, those democratic achievements will not be quashed for the military though many
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soldiers of the front line hope that they will be better equipped to deal with the threats of arm groups linked to al qaeda and ice. although they'll have rations, night goggles and weapons so that they can protect this country from further attacks. british forces and northern syria say they've regained control of a prison following a weeklong salt by iso around 200 in may from 27 kurdish find to kill and i filled with them to free members of the battle. forced 45000 people from the home in the city of the charity they for children, for some of those being detained in the prison were being used as human shields on joseph 1st fema president is due to be sworn into power in the next few hours but the milestone is being marred by a rebellion within the seo, bought a construct own party, manuel repair reports now from the capital to cuz he got the 100 is about to swear. in the country's 1st woman president, jo,
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monica was historic. the victory and the november elections ended the highly polarized election season. more violent and fears of social unrest. pharma, we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country, a government of peace and the government of justice. whose presidency morrison in to the 12 year rule by the conservative national party led by controversial president, one of lando amanda, put a power struggle in the 100 national congress threatened to derail the new president's political agenda. and analysts say the discord could plunge the country into a full blown crisis. i can control, we have to find abundance in order to avoid this by from spreading by right now it's manageable. if we don't seek out a solution and instead of to the fire, we're going to get burn. yeah. fuel monica is the wife of former 100 president
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manuel lane, who was anston during a cou in 2009 as a presidential candidate, gastro promise to restore democratic institutions and root out corrupt government officials. even before the start of the latest political crisis in honduras, addressing them any problems facing the country like violence, poverty, systemic corruption. and if he can, army crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, was a tall order for the new president. now with a really rift in the 100 legislature, the international community is calling for a dialogue, but average citizens see what they want is for the government to simply do job job . i'm allowing us as a young person, i'm knowing that the job for young people, all adults, and the late that there are laws in favor of women and men to the children for animals. i know the president shall mazda is going to cheat it. the incoming administration of your monica is seen by many as an opportunity to turn the page on
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more than a decade scandal and political turmoil. but if the current conflict is not result, it's an opportunity that could be squandered before catherine presidency. even begin when, when developing al jazeera, they've got a class action lawsuit has been brought by 6 people in japan who say they've developed fibroid cancer following a nuclear disaster. the group says they were exposed to radiation after the fukushima power plant was hit by an earthquake. and it's an army in 2011 that demanding ticket electric power company holdings pay $5400000.00 in compensation business. prince andrew seeking a jury trial to clear his name in the sexual assault case that he's fighting in new york. he's facing a civil complaint brought by virginia fray, who says she was sexually assaulted by him 20 years ago when she was 17 years old. he denies the allegations. the u. s. federal reserve has indicated it'll soon raise
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interest rates the 1st time in 3 years. they will cut to the 0 at the beginning of the pandemic. interest rates were widely expected to start rising in march to counted growing inflation in the us. so there are multiple forces which should be working over the course of the year for inflation to come down. we do realize that the timing and pace of that or are highly uncertain and that inflation has persisted longer than we than we thought. and of course, we're prepared to use our tools to assure that higher inflation does not become entrenched. ah, what y'all to 0? it means that hello robert. reminder of all top stories. the u. s. a day to say that offering russia a diplomatic path out of the ukraine crisis in a written responsible sco security demands the past that they're willing to discuss
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arms control, but ruled out barring jeff from nato. well, moscow has not responded to the u. s. and data, but earlier russia's foreign mini.


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