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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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use the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera ah, russia says it's not satisfied with the u. s. response to its main security demands, but it doesn't rule out talks to diffuse tensions with ukraine. ah, i don't know about this, and this is i'll just do live from doe have also coming up. i'm john hall on the polish side of the border with belarus where construction has begun on a wall to keep my grants and refugees are burkina. faso is qu, leaders worn ex ministers not to leave the capital or. busy obstruct its military
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officers. i would in honduras as the country gets ready to swear in its 1st female president. she'll motto castro. the innovations being overshadowed by a leadership battle and congress. ah, we're going to begin in moscow, but the kremlin says the u. s. and nato have failed to properly address its security concerns. washington's rejected russia's demand to have ukraine barred from joining nato, the lack of progress as left several factors hanging in the balance nato. as about 4000 troops backed by tanks and air defense is near russia and is stony up that the way nia, latvia and poland, and more on high alerts, prepared to deploy. russia in turn, has about a 100000 troops near its border with ukraine. but it denies its plan to invade.
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russians for the ministry says the idea of a war with ukraine is unacceptable. but at the same time, a novel official from the same ministry warned a nuclear missile crisis with the u. s. is inevitable if checks aren't in place to turn down tensions. but also concerns that germany's reliance on gas from russia. these europe's largest economy vulnerable. the u. s. has warned that the nord stream to pipeline project will not go ahead of russia invades ukraine. the u. s. is in talks with energy producers to temporarily divert those suppliers nor so jordan has more from moscow. the russian foreign minister said that the americans have not a given a positive response to their main it requires. and that is that nato not expand further, but that they have received positive responses grace under secondary requests and demands. and that is providing some optimism in room for talks in the future. we've
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also been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson, who said, there's really no reason to be optimistic at this stage. the spokesperson also said that the proposals now being studied by the russian president vladimir putin who will decide on the next steps and what they will be. i think it's important to point out that diplomacy is going to continue for how long it's not clear, but we do know that the norm in the format that is the 4 countries, including russia, ukraine, germany, france, will meet in berlin in 2 weeks time. they had a long session on wednesday in paris, and that lasted 8 hours about and this cease fire in ukraine and how they're all committed to that. so there is a sense that there's still a small window of opportunity for diplomacy to continue. how long that window will last remains to be seen, dosage a body talking to us from moscow. alan fishes joining me alive from washington. d. c. no, allen, i understand that the white house, the same, the president biden is expected to talk to the president of ukraine fairly shortly . that's right. i mean,
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we're going to get some general details of what the discussion as a bow. we won't get the intimate details right don't to the granular discussion level, but we do know that they're going to talk about the next steps. as far as the united states is concerned diplomatic efforts, they're ongoing. the continued provision provision of military to support to ukraine and also the prospects of macro financing to help them with the cost of preparing for any possible russia invasion. this is all part of an intricate bit of sequencing coming from the white house because they'll be talks with president zealously in the next couple of hours. then monday they have the co tardy amir who is coming to the white house. there they will talk about afghanistan, been portly in this issue. they're going to talk about supplies of gas to europe if russia where to invade ukraine, and what could they provide for see the biggest economy in europe, germany, because the united states already said that not stream to will be canceled. and
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then on february, the 7th who's going to come along to the white house was going to be the german chancellor. and they're, they're going to talk about it common issues that they have. ukraine will be high on the list and also your bide more then be able to brief the german chancellor about what exactly he spoke about with the amir from qatar. so you can see how this is all being intercalated, intricately sequenced by the, the, by the, the white house to continue to put pressure on vladimir putin. to show it, to say, look, we are prepared for whatever you do. next, i want to talk to you about that the visits by our german chancellor, all off short because do as we were talking about before germany is in a slightly different position because it gets so much of its gas from russia. and that's it. taking a slightly different stance in approach to all of this. it is in a sense that the u. s. is still working to rally its allies as things move on. it
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says that diplomatic pressures the way out of this, they've made it very clear that that's what they would like to see that they have built up support across europe, including with germany, that they are talking about a diplomatic path and have offered the prospect to over summit between joe biden and vladimir putin as well that still very much on the table, but they are picking a carrot and stick approach. the thing, look, we can talk about this, we can sort it out. but if russian troops crossed the border, there are going to be sanctions, and it's going to be punishing and it's going to hit the russian economy very hard . indeed, it is going to impact those at the top of the russian government, including potentially vladimir putin. joe biden suggested that he might personally sanction the russian president himself. and so they are making it clear that they would rather this was discussed around the table with the signing of an agreement
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and pains being laid down rather than be any fighting across the border. any incursion by russian troops because they believe they are ready. and of course, at some point in the next day or so, we're expecting joe biden to make a decision about the $1500.00 troops that are on heightened standby in the us. they are ready to move at a moment's notice to countries surrounding ukraine, not to ukraine itself, but the could end up in poland and romania. all of this part of an effort says the white house to reinforce nieto at a crucial point. but of course, it also puts pressure on the russians to say, look, we're ready, please don't cross those border. alan, thanks very much indeed, unofficial. talking to us from washington d. c. well, as we've just been talking about, germany is facing a dilemma over the west policy towards russia. and as we will have just been talking about, that's in part because of its dependence on moscow for gas. donna kane has more from berlin problem for the german government,
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as it has been full successive german governments stretching back decades now. is that in so far as rusher is concerned, the german government feels a historic sense of guilt for the actions of nazi germany during world war 2, where tens of millions of soviet citizens which obviously includes russians ukrainians, bella russians, and many other nations. 2 who were part of the ussr, and as a consequence of that, when the german government wants to put pressure on the russian government, it will not be in the form of providing armaments to ukraine. what they will do, they say, and increasingly so is they will act to impose sanctions. the german government has said it is prepared to take the consequences of refusing to switch on the north stream to gas pipeline. it's going to cost the german government a considerable amount of money. it could cost the european economy
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a considerable amount of money. but the view here is that if russian gas supply was switched off completely, that would also cost the russian economy. $200000000.00 a day is piped in terms of revenue through natural gas piped in to russia for what it pipes to europe will that would dry up very quickly. and so the view here is no amendments to ukraine, but crippling sanctions on moscow. whatever the price may be, whether the german economy suffers or not, that's what they're prepared to do, but they won't arm the ukrainians. paula has started building a 180 kilometer wall and it's border with bella luce. it's expected to be completed by next summer. the construction of the 5 half meter high wall is in response to a standoff with bellows. the e. u accuses minsk of encouraging thousands of refugees to cross into poland illegally as a way to get into the e. u john hall has more from casenita in poland where the wall is going up. will it
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stopped these illegal crossings of the border by migrants? refugees would be asylum seekers on the better or side into poland. busy probably not particularly if they continue to have the help as has been alleged since the beginning of this crisis of belarus and border guards. physically taking them to weak points along the border and physically cutting the fence or helping them through. i spoke in the last day or 2 with a could you see immigration lawyer who provides assistance to people who do get across with their asylum claims? he said, look, nothing is going to stop this happening. people will simply find another way. and remember that as much as this is a physical barrier, it is also a political construct being built by a polish government, a right when government fiercely anti migrant. that knows only too well that this is a popular measure amongst its own supporters. too late, as in book of also have warned former ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct military officers. monday's military coup is to be discussed at an
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emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. the regional organisation echo was, has condemned to take over the you and is demanding the immediate use of depos president slash coupled a political instability in booking, a fossil has been driven by attacks from armed groups. the violence has pushed people's homes and towards the capital, creating us humanity and crisis. if i talk has more from organism, we met with some recently displaced on the outskirts of regard to go from the region, milled lauren in the in the year of tito, where they said that people men, especially a young boys as a aged 12 and above were killed targeted by these armed groups, and we're seeing mercy, young women and children fleeing towards the capital. now, joining me now from the international rescue committee is anna kevin. out now you've been operating in the north, in the areas where these arm groups are active. what are you seeing over there? what are the needs of the people on the ground?
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indeed, i mean, those are displaced people. i mean the, the, the situation he is started about 2 years ago when, when does of, when is on conflict, really escalated and we, so when we 1st came into this country in 2019, we heard about 87 cells and id please internally dismiss people and today we are what 1600000. so this is the staggering number. but most of the, most of the need, the basic needs. and most of these dis, base people need dignified shelter. the need access to basically basic services such as health a water and obviously a basic basic equipment to cook. so these are, these are the basic needs of the, of the population that is displaced. and why has it been so difficult for the government to give those basic needs that the state should be providing? well, i mean, this desert does a number at the moment. all are so staggering that there's a needful, international community as well to show some clarity and step in and,
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and help her. obviously the are the instances year and was canal faso to cope with such a, such a large displacement of people and, and such a situation. i think no country can be expected to actually cope with touch launch numbers, especially for countries. denmark's withdrawing soldiers from molly after military leaders demanded that they leave the danes were part of a french lead counter terrorism task force to combat armed groups linked to al qaeda and eisen denmark's foreign minister said around a 100 soldiers were invited. monny's military government says that's not true. france says molly's taken an irresponsible decision in that in essence, says this month will almost certainly see the highest number of civilian casualties of the 7 year war in yemen. the cellular coalition launched air reeds and yamani targets following drawn and missile attacks on the m a ratty capital by who the rebels among the casualties were nearly a 100 people in a saudi led airstrike on
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a yamini prison. and following those attacks in the u. e, the u. s. state department is urging americans to reconsider traveling there. they're being warned of the threat of more missile or drawn attacks. stella had anal does in christian salumi in new york where a private foundation is giving away money to low income families. i'll tell you what they're trying to prove. and it's a snow day in jerusalem as a way of winter flurry leaves the city carpeted in white. ah, it snowed this morning, go and hides. it snowed in jerusalem and is still fairly cold breezy and sherry from north in egypt right up towards western syria coastal, syria. and that cold ask to produce once again on friday,
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a brief shamal that will fund itself out into snowstorm. my love in the empty quarter, my just cat parts are the you a is well a, we could go this. this wind was a very cold one. it was reco breaking the code in at night it got codes were, were on friday night. now the focus than to 6 in kuwait down to re adds for the i was sub 0. this time we could go, but that shemelle tends to weaken during saturday. sunshine been the predominant weather throughout the middle east, levant, a few showers running across the rocky plain. but nothing much in the sky. there is one developing though another late winter storm swelling round. nothing like as bad as the last one that will bring rain to sudden turkey and cypress, and probably libya northern egypt during sunday. on monday it'll generate some snow through eastern turkey. otherwise the picture is a fairly sunny and settled one for the most part to run in the middle east. briefly you remember that tropical cyclone that went across madagascar that is it now doing some good dropping some rate in the elk grove angle,
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delta ah informed opinions that initial focused on it on national resource by is not large enough to get there adequately to our people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera india, a conspiracy theory claims muslim men are treating him, do women into marriage and converting that one at one aisd investigates repeated love on algae 0, lou ah,
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water. how does it are reminded? i told stories, this are russia says the u. s. and nato. a failed to properly address is security concerns, so it is possible to continue with talks to western pas refused. maslow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alliance. poland has started building a 180 kilometer wall on his border with bella luce, it's expected to be completed by next summer in you accuses men's or encouraging thousands of refugees to cross into poland illegally is a way to get into the new coolers in volcano fossil have one former ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct to military officers. monday's military crew is to be discussed at an emergency meeting of west african leaders and friday. the regional organization echo was condemned to take over 6 people assuming the operator of the focus sheeman nuclear plant in japan. they say the developed cancer
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in the years following the 2011 nuclear disaster. victoria gave me reports, louise representing the 6 cancer patients walk to fall there, lucy, to tokyo district court. they say tokyo electric power company holding ship pay more than $5000000.00 in compensation after their clients were exposed to radiation . following the 2011 nuclear disaster in fukushima, one of the 6 plaintiffs, he doesn't want to be identified, says cancer has ruined her life. we're going, you got it. you've been married basically what, but i always wanted to be a career woman working hard in take care, but as diagnosed with cancer and i still felt ill after i had surgery since then i'm in a situation where i have to prioritize my health over everything in march 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck japan's eastern coast. it triggered to see nami that sent huge waves surging as far as tank lamita's inland. the fukushima nuclear power plant was also overwhelmed and see water flooded its react. his radiation
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leaked out, forcing more than a 150000 people to flee. the 6 people seeing the operator lived in fukushima in 2011 and later developed thyroid cancer. lawyers say cases of the disease in fuque ashima or significantly higher than the national average. go dothan gone through, you know, our thyroid guns as a lab disease that only one and a 1000000 people get on average as a number of children fukushima around 30000. only one person would get it every few years. but after the nuclear disaster are 266, people have developed dancer fukushima b a u m report. last year, found the nuclear disaster had not increased the risk of cancer. and the authorities and fukushima say the high detection rate is due to over diagnosis, the lowest. se, fukushima as owners should be held accountable for radiation exposures unless they can prove otherwise. victoria gate and be al jazeera,
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most american families have to survive with less money. this year because the u. s . congress hasn't renewed child tax credits. there was part of president joe biden, corona virus relief package. monthly cash payments were praised for sharply reducing child poverty. now some organizations are pushing for their return. kristen salumi reports from new york. 5 month old garrett was born in the middle of a pandemic. while his mom, maureen gardner, was unemployed. she says keeping up with his growing needs can be a challenge, but she has reason not to worry. let's hold a lifesaver. thanks to an unexpected economic lifeline from an experimental program called the bridge project, which is giving her $1000.00 a month. this is the only income that i receive. i receive no public assistance. i do receive food stamps, so i'm able to feed myself. but other than that, you know, i kind of rely on this money to pay my cell phone bill,
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keep the internet on by close. he's a growing baby and he's like growing really fast in new york city, wanting or children under the age of 3 live in poverty. the program is helping $100.00 families whose average yearly income is $14500.00. well below the federal poverty line. the foundation behind the project argues the financial support to the families will yield long term benefits for the children. we really wanted it to be done so that we could study this over time and really understand what the effect of this money is. on everything from mental health to food security to housing security to really importantly how the baby is developing and reaching their milestones. it's a concept known as guaranteed minimum income advocate say cash with no strings attached is the best way to help families out of a cycle. of poverty and experiments like the one here in new york are happening all across the country to prove it. but what would be
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a change of social policy here in the united states is actually quite common in europe and canada. last july, millions of american families got an unexpected cash infusion from the government in the form of the child tax credit and to help with expenses like child care during the pandemic. but congress has yet to reauthorize it this year. if you look at how the money was spent, a large majority of it went to up to middle and upper middle class people. and from that vantage point, it's not a very efficient policy. it's like you shouldn't have to give a lot of money to richer people to help poor people still advocate say there's growing evidence, families put the money to good use gardeners payments are guaranteed for 3 years. regardless, if i do start working regardless of how much i make, i also be able to receive the $1000.00 to care for my child, giving her the time and security to better plan for their future. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. the 1st female president of honduras is due to be sworn in short,
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lacy, a lot of castro takes over from to town president hon orlando, ham. none of these a live pictures from, you know, inauguration ceremony in the people crowding in the capital to go see golf club. mano rob hollow is in the capital forest. we're getting just very close now to what is a very significant day, 400 us a significant day, a historic moment for the people of honduras. if you're seeing those live images, president elect humana. guests are now arriving in the national stadium in the city of there was he alba here in honduras. it's packed full of people. full of journalists. will a special guest. as many people as you see inside that stadium, i can assure you, there are far more out on the streets. many of the streets of the city of the was the alba, have been closed off for a parade where the president elect hour is paraded around. the city. met with the
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cheers and celebration by her supporters. many people here feeling relief, many of them expressing to al jazeera that they feel pride in having elected the 1st female president of the country. they feel hope that after 12 years of a single party rule here in the country, 12 years that i've seen quite a few scandals, a lot of political turmoil that finally this could be ushering a new era of, of stable politics for the country. and we mentioned many high profile guests that are in attendance as well. there are some 80 different international delegations that are attending, including us, vice president, comalla harris, the king of spain, philip the 6, the vice president of our gen, tina and of taiwan. there's a lot of special interest, a lot of political interest in this, in this inoculation for the united states. for example, us vice president, come la harris is hoping to secure a partnership with seo, mata castro, to help address the root causes of migration from central america,
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the vice president of one here hoping to secure that that that special relationship with honduras in taiwan. given that honduras is one of the few countries of the world that recognizes tie one's autonomy from mainland china. and of course the many different leftist leaders like vice president, instead of argentina, who's sort of welcoming yeoman castro into this club of latin american left. his leaders, now you mentioned there manuel, that people were hoping for a new era of stable politics. but the days in the run up to this have been anything, but at least politically there's in fact, a big political split going on. how tough is it going to be for seo, mod acosta and the government to get things done when the inauguration ceremony is over? quite very difficult. i would imagine. ugh, it seems as though at least for now the political bickering has been set aside to allow people to celebrate celebrating the peaceful transfer of power. here in the 100 capital, we've spoken to many political analysts who say that the current legislative crisis
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is been manufactured by the president elect a political opponents to sort of undermine her presidency before it even begins. the crisis itself began when a group of 20 members of congress from within the president elects own party of backed a candidate for president of congress. that was different than the candidate that the, that the president elect had endorsed. since then, there have been 2 different presidents of congress that have been sworn in sparking, as you can imagine, quite a bit of confusion across the country as to who actually is in charge of the national legislature here in the country. many people here are hopeful that the visit of so many high profile gets the king of spain, the visit from us, vice president, comalla harris, and kind of showing her solidarity to the people of honduras, a showing her solidarity to the country's new president might help smooth things over and help to secure a peaceful exit out of this crisis that the country continues to experience.
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mirabella talking to us from to go to a golfer model. thank you very much for is government is threatening to shut down an oil company at the center of 2nd oil spill this month. the rep sold denies, there's been a new leak at the lock on peer refinery, near the capital lima. the government has crude oil spilled into the sea during work on a pipeline. it's an army in tongue, a caused a major spill into the sea from the same refinery 2 weeks ago. the navy in thailand has been mobilized to help contain an oil leak from an under see pipeline. it's feared beaches in my own province in the gulf of thailand, could be coated in oil in a few hours. and under a 160000 liters is estimated to have spelled specialists from singapore are joining the repair mission and other energy farms withdrawing from me. and why? because of human rights concerns. this trillion company woodside follows energy giant chevron, took towel and pulling out from the armies biggest source of foreign income. honesty, international says businesses have no excuse to continue working with the regime.
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this is fault businesses need to be doing and i need to be weighing this up if it's the right thing to be doing. i mean, if wait, next tuesday is the one year anniversary of the milling sick, who i mean, in that time way of saying over 1400 people killed with st. thousands of people detained st activists and journalists that being part of like a bloody backlash where they've been detained and, and often killed. so this is, i mean, the military is, they are launching indiscriminate attacks that of killing civilians. there's life saving that's been blocked to the country. this isn't a bit, this is the country, this isn't a right saying that he poor should be wandering into and doing business with where heavy snowfall has blanketed parts of juice for them. it's shut down roads and schools and grounded flights in the region. but some were out making the most of the winter flurry ari faucet has more. a winter snow fall isn't unknown in
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jerusalem by any means, but on this scale, it is very rare. there hasn't been anything like this for the last 10 years in 2012, it was about 60 centimeters that fell overnight wednesday into thursday. it was about 20 centimeters at the effect of a storm lpa, which has been blanketing athens and stumble in recent days, making its way south here. now this is a rare experience and so this isn't a city that's particularly well equipped to dealing with such heavy snowfall. our people came out as it came down overnight and enjoyed the flurries and the real snow storm in jerusalem streets in the night time. but there were also municipal workers out trying to clear the main thoroughfares. many of the smaller roads, though, are still pretty choked up. i've seen people trying to dig their cars out of parking spaces. and as well as that, the main motorway between jerusalem and television was for a time closed. and everywhere you go,
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you see evidence of the other thing has happened, which is school closures. so their children on the streets in parks are building snowman, throwing snowballs at the stuff in the air. now the precipitation right now is turning a bit wet. those are, this could be a fleeting, if memory will experience a rare, proper snow day in the holy city. ah, this is our deceiver. these are the top stories. russia says the us and nato have failed to properly address its security concerns, particularly about ukraine. although it says it's possible to continue with talks. the western powers of refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alliance. alan fisher has more from washington d. c. at some point in the next day or so, when expecting joe biden to make a decision about the 1500 trips that are on.


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