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hate road at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical weather? risking it all the correct anal to sarah? ah, ah no, she says it's left with little room for optimism on ukraine. but still, since it doesn't want to go to war. ah, lauren taylor is out there alive from london, also coming up with kenneth fossils new military rulers. order for ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct their officers on europe. whereas in its 1st female president, but problems within her party been a rocky start for su mara, castro,
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record inflation with fears. worse to come soaring, prices leave turks struggling to make ends meet. ah, and it rushes, as there's little ground for optimism after reading full responses from the us and nato, to its demands concerning ukraine. foreign minister say gala rav so the u. s. document contained no positive response on the main issue. russia is demanding nato rule out ukraine from ever becoming a member of the military alliance. while a 2nd official warned a new nuclear missile crisis with the u. s. was unavoidable, unless urgent measures were taken to ensure restraint. as we go to where you as president joe biden is due to speak to ukraine's president of a lot of miss lensky, while nato continues to reinforce eastern europe with ships and fighter jets, russian defense ministry released this video of su,
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35 fighter jets landing at bell russian air feels military exercises have been taking place or week near the former soviet republics border with nato members, poland and lithuania, and coast at southern flank, with ukraine. and visual and his live from washington d. c. i know what the next steps for the u. s, all obviously the phone call with her. the euclidean president is the 1st step in a number of meetings that are going to be held over the next few days. that will come significant and important such as the category amir. he's going to be here on monday there joe biden says that they will talk about afghanistan, which is important, obviously. but they're also going to talk about the, the, that producing more natural gas for places like germany. i mean, the category speaking to customers in asia, but clearly you're buying wants to make sure that the calories on board, so that can provide the biggest economy in europe. should there be any problem with
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supply coming from russia? and of course, we've already heard the united states. what says nord stream to that pipeline project will end if russian troops across the border. and then on the 7th of the february, there's going to be a meeting at the white house again with the german chancellor. clearly joe biden says they're going to talk about matters of interest, which will include ukraine, and it could be at that point. the german chancellor has had other conversations with european leaders and he can bring some feedback back to the white house. there are confidential briefings going on on capitol hill and national security advisor, jim sullivan, and tony blinking. the secretary of state have been involved in some of those. but other members of congress are being briefed as well. and of course, in the next 72 hours, maybe less, joe biden is expected to make a decision about the $1500.00 troops that he put on heightened stand by here in the united states. the intention is that if required, they will head to eastern europe,
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not on to ukrainian soil, but they'll go to shore up nieto operations elsewhere. so where are we talking about? well, poland and romania while those significant. well because they're right on the border. a with ukraine, so all of these decisions are being taken soon, but joe biden is hoping to sure to the russians. look, there is a united front here. if you asked the boarder, you will see significant sanctions. it will hit your industry, it will hit your economy, and we could possibly even personally sanction vladimir putin. but there also see there's still room for diplomacy. here we want to talk every one kin to get round the table even going as far as saying the could be a summit between joe biden and vladimir putin. all of these measures trying to defuse the situation comfortably on the ukrainian border and vision. thank you very much indeed. audible honey joined. us live from that variable in southeast, in ukraine. and what is, is a lensky hoping to get out of this phone call with biden?
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well, according to his office, they will be discussing a broad range of issues that go from energy to a financial and defense support to fighting oligarchy and corruption and, and so forth. but i think at the end of the day, they will discuss at the content of the letter that was handed over to the russians. we heard earlier that the foreign minister had said that ukraine knew about the context of that ledger and was satisfied with it. they will also discuss what has been, what has been said at the meeting in paris, that low level meeting of the nova in the format which include russia, ukraine, france, and britain. the ukrainians seems to be very happy about that is a 2nd meeting that schedule are 2 weeks from now in of berlin. and so i think they would be discussing all of that. i think there's also as sort of change of tone
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when he comes to a presidency. lensky. certainly lately he has said more than once. a talking to the ukranian people appealing to them for called he said that the situation was not more dangerous than normal. or he also actually went further and said that the amount, the level of russian troops at the border is not enough when invasion and its cities. some not out of the norm is just he said that at the moment there is a lot of hype. so i think at ukraine, we'll discuss all of that and i think will to one of the most important parts is something we heard also from a lot of people. there is a feeling that, that the moment really, the whole thing is going between russia and the u. s. and ukraine wants to make sure that that remains ascent of that conversation. and certainly note up as sort of byproduct of that. all that is a sentiment we also heard among many people, they said at the end of the day, this is a fight that's got
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a crisis as going on between due to super powers to us and russia. it's about really expanding influence in this part of the world and you cleaners want to make sure that they are not a consequence of that. but that's actually the real living under is something that's going to be dealt with whatever. i mean, thank you very much. indeed. dusenberry has been following developments from moscow, would be hearing from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pascall, who says that there isn't really much. i'm point of being optimistic at this stage, given what the response has been. and dad's written response, which was hand delivered by the us ambassador to russia last night at the foreign ministry, has now in the hands of russian president vladimir putin, the kremlin confirmed that president putin is now studying what has been given to him, and he will decide how to proceed and what the next moves will be. meanwhile, we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister survey love rob,
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who spoke earlier on thursday, and he was also not very pleased. let's hear some of what he had to say. mclaughlin will, will proof. as for the main issue, there is no positive reaction in this document. i will remind you that the main issue is our thumb position about unacceptability of michael's folder proliferation to the east and place him of a salt equipment which can represent danger for the russian federation. closing. well, all sides have said that diplomacy is very much still a path that they want to pursue, given the differences they still have. it appears that the russians and the americans have come to some kind of an understanding about the secondary issues that there is room for negotiations there, but it appears the problem is in the main issue that russia has about nato's expansion. and that is something that cannot agree on. ah ok to fossil new military rulers have warned former government ministers not to
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leave the capital or obstruct offices. 3 days after taking control of the west african nation in a qu, situation in burkina faso will be discussed by west africa leaders at an emergency meeting of the regional alliance echo us on friday. 15 members already condemned monday's coo and the united nations is demanding the immediate release of deposed president, hook cab away. the political instability in beacon of us has been driven by attacks from on groups in the north of the country. groups aligned with iso and al qaeda are active across several nations in region known as the sale. the violence has pushed people from their homes and towards the capital creating a humanitarian crisis. nicholas huck has more from wanted to. we met with some recently displaced on the outskirts of rug to go from the region of laura in the, in the year of tito, where they said that people, men, especially a young boys as a aged 12 and above were killed,
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targeted by these armed groups. and we're seeing mercy, young women and children fleeing towards the capital. now, joining me now from the international rescue committee is al kevin. out now you've been operating in the north, in the areas where these arm groups are active. what are you seeing over there? what are the needs of the people on the ground? indeed, i'm in a full displaced people. i mean the, the, the situation years started about 2 years ago when, when does off, when is on conflict, really escalated and we, so when we 1st came into this country in 2019, we heard about 87 cells in id, please internally displaced people. and today we are what 1600000. so this is a staggering number. but most of the, most of the needs, the basic needs. most of these displaced people needed dignified shelter. the need access to basically basic services such as health, a water and obviously a basic basic equipment to cook. so these are,
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these are the basic needs of the population that is displaced and why has it been so difficult for the government to give those basic needs that the state should be providing? well, i mean, this desert does a number at the moment, all are so staggering that does the needful, international community as well, to show solidarity and step in and, and help us obviously the are the instances urine was canal faso to cope with such a, such a large displacement of people and such a situation. i think no country can be expected to actually cope with touch launch numbers, especially for countries as as female president of honduras has been sworn in. it is harmony in the capital to gucci alpa. humor castro takes over to turn president one orlando hernandez. 62 year old faces high expectations to turn around. a dispute over who will lead the newly elected congress. your vice president, common harris and other world leaders are in attendance. minor enough to join us
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live from the 100 capital to goosey golfer. so i start moment for 100 years. historic moment for the country, a historic opportunity that many see here who have been out on the streets celebrating all morning intake. lucy, gaba. we see this is an opportunity for the country to turn a new page to be moving in a new direction, especially after 12 years of single party rule 8 years under the leadership of the controversial president. when orlando, at of man this who is administration has been marred by scandal political turmoil, the president of the outgoing presidents, own brother, a former president of the honduran congress serving a life sentence in the united states. people very much see this as a moment of hope for the country to to maybe finally start to make good on promises . that past administrations have failed to keep promises of reducing corruption, reducing the poverty rate, which stands at somewhere around 70 percent here in the country. and to finally,
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perhaps improve economic conditions to a point where of people here in the country will not want to migrate in mass toward the united states. now we mentioned that there were about 80 different international delegations present at this integration. just the number of high profile guests really does reflect the importance of this day. people like vice president, common le harris of the united states, the vice president of argentina, and of taiwan, the king of spain, philip the 6th, as well as other world leaders. former of brazilian president the mattress up so there are a lot of political interests at play here. the united states seeing potentially a re strengthening of the relationship with honduras, a comma harris, seeing potentially a new partner. and susanna castile for bilateral, a relationship that can truly address the root causes of migration out of honduras, and didn't have political spit. how difficult is it going to be 1st, yamato castro,
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and the government to get things done? the mood here intake. lucy alba may be one of celebration that that could be due to the fact that a lot of the political bickering that we've seen in congress as a result of this political crisis has been set aside so that citizens have been able to, to go out to the straits and celebrate the peaceful transition of power. but this isn't inaugurated that's taking place under a backdrop of an ongoing political crisis. there been 2 presidents of congress that have been simultaneously sworn in. you can imagine the confusion in the country as to who legally is actually in charge of the national legislature. many political analyst here in the country. see this political crisis as being manufactured by the president's political opponents to sort of undermine her ability to govern even before she was sworn into office. so there are challenges ahead, but many are hoping that these visits by for high profile gets like us,
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vice president, come hairs will help to smooth things over and see a peaceful transition out of this crisis. i'm happy to thank you very much. silver coming down to 0. yes, president joe biden pays tribute to retire and justice steven briar and promises his replacement with the 1st black women to sit on the supreme court and our job all on the polish side of the deal with construction has begun on a need to keep migrants and refugees, ah hello there, it's a mix to where the outlook as we end the week across europe. now much of the focus this week has been to that southeast corner. we've had a severe snowstorm, drop, lots of snow across greece and turkey in particular for example. and athens, what it's cleared up on friday,
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we are going to see more wet and windy weather effect. southern parts of greece over the weekend, but much of the action on friday is going to be in that northwest corner. we've got weather funds pulling in from the atlantic, bringing wet and windy weather to northern areas of england and scotland is going to and very wintry as well across scandinavia, with some strong winds blowing that snow across into the baltic states. by the time we get into saturday, a lot about wind is going to clear some of the fog and cloud across the low lying countries, but it will remain other rainy here. it dries up, however, across southern parts of england. and if we haven't looked at the 3 day for london, well, the temperature is going to pick up on saturday. it's going to feel a little bit warmer. and as we go into sunday, we will see some sunshine breaking through. now further south of this is looking a lot finer and dryer across much of the mediterranean, with lots of sunshine coming through from portugal and for spain. but it's going to turn west across southern areas of greece by saturday that she weather update. ah,
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in a series of original documentaries, all 0 correspondence explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers . gabriella is on the cover. the tragic story of 2 reinforced activities, brutally killed fighting. the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers. returning to the amazon, gabriel learns how to campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those who sought to profit from the forest destruction. or does your correspondence lou ah, ah. are one who talked stories jojo 0 more. russian ministry jets have landed in better
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room for drills as the kremlin says, b u. s. and nato a failed to address that security concerns over ukraine. is our you as president joe biden and ukrainian president of m as event sky, holding a call to discuss the rising tensions. cooley doesn't burkina faso have warned former government ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct military offices on days. military coups will be discussed as an emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday as tomorrow. castro has been sworn in as be 1st female president of honduras to ceremony in the capitol. 6 to 2 year old faces an early test with an in party dispute, of who will lead the newly elected congress. miss president joe biden has confirmed he'll nominate the 1st black woman to the supreme court of justice stephen bry announced he will step down this year. he 83 year old says he'll retire from america's highest court in the in the u. s. in the summer,
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assuming his successor has been appointed unconfirmed, for i is one of 3 liberal justices in the conservative majority court. i iden, says his replacement is likely to be named by friday and by february should say, i want has correspond, kimberly hawkins to joins us live or so company. nothing much changes in terms of the balance of the supreme court, but a chance for the biden administration to follow up on a campaign promise. yeah, there's the potential for a lot to change in terms of how this new court could look once this nomination is confirmed in terms of stephen briar. his legacy is certainly tremendous, and that is something that the u. s. president wanted to highlight as he stood in the cabinet room, and stephen briar talked about his time on the court more than a quarter century served at 83 years old. he believed it was time for him to step down and the u. s. president, as he talked about the years of service and the legacy that he leaves behind, as he ruled on a number of precedent set in cases everything from abortion rights to the
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environment. he really made history. but now the u. s. president says with his nomination, the he believes that he's poised to make history again, take a listen. choosing someone to sit in the supreme court, i believe is one of the most serious constitution responsible of your president, that our process is going to be rigorous. i will select the nominee worthy of justice, prayers, legacy excellence and decency. all i've been studying candidates backgrounds and writings. i've made no decision except one person. i will nominate we some of the extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. that person will be the 1st black woman ever nominated tonight's dish proof. now there are a couple of reasons, major reasons for why the u. s. president is making good on this campaign promise.
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first of all, black women had a lot to do with the reason that joe biden is sitting in the oval office. they overwhelmingly supported him in the 2020 u. s. selection. this is a way of saying thank you for that. but add to that the african american community that overwhelmingly voted for joe biden in the presidential election. the last one has not been too happy about the fact that they've not seen the voting rights legislation they were promised get through. and so this is another nod to that in trying to keep some of those promise. but there is another reason that there is a bit of urgency on the part of the democrats and trying to see that this nomination happens before november. and that has a lot to do with the upcoming congressional elections. there is fear because of some of those sort of plummeting poll numbers for joe biden right now, that they may not control congress after the congressional elections in november. and as a result, they want to see this done swiftly chuck schumer,
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the head of the democrats and controls the senate right now says they will do this with some determination to make sure that if republicans control the senate at body, that would confirm this nomination. they can't block it if that were to happen moving forward. so this is why the president is moving quickly. this is why he says he will make this nomination announcement by the end of february, and this will be a confirmation that is completed before the november congressional elections. kimberly, how can thank you very much. us state department is urging its citizens to reconsider any travel plans they might have to the united arab emirates, being warned, or the threat of missiles or drones following another cross border attack by humans who see rebels on monday. why hannah has moved from washington dc. now it must be remembered to that there was a travel advisory in place which was put back in december because of the covert situation in the u. a. but now this is wretched up that advisory further awarding
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citizens not to go to the o e because of the threat of massage and drone strikes. now it's important to note as well that there has been a lot of pressure on the, by the administration from the u, a. e, in particular, in terms of noting the hoop these as a terrorist organization. now this is something that the trump administration did. but when president biden took over, he removed that declaration of the organisation as a terrorist entity. however, he did sanction some individual who t leaders. so this is not an ongoing situation. pressure from the u. a. e and other members of that. saudi lit, the lions, and also some pressure from members of congress. the reason why president biden listed that declaration is because he was informed that it would accept the bait and already di humanitarian situation in yemen. so very much a difficult choice, but the state department travel advisory giving ammunition to those who argue that
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the biden administration should be taking strongest strips and backing the saudi lead alliance in yemen. poland has started building 180 kilometer war on its border with batteries. rights groups have criticized the construction. it's expected to be completed by next summer. the 5 and a half me to high barrier is in response to a stand off with minsk. you accuse better uses government and encouraging thousands of migrants and refugees to cross into poland illegally as a way to get into the blog trip hall has more from cuz need to in poland, where the wall is going up. will it stopped these illegal crossings of the border by migrants? refugees would be asylum seekers on the battle side into poland. busy probably not particularly if they continue to have the helpers has been alleged since the beginning of this crisis of belarus and border guards physically taking them to weak points along the border and physically cutting the fence or helping them
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through. i spoke in the last day or 2 with a could you see immigration lawyer who provides assistance to people who do get across with their asylum planes? he said nothing is going to stop this happening. people will simply find another way. and remember that as much as this is a physical barrier, it is also a political construct being built by a polish government, right when government fiercely anti migrant. that knows only too well. but this is a popular measure amongst its own supporters. u. k. pro mr. burse, johnson has confirmed he intends to release in full a highly anticipated report into parties at his residence during lockdown. top civil servant su gray has been investigating the social gatherings that number 10, downing street allegedly in breach of career device restrictions at the time. police also conducting their own inquiry into potential breaches. johnson has been under pressure to release grades report in its entire shape, something he says he'll do when he receives it,
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possibly this week. are you delaying the same guy? repulse? absolutely not, but you'll just have to, i'm afraid you've got to let the independent inquiries go on when. when do you think it will be published? i wish i could re say any more than what i said yesterday by the i'm really publish it in full. of course shopping in turkey, car look forward to lower prices anytime soon. central bankers forecasting a 23 percent inflation rate this year, but that's not afford peak, so it's an estimated 55 percent in the coming months. you know, consider reports from assemble, high inflation as a major talking point for all turn. lira has lost nearly half of its value within the past year, as the central bank may steep cuts to interest rates and that also the policy cost prices to sor, including for energy and foods such as the ingredients for
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a turkish breakfast with us to make one kilo of this culture cheese you need 11 liters of ra milk. the price of milk doubled with the increase on electricity. natural gas prices arising. our regular customers cut their consumption nearly 40 percent. kirk is inflation rate rocketed to 36 percent in december after a series of interest rate cuts demanded by president jeff taper. it's the highest inflation rate since the election 20 years ago. marcia was we used to buy in kilos last year now in grams for more than half of our retirement salaries are being spent on gas, electricity phone bills. on the 1st day, high prices are likely to remain a focus of stock market attention. the central bank is desperately seeking to rebuild foreign reserves, which fell more than 60 percent from mid december. so just $7500000000.00. here is
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a further inflation rises in the coming months terrified turn. minutes take the latest increase to the minimum wage, and the pensions are not enough to make the central bank forecast the inflation rate of 23 percent. this here, some analysts thing that's optimistic and expect tours to come and we manage somehow we buy the cheapest things, but it's very difficult for larger families to manage. i don't know how things will work. responding to the economic challenges, government leaders and cur, have implemented a series of measures during the past month to 1st savers, banks and companies to hold more lira, rather than foreign currency. those measures studies to lira for now, but many fear the hopes of lower inflation have already left the station and they will soon be paying an even bigger price for turkey's financial turmoil. the solo
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else's serious stumble. 6 people are assuming the operator of a japanese nuclear plant after developing cancer, following the fukushima disaster in 2011. they were aged between $6.16 at the time of the accident. say they developed firewood cancer from radiation exposure seeking $5400000.00 in compensation from the plant operator. tapco. a strong earthquake has been reported in taller, almost 2 weeks after an underwater volcano erupted and treated as you know me the the magnitude 6.2 tremor struck 200 kilometers northwest of the remote on and of li fuko. but there was no to no me warning this time. no reports of damage, but communication is limited because the previous eruption severed an underwater cable connecting toner to the world. at least 3 people were killed in the earlier disaster. thailand, navies, as an oil spill caused by leak on an under see pipeline or take another 5 days to
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clear authorities or worried beaches in ryan, province in the gulf of thailand, could become coated in oil. believe kluso threatened a national park nearby, co summit island, about 50000 liters is estimated to spilled, and the navy says, 5000 meters still remain on the ocean surface. specialists from singapore adjoining repair mission. ah, and one of the top stories are now to 0 years president joe biden, and his ukranian counterpart of laudermill zalinski, holding a call as tensions rise with russia. more russian military jets have landed in belarus drills as the korean says, the u. s. and nato. a failed to address that security concerns over ukraine. washington has formerly rejected moscow's demand to have ukraine banned from during the military alliance. a criminal spokesman says that leaves quote little ground.


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