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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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what living under fascism was light, how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fabric. al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, russia says it's left with little room for optimism on ukraine, but still exist. it doesn't want to go to war. ah, lauren taylor, this is down to 0 life from london. also coming up. but can affect those new military router vows to restore constitutional order. but only when certain conditions are met on dearest, whereas in its 1st female president. but problems within her party mean
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a rocky start for c, m. r. castro plus our job all on the polish side of the border with belarus, where construction has begun on a wall to keep my grants and refugees out. ah, i know russia says there's little ground for optimism after reading for responses from the u. s. and nato, to its demands concerning ukraine. foreign minister say lebrun said the u. s. document contained no positive response on the main issue. russia is demanding nater, rule out ukraine from ever becoming a member of the military alliance. while a 2nd official warned, a new nuclear missile crisis with the u. s. was unavoidable. unless urgent measures were taken to ensure restraint. the u. s. has requested a un security council meeting on ukraine next week. and president biden has spoken to his ukrainian counterpart, a call the white house described as
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a check in russian defense ministry released this video, su 35 fighter jets landing at better russian air feels military exercises have been taking place all week near the former soviet republics border with nato members, poland and lithuania, and close to its southern flank with ukraine. article handguns as live from washington, d. c. at betty, were heard any more about the phone call yet. know somewhat surprisingly we haven't heard from the by the ministration. usually they'll put out a written statement, read out, but we have heard from you craney and president of lead mirror lensky, and he sent out a tweet basically saying they had a long conversation. they agreed on joint actions going forward. so i'm going to be looking to see exactly how that flushes out. i think the u. s. for it's hundreds of millions of defensive military aid. and at the same time said that they are talking about further financial support to ukraine. so we'll see what else the white house
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highlights that when their statement does, in fact go out. but really what we're going to see now is president joe biden really try to focus on shoring the west response. nato in particular, especially when it comes to germany. so we see in his future calendar, he's me of the emir of cutter to talk about natural gas supplies. because we've seen that as far as buying is willing to go. he's not and never has talked about military intervention to stop any sort of conflict. he believes and he has made clear that he believes the way forward to really pressure russia is through economic pain. so you've seen him promise those. what could be pre damaging economic sanctions if russian banks are cut off from the us dollar from us banks that makes any international transaction pre hard to do it. but he also wants to make sure that the europe can get the natural gas supplies it need. so potentially cutting off the customer that russia relies on for its economy. so what we're going
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to be watching for in the next few days is a response from russia to see if the talks continue. and also interestingly, the secretary of defense, lloyd austin. he doesn't hold a lot of press conferences back when he was a general. he was known as the silent general. he is going to be briefing reporters at the pentagon on friday. so we'll see if there's any news made about perhaps additional defensive weapon center to ukraine. they have put 8500 troops on high alert, but that's not to go to ukraine. that's to go to eastern up. so we'll see what the secretary of defense has to say for now, just waiting to see how the white house describes the call, specifically looking to see how they talk about the agreed on joint actions going further going in in the future. so, when we get that read out, we'll let you know as you come in, thank you very much indeed. and also your barriers following developments from moscow. we've been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest golf, who says that there isn't really much point of being optimistic at this stage given
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what the response has been. and that written response, which was hand delivered by the us ambassador to russia last night at the foreign ministry, has now in the hands of russian president vladimir putin. the criminal confirmed that president putin is now studying what has been given to him, and he will decide how to proceed and what the next move will be me more. we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister survey lab. rob, who spoke earlier on thursday and he was also not very pleased. let's hear some of what he had to say. but glove move up rules. as for the main issue, there is no positive reaction in this document. i will remind you that the main issue is our 3rd position about unacceptability of natal, spelled a proliferation to the east and placing of assault equipment which can represent danger for the russian federation. and well, all sides have said that diplomacy is very much still a path that they want to pursue given the differences they still have. it appears
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that the russians and the americans have come to some kind of an understanding about the secondary issues that there is room for negotiations there, but it appears the problem is in the main issue that russia has about nato's expansion. and that is something that cannot agree on. what does it mean to has been speaking to people in mario pole in southeastern ukraine. we heard also from a lot of people, there is a feeling that at the moment. oh, really, the whole thing is going between russia and a u. s. and ukraine wants to make sure that there remains a center of that conversation. and certainly not as sort of byproduct of that. all . that is a sentiment we also heard among many people, they said at the end of the day, this is a fight that school a crisis is going on between due to super powers, the u. s. and russia is about really expanding influence in this part of the world . and ukrainians. want to make sure that they are not
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a consequence of that. but that actually the real threat they're living under is something that's going to be dealt with. ah, jennifer says military leader says the nation will only return to civilian rule when the minute she considers the time is right and armed groups operating in the north of the country. a defeated a tenant colonel along he dominga address the nation for the 1st time. since the soldiers deposed the civilian government in a crew on monday them eva was promoted in december, i now deposed president hot cabaret to commander of a strategic military region. during the crew cab. oh, he was detained and imprisoned. is whereabouts are unknown? you la, clerk will up for you. it is clear that the main priority is safety. we must significantly reduce those areas under the influence of terrorists and the impact to violent terrorism by using the power of the army and military to go after them. this is
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what is required before we can return to our administration. nicholas hack is falling events for us in the capitol, whether to you need, literally put up the beating of the drum for, for putting the country on this path on this war footing. he really tried to unite the country, saying that at stake here is the sovereignty of bertina, possibly called on all civilians to take up arms and unites in order to save the country. and he acknowledged in his speech in many ways that's currently burkina faso and the military do not have control of large swath of the border areas. those areas are in the hands of arm groups linked to i was hired us and i so. so it was interesting have his wording compare his speech compared to president a hot market. boy. critics felt that he was at times a week we're very aloof with the security situation here. we had
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a big band take to the straight stage, put out strong words to try to unite the country. and he also tried to reassure the international community ahead of this meeting from the west. african body echo was for the west african heads of state meeting and ivory coast. i mean, he said that he would respect the rule of law and human rights, and that the constitution is temporarily suspended and you will come back once the sovereign sovereignty of the country is regain. the 1st female president of honduras has been sworn in the ceremony. in the capital to goosey golfer shimara castro takes over from president on orlando hernandez. she is high expectations, but fast must turn round a dispute in her own party, over whom only the newly elected congress ruffled reports from degree. she got ah, celebrations, acquaint, dignity, go as human against the former 1st lady of honduras was sworn in to become the country's 1st female president. steady that in mind, he had
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a man of do you sisters and brothers, honduran, paypal, the presidency? if there are public, had never been ashamed by a woman in honduras, in the 200 years of had to pass in the declaration of our independence. i see the r o city streets throughout the capital tegucigalpa closed for the parade to celebrate the historic inauguration, many expressed their hopes. the country may finally turn a page after more than a decade of single party rule. more by scandal and political turmoil that a field, a historic wave of migration is that i'm okay that we hope that she will deliver that which we have been hoping for for years that people will no longer migrate to other countries that people will stay and have decent employment because we all have a right to that. and it's what a majority of the people expect to stay in the country. nobody wants to be away from their home, and that's what she will accomplish. fed up dozens of high profile gas. we're also
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in attendance including us, vice president carmella harris, who seeks to strengthen a bilateral partnership with honduras to address the root causes of migration from central america. that over there, i think get him into poverty has increased by 74 percent. turning our country into the poorest in latin america, this statistic explains the caravans of thousands of people who flee north toward mexico and the u. s. o remote here in the capital city is that a celebrated inaugurating day, taking place under a backlog of political crisis. the hon during national congress legislators, however, appear to have at least temporarily put aside the political stand off to allow citizens to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power o presidents, yamato castile ran on an anti corruption platform, promising an overhaul of the country's legal system. her ability to govern
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effectively, however, will ultimately depend on finding common ground. her political opponents in the 100 legislature moved up a little al jazeera thinking. she goes still to come on out 0 years. president joe biden pays tribute to retiring justice stevens briar of promises. his replacement will be the 1st black women to sit on the supreme court as people in indonesia, enough to pick up pieces of the knives. once again, we have one of these communities in archie and become move honorable to funding. ah hello there, let's look at the weather across australia. there's more wet weather to come across the north. you can see those storms rolling across the top and into queensland. we could see some flooding here, and it's
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a similar story across the southeast corner. we've got storms rolling in across victoria and pots of new south wales. we could see some flooding hair. it's going to be rainy and sydney on sunday. in contrast to that, across the south and the west, we still got hot and dry conditions persisting. if we have a look at the temperature in part, we're going to see it pick up. so nearly 40 degrees once again, by the time we get into saturday, dips down 30 on sunday, but very hot conditions here. now that's in contrast to what's happening in melbourne on saturday. we're going to see the temperature dipped down. it's going to be very wet, but it does get more settled by sunday. now, as we hope across the tasman see to new zealand, it's looking largely settled fine and dry. thanks to high pressure that's in charge . on saturday, we're going to see the temperature pick up in christ church, but there is the weather weather looking further to the south that was moved to southeast asia. it's looking largely fine and why is well with nice condition so much of indo china? 32 degrees in bangkok with plenty of sunshine that should weather update.
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ah, even via a conspiracy theory claims mostly ma'am. a treating him women into marriage and converting one on 18th investigates would be tomorrow. for now, did you take the ships to democracy's activity to corporations, control of the message is crucial. be it for public opinion or profit. the listening post examines the vested interests behind the content you consume on al jazeera, hulu. ah,
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are minute top stories here. no 0. ukrainian and american presidents have held a long phone call to discuss deescalate intentions with russia. white house, as joe biden reaffirmed us readiness to act decisively. if russia further invades ukraine, confessors, new military leaders as the country will return to constitutional order when the conditions are right to the colonel for law, he dominga as address the nation for the 1st time since seizing power in a qu on monday. as you are a castro who has been sworn in as the 1st female president of honduras to ceremony in the capitol. 6 year old faces an early test with an in party dispute, who will lead newly elected congress? yes, president joe biden has confirmed he'll nominate the 1st black woman to the supreme court. after justice stephen briar announced, you'll step down this year. 83 year old says you're retired from america's highest
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court in the summer. assuming his successor has been appointed and confirmed friars, one of free liberal justices in the conservative majority court biden says his replacement will likely be named by february. choosing someone to sit in the supreme court. i believe is one of the most serious constitution responsible. the president ass aarp process is going to be rigorous. i will select the nominee, worthy of justice, briars, legacy of excellence and decency. all i've been studying candidate backgrounds and writings. i've made no decision except one person i will nominate will be some of the extraordinary qualifications, character experience and integrity. and that person will be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme court. latin test pollen products, denominator. black women. when campaigning for president. all white house
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correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. there are a couple of reasons. major reasons for why the u. s. president is making good on this campaign promise. first of all, black women had a lot to do with the reason that joe biden is sitting in the oval office. they overwhelmingly supported him in the 2020 u. s. election. this is a way of saying thank you for that. but add to that the african american community that overwhelmingly voted for joe biden in the presidential election. the last one has not been too happy about the fact that they've not seen the voting rights legislation they were promised get through. and so this is another nod to that in trying to keep some of those promise. but there is another reason that there is a bit of urgency on the part of the democrats and trying to see that this nomination happens before november. and that has a lot to do with the upcoming congressional elections. there is fear because of some of the sort of plummeting poll numbers for joe biden right now, that they may not control congress after the congressional elections in november.
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and as a result, they want to see this done swiftly. the estate department is urging it citizens to reconsider any travel plans they might have to the united arab emirates. and be warned of the threat of missiles or drones falling in on the cross border attack by humans who t rebels on monday. western jordan has will washington dc? well, this is a revision of a warning that already had been in existence for the united arab emirates. it's a trouble law level for don't travel. and that's because of the ongoing cobit pandemic. the a release was updated on thursday because of the recent of missile attacks launched off from who the territory in yemen, against targets in the u. e. this is a not unexpected. the u. s. issues are the sorts of world travel warnings to its citizens for countries all around the world all the time because it feels that it
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has a primordial duty to keep marin's out of harm's way. it shouldn't have any real impact on the relationship between the 2 countries. earlier in the week after a both of these a who the attacks on time on targets inside the u. e. the u. s. was a very quick to say that it was a continuing its strong defense relationship with the emerald t. a military are providing training and material to help them intercept di any possible attacks from who the territory. but of course, the bigger thing that the u. s. government is concerned about is the fact that the civil war in yemen has not been resolved. and it is trying to push for a quick resolution of that war while also are reminding its allies own notably the saudis, who have been leading the push back as it were, to refrain from doing anything that would harm yamini. civilians are doubt is being cost on why the poland new border will will do much to stop people crossing from
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batteries. it started construction on the huge structure i missed after a migrant crisis on the european union's eastern flank last year. but the people meant to be deterred by it. so to have dental choice, but to try anyway. journal reports who cause anita in east component. ah, once complete in the summer, poland wall will be a $186.00 kilobytes as long fullness for the length of the bold. alive with feller roofs. will it stop almost daily attempts by refugees and migrants to make the illegal crossing? probably not according to a kurdish immigration lawyer who spoke to al jazeera, especially if, as he's widely alleged, they continue to get help from bella, russian, border gods. actually, all is not, is not useful. lee knows that the maintenance can find another way. and maybe, as you know, i told is that god, this helps them to cross the border, and of course they find another place. raga has put us in touch with nisa occurred
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in refugee, who with his family, including young children, is among hundreds living in a warehouse on the bell russian side. i asked nisa if he was aware that poland is building a wall to keep people like him out. you know, what can we do? we have to wait. we can go back to our country when not part of the political problem between bella roost and poland. we just want to cross the border and get to safety in the european union. it's a familiar story told by desperate people fleeing circumstances they can no longer tolerate. they may be among them purely economic migrants as well, but poland makes little distinction, putting hundreds into asylum detention camps and simply pushing others back. the crisis that flared last autumn is now much reduced. thousands were allegedly lou to
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the battle roost border on the false promise of an easy crossing. it was both a cynical attempt by bella rose to destabilize parts of the e. u and also a political opportunity for the polish government. poland wall being built at vast expense and partly through forests that are a unesco protected world heritage site is a pretty extraordinary answer to what is now a fairly minimal problem. is it worth it to stop small numbers of people trying to cross the border from bella? luce? well, it is. if you are a right wing populous government, this of the state run tv news bulletins report the broadly popular claim that poland is doing its bit to protect the external borders of the e. u. from uncontrolled migration. public opposition to the government's policies does exist. we just would like to let people know that maybe not everyone in poland is against people coming here from other parts of the world. and we are
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here for them. but their voices are barely heard. joan, a whole al jazeera in eastern podium. yes. you came from is devoris. johnson has confirmed he intends to release in full, a highly anticipated report into parties at his residence during lockdown top civil 7, sou gray has been investigating the social gatherings at number 10, downing street, allegedly in breach of current of ours restrictions. at the time, police also conducting their own inquiry into potential breaches. johnson has been under pressure to release grades report in its entirety. want want you delaying the grave at both? absolutely not, but you'll just have to, i'm afraid you've got to let the independent inquiries go on when, when do you think it will be published? i wish i congress any more than what i said yesterday by that really publish it in full. of course, cimbawe is facing
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a shortage of trained doctors and nurses who are heading abroad, where they can earn more money. now the government is seeking compensation from richer countries for recruiting zimbabwe and medical workers are in which us reports from the capital hurry ah collate. yoga is frustrated as she leaves the ball was a largest public hospital. she says he's been sick for months and still doesn't know what's wrong with her. remind you to run up there. i was told i can get put test done because the labs are not working. and i have to go to a private laboratory, but they're too expensive, so i haven't got any help yet. public health work is here often complain about low ages, the lack of personal protective equipment, shortages of drugs and medical equipment, as well as poor working conditions. some of the medical awards you can have up to in this is missing for the patients in this in the to patients, which is which is look to be correct. ah, patient miss patient release you into this will lead to print out of the nurses. so
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the mrs that are in that was the daughter had to now they are tired of what they had been out in the b b a wish also to leave and do what is going to happen to model a site is our health and of assistance contained the government's health service board, his last year, more than 2000 health professionals lifts and bobby to take jobs in the u. k. island, australia and the u. s. that's more than double the number of doctors, nurses and pharmacists who left in 2020 and $3.00 times the number of resignations in 2019 csm bobby's government says it costs $70000.00 a year to train just one doctor and it takes years before they qualify is developing countries, we are spending a lot of scarcity sources. yeah. we've called them scarce resources in training. i hate to work us in order to lose them to develop conscious in saw. it is very ideal
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if such support could be given in terms of mandatory investment or material resources. the covered 19th endemic has made wealthy nations intensify recruitment and relax a visa restrictions for health with us from poorer nations. and average worker in the public sector takes home less than $200.00 a month in the u. k. for example, they can earn 10 times as much despite repeat the promises from the government to improve salaries, they remain low. the continued loss of trained health professionals is worsening. some bobby's already overstretched public health system. and right now they seemed city little incentive to make staff stay harder. matessa algebra, her daddy, people in northern indonesia trying to rebuild after flooding this month, destroyed their homes or the 30000 people were displaced when heavy rain pummeled the region. and jessica washington reports from archer. many are concerned. the
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region is only becoming more prone to disaster. neela, he and her family have lived in this house in long village in northern archie for 12 years. it used to belong to her grandmother, but floods have destroyed most of their possessions, including their wedding photos. they are trying to clean up what they can give me when you can pull up. what when the flood start, sometimes we have to leave at night carrying our children with us there. my lap more than 30000 people across the northern r j were affected by floods in early january. this was new was his home just a few weeks ago. almost completely submerged and not for the 1st time communities in north anti experience flooding every few months. the rain has finally stopped and flood waters have receded now as many tried to repair the damaged homes and salvage their possessions. there are also looking for answers. the persistent
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floods have ruined people's livelihoods. more than half of the rice grown here was spoiled. got it, we're going to get my not onion and be, what can we do? we can leave. this is a home environmental group, say, deforestation has made north of a vulnerable to flooding. as logging on higher ground means water runs downhill and into rivets much faster. millions of heck turns have been clear to make way for palmer plantations. and many trees have also been lost to illegal logging, fell in love. we still see plantations popping up using loopholes to acquire new land and hugging authorities. and not a say the situation will improve when a new reservoir is complete. get that money back down to the rule. we ask the government for a reservoir to contain the water. we can't stop people from cutting trees in the forest because that's how they own living. like people here say the government most
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do more to stop logging and help say vulnerable communities. when when the bike go, we don't want the government to come, hey, drink floods and give us instant noodles and rice. we need them to think of solution. we're going to see a some say they have lost hope. have no thing. man says water. took everything from living. that exhausted and overwhelmed these people? no, it's only a matter of time before their homes are flooded. once again, jessica, washington out as hero archie. large parts of the eastern mediterranean and middle east are going through unusually cold weather, with rare snow falling on cities, including athens, jerusalem, and istanbul. in one lagoon used for fish farming in western greece, hundreds of thousands of c bream have died and they can't survive in temperatures below 4 degrees. workers at the farm say the weather came on too quickly to free the fish,
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so that could get to warmer waters. of the ground before arms every year we free them into the like with this year. unfortunately, we did not have the chance because the frost came so quickly, the barrier molecule in all the years that i have been recording temperatures in the area. i never expected that we would have such low temperatures in the minuses . ah, and one on top stories on our 0. the ukrainian american presidents have held a long phone call to discuss deescalate intentions with russia at the white house, as joe biden reaffirmed us readiness to act decisively. if russia further invades ukraine or becomes more russian, that military jets have landed in belarus for drills. as the kremlin says, the u. s. and nato have failed to address that security concerns. washington has formerly rejected moscow's demand to have ukraine been.


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