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hi, percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that a scene united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors, part one on out jazeera oh . the u. s. c. c u. n. security council intervention on the ukraine crisis, joe biden promises a decisive response if russia invades ukraine. russia says it's left with little room for optimism on security concerns. still insist that doesn't want to go to war via credit. ah, alumni club, this is out there a life. and doha also coming up became a facet, new military ruler vows to restore constitutional order,
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but only when certain conditions are met and honduras, whereas in its 1st female presidents. but problems within her party means a rocky start for c, a motto, castro. ah, said then you as president joe biden has reiterated to his ukrainian counterpart, washington's readiness to respond decisively. if russia invades the u. s. has requested a public un security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls rushes of threatening behavior and build up of troops. moscow has a master about a 100000 troops near its border with ukraine, but denies it is planning to invade. russian su, 35 fighter jets have also been seen landing belushi and airfield. nato has about 4000 troops backed by tanks and air defenses near russia and estonia and beth's ania, black via and in poland and more are on high alert, prepared deploy. russia's foreign ministry says the idea of
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a war with ukraine is unacceptable. but another official from the ministry wanted nuclear missile crisis with united states is inevitable of checks aren't in place to turn down tensions. tulsa jibari begins our coverage from oscar. the russian foreign minister said that the americans have not a given a positive response to their main it requires. and that is that nato not expand further, but that they have received positive responses grace under secondary requests and demands. and that is providing some optimism in room for talks in the future. we've also been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson, who said, there's really no reason to be optimistic at this stage. the spokesperson also said that the proposal is not being studied by the russian president vladimir putin who will decide on the next steps and what they will be. i think it's important to point out that diplomacy is going to continue for how long it's not clear,
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but we do know that the norm in the format that is the 4 countries, including russia, ukraine, germany, france, will meet in berlin in 2 weeks time. they had a long session on wednesday in paris for that last that 8 hours about and this cease fire in ukraine and how they're all committed to that. so there is a sense that there is still a small window of opportunity for diplomacy to continue. how long that window will last remains to be seen? i, let's get more in the us response with protocol, hey to washington, dc and patio. what more do we know about this? a phone call between biden zalinski? well, we've now seen readouts from the white house and from the ukraine president's office, that of course, they always go over the topics that were discussed. they don't get into how heated the conversation may have been. but we do know that a couple of common themes from both sides. we see joe biden, president joe biden highlighted the more than half $1000000000.00 and military and
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humanitarian aid that has been given to you. crane both sides said that they are and talks about further financial help to you. crane the white house called it macro economic health. and they talked about looking for official actions going forward joint action going for they didn't go into details about exactly what that those could be. but what we know is president joe biden is really focused on trying to keep the situation ukrainian, russia called. but also, in the meantime, trying to really shore up the western alliance, especially when it comes to nato. and if you look at his schedule in the coming days, he's going to be meeting with the amir of cutter, because they want to try and find natural gas replacements. because the president has made clear he has no interest and naturally no desire to send us troops in to help ukraine. there's a small contingent there of national guard troops that help with training. the president says he's not going to send in military troops, so he believes his best play is on the economics of this. and so one thing that
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would be very hard for the russian economy is if europe starts getting its natural gas from russia that could be devastating. and president biden has promised really crushing sanctions in essence cutting all russian banks off from us financial institutions and the u. s dollar, which is pretty much how all trading is done worldwide. so hoping that the economic cost is enough to perhaps change the calculus of russian president vladimir putin. we do know that there is a press conference tomorrow at the department of defense doesn't happen very often . with the secretary of defense, lloyd austin. so sylvia, lot of questions about whether or not they're willing to send even more sophisticated weapons right now, mostly defensive weapons. so that's one of the things we'll be looking for in tomorrow. a progressive. yeah. and on another times in the u. s. has requested a you and security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls, rushes threatening behavior was likely to achieve
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a lot of stagecraft. that's usually the facility where you know, the diplomats like to make grand it down smith and, and really tried to paint the other side in a dire light. unlikely accomplished anything since russia has the veto power. i think what the u. s. is going to be looking at the statements from china, obviously, to ally of russia. they're going to want to try and get a sense of child support for russia, especially when it comes to the issue of territorial integrity. so i think it's usually it is a lot of theater, but again, it could just be another way of sending the message to vladimir putin that he is in fact isolated or a party live there. now, thanks very much. probably go ahead in washington d. c. well, germany tracy dilemma over the west policy towards russia that's in part due to its dependence on moscow for gas. dominic kane has more from berlin. problems of the german government, as it has been full successive german governments stretching back decades now. is
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that in so far as rusher is concerned, the german government feels a historic sense of guilt for the actions of nazi germany during world war 2, where tens of millions of soviet citizens, which obviously includes russians, ukrainian, spieler russians, and many other nations to who were part of the ussr, and as a consequence of that, when the german government wants to put pressure on the russian government, it will not be in the form of providing armaments to ukraine. what they will do, they say, and increasingly so is they will act to impose sanctions. the german government has said it is prepared to take the consequences of refusing to switch on the north stream to gas pipeline. it's going to cost the german government a considerable amount of money. it could cost the european economy a considerable amount of money. but the view here is that if russian gas supply was
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switched off completely, that would also cost the russian economy. $200000000.00 a day is piped in terms of revenue through natural gas piped into russia for what it pops to europe will that would dry up very quickly. and so the view here is no amendments to ukraine, but crippling sanctions on moscow, whatever the price may be, whether the german economy suffers or not, that's what they're prepared to do, but they won't arm the ukrainians, became fast as military leaders as a nation will any return to civilian rule when the military decides the time is right. left tenant colonel pull on the member addressed the nation for the 1st time since soldiers deposed the civilian government on monday. me, but had been promoted to commander of a strategic military region in december. by now to post president for border community has been detained since the coo and his whereabouts are presently unknown . up for you, good principles. jamaila is clear that the main priority is safety. we must
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significantly reduce those areas under the influence of terrorists and the impact of violent terrorism by using the powers of the army and military to go off to them . this is what is required before we can return to our administration. whenever attack has more for us from the capital, why good? the literally put up the beating of the drum for, for putting the country on this path on this war footing. he really tried to unite the country, saying that at stake here is the sovereignty of bertino. class and he's called on all civilians to take up arms and unites in order to save the country. and he acknowledge in his speech in many ways that's currently burkina faso and the military do not have control of large swath of the border areas. those areas are in the hands of arm groups linked to i was hired us and i so. so it was interesting
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his, his wording compare his speech compared to president why critics felt that he was at times a week wait, very aloof with the security situation. here we had a big band take to the straight stage, put out strong words to try to unite the country. and he also tried to reassure the international community ahead of this meeting from the west african body echo was the west african heads of state meeting in ivory coast. i mean, he said that he would respect the rule of law and human rights, and that the constitution is temporarily suspended and you will come back once the sovereign sovereignty of the country is regain $200.00, which is sworn in the country's 1st female president. your mother castro swept the national vote in november, promising to restore democratic institutions after more than 12 years. a single party rule, but a growing rift in the congress threatened to derail the new president's political agenda. an irregular reports from the capital
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o celebrations across the goosey gulping. as human council, a form of bruce lady upon doris was sworn in to become the country's 1st female president. yet either in a manner he had a man, oh dear sisters and brothers honduran people, the presidency of the republic had never been assumed by a woman in honduras, 200 years have had to pass since the declaration of our independence. oh, city streets, throughout the capital, tegucigalpa closed from the parade to celebrate the historic inauguration. many expressed their hopes. the country may finally turn a page after more than a decade of single party rule. more by scandal and political turmoil that a field, a historic wave of migration is, but i'm okay that we hope that she will deliver that which we have been hoping for for years that people will no longer migrate to other countries. that people will
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stay and have decent employment because we all have a right to that. and it's what a majority of the people expected to stay in their country. nobody wants to be away from their home. and that is what she will accomplish. get dozens of high profile gas. we're also in attendance including us, vice president carmella harris, who seeks to strengthen a bilateral partnership with honduras to address the root causes of migration from central america. that over there, i think get him into poverty, has increased by 74 percent to turn our country into the poorest in latin america. this statistic in itself explains the caravans of thousands of people who flee north towards mexico and the united states. oh here and the capital city is that a celebrated inaugurating day taking place under a backlog of political crisis in the 100 national congress. legislators, however, appear to have at least temporarily put aside the political stand off to allow cit
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since to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power president tomorrow can settle, ran on an anti corruption platform, promising an overhaul of the country's legal system. her ability to govern effectively. however, will ultimately depend on finding common ground with her political opponents in the hunter legislature. manuel drop a little al jazeera things he got. so ahead here and out 0 for filling a campaign, pledged us present. joe biden says he will nominate the 1st black woman to the supreme court, getting less for the lira. why many in turkey had cheesed up with rising inflation and high food prices. ah. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america. and it's looking largely quiet and mild
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across many of those central and western areas. we still have that base, a cold clinging on to the north east, but it is going to warm up across the mid west. and some of the great lakes will see the temperature rising up here, a lot of guns coming through from the south. however, we've got a cold front that's going to knock temperatures down in florida, it is going to feel rather chilly here. but before we get to the east coast, where a lot of the action is happening over the weekend, let's have a look at the west cuz we've got another winter storm pulling into western parts of canada. so heavy snow for british columbia, they'll be snow across vancouver island on saturday. and some of that where, where there's going to trickle down into northern areas of washington. but further south of this look at that, it's largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine and looking on milder across central areas. but have a look at the east coast. we've got a north east that's coming into play over the weekends is very strong. winds heavy snow for washington, d. c. on friday, that'll trickle into new york on saturday. and we're going to see the heaviest snow
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on sunday for parts of new england and main. it's going to be cold down in the south, but largely fine and white with sunshine, but 9 degrees in orlando that should weather update. ah, a 4 hour climb. for 4 minutes, practice o. 2, a t, the dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever went to an impedance. they will have to overcome many mountain part of hope and inspiration, where the light shines. witness on al jazeera. oh
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the me. and again, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories this hour, and you as president, joe biden has reiterated to his ukranian counterpart, washington, and readiness to respond decisively. if russia in fades, ukraine, d u. s. has requested a public un security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls russia's threatening behavior. became francis the military leaders at the country will return to constitutional order when the conditions are right that the tenant colonel pull on re me but has addressed the nation for the 1st time since seizing power in a coup on monday. first female president of honduras has been sworn in c, a. mont, castro takes over from to time present one, orlando, hernandez. 62 year old castro faces. i expectation to hold the dispute ever. who
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leads the newly elected congress? now then us president joe biden is confirmed. he will nominate the 1st black women to the supreme court biden. didn't say who his normally would be, but pledge to announce his decision before the end of february. he praise outgoing justice stephen bryan for his 27 years on america's highest judicial body. white house correspondent, kimberly how can reports now from washington dc. here today to express the nation's gratitude to justice stephen bryer. he served on the nation's highest court for more than a quarter century presiding over some of its most controversial cases from abortion to the environment. but on thursday, you as president joe biden announced the 83 year old supreme court justice steven brier was stepping down. i think he's a model public servant in a time of great division in this country, brier was nominated to the court by democratic president bill clinton in 1994. as
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he reflected on his years on the bench briar concluded, the united states is a complicated nation. we know it's a kind of miracle. when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, it people that are so different than what they find. and yet they've decided to help solve their major differences under law briar plans to step down this summer. when the supreme court completes its term, his replacement biden affirms, will fulfill a campaign pledge to make history person. i will nominate and be some of the extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. and that person will be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme swan overdue. my biden says he's vetting candidates, and we'll announce his nominee next month. one that won't alter the ideological
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makeup of the court. that currently leans conservative, but the decision to nominate a qualified black woman is deliberate, biden's, eager to please black voters whose support he relied on in the 2020 election. the timing is no accident with midterm elections for the u. s. congress coming up in november, biden. needs to deliver something to motivate voters. he needs a when, because already to be quite honest, ah, present by has not been able to get his agenda pass with the policing and reform the george lloyd bill. he's not been able to get any agenda pass with respect to voting rights. the new justice is expected to be younger and could sit on the court for decades. the senate has promised to take up biden's nomination quickly. president biden wants a quick confirmation of his nominee. well, democrats still controlled the senate after congressional elections in november.
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that's no guarantee republicans could take control and block any future by denomination to the supreme court. kimberly hell kit al jazeera, the white house, the us defense secretary wants a pens again to limit civilian casualties caused by american ass drugs. lloyd austin says it is a moral imperative to protect civilians. it's also vital to the military success. he wants an action plan within 90 days and hopes the pence can can implement the recommendations. it comes off to criticism following a strike in the african capital last year that killed and civilians. crawley joins live now from alexandra in virginia. he's retired us air force, colonel and former assistant secretary of state b. j. currently welcome to the program. he wants an action plan within 90 days. as lloyd austin is all very well on the face of it. but is his order likely to make a difference to it? i think it can make a difference and very,
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very important if you think about afghanistan, for example. how did the united states under achieve it with regard to which objectives? because at the end of the conflict, atalla bon was as popular as the united states and as the afghan government and, and the excess of civilian casualties over 2 decades made a profound difference. so it is a moral imperative, a strategic imperative. but it will take a generation of military leaders actually fully implement. you would think that every effort is made to circumvent cycle collateral damage. it's clearly not the case. mistakes made, i guess. well, the, i say it's military is exceptional at hitting what it's saying. it's not as good as it needs to be at 1st of all before the strike assessing what the impact on a civilian population will be. and this is,
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this is the nature of modern where warfare today, you know, 20 or 30 years ago, we fought wars and isolated battlefields. now we fought, fight wars in urban centers. so civilians are going to be effected. and it isn't very important before the strike to assess what the impact is and then after the strike, if there are unexpected civilian casualties to find out how the system fail. what damage does this record, the civilian cause is due to the united states and its kind of its reputation and it's the diplomatic standing while in today's global environment, you know, just achieving your military objectives, is not enough. wars are, are more political wars and their military wars and public opinion, you know, makes a profound difference. and when you do have an incident where there are excessive casualties and the perception is you're not taking responsibility for them. it
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can't have an impact in terms of turning opinions, public opinion away from your side, and tre, and towards your opponents side. and that's the thing isn't. accountability is very important to what, to what degree do you think that hasn't been that hasn't been accountability in the past. and we had new york times highlighted this, the cover up of a strike concert, 2019 that killed dozens of women and children for one. absolutely. and here, you know, there were reports of, of issues regarding, you know, a certain strikes and their impact in terms of critical infrastructure, like a damn or civilian casualties. you know, but this particular special operations unit was able to circuit vent, establish procedures. and, you know, the military has to run that to ground and fix that, you know, before the next conference, please call. i appreciate your analysis. thanks very much need for that. you're
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welcome. nick. china is demanding. the united states immediately improve its trade practices with beijing face retaliate, reach paris. it follows a ruling by the world trade organization allowing china to take action on what it regards is unfair u. s. duties. and it caps a decade long dispute katrina, you has more now from bay james. this dates back to a case lodged by beijing against washington back in 2012 under the previous obama administration at the time, washington had imposed parents on a number of chinese goods, including wind towers, solar panels, things like citric acid. and washington's argument was that the firms creating these goods were partially owned by state order and to see government entities. and therefore, china was not abiding by market principles and so they slept on these tabs on these chinese goods. now the w t o is saying that china has the right to impose $645000000.00 worth of retaliatory tariffs on the us.
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now there's 2 things to remember about this really number one that this amount of money, although it sounds like a lot is actually much less than what china originally asked for. china originally asked for the right to impose $2400000000.00 worth of tires against washington. secondly, this amount is really peeling in comparison to the amount of tower of since imposed on chinese goods by the previous trump administration. and those tariffs have amounted to $110000000000.00. under this ongoing trade war, spotify is removing neil young's music after the rock star off the platform to choose between him and podcast. joe rogan young accuses rogan of spreading coven misinformation. j reagan experience as the top podcast on spotify with an estimated $200000000.00 downloads per month. young condemned rogan's interview with an
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infectious disease specialist who opposes coded vaccines for children. autumn phillips, as a social media commentator in author, and he says it's hard to spotify to strike a balance between freedom of speech and moderation. this is, it is important to stress that this is a very different situation to questions or for example, content moderation on facebook, or twitter or other social media platforms. spotify is paying joe rogan, an awful lot of money in order to produce podcasts exclusively for them. they are absolutely a media platform and there's nothing wrong with saying that they should take some degree of editorial responsibility for the content that they're paying full. so this is a different kind of question to the kind of ones that we see when will asking, you know, should facebook, you know, fact check, things should facebook delete, things should paste with banned people. this is about a media company that's paying someone to make content for them, but they're certainly been under a lot of pressure. and i think all of them to a large extent have done something. is question of whether or not that's enough and
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exactly how they're striking that balance. and of course it is a balance. it's, this isn't a pure binary way. you've got freedom speech at one end and censorship on the other side and there's nothing in between. so just as there are plenty of things that spotify could do to limit the risk of their flagship podcast, spreading misinformation during a pandemic, the yo are short of actually censoring joe rogan or dropping it or anything like that. it. we also see this with the social media platforms, is that a lot of the time their response to it is not just deleting or banning people, but it's actually adding contexts, you know? so they will add fact checks. so that's, that's effectively the free speech response to questions of misinformation. record inflation in sewing prices are leaving many shop is in turkey, struggling to make ends meet. the central bank is forecasting a 23 percent inflation rate this year, but that's not before it peaks at an estimated 55 percent in the coming months. she the consumer reports now from a stumble. high inflation is
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a major talking point for all turks. the layer has lost nearly half of its value within the past year. as the central bank may steep cuts to interest rate. that also the policy cost prices to sor, including for energy and such as the ingredients for a turkish breakfast. to make one kilo of this culture cheese, you need 11 liters of raw milk. the price of milk doubled with the increase on electricity. natural gas prices arising or regular customers cut their consumption . nearly 40 percent kirk is inflation rates rocketed to 36 percent in december after a series of interest rate cuts demanded by president treasure type. it's the highest inflation rate since the election 20 years ago. the tricky, marcia was we used to buy in kilos last year now in grams for more than half of our retirement salaries are being spent on gas,
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electricity phone bills. on the 1st day, high prices are like the domain of focus of stock market attention. the central bank is best for the seeking to rebuild foreign reserves, which fell more than 60 percent from mid december for just $7500000000.00. years of further, inflation rises in the coming month. terrified turkey manage the latest increase to the minimum wage, and the pensions are not enough to make. and the central bank forecasts and inflation rate of 23 percent this year. some analyst things that's optimistic and expect wars to come, how much we manage somehow we buy the cheapest things, but it's very difficult for larger families to manage. i don't know how things will work. responding to the economic challenges, government leaders in on cur, have implemented a series of measures during the past month to persuade savers,
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banks, and companies to hold more lira, rather than foreign currency. those measures studies to lira for now, but many fear the hopes of lower inflation have already left the station and they will soon be paying an even bigger price for turkey's financial turmoil. see now, because solo else's series stumble. ah, there are, these are the top stories, and you, as president joe biden has reiterated to his ukraine counterpart washington's readiness to respond decisively if russia invades ukraine, the u. s. has requested a public un security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls russia's threatening behavior had to go hand is more from washington d. c. on what to expect from monday's meeting. unlikely or accomplish anything since russia has the veto power.


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