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campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those sought to profit from the forest destruction or jessia correspondent ah prepare for an invasion. the u. s. president warren says ukrainian can support that . an attack from russia may come as early as next month. ah, hello and welcome. i repeated all you're watching al jazeera alive from doha, also coming up a call to arms. burkina faso is the military leader vows to fight violent groups that are killed. thousands the meteoric rise. a digital art disguised the limits as
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musician celebrities and even companies caching the latest crypto craze. and saving a national treasure, australia analyses, a 700000000 dollar cash injection to help preserve the great barrier reef. ah, you as president joe by warning his ukrainian counterpart that a russian invasion is a coach, distinct possibility auntie is reassured him of washington to readiness to respond decisively. if that happens, our diplomatic as a james base looks now at whether there's still a chance to avoid a military confrontation, hello, in recent weeks, have seen an unprecedented flurry of diplomacy. efforts have intensified as the threats of war grows. a war many believe could now be imminent and very dangerous. meanwhile, troops,
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tanks and weapons continue to mess in eastern europe. russian forces surround ukraine, nato is reinforcing its members the board of russia while some members of the alliance, but notably not germany ascending anti tank and anti aircraft massage to ukraine. so is there now a way to stop this march to war? span juergen, son is a stone years and basset to the united nations. his country is a neighbor to russia and until the end of last year served on the security council, there's always room for comp compromise. but the question is, does russia want to compromise? because if you look at the demands that russia has put forward to united states and nato, then just reading through them, it's absolutely obvious that the soul is just nonsense. it's deliberately grafted in a way that there couldn't be any compromise the leader of another nato nation. again, with a border with russia, norwegian prime minister,
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yona sca stora has told me despite the difficulties, no efforts should be spared to find a diplomatic solution. i simply state and i observe up now there are talks going on . there's a channel of communication, and i would appeal to those who sit those table use those channels up, the maximum, and on the nato side and the euro atlantic site, i believe there is a very strong unity on the principles and very care messages in the communication much the problem is that russia's foreign minister, sir g, a lab, ralph has made his country's demands in public. and in writing, russia says ukraine must never join nato and the poland and the 3 baltic states which will nato members must be allowed to have troops or weapons from other nato countries on their soil, alone and producing. and the main question is our clear message that we consider further nato expansion to the east and weapons deployment, which can threaten the russian federation. unacceptable. one expert on the region warns that can only be a compromise if russia tables a new proposal,
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something that's more palatable to nato. the best compromise would come in russia put something else on the table that the west was willing and able to provide. if russia looks at the general state of unity between europe and the united states, if it looks the kind of economic pleasures that have been promised in case of an incursion and decided that cost worth it, that the need to maintain business and economic ties to europe is important enough for where russia wants to be in the future that jeopardizing that isn't worth it. some experts believe that president putin may not have decided yet whether he's going to invade ukraine. the 1st meeting of the un security council on the current crisis is expected on monday, and russia were looking for the support of china. and that's why some diplomats believe the russians may wait to launch military action until the event that china
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has so much about the beijing winter olympics is over. in mid february, james bays al jazeera of the united nations bill. me has been speaking to people in mario pole in the southeast of ukraine. the hurdles of, i'm a lot of people. there is a feeling that, that the moment on the really, the whole thing is going between russia and the u. s. and ukraine wants to make sure that that remains ascent of that conversation and certainly note up as sort of byproduct of that. all. that is a sentiment we also heard among many people, they said at the end of the day, this is a fight. that's good, a crisis is going on between due to superpowers, the u. s. and russia is about really expanding influence in this part of the world . and ukraine is one to make sure that they are not a consequence of that. but that actually the real threat than living under is something that's gonna be dealt with. the keener facts,
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those military leaders since the nation will only return to what he called constitutional order when conditions are right. pull on re amoeba, address the nations, the 1st time soldiers to pose the civilian government. on monday, he called on people to take up the fight against arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i saw nicholas hark reports. now from what a google haunted by those that didn't survive husband's fathers, but also brothers as young as 12 and 70 year old grandfather's all killed by fighters affiliated to isolate in the northern region of law, whom i had a mouth gunman encircled their village and shot them all says you got my me now. the women and children were spared, but carry with them in unshakable fear of their return, and when i cannot go back, their bodies is still lying there rocking in the ground. falling mondays. lieutenant colonel barlow. he demi bow made his 1st address to the nation. he put the country on war footing, calling on all to unite and take up,
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arms against arm groups. large quantity on sir ordered me, sir, all is when the conditions arise, i commit to return to a normal constitutional order and god, fellow citizens, people of the king of fos. or while there are many priorities, is it clear that the main priority remain security? we must significantly reduce the area under terrorists and the impact of violence extremism. by giving security forces the will to fight, and we must be offensive while the beginner has the army suffering many losses despite the support of french forces. this is in okay, that propaganda video recorded by fighters attacking security forces in, in natal last november. dozens were killed in the rate that provoked a public outcry for what was seen as a humiliating defeat. to me by deposed president, february on monday, accusing him of being unable to defend the country. it's in the military camp in downtown walker do that lieutenant colonel. but he, demi,
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by his meeting with civil society, actors leaders from the trade unions and members of february, his government, the ministers that he was once accountable to are now under his orders. his objective is to rebuild the militaries that they can go from defeat to victory and regain control of law. territory demi bow had suggested recruiting russian mercenaries help. but president huck. gabriella dismissed the idea. but since the queue russian mercenaries from the wagner group operating in central african republic, and molly say they are ready to help bertina fossa tooth. 2000000 people have been forced from their homes in a country scarred by what feels like an endless spiral of violence. with no peace in sight. nicholas hawk al jazeera. why do go? b, u. s. defense secretary ones, the pentagon to limit civilian casualties caused by american asked strikes. lloyd austin says it's a moral imperative to protect civilians. he wants an action plan within the next 90
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days. and hopes the pentagon can implement the recommendations. there has been criticism in recent months, falling an air strike in the afghan capital last year, the killed 10 civilians. p j. crowley is a retired us air force colonel, and formerly an assistant secretary of state, he says, public opinion of a conflict is often influenced by civilian deaths. the ice age military is exceptional at hitting what it's saying. it's not as good as it needs to be at 1st of all before the strike assessing what the impact on a civilian population will be. and this is, this is the nature of modern where the warfare today, you know, 20 or 30 years ago, we fought wars and isolated battlefields. now we fought, fight wars in urban centers. so civilians are going to be effected. and it is very important before the strike to assess what the impact is. and then after the strike,
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if there are unexpected civilian casualties to find out how the system fails in today's global environment. you know, just achieving your military objectives is not enough. wars are, are more political wars and their military wars and public opinion, you know, makes a profound difference. and when you do have an incident where there are excessive casualties and the perception is you're not taking responsibility for them. it can't have an impact in terms of turning opinions, public opinion away from your side and tor, and toward your opponents side. north korea has confirmed it, testified short range, ballistic missiles on thursday. young yang has carried out 6, launches this month and defines to the un security council leader kim jong own, was pictured at a factory, said media says that helps to manufacture the missiles. you know, cuz an associate research fellow at the athens institute for policy studies. he
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believes north korea, we'll continue testing weapons until the u. s. t returns to the negotiating table. this is the per perfect timing for north korea to the pressure on the country like south korea or united states and even china out. well, i mean, there was a good reason. i think that those pretty hard to do those kind of test us is title with the possible conflicts in ukraine and the taiwan and chinese in those you the in the proper and the for the stuff as parental and picks and south korea in the middle of the a presidential election, so this is barely bought a lot of pos for those countries. and north korea is using. there's a lot of talks under going. well, i mean, there's no view to be made. so, i mean, there's no reason for us to, you know, our like our like last you know,
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trunks by as it kim jones out of the summit. i mean, there's no buy them, kim, don't kim jones from me or is coming up still to come here on al jazeera. i, john, on the polish side of the border with construction has begun, only migrants and refugees. and building a bit coined city. president plans to mine crypto currency using volcanic energy. ah hello there. it's a mixed weather outlook as we end the week across europe. now much of the focus this week has been to that southeast corner. we've had a severe snowstorm, drop,
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lots of snow across greece and turkey. in particular for is stumble and athens what is cleared up on friday. we are going to see more wet and windy weather affect southern parts of greece over the weekend, but much of the action on friday is going to be in that northwest corner. we've got where the fronts pulling in from the atlantic, bringing wet and windy weather to northern areas of england and scotland is gonna turn very wintry as well across scandinavia, with some strong winds blowing that snow across into the baltic states. by the time we get into saturday, a lot about wind is going to clear some of the fog and cloud across the low lying countries, but it will remain, are the rainy here. it dries up, however, across southern parts of england. and if we haven't looked at the 3 day for london, well, the temperature is going to pick up on saturday. it's going to feel a little bit warmer. and as we go into sunday, we will see some sunshine breaking through. now further south of this, it's looking a lot finer and dryer across much of the mediterranean, with lots of sunshine coming through for portugal and for spain. but it's going to turn west across southern areas of greece by saturday. that sure weather update.
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ah, with frank assessments for china goods, well banish it from the 0. call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs enough. right. is that statement critical debate? why that would be the claims that nato constitutes. i lead to stan cho threats to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah ah,
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we are just to touch away from 715, g m t. you're watching all to 0 on piece adobe your top storage. you as president obama mourning, his ukranian counter thought that a russian invasion is a quotes distinct possibility. he written, reiterated the u. s. is ready to respond decisively if that happens, but diplomatic efforts ongoing booking offensive military leaders says the nation will only returns what he call constitutional order. when conditions are right pull on, read, the amoeba was making his 1st public. the address is the who on monday, north korea has confirmed it has testified short range, ballistic missiles that happened on thursday. pyongyang has carried up 6, launches this month in defiance of the un security comes. the australian prime minister scott morrison has promised to fir the $703000000.00 to help protect the great barrier reef from environmental threats. he says the investment will also help secure thousands of jobs that depend on the reef. sara clark has more from
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brisbin. the $700000000.00 announcement will fund a range of conservation projects to protect the great barrier reef and comes a year off. the world heritage site was almost listed as endangered by the united nations. the funding will go toward improving monitoring systems, water quality programs, and great a protection for coal communities. with more than half of the co population killed over the last decade due to mass bleaching triggered by climate change. this is an election year and this funding announcement is the government's attempt to convince its critics that it's doing it bit to address climate change. the united nations world heritage committee will reassess the state of the reef again this year and vote on whether it should be added to the endangered list. scientists say the great barrier reef has already suffered mass co mortality due to hate stress and severe bleaching. the next 12 months is expected to deliver record high temperatures and
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critic, so fridays funding announcement doesn't address the key issue of global warming and is more about protecting tourism job. now, staying in australia, astronomers have discovered a celestial object, unlike any scene before the mysterious body releases a huge burst of energy like clockwork. every 18 minutes and 18 seconds. the lead researcher says there are other objects in the galaxy that switch on and off, but nothing with such frequency has ever been detected. now these kinds of objects were predicted to exist their cold, ultra long period magnetrons, but nobody ever expected to find one. we thought they would be rare or invisible just you'd never see it. but what we know is a strong this is never just one of anything. i mean when people fossil our son, they thought the son, the only son. and it took a little while to realize, oh, every single size also was fun. so i think it will be similar with this will be, i mean, no one at the moment. but we're probably going to find ball. and that will allow us
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to explore this hidden population of neutron stars in our galaxy oral tentatively. it's an object we don't even, we'd like it could be something we've never even thought of. and then we'll be exploring this entirely new population of exotic phenomena. i don't know what the future holds, but it's very exciting. so the feeling was just incredible, right? i have been doing astronomy for about 10 years. i still covered over remnants radio galaxies, clusters of galaxies, all sorts of objects, but they were all things the astronomers had predicted would exist to found an entirely new possible object. it's like a dream come true. i think my 8 year old self would be trimmed a proud the 1st batch of a to come directly from china has arrived and toner. the $33.00 ton shipment includes food, drinking water, tents and radio equipment. but people on the island will have to wait for the aid to be distributed. cobit 19 prevention measures mean everything has to be
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disinfected and quarantine for 3 days. poland is building a wall on its border with bella roofs, which was promised after a migrant crisis on the eastern flank last year. but there are doubts, it will do much to stop people entering the country illegally joined a whole reports now from cuz knitter in eastern poland once complete in the summer, poland wall will be a 186 kilometers long, almost half the length of the borderline with bell roofs, will it stop almost daily, attempt by refugees and migrants to make the illegal crossing? probably not according to a kurdish immigration lawyer who spoke to al jazeera, especially if, as he's widely alleged, they continue to get help from bella. russian border guards actually acting all is not, is not useful and they know that the guns can find and as a way, and they may be, as you know, as i told is that this helps them to cross the border. and of course,
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they find another place. raga has put us in touch with. these are occurred as refugee who with his family, including young children, is among hundreds living in a warehouse on the bell russian side. i asked nisa if he was aware that poland is building a wall to keep people like him out. good. now. what can we do? we have to wait. we can go back to our country when not part of the political problem between belarus and poland. we just want to cross the border and get to safety in the european union. it's a familiar story told by desperate people fleeing circumstances they can no longer tolerate. they may be among them purely economic migrants as well, but poland makes little distinction, putting hundreds into asylum detention camps and simply pushing others back. the crisis that flared last autumn is now much reduced. thousands were allegedly lou to
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the bellows border on the false promise of an easy crossing. it was both a cynical attempt by bella ruth, to destabilize parts of the e. u, and also a political opportunity for the polish government. bolan's wall being built at vast expense and partly through forests that are a unesco protected world. heritage site is a pretty extraordinary answer to what is now a fairly minimal problem. is it worth it to stop small numbers of people trying to cross the border from bella? luce, well, it is if you are a right wing populist government, this of the state, ron tv, news bulletins report, the broadly popular claim that poland is doing its bit to protect the external borders of the e. u. from uncontrolled migration, public opposition to the government's policies does exist. we just like to let people know that maybe not everyone in paula is against people coming here from
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other parts of the world and we are here for them. but their voices barely heard. jonah hall al jazeera in eastern podium. the us president joe biden has confirmed. he'll nominate the 1st black woman to the u. s. supreme court. mr biden didn't say who the nominee would be, but he did pledge to an unsafe decision before the end of next month. he praised the outgoing justice stephen breyer for his 27 years of service. kimberly, how could reports now from washington? here today to express the nation's gratitude to justice stephen bryer. he's served on the nation's highest court for more than a quarter century presiding over some of its most controversial cases from abortion to the environment. but on thursday, you, as president joe biden announced the 83 year old supreme court justice steven brier was stepping down. i think he's a model public servant in
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a time of great division in this country. briar was nominated to the court by democratic president bill clinton in 1994. as he reflected on his years on the bench briar concluded, the united states is a complicated nation. we know it's a kind of miracle when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, it people that are so different than what they think. and yet they've decided to help solve their major differences under law. briar plans to step down this summer when the supreme court completes its term, his replacement biden affirms, will fulfill a campaign pledge to make history person. i will nominate and be some of the extraordinary qualifications, character experience and integrity. and that person will be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme court. so long overdue,
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my biden says he's vetting candidates and we'll announce his nominee next month. one that won't alter the ideological makeup of the court. that currently leant conservative, but the decision to nominate a qualified black woman is deliberate, biden's, eager to please black voters whose support he relied on in the 2020 election. the timing is no accident with midterm elections for the u. s. congress coming up in november biden needs to deliver something to motivate voters. he needs a when, because are ready to be quite honest, ah, present by has not been able to get his agenda pathway to policing and reform the george lloyd bill. he's not been able to get any agenda pass with respect to voting rights. the new justice is expected to be younger and could sit on the court for decades. the senate has promised to take up biden's nomination quickly. president
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biden wants a quick confirmation of his nominee. well, democrats still controlled the senate after congressional elections in november. that's no guarantee republicans could take control and block any future by denomination to the supreme court. kimberly hell kit al jazeera, the white house. now the global market for digital assets recorded enormous growth last year. collectivism traders spent $40000000000.00 on what are called non fungible tokens or m f t. that means they can't be directly replaced by something that may look exactly the same. they are digital tokens used to represent ownership of these unique items, such as digital art for a video clip, artists, brands, musicians, and others can create an f to ease and offer them for sale. the transactions are listed on a publicly verifiable digital data base is called a block chain. each and f t has a unique identification code that acts like
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a certificate of authenticity. so even though others can see it, take a picture of it, or try to replicate it like an, an f t online. they won't be able to re sell it. for example, while many can own a print of the mona lisa, that can only ever be one original painting of the mona lisa. marco kiddos gutierrez, is a reporter with fortune magazine who's been writing about and f t's. he says the block chain doesn't make buying risk free with any industry cons, some of a fraud. and if you're buying or selling and you need to be careful of making sure that for instance, you're buying from an allow then take store, 3rd party platform where they sell energy. because there can be fake websites that look very similar. and also that you're buying from a verified seller once you're on an authentic website because there can be sellers that look very similar. are selling similar anesthesia to something that may be valued at millions of dollars,
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but are not at the actual thing. and also need to make sure that you're avoiding you know fishing scans and giving away the password to your crypto. well it, because that's an easy way for all your energy or your crypto currency used to be drained. i think it's open out an entirely new market and people are doing more with digital art in order to get this to, to manually and have to try and as well creating mediums that we haven't seen before used extensively. and so i think it really is making a difference in our world in that way. now salvatore has led the way in adopting bitcoin, being the 1st country to take it on as legal tender last year. but mining the crypto currency requires huge amounts of energy. now the countries president has an ambitious plan to create a bit coin city using the power of a po keno. it's a big gamble, and people are skeptical, as john holeman now explains from the capital. it was the 1st country in the world tease bitcoin as a national currency. now,
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salvatore's poised to take its gamble further. the president in a fi whitfield party announced that he's planning a whole city based on the crypto currency. what is rico city gonna include? and is gonna include everything, residential areas, commercial area services, but will have 0 income tax 0, capital gains tax. so you know, in both you make all the money you want to. we're fine because this is a fully, fully ecological city. that's work that works. and it's energized by able quino pick coin, city shaped like a symbol of the crypto currency itself. it will run with geothermal electricity from the nearby volcano, which will also be used to generate more bit coins. it's an invest his fantasy, but there are worries. it's little more than that. what, why is that? why the doubts about why a lot of other things because there is now 30 at this point,
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but i can tell kenya which is ample mellow, canine. the government has claim will be the one they'll be using mining. actually it allows for that kind in jail taylor exploitation. her associations been critical of president bush kelly, but many big coin as a rule. so skeptical. nobody seen any detail plans, but the government still ploughing ahead planning. so $1000000000.00 worth is so called big coin bonds, half of which would be used for the city's infrastructure. the other half will be used to buy a movie coins. the hope is that their value goes up and helps pay off some of el salvador, large national debt. some of those finances are looking to rosie. it's been running up the big budget deficit has payments looming. been trying to negotiate a load with international monetary fun. but so far that hasn't come for yet, hoping the big coin volatile currency,
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which the i m f doesn't approve of the country using will help solve the debt problems, right? presents and obvious gamble. meanwhile, l, so those 1st bitcoin experiment using the crypto currencies, legal tender along with the dollar continues. government allies say it's doing great. but in 4 months, a big point over 4000000 people have become digitalized. and the grab, the vast majority of them demand bank accounts, and that's over 2 thirds of the population. the question is, how many of those $4000000.00 people just use the government's bitcoin up once to get out the $30.00 worth of the crypto currency given away for free? who knows? no public stuts are available. what is known as the people who struggle to use the app and the big coin cash points from the star single. i've been trying to get into my account for 2 weeks and i can't do it. it's active and registered and i've been calling support. but they haven't been able to search it for me. the governance.


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