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informed opinions on national resource by is not large enough to get there adequately to our people. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, ah, as tensions with russia roe the ukraine, the u. s. president says he will move troops to eastern europe. ah, although i'm come all santa maria here and don't how this is the world news from al jazeera, west africa regional block eco was suspends between a fall. so to put pressure on the new military rulers, the head of talks, also a lifeline for argentina. a landmark deal with the international monetary fund will
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allow it to restructure billions of dollars decks and fears that books as sewing divisions in classrooms in the united states senate is prompting a campaign to band them ah, aim for diplomacy, but prepare for conflict that seems to be the approach the united states is taking right now. ever ukraine. president joe biden has announced a small number of american soldiers will be deployed to eastern europe soon, even as his top military officials called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in ukraine. protocol hammer. this report now for washington. another sign of how serious the u. s. thinks the threat rush opposes to ukraine. the u. s. president announced he's moving us forces to the region where have you decided how soon you would be moving you extra eastern europe . all will review us through so you're the nato countries in the near term.
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not a lot. he's likely talking about the 8500 troops that were put on stand by to deploy most headed to bolster nato's quick reaction force. but he's also said he has no intention of sending us troops to ukraine. and a new tone from the pentagon, with more than 100000 russian troops on your cranes border. the top military leader say russia has enough force to take over ukraine. given the type of forces arrayed the ground maneuver forces, the artillery, the ballistic missiles, the air forces, all of it packaged together. if that was on leashed on ukraine, it would be significant, very significant, and it would result in a significant amount of casualties. and you can imagine what that might look like in dense urban areas, along roads, and so on and so forth. it would be horrified, it would be terrible. design,
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ukrainian president bold. amir zalinski is trying to reassure his people said, we've seen russian build up forces like this before. the warning from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff this time is different, and the biden administration is under pressure by some to have the military do more issue sanctions and then escalate. what the 2nd allow on a sand is we're not going to back on the more provocative your, the more result resolve will have her native, so sand american and nato soldiers around russia to read for worse. we're not giving an inch when it comes to native. but the administration wants to send the message, diplomacy can still work. there's no reason that the situation has to devolve into conflict. he can choose to deescalate, he can order his troops away. he can choose dialogue and diplomacy. if not the u. s . as the result will be catastrophic, not just for ukraine,
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but for russia as well. clerical haine, al jazeera, washington, russian foreign minister says his country doesn't want war, but also want allowance interest to be ignored by the west. so collaborative is expected to meet his us count about again in the coming weeks to try to deescalate things. delta jabari has moved from moscow. russia naval strengths on full display in the black sea. part of regular drills that carries out throughout the year. and in the country, southwest, more troops and military hardware are taking part in live fire exercises. but russia has dismiss us warnings. it is about to invade ukraine used to be at the addresses. there won't be a war as far as it depends on the russian federation. we don't want to war, but we won't let our interest be rudely traveled on and ignored that your goal is to change. possibly new to the u. s. has rejected all the russian security proposals for the last 2 or 3 years. now they're putting the same things on the
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table. in other words, they're borrowing from recent russian initiatives. this is something, at least one of moscow's strongest allies, and a neighbor to the north has reiterated its support for russia and says that the 2 countries are only interested in self defense. that would appoint libya. so will there be a war nod? yes, there will be, but only in 2 cases, if direct aggression is committed against bell route, obviously for hot war is a least against our bellows. and the 2nd possibility of award to happen and for bell, ruth, to take part in middleman is for our ally. the russian federation is directly attacked if the same aggression is committed against the territory of the russian federation. russia and bela roosts are due to begin 10 days of joint military exercises next month. the biggest ever health, but on the streets of moscow, people say it's russia that's being provoked here, the middle school. i mean, i believe america wants to provoke russia by any means. we lived decently now in
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russia. i'm 70 years old and i can see be of never lived better than now. they feel threatened by this and are trying to destabilize us. it all smells or publication silly pool ivy in the my half of the people i know are ukranian. i can't believe there will be war. i can't believe it. it's the conflict of politicians rather than ordinary people. ukrainians are our relatives. annoy is newman for russian over tuck anyone and it's never going to the only defense. it's the united states who escalate in the whole situation because it was profitable for them. president vladimir putin has spoken to his french counterpart emanuel, my crawl about rushes deep unease with nato's eastward expansion. so the diplomatic window is still open to avert what could be a disastrous conflict for all sides door such avari al jazeera moscow. let's get more on the ground in easton, ukraine, chance stratford. he's in de,
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netscape, an area under the control of russian backed rebels. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has been speaking to the media, both international and local journalists in kia. it seems very much that the ukrainian prison is trying to stamp is all 40 on this crisis mentioning that sir, ukraine would not accept any kind of agreement made solely between the us and russia. he blamed the media for blowing up the situation for inflaming the situation. seemingly he said that the crisis was no worse than what had happened in 2014 and obviously a time where he was not president. but bear in mind that that was a time when ukraine lost crimea to russian control, indeed lost control of these areas in don barza in eastern ukraine. and it seems as if certainly, as i say, the ukranian present very much trying to stamp his authority on this crisis. and
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bear in mind that the lord, amir zalinski at the moment, is suffering some of the worst popularity ratings since he became president. more than 2 years ago, he is a man that promised in his election campaign to return control of crimea. and this area of don bass to the ukraine. something that he has thus far failed to do. to other news and thousands of people have fled their homes in eastern democratic republic of congo during fighting between the army and m. 23 rebels. that march 23 movement says it's known targeted a congo these army position north of gama. on tuesday, the group took 2 villages in november after launching its largest offensive in years. the u. n. 's world food program says nearly 40 percent of people in ethiopia, tegra region are suffering from an extreme lack of food. aid convoys haven't had access for weeks because of the conflict with government forces. and 9000000 people
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in t gray and neighboring regions who need food aid. crisis affected families in northern ethiopia were getting less than 30 percent of their caloric needs in the past months. pushing people deeper into crisis is expected that the, that constant humanitarian food assistance will be required, at least throughout 2020 to the west. african block eco was suspended, became fossil membership, following a qu on monday. but it stopped short of imposing new sanctions as nicholas hark reports from one category. abdur rahman, not his real name, is getting ready to fight burkina faso is icily affiliate in the countries north. he's not a soldier, but a civilian is returned to the capital to gather weapons and equipment for the hundreds of volunteer fighters. he commands, he says muslims in the north are being butchered. burkina faso, security forces are too scared to deal with a threat, leaving it to volunteers,
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to fight and die on the front line. we are very frustrated with book in this uneasily. the armed grooves are better equipped than us. they even attack us with rockets. but the amine never comes up to help us me while the military is busy by ticking over to capital instead of protecting us along the bodice lamp gentle leader. but all eat amoeba is expanding on a strategy devised by the president. he toppled on monday and that equipping civilians to fight armed groups after 2 weeks of training provided by the army, villagers are supplied with basic weapons and ammunitions. that's because a kite, an eyesore affiliated groups have shifted their focus from attacks on security forces to villagers. and that's forcing millions to flee their homes, leaving large swats of land in the hands of arm groups on the outskirts of the capital neighborhoods. already crushed by poverty or taking those displaced by the fighting children have no access to schools or medical facilities. they receive no
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help from the government or agencies. both those, this place and there was hosting them share this only well, but to access this water, they have to pay almost a dollar for a couple of these jerrick ins. there's a sense for many here that the state has abandoned them and hope that perhaps their circumstances will change with this new leadership in charge of the country. oh, in his 1st address to the nation, gentle leader beat the drum of war, appearing more like a commander in chief than head of state, promising security and break from the past. he is also called on the support of the international community. but during an emergency meeting of the west african body echoes heads of state suspended, burkina faso as a member state, the region is marked by military takeovers and facing growing insecurity in this a hell for say to my guy, member of parliament for the countries to hell region piece will come down with more weapons, but through dialogue,
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we know those that are taking us often. it's her sons or family members. there are local people influenced by outsiders. we have to engage into dialogue and alleviating poverty is a key factor here. for abdur rahman, the people of this a how have been forgotten left to fight the shadow of war. they cannot win alone. nicholas hawk gallenger's iraq walker, do the you and human rights office is calling for increased pressure against me and mazda trees. the 1st anniversary of the qu approaches it's described widespread violence against civilians including torture, around so called clearance operations, targeting villages, and based $1500.00 people are known to have been killed in the past year. that the u. n says the actual numbers likely much higher. we will check your wild weather in a moment and then she liked her muscle lawyer fighting terrorism charges for a lecture. you let me go to school. what british police want details to be withheld from an inquiry into alleged government partners during lockdown.
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ah hello. they will have a look at the weather across the middle east in a moment, but 1st to africa. and in the south, we've seen as dense cloud linger across many areas, bringing heavy rain to the likes of malawi as well as mozambique and zambia. we've seen flooding from those rains, they are likely to continue. they're going to affect places like southern angola as well as western areas of zambia. on saturday we will be botswana and northern areas of south africa that see the heavy rain. by the time we get into sunday now from now, madagascar remains while the fine and dry, but it could turn wet and windy and next week we got a cycling pulling in west. edging closer to maricia. these systems do tend to be
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unpredictable, but we will keep an eye on that and see where it heads as we go in to monday. now, to the north of africa, we've got some windy weather pulling into the west. the hamilton winds, kicking up that sand blowing across into the atlantic. we've also got more wet and windy weather on course for libya as well as egypt. and that system will scott across by the time we get into next week, bringing some of that rain to parts of the levant. but the further south we go, the more sunshine we see, it will be cooler across the gulf, that you, whether ah, a jeremy duty, the journey a base, and one of necessity, ah, 3 different missions. but all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical weather. risking
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it all liquor rack you are on the al jazeera. ah, ah ah. oh and al jazeera, these are the top stories you as president joe biden says, he will be moving a small number of troops to eastern europe. the pentagon is put around 8 and a half 1000 military personnel on stand by. the russian deployed more than a 100000 soldiers on its border with ukraine. ah, the west african block eco was suspended, picking up bosses membership following the crew on monday. a group has stopped short opposing new sanctions. there are talks miniatures until saturday. the u as
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well, food programs as many 40 percent of the people in ethiopia, tig right region is suffering from extreme lack of food. i'd convoys haven't had access for weeks because of the conflict of governance. after a year of talks, argentina has reached a deal with the international monetary fund to restructure more than $44000000000.00 worth of debt. the president said the deal will allow access to new funds. the critics want the government to just suspend re payments because they say the country can't afford it, monica, you don't give more from what us. ours. argentina's present. alberto ford, man. this presented the agreement with the i m f as a life saver in yellow from a for a were who knew we had a noose around our neck without the agreement, we had no horizon. no future fernandez, had inherited from his predecessor mouldy, so mighty. a 44500000000 dollar debt with the i m f. one that argentina could not
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repay, especially while facing of recession, spiraling inflation and coven 19. ah, argentines took to the streets during the pandemic to show they weren't willing to make more sacrifices to pay their creditors. ah, the government's only option was to negotiate a new agreement with the i m f. that would be politically acceptable in with us. he bowed on the body of maces, we have endured months of very harsh negotiations to undo the hom inflicted on argentina. economy minister marchin grossman explained that the agreement would buy argentina more time to pay the debt without forcing it to make drastic public spending cuts the government, he said, would continue to invest in them for structure, science, and technology, paving the way for better future. 69 year old bed the bed is watch. the news was unimpressed. as long as she can remember, argentina has been moving from one economic crisis to another,
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struggling with high inflation and debt. in those his he is on gray beadle. this agreement may represent a relief for the government, but it won't change a thing for argentines. prices of vein and will continue going up. the government will raise taxes to pay its costs, and inflation will continue to impoverish us. it's a vicious cycle that doesn't end. the markets reacted positively to the agreement, mainly because the lack of one would have led to a default. i could see no credit anywhere. agreement will not produce major changes . it basically gives argentina some space to breathe. our problems will not be solved, but if we had no agreement, they would be significantly greater with the agreement. it's only the 1st step in yet another long process. it's still has to be approved by the i m f board. and by argentine us congress monitor. i'll just euro, we're not cited. she covered updates for you, south korea, 1st of all,
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which is reporting and other record breaking day of new cases. more than 17000 of them confirmed that is the figure more than which has more than doubled in the past week. the health ministry says it's medical system is stable, but it is asking people not to visit family during the lunar new year. holiday starting. every 1st truck is protesting in the canadian capital also, or against the vaccine mandate. convoys converged around parliament on saturday and police say on are concerned about traffic and safety. is protested against an order that went into force a week ago. requiring all truckers to cross the border into the u. s. to be vaccinated. and thousands of truck drivers for imagine tina stuck at the border with chill because of a coby 19 testing delay. some have been stranded for more than 2 weeks just waiting for the negative result to enter july to the u. k. where the british police want details to be withheld from an inquiry into alleged government parties during
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locked down the metropolitan police, a full publication could compromise its own investigation. the fact that reports from london rarely have events at number 10 face this much scrutiny. the countries watching, waiting, speculating on the consequences of alleged rule breaking by those in power. yes and piece have been clamoring for a full publication of the internal inquiry into potential breaches of the rules compile by senior civil servant su grey. that these government can be trusted to deliver the results of which, if harmful enough, could lead to the collapse of boys johnson's leadership. but with anticipation at its peak now, london's metropolitan police who stepped in to carry out their own criminal investigation of put the brakes on calling for the report to make minimal reference to the events they are examining. to avoid prejudicing the case. the demand means the much awaited su gray report will be limited, excluding details of the most serious breaches,
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including possible errors by the police guarding downing street. i think the met please have got something to answer for hear. this leading lawyer who previously defended wikileaks founded julian a sound. she believes the met police isn't capable of a fair investigation. i think that real question marks around the credibility of the met please investigating their own offices. he didn't prevent crimes and did not report crimes. ah, and i think they have a duty now to bring in an independent place bowls out to look and review what it was that the mat didn't do. so what did happen at number 10 during the pandemic. it's believed that 17 gatherings ranging from cheese and wine events to boozy leaving deuce happened between may 2020 and april 2021 across white hole would see gray looking into many of them. meanwhile, london's metropolitan police have launched a separate criminal investigation into 8 of the most serious breaches of cove had
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lockdown rolls. behind the door of the country's most famous address, boris johnson's planning, his next move. all of this means that lie the hands of the newly renovated but not yet working. famous clogged politics in westminster is at a standstill. forrest johnson in a perpetual state of high noon. his opponents in a continuous midnight still in the dark about exactly what went on behind the doors of number 10. it also means that any momentum opponents of bars johnson may have gained in recent weeks subsides. giving johnson room to maneuver is unclear when the police will conclude their criminal investigation. the results of that could be serious for johnson, but might be months away. in the meantime, speculation over parties at number 10 continues, but there is of course, one downing street night owl, and potential star witness need the su gray nor the police can question the park or out to 0, westminster. now the gang rape have a woman in uruguay
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a week ago and spoke to protest against sexual violence in the capital. montevideo thousands demonstrated notes on the scene center. michelle's support for the 30 year old victim. 3 suspects have not been questioned by police. 10 suspected central american people smugglers behind bows. after more than a dozen raids in guatemala, u. s. and guatemalan agents conducted a joint operation the suspect to believe, to be part of a smuggling gang responsible for the massacre of 19 guatemalan migrants in mexico a year ago. best against, believe mexican police officers were also involved now, deaths at the hands of police and major processed to focus minds about the role of race in the united states. but while some people try to learn more schools and libraries say they're facing unprecedented campaigns to banned books, parents are objecting to titles, bay claims,
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so division and cause distress for white students. shepherd tansy as the story battle is waging at school boards across the united states. i'm sure we've got hundreds of people out there that would like to see those books before we burnham books deemed to be sewing division in the classroom by republican control. boards are being reviewed by authorities some of being removed from the shelves. i don't know that any advocate who has been working on tracking or paying attention to the freedom to read can recall the time when the same book was removed or targeted with such vitriol and haste. in so many places all over the country at one. yeah, and then the involvement of politicians, the state legislators, governors. this is categorically different to this is next level. we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. the issue is key to the republicans re taking the governorship of
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virginia for the 1st time in 11 years. even after donald trump, popularity had slept last november. this was one of the advert used by the victorious campaign and my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart song. it was some of the most explicit material you can imagine. he's referring to beloved by the nobel prize winner with attorney morrison and the count of american slavery. that does contain some explicit scenes. a son would have been 17 or 18 at the time of his assignments. it's all part of a wider cultural war against c. r t or critical race theory, and academic discipline using law class from gender, to analyze racism in america, country to the claims of right wing politicians. there it is not taught at who, but at universities were trying, but some argue that discussing race at all, either in the school classroom or anywhere else is itself a form of racism. nobody wants this crap. ok, this is an elite driven phenomenon. abram x can these book stamps was the 2nd most
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targeted book for bombing in the u. s. in 20. 20. according to the american library association of traces, the current mood of censorship to a backlash against the black lives matter protests of 2020 more people particularly more, more, right, americans seeking to understand the history and the, and really the presence of, you know, racism, the history of all the different groups that have formulated this country, then you have this bitter attack to prevent people from learning their history from understanding their history from seeking to understand how it was that george floyd was, was murdered in such a good way. but the range of books being taught should go way beyond those analyzing race in u. s. society. the selection suggests hostility to any consideration of gender sexual identity, reproductive rights, or, in this case, just
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a simple acknowledgement. the 3 african american women were crucial to nasa in the sixty's. in fact, many of the list circulating objectional books have not originated locally from concerned parents, but have been compiled by groups funded by national republican party donors. it's pretty clear that one side of the political spectrum believes is a winning political issue and issue the republicans will mobilize the suburban white electorate ahead of the upcoming mid term elections. she ever times the al jazeera washington, a prominent lawyer in sri lanka detained for nearly 2 years has been denied bale. the case has been criticized by human rights groups, had jobs his below was 1st arrested on claims of abating the 2900 easter bombings. but he was charged a year later with a different offence when el fernandez reports from the land in north west sri lanka, with a lawyer trial is under way. he jones, his beula, arrived at the high court in the town of putting them on friday, hoping to be released on bail. the sheila can lawyer has been in detention since
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police arrested him in april 2020, vaguely. and then it was because he helped the easter sunday bombers, who caused this carnage in 2019 killing 270 people. but almost a year later, his beula was formerly charged with inciting communist. this how many under the prevention of terrorism act for a lecture he allegedly gave at this medusa or islamic school. you don't even know what you're fighting against and you don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow. so there was always uncertainty and everything. and i think that was the hardest part of it. and the last 21 months have been difficult. my mom found out she was pregnant with that 1st child. after her husband was detained. today, she heard he was coming home. this fight local and international criticism of the case against the jobs, his viola, and mounting treasure for his release. he's back in demand. the high court judge
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maintained she did not have the authority to give bill to tara suspect. his will as legal team applied for bill based on government lawyers saying they wouldn't object, but in the p d. yes. there are provisions to give bill if the consent buddy should guns when a trailer started. and in this situation, a child has started, and then the lack of legal operations that you've been in the trial started the trial based on testimony of a former student at the dresser began on friday. the now 18 year old senior and the orange shirt told the court that his bullet had told him about muslims in palestine being attacked. his belie and his family have denied the charges, saying the case is fabricated. it was a clear, very, very clear message to to anyone who once to
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defend minorities hearing or defend muslim rights. that this is how you're going to be treated, that this is what we can do to you. but it's not silence tis buller and let's keep fighting till he does come home. he's daughter will have to settle for his picture or no foreign menendez. i'll just put them in a funeral, been held in vietnam for then buddhist monk and poet, attributed with spreading mindfulness around the world. a service held in the city of highway were taken out. han died a week ago, 9510 prominence of the peace activists for his opposition to the war in vietnam and the 1960 s. that subsequently his promotion of mindfulness has become a pillar of the 5 trillion dollar global wellness industry. the.


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