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tv   My Zimbabwe Petina Gappa - Out of Darkness  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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what we're doing good, letting all these mondays, you know, we cannot, we cannot kill the vision in the name of your and we cannot do that guy. so we have a son free. we're going to do e o. the question now when will this stop? it's a well funded protest raising more than $8000000.00 on go fun me. meaning this may be the sound of the city for a while to come. medical haine, al jazeera. ah . this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. north korea has testified. what's all to me? it's longest range missile since 20. 17 sunday's launch was young eggs 7th this month. the u. s. and japan say north korea has violated un resolutions done. don't
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go to court because we were to have some commit. north korea's activities, including the consecutive firing of ballistic missiles, is a great threat to the peace of our nation. the region and the international society firing such a high intensity ballistic missile violates the united nations security council. and we strongly protested to north korea. voting is underway in portugal snapped general election was called after a blocked spending bill brought down the minority socialist government. but it's unlikely any party will win an upright majority. in northern ireland, the families of those killed on buddy sunday are holding a walk of remembrance. it's 50 years since british troops opened fire on civilians killing 14 people. this is dary, where the massacre happened was one of the darkest moments of what became known as the troubles sectarian conflict lasting more than 30 years. cruise government says an oil spill triggered by the volcanic eruption near tonya is twice as big as
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feared. estimated nearly 12000 bowels has leaks into the pacific ocean. in ecuador, the amazon, a privately owned crude pipeline, has ruptured. the burst occurred in the same area where operations were halted in december after major erosion. indigenous organizations say, communities are being affected by water contamination. the west african blog echo ours is held, talks with became a fast as military rulers. un officials are also expected to join the talks on monday. the can foster was suspended from a class after last week's qu, us encouraged, horses are working to locate, remaining ice will fight is near a prison complex. in the northern syrian city of hossa car. it follows a week long assault by the group around 260 people were killed in idols, attempt to free their comrades. there's a headlines one use on al jazeera after mai's embalmed way. so you saying bye. as the world's best athletes prepare for the winter olympics aging is bracing itself
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for the arrival of estimated 11000 people. kind of 0 tolerance corvette strategy work. and despite diplomatic boycott, which one is winter game friday will be the latest remaining 2022 winter olympics on al jazeera. ah, my name is bettina camper. i am a writer. and adrian lawyer in special trade lawyer. i am very lucky to be able to do 2 things that i love at the same level of intensity. my son bob, where it is greatly misunderstood. my son all way is full of hope. is full of broken, sad people, but it's also full of happy, industrious,
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resilient people. my them by way isn't by will stories. and those are the stories that i want to tell. i love the archives because the kind of stories are right or sit in the past. and because i'm a write off realist fiction, i want my stories to reflect accurate, facts, for example, accurate events. my most recent novel out of darkness shining light is the story of the african companions of david livingston. and the journey that they made, carrying his body for over 9 months from what is now northern zambia, to what is now the east coast of tanzania. i wanted to flip the story,
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returned the gaze and tell the story from the perspective of the africans and not the story of the whites explorer, the missionary david livingston. so i had to spend a lot of time in different archives around the world. and i found an incredible amount of treasure here in the national archives. history is always told from the perspective of the great man, where there is david livingstone or sizzle, john rose, or robert mogley. i feel that my responsibility as, as emma, when writer is to tell this more when story in a way that it hasn't fully been told before. and i plan to do that with every book that i write. ah, we're going, we're going to the high 14. yeah, i'm setting up an entry office because i can write it whole,
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but i like the illusion of having a job to go to eating, especially when i'm writing. and right now i'm facing as self imposed deadline. i need to finish a manuscript by the end of the year. ah, i decided very early on that i wanted to be a writer, but i couldn't see how. it's only when i read assisted enter in was spoke nervous conditions. when i was already in law school that i realized that a black and white one woman could write a novel in english because the 1st person to do it. so by the time i read her and started reading other, you know toni morrison, alice walker and other black female authors. i was already in law school and loving my subjects of law. so i thought to myself, i can always be a writer, but i still want to be a lawyer at the time i want to solve true sold the middle east crisis. when i was
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in fortier, i fell in love with international trade law back. it's been a great background. i have a conference, so call it. so a panel discussion for the international bar association with the city and was, were discussing the major tre, just choose that have been going on in the world between the us and china. ok. hello. how are you? hi, can you hear me? are in this a conference call. i'm wearing my hat as international trade lawyer. i got was also a problem with the theme of my conversation. my part of the conversation is, is that african saying when the elephant fights? it's the grass that suffers. he's want me to be the dog development round, but only very few areas have been agreed on and we are feeling this effect in,
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in the developing countries. because the attention is all focused on the trade dispute. it used to be fooled into believing that everything is normal. you know people out there coffee mornings. she had the queen of hartfield that kind of thing. but was the process that enrolled life just change with this isn't buddies. the guy is the largest vegetable market in the country. it's also the place that is for many people who come to the city from elsewhere,
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the 1st point of contact to the city. for me, it was many, many years ago. i think it was about 4 years old when i 1st came to invite him to go and the bus terminal from our rural village in to live in a township called glenora. everyone glenora would then move to the suburbs after independence. 5, these are you guys could id say my level of math? i bought. okay. and did it have somebody 1 dollar to to pocket the my a port with when my 1st bill came,
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all it was received fairly negatively by the state. media is above way. i had a newspaper article in the herald and the headline was today's judas iscariot. it tina glover is created the impression that i was an anti government, and therefore, i'm teased in bubbly. right. once you read my work, you realized that i'm just talking about the ordinary every day life was involved with who are influenced by x m d 's and was of the so called great mu. so for example, in my food the grotto role, i deliberately did not mention the president's name was because i wanted to say she doesn't matter if the people i'm writing about defenders. you know, the magistrates, the police more. so i'm standing at the top end of rock'n'roll, which is one of my favorite scenarios, is the role that coordinate the city center to the famous township of body. and he
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says, read that to you, threatened with his 3 with memory. it's the streets down which the pioneer column came and planted the flag of the united kingdom. we have the subtlety of headquarters. we have the magistrate court and it's actually for that reason that i wrote a book called rock and roll, which looked sad. oh, import, and this is and all the different institutions that are on it in so the history of the city is embedded in the street. so the roadway on is actually towards the noun digger. but the pavement there was there gordon avenue. this is what i find so fascinating, because we're such a young country only 40 years old. so he kept clashing into history everywhere
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with silver fees. what, what do you have in the field? the call go to cape. derek and apple will, the 1st person went up to campbell river. oh, i told him all this is interesting. laugh from auntie chris, went to rhodesia in 1911 of the early settlers. it's been one before i was 8 years, also at independence. and so i have very strong memories offered deja and i went to school 1st in deja in a segregated township school. and then we moved to the suburbs after independence or i louise among standing castillo? sure. sure. our it's ok. my memory of an independent above is a child,
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i lodge me happy ones. but of course i recognize that not everybody has those memories because a lot of very dark things were happening in the country. many of which we as children, was simply not aware of. and it was really that was the period way this authoritarian streaks it in. but you know, when you're busy swimming in your, you know, of a bus swimming pool or, you know, going to live reading and inflation. you're not aware of all these developments to my shame because it is something i realized only when i went to law school. and we were reading judgments about so course dissidents who had been arrested in much of the land. and then you start to ask yourself how one was what was happening here.
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in november 2017. there was a what is called isabel were a military assisted transition from the mortgage regime to watch we hoped, would be a new dispensation. and this was one of many times, not the 1st time that the military has directly intervened in, in sub, in politics. and in retrospect, we should all have been very worried at such her as such a direct intervention. but after decades of more garbage rule, after 37 years, people had just had enough and were desperate to believe in change with on paper, it seemed like were taking your direction for the 1st time in many years would have an election that was internationally observed. the circumstances were so
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extraordinary and really involved the whole nation. people marched on the streets. it was just such a moment of happiness. they will promise re engagement with formerly hostile nations. and that's what got me excited because i am passionate about open trade and investment. ah, ah, i got the sense that maybe this wasn't wash, it seemed from early on, but he kept thinking, all right, we'll get better, we'll get better, we'll get better. but i think by about 1 august when the soldiers shot people on the streets, that's when i realized that. ready this might actually not go anywhere because. ready they're so very willing to use the course of element of the state we are 2 years into the coastal guy veterans and show this for yourself. the trail
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is so sad to feel any experience because we haven't really wonderful opportunity to move our country in a different direction. and i'm very she of all that we have mr. chance, oakdale hunger, nero dren, nor beans. in my a boarding school thing, we can't do bins anymore. but it afterwards with buddies who made it with amazon got very well, i'm a journalist. he is the best unpublished writer isn't boggling. why does it mean it's like roger federer before he won a grand slam? he was the best player not to win a grand slam. and that's you, you are the fit. roger federer i was involved in writing this outside release focuses on the economy. so there is no way you can write about the economy or writing about the politics involved with writing about politics means 2 things. either you'll get arrested. all you have to censor yourself. there hasn't been any
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big change. all the change that we want to see as artist what that was, what that call was. i was just so extraordinary. we all imagined that there was a real shift in policy in just the way governments, latrice people, village people were part of veterans. those that those much is in the streets and so on it, oh well without what fellow stake, hold it in over. it does like our thing, you know, people have every reason to be angry because no one wants to feel used in or no one wants to feel that there was simply instrumental in apollo retention game between fractions. so we're going to do the 1st official table reading of my new play, which is called black satellites. it's a play about the very controversial is my when right, a numbers of money keira numbers
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. so he's just returned from exile and excel of 8 years in england. and is come home for independence and by way. but unfortunately is to very much looks like rhodesia. oh, has one of the foot voice. anybody ever numbers america? oh good god. good gosh. you know a great the the money to have lunch addiction. it doesn't fit in england, doesn't fit in. and by way he's a gentleman who was to fight aust, offers of colonialism. but he kind of has this belief that his culture somehow inferior. okay, and legal leg, some last i played 3 act by prince and i've got passed x one lean, one solsbury international airport is and bob, good morning, ladies and gentlemen need his wife did he? him is above which lady who am 77 from london getting his landed on ob stage. right?
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stumbled a young man of about $34.00. or you smart deborah ne appearance these man the less something disheveled in his appearance. this is pam woodville manager. wow. wow. wow. i don't believe it. i just don't believe it. solsbury. i'm in tolbert. oh to night i was home. you know, 1st thing i did when i got off the plane was to kiss the ground. it's just as uncomfortable as you would expect. not so easy on the lips. what do i want to do it again, it is not permitted to take photos by let's face. it is not permitted to kiss the ground when he comes home. the very 1st thing that he encounters these are, this is not allowed. this is not allowed. this is not allowed. you're not allowed to smile. you're not allowed to be hippy. he is sort of like living in a cage of some sort, you know, and then fast forward to as in bob way, 20 twenty's almost like that. leave me limitations or sort of leg for the dorms.
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you know, freedom of expression for them of thought. freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, you know, a good just everything is just boxed books, books, books, you know. oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, okay. thank you. all right, so i am going to see and a little boy is a highly regarded lublin lawyer. he is also the vice president of the mug with main opposition party to be andrew seek justice. and i believe
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the 1st thing he did when he set up the office was to order the books for us 1st of brooklyn in the furniture room. i'll promise you this book and the light blast to the manager at the one where did the introduction. so i designed it really? oh yes. yeah. and i and i have known each other since i was a law student because he was all of my tutors and effect law. he was a c s, and we were all afraid that she was going to fail us. but we became very good friends in the was a big mo citizen. yeah. blew me up at the why aren't you a writer? i think it's, i'm a lawyer. you know, that's what i do. yes. and that's my fist love in a thing. could give me a gift, but i, you know, i would love to ride in wake of fiction, of what ideas my main character will be, will be a woman and of what is totally in my head, or for this to simply blip. but it has to go is not but fully told is not fully
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told. and i think one of the things that fascinates me was the woman in the liberation circle. i think she fought several wars in him was would just see him smith. oh i think but lackey is triple a precious jewel abuse to follow present gender class. yeah. yeah. yeah. and then when she got into independence in babylon, she was an outsider, optimistic or pessimistic about the future. i have to be optimistic. oh, i have to do to music because there's no crisis that is permanent. my only worry is that we've normalized abnormal so we don't panic anymore when exists, take place. we don't, we don't panic anymore. i think that see we are in a dark moment. people one deep change in i am afraid to say that in my opinion, if we continue with disclosure, we have people believe even to pull into rudy. but even people in the states i think we're windy of another bullshit. and for me,
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what to really mix me is saved is that to stablish this economy to turn around this economy. so it is. yeah. and i will think of salad is not to structural issues, which i believe is look g d p growth rate because we can print this out. it's not even trusting my to know what else to read or even what that he lives was. we can do his counseling resources either because we have the couch, i'm out and we don't give back a restaurant week. but if you want to, we're on our own. oh, the one has been asked to build our institutions to live. don't our education. i was your services to, to, to rebuild our couch, our open door policy that will tick generations to fix o, o a.
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the library is one of my favorite spaces, a lot of it because it's associated so closer with my childhood. i don't believe he can be right on without being anita and my pass to being both a lawyer and a writer, but especially a writer, started in this library. the books i read as a child will books that children in england, whatever it. and it was then that i started actually, right when i was about 10 years old, 11 years old. play store is all about ballet and horse riding and having a cherry orchard because i had no conception of zimbabwe enlist as an identity or even african this so i had to make unnecessary transition. what i call my own for slow dick modernization from being during maker as a child to being is in loveland writer as an adult. so i'm preparing lunch for
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a small family. bry and a bry is what. so in other parts of the world is known as a barbecue, and then i have some friends coming over as well. and also some of my theater colleagues very well you. i tend to hang out with a lot of creative, disruptive, a with
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. ready back by the time i started to write my 1st book, an image of what you said, i had a fairly good idea of the kind of stories i wanted to tell about isabel were i know visible of humor, of laughter, of wages with dramatic things happened, funerals were drug, basic things have been just people falling in love, having babies against the background of this difficult political and economic situation. a patriotism is loving your country in a way that allows if you could pull up on it sometimes needs to be pretty good. i just want my country to do well. i want my country to prosper and i want my
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government to do this. to honor the founding documents of our nation, which is the constitution. now, i want us to maintain her dignity on the won't stage much when it's going to get to that place until we sort ourselves out. and until we take our responsibilities to our own people, serious, i, my mobile is the source of mine's duration. lesson by way is books. myself always music. my son by way is art. my son by way is laughter. it's humor. it's enterprise mason by way. is there any uh ah, did i get
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with the gunnery the conservation park officer bringing nature and people together to work with what life is my pleasure. my talk is waiting between the clock on unity in overton managed to find somebody who is a good return. i have to teach the community that living with wildlife. it's excellent. las slim bumble riding with las my zimbabwe on al jazeera. for did ramirez in molina families, the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they, i didn't come back to the neighbors and family members insisted they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister
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vladimir by the reno, said the armed forces were applied to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting this victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. when the news breaks, the kenwood says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on present employment, it will be comparable to severing ties with russia and the story bill. we want to find out more about how offers are being taken from the wild and sold with
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exclusive interviews. and in depth reports, al jazeera has teens on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. ah. this is al jazeera. ah hi. lo i am, sam is a dan. this is the news out live from dell ha, coming off in the next 60 minutes. hi intentions on the korean peninsula yang tests what appears to be its most powerful missiles since 2017 al jazeera gets rare. access to separatist control, the eastern new crime for the scholars of forgotten war.


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