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on go down as if this drought, wild, animals and man may threat the constant, the survival risk and what's going on? i'll just ah, the polls i've just closed in portugal snack election, but an outright winner seems unlikely. oh, hello, barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up 50 years on northern ireland marks the anniversary of the bloody sunday massacre. when british soldiers opened fire on civilians, killing 14 people. as diplomatic efforts continue to averse a crisis with russia, ukraine's ambassador to the u. s. s. kia but is not down playing the risks. we see
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the build up, and we also know what russia is capable of an environmental disaster twice as big as feared. 12000 barrels of oil leaking into the pacific ocean. ah, the poles have closed in a snap election in portugal that it's feared will not deliver a stable government. politicians have spent the day pleading with voters to take part with turn are expected to be low. as many people isolate with corona virus infected people were allowed to leave home in the last hour to cast their ballot, but there was still no clear winner expected. a budget dispute last month saw the minority socialist government lose its allies in parliament. it's thought another inconclusive result will not to break the deadlock. aladdin rainy is in lisbon. so
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the polls have just closed the how is the voting gone generally? and are we any closer to having a winner, or at least an indication of how the vote has gone? well, barbara voting has been going well. in fact, more people been voting than they did in the last election in 2000. and 19, the last report we had from the election board showed that there was perhaps a 9 to 10 percent increase in voting. could even go up more since the pulses close . we don't have any latest figures on that. as far as results. we should have the 1st exit polls in a little less than an hour. what we've been hearing from voters is that people kind of split on these 2 leading parties have the socialists on the left and the social democrats on the right polling and recent day shows its social democrats, or perhaps catching up to the socialists who had a slight edge over them, but it's really going to go down to the wire. it's not clear who's going to be able to form a government. will it be? this left his party that's been in power for 6 years under the helm of prime
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minister antonio costs, or will it be the center, right? social democrats, both of them have a challenge though, because to form a government, they'll have to reach out to their flank to get people further on the left. if it's the socialist and further on the right, if it's the social democrats. but the analysts we've been speaking to, they're calling this perhaps the most disruptive election and a generation at least since the 1974 return of democracy here. because there's a lot of new players trying to vie for votes from a very disillusioned and unhappy electorate who, after 2 years of the pandemic, are expecting more of their leaders. like you mentioned, this election was triggered because the government could not settle on a budget. and that's particularly painful for people here who's not seen the economy get to the level they want it to. in fact, portugal is falling behind other european union countries right now. and i'm just reminders who looks likely to gain the most to from the current stalemate.
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well clearly it the shaggy party which means enough in portuguese, had a hard right wing party. they currently only hold one seat and parliament and that was a huge achievement. were the 1st hard right party to win a seat in parliament since that return to democracy. but after tonight, after sunday night's election, they're likely to have some 10, perhaps a dozen seats in parliament. they could be a kingmaker of sorts, that despite the fact that all the major parties say they don't want to negotiate with them. but coming out of this election, if shaker achieves the results that they think they might in that analysts think they might. it's going to be hard for other parties to ignore them. adam rainy with the latest on that election in that lisbon with holes have just close that for the moment. thank you. i hundreds of people have taken part in and event to mark 50 years since bloody
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sunday. 14 people were killed when british soldiers opened fire on a civil rights process. the northern ireland in 1972, but half a century later, the calls for justice persist that the baba has more. the walking in the footsteps of the victims half a century own people of all ages walked through london dairy as others had done on this day, 970 to carry the thing gathered to remember the 13 people shot dead by british troops and the 14th victim who died later, later on march through jerry was for civil rights demanding an end to discrimination against the majority catholic community in northern islands and to the recently introduced policy of internment without trial. it ended in an atrocity when members of the british army parachute regiment fired more than a 100 live rounds at civilians. the half of those killed were
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teenagers, most of the british army leaders at the time. and the 1900 seventy's had experience in kenya in cyprus, in the middle east and aiden. now yemen, so, so their attitude towards the people they confronted and bloody sunday was very much informed by those kinds of emergencies. and initial government report largely exonerated the paratroopers in british or thirties. but in 2010, the extensive several inquiry found that the victims were unarmed and pose no threat. and the soldiers commander had violated his orders. prime minister david cameron apologized for the unjustified and unjustifiable killings. bloody sunday, led to a surgeon recruits to the provisional irish republican army or r a which led the alms campaign, trying to force british troops and police out of northern islands society. we read the terrible what happened because the conflict, which was the only and just asian sort of periods, even up to up to the ultimate you. 71,
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became worse exacerbated. and oh, i would say this. hundreds of thousands of people lost their legs because of lawyer sunday. in all more than 3 and a half 1000 people were killed in the troubles. the 3 decades of violence involving republican paramilitaries, loyalist or pro british paramilitaries and the british army. perilously across the decade, you have toiled to clear your loved ones names last year, but his prosecute is announced. the only british soldier charged with murder would not the least trial. the ha and the u. k. government's pushing legislation that according to its critics, amounts to an amnesty for all killings during the troubles, including by security forces. my toe break. many of those who lost loved ones on bloody sunday, say they're still fighting for just a salon or. the dean baba al jazeera, the thing canada's defense minister is in kia for talks as tensions grow over
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a possible russian invasion of ukraine. canada is just one nation, providing military aid recently announcing a training mission in the country. russia has about a 100000 troops near the border along with tanks, artillery and miss isles. it says at once, ukraine bind from joining nato, fearing military expansion towards its frontier from the west. you close the roswell nato should in your blue chairs restore. it turns out that the nato defense line continues to move eastwards for now it has come close to ukraine, which is they also want to drag this country in tomato. although it is clear to everyone that ukraine is not ready and will not make any contribution to strength, may make her security or ukraine's ambassador to the u. s. says her country is preparing to defend itself. ah, we're not down playing the risk. we actually see the situation the same way and we see there build up. and we also know what russia is capable of because they have
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attacked us already since 2014 for 8 years. we are at war and we are defending our country at the same time in order to defend our country. we can not afford to panic . we have to get ready. all of us, not only our military, our very capable, military and veterans, but also all civilians. peruse government says an oil spill off its coast is twice as big as feared. it's estimated nearly $12000.00 barrels have now leaked into the pacific ocean. arianna sanchez reports from lima. ah, oil continues to slowly move north with precedent, federal cust, the your flying over the area on saturday. the scope of the disaster is much worse . official say, with the italian flagged oil tanker married daughter, lucy, nearly 12000 barrels of crude oil twice as much as initially thought government
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ministers have been meeting the ship's captain to try to understand what happened. official said, the captain doubted that as soon as me from the volcanic eruption near tonga, caused the pipeline to break. as the married daughter who was offloading nearly 1000000 barrels of crude to a refinery. i wonder if you look up your bank. i, according to the captain, apparently the issue was not so much due to the waves. these ships are so heavy with a big draft, so a swell does not actually create much been impact. oh, jeez prosecutor at hill top. yes. is he wants to know if the pipelines were properly maintained regardless. he says it is clear that spanish oil giant rep ssl has some responsibility a lot very she us bama rib so was not denied to spill him. there is a responsibility for delight action, but obviously we see that i have not i could swiftly in the mitigation or mediation, and now the rehabilitation on their goal reps all controls peruse,
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most important refinery. it's now facing the possibility of losing its operating license and the fine of nearly $5000000.00 in total bombing door with allow the public prosecutor to enter the refinery, explained what happened and we are ready to fully collaborate with public prosecutor's office. we got a judge has ordered 4 top executives from travelling abroad for 18 months while been investigated, which could eventually mean at least 4 years in prison. the environment minister says raffle is not complying with basic measures to clean up the oil. spill protesters here outside the refinery. say they're angry because they say that the company is dragging its feet long as you have no thought about a little rural affected. it's not bad at such a large company has not taken the necessary measures yet. so many families have been hom and the company say they're not responsible. oh rattle says it's hired
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more than 2000 people to try to clean up the mess. and the 35 percent of it has been removed regardless as the oil slick advances with the current. the damage from the largest ecological disaster in decades continues to grow. mariana sanchez, alto, cedar lee map a to north korea has fired. what appears to be its most powerful missile since 2017 south korea's military says the intermediate range ballistic missile was launched from chan, gung province, and landed outside japan's exclusive economic zone in the sea of japan. was soon after the launch south korea's leaderman j in held an emergency national security council meeting. he says the north is coming close to destroying a self imposed moratorium on missile tests. the u. s. is urging the country to refrain from provocations and engage in diplomatic talks. watching al jazeera still ahead, a church losing its flock while young people in poland are turning away from catholicism
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. and we may be in denise, the fisherman jail, for people smuggling after rescuing stranded where he got refugee. ah, it is garbage day for you in the lo countries, your bins mego mis and here's why. hello everyone. a fierce wind blowing down from the north sea running and break into the low countries. so for example, in amsterdam, we could see those winds wind up to about 85 kilometers per hour. this is a wind out of the northwest. so you are certainly going to feel that snow is cutting across germany rate through into pull in the czech republic, austria and switzerland. we may see some mixing as well as me, head toward the lower ground. a weather maker in the eastern med is funneling some pretty wet weather through southern turkey, cypress,
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and this is crushing in to the levant. now for the western mediterranean, we've got some high temperatures here, southern spain, seville at 23. as remember, monday is the last day of january and you're getting pretty close to a record 24.2. we've got in for 23 degrees. somewhat weather for their northwest spend the northeast of africa, also sand and dust to be expected for places like new ox shot with a high of $27.00 degrees on monday. out of what weather for southern africa. this is all because of leftovers of what was tropical cyclone honor, rate through namibia, vin talk rate, through to the south. cape town, scott highest, 27 degrees on monday. ah, a 4 hour climb cock for 4 minutes and practice. to repeat the dream of becoming
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afghanistan's 1st ever winter impudence, they will have to overcome many mountains, carving a path of hope and inspiration, where the light shines. witness on al jazeera lou. ah, reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, the poles of clothes than us, that the election in portugal that it's feared will not deliver. a stable government torn out is expected to be low. as many people isolate was corona virus . hundreds of people have gathered in northern ireland to march 50 years since
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bloody sunday. 14 civil rights protest, hers were killed by british soldiers in the city of barrie in 1972. and canada's defense minister is in key for talks as pensions grow over a possible russian invasion of ukraine. russia as about a 100000 troops near the border along with tanks artillery. and besides, a sudanese activist has died during confrontations between security forces and thousands of anti government, protested medics in cartoon, reported the death. but there's been no official confirmation from the military. right? police fire tear gas and rubber bullets and thousands of people calling for an end to military rule. the march was heading to the presidential palace when police intervened. he, but morgan has more now from cartoon. it's being dumped as a protest in honor of those who have been arrested in similar protest and outside protest by security forces. since sedans,
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military took over power in late october last year. now once again, put in these are taken to the street to voice their opposition to that military takeover, which happened on october 25th dissolving a 2 year transitional government arrest them senior political figures and many activists faleen where those who organized the key no matter what they call themselves should go so the country can move forward. we're tired of them and they should be able to see that if they have any sense. but the most important thing is accountability for those killed the little boy. oh get the hollow did beat us and arrest doesn't torture us? and they use terrible methods. they electrocute, they want to born. they shouldn't arrest us. freedom of expression is the most important thing for them. he said ask her to come in. we want the military council gone, the military organized a coo and they are the reason the country is in a political deadlock. the 1st solution to and do all the problem is the removal of the military good is auto security forces use dear gas to disperse processes from
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the facility of the presidential palace. at least 70 protesters have been killed since the start of the protest. more than 2500 have been injured. and the union has said that the floor is being used by security is excessive and brutal, and has called the security forces to restrain themselves against the anom protesters. a conflict in yemen has been raging for nearly 80 years. creating with the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe. the ongoing battle for control between who the rebels and the internationally recognized government is devastated lives. millions of people allow desperate for food and medicine. with the situation only getting worse. i said, beg, has more malnourished but receiving treatment. her brother lost his life for the same reasons. there are hundreds of other families in
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a similar situation in this port, city of who they, they're in western yemen and across the rest of the country. the daddy, sylvia cabinet, she suffers under nourishment, you mania, and also die rare and about cough. her condition is unpredictable. as you can see, she is very fro. massena is one of the few receiving treatment. they are an estimated 40000 children, not getting the food they need to grow up healthy and a further to 1000000 suffer from moderate manju trish and that those will help them with regretfully, the cases we receive are all very critical that are considering b. m. any style living conditions, city, lack of medical care and failure to treat other symptoms. my also lead to acute under nourishment. it's very alarming. we lose hundreds of children. many emmys do not have access to medical facilities. the war has been raging since 20148 agencies are struggling to meet that demand in 2015. the united nations declared jim and one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world and was saudi arabia
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and the u. e. have spent billions of dollars on the wall and comparison very little has been spent on those who have suffered as a result. i said, bay of dessert. the roman catholic church in poland, the suffering a major decline in its membership. the homeland of pope john paul the 2nd this see young people turn away from the church in huge numbers as a whole report from warsaw. one of the problems is the failure to deal with child sex abuse by priests. the catholic church has been at the center of punish life for centuries. more recently, a major influence in the anti communist solidarity movement. and of course, it gave the world a pope. it is a church now in a state of moral crisis and declined that some believe could be terminal, wasn't done. chris is the bishops don't seem to realize how deep this crisis is supposed to attach to the luxuries and palaces. the decline is very steep and i
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think even vertical and useful as a 12 year old old boy in the 1980s young she make was sexually abused by his parish priest. it went on her 5 years vivid and disturbing testimony presented to his area, bishop in 1993 was at 1st ignored and then he says covered up in pre trial hearings ahead of a civil case being heard. next month, the church question deanus his own sexuality and whether he might actually have enjoyed the abuse and internal church investigation sentenced his abuser to a period of reflection and prayer. continued to be psychological in psychiatric treatment. i think i will suffer until the end of my life, because these memories cannot be away from my mind. father andre kobylinski is electra at warsaw as catholic university. i asked him if enough was being done to address the crisis. not at all, not at all, not at all. unfortunately, it may,
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it is a very upsetting, but there is no courage to answer to all these challenges. allegations of historic sexual abuse by catholic priests have been piling up as the issue has gained prominence and exposure since 2019 and claims of negligence by the church hierarchy have led to the official censure of a dozen polish bishops in what the church describes as a process of purification, but that's done nothing to present or collapse in the numbers who regularly attend mass, especially among the young in a country that officially classified 90 percent of its population as catholic among young people with more liberal attitudes to things like abortion, divorce and l g b t rights, less than 10 percent have a positive view of the church. i think it's impossible to church for church to have
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any future if they continue to say things like that. they're saying now. and because like times are changing before are changing nowadays charged doesn't live up to then the times we are living now and just stace backwards to people like cash at the church is an institution with dwindling relevance in their lives. of faith in freefall here in poland. jonah how al jazeera was so rights workers are calling on the indonesian government to free a group of fishermen that they say have been wrongfully imprisoned. the men helped rescue hunger refugees who were stranded at sea. thou, they've been sentenced to 5 years in jail for people smuggling. jessica washington spoke to the men that looked to con prison inaction. it locks me away until
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province noodle heater and her 6 children are hungry and increasingly desperate. her husband, pfizer has been in jail for 15 months and the family source of income is gone to them. my baby was only 4 days old when they arrested vital. sometimes we only eat twice a week. but as i was working as a fisherman, when he was arrested on a good day, he would earn about $9.00 in june 2020, a group of $99.00 ro hanging refugees, including $56.00 children, were stranded in waters near northern archie. their rescue by a group of indonesian fishermen including 5 all captured global attention, but that wasn't the end of it. fossil and 2 other fishermen were convicted of smuggling for their role in that rescue. going along our line, my priority was the safety of the hinge children. i just wanted them to be safe and on land puzzle says he was approached by abraham
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a man who asked him to help rescue his family from the sea. the 3 fisherman accepted a payment of about $200.00 each. that's i've never done that. we didn't understand that we broke the immigration law. i hope my country can forgive me. now, as the fisherman await the result of an appeal, they spend their days in this crowded cell. this is so con prison, where the fishermen are sent to spend the next 4 years of their lives, human rights, per se. the sentences are too harsh and should be reconsidered. many fishermen in archie believe they should help any one in distress at sea, but their tradition also carries risks. there is a possibility where smugglers made use of, you know, in the fan fisherman's or madison busy men's or poor of his ermine to, to the idea of their goal. the government says the laws are clear when we're done.
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hopefully this will be a lesson for other fishermen. so they won't do the same thing again. in december, when about her for anger, refugees arrived in waters near archie. the fisherman did not tow them to shore. as they have done in the past, don't know algorithms law saying we're trying to help as much as possible without having it backfires. the arrests have unnerved them. they are more cautious about rescues now. as they wait for the release of their friends, they say they don't want to face the same fate. jessica washington, out to sarah and shay. for decades ch lands have been told that the original inhabitants of patagonia world but extinct. but the sentence of 2 indigenous groups have come forward to the mind recognition in latin america to the seeing human, let them empty at their flight or this little archipelago, near the tip of cape horn, is known as the end of the world for 7000 years. it was inhabited by the
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janish and nomadic people who walked barefoot and you seal and whatnot. gaskins to keep warm. 135 kilometers north lived the south. none. a people so tall that the 1st european explorers named the region patagonia, meaning land of bypass or long legs. to day replicas of the silken anson, full spiritual body paint had become fashionable as souvenirs of a people who are presumed extinct. except they aren't. now self nuns are finally coming out to demand recognition even from the fact that it's a southerly speaker for history that we often heard from our grandchildren. out of shame, it's painful to recognise though we come from a family that was practically enslaved and exterminated that in the 20th century is hard. lydia gonzales, scalded on, tells a similar story about her people,
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the janish, her 93 year old mother. christina is the last who still speaks their language fluently. i had a good backyard. nickina. you're gone. is ledia an indigenous delegate to chili's constitutional convention? shocked many. when she addressed the chamber k. marchina burton, my main focus is imagine not doing grandparents because outsiders annihilated them . imagine being taught at school that your language and your pupil had disappeared . imagined that you direct ancestors were taken across the ocean to far away lands to be exhibited as exotic animal muscle with drama. as the documentary humans zill illustrates, she wasn't exaggerating. the abusive lydia says they're still in estimated 200 yet, annie's. and in the last census, more than 1100 people said they identified as said none until a 100 years ago. they lived here from hunting and fishing, and by the coast there was also plenty to articles, will fail, lots of muscles, another crustaceans here and historic document to demonstrate that the yaneth and
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the sentinels could feast on, for example, reached wales like this one. so it wasn't hunger that wiped out their numbers, but rather the arrival of the foreigners, the europeans that brought with them unknown diseases, liked over your notice and influenza. many the survivors were taken from their parents to religious institutions, or to brothels or hunted down. in cathy, the ethel might not look as if the hunters were paid for bringing back a hand abreast of penis, a head or an air to day. the southern language exists on people that no one speaks it. while lydia's mother is recording the phonetic sound of the young man language . both indigenous nations are pushing for chillies, new constitution to recognize, support, and promote their linguistic and cultural heritage. a keep or from us, we are all important and deserve recognition. no matter how small our numbers, because i insist ridin choose to be so few. they're determined, she says,
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to stop justifying their existence and start working towards reviving their new last heritage to see a newman al jazeera, the other fellow chile. ah, now the top stories on al jazeera, the pulls of clothes and a slap election in portugal that it's feared will not deliver a stable government fall additions of spend that they pleading with voters to take part with, turn out expected to be low. as many people isolate with corona virus infected people were allowed to leave home in the last hour to cast their ballot, but there is still no clear winner expected. a budget dispute last month saw the minority socialist government lose its allies in parliament. adam rainy has more from lisbon. what we've been hearing from voters is that people kind of split on these 2 leaving party.


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