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tv   Witness Where the Light Shines  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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award winning documentaries and you get to choose subscribe to. you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english ah . hello and barbara, sarah, london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the poles have closed in a small election in portugal that is feared, will not deliver a stable government. politicians of spend that they pleading with voters to take part with turn out expected to be low. as many people isolate with corona virus, a budget dispute last month, so the minority, socialist government lose its allies in parliament. what we've been hearing from voters is that people kind of split on these 2 leading parties at the socialists on the left, in the social democrats, on the right polling and recent day shows that the social democrats,
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or perhaps catching up to the socialists who had a slight edge over them, but it's really going to go down to the wire. it's not clear who's going to be able to form a government, will it be the flap this party that's been in power for 6 years under the helm of prime minister antonio costs, or will it be the center, right? social democrats, both of them have a challenge though, because to form a government, they'll have to reach out to their flank to get people further on the left. if it's the socialist and further on the right, if it's the social democrats, hundreds of people have gathered in northern ireland to march 50 years since bloody sunday. 14 civil rights protestors were killed by british soldiers in the city of barrie in 1972, a call for justice remain with none of those held responsible, convicted, and any possible trials said to be halted planet as the fence ministers in kia, the talk says tensions grow over a possible russian invasion of ukraine. russia has about a 100000 troops near the border along with tanks,
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artillery and miss sales are not downplaying the risk. we actually see the situation the same way and we see there build up. and we also know what russia is capable off because they have attacked us already since 2014, for 8 years, we are at war and were defending our country at the same time in order to defend our country. we can not afford to panic. we have to get ready all of us, not only our military, our very capable, military and veterans, but also all civilians. a sudanese activist has died during confrontations between security forces and thousands of anti government, protested heber morgan has more from cartoon it's been done as a protest in honor of those who have been arrested in similar protests and outside protest by security forces. since the dance military took over power in late october last year,
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now once again to the needs are taken to the street to voice their opposition to that military takeover, which happened on october 25th dissolving a 2 year transitional government, arrest them senior political figures and many activists, the police, why those who organized the key no matter what they call themselves, should go so the country can move forward. we're tired of them and they should be able to see that if they have any sense. but the most important thing is accountability for those killed the little boy. oh, get the hollow. they beat us and arrest us and torture us. and they use terrible methods. they electrocute they water born. they shouldn't arrest us. freedom of expression is to most important thing. bother me said ask you to come in, we want the military council gone, the military organized a coo and they are the reason the country is in a political deadlock. the 1st solution to and do all the problems is the removal of the military is auto security forces use dear guys to disperse protest this from
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the facility of the presidential palace at least 70 protesters have been killed since the thought of the protest, more than 2500 have been injured and the union has said that the floor is being used by security is excessive and brutal, and has called a security forces to restrain themselves against the anom protesters. peruse governments as an oil spill lawford's coast is twice as big as feared. it's estimated, nearly $12000.00 barrels have now leaked into the pacific ocean. a snar me from a volcanic eruption and toner was originally blamed, but that has now been questioned. a spanish oil from erect sol has faced demonstrations with concerns about how well the pipe, which broke had been maintained. but those are the top stories that stay with us coming up next. it's witness and i'll have more news for you after that. thanks for watching. ah
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over then. well known writers with the skill that was so you know, give them a new modem, a coma, commit to the solicitor, bearden, keep that me so know, you know what is showing me. so no matter where i get kids who quoted you when we could assist with, if you could be, if you could shoot melissa joe, who probably haven't been misled key ski a couple months or what has missed meals and also more with in weeks out on the lloyd to mind him, also the conferences she lies, toyota altos, and she's it my of clinician, she fought ah, well, with
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a disability that was used in sony as of some shit and kids. so the, that as the state was chefs in missouri family anymore. well, they get extend. kimberly charter so learned that there is some serious ellen another a class with a but i haven't got a chance that there's india, but someone in addition, i'm curious if they're gonna know what they'll nice get on with this stuff. she will get them
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through a leaky them if you get if they're within the only thing you the 1st done with does aka mason and he was a go for the clergyman, justify them because my daughter claim renewed. was glazer failed to give me a call? appreciate thank you, christina. if you, if that would do, does it give me then, and does that a good as to learn to so french lady ah
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good you do her story be said, really let me oh, ah nice home difficult it is to live in escape. you lose all you were in early, you know up to him and don't to head you just yeah. for the 1st run is okay. really enjoyed sake manager this nothing else. yeah. mot to ski with or
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got to get tiring. now to get your thoughts going with me, but most aly sign equality but ashton goes and he will feed me and you get out here . walk to talk about you see can see her was to push that on just us to you on that really be all the time to name slowly or the reasons follow a show for the nation comic library. so okay. hm.
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a long way to go for the olympics. that's for sure. for trying to do our best probably ship it in for juggling figured meeting with them. i don't know. my mother though. ha, ha, ha ha. dedicate just in the past week a. but if you welcome, going ahead. a good lunch soon. come on dustin villa, mac latch kids,
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i'm fairly organized with holly. how to create a system on a manual if a hot and pay them can take it, sharing the site just your mom didn't know cuz what i would place in in ladder heading out. i had no luck thinking maybe no madam rita could that that this is sean as well in his car today. but yeah, fun fun. my headquarters i can only if i'm can. they can show me a crew. maggie shower 9 chasms. fly davie, you know. yeah . leslie dorothy he came up with him as a funny son, but i remember there was in, he's in sunny still or he'll people was you how you live in them is so in the
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with mm. how big was actually done, jim? she kept getting the hot them should then move at there was no one there. look, and then she couldn't make on us tidy. the managed groan. she never my this this nick f 100 my shoemaking hammer inquire mister the percentage to know my name is i'm either medina, mission or what we're interested. i'm on genetically. i got them name in another exam, horizontal,
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half english mocking him. so i should go get to know that as my heart of ah ah, i point today us forces in afghanistan attacked and strongholds in nugget. ha, in the east of the country using the world's most powerful non nuclear weapons in the us. the tech comes as much of the country has returned to taliban control. and islamic state presence is increasing in a separate strike. according to the pentagon, the lead the african branch of i s was killed yesterday. the aim of these us rates is to significantly disrupt islamist terror acts of
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a cheese in afghanistan. so then those last for the entire cobra, the 2nd unit was feelings. and unless you have someone that is launching, this is to show it to yelling at each story in the community, fighting to preserve its heritage in an ever changing world. asking on an ancient ritual to future generations in an award winning documentary out as they
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were well followed, a group of young men on their right of passage, challenging in the remote forest of ivory coast. this sacred wood on out era. there was a time when the octagon got rid of floods were enough to sustain life in the northern calahan desert all year round. without changing. we're on a 3 men in different parts of the gym. as if these drowned, wild animals and man may threaten the constant voice of michael briskin in botswana on al, just whether you're streaming, you'll favorite show or downloading the latest blog. it's never been more important for your connection to be quick and reliable. you want a life free of buffering to expect your favorite entertainment at your fingertips
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on whatever device you use. this is the kind of service as sales sat spool cost solutions deliver 247 at sales space to deliver your vision. lou hello and barbara sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera exit. polls in portugal suggests the central left socialists have come out on top in the country snap election. the party appears the edge, the head of the social democrats, but the result could still be close. it feared the pole which was triggered by a budget dispute last month may still now deliver a stable government. there were concerns that turn out would be low, with many people isolating with corona virus. infected people were allowed to leave
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home in the final hour to cast their ballot. atom rainy's and lisbon. what we've been hearing from voters is that people kind of split on these 2 leading parties. that's the socialists on the left. and the social democrats on the right polling and recent day shows that the social democrats, or perhaps catching up to the socialists who had a slight edge over them. but it's really going to go down to the wire. it's not clear who's going to be able to form a government, will it be? this left his party that's been in power for 6 years under the helm of prime minister antonio costs, or will it be the center, right? social democrats, both of them have a challenge though, because to form a government, they'll have to reach out to their flank to get people further on the left. if it's the socialist and further on the right, if it's the social democrats, hundreds of people have gathered in northern ireland to mark 50 years since bloody sunday. 14 civil rights for testers were killed by british soldiers in the city of dairy, in 1972. my calls for justice remain with none of those held responsible,
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convicted, and any possible trials said to be halted. canada, as the fence minister is in here for talk, suspensions grow over a possible russian invasion of ukraine. canada is just one nation, providing military aid recently announcing a training mission crane rushes about, a 100000 troops near the border along with tanks, artillery and miss isles. perused. government says, an oil spill or fits coast is twice as big as feared. it's estimated nearly 12000 barrels have now leaked into the pacific ocean as soon army from a volcanic eruption in tawna was originally suspected to be behind the spell, but the spanish wolfram wrapped saw, has now faced the demonstrations with concerns about just how well the pipe which broke had been maintained. those are the top stories there with us. the news continues after witness. thanks for watching or by
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ah ma, miram. hodges hood in the 100 against olibo followed him. mother says us always in the gadarian on by the line photo was in the english law classroom, tasman, there's in brother says on. so the brother most to one of us was on my god, our luthey. so them their coalition, them well, my source column could though with unquote us them
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monica point. we need to see what little sack of it. hopefully we'll, we'll shut an affable, home phone match, john walker yen to best with mall beside obsessional minimum cover c vehicle. that was a joke. well,
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with mm hm. yeah. not a nothing. so i was it dumb so good that we spoke with that i looked at a mobile phone low just as much over them with them with us. one mentioned a to point i'm doing good morning. all along with was muslim numbers on my phone. i'm done this, i'm going to walk a better. was you good? now the my heart of the bus, this is i'm going to buy looking insurance on the
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2nd shelf was there was some jumping on those are the after 90 was a some on the one common was misuse. i now that you much in the will probably not for russian buffalo to let me go like here this week. she's done. this is keith. i'm on the clock time. my you got to not be fine with when you get to know who would do some apollo. she's just 71 percent. no, you don't show that comes up on the surface. you're sure. machinery that about the mormon group isn't public game share. wish or some one of us have been my account. of course not. maybe i should be shaken for you with an annual in
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that was on the high look at the mongol. some none. there was just that whole of jonah i just your yes. kim assigned by this, that renee for this to for that. couldn't zat modification laser to let him in the chef. on the 5th edition, we were 5th name on the top of the book and the books name was my awesome. i'm a gas was on top of that and let me call the double play worried about it. i heard you had a good summer. i was good summer. yeah. we had her song. good training or training . yeah. oh yeah. look good. now it looks looks like. yeah, look like good, right. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
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ha. now is the time that you can write history for outgoing stuff, ever throwing your people, it was hard work. you can reach a goal and not just with cheating, ran accepting. and this is kind of the lesson that you could deliver to a whole country. $60000000.00 people with i'm going on a month . my gosh i
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10 2nd start. okay. even 121422 is quite a lot. i would risk you a little more because you can ski when you sky freely. you go like crazy. just don't put, think too much to see young man in auto had with them that the kids that it, that i saw up now with him. mazda, i read that him k, sadie bush, him said he thought as michelle, as a mom counted as dasanya benefit, a kid that was so i'm on misha. nasdaq bush, him met him, fibro olympic. bit of him, that right in. so that come on fellowship. mom had that hard while in maha, nor pseudo, he diverted that the study jen enjoy should i think them can invoke cassette and getting china soon. i, after i saw letters that i love, the worst i saw labrono was making when i was bombay. tennis keep us in my cabin. i want j, so it's not going to limit chicago as they know too much about well,
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i'm good. i'm the officials are share bishop quote, the sad one bedroom. one bath or are you still a little bit? don't go to sleep in to the turn, release 1st and then on the release. then on with both. go on. wake up on such
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a wait. oh with oh no more. come on,
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fight for this season. oh. i cannot be sad or unhappy because this is the condition i am hoping that they try it. well, technically we, i'm not sure if we can get the results we had from our last race. but there is a chance the delayed as good ports with the extra fee would be getting brush good. again,
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let me left with gold has been thrown into chaos as a suicide bomber designated on a busy street in the capital. at least 95 people were killed with the taliban, claiming responsibility for the attack. and they sick in this way. these attacks are another sign of an increasing telephone presence and get the same as they once again. we can control with
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a lot of with everything that one of them. but he has many hagen and 11 a 81 much like that. it was not by someone with a what day it kind of 11. what about like with
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ah, the all. ready in one you don't what chief? morally. you need more sanmar? i for the so now you have more say last row. she'll give to me. yesterday i think we should talk to regina black car. they never sell the sofa. your lessons, listen, i'm or than the head of bombing the in shallow, the 2nd and ever since,
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i don't know. i like i can as much as i could if you, even from the goods in the new mpic. and often when they could, you know, be, will a big nation now, michelle, it's courtney. i'm sick of the scorpion on as absent for the phone actually that me
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me who who should in general whether it was it would to some other time just hush magdalen angel brown when i'm registering. so i love another playbook at the job. exactly. sure. how long quarter that emotion is,
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i don't know. huh. ah lawyer miss. okay. it's good. the whole the whole sure. okay. been a math one is key. challenge for today tuesday. issue out with
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in the budget, but yes that that that was asking me like it how much is that? i like ah, with
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ah the most element just go to the watch and then when he chooses it goes then how much the gym itala misses on a woman doing the more bush went on. you know what? who shall once on that one son. his name
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was the son of southern because he doesn't seem to give me a shot. so her don't know much about my son. all the over who her gosh good if there's blood for his son or if i slow all bought on colleges that him or what it as a new sticker choice. you hockey? i could push galia when it met him. a 100 was 100 together. but among compatible with me there were hoops in the there were responsibility on us on the young generation
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and we feel i felt that i could play my part and it was getting with her better. but know everything is but to these were so many things with we were doing good. you can do that. it totally won't resume. so i couldn't really stay bird comb. mary. that much. okay. oh so my family are all in afghanistan. so now it's interesting. it's gonna destroy the inside and you're just hopeless.
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but the sad things about the one star nest. this never ends in less war but yeah, no, i'm just living food in my old hope is to be a good for the food thing. you know and do my job for me now living in my city. oh, you bob system,
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the streets of chicago on different paths with the same ambition, o fighting their way to a better life for themselves and their families. 6 look, turning through in the volatile world of chicago, south side. he's no easy task. witness. ring sight on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, let's go with here a weather report for asia pacific and australia. hello everyone. great to see you.
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snow still coming at chef for western areas of japan, honju and hope kado. and at times those winds will wind up to 80 kilometers per hour. now, southern sections of china, we do have disturbed weather here. so that's going to put a cap on temperatures on kong, just a high of 15 degrees that is below average for this sub the year. the ne monsoon steering some heavy bouts of rain rate over high now, and we've got some showers for coastal vietnam in the forecast on monday. se asia looks like this, getting striped with some pretty concentrated bands of rain for west java east java . so we've got to be on the lookout for flooding here. it's been pouring rain across northern areas of australia. so a $140.00 millimeters of rain within 24 hours. that's pretty close to what you should get for the entire month of january. that rain still coming out on monday and humid toward that se cooler air will filter and here that's going to spark some storms. here we are on wednesday dark. the red. the higher the temperature, but
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a southerly buster. now can down those temperature is actually just the height 23 degrees. and for new zealand, clouds floating around, but wellington's got a hive. 25 degrees on monday, ceasing ah february on a just trying to host the winter olympics, but will diplomatically comp and the room to live with rigorous debate. them unflinching questions up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom out there. it keeps you up to date as nation faculty omicron buried amid continued vaccine inequality. one, 0, one east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis of record levels of unemployment and the pre name, quality cost to we can still to the po, february on
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a just eop informed opinions. the initial book on national resource by is not large enough to get there adequately do. are people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news. our live from london, thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. vote counting is underway in portugal snap election as the country pushes for a clear winner to break up political stalemate. diplomatic efforts continue to avert a crisis with russia as counted as the fence minister flies and the key of and you


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