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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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when the constant, a survivor risk can bottom on, i'll just ah ah, how to go. socialists celebrates as exit. polls predict, the posse is own cause for not the term in office. ah, a low on money like this is out there a long from doha also coming up, members of the west african block eco asked, talk with bikini fax. those new military rule as days after suspending it from the group. ah
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ukrainians rally to thank western powers for their support against the russian troops build up on its borders. upon la from other stallworth, uncles for justice as people in northern on and remember the victims of a shooting by british troops on civil rights activists 50 years ago. ah, we begin the program with breaking news. the united arab emirates says it's intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile, fired by yemen, who fee rebels. the defense ministry says debrief fell outside populated areas. the target was on claire, but it comes just 2 weeks after heathy drone strike on the capital of adobe hill. 3 people in a tweet,
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the u. a eas general authority of civil aviation said the following movement in the countries going as usual, and all flied so operating normally. and there is no impact on flights. an add ports, as a result of the ballistic missile launched by the movie rebels on the country. well, we hope to speak to our correspondent in santa later on in the program. but let's get a reminder of the background to this conflict. because off to nearly 8 years, yemen is deep in a humanitarian crisis. millions the desperate for food and medicine and the u. n and all the agencies a warning, the situation is likely to get worse as it beg reports, malnourished but receiving treatment. her brother lost his life for the same reasons. there are hundreds of other families in a similar situation in this port, city of data in western human and across the rest of the country.
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and she started on to nourishment mania and will say direction about call. her condition is unpredictable. as you can see, she is very fro muster, nor is one of the few receiving treatment. they are an estimated 40000 children not getting the food they need to grow up healthy and a further 2000000 suffer from margaret matthew trish and her last gratefully. the cases we received are all very critical considering the many style living conditions, city, lack of medical care and failure to treat other symptoms. my also lead to acute under nourishment. it's very alarming. we lose hundreds of children. many, many do not have access to medical facilities. the war has been raging since 2014 agencies are struggling to meet the demand in 2015. the united nations declared german, one of the biggest humanity in crisis in the world. and was saudi arabia and the us of spend billions of dollars in the hole in comparison very little has been spent
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on those who have suffered as a result. i said, bay of dessert early results on passing particles, ruling socialists on course to win the sunday snap election, who supported celebrated as exit. polls were announced, the party appears to be well ahead of the opposition. social democrats spot. the results could still be closed. the vote was called often budget dispute last month, which thought might minority socialist government lose allies in parliament? as get more on this, we can speak to adam rainy's life for us in lisbon. so what are the latest numbers telling us? well mainly what they're telling us is their antonia costa, the prime ministers having a very good night is still just closing polls. but we've been monitoring the official results. and the trajectory seems to show that he's gonna hold on to power in some way, either by looking for partners to form
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a government with or perhaps maybe not going to happening. but it's still not ruled out that they wouldn't get an outright majority of seats. this was really unexpected. coming in to this, we had polls showing necking neck results with the center, right? opposition party, the social democrats, and antonia costa was seen as perhaps the wasn't gonna maintain power. but what it looks like is come monday. he's still going to be the prime minister and he's going to be the one look in the form of government. so adam, remind us why the selection was called in the 1st place and what this result now means for the new government in charge. while late last year costs just couldn't get the budget through the 2022 budget and left the partners who've been working with him and his minority government voted to kill it. they voted with right when parties and it left the government in disarray and it basically meant that they had to have this election. so he could try to form a government or someone else come into power. the social democrats started speaking
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with some confidence that they might be the ones that could to move the country for to build the economy back after 2 hard years to prove it. what this election is also showing us and what one political analysts told us that perhaps the most disruptive elections since the return to democracy in 1974 is it there's another player rising in that shape or enough it's a far right wing party. it's on target twin perhaps 8, maybe as much in the 14 seats. the numbers are still coming in. it only had one feet in parliament after the 2019 election. they've never had a far right party like this since the return to democracy. and some people are watching this to see if parties are going to have to negotiate with this up and coming hard, right, populous party, and what effect they're going to have on the political scene in portugal. so it is a very momentous night here in portugal sunday going into monday. but 2 people are celebrating right now, although the results are preliminary and at 1020 costa,
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the current prime minister things we're going to hold on to power. and the shake party led by andre been tura who is really had a big showing and making a splash in portuguese politics. okay, adam rodney, that 1st in lisbon. thank you. let's go back to our top story breaking news, the conflict in yemen. the united arab emirates says it's intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile, fired by humans who the rebels. let's go straight to mohammed al, a top who joins us on the phone, lie from santa. what more can you tell us about what's happened and the implications have just been released by the spokesperson. so you said that you have came out wide scale operations inside the united states, but he hasn't given much details. he said that the statement be we will give more
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details in the upcoming press conference that will be held by the how these folks person within the company hours. he hasn't given much also when exactly this press conference is going to be held. we expect this prescott brings to be held in the afternoon tomorrow monday and he will get much details about the operation and also meeting the listing of our appreciation. we have witnessed nearly days of short lived. com is also different from especially the hope these attacks are launching the listing of sales to the united emerett. but today we have repeated once again the, these kinds of for operations,
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the many people observe the believe that this we, we would expect a new resumption of the talks between wanting sides. but now we are witnessing their mother's creation by these, from the side. and also this, this will be, this will follow the asian from the s, i'll be this call. it's been on the side of the sides and different areas. if you haven't, we, we might expect also big, big, big events, especially that the with good areas where people are living with a 120000000. so besides a number of people, especially like to activate the people who hold the upcoming period with a torch between sites
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a long walk with people to on. okay, many thanks for that mohammed ally tab, their 1st live in the military chiefs and senior officials from the economic community. if west african states have begun, talks with the leaders of keana, those who it was suspended from the regional block on the military to power nearly a week ago now. un officials expected to join the discussions. on monday, the crew leader paul henry, now member, says deposed president, watch, cowboy, a has failed to contain violence from groups linked to iso and al qaeda. nicholas hack has more from the capital. we heard from president of ivory coast president, watch her. apparently he told the others in a meeting in this emergency meeting that was held virtually on friday he told other
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the other heads of state that he had spoken to president hawk mock cavalry, adding that he should not resign despite the pressure of the military june. but cover responded that he had to resign in order to avoid bloodshed. there is anger and frustration among members of echo was the, the west african body. i'm just gonna quote what the prime minister of, of new jerry said on friday. we do not understand that military leaders after having failed in the field of war, take political power and call on mercenaries to defend the integrity of their territory. and what he's referring to is the russian private security group. wagner, that's active in neighboring multi and central african republic. they came out following the qu, that they would be happy to help in bertina faso if there is an instability in beacon f. i. so there's fears that it could spread even further south ivory coast. we already have seen attacks on if northern borders is also the biggest and
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w as un peacekeeping operation in neighboring molly, where there was a qu earlier this year. this region where there is a series of coo and there's armed insurgency has put, put the village on the ground, on a war like footing. and that's why we saw this call to arms by then you strong men of this country, colonel demi bay, a still ahead on al jazeera fremont since the ministry currency dawn. we speak to the family, a victim who died, demanding change. and raphael nadal pulls off an epic title when at the australian . i've been winning a record 21st. when i'm slammed twice. ah, after boston scooped up 60 centimeters of snow st. are much calmer on monday. hello,
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everyone. here is the weather pitcher, a temperature of minus one for you, but much clear conditions through the northeast and the new england states was found. we go the rainfall warning will be dropped for vancouver. we'll see some sunny or conditions here. snow rolling across the canadian prairies coming off the rockies right through to the northern plains as well as for the west coast of the us. things are calm here. los angeles. 20 degrees will be the high for you, but we are likely to see some severe storms roll across that gulf coast of texas. on monday, in time, the north wind still dragon down temperatures across areas of the caribbean, now said 18 degrees havana at $22.00. we take a closer look at havana, your overnight low off, down to 8. the record for january is 6 degrees, so getting pretty close to record breaking stuff. heavy falls for ecuador, the capital quito rate, through the andes, into the western portion of the amazon basin to be expected on monday. and it looks
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like the river plate region will duck and dodge some storms this time around. but still pouring rain and sal paulo, there's a red weather alert in play here. could see up to a 100 millimeters a bring seal later. ah, the coming of age story in the community liking to preserve a parity in an ever changing. well, i think on an ancient ritual to future generations award winning documentary to say well as a group of young men on their right to patty tally in the remote forest ivory, the sacred wood analogies era. lou
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lou. oh, come back here watching al jazeera mind. if our top story is this, our, the united arab emirates says it's intercepted and destroyed a missile, find by yemen who fee rebels. the defense ministry says deborah, he fell outside populated areas. it comes just 2 weeks after heathy drone strike on the capitol, abu dhabi, kill 3 people, ministry chase and senior officials from the economic community of west african states have begun. talks with the leaders of bo keynote fossil creek. it was suspended from the regional block off to the military, took power nearly a week ago and daily results. operating portugal, ruling socialists on course to win the most votes in sundays, not election support is celebrated as exit. polls were announced, the party appears to be well ahead of the opposition social democrats,
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but the result could still be extremely close. let's bring an antonia caused a pinto, he's. professor bennett school finds out the university of lisbon. he joins us from lisbon. thank you for your time. so as i was reporting that according to the exit polls, portugal ruling socialists do look set to win the most votes. and i come many one expecting why have they done better than expected? well 1st of all, because the left wing voter was decided to punish the radical left parties, voted with the right against the budget to the socialist government. and so there was a massive transfer from the radical left to the moderate socialist. that's the main reason why i think the social will start increasing their majority in parliament. punish them why? well punished for 2 reasons. first, because the socialist cabinet,
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that this running board trickle for the last 6 years, as we can say, a very positive economic performance with economic growth at the same time trying pretty intense to increase social benefits. let's not forget that for social inequality. portugal is a problem, and so we know with increasing the minimum wage, there were lots of concessions led to say, to the left of the socialist. and to conclude, even though the management of the pandemic has been quite successful with portugal nowadays, having almost full employment. so this crisis was received as a very artificial one and, and the left in voter i decided to, i think, to punish the bar to soon decided to reject the budget and provoke snap elections.
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how critical is it that they win an outright majority? well the, the light will be much more fragmented in, in portugal 1st, because for the 1st time we will have a sizable radical light on the list. spotty, the so called she a gun. we knew that around 15 percent of fortunately, society was sensitive to this kind of values and political program, but the disappearance of our small conservative party made finally the segment of the lead to relate to vote for the radical light populous party. so the main problem, i think that even an alternative for the right of the moderate light will have to negotiate with, with this radical writer in part, in this party,
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if they want to be an alternative to the socialist party. so what are the priorities? whoever ends up being the new government a priority says in other european democracies in this case is basically to, you know, we, the end of that and make to use ended because unfortunately, it's very important to use the funds of the with in union to recover the economy specially off of southern europe, so the new would be in countries and the program is basically the go see the need to be very important, i think. and then of course to restore several segments. i think what you can do on our central light point and stories that they've been danica almost a very problematic with excel. basically, the socialist did manage to add too much lead to say moderate
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economic policy and enforce foreign policy with some increase in social benefits of what we could call a sort of a mini for chicken welfare state. thank you for your analysis. antonio can step in time professor political science at the university of lisbon. thank you. you're welcome. sidney security forces have killed a 27 year old protested during an anti government demonstration. riot police fire tear gas and rubber bullets, a 1000 defying a ban on protests. as a cool for the end of military rule, demonstrators were marching to the presidential palace when security forces stop them. 79 people have died in protest since october, his military takeover had morgan has the latest from call to. it's been dubbed as a protest in honor of those who have been arrested in similar protest and outside
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protest by security forces since the dance military took over power in late october last year. now once again, put in these are taken to the street to voice their opposition to that military takeover, which happened on october 21st dissolving a 2 year transitional government arrest them senior political figures and many activists. faleen, where those who organized the key no matter what they call themselves should go so the country can move forward. we're tired of them and they should be able to see that if they have any sense. but the most important thing is accountability for those killed the little boy. oh, get that little did beat us and arrest doesn't torture us. and they use terrible methods. they electrocute they water born. they shouldn't arrest us. freedom of expression is the most important thing for the me said, ask any, come in, we want the military council gone, the military organized a coo and they are the reason the country is in a political deadlock. the 1st solution to and do all the problem is the removal of
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the military good is auto security forces use dear gas to disperse processes from the facility of the presidential palace, at least 70 protests as have been killed since the start of the protest, more than 2500 have been injured and the ulan has said that the floor is being used by security is excessive and brutal, and has called the security forces to restrain themselves against the anom, protested canada as defense minister is in care for talks as tensions grow over possible russian invasion of ukraine, canada is just one nation, providing military aid recently announcing a training mission in ukraine. russia has about 100000 troops near the border along with tanks, artillery and missiles, and says at once he crane band from joining nato. you curse the roswell nato should in you pulcher stood. it turns out that the nato defense line continues to move
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eastwards. now it has come close to ukraine, which is they also want to drag this country in tomato, although it is clear to everyone that ukraine is not ready and will not make any contribution to strength, make better security. while ukraine's ambassador to washington says her country is preparing now to defend itself. we're not downplaying the risk. we actually see the situation the same way and we see the build up. and we also know what russia is capable off because they have attacked us already since 2014 for 8 years, we are at war and were defending our country at the same time in order to defend our country. we can not afford to panic. we have to get ready, all of us, not only our military, our very capable, military and veterans, but also all civilians. ah, robert, as is of gathered in ukraine's council keir to show appreciation to the support
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given by the west following its tensions with russia. if hell signs praising the u . s. and the u. k. who, along with all the nato members have begun to supply additional military aid and resources to the country. i'm here is just saying he's a resident with united states as your by them all who support in the green in these days. because for us, it's very important to have size use afford 40000000 of the grain years to have hold because of these and is to really strong added youth and strong international policy. thanks everybody for helping ukraine to say not along with his invasion of russia. hundreds of people have taken part in an event in northern ireland smoke 50 years since bloody sunday. 14 people were killed when british soldiers opened fire
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on a civil rights process in 1970 take half a century later calls for justice persist. nadine baba reports walking in the footsteps of the victims, half a century on people of all ages walked through dairy as others had done on this day in 1972. i can carry the thing together to remember the 13 people shot dead by british troops. and the 14th victim who died later. ah, the march through dairy was for civil rights demanding an end to discrimination against the majority catholic community in northern ireland. and to the recently introduced policy of internment without trial, it ended in an atrocity. when members of the british armies parachute regiment fired more than a 100 live rounds at unarmed civilians. half of those killed what teenagers. most of the british army leaders at the time in the 1970s had experience
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in kenya in cyprus, in the middle east, in aden, and now yemen. so, so their, their attitude towards the people they confronted on bloody sunday was very much reformed by those kinds of emergencies. ah, when the initial government report largely exonerated the paratroopers and british authorities, but in 2010, the extensive several inquiry found that the victims were unarmed and pose no threat. and the soldiers commander had violated his orders. prime minister david cameron apologized for the unjustified and unjustifiable killings. bloody sunday, led to a surgeon recruits to the provisional irish republican army or r a which led the alms campaign, trying to force british troops and police out of northern islands society. we read the terrible what happened because the conflict which was only and just asian sort of periods even up to up to the end of 18. 71, became worse exacerbated. and i would say the hundreds of
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thousands of people lost their life because of sunday. in all more than 3 and a half 1000 people were killed in the troubles, the 3 decades of violence involving republican power, militaries, loyalist or british power militaries, and the british army. tirelessly. across the decades you have toiled to clear your loved ones names last year, but the prosecutors announced the british soldier, charged with murder would not trial. and the u. k. governments pushing legislation that according to its critics, amounts to an amnesty for all killings during the troubles, including by security forces. miko many of those last loved ones on bloody sunday. say they're still fighting for justice alone. that burke. the dean baba al jazeera gunman in north western pakistan, have ambrose the call with 2 christian priest, killing one and wounding another. no one has claimed responsibility for the killing
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and show us attacks in the region of the past 2 weeks have been claimed by the punk estonia taliban spanish tennis star raphael dow has pulled off an epic title when at the australian open, after more than 5 hours of play, he beat a rush as danny met it to secure a wreck or 21st grand slam title to hell. malak reports ah, history has been made at the australian open. ruffin ladon has won a record 21st grand slam title, and he did it by producing arguably the greatest comeback of his career ah. taking on 2nd c dunny medford of early on, the spaniard looked off the pace he was dominated by the russian in the 1st set losing its 6 to
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and in the 2nd, he surrendered a full one lead. eventually dropping visit to the us open champion on a tiebreaker. ah, but with his dream of making history slipping away, the doll came alive. ah, the spaniard played some of his best tennis and clawed his way back into the match . ah, he took the 3rd 664, and when he secured the 4th by the same school line, the chance of going into the record books was back on the final that provided even more drama. no doll went 53 ahead. only for med would have to once again level things up. natal, however, was not going to be denied after more than 5 hours on court. his moment finally
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came a little after 1 am local time. the doll wrapping up the deciding fits 75. to secure, perhaps the most memorable victory of his career coming just months after a foot injury forced him to consider retiring from the game. today i am here in front of all of you are having this therapy with me and the you really don't know how much i tried to be here. i can i hear you just amazing. with this trial, natal has beaten roger federer and novak joke of each in the race to a 21st grand slam title. for now he has the legitimate claim to being the greatest of all time. so hale malik al jazeera ah.


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