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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah ah ah, another escalation in yemen conflict, the u. e says it is intercepted a missile attack by hootie rebels. ah, hello on, come out santa maria here in doug. huh. this is the world news from al jazeera portugal socialists celebrates, has their party wins and majority in sundays, parliamentary boats, worries about europe's gas supplies, if russia, which
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a turn off the taps because of war with ukraine. and he's taught the lat, raphael, no doubt. when the 21st grand slam tennis title, he now has more than any other man. ah, united arab emirates says it is intercepted and destroyed a missile, fired by humans with the rebels. this is the 3rd attack of its kind in recent weeks . the u. e. launched a strike in yemen in response to the target was unclear, but the defense ministry says debris fell outside of populated areas and that nobody was hurt. it comes a fortnight thou after a haughty drones strike on the capitol. abu dhabi did kill 3 people in a tweet. the eas general authority of civil aviation says the air movement and the country is going, as usual, flights are operating normally. there is no impact on flights and airports as
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a result of the ballistic missile launched by the rekey rebels. so that's their response. mohammed al, a top with more that from yemen. nobody else lucas league, another cycle of violence between the whole fees from one side and also the solid quality and the healthy spokesperson, especially the army spokesperson or send a message or a statement about the his groups are turning again, the unit are embers and that he will give more, it is in the, within the coming hours. but so far we are still waiting for this press conference . expect this me until the or a press conference to be held as the afternoon or when which he was expected to give more details about the operation that he described as a bio scale operation that has targeted of what he described, the eval bobby and also the onerous bus so far, the united arab emirates,
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ministry of defense and the counter such a dag and the out into citizenship. missiles that have been launched by the hope is and also one of these a missiles has landed in, in an area where these are populated area and no harm has been as happens there. so far, the observers believe that the occurrence of the this cycle of violence has taken place or short lived of some kind of ceasefire between the whole these on the union, rob embers. some thoughts here from james far? well, a senior fellow at the middle east institute who we spoke to. he said, diplomacy is the only way forward. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry, this being used in these attacks is becoming more depth. and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this
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contract. this conflict. i really think that the who suggest trying to been craft to bring pressure on the saudi. you a call lucian to bring things to a favorable close from their point of view. the only way this is going to be resolved as if saudi, the emerson, the who these are able to sit down together, either directly or remediated apparatus such as the united nations and work things up. let's not forget that this was really started by saudi arabia and the amorous and so the who these essentially are striking back, they're not very happy over the use of force inside their country by the rich or by saudi arabia. you've got to put that into this perspective to really understand what's going on. there isn't any other alternative because neither side has been able to gain the size of military advantage over the others when the saudi to the emerald went in t. m. and they obviously thought they would be able to overwhelm these spots into
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a stance. and so what you got is something that was stale, me since neither side will prevail militarily based on present circumstances. the only other alternative is diplomacy until the news, portugal where the prime minister has won a 3rd consecutive term in office and tony acosta and the ruling socialist secured a parliament majority in sundays snap election. he is promising to govern for all portuguese. as the economy struggles to bounce back from the pandemic, adam rainy with this report from lisbon. the stunning mandate, prime minister and 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won a majority of people in portugal, snap election. it's a feat you could imagine coming into the election pre election pulling had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats. the election was triggered when other left, his parties voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost us
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rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialist will had the votes, now to pass the budget movie thought that was a victory of humility, of confidence, and forced ability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these addictions took him in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival, really real, the leader of the center, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat and implying he may step down as party leader bank. while he's on the phone with the socialist party governing period of 4 years . i really don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the far right wing party, shaker or enough office celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes, the 1st set showing for far right when party since the rival of democracy in 1974,
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a sign of the traction populism hold. after 2 years of pandemic pain, one of the problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this rendering party is rising. is it possible is not growing as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards now, it's the 7th poorest country. in the 27 this utopian union dawning protective gear poll workers even received positive voters who left isolation to cast their ballots . and what many saw as the most important election in decades, the election was defined by the pandemic with voters calling on parliament to get the economy going again into effective we manage the handling of billions of dollars from the e. u. recovery and resilient fund. adam rainy al jazeera lisben. the united states is urging north korea to join direct talks after it conducted 7th mis. i'll
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test this month. i mean, if you find a medium range miss on sunday talks of the u. s. they stole back in 29 team. milcurie want sanction lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. we are open to having diplomatic discussions. we've offered this over and over to, to the dpr k and they've not accepted it. but we're absolutely open to a diplomatic engagement without pre conditions. our goal is to, to, in the threatening actions that the dpr k is taking against their neighbors. meanwhile, politicians in the u. s. a debating what to do about russia right now, which has more than a $100000.00 troops stationed on its border with ukraine on senators even proposing a potential compromise. medical line reports from washington. a massive show force tanks,
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artillery more than 100000 russian troops. the u. s. military says, this is now a strong enough force to take over the country of ukraine. on monday, the un security council will put the issue front and center with the u. s. ambassador, saying she will try to make russia feel isolated in the world. our voices are unified and calling for the russians to explain themselves. we're, we're going to go in the room prepared to listen to them. but we're, we're not going to be distracted by their propaganda. and the ukranian ambassador to the u. s. is hoping to rally the international community as well. with a warning if ukraine will be further attacked by russia. of course, they will not stop in india after ukraine, but with russia able to veto any action at the un. this is likely to be more theatre than a solution. but one prominent u. s. senator has a new suggestion saying the u. s. can't given to russia's demands that ukraine will not join nato, but ukraine can,
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but it's his decision to make if he decides that the future membership of thursday, the woman made oh, for ukraine and the question of rush an occupation of your crime are 2 things to put on the table, i think we may move toward a solution to this. this week, the u. s. senate is expected to take of a bill that would spell out severe consequences if russia acts, which would include sanctions, which would include more military assistance, which would include helping them to fight back against the cyber attacks that the russians will continue to use against ukraine. and also to help on a disinformation campaign that rushes actively involved into trinity stabilize the zaleski government. but the binding ministry she wants to hold off on sanctions as a g current, hoping that the threat of freezing russia out of the international banking system is enough to stop any military action which russia says has no intention of taking in kiev on sunday. a show of gratitude ukrainians take to the streets to send a message that they appreciate the support even as many hope they won't need it.
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patty call hain al jazeera washington. all the stand off between russia and ukraine has europeans, worried about gas supplies? a 3rd of europe, natural gas comes from russia, and if there is a war, it would have to turn to other providers. when it came with this report in germany . this is the amazon natural gas insulation in central russia. one of many such plants is product is pipe to destinations in asia and europe, all of which generates an export revenue of more than $200000000.00 a day for the provide a gas problem. the greatest single market is germany, closely followed by other european countries. cumulatively 128000000 cubic meters of gas flows to the e u. each year, representing around a 3rd of its annual impulse. but what would happen if the ukraine crisis became more war and all of this was suddenly switched off. it's going to so i don't of it could be an interruption of guess. whoever was government should weigh carefully
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whether they really want about what is possible to europe under pressure would eventually tend to liquid guess some of the if liquid gas or ellen g is a solution, there are a few of these potential suppliers, most notably the u. s. and the state of qatar, while neither could fill the short full of so much gas, immediately one analyst told me, qatar might be able to provide a more medium and long term solution. the categories indeed, did supply europe with a lot more gas in the past. but given the fact that the europeans were not very fond of the way that the contracts were structured, cut tar devoted to asia and now supplies from most of the gas to them rather than the europeans. should the be some say reconsideration on the european end. when it comes to the contractual elements and their compatibility with european energy law, then that this might actually change the situation. and he's in the medium to long
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term. from the geopolitical perspective, there are increasingly loud voices in western europe who don't want to be so dependent on russia for their energy supply shit in full. betty lecount assume we have to build a foundations of our sovereignty, which means more independence from russia. when i look at our important don't of oil and gas wanted to, we are not independent from russia. this won't happen overnight, don't, but you know, he, you lead us have been clear that a russian act of aggression against ukraine would have dire consequences to president putin and his country. it would mean an end to his hopes of switching on the north stream to gas pipeline, depriving him of tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and depriving the you of hundreds of billions of cubic meters of russian gas. the view in berlin is such a price is worth paying if it can deter moscow from invasion. ministers here don't want to arm the craniums. they believe the most potent weapon against putin is
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sanctions. no matter the cost. dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. in the news ahead see is of a resurgence of the pakistani taliban attacks are on the rise following the breakdown of the ceasefire and par law on her cell with my pill break. close to justice is people in northern ireland. remember victims of a shooting by british troops on civil rights activists 50 years ago. ah, temperature is on the way up across the gulf states. hello. everyone will get to those details right now and explain exactly what's going on. disturbed whether through the la vance will pick up that story as well. and just the 2nd and some
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showers over in northern areas of saudi rate through to the red sea that may leak into queue weight as well. closer look, we'll put this in to, to stay. now, we get a southerly breeze here that pops up the temperature and they'll had to 27. but then in north north westerly wind kicks in, that's blowing down from iraq. so it's a shamal and could stir up that sand and dust. so visibility will be an issue pretty much as smooth sailing as we look toward pakistan. afghanistan into areas of iran, still high temperatures and shrubs with the high of 17 degrees off to turkey, southern portions, we'll see some pouring rain here through cyprus, and there's that energy as it crashes into the levant. now for southern africa, a lot of white weather here. this is remnants leftovers of what was tropical cyclone ana, really plaguing namibia, basically vinto rate through to this south. and we're keeping tabs on another tropical storm moving close to maricia and eventually we'll see this steer rate into madagascar as we head toward middle of the week. we'll see you soon.
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ah, americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you'd like, tried to convert up, what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political mouth for the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera award winning documentary from around the world. one out a 0. ah ah,
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back with the headlines for you on al jazeera, the united arab emirates says it is intercepted, a missile fired by who if you rebels and it's launched to strike in yemen in response. the attack is the 3rd and recent weights. portugal is prime ministers, one 3rd consecutive term in office. antonio cost is really socialist secured, a parliamentary majority in sundays snap election, and the u. s. is urging north korea to join direct talk softer. it conducted 7th missile test. this month. i fight a medium range missiles on sunday. talks with the u. s. sold in 2019. now government in northwestern pakistan have ambushed a car carrying christian priests, killing one of them and wounding another. no, no one's claimed responsibility, but attack michelle origin and pulse weeks have been claimed by the pakistani taliban. a ceasefire with the group broke down last month. more with come on hider
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in islam about what has happened since this attack ca when this particular attack took place in the afternoon, as those brief were driving home to a motorcycle, then pepper boilers, killing william said raj on the spot and the brief name patrick was rushed to watch bitterly was injured, but they said to be in stable condition and also released from the hospital now did their dad gum at the time as you mentioned after the breakdown of that key fire. and it appeared that this particular cat in the hallmark of di, showed the law makes a quarter sawn died particular group of gotcha. and now hard stretch because of the dollar bond takeover and i've run it on they do have been fighting die. and some of the elements have come across the border. in fact, there was
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a gun bad. not too long ago, just a week ago actually. and richard, 3 of the fight can 2 were captured and 3 i gave. so indeed, the di trying to make a come back and tried to strike targets inside focused on can you expand on that? been a little bit come all about why pockets don't seem to spike in targeted attacks and the relation to what's happening. and i've got to stop well after the dollar bon de call, while dad assured all the neighbouring gotten trade, that no group would be allowed to your job on sorry, $40000.00 bond market on the dollar bond bite. got up inside of one s dawn there tried to negotiate. i tried to remain dr. the dollar bond offered to broker those dogs. however, dogs broke down. they've got focused on warm day god group to come within the am better of the law. and also the constitution of budget on that need to be the
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objective. now where does happen that these fight guys are based in a mountainous territory along the budget on one of the don border elements of di shev all sort joined them and balloon bite, who also escaped across the dawn were responsible for the tag on buckets on each ga that ga that been a number of attacks on policemen. and it's some bod, there was a bomb blocked and the horse, or it's not judge brit sharla. but the whole country and the security fortunes of course, don't know how to state of alert. we're the national security advisor just returning from one asked on that dollar bond for better coordination along the bordering region. and possibly also asking the dollar bond to do more against age groups, which are operating on of our and get it to be ok. that is come hider reporting from a some of our thank you military chiefs and senior officials from equal us the economic
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community of west african states have begun their talk for the leaders of begin. affonso qu, country was suspended from the regional block after the military took power nearly a week ago. you and officials are expected to join the discussions on monday. the crew later pull on re dummy versus deposed president rush, couple of failed to contain violence from goods thing to i. phil anaconda were closing arguments have begun as well. in the trial of more than a dozen defendants accused over the assassination of became a foster former president thomas on car um he was killed a 12 others in a code back in 1987. it was hunk reports from what going to be in the heart of work do go a tribute to a pan african icon and a symbol of strength and defiance. burkina faso as president de my sancho. i was killed in nicu 25 years ago, long before eldric warmer was even born. and yet his murder trial is important and significant to her. it comes at a time of uncertainty following monday school. we need justice so we can even
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believe in the, in a possible future. this has been all the few days that we are in the so the way she, you know, we, we have no government. let's say that we have no institutional love that i stable now. so we are just asking ourselves if we can just hope that what has been started, we'll continue. so i think it won't affect this what i think. but i'm not sure. last monday as lawyers and to my son car has murder trial were about to give their closing statements. the hearing was abruptly adjourned. had happened after colonel dunbar arrested the president and took power in a coup in a televised statement. he said, justice will follow its course. their trial is now set to resume in the dock of the accuses. colonel dummy was former commander she'd bout jin day he along exile, former leader. bless god by way. are accused of being behind sanker as murder. won't you minute every one turns to wanted truth, but i tried,
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he did want to have version of the truth away and not the reality of what happened to convince god you surely after company was ousted from power in a popular uprising in 2014 january stage a coup. it's in this hotel in the wealthy neighborhoods on the outskirts of walker drew that heads of states from the west african block eco, was met with general gender a. they held talks ended the crew, which led to his arrest. this was seen as a success for echoes in restoring democracy to this country. 3 coups in one year echo us is now facing an ins the to tional and regional crisis. to terica cartoon is damien gets fears the latest, who could delays and cars, trial fuel molded. so cow that about the death of sanker. we all feel like we know what actually heavens, who did what like and who was where it was. the question here is we, are we going to be able to perch the current political situation and bring justice
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so we can move on. one of them for people like coma leaving the past behind also means forging ahead into an uncertain future. nicholas hawk al jazeera walker today, sudanese security false as of killed a 27 year old protest during an anti government demonstration. right place 5 tea, a gas and rubber bullets at thousands would defying a ban on protests. as they called for the end of military rule, to demonstrate as were marching to the presidential palace when security forces stopped them. all told 79 people of died in protest since the military takeover in october. hundreds of people have taken part in an event in northern ireland to mock 50 years since bloody sunday. 14 people were killed when british soldiers opened fire on a civil rights protest back in 972. and in barbara has more the walking in the footsteps of the victims, half a century own people of all ages walked through dairy,
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as others had done on this day, 970 to carry the thing gathered to remember the 13 people shot dead by british troops and the 14th victim who died later long, the most new jerry was for civil rights, demanding an end to discrimination against the majority catholic community in northern islands. and to the recently introduced policy of internment without trial ended in an atrocity. when members of the british army parachute regiments fired more than a 100 live rounds at all civilians, the half of those killed were teenagers. most of the british army leaders at the time and the 1900 seventy's had experience in kenya in cyprus, in the middle east and aiden. now yemen so, so their attitude towards the people they confronted on bloody sunday was very much formed by those kinds of emergencies. and initial government report largely
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exonerated the paratroopers in british or thirties. but in 2010, the extensive several inquiry found that the victims were unarmed and pose no threat. and the soldiers commander had violated his orders. prime minister david cameron, apologized for the unjustified and unjustifiable killings. bloody sunday led to a surgeon recruits to the provisional irish republican army or r a which led the alms campaign. trying to force british troops and police out of northern islands society. we read the terrible what happened? because the conflict which was the only and just asian sort of periods, even up to up to the ultimate you. 71, became worse exacerbated. and i would say that hundreds of thousands of people lost their life because of the sunday. you know, more than 3 and a half 1000 people were killed in the troubles, the 3 decades of violence involving republican power, amenities,
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loyalist or british power militaries, and the british army tirelessly across the decades of toil to clear your loved ones names. last year, british prosecutors announced the new british soldier, charged with murder would not trial. and the government's pushing legislation that according to its critics, amounts to an amnesty for all killings during the troubles, including by security forces miko many of those who lost loved ones on bloody sunday. say they're still fighting for justice along the park. the dean baba al jazeera belgians have marched through the capital, brussels to protest against corona virus restrictions. they say that things must remain optional. the government sees some rules early this month, but people wanting to use public spaces must have booster shots after 5 months. funny bitter sport ross and that all can now claim he is the greatest men's tennis player of all time. 35 year old spaniard has won a record 21st grand slam tournament, and he did it in
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a phenomenal come back at the study. not in the final sal malik reports. ah, history has been made at the australian open. roughly ladon has won a record 21st grand slam title. and he did it by producing arguably the greatest comeback of his career. oh, taking on 2nd feed dunny meditative, early on the spaniard looked off the pace. he was dominated by the russian and the person losing its 6 to and in the 2nd, he surrendered a full one lead, eventually dropping visit to the us open champion on a tie break. ah. but with his dream of making history slipping away, the doll came alive. the spaniard played some of his best tennis and
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clawed his way back into the match. ah, he took the 3rd 664. and when he secured the 4th by the same school line, the chance of going into the record books was back on the final step provided even more drama. no doll went 53 ahead. only for med would have to once again level things up. no dull, however, was not going to be the night after more than 5 hours on court. his moment finally came a little after 1 am local time. the doll wrapping up the deciding that $75.00 to secure perhaps the most memorable victory of his career coming just months after a foot injury forced him to consider retiring from the game. today i'm here in
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front of all of you having this therapy with me on the you really don't know how much i tried to be here. i can hear you just amazing. with this trial, nadar has beaten roger federer novak jokers which in the race to a 21st grand slam title, for now he has the legitimate claim to being the greatest of all time. so hale malik al jazeera ah papa, they are. and these are the headlines. the united arab emirates says it is intercepted a missile fired by hurt you rebels. and it's launched a strike in yemen in response attack. as the 3rd, in recent weeks of a headlines, the u. s. urging north korea to join direct talks after it can.


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