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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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ah ah attack and counter attack the you a response off to who the rebels also another miss off and threatening operation deep inside its territory. ah, i'm can vanelle, this is elegy they're alive from go home also coming up a shout from space north korea's nations miss all launch puts areas like the u. s. territory of guam within striking distance. china 0 cove at 19 policy is on the pressure of the beijing rewards, more infections among athletes,
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just days before the winter olympics and the lost tribes of self in chile, descendants seek recognition for, for gumption. people ah, the united arab emirates says it's intercepted and destroyed a missile fod by who the rebels of yemen is the 3rd salt attack. in recent weeks, the target was unclear, but the defense ministry says debris fell outside of populated areas and that nobody was hurt. the u. a has launched a strike in yemen in response, but that's not comparing the who these war that planning more attacks. lot of law doesn't know how not critical installation to not be targeted by a number of listed missiles. also, the image of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hit its targets with high precision. we reiterate that the enemy state of the
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united arab emirates will remain an unsafe country so long as they continuously belligerence against our beloved human people. we renew our warning to ex patry. it's residence in foreign companies to stay away from critical installations. where tween shall the last attack the u. e. z general authority of civil aviation ation rather said air movement in the country is going as usual and offline to operating normally. and there is no impact on flights and airports as a result of the ballistic missile launched by what back, holding the who, the terrorist militia in the country. while it all off top joins us now from santa mom and was, should we make this warning from the who? the yes, as you, as you mentioned that we are witnessing this kind of tag and counter attack by both sides of the houses from unsigned and also the saudi lit quality. and from the other side, the spoke spokesperson,
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your head says that the will continue their attacks and the name of emeralds, especially as long as this is what he described, the aggression to continue. and also that the, the, what he described as a tightening blockade is, is not lifted. so when witnessing this kind of cycle of violence, the spokesperson says it, during his pressure that he sent a number of ballistic missiles which are called god, the sword missiles. he also said that the have, those was sent, are launched a tax with guns. but to from the other side, we are witnessing that the meds have only as the have described the intercepted one missile on that that has fallen in and populated area and has no damage or has not imposed any kind of threat to the civilians there. so we are witnessing this kind of cycle violence, the promise of more attacks until the say the aggression is
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put to an end. we goodness. also in the early hours of today that the saudi, the quality carried out a number of tags on how these positions on sites here. and so now we have bombed the area, the old area of the tv and radio, the also bomb, the different regions in the, in the capital sun, the, i've had the military maintenance met at the cam, which has been heads and several times previous periods as so this kind of cycle of violence is not going to solve the problem between the warring sides. many people believe that the and go, she shows will be the, the real answer for what is going on here. i'm home and i'll come there from funnel . thank you. north korea's relief photos is proof that conducted its most powerful missiles,
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hast and full use. it's the latest and a flurry of missile testing activity, making it the 7th and january record in a single month. the photos published by thank media show the hall on 12 miss all taking off on sunday the release also for each of these images showing the korean peninsula from space. the media says they were taken by a camera installed on the missiles warhead. it's believe the rocker reached a height of 2000 kilometers. it was on 12 miss all of the nuclear capable weapon. and according to south korea and japan, sunday past travelled around 800 kilometers. but its maximum range is much further than mass at 4 and a half 1000 kilometers. that's enough to reach the u. s. territory of glum a target young house threatened to hit before washington urging north korea to engage in direct talks. we are open to having diplomatic discussions. we've offered this over and over to to the do p r k and they've not
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accepted it, but we're absolutely open to a diplomatic engagement without pre conditions. our goal is to, to, in the threatening actions that the dpr k is taking against their neighbors. john provides is the head of asia pacific use with jane's defense intelligence here, because i was young maybe trying to achieve by ramping up launches long career. spend a lot of time and investment in the past 2 or 3 years. certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities. and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned that north career announced at the beginning of 2021. with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a modern, a modern conflict. so, so these developments are in line with those capabilities that it onto outline,
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wanted to achieve then. and again, it's consistent with what we saw in 2017 leading up to 2017 to when north korea did test nuclear weapons and did test icbm into inter continental myself. but would that will provide a very clear risk? and then in 2018, of course, what north korea it was, it's suspended a lot of these developments in response to a requirement, a perceived requirement to get close to, to move closer to the us in meetings between kim and donald trump. but that now that kind of effort has changed tactic in north career and they're now looking to put pressure on the us administration to go back to the table and to see if they can ease some of the sanctions. i think that's the real kind of strategy behind these, these escalating missile tests that we're seeing. certainly since the beginning of january are just a few days to go before the winter. olympic games opened in beijing and ethics have been arriving. our district covered 19 protocols. 37 new cases have been reported
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among olympic personnel. team members, coaches, support staff and media adjoining and the big bubble to keep them separate from the public. some ethics have already had to pull out of the games after testing positive. let's speak now to katrina. you who's in beijing, katrina so the bubble has still been breached once the latest. that's right. the slight, china's best efforts covered 19 cases are continuing to mount within the winter olympics bubble. now, according to the official statistics we've had about 7000 people arrive in china and recent days to participate in the games. and already at least 176 people have tested positive for corvette 19. now the authorities say that they have this under control, that there is no outbreak spreading within the bubble because they're managing to catch most of these cases when they arrive at the airport. but china does have very
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rigorous measures in place to try to keep tabs on all of those cases. not only do athletes and, and other participants have to record the temperatures in the health status, 14 days and the lead up to the flight to china. once they arrive, they also have to test at the airport than every day while they're here and aging. they also have to complete a corporate $900.00 tests. and what that has created is a very tense environment within this closed loop system. athletes in particular and the team members are terrified of catching coven 19. because if you do catch covered 19, if you test positive, you will be immediately quarantine. and you have to test negative at least twice before you will be allowed to return to your normal routine. so that means there is a very big chart that you completely miss out on competing in your event, and that will be 4 years of preparation wasted. so we've already said that a swedish skier and a civilian snowboarder has been among those who have tested positive covered 1900
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katrina, even outside the bubble. of course, authorities are continuing to try and contain an outbreak of both delta and only call china's worst outbreak has occurred just in the weeks and months leading up to the olympics. since december, we've had about 4000 cases. norris at the latest vega was 58 noted on sunday and as a new hot spot here in china, the southern city of hunger where they didn't fight about 2 dozen cases on the weekend. now what's most alarming for authorities that cases continue to rise in the capital city? beijing we had on sunday 3 new cases noted, and that doesn't sound like much compared to international standards, but for china and china, there were covered in 1900 strategy. that's 3 cases. true many. so we've had a number of residential neighborhoods invading under locked out at least 2000000 people, forced to undergo a mass testing twice this past week in the city. and today on monday it's the
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beginning of the lunar new year festival. so traditionally, we should see hundreds of millions of people traveling from the city to the countryside to celebrate with a family book because a very strict corporate restrictions ahead of the opening of the winter games. many people are not able to do that, so they've been separated for the family for this big celebration this week. i katrina you there in beijing. thank you. a cabinet minister in hong kong, a step down author, attending a birthday party despite a government call for people to avoid large gatherings. casper 3 was the home affairs minister and arising figure in the probate ging political party, the da b. the celebration has become a source of embarrassment for hong kong, chief executive carry lamb among the $200.00 guests that the party, we're more than a dozen top politicians, including the cities, police, immigration, and anti corruption chiefs in full gum guy. his conduct has brought the hong kong government into disrepute and he and his action has seacoast a negative
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a perception by the general public in relation to the conduct of principal officials a we have high expectations and requirements and these officials a shoot of serve the highest standards helped us no conduct and integrity at all times, and they should promote and support these principles by leadership and example. still ahead on al jazeera, how many it said it could not be done. portugal socialist prime minister has won an outright majority and parliamentary elections on the world's biggest music streaming platform. spotify takes action, offer a growing dispute about coven 19 misinformation? ah,
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hey, they're good to see you. australia's kimberly region has seen some flooding. so broom over the past 24 hours is scooped up more than a months worth of rain and it's still coming out on tuesday right through the interior in time for that se we've had high humidity that's been sparking some pretty big storms and we've got a southerly porsha there, here. so what, what it does so the temperature is on wednesday, melbourne. 20 degrees hobart just 18 in by the way, the darker the red here, the higher the temperature. hey, off to new zealand. wet weather is creeping closer. but for now, on tuesday, just some clouds drifting around while intense got a high of 24 of to southeast asia, concentrated bands of rain over sumatra, west java, east java. and next stop. we're going to the philippines, the ne monsoon given us, what weather are from low are great down to devour on tuesday. not the major, some showers, but something to be on the lookout for some driving rain for that southeast corner of china. it's putting a cap on the temperature. so hong kong,
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just 15 degrees for you on tuesday. and now we'll and is weather report in japan. we're in between those waters between korea and japan is shield of snow. so that's going to spread snow over the hills of honju, but tokyo all to while sunshine for you on tuesday, 10 degrees sanskrit season. ah, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a just proportionally high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins . the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom platelets, citizens, britons, true colors, part one on al jazeera blue.
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the algebra, her reminder about told stories this hour given to the rebels have only you either planning more strikes of launching missile and join the tax on monday morning. he says the attack was intercepted and that launch retaliatory action in yemen. north korea is released photos. the proof that conducted at post office miss all passed in 2017. the 7th launch in january, a record and a single month. us calling for direct talks. 37 new cases of corona virus have been reported among the personnel, rubbing and beijing for the winter game. off of being kept apart from the public will be tested daily. candidate defense minister is in ukraine for talks,
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announced canadian troops. there were moving to the west inside of the country. canada is temporarily withdrawing non essential employees from its embassy and also providing military aid and training to ukraine. russia foreign minister has accused nato of tried to pull the ukraine into the alliance. because there are well known shooting for which as it turns out that the nato defense line continues to move eastwards. now it has come close to ukraine, which is they also want to drag this country in tomato. although it is clear to everyone that ukraine is not ready and will not make any contribution to strength, may nato security. and politicians in the us are debating what to do about russia, which is more than $100000.00 troops stationed on board with ukraine. one senators, composing a potential compromise. petticoat came reports from washington, d. c. a most of shoes, stores tanks for artillery, more than 100000 russian troops. the u. s. military says, this is now
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a strong enough force to take over the country of ukraine. on monday, the un security council will put the issue front and center with the us ambassador saying she will try to make russia feel isolated in the world. our voices are unified and calling for the russians to explain themselves. we're, we're going to go in the room prepared to listen to them, but we're not going to be distracted by their propaganda. and the ukranian ambassador to the us is hoping to rally the international community as well. with a warning, if ukraine will be further attacked by russia, of course, they will not stop in india after ukraine, but with russia able to veto any action at the un. this is likely to be more theatre than a solution. but one prominent us senator has a new suggestion saying the u. s. can't give into russia's demands that ukraine will not join nato, but ukraine can,
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but it's his decision to make if he decides that the future membership, if there's a b, one in nato, for ukraine. and the question of russian occupation of ukraine are 2 things to put on the table. i think we may move toward a solution to this. this week, the u. s. senate is expected to take up a bill that would spell out severe consequences if russia acts, which would include sanctions, which would include more military assistance, which would include helping them to fight back against the cyber attacks that the russians will continue to use against ukraine. and also to help on the disinformation campaign, rushes actively involved and to try to stabilize the zaleski government. but the biden administration wants to hold off on sanctions as a deter it, hoping that the threat of freezing russia out of the international banking system is enough to stop any military action. which russia says has no intention of taking in care of on sunday, a show of gratitude. ukrainians take to the streets to send a message that they appreciate the support even as many hope they won't need it.
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patty calhane al jazeera washington. portugal is prime minister has won a 3rd consecutive term and office tony cost is the governing socialist security parliamentary parliamentary rather majority. in sunday staff election. he found the thing to govern for all pulled together the economy struggles to bounce back from the pandemic. i'll just those atom rainy reports from lisbon. the stunning mandate prime minister in 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won a majority of people in portugal, snap election. it's a feat, few could have imagined coming into the election pre election pulling, had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats. the election was triggered when other left his parties voted with wrangling parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost his rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialists will have the votes now to
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pass the budget firm of the thought. it was a victory of humility, of confidence, and for stability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these elections took in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival, really rio, the leader of the center, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat, and implying he may step down his party leader bank while he's on the phone with the socialist party governing period of 4 years. i really don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the the far right wing, party, shaker, or enough office celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes. the 1st such showing for far right when party since the rival of democracy in 1974. a sign
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of the traction populism hold. after 2 years have pandemic pain. one of the problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this rendering party is rising, is as part of was not growing as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards. now it's the 7th poorest country in the $27.00 this due to be in union dawning protective gear poll workers even received, covert positive voters who left isolation to cast their ballots. and what many saw as the most important election in decades? the election was defined by the pandemic with voters calling on parliament to get the economy going again into affectively manage the handling of billions of dollars from the e. u. recovery and resilient fund. adam rainy out to 0. lisbon gunman and pakistan have killed a christian priest in the northwest and city of push. our father william serrato
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was shot multiple times. another priest was injured. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the christian community have previously been targeted and shallow. come all harder, has more from the some about the security for their growth bog. it's on. i don't know height, their state of alert off the targeting of the senior christian bridge and the video for gun down by 2 people writing a motor bike. there was a gun badger recently, and fish were also in ridge, a number of islamic stairs, quarter sawn fighter. and we're we're got that they are now trying to target insight buckets on it. read the christian faith. killing, of course, has fog wave of broad day by the minority christian community and the capital of the high book. while province dick glowed the missionary schools and protest your day. that the forces of god saying that the real ap rand, appropriate great day of britain was in our young badges recently with
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a number of islamic quarters on fighters in that video for the military. d for dog doing it more district and just on to boost the morale of georgia. adoption of their men were killed in an attack which appears to have come from across the border budget on god says send a message to the dollar bond that they want more action against the group. you're doing one story. chinese naval vessels carrying disaster release supplies of departed photography in the south pacific. the 1400 ton shipment includes food, medical supplies, tractors, and temporary housing pong. it is still recovering from a volcanic eruption into nami, that strong. earlier this month. a delivery and distribution has been slowed by the countries strict pandemic restrictions. so, so, so unless so do, we was short on time preparing for the misha was, and the voyage is long. the loading is heavy and the requirements for the epidemic
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prevention are high with we fully anticipated various complex situations and carefully planned the operations to make sure that the relief supplies are safely and quickly delivered to tonga for decades to lands. having taught the original inhabitants of patagonia were all but extinct, but descendants of 2 indigenous groups have come forward to demand recognition. and that in america editor, lucy newman, met them into deaf wiggle. the dealer, the full archipelago, near the tip of cape horn, is known as the end of the world. for 7000 years, it was inhabited by the janish, nomadic people who walked barefoot, and you seal and whatnot. gaskins to keep warm. 135 kilometers north lived the south. none a people so tall that the 1st european explorers named the region patagonia, meaning land of bypass or long legs. what can happen to day replicas of the self
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financing, full spiritual body paint have become fashionable as souvenirs of the people who are presumed extinct except they aren't. now self, nuns are finally coming out to demand recognition. is it but on the fact that it's a southerly speaker for history though we often heard from our grandchildren out of shame, is painful to recognise though we come from a family that was practically enslaved and exterminated in the 20th century, is hard. lydia gonzales, scalded on tells a similar story about her people, the janish, her 93 year old mother. christina is the last who still speaks their language fluently. i had a good backyard. nickina you're gone. is ledia an indigenous delegate to chili's constitutional convention shocked. many. when she addressed the chamber k marchina, but on my main focus, imagine not doing grandparents because outsiders annihilated them. imagine being taught at school that your language and your pupil had disappeared. imagine that
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you direct ancestors were taken across the ocean to far away lands to be exhibited of exotic animal muscle which drama g. as the documentary humans zill illustrates, she wasn't exaggerating, abusive. lydia says they're still in estimated 200 yet, annie's. and in the last census, more than 1100 people said they identified as said none until a 100 years ago. they lived here from hunting and fishing. and by the coast there was also plenty to eat. you can still feel lots of muscles and other presentations here and historic document to demonstrate that they had an if and the segments could feast on, for example, reached wales like this one. so it wasn't hunger that wiped out their numbers, but rather the arrival of the foreigners, the europeans that brought with them unknown diseases like to procure lotus and influenza. many the survivors were taken from their parents to religious
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institutions or to brussels or hunted down in cathy, the f. one might not look as if the hunters were paid for bringing back a hand abreast of penis, a head or an air in today. the sultan language exists on paper, but no one speaks it. while lydia's mother is recording the phonetic sound of the young man language, both indigenous nations are pushing for chiles, new constitution to recognize, support, and promote their linguistic and cultural heritage. a keep or from us, we are all important and deserve recognition. no matter how small a number. because i insisted we didn't choose to be so few. they're determined, she says, to stop justifying their existence and start working towards reviving their nearly last heritage to see and human al jazeera. do you have another foil, chilly? thousands of protest isn't chilly, have gathered to voice their anger against undocumented migrants mostly from venezuela. they pay them for rise and violence in the lane, city of k,
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and the demanding more security. the international organization for migration estimates, nearly 1700000 migrants are in chile. us based music streaming site specify has announced new measures to combat coven 19 misinformation. it follows a decision by several high profile musicians to remove that music from the platform in protest against a podcast, who's been accused of spreading falsehoods about vaccines. julian wolf has the story. signing with its highest paid podcast personality, spotify has chosen to keep joe rogan show on the platform as it attempts to tackle the growing backlash over his controversial views on cobra. 19 the company has announced plans to add an advisory to any podcast episode. discussing the pandemic, directing listeners to the latest information from trusted sources in health and science. but despite an open letter penned by hundreds of health professionals
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calling on spotify to moderate misinformation, and a growing number of celebrities raising concern, including the duke and duchess of sussex, who have a 25000000 dollar content deal with the platform. some say it's an issue that isn't solved in silencing one voice. there's a misinformation challenge tied to joe rogan in particular, but there's also a broader mas information problem, i think, in this entire ecosystem. that is a lot more challenging simply because it is so decentralized and there isn't really one platform. there isn't really one player involved who can take the lead and moderating. it's very decentralized. you know, you basically could be playing effectively whack of all the fall out began when rock star neil young accused rogan of spreading misinformation while offering spotify an old maiden. remove his work or the comedians, the singer joanie mitchell soon followed,
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announcing her solidarity with young and while the streaming service says it has removed more than 20000 podcast episodes. that cover covert 19 since the start of the pandemic. it fell short of ditching one of its biggest stars after it's exclusive 2020 licensing deal that netted rogan, more than a $100000000.00. gillian wolf, al jazeera. oh, this is al jazeera. these are the top stories. gibbons, who the rebels have warned the you are ye that the planning more strikes off to launching miss ireland drawing a tax on monday morning the you a, he says the attack was intercepted and that it launched. retaliatory action in yemen, balboa darvin, maria de la ha critical installations and abu dhabi were targeted by a number of plastic mussel.


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