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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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ah the. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is the, these are live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. emmonds, who the rebels target the u. e. again provoking counter attacks. a shot from space north. korea's latest miss our launch puts areas including the u. s. territory of guam within striking distance. china us 0 cove at 19 policy on the pressure
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after beijing reports more infections among athletes just days ahead of the winter olympics. also, how many had said it couldn't be done, but portugal, socialist prime minister was one and outright majority in parliamentary elections. and streaming giant spotify takes action after a growing number of musicians shown the platform accusing it of cove at 19 misinformation. and in sport canada, stay on track to reach their 1st football world caps in 1986, a beat pierce rivalry will fade remain top of the standings for north and central america and the caribbean. ah, we begin this diesel then with another escalation, eddie emmonds 7 year war hootie rebels say that they've attacked the united arab emirates with drones and missiles. the u. e. 's says that it intercepted one
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ballistic missile early on monday. and 30 minutes later destroyed a missile launcher in who the controlled jaffe province. india been out there is leah harding reports the target was clear, the united arab emirates striking back against who the missile bases in yemen. it's the latest retaliation after debris from the who the missile attack earlier on monday, landed in a remote part of abu dhabi la darvin. maria de la critical installations and abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles. also, the inward of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hid its targets with high precision. on twitter and emerald, he official said, airports are operating as normal. but these strikes coincide with these really presidents, 1st visit to abu dhabi and at a time of increased fighting between the hudy's and the saudi coalition. and yemen
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. we reiterate that the enemy state, united arab emirates will remain an unsafe country so long as they continue with the belligerents against our beloved you. many people earlier this month, toothy drone strike on the way. east capitol hill. 3 people on sunday. the u. s. state department urged americans to reconsider any travel to the u. e. citing threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry that's being used in these attacks is becoming more desolate. and that's all we're reason why one hopes of the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this contract this conflict. but diplomacy has yet to solve this regional conflict that has been going on for years and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. leo harding al jazeera. let's still to toby on south foot, who's the middle east of north africa, principal analyst for verisk maple croft. he joins us now live from edinburgh in
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scotland. good to have you with us. what do you make of these later strikes and claims? by the who thes, what's their strategy? when they know that every attack will lead to a counter attack by a far superior military force. joy. yeah, it's a dangerous situation. we're seeing a pattern of attacks. now, this is the 3rd one this month. the 3rd one in 3 weeks. so i mean, the huge is clearly is responding to what they see as increased in iraq involvement in yemen. really since late 2021. i think from active they probably feel that, you know, there has been a military campaign going on in yemen for several years now. and you know, rather than reduce the missile threat, you could argue that the missile and john threat is now probably stronger than ever has been. so despite that, the reason attacks that we've seen carried, i thought, coalition forces in yemen, targeting launch, pads, and so on. you know, the threat is still very much there until there is
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a broader resolution to the situation in yemen. and in the, in the situation in the broader region, with the tension between the u. s. and iran. then you know, both tv and saturday are going to, to remain in the firing line and will remain vulnerable to, to draw a missile attacks. how concerned then should people in the u. e and businesses that be does the, we have the defense capabilities to, to, to stop escalated attacks by who t's? sure. i mean, the good news is with this attack, the latest attack an attack last week is, you know, missile defenses were, as they should, the intercepted the ballistic missiles, the traditional ballistic missiles are easier to intercept. they can of course, a lot more damage if they break through defenses will seen in the last few years, the sort of more hybrid attack using drones and low flowing low flying cruise missiles. you know, that is more difficult to defend against one's there in the air, but we're seeing,
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you know, across the region and especially in the, you know, in order to sort of mitigate this threat. it's all about resilience, you know, when it comes to energy security, that means you know, putting oil storage on the ground, building them into mountains and so on. so it's going to have to be sort of been the pronged sense of approach. as i just said, you know, that the military runs the diplomatic fronts have really failed to, to address the situation. so this isn't something where there is an easy fix and an easy missile defense system can, can just remove the threat, is it's going to be ongoing threat that will have to be managed very carefully in order to ensure that it doesn't start having an impact on investor confidence, tourist business and so on. you mentioned relations between the u. s. and iran. is it possible to draw a line between who the action and relations of the moment between the us in the wrong? yes, absolutely. i mean it's, it's all, it's, you know, when it comes to who is, is always very difficult to, to gauge how much is driven by their own interests and how much is to do with, with iran broader come to pressure in the region we've seen since,
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since that of mid 2019 really is you know, you run responding to us pressure on several fronts. you know, that includes advancing as nuclear program. but it also includes, you know, supporting and facilitating attacks against an international shipping against energy infrastructure in the region. a iran denies that they provide support for the huge is know there's a strong body of evidence to suggest that they received know what missiles and other types of weapons from the iranian. so as long as those tensions remain there and nuclear negotiations are now it's a very critical stage, then the u. e is going to main, remain in pretty precarious situation. so it's a bad situation is the result before, before the, the more local situation can can improve. all right, so what's it going to take to end these attacks? so could you think the situation was worse? and i think if you look at this with the, the worst case scenario would be a breakdown in talks between the u. s. and iran. and that is very much
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a possibility. took something going on for the year now. and the 2 sides of the failed to, to reach a compromise. if we did see a sudden break up from talks, then you know, what we would expect is probably an increase in iran. cancer pressure campaign would see more disruptive action in the region. and then on the flip side, you know, if you were to see a break 3 talks and, and some kind of comprehensive agreement between the u. s. and iran, then we could then start to see an improvement in this sort of missile and joint threats. but at the same time, not just about the broader picture, it's also about the situation on the ground and yemen. so those 2 in parallel, both have to improve, but they're very much connected. so keep improving that one front, that this great hope for improvement on the other front. really good talk to you to be on me. thanks today, toby, i'm sofa then and thank you. well inside the oven, millions of people are desperate for food and medicine. the you and another aid agencies, a warning, the world's worst humanitarian crisis, is likely to get
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a lot worse now to serious aside beg reports malnourished but receiving treatment. her brother lost his life for the same reasons. there are hundreds of other families in a similar situation in this port, city of who they are in western yemen and across the rest of the country that enemy, sylvia tablet. she suffers under nourishment, you mania and will say die rare in about cause. her condition is unpredictable, as you can see, she is very foul play. massena is one of the few receiving treatment. they are an estimated 40000 children not getting the food they need to grow up healthy. and a further to 1000000 suffer from moderate malnutrition that they'll sort of help them with regretfully, the cases we receive are all very critical that are considering be any style living conditions, city, lack of medical care and failure to treat other symptoms. my also li to acute under nourishment, it's very alarming. we lose hundreds of children who are many emanates do not have
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access to medical facilities. the war has been raging since 2014. 8 agencies are struggling to meet the demand in 2015. the united nations declared jim and one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world and was saudi arabia and the u. s. have spent billions of dollars on the wall and comparison very little has been spent on those who have suffered as a result. i said, bay of dessert. north korea has released photos as proof that it conducted its most powerful missile test. and for years, it's the latest in a flurry of muscle testing activity as alters here as andrew chappelle report. the latest images released by north korea are striking on sunday a test fired and intermediate range, ballistic missile. the horse on 12. that is nuclear capable. it reached the height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500
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kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile and kim jones arsenal. in 2017 or 3 attested the pos on 14 and 15, the latter of which could in theory, reached the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. last cruise spend a lot of time and investment in the past 23 years. certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities, and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. the north career announced at the beginning of 2021, with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a modern, a modern conflict. the u. s. wants direct talks with north korea. we've offered this over and over to, to the do p r k and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan? i think the buying people learn from a trump administration though,
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if you can't run off into these are big summits without having done a lot of groundwork 1st. and that's where it's from really fell down from basically got on the plane and flew to sink or it's an handle. i just met it. i'm just like walked into the room. it was north korea 7th missile test in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile tests appears well and truly at an end and her chappelle i'll to 0. the haunts on 12 reached an altitude 5 times higher than the international space station. taking those photographs which i showed you along the way, but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile in kim john guns arsenal. as you heard in 2017, north korea tested it's one song, 14 and 15, which could in theory, reached the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed showed off a larger intercontinental ballistic missile, but hasn't yet tested it. based, richie is an old career specialist, an associate professor international politics of hancock, university of foreign studies. he joins us now. live from so good to have you with
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us. mason, what do you make of these, these pictures that north korea released? what do they tell us? i think more than anything else they grab my and share if you will. you know, one of the things that north korea wants to do with the tests in the demonstrations, not only of this i, r b, m, but even of the, that tactical guided missiles that we've seen recently as well as a cruise missiles is to, to underline the fact that it's not going to be clear eyes that it is to be treated as a normal nuclear weapon possessing state. i think to some degree, having these dramatic pictures taken allegedly, from the missile and play sort of underlines its technological capacity. and sort of grabs mind share where people think to themselves. oh yeah, north korea that's, that's another country that has nuclear weapons and the more that happens,
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the more no 3 gets normalized as a nuclear weapon sessing state. that's what sort of miss i wasn't, i mean in terms of, we know it's possible range, but how is it fueled and does that matter? yeah. so the one on 12, it is not a tremendously capable missile. it's an immediate range ballistic missile. we think the range on a normal trajectory with probably a kilogram or head would be somewhere around 400-4300, maybe 4500 kilometers. it's a liquid shields missile, which means that the united states, republic of korea, japan, other countries that have sophisticated centering technology, they would probably have a pretty good chance of noting that was on 12, was in launch preparation. because of the fueling process for the liquid fuel in and of itself the, the missiles, not tremendously capable. but really, you know,
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we have to remember that we're working towards solid shield versions of these where the fuel is stored in the missile body. and the rollout times and a lot of times for those are dramatically decreased and they, they take away the chance that sensors can, can, can find them easily and events to launch. and we also know that to some degree, this is a step towards doing and backing away from his moratorium on icbm launches and possibly launching and test it was 17 that we've seen rolled out of the parade. how is north korea able to, to, to keep doing this keep extend expanding its missile program when sanctions are in place against it. what are the implications for regional security? yeah, so, you know, obviously north korea is managing the bus. the sanctions in part that's through most likely working with states such as china, potentially russia, potentially iran,
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perhaps some for former soviet states to acquire technology. one of the interesting things is how that finance does go through the international banking system, where in theory the u. s. has quite a bit of leverage. so, you know, in an extremely aggressive tactic, the u. s. could begin to put secondary sanctions or banks. let's say in china for instance, that's part of it. part of it is domestic production capability. mean, north korea seems to have developed some domestic production capabilities, notably for filament well and missile casings which, you know, pretty, is a very strong missile body with quite a light weight which increases range for instance. so it's a mixture of domestic production capability plus, international sanctions busting and help comes from them. and the implications for regional security are not good. because the more than northridge normalized as a nuclear state, less credible us extended nuclear deterrence looks for south korea and japan,
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which over time might decide that they themselves need to develop their own nuclear capability. which would you know yourself and already under way arms raised in east asia. also missile defense comes into play as the u. s. and south korean japan might begin to think about how they could integrate their missile defenses to push back in for 3 years. this would be considered provocative to china, which would probably respond in its own way, which would therefore also again use up the already contentious rivalry between the us and china and the region ok. nation could talk to many thanks to the mason richey that live in sol. it was at his al, from al jazeera, still to come on the program. pakistani police widened their manhunt, looking to the gunman who killed a christian priest in for shallow. whereas mount europe's gas supplies of russia, turns off the temp, due to a war with ukraine. and in sport celebration was waiting for raphael. not allan
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julius the spoils of his history, making victory far i here with that of the rest of the school, little later. ah, there are now just a few days to go before the winter olympic games open in beijing. athletes have begun to arrive under strict cove at 19 protocols. team managers, coaches, support staff, and media are in an olympic bubble to keep them separate from the public. they'll be tested daily. on monday $37.00 new cases were reported among the delegations that brings the total to $100.00. 19. some athletes have already had to withdraw from the games. let's go live that a beijing elders. here's katrina you is there despite this bubble? katrina. it is being breached. we hear what's the latest?
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that's right, adrian. chinese authorities have pledged to deliver a safe and secure winter games, but they're struggling to contain the mounting case numbers of covered 1900 within the bubble. so according to official information about 7000 people have arrived in china, head of the games been already 176 people at least have tested positive. now, officials here trying to come many concerned, saying that there is no outbreak within the bubble, per se, and the catching most of these infections at the airport. now there's a very rigorous system in place to try to keep tabs of people who do have covered 19, not only 2 people have to register the temperature every day for 14 days leading up to their flight to china. they have to test at the airport and then every day they are in beijing, they have to start the day with another curve at 19 test. what that's done. it's created a very tense environment within the bubble athletes and the support teams and
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terrified of catching curve in 1900. because if you do test positive, you will immediately be separated in quarantined and you will only be allowed to return to normal routine once your test negative twice. so there is a very big chance of completely missing out on your competition. and that means 4 years of preparations would go to waste. but unfortunately, already a lividity and snowboarder, swedish skia, and a russian by athlete have been among those who have tested positive and outside. the bubble are sources managing to contain the outbreak of, of delta and alma chrome full. it has been a struggle since the beginning of december. we've had this toughest outbreak that china has had to face. in recent months, there been about 4000 cases documented the latest number on sunday was 58 cases confirmed and this outbreak. now delta and on the crown has spread to 50 cities in
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20 provinces. there's a new hot spot. now the city of hunger, which is in the south of china, but what authorities continue to be concerned about is that they haven't quite contained the outbreak in beijing in the capital city itself. there were 3 new cases were adjusted on sunday, which by international standard does not sound like very much, but we've got china as 0 corporate strategies still in place. so 3 cases is 3 cases . too many and authorities have reacted by the typical playbook mass testing. the lockdown of several residential neighborhoods, at least 2000000 people had to be mass tested twice and they were confined to the harms until they tested negative. so we have these very strict enforcement of corporate restrictions here in china. and today on monday is the beginning of the lunar new year period, the most important public holiday in china. and typically millions of people leave . the city is like the aging and head to the countryside so that they may be reunited with their families for the celebration. but ahead of the winter games
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opening on friday, there have been really strict laws put in place when it comes to testing and quarantine that many people simply have elected or have been forced to stay in the cities for the 7 day holiday and be separated from their families because simply they don't have any other choice or is there as katrina you're reporting live from beijing? katrina. many thanks. a cabinet minister in hong kong. a step down after attending a birthday party despite a government call for people to avoid large gatherings. casper 3 was the home affairs minister at a rising figure and the prob, aging political party, the d. a. b. the celebrations become a source of embarrassment for hong kong, chief executive, kerry lam, among the $200.00 guests to the party for more than a dozen top politicians, including the cities, police, immigration, an antique corruption, chiefs in full gum guy. his conduct has brought the hong kong government into
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disrepute and his action has caused a negative perception by the general public in relation to the conduct of principal officials. we have high expectations and requirements, and these officials should observe the highest standards, helped us no conduct and integrity at all times. and they should promote and support these principles by leadership and example. gunman and pakistan of killed a christian priest in the northwestern city of shala, father, william civilized, were shop multiple times. another priest was injured. no one's claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the christiana community have previously been targeted in the shower. i'll just here as come, all hider has more now from islam about the security for their growth progress on i don't. busy know high state of alert, off the targeting of a senior christian bridge and the video of gun down by 2 people writing a motor bike. there was a gun badger recently and fish were also in ridge. a number of islamic stairs
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quarter sawn fight. work is different, of course, that they are now trying to dog insight buckets on it. read the christian faith. killing of course, has fog wave of broadcast by the minority christian community and the capital of the hive of book. while province dick glowed the missionary schools and protest your day that the forces of god saying that they will render pope or great day of fraud. bread and water in our young badges recently with a number of islamic quarters on fighters in the fridge. draw up the military, d for dog doing it more district and on do boots. the morale of georgia adoption of their men were killed in an attack which appears to have come from across. the radian border budget on god says send a message to the bronze dollar bond that they want more action against the group.
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you're doing. one story. canada's defense minister is in ukraine's talks and does announce the canadian troops that were moving to the western side of the country. canada is temporarily withdrawing non essential employees from its embassy and key if it's also providing military aid and training to ukraine. russia's foreign minister has accused nato of trying to pull ukraine into the alliance. you close the roswell, not a shouldn't you believe chose to store? it turns out that the nato defense line continues to move eastwards. now it is come close to ukraine, which is they also want to drag this country in tomato. although it is clear to everyone that ukraine is not ready and will not make any contribution to strength, make mater security will stand off between russia and ukraine. has europeans worried about gas supplies? a 3rd of europe's natural gas comes from russia. and if there is a conflict, europe will have to turn to other providers as dominic cane report, some from germany. this is the am or natural gas installation in central russia.
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one of many such plants is product is pipe to destinations in asia and europe, all of which generates an export revenue of more than $200000000.00 a day for the provide a gas problem. the greatest single market is germany, closely followed by other european countries. cumulatively 128000000 cubic meters of gas flows to the e each year, representing around a 3rd of its annual impulse. but what would happen if the ukraine crisis became more war and all of this was suddenly switched off. it's got it, so i don't have, it could be an interruption. gas lysol, however, the russian government should weigh carefully whether they really want lat, while as possible to put europe under pressure. but you would eventually turn to liquid gas from other countries. mother thought, if liquid gas or l n g is a solution, there are a few of these potential suppliers, most notably the u. s. and the state of qatar, while neither could fill the shortfall of so much gas, immediately,
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one analyst told me, catherine might be able to provide a more medium and long term solution that could hurt. indeed, did supply europe with a lot more gas in the past. but given the fact that the europeans were not very fond of the way that the contracts are structured, kotor pivoted to asia and now supplies from most of the gas to them rather than the europeans should be some se, reconsideration on the european end when it comes to the contractual elements and their compatibility with european energy law, then that this might actually change the situation. and he's in the medium to long term. from the geopolitical perspective, there are increasingly loud voices in western europe who don't want to be so dependent on russia for the energy supply in full. but here, because we have to build a foundations of ours over into which means more independence from russia. when i look at our important terms of oil and gas to get, we are not independent from russia. this won't happen overnight. no, he,
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you lead us have been clear that a russian act of aggression against ukraine would have dire consequences to president putin and his country. it would mean an end to his hopes of switching on the north stream to gas pipeline. depriving him of tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and depriving the you of hundreds of billions of cubic meters of russian gas. the few in berlin is such a price is worth paying if it can deter moscow from invasion. ministers here don't want to arm the ukrainians. they believe the most potent weapon against putin is sanctions. no matter the cost dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. and i was something completely different just before we get her an update on the weather . people living in south florida woke up to an unusual sight on sunday, after temperatures, dip below freezing bare the national weather service warned the public to watch out for stunned iguanas falling from trees. the cold blooded lizards could weigh more
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than 7 kilos and measure a meter and a half in length. they usually wake up and warm up in daylight, but a stiff and immobile and cold temperatures, hence them fully out of the trees. a cold snap in 2010 wiped out large numbers of the invasive species, just as chilly across the atlantic in europe. jeff here next with a weather update for us on the new south, then seeking justice for slain president. why the hopes of some advocate faso riding on a lamp mock trial and a glimpse of mars polar ice caps, a chinese officer capture some stunning shots. and that in sport, the cincinnati bengals produce a shock upset to reach the super bowl, which is the 2nd time in the history. ah
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let's go with your weather update for europe and africa. hello everyone. this one feature is a theme of wind. so powerful winds blasted across the north sea running into the low countries, red weather alerts in play for the netherlands. so amsterdam could see wind gusts exceeding a 100 kilometers per hour. we do have snow cutting across germany, right in to switzerland, austria in the czech republic, and also howling winds for the south of france, mar, say, or the next 3 days you're going to see your winds, whip up to about 80 to 85 kilometers per hour south facing when is pumping up the temperature and grease to 15 degrees after all that snow you saw a but we do have a developing disturbance in the adria dixie on to say that's going to strike grease with rain western turkey and estoppel. we'll see some showers as well. i'll get back to monday, last day of january, getting pretty close to record temperatures in seville, the records trying for we've got you in for 23. now for the northwest. stand the northeast of africa, some showers in the forecast for you, sand and dust, meantime for new ox shut at 25 degrees. and it's not
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a question if we'll see flooding. but just where and how much through namibia and south africa on monday in time. look at the temperature in cape town, 32 degrees for you. that's it. that's all mostly again, soon. thicker. ah, there was a time when the other than go to the foods were enough to sustain live in the northern cal. hi doesn't all year. let us change. we fun at 3 in different languages as if he, wild animals and men made the confidence to survive with ah, inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide,
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and to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged a road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou lou ah, it is good said he was a slow adrian. so to get here and go, how with a use are from al jazeera headlines, yemen swiftly rebels of warm d u e. at its planning more strikes after launching missiles drove a tax on monday morning, the u. e, as the attack was intercepted,
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and that it launched retaliatory action in yemen. north korea has released photos as proof that it conducted its most powerful missile test. since 2017, it's the 7th launch in january, a record for a single month. the u. s. is calling for direct talks. 37 new cases of corona virus have been reported among those arriving in beijing to the olympic went to games, athletes, and stuff of being kept apart from the public. i will be tested daily. portugal is prime minister has won a 3rd consecutive term in office. santoyo cost as governing socialists secured a parliamentary majority in sundays, snap election. let's go live that elizabeth out as here as at a brady is the adams to the posters. got it wrong? indeed, adrian, no one saw this land side victory, which is what it really is in portugal coming all the numbers. so it was
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a little more than 41 percent of the vote by winning a 117 feet to this point and outright majority. antonio costa is free to now run the government without having to work with the other party if it's really freed him up to get going immediately take action and try to propel the country forward. after many years of poor economic performance. the stunning mandate prime minister in 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won a majority of people in portugal, snap election, it's a feat you could have imagined coming into the election pre election polling had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats, the election was triggered when other left his parties voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost his rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialists had the votes now to pass the budget,
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whom he thought it was a victory of humility, of confidence, and forced ability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these elections took place in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival ruin rio, the leader of the sinner, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat and implying he may step down as party leader bank, while he's on the phone with the socialist party's governing period of 4 years. i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the the far right wing, party, shaker, or enough also celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes the for such showing for far right when party since the rival of democracy in 1974, a sign of the traction populism hold. after 2 years have pandemic pain. one of the
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problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this rendering party is rising, is a particle is not growing. as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards. now it's the 7th poorest country in the $27.00 this due to be in union dawning protective gear poll workers even received covert positive voters who have left isolation to cast their ballots. and what many saw at the most important election in decades. as we just saw here, this election was truly defined by that pandemic. although port schools economy had been growing quite well and earlier parts of antonio across the years in power and recent years have been really stagnant people. we speak to say they need help, they need the government to do a couple things to get the economy going, but also spread social welfare programs more widely. so now that cost that has
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$1.00 clear mandate, although he has 4 years of probably being able to govern without having to reach out to partners, voters are going to be watching closely to see how quickly he can get the economy going and how effectively he and his government can manage the handling of billions of dollars of the you, recovery and resilient funds. i was just there, as adam rainy reporting, live from lisbon when the thanks to date at m. in the coming hours classes leader is to meet you as president joe biden. at the white house, a standoff between russia and ukraine, european gas supplies, and afghanistan, just some of the issues likely to be discussed. alan fisher has more on what to expect from being almost frozen during the early days of the trump presidency. cutter has become a key player for joe biden and his white house, biden's foreign policy is rather shaky. he needs support not just from large and
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powerful countries of european states, germany, et cetera. he needs support from smaller but capable allies. it was cut out that hosted talks with the taliban and do ha, it was cut to the plate and pivotal rule as the united states completed its chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. it has an important link to iran, as talks about the new nuclear deal continue. and then there's energy, as the u. s. faces off against russia and ukraine. it's promising harsh sanctions against more school, if there's an invasion. but those sanctions could be limited in support. with president putin turned off the gas supply to europe in the middle of winter. in retaliation, the u. s. leads another supplier, and that's what cut off, and it's liquid natural gas comes in. copper is in a very good position to supply l. m g to and to do it strategically. now it's not just for sale. now you can see in europe, there is an effort to use the production and distribution of country. a gas in
1:39 pm
a way that strengthens the global coalition to say, to russia, know you can't invade you, correct? that's not, no, that's not ok. it's a very important role for carter to play. many of the afghanistan keys, i think i talk to be processed on this home of massive us base. it will be the center of any fresh operations in afghanistan cuts are a central, not only in managing all the wounds left by, you know, that they can't take american withdrawal. but by discussions we're going to have to hast to alleviate and mitigate, address one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet, helping the to biden his signal. he doesn't see the middle east is a priority, but he needs strategic partners in the region, work and cutters. amir wants his country to be in the prime position to strengthen its image. as a key regional player, alan fisher al jazeera washington closing arguments of the gun in the trial of more
1:40 pm
than a dozen defendants accused of the assassination of bikini faces president thomas and kata. he was killed along with 12 others at a crew in 1987 now to serious nicholas hark reports from one to 2. good. in the heart of warrior dooku, a tribute to a pan african icon and a symbol of strength and defiance. burkina faso as president til my sancho, i was killed nicu 25 years ago, long before l like warmer was even born. and yet his murder trial is important and significant to her. it comes at a time of uncertainty following monday school. we need justice. so we can even believe in the, in a possible future. this has been only a few days that we are in the so you do a said, you know, we, we have no government. let's say that we have no institutional knows that i stable now. so we are just asking our selves if we can just hope that what has been started look, continue. so i think it won't affect this what i think. but i'm not sure. last
1:41 pm
monday as lawyers and to my son car, his murder trial were about to give their closing statements. the hearing was abruptly adjourned, had happened after colonel dunbar arrested the president and took power in a qu, in a televised statement. he said, justice will follow its course. their trial is now set to resume in the dock of the accused. as colonel dummy was former commander she'd bel gin denny he along exile. former leader bless go by way. are accused of being behind sanker as murder from one of your men of every one tons to wanted truth, but i tried, he didn't want dam version of the truth away and not the reality of what happened to convince god, surely after company was ousted from power in a popular uprising in 2014 january stage a coup, it's in this hotel in the wealthy neighbourhood, on the outskirts of walker doing that. heads of states from the west african block echo was met with general gender. a they held talks ended the qu,
1:42 pm
which led to his arrest. this was seen as the success for echo was in restoring democracy to this country. drake, who is in one year echo us, is now facing an institutional and regional crisis. satirical cartoonist, demo gets fears the latest. who could delay on cars, trial fuel, a molded full gown about the death of sanker. we all feel like we know what actually happened. who it was and who was, where was the question here is we, are we going to be able to purchase the current political situation and bring justice? so we can move on one of sale for people like coma leaving the past behind. also means forging ahead into an uncertain future. nicholas hawk al jazeera walker. today, a few minutes the african union has followed a co was the regional grouping in suspending a bucket of faster. we'll have more on that. and our next bill, as in here on al jazeera,
1:43 pm
now us based music streaming site. spotify has announced new measures to combat covey. 19 misinformation. it follows a decision by several high profile musicians to remove their music from the platform and a protest against a podcast. who's been accused of spreading falsehoods about vaccines, more from gillian wolf signing with its highest paid podcast personality. spotify has chosen to keep joe rogan show on the platform as it attempts to tackle the growing backlash over his controversial views on cobra. 19 the company has announced plans to add an advisory to any podcast episode, discussing the pandemic, directing listeners to the latest information from trusted sources in health and science. but despite an open letter penned by hundreds of health professionals calling on spotify to moderate misinformation, and a growing number of celebrities raising concern, including the duke and duchess of sussex, who have a 25000000 dollar content deal with the platform. some say it's an issue that isn't
1:44 pm
sold in silencing one voice. there's a misinformation challenge tied to joe rogan in particular, but there's also a broader mist information problem, i think in this entire ecosystem that is a lot more challenging simply because it is so decentralized and there isn't really one platform. there isn't really one player involved who can take the lead and moderating. it's very decentralized. you know, you basically could be playing effectively whack of all the fall out began when rockstar neil young accused rogan of spreading misinformation while offering spotify an old maiden. remove his work or the comedians, the singer joanie mitchell soon followed, announcing her solidarity with young and while the streaming service says it has removed more than 20000 podcast episodes. that cover covert 19 since the start of
1:45 pm
the pandemic. it fell short of ditching one of the biggest stars after it's exclusive 2020 licensing deal that netted rogan, more than a $100000000.00. gillian wolf, al jazeera answer, rugged has responded by posting a video on social media apologizing for the controversy. do i get things wrong? absolutely. i get things wrong, but i try to correct them whenever i get something wrong. i try to correct it because i'm interested in telling the truth. i'm interested in finding out what the truth is. if there's anything that i've done that i could do better is i have more experts with differing opinions, right after i have the controversial ones, i would most certainly be open to doing that. and i would like to talk to some people that have the differing opinions on those podcasts in the future. china's space administration has released new footage showing a glimpse of mas as polar ice caps. these pictures show the gentleman one prob,
1:46 pm
flying above the red planets north pole. the permanent ice camps that you can just about see a mostly made of water just had all these out. the lost tribes of southern chit, i descended seek recognition for a forgotten people. and its force, egypt strike a mammoth salon, keeps his country on calls to wit, an 8th african title ah, [000:00:00;00]
1:47 pm
with with mm pool. ah ah.
1:48 pm
again, for decades people in chilly have been told that the original inhabitants of patagonia were open extinct. but descendants of 2 indigenous groups have now come forward to demand recognition. our latin america editor, lucia newman, has been to meet them. the dea rather wiggle archipelago, near the tip of cape horn is known as the end of the world for 7000 years. it was inhabited by the janish, nomadic people who walked barefoot, and you seal and whatnot. gaskins to keep warm. 135 kilometers north lived the south. none. a people so tall that the 1st european explorers named the region patagonia, meaning land of potash or long legs. to day replicas of the cellphones in full spiritual body paint have become fashionable as souvenirs of a people who are presumed extinct except they aren't. now self nuns are
1:49 pm
finally coming out to demand recognition either but on the fact that it's a southerly speaker for history that we often heard from our grandchildren out of shame, it's painful to recognise though we come from a family that was practically enslaved and exterminated in the 20th century is hard . lydia gonzales, scalded on, tells a similar story about her people, the janish, her 93 year old mother. christina, is the last who still speaks their language fluently. i had a good backyard. nickina you're gone. is ledia an indigenous delegate to chili's constitutional convention shocked many when she addressed the chamber k marchina. but on my main focus, imagine not doing grandparents because outsiders annihilated them. imagine being taught at school that your language and your people have disappeared. imagine that you direct ancestors were taken across the ocean to far away lands to be exhibited as exotic animal muscle. with drama. as the documentary humans xul illustrates,
1:50 pm
she wasn't exaggerating. abusive. lydia says they're still in estimated $200.00 janish. and in the last census, more than 1100 people said they identified as said none until a 100 years ago. they lived here from hunting and fishing. and by the coast, there was also plenty to articles fil faint, lots of muscles, another crustaceans, care and historic document to demonstrate that the yaneth and the sentinels could feast on, for example, reached wales like this one. so it wasn't hunger that wiped out their numbers, but rather the arrival of the foreigners, the europeans that brought with them unknown diseases, liked to procure lotus and influenza. many the survivors were taken from their parents to religious institutions, or to brothels or hunted down. in cathy, the ethel might not look as if the hunters were paid for bringing back a hand abreast of penis,
1:51 pm
a head or an air to day. the southern language exists on people. no one speaks it. while lydia's mother is recording the phonetic sound of the young language. both indigenous nations are pushing for chillies, new constitution to recognize, support, and promote their linguistic and cultural heritage at people from us. we are all important and deserve recognition, no matter how small our numbers, because i insist ridden, choose to be so few. they're determined, she says, to stop justifying their existence and start working towards reviving their nearly lost heritage. to see a newman al jazeera, the other fellow chile, time for sport his far up. adrian, thank you so much. and gibson striker, muhammad sala has kept his country on course, when an 8th african title. i've been gone a gold down in there for the final against morocco. the little thing were robbed a 2nd half equalizer with the game level at $11.00. it went to extra time. running cross from cell in the 1st added period produced the decisive goals or by
1:52 pm
trends again to one the final for each. it will play host cameroon, in the semi finals on solid striker partner at liverpool, sandy manet was architect of synagogues opening goal against equitorial guinea, as pass that out from our idea do for the opening goal. in this last 8 tie, begin really came into life and the 2nd half equitorial guinea had that with an equalizer for a defensive mistake allowed to senegal to regain the lead korea reality. with that goal for africa's top rank team, small sr wrapped up with $31.00 win for senegal. it's burkina faso next for them that game is on wednesday. joining us now live from your own day is football. journalist meyer massage. he's so 3 of the big teams have reached the sammy's in terms of showing off african football. has the tournament delivered so far?
1:53 pm
do you think are a to unfortunately we're having trouble technical difficulties with getting our guests, but we should be able to get them back shortly. ah. canada have boosted their chances of reaching the 2022 world cup and counter on sunday the seal. the 2 no home when over rivals, united states result means canada top the standings and the final round of comcast qualifying with for games to go are looking to reach the funnels for the 1st time since 1986. you were say that 2nd after the defeat a little thought about pre medal zebra. the book went below. oh. 6 6 as you can tell, there's plenty of excitement in panama over their chances of making the finals.
1:54 pm
they beat jamaica 32 on sunday, a result that means they set forth in the standings. o max go had a disappointing time at home against costa rica. they were held to a goal, a straw at the asked tiger stadium. so that result leaves mexico in 3rd and costa rica in 5th. the top 3 will automatically qualify for the qatar 2022 world cup of the 4th place, seamless advance to an end turk confederation, playoff round alyssa 90 bangles or face. the alley rams and super was $56.00 after both sides produced styling comebacks to win their nfl conferences. bangles came from 213 down to stand, the kansas city chiefs to win the f. c. championship 27. 24. kansas had been the heavy favorites going into the game, but missed out on booking their 3rd successive super bowl appearance. the bank also was never won a super bowl title to face an
1:55 pm
o. c champion c l. a rams. the super bowl happens in ali on february, 13th or avenue, dallas still celebrating day after making tennis history at the australian open. on sunday, the spaniard claimed a record 21st grand slam title a 35 year old one. the australia opened for a 2nd time by beating danielle med vidal. dow made a stunning, come back from being $0.02 down when the title and $0.05. the wall them are 5, says the victory was unexpected. for how malick reports ah, history has been made at the australian open roughly a le doll as one a record 21st grand slam title. and he did it by producing arguably the greatest comeback of his career. taking on 2nd feed, done in medford of early on,
1:56 pm
the spaniard looked off the pace he was dominated by the russian and the person losing its 6 to and did the 2nd. he surrendered a full one lead. eventually dropping visit to the us open champion on a tie break. oh, but with his dream of making history slipping away, the doll came alive. the spaniard played some of his best tennis and clawed his way back into the match. ah, he took the 3rd set 6 more, and when he secured the 4th by the same score line, the chance of going into the record books was back on the final step provided even more drama. no doll went 53 ahead. only for med would have to once again level things up. natal, however,
1:57 pm
was not going to be the night after more than 5 hours on court. his moment finally came a little after 1 am local time. the doll wrapping up the deciding that $75.00 to secure perhaps the most memorable victory of his career coming just months after a foot injury forced him to consider retiring from the game. today i am here in front of all of you having this dropping with me on the you really don't know how much i tried to be here. i can i hear you just amazing with this trial. natal has beaten roger federer novak joke of each in the race to a 21st grand slam title. for now he has the legitimate claim to being the greatest
1:58 pm
of all time. so hale malik al jazeera. okay, that is i use more found adrian ceremony. thanks dave. that said, what is our kimmie and extra coffee again? ah, ah. counting the cost of rocks a year of the full run is that our sentiment is stopped market here to stay. very prices are 10 year high where the cost of cooking become even more affordable. and nigeria, petroleum minister on reforming the nation, oil sector counseling,
1:59 pm
the cough on al jazeera, the story of zimbabwe. in her words, history is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's david livingston, all robot mcgarvey. my responsibility is to tell them all when story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary. everyday life was in well with the people. i'm writing about patina, kappa, out of darkness. my zimbabwe on al jazeera february on a disease. shina host the winter olympics, will diplomatic boycott and the corona vibrate. overshadow the event rigorous debate them unflinching question up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom out there. it keeps you up to date as nascent tackling omicron buried amid continued vaccine inequality. 11 east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis,
2:00 pm
amid record levels of unemployment. and it's pretty near the quality costa. ricans go to the po, february, on a, just eop ah, just over a week since the military coup, burkina faso, is now suspended from the african union. ah, i'm given al versus algae. they're alive from dover,


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