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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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record levels of unemployment and extremely the quality cost to weakens, don't to the po, february on just the europe. ah, just over a week since the military coup, burkina faso, is now suspended from the african union. ah. other and given al versus algae, they're alive from door also coming up, attack and counter attack. the you a response off the who the rebels won't another miss off and threatening operation deep inside its territory. a shot from space north korea's latest miss. our launch puts areas including the u. s. territory of guam within striking distance. and
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streaming giant spotify takes action upper growing number of musicians from the platform using it of covert 19 misinformation. ah, we get with breaking news out of the key to fall. so the african union has suspended the country following lot, last week's military coup. the move come, the head of talks between un officials and the military rule. this says go straight to sam med nick, who's in walker do go, sam. so what has the african union said? the african union is just put out a statement. you've seen it on twitter saying that they've suspended burkina faso from the union right now until a constant constitutional rule is restored. and that's all they said at this moment . but there's a delegation from the west african regional block here today on monday. i and also someone from the united nations west african office for the style as well. who's
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also here, they're going to be speaking to the head, to the military contact. and we hope to have more information in, in a couple hours, if they make an announcement today. okay, when it says, until constitutional rule is restored, what exactly does it want? the military rule is to do to commit to it hasn't said specifically other than what would be on that tweet but, but what is understood is back something about moving towards elections. i, you know, transitional government is unclear exactly on the specifics of what they will be asking for. would you hope to have more clarity on later today or in the coming days? ok, just remind you as of what led to the coup. there have been months and months of frustration growing from the population and i and the military of armed conflict in the country that has just been taking over the country, killing soldiers, killing the armed forces. displacing no more than a 1000000 people and people have become really frustrated at the previous
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government's inability to stem that violence and to fix the situation. so there were lots and lots of protests leading up to this. and then it culminated with the crew last week. the a huge move follows echo us also a, suspending, a became a fossa. what difference will this make? do you think it's hard to say right now, right now the convention people are saying largely symbolic. and the idea is to see what sanction they will impose if they do, and the severity of distinctions could range from economic to travel. really, depending on what i'm being told of what the military leaders are saying, what they're willing to do, what they're not willing to do. so it seems like they assessments are being made right now. there's lots of talk that are going on today and saturday in the coming days, and then you know how the pension and if there's things and how they play out, it all depends on how we talk, go us, and while good to go. thank you. there's been another escalation in yemen,
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7 year war, who the rebels have attacked the united arab emirates with drones and missiles the you a says it intercepted one ballistic missile early on monday and 30 minutes later destroyed a missile launcher and who the controlled jobs province. while it all comparable, the target was clear, united arab emirates striking back against the host, the missile bases and the man. it's the latest retaliation after debris from our host. the missile attack earlier on monday landed in a remote part of bobby marble. i doesn't know how not critical installations in abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles. also, the inward of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hid its targets with high precision emergency or visual se, airports operating as normal. and the healthy attack did not have an impacts. ah,
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but the strike coincide with these really presidents at 1st visit to above. and at a time of increase the fighting between the hoses and the saudi quality in yemen, we reiterate that the enemy state, the united arab emirates will remain an unsafe country so long as they continuously belligerence against our beloved human people. earlier this month, how the dune strike on the 8th capital kill 3 people. on sunday, the us state department as the americans to create consider any travel to the united emeralds, siding threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry that's being used in these attacks is becoming more deadline . and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this contract this conflict. but diplomacy has yet to solve this original conflict that has been going on for years and created the
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world's worst human italian crisis. mom a lot, bob lazoodo, son of north korea, has released photos of proof that conducted its most powerful missile test and for use. so they sit in a flowery of missile testing activity and sandra chappelle reports. the latest images released by north korea are striking on sunday, a test fired and intermediate range, ballistic missiles. the last on 12 that is nuclear capable. it reached the height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500 kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile and kim john urns arsenal. in 2017 north korea tested the last song, 14 and 15, the latter of which could in theory, reach the continental united states. and in 2020, it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. the crew spent
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a lot of time and investment in the past 23 years, certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities, and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. the north career announced at the beginning of 2021 with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a model. a modern conflict. yeah, us want direct talk, north korea. we've offered this over and over to, to the do p r k and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan? so not aren't actually really putting for much right now, right? i mean, they have to actually show up in order to strive to deal with the buying on. so i'm actually again, i kind of surprised with the pace of the task because my sense of the bind people willing to talk if the north koreans shop it was north korea 7th missile test. in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile tests appears. well,
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and truly at an end and her chappelle i'll to 0 just a few days ago before the winter olympic games opened in beijing and athletes have been arriving on the strict covered 900 protocols. the members, coaches support staff and media are in and pick bubble to keep them separate from public will be tested daily. on monday, $37.00 new cases were reported among the delegations that brings the total to at least $176.00. some i think i've already had to pull out of the games. katrina, you has more from beijing. chinese authorities have pledge to deliver a safe and secure wind games, but they're struggling to contain the mounting case numbers of covered 1900 within the bubble. so according to official information about 7000 people have arrived in china, head of the games been already 176 people at least have tested positive. now, officials here trying to calm many concerns, saying that there is no outbreak within the bubble, per se,
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and they're catching most of these infections at the airport. now there is a very rigorous system in place to try to keep tabs of people who do have covered 19, not only 2 people have to register the temperature every day for 14 days leading up to their flight to china. they have to test at the airport and then every day they are in beijing, they have to start the day with another curve at 19 tests. what that's done. it's created a very tense environment within the bubble athletes and the support teams and terrified of catching curve 19. because if you do test positive, you will immediately be separated in quarantined and you will only be allowed to return to normal routine once your test negative twice. so there is a very big chance of completely missing out on your competition. and that means 4 years of preparations would go to waste. but unfortunately, already a lividity and snowboarder, swedish skia, and a russian by athlete have been among those who have tested positive. a cabinet
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minister in hong kong has stepped down after attending a birthday party despite a government called for people to avoid large gatherings. casper, 3 was at the home affairs minister, had a rising figure in the probation political party d a b. the celebration has become a source of embarrassment for hong kong, chief executive carry lamb, among the 200 guess of the party. we're more than a dozen top politicians, including the cities, police, immigration, and anti corruption chiefs in full gum guy. his conduct has brought the hong kong government into disrepute and he and his action has sir, caused a negative a perception by the general public in relation to the conduct of principal officials a we have high expectations and requirements and these officials oh shoot, observed the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity at all times. and they should promote and support these principles by leadership and example. still ahead on al jazeera pakistani police wide in there,
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man hunt. looking for the gunman who killed the christian priest and pish hour. and a glimpse of mars polar ice cap. a chinese orbiter captures the stunning shots. ah, look forward to brutus guys, who with sponsored boy cutoff airways. and away we go with your forecasts for the 1st of february. hello everyone, beginning in southeast asia, some concentrated rain over sumatra and right across. so java's wall jakarta is got a high of 33 degrees. now the ne monsoon spread in some showers across coastal sections of vietnam on thursday at the name scott high up 24 degrees. but i want to go back to the here and now on tuesday, look at this driving rain bird across that southeast corner of china. it's putting
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a cap on the temperature in hong kong to just 15 degrees. and once again, more snow. moving in for western areas of japan over the hills of honju, decent day in tokyo, though, wall to wall sunshine for you with the high of 10 degrees. next we're go into the sub continent in the northeast monsoon, not active years, who have got plenty of sun shy 30 degrees. it's really that far northeast corner of india that could see a few showers along that border with bungler dash. now for northwestern portions of india, those temperatures have come up. so new dell, he's got a hive 23 degrees and we'll end this weather report in the golf where those winds are going to strengthen as we head toward tuesday. that's gonna spin around some sand in does for places like doha, especially when you consider those winds will be wip into 40 kilometers per hour, seal later for the weather, sponsored by katara always. oh, our climb. ah, so full minute and practice,
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ah, to repeat their dream of becoming afghanistan's 1st ever when to 11 pm, they will have to overcome many mountain. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. and inspiration, where the light shine witness on al jazeera. ah, the me. you want, you know, is there a reminder of our top story, this, our, the african union had suspended, became a foster following last week's military coup. move comes ahead of talk between you and officials and military rule that yemen through the rebels. have warned,
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see you either putting more strikes launching mis island drone attack on monday morning. you said the attack was intercepted, launched retaliatory action, and yet no grease released photos. the proof that conducted my telephone. powerful while the missile 2017. it's the 7th launch and january record in a single month. us calling for direct tony's naval vessels carrying disaster relief supplies of departing for toner in the south pacific. the 1400 ton shipment includes food, medical supplies, tractors, and temporary housing. tonya is still recovering from a volcanic eruption and so know me, that struck earlier this month. a delivery and distribution has been flowed by the countries strict pandemic restrictions since. hello. so i may suggest you, we were short on time preparing for the misha. and the voyage is long, the loading is heavy and the requirements for the epidemic prevention are high. we
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fully anticipated various complex situations and carefully planned the operations to make sure that the relief supplies are safely and quickly delivered to tonga. gunman and pakistan have killed a christian priest in the northwest and city of pish, our father, william serrato, was shot multiple times. another priest was injured. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the christian community have previously been targeted in our call. it has more from the some about the security for their growth bog. it's on. i don't know. high state of alert off the targeting of a senior christian bridge and the video for gun down by 2 people writing a motor bike. there was a gun badger recently, and fish were also in ridge a number of islamic stair quarter sawn fight. jared were different, of course, indicate that they are now trying to target insight buckets on it. read the
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christian faith. killing, of course, has fog wave of broad day by the minority christian community and the capital of the hive of book. while providence, they closed the missionary schools and protest your day that the forces of god saying that they will render pope or great day of fraud. but it was in our young badges recently with a number of islamic quarters on fighters in the fridge. draw up the military, d for dog doing it more district and on to boot the morale of georgia adoption of their men were killed in an attack which appears to have come from across. the radian border budget on god says send a message to the bronze dollar bond that they want more action against the group. you're doing one story. canada's defense minister is in ukraine for talks and announced canadian troops. there were moving to the western side of the country, canada is temporarily withdrawing non essential employees from its embassy and also
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providing military 8 and training to ukraine. russia's foreign minister has accused nature of trying to pull ukraine into the alliance because there are well known shooting for which as it turns out, that the nato defense line continues to move eastwards. now it has come close to ukraine, which is they also want to drag this country in tomato. although it is clear to everyone that ukraine is not ready and will not make any contribution to strength, may nato security. the standoff between russia and ukraine has europeans worry about gas supplies. a 3rd of europe, natural gas comes from russia. and if there is a war, europe would have to turn to other providers. dominic cane reports from germany. this is the natural gas installation in central russia. one of many such plants is product is pipe to destinations in asia and europe, all of which generates an export revenue of more than $200000000.00 a day for the provide a gas problem. the greatest single market is germany,
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closely followed by other european countries. cumulatively 128000000000 cubic meters of gas flows to the e u. each year, representing around a 3rd of its annual impulse. but what would happen if the ukraine crisis became more war and all of this was suddenly switched off. it's going to so i don't want, it could be an interruption of guess. whoever was government should weigh carefully whether they really want that was possible to put europe under pressure. you would eventually tend to liquid guess some of a couple of this liquid gas or l n g is a solution. there are a few of these potential suppliers, most notably the u. s. and the state of qatar, while neither could fill the shortfall of so much gas, immediately one unless told me, catherine might be able to provide a more medium and long term solution that could hurt indeed, did supply europe with a lot more gas in the past. but given the fact that the europeans were not very fond of the way that the contracts are structured,
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kotor pivoted to asia and now supplies from most of the gas to them rather than the europeans should be some se, reconsideration on the european end when it comes to the contractual elements and their compatibility with european energy law, then that this might actually change the situation. and he's in the medium to long term. from the geopolitical perspective, there are increasingly loud voices in western europe who don't want to be so dependent on russia for the energy supply in full. but here, because we have to build a foundations of art over into which means more independence from russia. when i look at are important terms of oil and gas to get, we are not independent from russia. this won't happen overnight. he, you lead us have been clear that a russian active aggression against ukraine would have dire consequences of president putin and his country. it would mean an end to his hopes of switching on the north stream to gas pipeline,
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depriving him of tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and depriving the you of hundreds of billions of cubic meters of russian gas. the few in berlin is in such a price is worth paying if it can deter moscow from invasion. ministers here, don't want to arm the craniums. they believe the most potent weapon against tutoring is sanctions. no matter the cost. dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital in the coming out was cut off later meeting us president joe biden, for the 1st time with white house. the standoff between russia and ukraine. european gas supplies out of cornerstone. some of the issues likely to be discussed . alan fisher has more on what to expect from being almost frozen during the early days of the trump presidency. cutter has become a key player for joe biden and his white house. biden's foreign policy is rather shaky. he needs support not just from large and powerful countries of european states, germany, et cetera. he needs support from smaller but capable allies. it was cut out that
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horse the talks with the taliban and do ha, it was cut the plate pivotal rule as the united states completed its chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. it has an important link to iran, as talks about the new nuclear deal continue. and then there's energy, as the u. s. faces off against russia and ukraine. it's promising harsh sanctions against more school, if there's an invasion. but those sanctions could be limited in support. with president putin turned off the gas supply to europe in the middle of winter. in retaliation, the u. s. leads another supplier, and that's what cut off, and it's liquid natural gas comes in. copper is in a very good position to supply l n g to and to do it strategically. now it's not just for sale. now, you can see in europe, there is an effort to use the production and distribution of country. a gas in a way that strengthens the global coalition to say to russia. no, you can't engage,
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correct. that's not, no, that's wrong. ok. it's a very important role for carter to play. many of the afghan vacuum ease or in ca, talk to be processed. and this home of massive us base, it will be the center of any fresh operations in afghanistan cuts are a central, not only in managing all the wounds left by the key arctic american withdrawal. but by discussions we're going to have to hast to alleviate and mitigate them, address one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet and helping the joe biden has signaled he doesn't see. the middle east is a priority, but he needs strategic partners in the region. and cutters. amir wants his country to be in the prime position to strengthen its image. as a key regional player, alan fisher al jazeera washington canadian truckers and thousands of anti vaccine protest is shot down the capital ottawa for a 2nd day on sunday. their rallying against coven 19 mandates,
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including one that require truckers be vaccinated to cross into the us. in solidarity truckers in the west and province of alberta shut down the border with the u. s. prime minister justin trudeau and his family have moved from the capital for safety. and belgians marched through the capital brussels to protest against corona virus restrictions. they say vaccines must remain optional the government, some rules earlier this month. people wanting to access public spaces must have booster shots after 5 months. portugal is prime minister has won a 3rd consecutive term in office. antonio cost as governing social security parliamentary majority in sunday, snap election. he's promising to govern for all portuguese. as the economy struggles to balance back from the pandemic. i'll just there is adam rainy report from lisbon. the stunning mandate prime minister in 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won
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a majority of people in portugal, snap election. it's a feat you could imagine coming into the election pre election pulling had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats. the election was triggered when other left, his parties voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost us rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialists will have the votes now to pass the budget for him if he thought it was a victory of humility, of confidence and for stability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these elections took in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival, really rio, the leader of the center, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat and implying he may step down his party leader they present while he's on the phone with the socialist party governing period of 4 years. i truly don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the
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party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the the far right wing party, shaker, or enough office celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes. the 1st such showing for far right when party, since the rival of democracy in 1974, a sign of the traction populism hold after 2 years have pandemic pain. one of the problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this reading party is rising, is this particle is not growing. as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards now, it's the 7th poorest country in the $27.00 is due to be in union dawning protective gear poll workers even received covert positive voters who left isolation to cast their ballots. and what many saw as the most important election in decades,
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the election was defined by the pandemic with voters calling on parliament to get the economy going again into affectively manage the handling of billions of dollars from the e u. recovery and resilient fund. adam rainy out to 0, lisbon us faced music streaming science. spotify has announced new measures to combat covey. 19 this information follows a decision by several high profile musicians to remove them music from the platform and protest against a podcast, who's been accused of spreading false. it's about vaccines. julian will find the story. signing with its highest paid podcast personality spotify has chosen to keep joe rogan show on the platform as it attempts to tackle the growing backlash over his controversial views on cobra. 19. the company has announced plans to add an advisory to any podcast episode, discussing the pandemic, directing listeners to the latest information from trusted sources in health and
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science. but despite an open letter penned by hundreds of health professionals calling on spotify to moderate misinformation, and a growing number of celebrities raising concern, including the duke and duchess of sussex, who have a 25000000 dollar content deal with the platform. some say it's an issue that isn't solved in silencing one voice. there is a misinformation challenge tied to joe rogan in particular, but there's also a broader mist information problem, i think in this entire ecosystem that is a lot more challenging simply because it is so decentralized and there isn't really one platform. there isn't really one player involved to can take the lead and moderating. it's very decentralized. you know, you basically could be playing effectively whack of all the fall out began when rock star neil young accused rogan of spreading misinformation while offering spotify an old maiden. remove his work or the comedians,
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the singer joanie mitchell soon followed, announcing her solidarity with young and while the streaming service says it has removed more than 20000 podcast episodes. that cover covert 19th since the start of the pandemic. it fell short of ditching one of the biggest stars after it's exclusive 2020 licensing deal that netted rogan, more than a $100000000.00. gillian wolf, al jazeera joe rogan has now posted a video on social media apologizing for the control the say. do i get things wrong? absolutely. i get things wrong, but i try to correct them whenever i get something wrong. i try to correct it because i'm interested in telling the truth. i'm interested in finding out what the truth is. if there's anything that i've done that i could do better is have more experts with differing opinions, right after i have the controversial ones, i would most certainly be open to doing that. and i would like to talk to some
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people that have differing opinions on those podcasts in the future. china space administration has released new footage showing a glimpse of modern polar ice caps. these pictures show the town 11 prob, flying above the red planets north pole. permanent ice camp seen, made mostly water try and has been catching up with the u. s. and its exploration evolves, becoming the 2nd country to land rover in july and lakes. 900 people have died and brazil's largest states because of land slides in flooding, flood waters off a heavy rain of forest, half a 1000000 people in sal, paulo state, to flee their homes. buildings have been destroyed and major highways have been blocked. the governor of the state is from us nearly $3000000.00 of recovery and really help people living in south florida woke up to an unusual size on sunday. off the temperature dipped below freezing. the national weather service warned the
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public to watch out. the stand gone is falling from trees. the cold blooded listens can weigh more than 7 kilograms and measure meter half in length. they usually wake up and warm up and daylight, but a stiff and immobile and cold temperatures. a cold staff in 2010 wiped out large numbers of the invasive species. ah, this is all you, there are these all the top stories, the african union has suspended, begin to fall. so following last week's military coup, the move comes ahead of talks between you and officials and military will lose. sam med nick has the latest from log into group right now. the suspension people are saying largely symbolic. and the idea is to see what sanctions that they will impose if they do. and the severity of the sanctions could range from economic to travel really, depending on what i'm being told of what the military junta leaders are saying, what they're willing to do.


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