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tv   Counting the Cost  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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with russia, so there is a sense that there is this rhetoric being built and this narrative that is a being conducted against russia. all in the hopes of trying to pressure this country from backing down from their demands of nato. that is not to expand any further eastwards which russia believes to be a threat to their security. they've asked that they no longer accept new members into nato. they want to go back to the 1997 membership numbers, and at that time there were 14 countries less than what there is now and a 30 member alliance. and they russians say they can't continue to expand because it threatens their security. all right, thanks so much. dawson jabar that update hail from the perspective from moscow. we've been following developments in the un security council, which is holding this need prevent this girl pharmacy attentions on the ukrainian border with russia.
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it's half past the hour and that to catch up with some of the stories breaking around the wolf, british prime minister orest johnson has once again said, sorry, after findings from an investigation into parties of his official residence during lock downs, were made public a report by senior civil servant says there's been serious failures to observe the standards expected of senior government officials. johnson told them piece, he accepts all the reports, findings, i get it and i will fix it. oh, i won't too soon to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes, it whether these government can be trusted to deliver and i say to speak, i guess we can see if we can be trusted to deliver. we said that we would get ready to do mrs. vega and we do all the countries opposition?
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leader said johnson had insulted the public's intelligence and once again called on him to resign. our national story about cope. it is one of the people that stood up when they were tested, but that will be forever tainted by the behavior of this conservative primarily. by routinely breaking the rules he set. the prime minister took us all for food. he held people sacrificing content. he showed himself unfit for office, his desperate denials since he was exposed of only made matters worse. ra can come clean every step of the way he's insulted. the publics in tulsa and poor bremen joins us now live from westminster in london. so sir grey's report is out. what else is it telling us?
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well, it doesn't go into the really minute detail that many of the opposition and please hoped it would. they really believe that su grey's internal investigation into 20 months of parties. essentially, that took place in the building behind me number 10 downing street would really nail down the prime minister and leave him with no alternative but to have to quit or be asked by his own m. p. 's. in the event, what happened was that the metropolitan police intervened drug, belatedly launch their own investigation, which meant that su grey's report had to stick stick to rather generalities that fed as we heard in the clips that we just played, that there was enough in the report to give the opposition, members of parliament, enough money to throw at the prime minister, things like to grace that some of the behaviors surrounding these gatherings with difficult to justify, at least some represent a serious failure to observe standards, failure of leadership and judgement. she didn't say that there was
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a drinking culture, but she rather indirectly said excessive consumption of alcohol is not appropriate in a professional workplace. any time she said the staff who wanted to raise concerns felt unable to do so. now, the prime minister really has to watch himself because he's not out of danger. yes . there were peas on his own side to express their misgivings about what had gone on and down the street in that parliamentary debate that we just listen to a couple of trips wrong. and he is going to be speaking with his conservative m. p . colleagues. later on this evening to try to kinda sure up support and make sure that there aren't any waivers among them because all it would take is 50 for them to write letters, demanding a no confidence to trigger a leadership challenge. so he's not had a danger, but the fact that sue greg wasn't able to go into more detail on the fact that the prime minister is now able to kick it into the long grass a little bit. while we wait for the police inquiry. the could take weeks or months, stephanie, bite him some breathing space and vice in some breathing space. but as we're
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talking, paul, of course, there is this session going on in parliament that's on the right side of the screen . i should point out from view as is this, you know, just just characterize the importance of this session that we're looking at. is this perhaps the prime minister's chance might or might even say his last chance to try and, and win over support, particularly amongst public opinion. watching all of this what we've seen in recent weeks is a, a roller coaster, frankly, of emotion expressed by the prime minister from us, a contrition from way. you know, each clearly appeared like a, as a who's a broken man to rebound anger and, and really being quite bullish about the chances that he shoots could survive. and also who he thought would be best place to reform down the streets. and clearly he thinks it's him, we had it in his statement and he accepts,
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did he accepted all of su grace findings and said that what he was gonna do is he was gonna put it right. there will be a new office of for the prime minister, for example, he accepted that the danny st bureau bureaucracy has simply grown to sprawling and too large. so there's going to be a permanent secretary, a civil servant who's specific job it is to look after refers of down the street and, and maintain discipline for example. and as i said earlier that the front, it's curious in british politics. it is not up to the public at this stage. it's, it's not up to the opposition and piece. it's actually down to just the conservative members of the parliamentary party. that is those and peace who sit in parliament as to walk. boris johnson's fate is an even if $54.00 of them wrote to trigger a leadership challenge, there is a high probability. i would suggest that at this stage, morris johnson would survive that he would, he would get the majority needed to support him. so i think the chance to depose,
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forrest johnson has somewhat passed the fury that m. p. 's were expressing a week ago seems to dissipated and even the public attention when confronted with domestic stories that are dominated in the headlines in the last couple of days, cost of living crisis, for example. rising gas and electricity prices here in the u. k. that is kind of overtaken party gate as an issue for the public make make no mistake. it's going to lead party gate is going to leave a lingering shadow over. busy forest johnson and his premier ship. i just think it's not enough at this point to depose him a will that sang ways to the point which we need to raise, which is, you know, to what extent is he then fighting for his political life at this point over all of this, where it is so great report really leave him if he, if he's not facing an immediate threat to be unseated out as the govern going forward, it sounds like his last a lot of trust. well,
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certainly the dirt. there's been a lot of damage done and some of the questions that were being asked even from his own side, i mean, theresa may of a former prime minister who was succeeded by, by doris johnson and his certainly no fanta, boris johnson. theresa, may she act asked a very short and pointed question which went to the number of it now. and she says she asked him in a, did you not understand your own rules, or did you choose to ignore your own rules? ah, he rather sidestepped that question. saying i actually that not walked through grey's report and suggested had happened. and look, boris johnson has a e, an uncanny ability it seems to survive and to get past political difficulties. there was an interesting cartoon, a caricature in the sunday times newspaper just yesterday at boris johnson portrayed as a kind of slippery picket who was sliding through the grasps. with the grasping
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hands of, of a police officer. and it really goes to the knob of it that somehow or other boys johnson seems to have this half long quality. but despite the difficulties he faces, he seems to be able to wriggle his way out of them. the police inquiry could still be damaging and, and there's another possibility that su grace for report. if it ever comes to light could also be very damaging. but other, say at the moment it seems that the heat has gone out of this particular difficulty for the prime minister. all right, so take us through now what happens in this pantyhose as what happens next now? well, we're, we're having the debate the, i mean that the debate that they're having now at around 6 o'clock this evening for us johnston will address those parliamentary conservative party members. that will be an opportunity for them to get out any residual anger that they may feel towards him. it will also be his opportunity to reassure them that the reforms that he's
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proposing for number 10 downing street are going to be effective and are actually going to be meaningful as opposed to just him standing at the dispatch boxen and saying something just to take the heat off him temporarily, as far as the process goes, well, the policing investigation continues and we know that that these are investigations into some 12 events so that the vast majority of the events are now under police investigation. as you heard the opposition and possessing boris johnson when i was at the 3 of these gatherings. so effectively, the prime minister himself is r o, the national jump in here. so these aren't things are also escalating in the un security council hurts. listen in the to what's being said, there now didn't hear remove any mention or any reference to the mint agreements or $20.00 to 0 dollars. could you cancel resolution? and that is very indicative incidentally. so this is the context that we need to
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use. i'm talking that ukranian christ as the us is looking at this from a completely different angle. and ultimately, madam president, i would like to apologize to the members of the council. and i, 11122, i in to change the situation like that really, really just before our presidency of a v as good cancel have to meet with a general as i'm going to have to leave. and to really so i can't change this situation because of the s cheese timetable. sounds good afternoon, i do apologize. thank you. i thank the representative of the russian federation. i res. now it than to again remind all speakers to limit their statement to no more than 5 minutes in order to enable the council to carry out this work expeditiously . i now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. oh, thank you madam president. i would like immediately to apologize that i may not be
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within the 5 minutes or limits, especially given the lengths of the russian intervention. i would like to express my gratitude to the norwegian presidency for calling this briefing of the security council of the needle, which i spoke exactly a fortnight ago with your excellency foreign minister of norway. during our meeting here in new york. i express our thanks to the us who as a member of the security council in close coordination with ukraine and partners requested to these roofing. and of course i express our appreciation of the presentation by under secretary decarlo.
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it's a duty and needs for the security council to be fully informed in case of grave threats to international peace and security. what is going on along the border? who is ukraine, where the russian federation continues, its military buildup falls under the above qualification. it is important that ukraine's vote he skirts to day in the security council and is not lost in translation. when the position of my country has been delivered by for an ambassador in the russian language, i would lost the deputy of mazili alex savage to tell him that my leadership speaks, its language, has its own ambassadors. and spokespersons for there is no need to interpret the wars of ukrainian officials in a foreign language,
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especially if it is on the way humpty dumpty. so that, so they both spoke of the meaning of the vote. even if louis carol appears to be a favorite writer of the russian top, diplomats against the begged oak of on the president of the sequence of high level diplomatic context. in the past few weeks. a serious dark in the security council is requires more than ever to present facts, to listen to each other's positions and concerns, as well as to outline for the actions towards the escalation. the fact is that nowadays about 112000 russian troops had been amassed around ukraine's borders and in crimea. and together with the maritime and obligation components,
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their number reaches about 130000. another fact is that the russian troops are also being deployed the bellows for the union result 2022 joined drills to be held on then to turn to 20th february. they include, in particular, is, can the missile divisions asked for 100 through fan cancer and the i cross to systems . so he $35.00 generation for plus plus fighters. on top of that, on 26, january the russian fleet started another mil to israel in the black sea. within a moment of free gates battle ships may style ships as old landing ships and minesweepers. this reminds us of the ongoing, heavy military is ation of the temporarily occupied crimea, the black sea and the sea of all by russia, which poses a serious threat to ukraine. all literature states. and they are by the region,
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significant reinforcement of combust capabilities of the rushing occupational forces in don bus. he's another worrying friend. currently, these formation formations consist of options. so the $5000.00 personnel, including around $3000.00 service men of the russian armed forces on command post and in all the critical combat positions. in the border areas outside government control illegal border crossings by car to trainings and truck convoys. delivering supplies to the russian formations in the bus is a routine practice or c s. a man. reports provide ample evidence of various illegal activities in the border areas. and also price restrictions of the always c s a man, freedom of movement. aah!
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on the increase. in particular, in non government controls areas close to the ukraine, russia. both on the 22nd december 2021. the trilateral constant group reached another understanding on resuming the si fi regime. nevertheless, shootings, sailings sniper fire, when ukrainian positions and systematic use of it back you avi's against ukrainian troops have not stopped. we have lost our service men killed in action, and 14 wounded since 22nd december 2021 just a few days ago on january 25 arm formations of the russian federation. once again, effect the position of the armed forces of ukraine in the area of fishy then yes, the region using and back you a v. v o g,
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17 fragmentation grenades dropped from the u. a. the result is in severe injuries to ukrainian serviceman. the current impasse in the consultations process within the framework of the t. c. g continues on practically all tracks while the decisions adopted by the normally former leaders during the december 2019 summit in paris, remain unimplemented over the past year. and how we have seen deliberate efforts by the russian side to out to obstruct tcg activities. and they've been to prevent finalization of the already a great, including at the exit level arrangements within tcg in the security and humanitarian areas. all this is a come, he's accompanied by russia stubborn denial or being a party to the conflict that has been raging for 8 years. now in dawn bus regional
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ukraine attempts to impose a so called direct dialogue with these pop it occupation administrations. as i was, refusal to engage in substantive discussion on political settlement of the conflict . the question is why all these russian forces are there? you can ask this question on different for along with sending own clear messages. ukraine is not going to launch military offensive, neither in the bus nor increa mia, nor anywhere else. green season alternative to peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict and restoration always sovereignty and territorial integrity. yet we also see a surgeon russian. this information campaign, including false accusations over ukraine plotting and military attack. this is not going to happen. this is direct evidence of russia's unwillingness to the escalade
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and prepare to justify is possible for the aggression. we are well aware of russia's history of ploys and provocations, and we will do everything possible to prevent another minute type of occasion by russia. once again, i have clear instructions from my government to read or a to day, the absence of any aggressive intention as well as ukraine, strong commitment to peace. today, we have heard from the russian side that they do not intend to launch a war against my country. although once was rather speak about to launch a new face of the russian aggression it is very important message as it still lack credible explanations by russia of its actions military movements,
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bays of experience. we cannot believe russian declarations, but only practical moves on the role of troops from the boy that man present ukraine strongly rejects any attempt to use the strength of force as an instrument of pressure to make ukraine and our partners accept illegitimate demands . there is no room for compromise on principal issues. the most principal position for ukraine is that we have inherent sober and right to choose our own security arrangements. including treaties of alliance, which cannot be questioned by russia. more on this ride is enshrined in many international legal instruments. the thrush itself, apart into a grain will not bow to threats,
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aimed at weakening ukraine, undermining its economy and financial stability and inciting public frustration. this is will not happen. and the crown in march, remember that ukraine is ready to defend itself. at the same time, we support the need to keep diplomatic channels with russia open. if that preventive saved the military two's. my president has greater rated most recently, but he's ready to meet his russian counterpart. if russia has any questions to crane, it is better to meet and talk not to bring troops to the cranium, borders, and intimidates ukrainian people for ukraine. the 1st barret is a day to achieve as sustainable and unconditional the bar in the bus. this is fire, regime must be guaranteed reliable. and all these bases. so the steps can be taken
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. intensification of the work of the normal performers, including at the level of leaders of the 4 countries is an important prerequisite for next steps. tours less than piece engine bus and the ready to resume. normally for aux in all formats. the recent political advisors meeting on 26 january in paris despite many differences, either hope for a continuation of the negotiation process, which ukraine will staunchly support. madam president, we consider that despite the russian attempt to impede the briefing from being held the security council and the why do you membership have received today a very important information. information that the members of the security council need to take an informed decision when appropriate to act safely and decisively
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in employ in employing preventive diplomacy. under the chapter 6 of the un charter that rests on the security council responsibility to investigate any dispute or any situation which might lead to international friction or give rise to a dispute. after listening to the russian ambassador to day, i would like to ask how long russia will pressure will pursue a clear attempt to push your brain and these partners into a cough got trip. and still, i perhaps would acknowledge that it was important to hear the russian envoy today. and yet i must end with what my foreign minister has recently said. and i quote the russian that the shows are serious when they say they don't want a new war. russia must continue diplomatic engagement and pull back military forces
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it amass along ukraine's borders. as in the temporarily occupied territories over crane. diplomacy is the only responsible way. and of course, let's judge by actions not by riddles, and semantic puzzles. thank you for your attention. i thank the representative of ukraine and i given a thought to the representative of miller's book, a 0 a serious was with thank you madam president, to live in the republic of belarus is continuing to uphold it. consistent and principal position on the unacceptable nature of resolving any conflict by force rewards. we have made significant efforts to settle the conflict in ukraine. our country is still prepared to do everything possible to restore dialogue and mutual understanding in the region. there is no alternative to the mints agreement laying a key role in the peaceful settlement of the crisis. the negotiation process as
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part of the trilateral contact group, and also the practical implementation of the agreements in the conflict zone of the domestic ukrainian conflict will enable the peace progress says in ukraine to get on a sustainable positive track. here the us delegation proposing today's topic for consideration in the security council is yet another attempt to artificially wip tension in the region hughley before as an instrument of political accusations . such actions only heighten mistrust, and in no way help to saw disagreements. despite the concerns expressed a bar frequently by representatives of the republic of belarus or at international fora negotiation nearly to, for enduring but to contact the expansion of military powers on our western and
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southern borders. not only is not ceasing, but rather it's becoming threatening in nature, despite our consistent calls for dialogue and cooperation, including regarding arms control. in fact, even more pressure is being exerted on our country by individual countries. our proposals to return to negotiations and not being responded to by our west partners . incidentally, i'd like to draw your attention to the fact that here we had a reference to the budapest memorandum, which i do really urge you to read that document regarding the republic of belarus . and i would draw your attention to the promise is in that document, not to 8, remove, exert any corrosive economic measures on belarus. and to remember the numerous packages of economic sanctions from individual states that have been imposed
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against us who given the current difficult situation. leaders of belarus and russia have taken the decision to conduct jointly activities to assess the preparedness of the armed forces of the 2 states. to provide military security given the commitment of our military better to co alliance. as part of these agreements deficient has been taken in february this year to conduct a verification of the react responsiveness of our forces of our alliance. the main aims of this verification of the military forces is to assess the preparedness and capability of our military command to control, to conduct joint exercises, to guarantee security of our allied state to develop joint measures to eradicate the threat on the borders of our allied state. including caused by the migration
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crisis and the need to stabilize the humanitarian situation. organizing the defense and protection of strategically important facilities to curb and ward off external exit aggression during defense of operations and to combat terrorism and protect the interest of our state alliance. at the final stage of these activities, a jury from the 10th 20th of february this year, there will be a joint bella, russian, russian at exercises called allied resolve 2022. during these drills, there will be joint drills was carried out for specific purposes. we note that these options for actions for this regional group of other troops now good as something that have been regularly developed during joint exercises. they are always purely defensive in nature, and they pose no threat either from
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a european partners or a neighbor in countries before republic. a bell rock is continuing to uphold unswerving me all of its obligations under international regional treatment and treaties rather on arms control. incidentally, all information about the forthcoming military drills is fully available on the official side of the republic of belarus, defense ministry, just a few days ago on the 28th of january, the president of the republic of belarus. alexander, to kush anchor responding to questions, they stated the way that was most war is only possible into could circumstances if there is an attack on pillars. or if that is an attack on our ally, the russian federation responding to the different insinuations against miller roses. regarding any thing to do with the domestic ukrainian situation, we.


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