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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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ah. ready the u. s. in russia trade viable blows at the un security council as the military build up at ukraine's border. take center stage. all ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up fears of war in europe, raised concerns over the future of the continents gas supplies could cut out the thought of a solution. claims of parties that the u. k. prime ministers, residents during lockdown, and official investigation, finds failures of leadership and judgment. and united arab emirates, target spaces in yemen, after whose he rebels carry out drone and missile attacks on abu dhabi.
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aah! and begin with the ukraine, russia crisis, and attempt to de escalate it through diplomacy at the united nations. members of the security council have been sitting for the 1st time to discuss the issue of a russian troop build up on ukraine's border. the united states continues to accuse russia pushing ever closer to war. claims that russia is repeatedly denying the situation we're facing in europe. it's urgent and dangerous, and the stakes for ukraine. and for every you and member state could not be higher rushes action strike at the very. busy heart of the un charter. in addition to military activity, we've also seen a dramatic spike in cyber attacks on ukraine in recent weeks. russian military and intelligence services are spreading disinformation through state on media and proxy
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sites. and they are attempting without any factual basis to paint ukraine and western countries as the aggressors to fabricate a pretext for attack. cynthia, could you go that route? i would like to put a question to our u. s. colleagues for sure. where did you get that figure of a 100000 troops that are deployed as you state on the russia, ukrainian water with us lose? that is not the case, but we've never cited that figure. like we've never confirmed that figure. or do you think you met your 3rd floor? maybe steve let you go. so it's difficult to explain why our colleagues from the u . s. and a number of other countries are actively pumping ukraine with weapons ammunitions and talk about this with great pride. but with was going on to prevent against a james base has been falling events at the notion, nations, the 2 very different narratives you heard there from the us ambassador from the russian ambassador, the russian ambassadors saying there is really no cause for concern russian troops
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or in russian territory, not threatening anyone. and this is not a subject for the security council for us ambassadors saying this is why the security council was set up at the end of world war 2 to deal with issues like this to deal with threats to international peace and security before they become actual was and you have the other members of the security council, some clearly on the side of the u. s. but the others, i think of the interesting ones. how does the rest of international opinion line up on this and most other countries saying that they wanted more diplomacy more talks more diplomacy? this was an issue that could they felt be sorted by diplomacy. and it's worth telling you that at the start of the meeting, russia tried to block the meeting. it said this was not a fit subject from security council. so they call the procedural vote. and in that procedural vote, the meeting went ahead because the us got 10 votes, but there were 5 votes to by russia and china for the meeting,
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not to go ahead and the other 3 from gabon, kenya, and india abstaining, showing that the international community has some doubts about this issue and showing that many countries do not want to get drawn on either side on the russian side or on the nato. us side. in this war of words as it is at the moment. whatever he joins us live from kiev. so to tell us where ukraine stood on this at the un, i think you said was basically taking this international form to plead its case. now, do you the u. s. ambassadors ian was mentioning a 100000 to brush up with that in question while ukraine said no, according to our intelligence, the actually a 130000 troops, a mass on our borders that's including not only those 2 down along the east, a border with eastern ukraine, but who wants to north along the border with bella,
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rufe, snow, russia says that those troops have been moved there because of a joint exercises that are scheduled for next week. and and you quin ambassador also said, well, don't forget that though. they're also russian troops at a station in the annex peninsula of crimea. and then there's the navy that's in the black sea and the air force as though he was trying to trump up to port, trying to say we are in real danger a here. and we need at the international community behind us as much as possible, even though he did say that diplomacy was the way forward for your grade. and that ukraine would at no point, start any kind of offensive attack against the rushes. now that is, that tone is quite different from the tone you've been hearing here in care of actually early on in the day, at a foreign minister jim was speaking to ukraine in media. and the message there was
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the level of threat is actually not very high at the moment because diplomacy is ongoing. and then a few days ago we heard from president zalinski, very frustrated. president zalinski who had a very lengthy press briefing with mainly american media. and he was trying to say, well, tone it down enough of that panic and near enough of that in his words, hysteria. this is not good for this country because the country is already ceiling the impacts of this crisis, perhaps not militarily, but economically for sure. president zelinski said that $12500000000.00 had already left the countries as the beginning of the year. and he was wondering how much more were leave. he said, the country couldn't sustain that. there's also an impact and decide in the communities. this is a country where a lot of people speak russian does, is a lot of countries where many people don't look at russia in
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a hostile way. and we spoke to many people who told us that their families were basically torn apart, that they had some people who were with some of them were actually supporting the government in gave some of them did the act, did support a russia or didn't see russia in a bad way, so it is causing a lot of problems at many different levels. and i think the message definitely that you hear from leaders here in ukraine is stopped by making the war is not there yet . we've been living under this threat for the past 8 years. we've seen this happen before. this is not yet the time to be concerned. what have you mean? thank you very much. indeed. the emir of cutter is visiting the white house for talks with us president joe biden shaped to me. my been harder fanny will discuss a possible row for the golf state in cushioning. the economic impact of a potential russia ukraine conflict cutter could step in to supply gas to western
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europe if russian supplies disrupted. and fisher joins us live from the white house . allen, the mirrors at the 1st gulf leading to visit since biden's election and tell us the significance of the visit and the scope of the talks while it has arrived there. and it shows the change in attitude towards a cut off since the early days of the the trump administration. joe biden acknowledges that cut out is an important ally, ne, because look at his hands on the leaves of many of the things the u. s. foreign policy is concerned about you talked about ukraine, certainly that the, the talk there is that if russian troops crossed the border, there will be sanctions imposed in russia. a joe biden is concerned that if that happens, then the russians will turn off the top of gas supplies to europe in retaliation. so they have to try and set up alternative supplies, though, that out isn't going to be able to supply all of europe's needs. but what they might be able to do is at least find some leeway with existing suppliers to try and
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develop some resources and perhaps even look at a longer deal as well. they're going to talk about afghanistan. the image has been with lloyd austin, who is the secretary of defense in the last couple of hours as that is concerned there, that the americans aren't processing refugees in cutoff merely fast enough. there are thousands of those who were brought out of afghanistan, who no beast at the air base there. and the, the categories would like to see them processed much quicker, to get them to the united states. something that the u. s. is working on in the spent at millions and millions of dollars to do. and almost tangentially, there is a big deal that has just been st in the old executive building, just across from the white house a by cut out airways. first of all, it was meant to be just $14000000000.00 for the new 777 freight jets. there was going to be $34.00 of them in fact. but we've just found out that carrier was, is also signed a deal for up to $5737.00 max a jets with a boeing,
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which would be what, somewhere in the region of $36000000000.00. so a very busy day for cut our business here, but also for the united states and certainly joe biden would like to see some sort of agreement on a liquid natural gas. and perhaps we will also talk about iran as well. a lot of things add that involving the, the biking foreign policy that katara has lines into at the moment. and as i should thank you very much indeed. ah, in the u. k, a preliminary report has been released into claims that government parties and gatherings were held during a strict corona virus lock downs. the findings condemn the events and call for change of behavior at the heart of british government, but refer to incidence which remain subject to police investigation in the report. little detail was given, but to grace as there were failures of leadership and judgment by different parts
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of number 10 and the cabinet office at different times. the senior civil servant also says that given that the government was asking citizens to accept far reaching restrictions on their lives, some of the behavior was difficult to justify. and that some staff wanted to raise concerns about behavior they witnessed at work. but at times it felt unable to do so. as she says, there's significant learning to be drawn from these events, which does not need to wait for the police investigations to be concluded. whereas johnson has responded with an apology and a promise to re shuffle, staffing new barker as been forum events in london, a failure of leadership behind the famous black door. sue grey's crunch findings more biting than expected. the report talks of high standards not being met by those setting, the rules of excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace and gatherings without clear, authorization or oversight. some behavior, she said, was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. ah,
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were nothing overly critical of johnson himself. it's perhaps not the big take down . his rivals hopeful, a contrite prime minister, appearing in front of parliament, promising to overhaul downing street and clean up government. but no talk of stepping down. i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. i get it and i will fix it to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes. it whether these government can be trusted to deliver. i say this is because, yes, we can be thought to great have been planning to release a full report until london's metropolitan police stepped in calling for her to pare down her findings while they carry out their own criminal investigation into 12 gatherings, including an alleged party and jumps into flat for johnson's opponents. it isn't
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just about what's in the su guy report, but what's not in it for his fears, his critics, they will have to wait for the results of the police investigation to find out more about the most serious offences that could cause the most harm to johnson's political career, the results of that investigation could be many, many months away. even now, he is hiding behind a police investigation into criminality into his home. but his office, the british public on fools. they never believed a word of it. they think the promise to should do the decent thing and resign the pro is not just the opposition that's been ramping up. pressure on johnson, some of his own. m. p. 's have been quietly plotting against him. thank you. other familiar faces determined to hold his actions to account what the gray report does show is that number 10 downing street was not himself and the regulations they had imposed on members of the public. so either my right on boyfriend did not read the
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rules or didn't understand what they meant and others around him. but they didn't think the rules apply to number 10, which was it monday. so a flurry of announcements by number 10 on the economy breaks it and ukraine. this is a government, eager to steer attention away from recent scandals. but when it comes to party gate, there were still more truths to uncover heads, including the prime ministers may yet role if enough members of his own party decide it's time for him to go. need bach. her al jazeera, westminster, brendan joins his line from outside debt, number 10, downing street in central london. so where do we go from here? pull? it just didn't feel that he was there. well, i mean it's, the premise itself is tonight, addressing the gathering of his back bench m piece is conservative. colleagues who are really the people in all of this because they are the ones who have the path to
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depose him if they wish. it's up to them whether they want to put in the required number of lead to the leader of the 922 committee in order to force a leadership contest. fi doesn't appear that there is the appetite for that. as he went into that meeting as his behind closed doors, the journalist gathered outside that room detected cheers and shouting and support in favor of the prime minister. not to say that he is out of danger. there were enough dissenting voices in that debate in parliament to give the prime minister calls for the little bit of concern device ellwood. for example, the money to know that the full reports would be published when it finally wants to please inquire, are finished, and they were of a conservative in peace often mitchell for example, who said i, i really don't support the prime minister. so there are people who don't believe the prime minister boris johnson is fit to lead this country. the problem is, the su grades report as news report suggested was, was turned off
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a little bit by the fact that the metropolitan police chose the last possible 2nd launch their own criminal inquiries. the commander of the police inquiry, catherine roper gave a briefing to media today and was asked, how long will it take weeks months? she said, well, it shouldn't take longer than a year. you can see that frankly, as far as boris johnson is concerned, this issue is now away in the long grass and go on a foreign trip starting tomorrow content in the knowledge. i think that although he's out of immediate danger is not really on the hook anymore. hello, run and thank you very much. yeah, man's 70 was a scene further escalation with 50 rebels announcing they've attacked the united arab emirates with trends and missiles, the u. e. z, as it intercepted one ballistic missile early on monday. and 30 minutes later destroyed a missile launcher in who she controlled jeff province. rob and l a. tub report.
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the target was clear, united arab emirates, striking back against host the missile bases and the man, it's the latest retaliation of debris from i hold the missile attack earlier on monday landed in a remote part of bobby mobile. i doesn't know how not critical installations and abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles. also, the image of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god, had its targets with high precision, immature visual se airports operating as normal. and the healthy did not have an impacts. ah, but the strike coincide with these really presidents at 1st visit to above. and at a time of increase the fighting between the host, these and the saudi quality in yemen, we reiterate that the enemy state, the united arab emirates will remain an unsafe country so long as they continue with the belligerents against our beloved human people. and this month,
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how they don't strike on the 8th capital killed 3 people. on sunday, the us state department edged america to reconsider any travel to the united emeralds, siding threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry that's being used in these attacks is becoming more deadly. and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this contract. this conflict. by the promise he has yet to solve this original conflict that has been going on for years and created the walls, words to human italian crisis. mom a lot, bob al jazeera, some odd or can affect, says military junta has anonymous to lift, hadn't kind of follow he'd amoeba as transitional president and says it will restore parts of the country's constitution announcement comes just over
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a week after the removal of president hawk i believe from power earlier on monday, the african union suspended because passers participation in all block activities. economic community west african states, is also suspended the country. and wonder if possible sanctions, head of an acre was delegation, says come away is in good spirits while under house arrest. after a meeting between the president and representatives from the west african block and the un molly is expanding the french ambassador over hostile comments made about the country's transitional government. they been escalating tension between the west african state and european partners over military corporation and elections. last week, the french foreign minister said, moneys routing to into was quote, out of control. the french defense ministry is also said troops would not stay in molly. if the price low to high, north korea has released photos as proof, it conducted its most powerful missile test in 4 years. it's just in
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a flurry of missile testing activity that shall report. the latest image is released by north korea are striking on sunday, a test fired and intermediate range, ballistic missiles. the hall on 12. that is nuclear capable. it reached the height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500 kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile and kim jones arsenal. in 2017 north korea tested the last song 14 and 15. the latter of which could, in theory, reach the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. korea spend a lot of time, an investment in the past 23 years. certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. the north career announced at the beginning of 2021,
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with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a modern, a modern conflict. the u. s. wants direct talks with north korea. we've offered this over and over to, to the do p r k and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan for not aren't actually really putting for much right now, right? i mean, they have to actually show up in order to strive to deal with the buying the on. so i'm actually again, i kind of surprised with the pace of the task because my sense of the bind people willing to talk if the group shop it was north korea 7th missile test. in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile test appears. well, and truly at an end and her chappelle, i'll to 0. would you go as prime minister is one 3rd consecutive term in office, sir? let me just leave that story and we'll go straight to, to listen in a to president biden was meeting the country and made up listen to, to what they had to say. welcome out of the cold set.
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well, i let me start by saying a few words before i talked about our guest about russia, ukraine. i had a productive talk last week with president one sky. and we continue to engage in non stop diplomacy and to de escalate tensions and templates to devil to improve security for our allies and partners. and for all of europe for that matter. and today in the united nations, we've laid out the full nature of russia's threat to ukraine sovereignty and the territorial integrity of ukraine, as well as the core tennis of a rural based international order. and we, we continued urge diplomacy as the best way forward can. but with russia is continuing this build up of its forces around ukraine. we are ready,
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no matter what happens. i also want to note that the a defeated a ballistic missile attack launched by the separate issue from yemen yesterday. and we've been a daily contact you a to address those threats. and i've directed secretary austin, do everything he can to communicate the support of the united states for the you a saudi arabia throughout the gulf region. america will have the facts of our friends in the region today, but i'm honored to be here with a good friend who has been wonderful relationships since i've been president. and before to shake is i want to welcome you to the wife. 50 years of partnership. you're not that old 50 years of partnership. and this past year, a partnership with cut our was, has been central to many of our most vital interest. relocating tens of
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thousands vasquez afghans maintaining stability of gaza and providing life saving assistance. the palestinians keeping pressure on isis and deterring threats across the middle east. and a lot more. and, and the amir and i have a lot on our agenda day. we want to talk about security in the gulf and of, and the broader middle east. ensuring the stability of global energy supplies continuing our work together to support the people who can stand and strengthening commercial and investment cooperation between our 2 countries. speaking of that, on that front, i want to applaud the new deal. the cutter airways group, signed with boeing for $2020000000000.00 deal. one of the largest
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deals of falling aircraft has ever had, and it will support tens of thousands of good pay us jobs here in america. cutter is a good friend and reliable and capable partner, and i'm notifying congress that i will designate, cut, our as a major non nato ally to reflect the importance importance of our relationship and a small overdue. and i want to thank you again for being here and for making this trip up for you, your commitment to our friendship between our nations. and i'm looking forward to our discussion. well, thank you very much, mr. president. good afternoon everyone. i'm very happy to be here. mister president . 2022 is a very important year at the marks a 50th anniversary article about relationship between katara state of america as a very strong relationship. and we're very proud about it to our very progress we have achieved. of course, this afternoon, i'm going to be talking with
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a president about different topics, mainly about the security of our region. i think we demonstrated that how solid in house can work together and co freights. when what we did is done, we're very process. we managed to evacuate tens of thousands of people. of, of us ton of caution. we have other issues as well that we're going to talk about the equal rights of the people and other issues in the region. so, you know, we're very happy and proud of this great relationship. and we're going to continue working together to find ways and means to bring peace in our, in our region. so thank you very much for seeing me today, mr. president. and as you mentioned that we'll be talking about several of the topics. well, i think the
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chat between president biden and the mayor of kata that the fonts are chapters they go into series of meetings, president budd mentioning on issue a separate issue of russia, ukraine, that he was with russia continuing its build up of forces. we already no matter what happens on the meeting with the mayor of kata, he said he would be discussing issues like regional security and of course energy security and help with that kind of somebody also said be notifying congress. the designate cutter as a major non nato ally, and the emir cutter said that he would be discussing regional security and matters like the palestinian people was right. so it's bringing out an fisher. so ellen, quite a long catalogue of things they have to talk about it, but also kind of praise on both sides for the, for the, for the quality of the relationship. but so, so who knows? one of how important cut out has a particular over the last few years is certainly with the links to iran. it makes
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it easier for joe biden to, to communicate using back childs with the iranians to find out what the thinking is when it comes to establishing a nuclear deal. a clearly, the, the categories also of influence in yemen with the palestinians as well. but significantly, at the moment, the, the really important things are afghanistan. it was acknowledged that 6 months ago as the united states was carrying out its chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. that the categories were very important, even to the extent of the katara ambassador walking americans through a taliban front lines at the airport to make sure that they could get on flights to leave the country. and they continue to have connections with the taliban, which will be important when it comes to getting aid into afghanistan with the united nations and other organizations. warning that there is a humanitarian crisis waiting to happen in afghanistan. and therefore the u. s. needs that sort of conduit to be able to talk to them. and then of course, there is the whole idea of global energy supplies. because at the moment the united
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states wants to make sure it has access to alternative means of fuel in europe. if a russia where to turn off at the gas taps in retaliation, but any sanctions, should there be an invasion of ukraine? so the idea that cut out is being acknowledged as a major non nato ally is significant. it's important for qatar, but it shows just the growing significance of this ally, as they say they have been allies know for 50 years. but how important cut out has essentially become over the last 2 or 3 years. and thank you very much indeed has bringing national merit for life and to her just on issues of energy security. how difficult will it be for kat if they need to produce the kind of levels of gas that would be required? should russia turn off the taps in the case of air war with ukraine? well, lauren, this is quite a rick marketable moment for katara, where she is using different assets that he has to be able to further expand its
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political and economic influence globally. and this is widely seen now as a chef, i mean, but 100 r thani is meeting with the u. s. president joe biden. they're going to talk about what kind of role katara is going to be able to provide in the future if the situation further deteriorates between the russians and the europeans when it comes to the crisis in ukraine. the biggest concern for the american now is a massive disruption of or to the european if the situation becomes worse. and for this, they would like to see some of the key players step in. and one of those key players is carter cover has been basically providing the bulk of its natural gas export to .


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