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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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golf next november, see you, i wasn't going to do as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever sporting event next year. i'm for the council national team as they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds that we hoping to convince both the fans and themselves, they really are ready to take on the world. ah, it is vital that russia steps back and chooses a part of diplomacy. britton's prime minister says invading ukraine would be a military disaster for russia, as he visits care of in a show of solidarity or russia as president says, the u. s. in its allies have ignored the kremlin, is demand for guarantees that ukraine wont join nato. don't maggie shit ah,
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i learned tina this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up with heavy gunfire near a government compound in guinea bas out the west african rock echo us says it's an attempted coup clapping protest, and a so i didn't strike as anti cooper, just as mark the 1st anniversary of the military takeover in china. 0 koby policy, dampens lunar new year's celebrations, and keeps migrant workers separated from their families for 2nd year. ah and it would again in kia where the u. k. prime minister has pledged more support for ukrainian armed forces as fierce grow that russia could be planning and in
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asian, or as johnson and president vladimir zalinski held talks in the capital on tuesday . the u. k. as often tens of millions of dollars in aid to assist ukraine. johnston's as russia is holding a gun to ukraine's hand in an effort to change the architecture of european security. the west fears russia is planning to invade its neighbour with tens of thousands of troops. tanks and artillery missiles gathered near the border. b u. s . and its allies are threatening tougher sanctions. the criminal insist there'll be no attack alongside other countries. we are also preparing a package of sanctions and other measures to be enacted the moment the 1st russian po, cat crosses further into ukrainian territory. and we have done all this, and preparers not as a show of hostility towards russia, but is a demonstration that we will always stand up for freedom and democracy and ukrainian sovereignty in the face of aggression thought my r bunker,
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the we discussed a set of activities to provide deterrence measures against the russian federation. any activities, as i said, are better before rather than after. prevention is better than treatment is. this is supported by a recent decision within the u. k. a law which will broaden the sanctions in case of aggression against ukraine. we are grateful to great britain for their support on the escalator correspondent to hud abdul hamid in care of and they don't seem to appear at the stage or to agree on when to impose sanctions. do they i was certainly not on the face of it. vars johnson did say that should one russian soldier cross further into ukraine than sanctions will be immediately imposed on rush hour as president, bloody music and skinned as this is not the 1st time he says that has been wondering why sanctions haven't been imposed already. he said that he doesn't
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understand why one has to wait for an escalation to start or an invasion to start for the sanctions to be imposed. rather, he thinks that imposing them now would be a good deterrence for russia as a certainly not seeing eye, to eye on a when to impose them. and then we don't know the details about which sanctions are being considered in case. we know that among the europeans there was a bit of where they were not really finding a compromise on how far the sanctions should go. how far reaching they should be and who they should really affect in russia, whether it's person people, maybe vladimir putin himself or for example, the banking system that international swift banking system. are some, some countries wanting to exclude russia for meant and that would obviously impede russia for making any kind of international bank transfers. and so hid the economy very badly as in, as zelinski say, no,
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we should have these sanctions. now he didn't say which senses he prefers, but he thinks that that should be the time where sanctions are applied. and how does he lensky in the past few days had criticize when he describes pat, typing up of the idea of war. when he stand on that today with it, with the visits from the polish liter and the british liter, well, he should have said exactly the same thing. i think the problem for the ukranian president is on one side, he's welcoming all this aid coming in. the military aid coming in to financial aid, coming in, barbara johnson arriving today with further funding some $118000000.00 that will go for a tour was fighting corruption in this country is on one hand. he is very pleased about all that is something the country needs a badly. on the other hand, he wants to control the rhetoric he wants to control. you know,
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that alarm is stone coming out of maybe downing street, the white house and other parts of europe. he said that that's causing a lot of a destabilization inside the country is impacting the already fragile economy. and in the long run, if you have a decent ballast ukraine, then it makes it much we're easy. a miss easier to invade, much more fragile. and so he is trying to get, find a balance between the 2 sides. on the other hand bar is johnson said, well, he is not being alarm is, he is basing all his word on intelligence assessment. he has received and he is not exaggerating anything when he comes into his reading of the situation along the borders hot after a thank you very much indeed. russia's president let him. putin says he hopes dialog on ukraine will continue in order to avoid so called negative scenarios, including war. in his 1st news conference,
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since washington's written response to russia, security demands that it may putin said the u. s. and its allies have ignored the criminals. main concerns only a put in how talks with hungary prime minister in moscow. b to oberon has maintained friendly relations with putin. and as hungry is at the nato member when he's being criticized by you, you allies look thing for i merely, but i'm gonna put you in the putting that amused that we are analyzing the response from the u. s. and i have already said that our concerns have not been addressed. we have not seen any guarantees that nato will move its presence. our country also has a right to choose its own security. we cannot allow one country to increase its security at the expense of another country portable dose under barrier. moscow has more on pigeons news conference. well, according to the hungarian prime minister, it was to show that there is a peaceful way forward, and that dialogue is really the only way through this crisis son's death. this was
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the 1st time of course that we heard from russian president vladimir putin who had very specific responses to what we've been hearing and actually guessing over the past few weeks about specific russian demands. i'm worth stand at the moment. now, there are russian president said that the 3 cheat demands at rushes, making from nato and the united states about security guarantees are the following . first, nato does not expand any further and to new 2000 deploy weapons systems near russia's border as well as nieto returns to 1997 membership levels. that's when there was 16 countries in the alliance, and now there are 30. and he said that that when the russian signed the treaty with nato in 1997, there was never any mention of an open door policy, which we keep hearing about from the american. say, the russians can't do who can and cannot joints. he said that these 3 main concerns were completely disregarded by the americans in their counter response to what we've been asking from our security guarantees from nato. he said that even though
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there is really no reason for anyone to suggest that we want to invade ukraine, there is really the, he doesn't see a solution to the current level of crisis that we find ourselves in. ah, west african states have condemned what they say was an attempted crew in guinea res. how any other sustain gunfire around the presidential palace in the capital? in a statement echo us also said held the military responsible for the well being of president tomorrow c. so co and barlow have been 9 coups or attempted crews since the former colony gained independence from portugal in 1974. and just last week there was a qu in book in a fast, so we don't know yet with the details of what's happening here. it is for us, clear the calls are totally unacceptable. we are seeing
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a terrible multiplication of goals, and our stronger view is for soldiers to go back to the barracks and for the constitutional order to be fully in place in the democratic context of today's gonna be salt. nicholas hark has fallen developments from deca, senegal. so a precarious call, there's less of a gun fire in the capitol this so i witness have been the soldiers going towards the, the national targeting channel, where they take it. he installations key buildings in the capital, whether it be the presidential pell, is the government, past policy, and the interior ministry, a so so those elements are in the hands of the military. the question now is, are the military acting under the order of the elected president? and follow, or is this a qu, that's unclear. you west african body echo laws sees it as an attempted coup and
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have called on soldiers to return to their barracks exactly what's happening in b. so, but there is a long history of mistrust between the elected officials and the soldiers and the army. there are underlying. 3 grievances that are linked to the multi ethnic nature of going to be south. so the leader of the army, the army chief is a big enough and don was sick and was in spain. and there's been rumors that he died. he's that block and there are some, i think, grievances, they're about trying to replace them with someone from the same ethnic group. so those are some of the underlying issues still to come this, how far amnesty international accuses israel are subjecting palestinians to age. i'm trusting vaccines to fossil and only crime said then not becomes the fashion you continue to live, to pay the restrictions ah,
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with hello, great to see a thank you for joining in it's unsettled for the southeast of europe here. let me show you. we got this weather maker in the g and see it's just weapon rain around all sides through greece, western turkey, southern turkey, pretty steady stream through on talia. and this wet weather is also going to plague is stumble with a high of 11 degrees. now we go off to central areas of europe. this snow is really piling up through the alpine region on wednesday. and now to the northwest. we've had some fierce winds. they are finally starting to die down for the low countries . amsterdam got a hive 11 degrees, so a warm surge of air here to be sure, for iberia temperatures are coming up in southern spain. that includes for seville, with a hive $21.00 degrees. never that weather maker we were talking about for the southeast of europe. it's also dropping down white's and windy conditions across the top end
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of africa. so we'll go in for a closer look here. this is mostly impacting tune is right through to been ghazi with whites weather. and also windy conditions is what flooding very likely across central and eastern areas of namibia into the northern cape, the western cape, and the eastern cape. some pretty severe storms. and by the weekend it looks like we're going to have a tropical storm simon to the east coast of madagascar and generate some severe flooding. and so for me, susan, ah, ah, palestine was once a very different place from today. on a sunday post to cities became connected to the interior in an award winning film al jazeera well his historians, an eyewitness accounts with portray, early 20th century palestine was a thriving, vibrant nation. the region was spoken, investments were active, moving from one city to another,
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palestine 1920 on al jazeera lou ah minute top stories here and under 0, u. k. problem is to burst, johnson has pledged more support for ukraine's armed forces, as feels great that russia could be planning an invasion. johnson and president of a lot of measure lensky. how talks in the capital here. russia's president vladimir putin says he hopes dialog on ukraine will continue in order to avoid so called negative scenarios, including war boot and held talks with henry's prime minister in moscow. he also keeps the u. s. and allies of ignoring the criminal main security demands and west
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african states condemned for, they say, was attempted coup and guinea bas how, after sustain gunfire around the presidential palace. i was at home, the military responsible for the well being of president marashi circle in battle. one year after me and most cool people have demonstrated against military rule by staying at home and holding clapping protests. ah, to this have been encouraging for justice to stay at home. risk violence by gathering in public beside and strikes left streets empty around the country. dozens of people were arrested ahead of the event and the authorities threatened to seize businesses kept closed in protest. there were some small demonstrations and one man reportedly set himself on fire. state media says magenta leader has extended a state of emergency livery is released this video of its supporters gathered in the capitol trojan to gatherings were also held in several other cities. reuters
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news agency says around 30 people were injured in explosion at 1 march in a town on the eastern border. we overthrow of unsound to cheese civilian led government led to weeks of protests across the country which have since been brutally suppressed. an estimated one and a half 1000 civilians have been killed and a military crackdown. and the u. n says almost 12000 people are currently being unlawfully detained across the country. june to dismisses those figures as exaggerated occurs lead to a devastating financial and humanitarian crisis. the wild food program says 6400000 people. they're facing a severe hunger crisis. tony chang has been hearing from people inside men mar who explained how much harder life has become under military rule. their identities have been hidden for their own protection. to driver omnia mars cities everyday. life might look like its normal. but look a little closer. rhodes, a close with barriers, barricaded military positions,
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and uniformed soldiers on the streets. you, montoya, i saw the army. this tried to protest. after that, i was very afraid. that's why i'm scared to go out again. but there were more protest beside my house, so i joy if they feel safe, i would joy to protest. melma has been ravaged by cope at 19, in the past 12 months. the situation intensified after the military targeted medical workers for their involvement and protests and a civil disobedience movement. many were arrested. others fled into hiding today even basic health care services a scarce. as alan, i think i won't forget that day dead hair walkers were arrested and she dare very badly by the army. they even kate, a medicare student, that's why i will return to the hospital in the sit,
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his food remains plentiful. the prices have risen sharply elsewhere, supplies and production have run dangerously low. the world food program estimates it needs to provide food for 4000000 people across myanmar in 2020 to 4 times the number before the qu, the economy has gone into free, full banks, limit withdrawals, and foreign investment is pulling out fast. money bo ah, lose jobs and it is embedding to the the labor market. and also many people job less. but there are many job seekers getting the job, but be bait less than normal. even basic services like trains and buses of failing. the nationwide rail network has ground to hold after work has joined the civil disobedience movement, and bus prices of tripled as operators abandon standardized rules. don't need to go
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here. in my opinion, if we get rid of army rule transport services would go back to normal with properly working purposes, a normal ticket prices. historically, the people have, ma'am, are used to military rule that after a decade of progress and development, the last 12 months is leaving many feelings is if they're returning to the past. tony chang al jazeera amnesty international is the latest human rights group to describe israel as an apartheid state because of its treatment of palestinians. it says policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion in israel and the occupied territories. demonstrate that palestinians are treated as an inferior racial group. israel has denounced the report as false bias and anti semitic hurry force. it has more from occupied east jerusalem. amnesty international says israel has built up an array of policies, laws, military coercion, and economic and social discrimination that amounts to oppression and domination of
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the palestinians in the areas it controls. in short, it says a system of apartheid. we are here today to call on the international community to take resolute action against the crime of humanity being perpetrated in order to maintain the system of outside report highlights last year's 10th sins over threatened displacements of palestinians from their homes and the shake draw neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem, and the military and communist violence that followed. it sets out a catalogue of instances and techniques whereby palestinians have been displaced from land in israel and in the occupied territories. here a settler has confiscated thousands of hector's while palestinian shepherds can't grazer sheep. we want protection for our herders from the sellers, but it goes much further back in israel's history, analyzing basic laws and long term policies. it says designed to guarantee
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a jewish majority. and jewish control of israel's government says that is an attempt to paint israel itself as an inherently racist endeavor. in other words, it's an example of anti semitism. instead of seeking the truth and as the ac was the same, lies chill by terrorist organizations, 5 minutes of serious examination would be enough to know that the so called facts in the report published by amnesty this week are delusional and disconnected. from reality, amnesty calls that a diversion will not questioning the fact that there is an intent or a desire to create a jewish state. what we are saying that a jewish state must respect and protect the right of all people on its very terri. this is the 3rd report within the last year, accusing israel of a party. after is ready rights group at selim and human rights watch reached similar conclusions. amnesty says the events here in shakes or are in 2021. a
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further evidence of the conclusions that it was making in its report and evidence of the need for such work to be done. it also says that one of the 1st things that as well can do to start on picking what it calls an a party system is to protect and restore palestinian homes such as these. amnesty also wants the findings from this report used in investigations currently being undertaken in the international criminal court. and at the united nations, harry faucet al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. israel's military says it will dismiss 2 offices and reprimand a battalion commander over the death of an elder. the palestinian american men so just dragged him, get your old la side from the cart, then bound and blindfolded him during a routine check. now sunk, his body was found face down in an abandoned building following the grade. no, topsy found assad died of a stress induced tom's attack, stemming from external violence, and which caught his rejected, muscular,
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and his brave ex payroll application. judges rule that he must stay in prison because he remains a potential risk to society. frederick killed 77 people and a bomb and gun attack, and also in july 2011. before the 2 year old serving noise maximum sentence of 21 years. that could be extended indefinitely under a provision, allowing your forties to keep criminals in prison as long as they are considered dangerous. australia has become the 1st country in europe to make coming, vaccinations, compulsory for adults. 1000000 people who refused to be not created. a 75 percent vaccination rate is one of the lowest in europe. it's called traditional policy with some worrying that the mandate will only increase polarization in society. step boston reports from vienna. thanks to nations are in full swing at all strands because back to nation center in vienna at around 20 percent of the population as so far refused to be jap. and now the government wants to force them abroad.
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majority in parliament has passed. new law is that a shot in austria? we make it evaluation, but if the health care system is in danger, they use me for all of the country. for more personal, tens of thousands of all students have demonstrated every weekend again scolded restrictions and compulsory explanations mc l. blue know found the party with the sole purpose of fighting the government's coven policies? he doesn't believe scientists when they say that vaccines are safe in compulsory, if the notion is not based on evidence and there's no way to justify it, and it's a serious violation of fundamental right. and right now there is no justification for violating the he predicts, thousands of lawsuits will be filed against this law and expects it will never be enforced. us, we are going to great lengths to increase its vaccination rates. are free donuts after our 1st job and having these special wants to celebrate boosters. but the
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government is going much further by having such a nation's compulsory, a move that some fear will be counter productive. it's risky because you risk losing the people in the middle. the people who might have concerns you might have hazard patients, but they're not anti faxes. so this is a known effect that when something when a compulsory policy comes in, especially when it's concerned, something as important and invasive as the vaccination, then people tend to think ok, if i'm being forced to do this, the must be something wrong with it. or i'm not going to do it just because i have to austria had mandatory vaccinations before when children had to be inoculated against smallpox until the 19th 18. now, the country will be the 1st in europe to do the same covert vaccination. seeing a substantial fine work with chantel, persuasion has failed. steadfast,
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and al jazeera piano. the danish government has become the 1st you country to lift all creative restrictions. that's despite recording between 40050000, davy covered no engine infections. over the past fortnight, it's relying on its high vaccination rate toward the only phone vary and just kind of even countries abolishing restrictions the hospitality factor, as well as last mandate and the need for vaccination austin j. go to corona perez, we have one big light in front of the interim for people getting in. if you need to see it in the past. and now we just voter and they really come everybody. i think it's, it's rather risky. not it's not about people getting sick about it, more people not being able to, to go to their workplaces. and i, i work myself in a place where there's a lot of the team we have to take special care off. and i know already by now,
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this lot of employees who's sick with the restrictions being lifted, and it's going to be even worse. now polemic is once again, dampening lunar new year's celebrations in china. the year of the tiger holiday has just begun, but the government is warning the highly contagious electron very. it has increased the risk of infection, as hundreds of millions of people travel for the holiday. katrina, you reports from beijing, televised musical performances, bright red decorations, and big meals to put relatives. these are common lou to new year. traditions in china. but this year teaching is missing out on her annual family gathering in the northeast visit. the hotel restaurant manager has been forced to stay put in beijing, where she works because of corona virus restrictions shows azure fish, i assume if eigenvalue and i feel sad that i can't go home this year and meet my family. but i need to follow the government's instructions because we're in
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a pandemic. i don't want to cause trouble for my country, my employer. all my family. chinese authorities are battling to contain an outbreak of the on the con and dealt a variance of the virus which has spread to 20 provinces and 50 cities, including the capital to control infections, many of the millions of migrant workers who usually return home for the holiday has been warned against travel restrictions very per region. testing is compulsory. in some areas, a period of quarantine or isolation is required. this video of a communist party official warning. anyone who didn't comply with rules would be detained, went viral last week. the controls have sparked complaints on social media with many uses saying migrant workers deserve to be for united with family at least once a year. analysts say they're especially impacted by corbett regulations. a lot of workers, oh actually they have missed the chance to earn
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a real light with their families for already 2 years now. and a lot of them, 10 o league, or tonight with the test or using the phones. and that has not meet up with other parents and a tech guy on the phone for quite a long time. authorities are under pressure to keep infections, to 0. ahead of the winter olympics, which opens on friday and beating decorations or rap, but celebrations are muted and large gatherings bad. before the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people here did these hancock to celebrate the lunar new year. there would be dragon dollars as market stalls and to live music with for the 3rd year in a row, the iconic festival has been cancelled. teaching will work over the holidays and plans to celebrate quietly with colleagues. but despite her disappointment at not going home, she says it's better than spending the festival under quarantine. katrina,
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you al jazeera meeting. the beijing winter olympics begins in just 3 days time and organizers say code cases among athletes and personnel are within the expected controllable range. 24 infections or been reported in the last day, including 16 in athletes. olympics organizing committee has reported 200 cases in just over a week. so my fear to be ruled out of the games or others who are a symptomatic or isolating a head of air vent. athletes and personnel are being kept in a closed loop bubble separating them from the public. ah, one of the top stories on our 0, the u. k. prime minister has pledged more support for ukrainian armed forces as fears grow that russia could be planning an invasion, or as johnson and president vladimir zalinski. how talks in the capital on tuesday,
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the u. k. is offered tens of millions of dollars in aid to assist ukraine. johnson says russia is holding a gun to ukraine's head.


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