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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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i'll to fancy the mysteries all of us join me if i take on the live with men or the misconceptions and meet the contradiction at the time to get up front on al jazeera . mm mm. this is al jazeera, ah, hello norton taylor. this is the owners here and use our live from london coming up . it is vital that russia steps back from chooses a part of diplomacy. britton's prime minister says invading ukraine would be a military disaster for russia, as he was at kiev in a show of solidarity for russia's president says the u. s. and its allies have ignored the criminal demand for guarantees that ukraine went to join nato. i was off to heavy gunfire near
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a government compound in guinea be so the president says, many members of the security forces have been killed in a failed attack against democracy clapping protests and a silent strike as empty. cooper test is not the 1st anniversary of the military takeover in min more and amnesty international accuses israel of subjecting palestinians to a partied. i'm sorry, hard to though your sports. legendary and i fell quarterback tom brady is retired from american football and south korea have secured the place at the 2022 world cup and cat song. thanks to had soon. he'll win over syria. that's on the rest of the days. qualifies. are coming up with you. k prime minister has pledged more support for ukrainian armed forces as fears
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grow that russia could be planning an invasion. or as johnson says, russia is holding a gun to ukraine's head in an effort to change the architecture of european security. he's been in here for talks with president zelinski, the u. s. and its allies are threatening for sanctions, but the kremlin insist that we know attack on under hamid reports from keith. ah, it's not every day. a prime minister feels relieved to step into a crisis that has the potential of developing into war. but that may well be the way baris johnson fields arriving here in cave, away from the party gates candle, hoping to deflect attention at home. here the prime minister is facing what he called a grim reality. but he's a welcome friend coming with you funding some 118000000 dollars to fight corruption. alongside of the countries, we are also preparing
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a package of sanctions and all the measures to be enacted. the moment the 1st russian po, cat crosses further into ukrainian territory. d u k has so far trade more than 22000 ukranian soldiers and donated more than 2500000 dollars in defense. 8. these are days of frantic diplomacy. it feels like it has become the center of europe. does not one day that goes by without the high level visit money and weaponry out, also pouring in. but there's one crucial point that is still lacking. and that is a united front among nature. members of this image could only worry ukraine hungry, prime minister victor, or ben at the kremlin meeting, russian president vladimir putin company from the visit was about signing an energy
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deal. what do you crane crisis took center stage? dare to, or ben has ruled out any nato deployment to his country of when you were around the same time in kim president, zelinski was meeting with the ponies. prime minister gas was also on the agenda here, finding ways for ukraine to rely less on russia when it comes to energy supplies. the ukranian president would have also urge his visitors to tune down the rhetoric . feeling that the already fragile economy could go in a tailspin his message to ukrainians. this is not the time to panic yet, and the country is well prepared. the government has issued a map with more than $5000.00 shelters around kiev. the main ones being the soviet bill subway stations. for now, life goes on as usual, against your wife is the woman i feel people are worried in words, but not in action. if you're talking about people leaving the city or stalking up
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on food, or looking for bomb shelters, i don't think that's happening. i don't know any one who's thinking like that some way is to give to live. what she like world leaders also doesn't know is how all this will end up. this is not only about the sovereignty of ukraine, or it's right to one day become part of nato. it's also about drawing new lines, east and west, competing over the new security architecture of europe. ukrainians hope they won't be left out in the cold weather. that hamid elder 0 give residence in ukraine's eastern. don't yet screech, and have been living with conflict since 2014, when the area was seized by russian by separatists. now, many a struggling with soaring prices, and charles tried to reports with tensions as an all time high. there's little relief, which is a retired coal mine. he is pro rusher in his politics,
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but he says people have faced increased economic hardship since most go back separatists took control of the region 7 years ago. you know portfolio. now leslie's prices have increased forever. thing oils the fruits and so that means utility bills at the local authorities increased our pensions by 20 percent. recently, some prices have risen by 70 percent. there are no jobs. young can only find work through nepotism. even the price of some fish is increased because since ukraine found a trade with what it describes is the occupied territories in 2017, much of it has to be imported via russia. market traders have to pay higher transport costs and import duty. it's the same story with most of these products made in russia and better. reuss, myrtle. more to just to give you a holler many people. i'd love to russia, ukraine and abroad. looking for work. i used to have regular customers, but no, no,
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no trains from ukraine. government controlled areas have run on these tracks. for years. the currency was changed from the ukraine in griffon to the russian rouble. in 2015, estimated moscow spends more than a $1000000000.00 a year supporting the separatist control region of demit sk amongst which was disconnected from the international banking system. when the separatists took control, people can only send and receive roubles to and from banks in russia. the coal industry was the decades the regions life blood, most of the mines are in separatist control territory. keith says what it describes as ukraine's stolen natural resource is finding its way on to international markets via russia. something russia denies. hundreds of businesses that been destroyed abandoned or have gone bankrupt since the conflict started in 2015,
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the pro russia separatists and then ukranian government side, what became known as the minsk to agreement. it was a deal that aimed at achieving peace and a lasting political settlement to the conflict. but 7 years later, not a single one of the 13 articles in that agreement has been fully implemented. there are many ukrainian politicians that say, but mince 2 is to waited in the favor of the separatists. and they were afraid that if it was fully implemented, that could potentially give russia a greater hand in ukrainian affairs. last year, ukrainian president followed meza. lensky said he wanted to change the minsk agreement. international backers insist the deal must be honored by both sides. no political agreement means the economy cannot recover. the separatist governments say the economy is gradually improving, and russian investment is helping. in november, president putin signed a decree allowing russians to legally buy goods produced here will continue in the
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planet note at the end of the war. and the recognition of the dpr would of course contribute to the development of the economy. but that reaction has affected the region not to mention the business infrastructure of the outflow of expertise and economic blockade by ukraine that destroyed the financial system. but when now managing to reestablish that system with little sign of an end to the conflict, financial security for victor, he's friends and millions of people like them, remains in doubt. cha, stratford, i was 0. don't ask. russian president vladimir putin is accused us of using the ukraine as a tool against his country. but he says he hopes dialogue will continue in order to avoid negative scenarios, including war is 1st significant comments on the crisis in weeks that we put in. so the us and its allies have ignored the criminal main concerns earlier which in hell talks with hungry,
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the prime minister in moscow. think to oberon has maintained friendly relations with putin. but as hungry is a nato member. he's being criticized by his e u l. i a prince, i need a little bit, i'm going to put you in the, for the modem, and instead of the, we are analyzing the response from the u. s. and i have already said that our concerns have not been addressed. we have not seen any guarantees that nato will move, its presence in our country also has a right to choose its own security. we cannot allow one country to increase the security at the expense of another country below a day after heated exchanges at the un regarding ukraine. russia has taken over the presidency of the un security council for february, and the news conference to mark the start of the presidency, rushes, ambassador warned sanctions imposed against moscow will backfire the paradoxes that your grade is not implementing means agreements, but russia is being punished for that we've been her with her with this for a long time already. we. we learned to live with that so that, that to, you know,
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will not be real, not horrible, rash or leave that is implemented. so i hope that they will, they will have enough reason not to go forward with it, but that will backfire, of course. and of course, we will respond to how we will respond. i will, i will not be 3 at the moment. coming up on the caesar from london, the end of brand boris back home opinion polls in the u. k. say the u. k. prime minister has lost the trust of the british people, are salvatore's spyware, scandal, activists, and journalists say their phones have been hacked by the government to silence dissenting voices. and one of the greatest nfl quarterbacks ever decided to call time on his career sorrow will have that story in sport. ah,
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any besides president says calm has returned to his country after west african states condemned what they described as an attempted crew. in a post on his facebook page president tomorrow's he soccer in barlow. she had photos of himself sitting with members of the military. he said some of those in bold have now been arrested images camera, hours after sustain gunfire around the presidential palace in the capitol in palo says security forces were able to stop what he described as an attack against democracy. but many members of the security forces had died. armed men had reportedly surrounded the palace, where the president was cherry, a cabinet meeting. there had been 9 coups or attempted coups since the former currently gained independence from portugal in 1974. and just last week there was a qu in book, in a facet. we don't know yet her, the details of what's happening. her,
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it is for us clear that her calls are totally unacceptable. we are seeing a terrible multiplication of gauze. and our stronger bill is for soldiers to go back to the barracks and for the constitutional order to be fully in place in the democratic context of to there's gonna be some there without her as an africa analyst and the director of the geneva center for africa security and strategic studies is recently returned from west africa, joins us via skype from london. so thanks for being with us. it's a mixed kind of picture, isn't it the, it, the president seems to be saying on his com, echo us or the regional block was saying earlier, it was an attempted cool. what, what's your impression? i think is too early to tell. perhaps, you know, that could be changes within 48 hours. you know, if the, the reason i'm going coup, it's likely that, you know, the president would want to show some level of control. but it's very difficult to
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tell. i mean, what this is actually signifying is that the research should not be of you know, could it has happening in the west on the so hell going to be. so now we're talking about just recently with the color cree booking of fossil and molly with, you know, attempted to feel good. it does, it's not looking good. but we can't really say for sure what the situation leaves us me speak. yeah. because, you know, we're just talking everything about the confessor when we what do you think there is such a instability or this, these attempts that cuz i mean, is it that people see them happening in one country? and i think we will have a good that because they haven't, they haven't been in sanctions. what, what's, what's the thinking behind it? i think that's one fact to, i mean if it works in one country, then it's more likely to duplicate it. and you know, it seems to be that, you know, there is a copy cut or what happened in molly. and we've seen that in get equal, agree we saw that in book in fossil now going to be so a, some looking more like to, you know, kind of do the same thing. i mean, we,
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you know, we hope that, you know, it failed. but why the school is happening? i think it's because on one hand, you know, there's been an increase in terms of the way that the democratic system has been enrolled it with, you know, some lead us actually, you know, carrying out a, what we call a constitutional cou, changing the constitution. you know, when it suits them, and they have been silent in terms of the international community and condemning such moves by the us in africa. but what is happening now is we seen, you know, the military, which has been used to crop down on the local population, seen itself as the best option. you know, so the middleman is now in charge. and who stands to, i mean, if this is a, if it turns out to be a qu, who stands to benefit? well, i think it's the people that, you know, the, the so called military job that would be benefiting from that. i mean, it's all about power. i don't think the population you know will be given any
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choice in terms of, you know, whether the accept or not, with us is often seen when they're, whether or not there is a cool. the military leaders would always cite the benefit of the population. we haven't seen any results, you know, to show that, you know, from the previous attempts from the previous school that we've seen in the case of molly. booking fossil of guinea cannot korea now going to be so, but you know, it's to any days and we hope you got some point. some element of stability will come out of this. oh, what about other regional players who sort of waiting in the wings in the situations and the kind of give us an idea of the kind of politics of this? i think the g o policy is quite stick. i mean, you know, talking about equal was, it was, is a neutralise says some of its members, you know, and i don't see it was, you know, doing much, i mean go to study dummy, but it doesn't have the ability to deploy that. now, from a regional perspective, we've seen this happening mostly in the former french colonies. you know,
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all the poor post and core into cool because, you know, cuff come from a former french colony. so we're increasingly seen some kind of maybe, you know, countries like russia and china very, very much interested in the dual politics in that region. of course, you know, you know, russia is concerned about the situation in ukraine. if you take from me, i think from you. so i think what we've seen in africa especially and so hell is we see the french news in was of the ground and, you know, countries like rosie on china picking the pocket. so it's interesting, you know, how these geopolitics is working, but somebody not locked in in these countries. moving guinea cannot grew going to be. so the support in this room outside because not the only way that you know, the school john has succeeded in. so it's, it's interesting to really follow this closely. david, also thank you very much indeed. thank you. one year after me and manas crew people have demonstrated against military rule by staying at home and holding clapping
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protests. to this, to be encouraging, protested to stay at home rather than risk violence by gathering in public, assigning strikes, left streets empty around the country. dozens of people were arrested. the head of the event and authorities threatened to seize, businesses kept closed and protest. there were some small demonstrations and one man purportedly set himself on fire. state media says june to nita has extended a state of emergency amenities released this video. but supporters gathered in the capital region to gatherings were also held in several other cities. and which is news agencies is around 30 people were injured in an explosion at 1 march in a town on the eastern border where the throne unction. she's civilian that government led to weeks, a protest across the country which has since been brutally suppressed. an estimated one and a half 1000 civilians are being killed in
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a military crackdown. and the u. n says almost 12000 people are currently being unlawfully detained across the country. june to dismisses those figures as exaggerated look who's led to a devastating financial and humanitarian crisis. the world food program says 6400000 people. they're facing a severe hunger crisis. tourney chang has been hearing from people inside me and mom explained how much harder life has become under military rule. their identities have been hidden for their protection to drive around the most sit his everyday life might look like it's normal. but look, a little closer roads closed with barriers, barricaded, military positions, and uniformed soldiers on the streets. luckily, i saw the army this try to protest. after that, i was very afraid. that's why i'm scared to go out again. but there were more protests beside my house. so i joy if a few say, if i,
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i would joy to protest. mamma has been ravaged by coven 19 in the past 12 months. the situation intensified after the military target had medical workers for their involvement and protests and a civil disobedience movement. many were arrested. others fled into hiding to day even basic health care services as guess as allen. and i think i won't forget that day, dead hair walkers were arrested and she dare very badly by d r. me, they even kate, a medicare student, that's why i will return to the hospital in the sit, his food remains plentiful, but prices have risen sharply elsewhere. supplies and production have run dangerously low. the world food program estimates it needs to provide food for 4000000 people across myanmar in 2020 to 4 times the number. the for the qu, the economy has gone into free full banks, limit withdrawals,
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and foreign investment is pulling out fast. many people ah, lose the jobs. and it is inventing duty and the labor market. and also many people are jobless. but of the many job seekers ah, cutting the job, but be bait less than normal. even basic services like trains and buses of failing. the nation wide rail network has ground to hold off to work has joined the civil disobedience movement and bus prices of tripled as operators abandon standardized rules. don't any lawyer or, in my opinion, if we get rid of army rule transpose have says, would go back to normal. we've properly working buses, a normal ticket prices only. historically, the people of ma'am are used to military rule. but after a decade of progress and development,
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the last 12 months is leaving many feeling as if they are returning to the past. tony cheng al jazeera, it's ashley, he's a pro democracy activist and me and mom. i spoke to her a little earlier and start by asking her how life has changed in the years since the qu, we want and hiding, and we have been away from our family last one. and even we, we need to, we need to leave the see, are we living at the same time, lose in many friends being he'll be arrest aunt b toich her and also looking at other people in the family. a lot went and made the kobe and the food. so these have been extremely difficult for people, especially where people and situations, and as well as the young generations. we felt quite and starting with our future. there is no hope, and that is no future for us. so now we in that difficult proficient fight for our
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cell for our future, we don't oh hence, and nobody jewelry line or better just on i was so much so dick, this all we fell and tennis. there's been a silence. strike 2 to mark the anniversary of the qu, how wildly was that observed. now it's soon the reporter dance more than 100 out of $300.00 going in the find it's trying to. so it's pretty fit that it's a thought time that the people have organized and also the many other strides. that's fine. all the different striking comedy, direct campaign also protest street protest on the streets in the alimony mark me the 1st and last year the spare revolution. young people joined leda. the one on the striking all the morning to launch a week now can pay. so at the same time because people join in the find, that's right, there are many, there are reports like around 30 people be a roster,
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right? and at the end of the assignment drive, people have to, as a way to call them will rate the resume resilient at the time, the one on the, on the soldiers, a rating in different communities and wrapped in people torturing and kind of threatening the communities. tell me that how much is left now of the peaceful protest and how much as things moved towards armed resistance. though the peaceful, peaceful resistance is only the key idea of the whole revolution, for example, the movement would remain as the facts of the whole revolution if keep going and getting stronger left, also now joined by the soldiers, who are, who are now deducting the? no, it's the and the police out courts or even in the, in the better. so the store just now the data so that we have moved and then also the drives and the, and the talked about happened the almost every day in the,
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in the big seating where they are many different thought or guiding us. but the people you personally, the young people let different blackmore plus drives in a big cd also. you know, we have more and more protect joined by more people sometimes around 300 people in the old village talking about politics so peaceful. it's steve big. it's new and bit ideology inside the country. 2 syrian babies have died from harsh winter weather in the countries northwest was snow and rain of destroyed the tents of hundreds of displaced families. united nations humanitarian agency says a 7 day old girl, and a 2 months old girl died from the cold in italy, province. a hospital in the region has reported an influx of children affected by extreme cold and recent days. some 2800000 people have sought shelter in camps
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across a limb, to fleeing their homes during serious decade long civil war. the world health organization is warning that an increase in medical waste is putting a threat to people and the environment. tens of thousands of extra tongues of hazardous waste have been generated during the code. 19 pandemic, including billions of syringes. attributes is not being disposed of correctly. the w recommends efforts to improve disposal and switch to re usable products where possible. the danish government has become a 1st a new country to lift or current of ours restrictions as to spot recording between 40050000 dady covered 19 infections. over the past fortnight. it's relying on its high vaccination rate to ward off the micron variant was kind of davian countries abolishing restrictions, but the hospitality sector as well as mosque mandates and the need for vaccination passes, individual businesses and event organizes can still set their own requirements for
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entry. there's lots more still to come this hour, including to reporting to corruption in south africa. recommend a 20 year term for officials who abused state power or the new york times buying the popular game the word or has caused a backlash among the games and japan. then how do you radius hopes of automatic world cup for cation? sorry to hear that story fort ah, hello, great to see you. thank you for joining in it's unsettled for the south east europe here. let me show you. we got this weather maker in the g and c. it's just what the rain around all sides through greece, western turkey, southern turkey, pretty steady stream through on poly us. and this, what weather is also going to play is stumble with
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a high of 11 degrees. now we go off to central areas of europe. this snow is really piling up through the alpine region on wednesday. and now to the northwest. we've had some fierce winds. they are finally starting to die down for the low countries answer down got a high 11 degrees, so a warm surge of air here to be sure for iberia temperatures are coming up in southern spain. that includes for seville, with a hive $21.00 degrees ever that weather maker we were talking about for the southeast of europe. it's also dropping down whites and windy conditions across the top end of africa. so we'll go in for a closer look here. this is mostly impacting tunis right through to then ghazi with whites weather and also windy conditions as well flooding, very likely across central and eastern areas of namibia into the northern cape, the western cape and the eastern cape. some pretty severe storms. and by the weekend it looks like we're going to have a tropical storm from in to the east coast of madagascar and generate some severe flooding. and so for me to send the,
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ah, there was a time when the oak banker, the floods were enough to sustain life in the northern cali, desert. oh ye around. 2 but as change, we funny 3 men in different parts and go down as if these drowned wild animals and men may track the constant fight for survival risk in it. but swung on i'll just come to one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, ne, needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and lonny skillfully mapped out 3 key f as of double co filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future.
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ronnie got so caught us gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, one of the top stories here now 0 u. k prime minister bras johnson has pledged more support for ukraine's armed forces. as fears grow that russia could be planning an invasion. he was one of 3 european leaders in care for talks with president vladimir savanski brushes. president vladimir putin says he hopes dialogue on ukraine will continue in order to avoid negative scenarios including war. but he accused the u. s. and allies of ignoring a criminal security demands. and can you, besides, president says com has returned to his country to west african states condemned,
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but they described as an attempted crew. he said the security forces stopped an attack against democracy, but many of them had died. the u. k. prime minister is facing a backlash a day after damning report into a culture of habitual rule breaking in down the street. the guardian, newspapers reporting bars johnston attended, leaving party for number 10 aid during the strict post christmas lockdown, which is now under police investigation. recent polls suggest he's lost the trust of the british people 3 months away from local elections. he parker reports from london. i hope the boys will look at their cortinez go. i don't like that. that's a little bit embarrassing. in the topsy turvy well to british politics, the lines between satire, a reality of blurred, kristian adams, political cartoonist for london evening standard has made a career for mocking politicians. party gate makes it all too easy. a probably the
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only other question passes comfortably, who you control from behind and everybody nicer. yes. i think a political cartoon is, it seems serious at the same time as being a sort of trivial and funny. so i think it's good to have both of those things rollin be too earnest, but hopefully shows up. i'm serious points. i've seen the long awaited report by senior civil servant su gray talked of a serious failure of leadership and behavior. difficult to justify criticism that lands at the prime minister's door, even though johnson isn't explicitly named. and we know there's more to come. police are investigating 12 out of 16 gatherings. far more the 1st thought. $500.00 pages of evidence and $300.00 photos are being poured over. despite all the damaging new claims and cameras from some of his m. p. 's to resign. he remains in office telling a meeting of conservative party members on monday night that he will clean up downing street and re shuffle his government. or was johnson presided over the
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biggest election when for any political party since 1979. a lot of his m. p 's owe their careers to him, but his brand, boris, now tarnish, be on repair. in a recent snap pole, 2 thirds of voters said they wanted boris johnson to resign. following the su gray report, 83 percent belief, he broke lockdown rules. 75 percent believe he's not telling the truth. the conservative party is not even pretending it's been best and the national interests they'll, considering only are what is in their immediate lateral fortune. if they think that the prime minister is an actual liability, no dispatch him. if they think that they can muddle through the next election with him on board, and the dispatch him will be too costly and actually they'll keep him. that's it. and that really is an indictment at britain's political landscape. with johnson in ukraine, the focus is back on the business of government cabinet ministers. akin to move on,
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the balloons, a half, obviously, cheese in his pocket that his next and the wine in the mini suitcase. but johnson's troubles haven't gone away. and for the satirists, there were gift that keeps on giving leave barker al, jazeera, westminster, honest international has been a chest in the right scrape, to describe israel as an apartheid state because of its treatment to palestinians. it says, policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion in israel and the occupied territories. demonstrate that past indians are treated as a quote inferior racial group. israel has denounced the report as quite false biased and anti semitic. he faucet has more from occupied his tuition. amnesty international says israel has built up an array of policies, laws, military coercion, and economic and social discrimination that amounts to oppression and domination of the palestinians in the areas it controls. in short, it says a system of
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a party. we are here to day to call on the international community to take resolute action against the crime of humanity being perpetrated in order to maintain the system of appa fight. ah, the report highlights, last year's tensions over threatened displacements of palestinians from their homes in the shake draw neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem. and the military and communist violence that followed. it sets out a catalogue of instances and techniques whereby palestinians have been displaced from land in israel, and in the occupied territories. fear a settler has confiscated thousands of hector's while palestinian shepherds can't graze their sheep. we want protection for our herders from the sellers, but it goes much further back in israel's history, analyzing basic laws and long term policies. it says designed to guarantee a jewish majority. and jewish control of israel's government says that as an attempt to paint israel itself as an inherently racist endeavor. in other words,
12:36 am
it's an example of anti semitism. instead of seeking the truth, as the ac was the same, lies chill by terrorist organizations. 5 minutes of serious examination would be enough to know that the so called sacks in the report, published by amnesty this week, are delusional and disconnected. from reality, amnesty calls that a diversion will not questioning the fact that they're even intent or a desire to create a jewish state. what we are saying is that a jewish state must respect and protect the rights of all people on its territory. this is the 3rd report within the last here, accusing israel of a party. after is ready rights group at selim and human rights watch reached similar conclusions. amnesty says the events here in shakes or are in 2021. a further evidence of the conclusions that it was making in its report and evidence
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of the need for such work to be done. it also says that one of the 1st things that as well can do to start on picking what it calls an a party system is to protect and restore palestinian homes such as these. amnesty also wants the findings from this report used in investigations currently being undertaken in the international criminal court and the united nations. eric was it al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. it abraham has more from the village in the jordan valley on the difficulties for people there. when we talk about discrimination, this is a one of the places where it can be vividly seen coming to this village. a file that houses 2000 palestinians. people here do not have an official entrance and they might get tickets if they use left from their mean road, but a few meters away. the israeli government has built a road for the benefit of 300 settlers that live in an illegal israeli settlements near by the settlement injury services, infrastructure, water,
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and parthenia. rather than say that they have just the fraction of that. if any, if none of us i in the middle pile of java been asking for an official entrance to the village for more than 20 years, there is ready, police often come to give people tickets. what village doesn't have an entrance and we've been here before the settlement. this is part of the reality that palestinians are living under. and this is why many palestinian human rights organizations have been saying that palestinians are living under and is really advertised through gene, over all these organizations. i've been facing a lot of pressures by israel to shut them down. and so back to say that the main aim is to silence them. when we ask for the news, what they think about the growing use of the word, the upper tide by international organizations, they say that there are hopeful and that they want the international community to
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how pressure israel to put an end to its oppression. israel's military says it will dismiss 2 offices and reprimand a battalion commander over the death of an elderly palestinian american men. soldiers drive 78 year old alas, had from a car and bound and blindfolded him during a routine check. last month, his bony was found faced down in an abandoned building following the raid. an autopsy found aside, died of a stress and use heart attack stemming from external violence. israel's police force has admitted some of its chronic surveillance, may not be legal. rights groups have accused of improperly using powerful hacking software made by the n s o group. and he's ready side, but alms company. police said it was a don't use the pegasus spyware with a warrant, which allows remote access of mobile phones infected with the software. but now the forces, there were anomalies in the way it was used and rights groups are calling on el
12:40 am
salvador to investigate allegations. that journalist and activists had their phones hacked and surveilled using the pegasus spyware. last month, dozens of people including staff at the new site and faro said the technology sold only to governments, had been used to harvest data from their devices, the government critic sites. the president's latest tactic to silence critical voices from home and investigates from some small little cover at this phone have been acting strangely. she relieves the moment she realized for sure that it was bugged. well, i was driving, and i remember that i got the 1st image in, but that moment we, we were confirmed that they got to was targeting pegasus. the spine software only sold to governments. julio was one of 22 stuff is at the new site, and fido, who had the funds repeatedly infected. according to the university of toronto citizen, for the she says, many of the tax came as a photo published expos a's on the government of el salvador,
12:41 am
headed by president ny bu kelly. what can they pull out of it during an attack? everything they can see, for example, what the message that you are typing or they can get access through your contacts to your images, your videos. and it's like to have you not unlock cell phone in your hand. it's the, it's the journey so far when the only ones other media outlets and civil rights figures were bug to citizen lab including transparency, lawyer, jose manero. i think this is also a sign of the times a sign of the government. this is a government which is intolerant to critics. it's in father and to public scrutiny . it's intolerant to accountability. and while there's still no, no hard evidence that the the spine came from the government. everything seems to point to the doorsteps of some lawyer in government, which strongly denies the phone bug doing. but they have been worrying signs that
12:42 am
the president doesn't have democracy at the top of his agenda. say critics, starting from 2020, when he march soldiers into congress, a shock for a country which only escape civil war 30 years ago. the president, in turn, is accused independent media outlets like how photo of lying and attacking his government. in 2020, you know, the outlet was under investigation for money laundering. and el salvador, many people are on his side. his approval ratings are in the eighty's. see the working close body of sundry 3. carla vasquez puts up with days to tears and tells us why the me though my how you would, i helped more than the other government is for them. it was only in the campaign only, then they remembered our neighborhood, but with him, no, he hasn't forgotten us. he always remembered us. the poorest neighborhoods less dangerous under. bu keller has been cash. help them for the pandemic. even laptops
12:43 am
for boys to be able to keep studying. she dismisses the meteor expose ace as fake news, a montage, and many others. he believes the president just walking around this neighborhood, son, luis, 3. you understand why president bu kelly is so overwhelmingly popular with the majority of salvadorans. he's given the money he's given them. food has even given them computers for their children during the pandemic. and what that means to them is that he, someone that's concerned about them, the poor salvadorans in a way. the other presidents haven't been who kelly promises these people. he will take care of them. do the same for the countries, journalist lawyers, activists. all those who are critical of him in el salvador, that's the burning question. john home and i'll just a john sharing south africa, so called state capture commission says a law should be passed to make the abuse of public power, a criminal offense with
12:44 am
a sentence of 20 years. the recommendation was made in the 2nd part of a report from a 3 year commission, investigating alleged corruption under former president jacob zoom. it recommends that police investigate executives at public training company transmit. and the state thomas firm that the reports has just over 1400 individuals and entities have been implicated across government stay turned enterprises and business. a former finance minister estimates at nearly $7000000000.00 was lost from economy over zoom is 9 years in office. rumour refused to testify, the commission triggering his imprisonment for contempt of court in july jailing the 2 violent protests and riots in which was 300 people died. it was mentioned released on medical perot before president also faces 16 charges of fraud graft and racketeering. over the decades old purchase of military equipment, new york times acquisition of popular web based game word or for an undisclosed 7
12:45 am
figure, some spot to backlash among the games. fans. free game was launched in october and quickly grew, attract millions of regular places. the newspaper says it will initially remain free, but uses fear it will be put behind the new york times payroll, where it'll create a josh waldo says he really got into a newspaper. and it's crossword during the pandemic, which paid a big part in world inspiration. so i had this news al, yet now make history in asian world cup, qualifying more mat in sport, and influenced by art now hanging in french museums, i call it does on a if so whole is celebration across paris. ah.
12:46 am
with whole ah
12:47 am
ah i sorry that is i'm sorry, i'm not sure we start with world cup qualifying in asia way. south korea have their place. i thought 2022. that's all through to know when i was syria earlier. now the south koreans is 2nd in that group and can still catch group leaders. iran, the top 2 teams go through to the world car while the place teams advance to tail frowns. well, the iranians won the qualifier against the united arab emirates, one nail the 2 teams, and now left with very different immediate futures. iran are hoping to qualify for catholic 2022 group winners while the e on. now let's find thing to secure 3rd thoughts and pale. you're in the same group, lebanon, and the wrong 211 base size needed to win to heat,
12:48 am
the pressure on the right. but the only managed drew, the lebanese, who eventually found the back of the net, remained for an iraq 5th in the standing. now a have group a table looks like at the moment, iran and south korea through to the world cup. you a eli 3rd was it had been on and iraq still with a chance. and in the other group, saudi arabia smith stopped in their attempt to qualify a when the japan earlier now that would have put them through as group when his thoughts host japan's goal in each of me and me know in his 17 goal and 37 games for japan and junior, so with a brilliant 2nd the to know when puts the summer i blue within of points of australia fell behind the group. lead is also they could only manage to, to draw in oman. aaron moy had given this so cruise the need for the 2nd time in moscow with just 11 minutes to play bots and a few nights,
12:49 am
minute penalty for me on the la fall was ensure there was no separating the 2 sides . it also means amman can no longer qualify for cats out 2022 elsewhere. while it was an historic jose from vietnam. she there 1st. c ever when in the final stage of asian world cup, qualifying the vietnamese did this with a 31 win over china on tuesday. they're both in the qualifying group say well, let's take a look, care at group b table. the table looks like in the asian qualifying saudi still talk. one point clear of japan australia have fallen further behind auster to, to draw in on now over the african cup of nations volcano fast. so i was growing up for the semi final against cynical on wednesday. that seems progressive. the torment has offered the rest flight for home funds from last week's ministry in the west african country well keener foster have only ever reach the final only once before in 2013. having dispatched and is in the quarter finals. the coach says the
12:50 am
team just needs to keep going. does it differ from them? first of all, we want to be ourselves. we're not going to change our identity because we're going to face synagogue. we already knew that senegal has a big armada in any case. it is one of the best countries in africa when you faced such a team. the main thing is to be yourself. we will not come to this competition with a mask with an image that is not ours. no, but we will keep our identity in the game. 7 times super bowl champion tom brady has announced his retirement from american football lawsuit. brady's tampa bay buccaneers were eliminated in the payoff. he posted this on instagram earlier that he's no longer going to make a 100 percent. all in commitment. 44 year old hold several and i felt reckless and brady $16.00 of his super bowl titles with the new england patriots. before spending the last 2 years of his career with the balconies. and i fell right to my
12:51 am
whole shoot. he says it's unlikely we'll see anyone like crazy ever again. mike, remember being a younger journalist over a decade ago, and as we were discussing who the goat acronym for greatest of all time in the nfl might have been i remember even back then saying that tom brady was at least in the discussion a decade ago. it was more up for debate, but as the years have passed, he's not only excelled from a championship standpoint, winning morrison bulls, and everybody proving that he can wince wearables away from bill bell. a check in the new england patriots. but also is one of the leading passers of all time by almost any metric. so he has shown himself to be not only a fantastic competitor who can win football games, but also can consistently put up numbers even well past the age of 40 follicle falls on the one. greg norman has announced a multi $1000000.00 revamp the asian to move design to destruct,
12:52 am
disrupts rather the global game. your strain in bites by sad ravia has sets up a new tend to one of the international series set to take place across asia and europe. the 1st 2 events are in thailand and then the u. k. $300000000.00 will be invested over the next decade in the projects as it looks to rival the pga and european d p. walters. we want to work together side by side. there's a really interesting analogy. there's a piece of pie, right? so if these institutions you're talking about, if a piece of that pie is disappeared, the pie gets smaller. what does the pie get bigger? we see the piece of pie that we take, the opportunity we see through the last opportunity makes the pie bigger. although token owner, when she tries to form a golfing, simply earlier, a space australian gulf, jen is jimmy emanuel and sydney one been held in england and i, in,
12:53 am
in the london in the century club was sort of rumored for the last day or so. it was, it was basically a well known secret that that's where that was going to go at that feels like a direct shot. it, they pay will to a who's base is just down the road. wentworth, i'm sorry, look at, it feels like that's a bit of a technique from the asian tour, i suppose for lack of a better term. but it wouldn't surprise if they tried to expand into those areas, but he's going to be very difficult. i mean, you can say with these 10 events that they primarily in asia and the middle east, where they already establish this to are and they play a lot of they golf. they are, the majority of the golf there should say. and moving into those market is very tough. america would be exceptionally hard to get somebody off the ground. the pga tour is a huge organization even in terms of other sports organizes not just golf. so it'd be very difficult to get foothold. and they,
12:54 am
they were asked about that and they said, look, this is just the beginning. we do want to expand, but it is going to be difficult to push ahead with those sorts of things. he was very clear that he doesn't believe he's hostile or looking for a fight. i believe was, was what he said, but that's not the way it's taken. it has been taken page 2 players who are playing this week in the asian 2 or event are required to then go back and play the scheduled page a tour event for this weight pebble beach in the next couple of years i have previously there was talk of follow and there's been all sorts of things that they pay world. ready to has been very active in showing up its situation around the world, but they've signed the strategical align and saw extended one here in australia in south africa with the sunshine tour as well. so auto think base, say it as a friendly competition. i think they say it is a bit of a turf or without a designated term because they to as bio ram will base die. so it's,
12:55 am
it's definitely a little bit spicy between the big play here. and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. well that, so your sport for now 100 back to london. thank you very much. now 60 years ago, french fashioned is on a eve sent home, unveiled his 1st collection, taking inspiration from famous artists. now 6 talks, paris museums are mocking anniversary by presenting his clothes as works of art in their own right. sasha butler has more eve, salo hall was inspired by art. the french fashion designers, creations often mirrored his favorite alt works or echoed their essence through color or pattern painters including brock and picasso, infused sal raul's creative vision. he never copied but reinvented in his unique style. the pompidou center is one of 6, told museums in paris, showcasing the influence of art on the designer. he was picking up
12:56 am
a different kind of written spiration from the contemporary artist like, while holl or vessel man norlisha style. but also were there noticed matches, or even phonology, who could say he had like a museum without was in his mind. this pompidou curator says the exhibition illustrates how fashion can be an artful. it's an honor for us to have a st lawrence creations alongside our permanent collection in the pompidou. and i think it's the 1st time a show has made a link between the designers work and contemporary art. esau's love affair with art is nowhere more evident than in his mondrian inspired dresses. attribute to the dutch artist, daring, playful, and more than they caused a sensation when revealed in 1965, as well as the pompey do center. paris is modern art museum. the all say picasso and wire cell museums are all part of the exhibition. but the most prestigious is the move with some of some roles, most luxurious,
12:57 am
an intricate designs reveal his passion for ornamental art and all things. gold should boscus a lot of absolute poorly. i think the absolute dream for him would have been to be exhibited for his designs to interact with the sources of inspiration. it's a dream he never imagined would actually happen. ah, sell a home revolutionized women's fashion. he gave women beauty, but also power. he challenged ideals and upset stereotypes. 60 years after his 1st fashion show and more than a decade after his death, dozens of sun, wrong garments, and $300.00 designs will be on show an enticing tribute to one of the world's most revered designers. natasha butler. i'll just 0 paris. that's a per mealer and taylor for this news up. i'll be here to member with another 4 runner police news. thanks very much watching. ah
12:58 am
ah, along with our diets define who we are. but who are way, if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden, scandalous practices that have infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food on. ouch is era with
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the world of high frequency share trading, exposed. i had this engine that was basically trading. i could have lost $30000000.00, was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money markets. as markets go faster, faster, we're opening up the possibility for an instability for no, no use with her money box on al jazeera for unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from
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a london broadcast center on and you 0, ah, this is about something even bigger. i'm afraid it's about the whole european security architecture. britain's prime minister says russia as president is holding a gun to ukraine's head. well, vladimir putin accuses the u. s. of using ukraine as a tool against russia. ah, i learned taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up guinea bizarre.


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