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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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risks on the money markets, as markets go faster and faster, we're opening up, possibly for an instability, for no, no use with money bought on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah, this is about something even bigger. i'm afraid it's about the whole european security architecture. britain's prime minister says russia as president, is holding a gun to ukraine's head. vladimir putin accuses the us of using ukraine as a tool against russia. ah,
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i learned taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up. ah, guinea besides president survives an attempted coup, but says many members of the security forces were killed. clapping protests and a silent strike as anti cooper, just as not the 1st anniversary of the military takeover in law. and amnesty international abuses, israel of subjecting palestinians to partied ah, under the u. k. prime minister has pledged more support for ukrainian armed forces as fierce grow that russia is planning an invasion. or as johnson says, russia is holding a gun to ukraine's head in an attempt to change the architecture of european security. he was one of 3 european leaders in care for talks with president
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zelinski. the u. s. in its allies are threatening tougher sanctions, but the current insists they'll be no attack on our bill. hamid reports from give, oh, it's not every day. a prime minister feels relieved to step into a crisis that has the potential of developing into war. but that may well be the way bar is johnson fields arriving here in cave, away from the party gates candle, hoping to deflect attention at home. here the prime minister is facing what he called a grim reality. but he is a welcome friend coming with you funding some $118000000.00 to fight corruption alongside on the countries. we are also preparing a package of sanctions and all the measures to be enacted. the moment the 1st russian po, cat crosses further into ukranian turret,
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d. u. k. has so far trade more than $22000.00 ukranian soldiers and donated more than $2500000.00 in defense. 8th. these are days of frantic diplomacy. it feels like give, has become the center of europe, does not one day that goes by without a high level visit money and weaponry out, also pouring in. but there's one crucial point that is still lacking. and that is a united front among the nato members of what you this image could only worry ukraine hungry, prime minister victor, or been at the kremlin meeting russian president vladimir putin comfort from the visit was about signing an energy deal. what do you claim crisis took center stage there too, or been, has ruled out any nato deployment to his country when you were around the same time
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in chem, president zelinski was meeting with the ponies. prime minister gas was also on the agenda here, finding ways for ukraine to rely less on russia when it comes to energy supplies. the ukranian president would have also urge his visitors to tune down the rhetoric . feeling that the already fragile economy could go in a tailspin his message to ukrainians. this is not the time to panic yet, and the country is well prepared. the government has issued a map with more than $5000.00 shelters around kiev. the main ones being dis, soviet bill subway stations, for now, life goes on as usual, against your wife is but woman. i feel people are worried in words, but not in action. if you're talking about people leaving the city or stocking up on food or, or looking for bomb shelters, i don't think that's happening. i don't know anyone who's thinking like that, them with what she like worldly. there's also doesn't know is how all this will end
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up this is not only about the sovereignty of ukraine or it's right to one, they become part of nato. it's also about drawing new lines, east and west, competing over the new security architecture of europe. ukrainians hope they won't be left out in the cold weather. that hamid elder 0 give russian president vladimir putin is accused the u. s. of using ukraine as a tool against his country. but he says he hopes dialogue will continue in order to avoid negative scenarios, including war. in his 1st significant comments on the crisis in weeks, vladimir putin, kelly said the u. s. and its allies have ignored the criminal main concerns of proof regularly. but i'm gonna put you in the pre med amused that we are analyzing the response from the u. s. and i have already said that our concerns have not been address. we have not seen any guarantees that nato will move its presence. our country also has
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a right to choose its own security. we cannot allow one country to increase its security at the expense of another country. a day after heated exchanges at the un regarding ukraine and russia has taken over the presidency of the un security council for february in a news conference to mark the start of the presidency. rushes, ambassador warned sanctions imposed against moscow will backfire. the paradoxes that you graham is not implementing means agreements with russia is being punished for that. we've been, we've been nurse with this for a long time already. we will learn to live with that so that you know, will not be not horrible, rash, old leave that is implemented. so i hope that they will, they will have enough reason not to go forward with it, but that will backfire, of course. and of course, we will respond how we will respond. i will, i will not be 3 at the moment. the u. s. as reported it all russia. it's willing to
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discuss offering a way to verify the absence of tomahawk missiles at nato bases in romania and poland. as if russia share similar information about missiles on certain russian bases of mona said willoughby story, how did your castro joins us live from washington, d. c. so how significant to move? would this be? laura? this is another gesture from the u. s. to extend this, the diplomacy in its effort to deescalate ukraine and the reports are that the u. s . has said to russia that it is willing to discuss, allowing russia to verify that there are not tomahawk cruise missiles currently stationed at these nato sites in poland. and romania, the fear that these cruise missiles could be there, and these are offensive tomahawk ground launched missiles that fear something that pu had cited earlier tuesday. oh,
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when say one of his demands i in order to de escalate ukraine. and so the u. s. is reportedly offering to discuss this as long as romania and poland are in agreement . and it is also demanding too that there would be reciprocal access to a number of russian bases to see that these tomahawk weapons are not there either. of course, as a still very early in the talks, we're still waiting for the official response from russia to the u. s. is over all of our proposals you regarding ukraine, but again, this is another avenue to continue the work of diplomacy. how did you, hester? thank you very much indeed. ah, can you be sounds presidents as calm as return to his country after what west african broke echo are described as an attempted coo and a post on his facebook page president tomorrow's he so co embargo shed vouchers of
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himself sitting with members of the military. you said some of those involved have now been arrested earlier there was sustain gunfire around a government compound in the capital where the cabinet was meeting imbalance. security forces were able to stop what he described as an attack against democracy . but many of them had died. he said it was an attempt to kill the president prime minister and all the cabinet. they have been 9 cruise or attempted to use since the former colony gained independence from portugal in 1974. and just last week, there was a q in africa security analyst. david also described a grown patent in west africa. if the, the reason i'm going coo, it's likely that, you know, the president would want to show some level of control. but it's very difficult to tell, i mean, what this is actually signify and is that the research should nummy of, you know,
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could it was happening in the west on the so hell going to be. so now we talking about just recently we've got to create book in a fossil and molly we attempted to fill it. it's not looking good, but we can't really say for sure what the situation leaves us me speak social media post. the president said the attempted crew may have been linked to drug trafficking but gave no more details. nicholas hock has been following developments from docker and ago. he explains the possible link to the drug trade. the issue here at hard is, is, although going to be, so is one of the poorest country in the world is consider according to the state department, as a norco state, a place where latin american drug traffickers use bizarre as a trafficking place due to transport drugs like ok towards europe
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and the united kingdom. many soldiers are a senior officials in the army have been accused of being involved in this rate. in fact, a couple of years ago and maybe cheap was arrested by the americans involved in this trade. so there might be these types of grievances that might be underlying what we're seeing here. one year off to mid mosque, who people have demonstrated against military rule by staying at home and holding clapping protests. ah, activists have been encouraging, protested to stay at home rather than risk violence by gathering in public the silent stripes, left streets empty around the country. and dozens of people were arrested ahead of the event. and the authorities threatened to seize businesses kept closed in protest. there was some small demonstrations and one man reportedly set himself on fire status as the june to leader has extended a state of emergency to his release. this video that supporters gathered in the
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capitol trojan to gatherings were also held in several other cities, which is news agency says around 30 people were injured in an explosion at 1 march in a town on the eastern border if its rove unsung, since she's civilian ned government led to weeks or protests across the country, which has since been brutally suppressed. estimated one and a half 1000 civilians have been killed in a military crackdown. and the u. n says almost 12000 people are currently being unlawfully detained across the country. turn to dismisses those figures as exaggerated liqueurs lead to a devastating financial and humanitarian crisis. the wild food program says 6400000 people there are facing a severe hunger crisis. tony chang has been hearing from people inside. men mar, explain how much harder life has become under military rule, there aren't entities have been hidden for their own protection. to drive around your mouth, sit his everyday life might look like it's normal. but look
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a little closer. roads a close with barriers, barricaded, military positions, and uniform. soldiers on the streets. you montoya, i saw the army. this tried to protest. after that, i was very afraid. that's why i'm scared to go out again. but there were more protest beside my house. so i joy if they feel safe i, i would joy to protest. melma has been ravaged by cope at 19, in the past 12 months. the situation intensified after the military targeted medical workers for their involvement and protests and a civil disobedience movement. many were arrested. others fled into hiding today even basic health care services as guess as alan, i think i won't forget that day dead hair walkers were arrested and she there very badly by the army. they even cage a medicare student,
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thus why i will return to the hospital in the sit, his food remains plentiful. the prices have risen sharply elsewhere, supplies and production have run dangerously low. the world food program estimates it needs to provide food for 4000000 people across myanmar in 2020 to 4 times the number before the qu, the economy has gone into free, full banks, limit withdrawals, and foreign investment is pulling out fast. and many people ah, lose the jobs and it is embedding duty and the labor market. and also a many people are jobless. but of the many job seekers ah, can be the job. but b are baked less than normal. even basic services like trains and buses of failing the nation wide rail network has ground to halt. after work has joined
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the civil disobedience movement, and bus prices of tripled as operate is abandoned standardized rules don't indeed lawyer. or in my opinion, if we get rid of army rule transpose, services would go back to normal with properly working buses. a normal ticket price is only historically the people of ma'am are used to military rule. but after a decade of progress and development, the last 12 months is leaving many feeling as if they are returning to the past. tony cheng elders are still to come this half hour from animal rights to universal health care chileans have their say on what they want. and then you constitution untrusting vaccines to battle. an army crone said, denmark comes the 1st e u country to lift its k the restrictions. ah,
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you're locked into your weather report for asia and australia. hello everyone right off the bat, a new record set here for the northwest of honshu, 432 centimeters of snow. this is the snowiest inhabitant place on earth, and it certainly living up to its name and to start february few days in more snow . coming out jim, meantime, so kill 11 degrees with sunny skies and for southern china, the rain continues. that includes for hong kong, rain and snow, cross the yangtze river valley. now for the philippines, a batch of what weather is creeping closer. this is on wednesday. let's press play . see where goes wednesday into thursday. it's going to inundate the southern islands, including the devout region of her se asia, indonesia, it's islands have seen in this. so and here anywhere between $60.00 to $75.00 millimeters of rain and we can expect much of the same. on wednesday, there's been pouring rain across, western australia's kimberly regions through the interior and some pretty big storms toward the southeast. like at brisbin 35 degrees,
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but thunderstorms will move in here and cool the atmosphere to just 25 degrees on friday, afternoon zealand. and a lot of rain for that. south island at mostly contain toward the southern alps, but we have a red warning in play for up to $750.00 millimeters of rain season. ah, that was a time when the oak done got rid of clothes were enough to sustain life in the northern california desert. oh you around. 2 that's changed. we fun at 3 men from different paths and go down as if these drowned wild animals and men made the confidence to sublime briskin boatswain on algebra. ah
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ah ah, or one of the top stories here in our 0. u. k. prime minister bryce johnson has pledged more support for ukraine's armed forces. as fans grow that russia could be planning an invasion. he was one of 3 european leaders in care for talks with president vladimir zalinski. russia's president vladimir putin says he hopes dialog on ukraine will continue in order to avoid negative scenarios including war. but he accused the u. s. and allies of ignoring the crime insecurity demands and getting missiles, presidents as calm as return to his country of to what the west african brock echo was described as attempted coup. he said the security forces stopped an attack
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against democracy, but many of them had died. understand nationalist latest human rights script to describe israel as an apartheid state at because of its treatment of palestinians. it says policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion, and israel and the occupied territories demonstrate the palestinians are treated as an inferior racial group. israel has denounced the report as false biased and anti semitic. ari faucet has more from occupied. his tuition of amnesty international says israel has built up an array of policies, laws, military coercion, and economic and social discrimination that amounts to oppression and domination of the palestinians in the areas it controls. in short, it says a system of a party. we are here to day to call on the international community to take resolute action against the crime of humanity being perpetrated
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in order to maintain the system of appa fight. ah, the report highlights, last year's tensions over threatened displacements of palestinians from their homes in the shake draw neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem. and the military and comical violence that followed. it sets out a catalogue of instances and techniques whereby palestinians have been displaced from land in israel and in the occupied territories. here a settler has confiscated thousands of hector's while palestinian shepherds, cat grazer sheep. we want protection for our herders from the sellers, but it goes much further back in israel's history, analyzing basic laws and long term policies. it says designed to guarantee a jewish majority. and jewish control of israel's government says that is an attempt to paint israel itself as an inherently racist endeavor. in other words, it's an example of anti semitism. instead of seeking the truth and as the ac was the same, lies chill by terrorist organizations, 5 minutes of serious examination would be enough to know that the so called facts
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in the report published by amnesty this week are delusional and disconnected. from reality, amnesty calls that a diversion will not questioning the fact that there is an intent or a desire to create a jewish state. what we are saying is that a jewish state must respect and protect the right of all people on its very terri. this is the 3rd report within the last year, accusing israel of a party. after is ready rights group at selim and human rights watch reached similar conclusions. amnesty says the events here in shakes or are in 2021. a further evidence of the conclusions that it was making in its report and evidence of the need for such work to be done. it also says that one of the 1st things that as well can do to start on picking what it calls an a party system is to protect and restore palestinian homes such as these. amnesty also wants the findings from
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this report used in investigations currently being undertaken in the international criminal court. and at the united nations, harry faucet al jazeera, occupied east jerusalem press freedom advocate to urging mexico's government to do more to protect journalists after 4 media workers were killed in less than a month, videographer over to tornado, who was part of a federal program to protect and this was short, that initial can state photographer, margarita martinez and reporter loaders. maldonado lopez were killed separately, indiana after reporting on similar stories on an early january reporter was louis gamboa was killed in vera cruz, reporters without borders regularly ranks. mexico is one of the world's most dangerous places for media and all that kind of stuff. and yemen. tuesday is the last day for chileans to vote on line on 7 proposed articles for the country's new constitution. it's an old system in which ordinary citizens are the ones who
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proposed initiatives. the proposals cover a range of issues from animal rights and environment to universal health care. and they're showing human reports from santiago. the constitutional convention is obliged to consider the initiatives are writing a new magna carta. in the where robin christiane up julissa is an animal rights lawyer who has an obvious bond with his pets. but his love and concern for animals goes much further. he's presented a citizens initiative to delegates for drafting chiles, new constitution. it's called they aren't furniture and government member of our gordon window all over the world. animals are legally classified as movable property like furniture over which a person can have ownership. but we understand that animals are much more. there are beings with emotions that feel pain and pleasure at your last i believe's constitutional recognition, but would help promote laws from better protection of animals. chili's
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constitutional convention is committed to promoting citizens participation. and one way is to allow people to present initiatives online delegates would be obliged to consider and debate them if they obtain at least $15000.00 signatures. this is a time consuming exercise to say the least. there's everything from the constitutional right to acupuncture, the right to highways, well paying tolls and to bar people found guilty of corruption from holding public office. but only about 50 out of the $2500.00 proposals appear to have obtained enough signatures. the ones who made the cut include the right to abortion, to private property parents deciding over their children's education, an independent central bank, the defense of the environment, free and quality health care in education, and the animal rights measure. they've got nearly 20000 votes for his part architect, sebastian grade, got support for an initiative to guarantee decent housing for all. that means that
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it's and it's interesting that the proposals represent a kind of x ray of what chileans want. and obviously those proposals that are sufficiently serious and supported will not only be debated but possibly incorporated into the new constitution. the president of the convention causes unprecedented level murder. this is the 1st constitutional process of its kind and surely for us it's clearly something very new. because unlike in some other countries, jillions have never had the right to present legislative initiative. delegates have until july 4th to present the draft of the new constitution on which the hopes of millions of julians for a more inclusive society are writing to see and human al jazeera santiago. world health organization is warning that an increase in medical waste is posing a threat to people and the environment. tens of thousands of extra tons of hazardous waste have been generated during the cold non teen pandemic, including billions of syringes. much of it is not being disposed of correctly,
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w h o recommends efforts to improve disposal and switch to re usable products where possible. danish government has become the 1st in you country to lift all current vice restrictions as to spot recording between 40050000 de code 900 infections. over the past fortnight is rely on its high vaccination rate to ward off the onyx on buried navy and country is abolishing restrictions. but the hospitality sector as well as massed mandates and the need for vaccination also. and derrick is once again dampening lunar new year's celebrations in china. the year of the tiger holiday has just begun, but the government is warning. the highly contagious on the con variant is increased the risk of infection as hundreds of millions of people travel for the holiday. katrina, you reports from bay televised musical performances, bright red decorations, and big meals to put relatives. these are common lunar new year. traditions in
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china, but this year, cheating is missing out on her annual family gathering in the northeast. yes. is it the hotel restaurant manager has enforced to stay put in the gym where she works because of corona virus restrictions shows. yeah. she, i assume if i got an sally and i feel sad that i can't go home this year and meet my family. but i need to follow the government's instructions because we're in a pandemic. okay. but i don't want to cause trouble for my country. my employer, all my family chinese authorities are battling to contain an outbreak of the on the con and delta variance of the virus, which is spread to 20 provinces and 50 cities, including the capital to control infections, many of the millions of migrant workers who usually return home for the holiday has been warned against travel restrictions very per region. testing is compulsory. in some areas, a period of quarantine or isolation is required. this video of a communist party official warning,
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anyone who didn't comply with rules would be detained, went viral last week. the controls have sparked complaints on social media with many uses saying migrant workers deserve to be for united with the family at least once a year. analysts say they're especially impacted by quivered regulations. a lot of workers. oh, actually they have missed the chance to earn a, re your life with their families for already 2 years now. and a lot of them treno league tonight with the test or using the phones. and if not, i meet up with other parents and they can rely on that for, for quite a long time. authorities are under pressure to keep infections to 0. ahead of the winter olympics, which opens on friday and baiting decorations are up, but celebrations are muted. and large gatherings that before the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people would flock here. did these hancock to celebrate
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the loony? yes. there would be dragon does as market souls and to live music with for the 3rd year in a row, the iconic festival has been cancelled. teaching will work over the holidays and plans to celebrate quietly with colleagues. but despite her disappointment at not going home, she says it's better than spending the festival under quarantine. katrina you out a 0 meeting. or as we heard of the beijing winter olympics, begin in just 3 days time. an organizer say covert cases among athletes and personnel are within the expected controllable range. $24.00 infections have been reported in the last day, including 16 in athletes at the olympics. organizing committee has reported 200 cases in just over a week. some athletes have been ruled out of the games for others who are asymptomatic, isolating ahead of their offense. athletes and personnel are being kept in a closed loop bubble separating them from the public. india,
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millions of hindu devotees of god, to bathe in what's considered to be the holiest of rivers. 4000000 people converged on the ganges river, utter pradesh as part of a ritual to cleanse them. ups cells of sin and the annual event has gone ahead. despite india continued to register, more than a 150000 cases a day. district officials say all pilgrims have to show of vaccine certificate or negative coven, 19 test. but critics say it's unlikely the checks have been implemented properly. ah. the top stories on our 0, you k prime minister has pledged war support for the ukranian armed forces as fears grow that russia could be planning an invasion or as johnson and president vladimir zalinski held talks in the capital on tuesday. the u. k is offered tens of millions
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of dollars in aid to assist ukraine. johnson says russia is holding a gun to ukraine's head in an effort to change the architecture of european security.


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