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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] aah! al jazeera with blue guinea be south president says he survived, and i attempted to cool that slept many security forces dead. aah! play watching al jazeera, alive from our headquarters in doha. i'm fully vacaville, also coming up. it is vital that russia steps back, the u. k. prime minister warns a russian attack on ukraine would be a military disaster,
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as the fury of diplomatic activity continues to deescalate tensions while russia's president accuses the us and his allies of ignoring his country security demands, including keeping ukraine out of nato. and denmark's becomes a 1st e country to lift its covered 19 restrictions. the government says virus is no longer a critical disease. ah, thank you very much for joining as skinny besides, president has survived a co tenant and says the situation is under control present. tomorrow's historical imbalance says the tank was aimed at killing him, the prime minister and cabinet members in a social media post them. barlow shared photos of himself sitting with members of the military. the president says, some of those involved have been arrested ah,
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all the images come hours after sustained fire around the presidential palace in the capital b south present in battle says security forces were able to stop what he described as an attack against democracy. but that members of the security forces had died. he said the failed could, could be linked to the drug trade. they've been mine qu or attempted coup since the former colony gained independence from portugal in 1974. the u. n. sic secretary general. meanwhile, antonio terrace has called for full respect of guinea, besides democratic institutions. we don't know yet, sir, the details of what's happening. her, it is for us, clear doctor cools, are totally unacceptable. you're seeing a terrible multiplication of goods. and our stronger view is for soldiers to go back to the barracks and for the constitutional order to be fully in place in the
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democratic context of today is going to be. so let's make too many oshea below our battle. this she is the president and ceo of the africa international media group and is joining us from ya and a camera. and thank you so much for being with us. i miss be lower. i'm another coup. attempt in guinea be sow, present in valo has appeared on social media as you heard and saw. they're saying the situation is calm. but is it, i mean, what's behind all this and how firmly in control is he in your opinion? when we can not know on that opportunity until maybe tomorrow. so because we had a situation like that, a similar situation in our hutsel where after the 1st hour of her, the bu a b, the incumbent president, he should have been. and he gave saying that everything was under control, right at weeks a read it not to weeks. so ah,
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the difference is here that we so the president on tv, he could speak directly to the people. so i, he probably have some sort of control and especially i think one of the differences between the situation with him and we'll can a fast of concent or even mighty roku in miley. ah, he that, he's a former, he's a former general. so he, he has a, obviously, a cabinets, a strong dies within the armed forces, right, and dead, unlike here. oh, man cavalry was a civilian and it who was an assault all for not trusting the army be close to the when to my to linked to the form of president of con bobby. so right. let's yes, boss for a 2nd please. because of the, you know, where we are, of course, discussing the situation in, in guinea, beside but also in the region. as you mentioned, there was a cool, recently volcano fi. so there was a call in molly in guinea as well,
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but coming back to guinea be sow. this is a former portuguese colony, so there's also a difference there. what is behind the unrest in guinea the south? oh, so many things. you know, i live stock, leave her the girl situation a couple of days ago. there was a, there a government to. he wanted a change in the glove men and, and her the bad because i would say coming as a result of a longstanding feud with the bronman step. so resident and barrels, who was not a run and involved dams with his own foreign minister and the government will that he will sort of ad wall raise on government. okay. sorry. so sorry to interrupt you my hello j. because i do want to get to, to the other issues. you talked about earlier, guinea be sow,
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burkina faso. molly guinea. ah, to some extent chad. some would say, why are all these schools happening in the region right now? is there a copycat effect going on here? you think very probably, i think the i backing that emboldened by the popular support uploaded, the different course, all of them where, where, when it comes by agreeing send and challenging by the population. and they also see like actually the what, but one of the international community, as mentioned in the eco us and which has been strong organization actor me. and i'm sure result, but is really not a room to, to prevent who's by the big can act out of your walls. but this you, that they can make calls and that they can at back on popular supports in order for these calls to be succeeding. whether in volcano fossil most recently, or,
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or even guinea, somebody has have been supporting this from the outside. wouldn't you agree? no, i think in, not, not, not outside support has been what i'm talking about, you know, in the geo politics. i play here, we talked about the former french colonies of course, and then there's been report of russian involvement in volcano fossil with a wide wagner group. oh, you mean in miley yang miley, right? and we're in a fossil, some flavor probably. but in miley, you know, the russian people we've back met him. aston who asked her, a sneak boy dad, her old school and the resident gotten by him about that good to read, came afterwards and they were rumors that the might be signing contract. grandbaby was many months to liter. i don't for sure the,
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there were all will be to protect them because i mean, it way you see her outsides. your vote read maybe is france and rinse awarding the sanctions against molly. and dan of was a france, at least, has really having a long few dander than disagreement. and miley, now it was things bratton, i'm glad with the school when it comes to the home. that would you say and they are really so far be, are really is carried out by the army or, and they, they don't really needs outside support. no. okay, thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your inside massage. below joining us there from the own dane camry with in avenues, british prime minister voice johnson, is pledging more support for ukraine's army as he has grown over
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a possible russian invasion. johnson whose match ukrainian president vladimir lynn skin care says moscow is holding a gun to ukraine's head in an effort to change the architecture of european security or data. hamid's report some key f o it's not every day. a prime minister feels relieved to step into a crisis that has the potential of developing into war. but that may well be the way bar is johnson fields arriving here in cave, away from the party gate scandal hoping to deflect attention at home. here the prime minister is facing what he called a grim reality. but he is a welcome friend coming with you funding some 118000000 dollars to fight corruption alongside other countries. we are also preparing
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a package of sanctions and other measures to be enacted the moment the 1st russian po, cat crosses further into ukrainian turk. d u. k. has so far trade more than $22000.00 ukranian soldiers and donated more than $2500000.00 in defense. 8th, these are days of frantic diplomacy. it feels like give, has become the center of europe. there's not one day that goes by without a high level visit. money and weaponry are also pouring in. but there's one crucial point that is still lacking. and that is a united front among nato members. this is what you this image could only worry. ukraine hungry is prime minister victor o'brien at the kremlin meeting, russian president vladimir putin. the visit was about signing an energy deal, but do ukraine crisis took center stage dare to?
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or ben has ruled out any nato deployment to his country when you were around the same time in give president zelinski was meeting with the polish prime minister. gas was also on the agenda here, finding ways for ukraine to rely less on russia when it comes to energy supplies. the ukranian president would have also urge his visitors to tune down the rhetoric . feeling that the already fragile economy could go in a tailspin his message to ukrainians. this is not the time to panic yet, and the country is well prepared. the government has issued a map with more than $5000.00 shelters around kiev. the main ones being the soviet bill subway stations. for now, life goes on as usual, against your wife is the woman i feel people are worried in words, but not in action. if you're talking about people leaving the city or stalking up on food, or looking for bomb shelters, i don't think that's happening. i don't know any one who's thinking like that. them
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we received a big what she like world leaders also doesn't know is how all this will end up. this is not only about the sovereignty of ukraine, or it's right to one day become part of nato. it's also about drawing new lines, east and west, competing over the new security architecture of europe. ukrainians hope they won't be left out in the cold weather. the hamid elder 0 give. meanwhile, russian president vladimir protein has said he holds talks on ukraine, will avoid what he's labeled negative scenarios, including war. he went on to say the us and finalize have ignored the kremlin main concerns, including nato expansion and binding ukraine from joining the military lives proofing it early, but i'm just putting, putting that means that we are analyzing the response from the u. s. and i have already said that our concerns have not been addressed. we have not seen any guarantees that nato will move, its presence in our country also has
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a right to choose its own security. we cannot allow one country to increase the security at the expense of another country. below we denmark has become the 1st c u country to lift all corona virus restrictions. spider surgeon covered 90 infections over the past 2 weeks. it's relying on the high vaccination rate to ward off the only con very and vaccination passes and masks are no longer required to enter restaurants shops or use public transport. jeffrey la virus is the head of the health systems research group at the burse, luna institute for level health. he says easing all restrictions that want doesn't make sense. i think its a bad move to list all restrictions. i understand the population is tired and many are thrilled that all restrictions are being removed, but it gives a false sense of security. i think that could have been
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a more gradual reduction in, in lifting. i think denmark, in that sense to setting a bad president, it's basically politics over public health. they could have kept face masks on, at least in public transportation. and i don't think many people would be complaining about that. i do think it's a lot about the politics and being, being able to say, you know, we were the 1st to do this. we were and we were the government in power, but i think it's sending the wrong message to the population. so cases are higher than ever, and hospitalizations are actually going up. the numbers in the intensive care unit says is not going up, so that's a good sign. but i mean, you're hospitalizations are going up, which is quite worrisome when you look at the unvaccinated, though, that's the population that, that's ending up largely in, in hospital. so i think it's one about trying to get people to get vaccinated, but it's also, they're not everyone is, is boosted and even people who are vaccinated can get infected and some of them can go on to have serious consequences. so i do believe that there were gradual
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reduction of restrictions would make good sense in denmark, but to lift it all in one go doesn't really make good public health sense the beijing winter olympics, again in just 3 days, an organizer, se covered cases among athletes and personnel are within the expected controllable range. 24 infections have been reported in the last day during 16 athletes. the olympics organizing committee has reported 200 cases in just over a week. some athletes have been rolled out of the games while others who are asymptomatic or isolating a head of very fence. awfully st. personnel are being kept away from the public. still ahead on al jazeera amnesty international. paul's full accountability after labeling israel and apartheid state. and we look at some of the proposals of chinese assembly that is current that he's considering as it rewrite the constitution.
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ah hey there, here's her headlines for the americas. after days of rain, there's been flooding and central and southern ecuador. thousands of people displaced from their home state of emergency declared the water powerful enough to carve out this road. that's not too far away from the capital kito and still more rain in the forecast on wednesday. more than a dozen people have died in flooding in south paulo and look at this, it's still coming out you through wednesday. and it's shifted further to the north than the east into rio de janeiro as wall warm and cold air fighting it out across north america. there's that cooler rate, they're meeting up with the warm air, so that's going to spark some storms and it swath of heavy snow. so let's break it down region by region. pretty much from kentucky rate to louisiana. the risk of seeing some storms here and around the great lakes. here's the swath of snow, and this is going to be a multi day event. so toronto over today's could pick up to about 20 centimeters
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was found. we go some snow speaks back into vancouver as while thinking about 5 centimeters for you and quiet for the west coast of the us. but low temperature is here. thanks in part to northwind and a cool pool of air over las vegas. 10 degrees will be the high for you on wednesday . was funny. skies ok, now i'm out of time. that's it for me. see a soon the in a series of original documentaries are just the correspondence. explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers. gabby entities on the cover, the tragic story of to reinforce activities really kill quite the devastation brought about by loggers and ranches. returning to the amazon, gabrielle, learn how to campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those taught to profit from the 4th destruction of the corresponding
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lou. ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera live from doha reminder of our top stories . guinea dee's house, frozen inter, survived a coup attempt and says the situation is under control, prison, democracy. so coin bono says the attack was aimed at killing him. the prime minister in cabinet members earlier, there was gunfire around government buildings in the capital. the south british prime minister boys johnson, is pledging more support for ukraine's army. his met with ukraine's president in. keir johnson says moscow is trying to change the architecture of europe. security.
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meanwhile rushes president vladimir putin says he hopes socks on ukraine will avoid what is labeled negative scenarios, including war. 14 says a u. s. and his allies have ignored the kremlin main concerns, including keeping ukraine from joining nato. i, one year after the co in myanmar people have demonstrated against military rule by staying at home and clapping activists have told protesters not to risk violence by gathering in public. the silent strikes, left streets deserted around the country despite the gent disorders for shops to stay open. there were some small demonstrations in one man, reportedly set himself on fire. on monday, the june to extended a state of emergency for another 6 months. the military, meanwhile, has released this video. it says of its supporters rallying in the capital for gin to gatherings were also held in other cities. 2 people were killed reportedly and about 30 others injured in an explosion at 1 march in
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a town on the eastern border. that ins are, should lay ye, is a pro democracy activists in myanmar. she explains how her life has changed since the cold. we went and heidi and we have been away from our family last one and even we, we need to, we need to leave the c go. we live in at the same time and many friends being killed or be arrested, being torch her. and also looking at other people in the family a lot went and made the cove it and so things have been extremely difficult for people, especially where people and situations and as well as a young generations. we felt quite and starting with our future. there is no hope and there is no check for us. so now we in the difficult provision for our self for our future with oh hence, and nobody to reliant well but to just on i'm
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a self peaceful i resistance. it's only the key idea of the whole revolution, for example. so that is so movement would remain as the facts on the whole revolution if keep going and getting stronger. let also now join by disorder who are, who are now detecting the know if the and the police out schools or even in the, in the better. so they're gorgeous and now the pat date so that we didn't move meant that he was the then also the drives and the, and the talk about happened the almost every day. also you, every year we have more and more protect let joined by more people, sometimes around 3 and a people can be over talking about politics so peaceful. it's steve big. it's new and bit ideology inside the country. amnesty international has become the latest human wide school to brand israel and apartheid
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fate saying it treats palestinians as an inferior racial group. israel has now found this is report as false bias and anti semitic harry faucet re for some occupied eastern amnesty international says israel has built up an array of policies, laws, military coercion, and economic and social discrimination that amounts to oppression and domination of the palestinians in the areas it controls in short, it says a system of apartheid. we are here today to call on the international community to take resolute action against the crime of humanity being perpetrated in order to maintain the system of outside report highlights. last year's tensions with threatened displacements had palestinians from their homes in the shape jerome neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem. and the military and camino violence that followed. it sets out a catalogue of instances and techniques whereby palestinians have been displaced
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from land in israel. and in the occupied territories, a settler has confiscated thousands of factors, while palestinian shepherds can't grades their sheep. we want protection for our herders from the settlers, but it goes much further back in israel's history, analyzing basic laws and long term policies. it says designed to guarantee a jewish majority, and jewish control of israel's government says that is an attempt to paint israel itself as an inherently racist endeavor. in other words, it's an example of anti semitism. instead of seeking the truth and this the echoes, the same lies chose by terrorist organizations. 5 minutes of serious examination would be enough to know that the so called facts in the report published by amnesty this week, delusional and disconnected. from reality, amnesty calls that a diverse will not questioning the fact that there is an intent or
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a desire to create a jewish state. what we are saying that a jewish state must respect and protect the rights of all people on the territory. this is the 3rd report within the last year, accusing israel of a party. after is ready, right? group at selim and human rights watch reached similar conclusions. honestly says the events here in shakes, euro in 2021. a further evidence of the conclusions that it was making in its report and evidence of the need for such work to be done. it also says that one of the 1st things that israel can do to start on picking what it calls an a party system is to protect and restore palestinian homes such as these. amnesty also wants the findings from this report used in investigations currently being undertaken in the international criminal court and the united nations. eric was at al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. johnson and johnson, and 3 of the largest dr. distributors in the us have agreed to pay $590000000.00 to
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native american tribes to settle claims. they fueled the appeared epidemic. indigenous american communities has suffered high addiction and death rates from use of the painkillers. under the terms of the settlement, the drug companies will not have to admit to any wrong doing. it follows a $75000000.00 pay out to the chip. to these cherokee nation last year. fiver has asked us drug regulators for permission to offer its over 1900 vaccine to children as young as 6 months old tries for the age group began in may last year. the dr to vaccinate children has been referred by the only con variance if approve fascination for saw by the end of the month. or lou spoke to dr. garage punk, tanya, who's a senior clinical director at the university of except a medical school. he explains why there is a push to vaccinate young people. now that we have got ample vaccine supplies,
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it is perfectly feasible to immunize across all the age groups. before we had ample vaccine supplies, it was imperative that we immunized the wonderful people, the people, the clinical doctors and nurses, and health care workers, and other essential workers. but now that there is enough global supply, it is perfectly okay to give vaccines to the younger age group, as well as immunize in other parts of the world. richer nations must really improve their games because of they've already gone on to their 3rd vaccines. and in some places for vaccines, and they will not get better and they will not be any more protected unless they also protect the rest of the world and suppress infection in other parts of the world like africa. otherwise, wherein self concern will keep one arising. i used to talk to my patients, i used to explain to them are the issues, address all their concerns and fears. sure to them that on balance the vaccine is
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safer and it protects them. and then my patients invariably made a voluntary decision to be immunized. so i think public health government health needs to up their game and educate inform, and i lay people's fears about the vaccines and take them with them. i caught, in no way has rejected the role request from mass killer and as breville judges rolled. he remains a threat to society in my state. prison rather kill 77 people in the bomb and gun attack in oslo. in july 2011, a 42 year old is serving no waste maximum sentence of 21 years. but that could be extended indefinitely if it's still considered dangerous. as you say is the last day for chile ends to vote on line on 7 proposed articles for the countries new constitution. it's a novel system in which ordinary citizens are the ones who propose initiatives. the proposals cover a range of issues from animal rights and environment to universal health care. a
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latin america editor lucio newman report. some santiago when? well robin christiane up yoletta is an animal rights lawyer who has an obvious bond with his pets. but his love and concerned for animals goes much further. he's presented as citizens initiative to delegates were drafting chiles, new constitution. it's called, they aren't furniture and government member of our goldman law is all over the world. animals are legally classified as movable property like furniture over which a person can have ownership of days ago. but we understand that animals are much more. there are beings with emotions that feel pain and pleasure. abdulla believes constitutional recognition, but would help promote laws from better protection of animals when a creditor, chili's constitutional convention is committed to promoting citizens participation . and one way is to allow people to present initiatives online delegates would be
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obliged to consider and debate them if they obtain at least $15000.00 signatures. this is a time consuming exercise to say the least. there's everything from the constitutional right to acupuncture, the right to highways without paying tolls and to bar people found guilty of corruption from holding public office. but only about 50 out of the $2500.00 proposals appear to have obtained enough signatures. the ones who made the cut include the right to abortion, to private property parents deciding over their children's education, an independent central bank, the defense of the environment, free and quality health care in education, and the animal rights measure that got nearly 20000 votes for his part architect, sebastian gray, got support for an initiative to guarantee decent housing for all the no more in for the zone. for very it's interesting that the proposals represent a kind of x ray of what chileans want. and obviously those proposals that are sufficiently serious and supported will not only be debated but possibly
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incorporated into the new constitution. the president of the convention cause it unprecedented until every murder. this is the 1st constitutional process of its kind and chilly for us. it's clearly something very new, because unlike in some other countries, chileans have never had the right to present legislative initiatives. delegates have until july, 4th, to present the draft of the new constitution on which the hopes of millions of chileans for a more inclusive society are writing. you see a newman al jazeera santiago ah fleur, again, i am fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera guinea, be se president has survived a coup attempt and says the situation is under control. present ameristock. when barlow says the attack was aimed at killing him. the prime minister and cabinet


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