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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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and supermarket chains, and ours is what's really on our play food in glorious food on out there. ah, me. russian president vladimir putin excuses the west of learning his country into war while european leaders visit ukraine to show support. ah, you're walking from headquarters in delphi and getting navigator also coming up. the president of guinea blames corruption and drug traffickers for tuesdays failed to 1st a volcanic eruption on toonami. now the close of 19 tongue goes into locked down
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after 2 aid workers test positive. and we report from the time me and mar border where it's decades long. conflict of getting new support. ah, hello russian president vladimir putin has accused the west of trying to lure him into war with ukraine. and his 1st public comments in nearly 6 weeks put and said he hopes the solution can be reached to de escalate the crisis. but he says the u. s. and its allies have ignored russia, concerns if a nato expansion eastwards, the west has accused the kremlin of plotting to invade ukraine with tens of thousands, a soldier as mass on its border. hey, stacy, do still craner. let's imagine that ukraine is a member of nato stuffed with wagner, with modern strike system that you have the same as in poland and romania who will stop it. and what if it starts operations in the crimea?
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the i'm not even talking about the don boss. this is sovereign russian territory. she would have all the u. k prime minister boris johnson, is pledging more support for ukraine's army. johnson who met ukraine's president in kev says moscow is holding a gun to ukraine's heads in an effort to change the architecture of european security. had abdul hamid reports from key f? i c o. it's not every day a prime minister feels relieved to step into a crisis that has the potential of developing into war. but that may well be the way baris johnson fields arriving here in cave, away from the party gates scandal hoping to deflect attention at home. here the prime minister is facing what he called a grim reality. but he's a welcome friend, coming with you funding some 118000000 dollars to fight corruption alongside all the countries. we are also preparing
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a package of sanctions and all the measures to be enacted. the moment the 1st russian po, cap crosses further into ukranian turret d. u. k. has so far trade more than $22000.00 ukranian soldiers and donated more than $2500000.00 in defense. 8th, these are days of frantic diplomacy. it feels like give, has become the center of europe. there's not one day that goes by without the high level visit money and weaponry out, also pouring in. but there's one crucial point that is still lacking. and that is a united front among nature. members. this image could only worry ukraine hungry, prime minister victor, or ben at the crumbling meeting, russian president vladimir putin. the visit was about signing an energy deal,
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but the ukraine crisis took center stage. there 2 or been has ruled out any need to deployment to his country. when you were around the same time in give president zelinski was meeting with the polish prime minister. gas was also on the agenda here, finding ways for ukraine to rely less on russia when it comes to energy supplies. the ukranian president would have also urge his visitors to tune down the rhetoric, feeling that the already fragile economy could go in a tailspin his message to ukrainians. this is not the time to panic yet, and the country is well prepared. the government has issued a map with more than 5000 shelters around kiev, the main ones being the soviet bill subway stations. for now, life goes on as usual, against your wife is the woman. i feel people are worried in words, but not in action. if you're talking about people leaving the city or stalking up
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on food or looking for bomb shelters, i don't think that's happening. i don't know anyone who's thinking like that. them we received a big what she like world leaders also doesn't know is how all this will end up. this is not only about the sovereignty of ukraine, or it's right to one, they become part of nato. it's also about drawing new lines, east and west, competing over the new security architecture of europe. ukrainians hope they won't be left out in the cold. hood, abdul hamid elder, 0. give. kenny purcell's president, her sir 5, then attempted crew after a 5 hour a soul on the presidential palace. oh mercy. so call and bala says his security forces stopped an attack against democracy, but many of them died. alexi o'brian reports, gun fire and guinea, the sounds capital. the president says armed men attacked the presidential palace
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while he was inside. this i was in the middle of the council of ministers with all the members, including the prime minister. and we were attacks with very heavy weaponry for 5 hours, but now everything is under control. when i was elected president, i promised to fight 2 things, corruption and drug trafficking. and this is also linked to that it guinea was how's become known as a transit point for cocaine, between latin america and europe. it's also no stranger to political upheaval if the 9 koos or attempted, cuz since it gained independence from portugal in 1970 full gimme be so has been a fragile state for quebec. it's because of narcotics, chapter 13, and a man that you which it, if we treat just did institutions and the mind them meant military to please tell it is one of our parties. it's not immediately clear who's behind the failed qu.
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some witnesses described the gunman as members of the military, others as civilians. and barlow suggested, many members of the security forces had died. the west african regional block a co ass, and the un secretary general condemned. what happened. we are seeing a terrible multiplication of goes the and always stronger bill is for soldiers to go back to the barracks. the president had cooled his cabinet together ahead of an echo us meeting on thursday to discuss a string of successful military takeovers in the region over the past 18 months. some via the violence imbecile is part of a wave of copy can't coups. one of the differences between the situation with him and book in a fossil functions or even madam, the miley is that he's a former, he's a former and so he, he has obviously kept it strong guys. we'd been the armed forces.
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ah, some golden barlow's rise to power following the 2020 election, a qu after he claimed victory despite opposition, allegations of fraud. this being reports of tension within his government. and in recent days he re shuttle his cabinet. mallos described the latest violence as an attack on democracy, and say, some of those involved have been arrested. alexia brian al jazeera, their south pacific nation of toner, is going back into lockdown after detecting 2 covered 19 infections in the capitol . humanitarian aid has been arriving through the port after last month's underwater volcanic eruption and soon ami. tonka had not reported any cases before. the natural disaster. let sebring andrew havea, he's the vice president at the tong, a red cross. he's joining us from tongue as capital. welcome to al jazeera,
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so this a potential outbreak really couldn't come at a worse time for the island still struggling to recover. of course, after these 2 nami and mechanic corruption, 1st of all, just tell us what you know about the cases and, and how they were detected issue definitely will wait, correct. and she should weary. if you qualify for a psychological it talks to you and we'll take more rupture which will wish to your own the so new ways and then the cogs with what they know we, we had 2 cases of people were working a wharf, unloading stuck from the she judging they were calling to
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stacy and where they were, i found 2 websites to then the government is working. busy very quickly to try to big shoe. i think this is from teaching, but i cheated with no. when i officially announce that we moved to ship our travel cases. so we hope that our case is still increase for the govern host. lately, the next 48 hours, they will be able to make sure that they took all the people that were associated, contacted by v some basic right? so. so how lockdown, how will this lock down that's now been announced by the government effect as their recovery operation? in tonga, that is still very much underway and very much needed definitely
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very much, but the government is allow you to change your services. but we're continuing those who are working want a response and you will have to be fully, vic. she needed it to be different or make sure that they slow as more spreading all the correct. okay. and through how do we thank you so much for speaking to us from tongue as capital with an update. walton, now the us will deploy a warship and several jacks through the united arab emirates to support its following massage attacks. humans who the group, the iran bacteria, many group increased. it strikes against the u. a. e. recently on monday, the goals nation intercepted and miss all the 3rd such offensive in 2 weeks. the u . e is part of a saudi led mission against the whole things in yemen. scala has on al jazeera ah top female long distance runners. and kenny are speaking out about winning big in
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the sport, only to lose it all to abusive husband. birds of a feather flock together. more on why the number of the sun waterfowl migrating to northern india has dwindled. ah. hello, great to see you. thank you for joining in it's unsettled for the southeast of europe here. let me show you. we got this weather maker in the g and c. it's just with the rain around all sides through greece, western turkey, southern turkey, pretty steady stream through on poly us. and this, what weather is also going to play is stumble with a high of 11 degrees. now we go off to central areas of europe. this snow is really piling up through the alpine region on wednesday and now to the northwest were had some fierce winds. they are finally starting to die down for the low countries
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answer down got a high 11 degrees, so a warm surge of air here to be sure for iberia temperatures are coming up in southern spain. that includes for seville, with a high $21.00 degrees ever that weather maker we were talking about for the southeast of europe. it's also dropping down white and windy conditions across the top end of africa. so we'll go for a closer look here. this is mostly impacting tunis right through to been ghazi with whites weather and also windy conditions as while flooding, very likely across central and eastern areas of namibia into the northern cape, the western cape and the eastern cape. some pretty severe storms. and by the weekend it looks like we're going to have a tropical storm farm into the east coast of madagascar and generate some severe flooding. and so for me to send the frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call the strategy if the rest
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the world to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on each enough, right in front of the critical debate. wide report claims that need to come to st. she'll threat to russia, but it's precisely, he's actually that created the insecurity in the region in depth analysis of the global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah ah, hello again. the stories on al jazeera, the solid, russia president of the cues, the west of trying to lower him into war with ukraine flooding reputed as he wants to resolve the crisis from since foreign minister says there is no indication
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russia is ready to take action, get a president tomorrow and bala says he survived and attempted to after gunman attacked the government polish on tuesday. the president says the situation is now under control. tang i'm returning to lockdown after detecting to new cases. zip code. 19 humanitarian aid has been flowing into the south pacific nation after last month's volcanic eruption nouns tonight of denmark. because the company, 1st you country to list nearly all current of iris restrictions, that's despite a search and infections. in the past 2 weeks. it's relying on the high vaccination rate to ward off the on the chrome variance vaccination passes, unmasks are no longer required to enter restaurant shops or use public transport. it's jig aldrich role occurs. we have one big light in front of the intern from people getting in. if you got ready to heat in the person and now we just florida river road from everybody. i think it's a,
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it's rather risky. not it's not about people getting sick about is more people not being able to, to go to their workplaces. and i, i work myself in a place where there's a lot of people we have to take special care of. and i know already by now this lot of, of our employees who's sick with act the restrictions being lifted. and it's going to be even worse now. right wing political groups have become increasingly involved in protests against vaccine mandates, around the world, with some threatening violence against government leaders. the latest rally took place in the australian capital camera. when, hey, reports, ah, this protest took place in australia's capital cambridge outside the national press club. the message was that journalists are somehow involved in
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a conspiracy to spread misinformation about coven 19 vaccines and government mandates. this is not just about the vac saying that's their defense, but the way that they're actually trying to silence off and t vaccination movement to nothing new. but they were traditionally regarded as fringe organizations with concerns about the safety of vaccines. coven 19 has changed that. and muddied the message. there are now a wide range of rally and cries that protests like wanting to win countries back from so called did tutorial governments. there are a conspiracy theories and messages of hate violence and even anarchy far right groups. and they political allies are seeing an opportunity to spread them as yes and are increasingly showing up to and in some cases, organizing rallies. ha, ha, ha ha. they want to vaccinate us by force. now they even want to vaccinate our children, who do not need such experimental vaccines. in canada,
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thousands led by truck drivers gathered in ottawa to protest vaccine mandates. some of the organizes a well known far right activists, including one who says the vaccine was created to de, populate the white race. and another who spreads is lam, a phobia, prime minister just and trudeau, who on monday announced he had tested positive the coven 19, says, protest is a being misled to the politicians. exploiting people's fears. i ask you to think long and hard about the consequences of your actions. most brutus around the world have been peaceful, attended by people who have genuine concerns about vaccines. but their message is increasingly being lost in a misinformation campaign being waged by others who have ulterior motives. wayne, hey, al jazeera or pfizer has asked us drug regulators for permission to offer its curve 19 vaccine to children as young as 6 months old. trials for the age group began in
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may last year. the dr to vaccinate children has been spurred by the army chron variance if approved, vaccinations could start by the end of the month. well, johnson and johnson and 3 of the largest drug just to readers in the u. s. have agreed to pay $590000000.00 to native american tribes to settle claims that they fuel the opioid epidemic. indigenous american communities have suffered high addiction and death rates from the use of painkillers. under the terms of the settlement, the drug companies will not have to admit any wrongdoing. it follows a $75000000.00 pay out to the cherokee nation last year. in the years since me and mars too many opposed to mil to rule have joined the ranks of a thanks. armed groups fighting the government, chaos date and the east has seen some of the heaviest fighting. as a decades old conflict escalates its force, an estimated 170000 people from their homes. tony chang has more
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rebel fighters launch a rocket propelled grenade at me ama army positions in reply, a thick burst of automatic gunfire. forces them beth, there just outside the provincial capital, lloyd go where fighting has been fierce throughout january, but their enemy is much better. quit. the fight is from the currently national defense force, the k and the f. a new militia combed after the military. coups nearly a year ago. but what had started as a gorilla campaign is now becoming a full blown conventional wall. i was in for like 12 months ago. philip, a well educated man in his thirties worked in communications were so now he's a k and dear fighter friend. he entered thailand illegally recently and wants to keep his identity hidden too much. but he'll return to me and my soon to continue
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the fight against a vicious a bursary dog burst behalf. no, you know rules due to everything that's moved, you know the kids to civilians. the 2 women and children, sticker in awesome, perverse graders furiously don't fight all like you know how to say a normal a standard army were. do you know, accompanied by ty border authorities. we've crossed into mamma, thailand's came to stay out of this fight, but it monitors the situation closely. this is the last care any position before the time border, which is just up the hill. for the tie authorities asked the currently to move out month ago, because there are 250 mamma soldiers based in these hills behind me. and they didn't one fighting to break out right on the board. while we're there, a group of correct fighters arrived to reoccupied the base, the fight as
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a friendly to the ties. but the relationship is clearly awkward and a little strained. nadine met there was heavy fighting so we couldn't stay calm and we moved to another base until the fighting went quiet. and now we're able to return. for now the rolling hills of east mamma are quiet, but this is just 180 kilometers from you must capital and the current leadership know the fighting will resume. now to near the chimney narrow, we think it's because company stays is very close to napier door. so this poses a security threat to them. the real cost of the fighting is being built by hundreds of thousands of civilians forced from their homes. the thai government has turned thousands away from its border, yet many remained close to scared to go home. and rebel fighters say military forces assessing 5 properties as they advance, leaving nothing behind but scorched toni chang out to 0 on the time me on my board . and if you're pin airlines, his loan passengers on
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a boeing 737 max for the 1st time since a crash nearly 3 years ago, grounded the aircraft worldwide. 157 people were killed when a flight to ny ruby went down, your addis ababa in 2019. it followed another crash. the boeing 737 max, 5 months earlier in indonesia that killed a 189 people. the crashes expose the system problem in the aircraft, costing boeing billions of dollars and leading to lawsuits. if you're an airline says it made the decision after a rigorous process of re certification by regulators. well, becoming a world costs runner in western kenya is one of a few ways young women can lift themselves out of poverty. but many of the country's top female athlete say after winning big, they lost everything to predatory husbands who steal their hard earned wealth. malcolm lab reports tissues, me grief basi barrier,
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then tens of thousands of dollars from winning $3000.00 me to steeplechase events will over the world over her 15 year running career. but she says she gave the money to her husband to invest in properties. she said he became violent, then left her and took everything for him. had it motives only he was after my and my switch. so it breaks my heart because when i see the attrition armina at the moment, i sometimes like her. when to say, we says she's not alone. she lives in the town of a 10 in kenya, where many of the worlds fastest, long distance run has come from. she has many of the female athletes here, lose their winnings to abusive, ponders. few ever spoke out about it until world record breaking professional athlete. agnes to rope was stamped to death her home 3 months ago. please charged
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her husband with murder. it prompted outcry against domestic abuse in kenya and beyond. john jay leno, who's one half madison's over the world. so she left an abusive husband after he took most of her winnings. she's been speaking out, says thousands of other abused female athletes have since contacted her. she set up a charity to help them, like agnes stood up. she could not tell anyone, have problems. so most of them are suffering in silence. so many objectives to try to educate the and for them just to know their rights, what's what they are capable of doing. many of the runners begin when they're teenagers and can be vulnerable in the country business, a professional sport. most people here are wealthy, many live in shacks, small scale farming on the only ways that people can make a living. and a lot of the athletes say when they start out running,
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i can't even afford their own trainers and the winning the prizes from international running competitions is one of the only ways to make a decent living on the edge of a 10 is a growing suburb. of the homes of the few athletes here that make it, the winnings can be big. that for jo ann's has attract predict 3 men to winning women. caroline and gerace went around $10000.00 running long distance races in china just before the global pandemic. he says her ex pon violently took all the money she ever won until she ran away. we met with 2 of our friends who told similar stories, hunger one like to come over. he sees all were appealing for an office to represent us. similar, we could go to report this. there are even prominent athletes among us who are not able to be and have know where to go. caroline and her friends hope to win more prizes so they can replace what they say. they lost to
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a piece of partners. they say many of those around them keep suffering in silence. malcolm web al jazeera, it's in kenya. oil from a damage pipeline in the ecuadorian, amazon has reached the river that supplies clean water to indigenous communities. parts of nature reserve, the tone to endangered wildlife has been contaminated. the environment to industry says the privately owned pipeline burst when it was hit by a rock. the government is calling it a major pollution event. on northern india has been a major pit stop for many birds migrating from central asia and parts of europe during the harsh northern winter. but vanishing wetlands and degrading habitats have led to fewer birds making. got journey have never taught reports from new delhi. on this cold, foggy morning, a gaggle of gree like geese is perched on an islet. they're mostly found in northern europe. but this time of year leave that icy climate and flock to northern
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india habitate, the ecology of the party, lord lendy parents aren't they will kick ecosystems, how much functioning properly functioning, non functioning, are kind of degrading that also because the water boots are also the natural environmental indicator of the hilt of disorder. woodland. every winter, hundreds of species migrate from the arctic to south asia, along the route called the central asia fly. re. india has the largest diversity of water fowls in the region. but over the years, the habitats have degraded and numbers have dwindled. this stretch of the yamuna river in new jelly is one of the most polluted in the world. it's also, i see goes from siberia spend the winter. i'll miley is an avid bird watcher and participate in the bud census every year. what i have john, here it is. we are in the old community right now in the recent years is because of the lot. none of the maintenance of the places were to little are in a bad shape because are they were not all taken care of. the police side global
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warming has suffered broad migration patterns with many to remove or think what those who have made the long journey to their winter homes. either through the thing, i like the feel of become motiv. india's home to more than 200000 wetlands. but human activity like dumping waste construction and agriculture had damaged or destroyed large parts of them. it's also why major cities have been increasingly mandated during the monsoon season. so flag, modernism, i'll definitely say it is that it may the me that all employ motivate them apart from the, the meeting is on a climate in effect. and at the same day, because not only they go, systems are within our a white lords thought, livelihood, opportunity. to look a liberal bud watches hope the annual census will lead to better conservation policies. they hope for more government funding and better protections. their
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efforts are slowly bearing fruit avenue. middle al jazeera, new delhi, a bolt of lightning spanning 3. u. s. states has been confirmed is the longest ever recorded the so called mega flash stretched for a 768 kilometers across texas, louisiana, and mississippi in april 2020. and it beats a previous record that was said in brazil in 2018. ah. hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the sour russians president, has accused the west of trying to lure him into a war with ukraine. vladimir putin says he wants to resolve the crisis, but demands at the west address rushes concerns of a nato expansion eastwards. the stay should do still grain. let's imagine that ukraine is a member of nato stuffed with wagner with modern strike system yet the same as in poland and romania who will stop.


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