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tv   People Power Food... Inglorious Food P1  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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that see now, to protect the weddell sea, while they still can be all this newfound knowledge will be studied and compiled. once the expedition wraps up. research is hope it can be used to protect these unique waters and the wildlife which lives in them. victoria gay to be al jazeera. ah and now the top stories all al jazeera, the military stand off over ukraine, is escalating with the u. s. deploying 3000 more american troops to europe in response to the build up of russian troops on ukraine's border. 2000 you with soldiers will had to poland and germany, and 1000 will be re positioned to romania. the pentagon says the move sands, a strong signal to russia, which continues to deny that it's planning an invasion rush as denounced to move as destructive, more than a $100000.00 russian troops or station near ukraine's board. we do not know if
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russia has made a final decision to further evade ukraine, but it clearly has that capability. the department of defense will continue to support diplomatic efforts, led by the white house and the state department to press for resolution. we do not believe conflict is inevitable. united states in lockstep with our allies in partners has offered russia a path to deescalate. but we will take all prudent measures to assure our own security and that of our allies. the u. e. defense ministry says it's intercepted, 3 hostile drones that entered the country's aerospace, early on wednesday. official say the drones were destroyed over unpopulated areas, but a group called the al, we at why the al huck has claimed responsibility for what it describes as an attack on vital facilities. a militia group on good guns and machetes has packed the camp for internally displaced people in democratic republic of congo,
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killing at least 72, many of the casualties of reported to be women and children. fighters from the co operative for the development of the congo group known as co deco are suspected for being responsible for the killings in eastern. it's judy profit going to be south government says 11 people were killed in tuesday's attack on the presidential palace, which was seen as an attempted coup. among the dead were 4 civilians, several attackers and members of the presidential guide, president might see sulkily by law survived. what he says was an attempt to kill him along with the prime minister and cabinet while those are the top stories coming up next, it's that people and the power my colleagues in doha, will have more news for you in half an hour. and i will see you tomorrow. thank you so much. watching bye bye compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous ambulance. it's intended to arrive at the motion in spite. i still
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don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fashion with life on equal broadcasting. nelson have been august and i bought a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 50 year, running the itself and said you what you eat. but what if you don't know what you're reaching the legal, global trading, counterfeit food is worth millions of dollars. it also defrauds legitimate, produces and poses huge health risks for consumers. so who's behind it? this is the 1st of a to investigation. ah the
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the global food tre keeps as constantly supplied with things to eat and drink. and most of the time we pay a little attention. what do we really know what's in that food? how about horse meat, lavinia, or fake beat? virgin olive oil made without olive or tuna laced with deadly nitrate counter. feet foods cheap and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing have been found all over the world and even the most expensive premium products. it's a secretive and deadly multi $1000000000.00 business. our journey along its hidden
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paths, as revealed a deeply disturbing tale. in which whistle blow as an insiders unveiled the trades dug his to practice. while investigators and prosecutors struggled to expose the crime gangs, and profit is involved a battle against criminal corruption running through the international food business and on to our plates. so how of these murphy has gained such control over what we eat? and what can be done to root them out well, come to the shocking world of food fraud.
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with food products are often being recalled from supermarket shelves. it's usually for minor reasons. and most of the time we barely notice it happening. but sometimes something about one of those recalls makes us stop and think more deeply about the food we take for granted. suddenly we understand that knowing what we're eating and where it comes from, can be a matter of life and death. it's then that we give thanks for those whose job it is to pay better attention to such things. in late 2012 islands, chief food safety official noticed that beef prices were plummeting. worried about where this cheap meet was coming from. he'll did dna sampling of 27 commercially
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available products. we found one product was about one 3rd horse danay in us and which was just an incredible finding. we went back and checked, we double checked on a travel check because we understood that if we were to go out public with such a story, if it was known to have no crime in the facts, the whole meet was found 1st in hamburgers than later in lasagna than massacre and ravioli. in fact, it was discovered in a wide range of products being sold to consumers as beef all over the world. at the time you thought it was large problems, sorry enough to be at global problem on products, helping withdrawn from shelves and faced like singing for hong kong in some of the car being countries. so really we are looking ash was really has developed into a massive world this particular scam was based around mincemeat. one of
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the most common ingredients and a wide variety of off the shelf ready meals had not been for an unusually diligent government official. it would have gone unnoticed for years. instead, the revelation sparked outrage around the world. angry crawl girl started her career as an investigator on this case. she's a member of food watch, a european organization that protects consumers. yolanda i le balance it, which is awful. bellows to annabel offline on the mac, and by lawfully you, they planned the vault. alamos challenges he took the test with laundry. he, la jolla, the media test it on, imo, i mid to late tests on tutors, awful myself on this when you decided to climb exceptional further,
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research revealed that the adulterated meat had been used in around 4 and a half 1000000 ready meals product distributed by some of the biggest brands in europe, but how did it get into the food chain and the 1st place, a major international investigation quickly throw up clues that pointed to the netherlands. specialist fraud detectors from the dutch food safety authority were called in. where is a source of this? that was the big question. who put the, the horse meat inside the beef products with global food fraud now generating as much profit as drug running? it's perhaps not surprising that karen goose, so 17 strong unit has the same investigative and arrest pow's as a narcotic squad. by that i believe though, the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations, ah, is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect this together.
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but this time, it wasn't quite so straightforward. the team quickly identified the manufacturers of the suspect, mincemeat products, and then behind them they found several wholesalers. but beyond these wholesalers, there were yet more traders market specialists to buy and sell meet online, in quantities of hundreds of thousands of tons. that's when he got complicated let she did it. it's crazy. fuck bus key ever there. yeah. because the 8020 sheep point is what i did, miss lamar saw the pedo can back up by this is all new york, and they only responsibility. booked bombs, irritably provalshie on, on a quote, i believe is a to quickly complex poor. eventually the detectives began looking at a dutch meat trader, called young. fasten sam fast as actually some one we've known for a long time. he 1st caught our attention in 2000 and 8 am when we arrested him.
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exactly because of this fact. so we were hoping that that would scare him off. but then in 3rd, 2013, we discovered that he hadn't stopped to avoid the dutch authorities. he unfastened had moved to belgium, where he teamed up with, among others, the owner of this warehouse. here they began buying and storing frozen horse meat, which a 2 euros piccolo was less than half the price of beef. soon they were making 20000000 euros in profit a year. although the business was challenging. young, fast and hard to hire an office space in a big freezer complex. he had an employee that was changing labels daily. he had businesses in cyprus and in other countries. he made a whole business of it. it was his daily work. that doesn't sound easy to me. fasten, sat at the head of a lodge network. his company was registered in cyprus and imported horse meat from
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canada and rumania. the meat was then sold to his associates, wholesalers. the 2 main ones were located in belgium and france. it was at these companies that the fraud took place. the whole meat was transformed into beef by the simple magic of a label, the wholesale assault, the fake mincemeat to a luxembourg manufacturer of ready meals. these fake products were then distributed to hundreds of supermarkets. ah yeah, villa has possibility. the circular steady plague coolly. the secular cheesy effect sun auto glass is krishawna navea and sheila day and we'll have you on it. hold on the quantity. phenomenal, come savvy, caught on a bath like luis economy till now. this wilful, neglect, infuriated stuff. lucy, who says it shamed the whole industry. he worked for 20 years as
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a traitor for several major european food processing groups. off the horse gate as the scandal was later called. he turned whistleblower who's got on there, said the swenson. he's scared, we'll hope i'll talk to you there. minimum sank easily. she knew won't let me honestly anymore. tell him on to see if he needs to dabble methodically. make gonna save it. if you don't mind putting to the menu is set up. it would you boss with infomatica caliber, electrical must have on a we passed good. you just don't think it go to fast. it doesn't or for the blue say, says he decided to go public. even though he himself had been forced to commit fraud . we should rested upon you, you can nominate. i passed a high bus cornered them on their bus to battery but were not on alpha yard in our labelle fiscal. awesome. but one of them on mcman demonte dish. do they put ve keith in the most get he did, or did they go under sale in 40 not? is it chantel? this will be awfully trim. yes. repulsion commands with the legality of company.
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in 2015, he wrote the 1st of a number of books, exposing fraudulent practices across the food processing industry for milk upon christopher. and there's just 2 3rd kid is he to flip ice on, sit on, on the on more. i left was as to actually he does he do for that? i left was for me sir. do you propose they put the proof of it yet for the client gets it. know somebody put via the preach on phenomenal. what many of christoph who says revelations were dismissed or contested by his former industry, but added to the outrage. many felt about horse gates. they did promise the european authorities to act if she felt made as you don't get it or not. you're naughty. damage about a month on your hood. it's here in brussels that the major rules concerning europe's food are devised. it's then up to the individual states to implement that . for eric ma, home, an official at the european commission,
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the horse meet scandal was also a turning point. a little bit more majestic effect said when you increase achia fiduciary said chris until then mama had been proud of the european public health surveillance system. but he discovered that europe was badly equipped to deal with this new threat affecting its food. you see or said eat me to assist them, can i better on all these any escalade cost? 3 machine that multi i doing, the pursuer mold on. odd on at the t to does he stem kid till you come on the tick dilly problem to sante public electrical panels with all their corporate mold. is army fuss? i can cushion is kimura korean, he's on cookies a young please. the conceal 0. he for the faculty shows no clue supplement with addicted upon him to sante public meditech t. delicious be sanford. hello, europe's food fraud network was born out of this concern. its officials now work
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round the clock to try and track down counterfeit food. the worse it leaves, accidents such as food poisoning to others, to investigate and focus is almost exclusively on intentional cases of fraud. yeah . okay. i clear color. oh, see what? i'm all love, hold on. don't go. only made on that. we'll have bo hook seminary policy. them all, the dutch authorities are requests only by cclc has shown the his or her piano at the point contact, or check it them all. look very shortly is off or miss your coffee. don't yell. so cbo or took off yours or poor as you. it could be, they don't, what is it m o is as he did during premier, he would issue for this to happen. we, all the $27.00 european states must be flawlessly compliant with the rules. but sometimes they aren't claimed as demonstrated by a 2019 case. also involving beef. 6 years of the horse gate
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the scandal was serious and france was at the heart of it. this time, the fraud concerned the government order for 1500 tons of mint stakes intended for distribution to charities. but the charities raised the alarm when they discovered the strange, whitish color of the meat. the beef had been ordered from poland which was a controversial decision from the outset. was it as it is like a pompous jew on nathan the b at a clap rebellion to skag her as they possibly molly me your pull human though when i yesterday stage i looked what would log no they be wanted tie bianca la la la la peterson la, putting on a downward, is getting the agreement there dixie hubbard examine will this in recent years, the rest of europe has purchased
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a lot of cheap polish beef. it's competitive prices do partially to low labor costs . as a result, poland has become one of the world's leading meat produces with an industry worth around $6000000000.00 euros a year. but some are concerned i guess john jcl, jenny, july's champ leo comes. john franklin. what else late july can't will issue can't will if you late is your village, high list of pleasure. i think what it is in georgia clearly to pull yourself as much as you laid off and put it in for sydney. an actor i couldn't walk, has shown a sick daughter legitimately my call to anomaly to him on to formula on every side . explore your had you last year you call max the in on him and i was just more lazy. i w problem it securely equip, horn nobody. those fears were realized in 2019, when the french charities in receipt of the meat added tested. isn't it
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and i won't hold, did you? she was sure aunt over duty, she called on kiff dick lorna limit. good, did he sooner fleet? off i got on it, said the opposite. back to the support you perceived a toyota dish should about. well hopefully i supposed to talk talk what up. don't go on down the 14, no sir mount, when the apostrophe them off. me on bruce put our mortal to put in on that need to put in digital. ok kathy maria type with john of it. hopefully in other words, pure beefsteak, apparently replaced by slaughter house by products and protein supplements. and this meat was intended for people in need. back in paris, the matter soon drew the attention of french sen, fabia gay, who set up a commission to investigate further. the model of the old issue,
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a route would establish the little turkish also to comb. holy sally shows, oh, pretty well pre the yobbos super the thought. oh sou, if the more interested in conflict it don't close reduce it to the cozy. it should have been a straightforward inquiry according to you rules. each link in the supply chain, providing all the documents necessary to establish the origin and destination of the food. this is called traceability, and it works if everyone follows the regulations. so you can't konita and probably fell a possibility. a law proven nozzler yonder with the yaki colo usually completely diminished accountability to shoremeyer. you may a boy as crusade, love your polonaise, dr. young canadian, who would love your new trina? her exquisite, probably with all of us are easy alone are we cannot. senator again told us that he
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was unable to find out where the polish wholesaler, a company called bernacki, had source the beef products listed in the contract. because the company didn't provide traceability document that he then discovered that france, i agree, mare, a public body that is ordered from the same supplier. since 2013 had never actually asked for the one that is dice. k e, a lot of please be on the key. yeah. happy poor the now she them in the z, loaded up on me all the sean osgood ramon awful. so you may already we, we are today's underscore yellow. so soon control here. i'm here or do don't case could john that he a video issue there on the media stuff on the not icbc borrow near jerusalem on the not proper on radio bow fed to a lot of hispanic in of a to contribute as it uncles up elsewhere could apiece is all be on like equal to
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new anyway. cool. cool. cool. marsha, nicholas observable, sanity gays investigation showed that the french government may have been at least negligent in the management of a 30000000 euro public contract spread over 4 years. so how could the french authorities pursue this matter further in another e, you state? the problem is that the pan european food fraud network for all its rules and regulations, has no investigative powers electrically or could a commercial net or can prove out to produce a sample of reynold, is it m all a see book? if one is all kid is a shot, is a format it onto the coffee don't be, it was, was information. so it fell to the polish government to take over the investigation . the states veterinarian authorities approach the company involved be annette sky is one of the new giants of the countries. hugely profitable meat industry. it's supposedly subject to the same regulations as the rest of
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europe. kid, this is the covenant that they get on the fact that i'm a come to pro is a, stella, and i mean it was a quality show king for miles here. show q. when you get the control, you folks are going to ship the system on testimony, cancel sky, and not missed them. a couple, we can control it with, i'm sure don't ya nipple to the official vanya, not the mythical up. i'm going to stop it. in other words, according to the polish authorities, the matter is that's an end we wanted to us to be on that ski more about this investigation. and the concerns raised in france about its products. our attempts were rejected. meanwhile, 2 polish journalists had spent 6 months working on another story involving the polish beef industry. it to raise disturbing questions their undercover
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investigation began. when one of them, patrick sta, panic, managed to get himself hired in a small regional slaughter house. we got that tip that there was some indigo procedure happening in the one of us, other houses. we knew before that there are similar procedure, ongoing and others for their house. but this one knew exactly that this is going on to their house. so if it's in the middle of nowhere, there is no possibility to take a look without getting anyone's attention. so i change them, appearance changed from my behavior and went for a job interview to this other house. if my sounds ridiculous but i got the job and then the next day i started work superman.
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the 1st trucks of couse think of that was coming out a few of them have some routine pods. few of them like, you know, like they have some white thing going out from them or no mouth and there was no veterans floors your body. she just came up in the early in the morning to check out of cows. he behave like the this is bullying me magically out in the middle of a night and he just counsellor and i think shown on polish television, their investigation caused a storm of if the team broadened their investigation to other slaughter houses across the country. undiscovered, similar practices elsewhere with thick capital not fit for consumption,
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entering the food supply chain, me got the big effect and then our ministry of agriculture had to take some actions. they ordered and massive checkups and everything was southern housing, portland, like $400.00 of them. but the one who's being expected knows about it like in a week in advance. so there is no surprise effect. i talked with several phone ministers of cousin deputies which told me and this fink this candle. everybody knew about it that is going on, but it is convenient to basically leave it on and work it because it's pure profits, right? the concern is that substandard meat from the slaughter. houses has been sold on to unsuspecting consumers, both in poland and overseas need from the southern has,
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i was found that in like 14 countries, france, germany republic, saudi arabia to rekey. eventually the revelations caused the diplomatic crisis that european level and e you authority in brussels, sent inspectors to audit the entire polish beef industry. their report in april 2019 was damning listing numerous shortcomings in sanitary procedures and traceability. if one took up the additional control and asked what she said, don't put more box for the mattress on a cocktail party, the state only changed the law so it's still happening somewhere. right. but poland isn't the only country wrestling with food froze and beef is not the only concern in part 2 of this investigation will go in search of the spanish broads.
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does trading in poison tuna and murphy gangs in italy, making a fortune from fake olive oil. the palestine was once a very different place from today from palestine hospital poster cities became connected to the pier in an award winning film alger 0. well, he is historians an eyewitness accounts with portray, early 20th century palestine as a thriving fiber in asia. the region was spoken, investments were active in moving from one city to another, palestine 1920 on al jazeera. one day i might be covering politics to reminisce on my hero by po tossing from serbia hungry to what's most important to me is
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talking to people understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here douglas 0, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing, the gunner resume conservation officer with bringing nature and people together to work with what life is my pleasure, my talk is leaking between the clock on that one. unity in oper can manage to find so bored, you go to the tune it, i have to teach the community that living with the wife lives. it's excellent elliot, slim bumble riding with las, my zimbabwe. on al jazeera, we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others done. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fan sir guy from my
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eyes, and power and pasha. we tell your stories. we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera. ah . the us send troops to eastern europe, best years grow. russia could invade ukraine, the kremlin, called the deployment destructive. ah, are you watching al jazeera, alive from doha with me for the battle? also coming up an armed group attacks at camp for disgrace, people in democratic republic of congo, killing more than 70 years. ellens reopening its borders easy. one of the wells tough.


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