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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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a blurb below it's time to free fall. ah ah, the us says special forces successfully carried out a major, a rated northwestern syria. 12 people, including civilians are reported killed. ah, you're wanting on to 0 live from headquarters. and so i'm getting obligated also coming up. the u. s. is sending additional troops to eastern europe. his fears grow . russia could invade ukraine. moscow calls the deployment destructive reopening their borders. new zealand is set to loosen some of the world's toughest covenant
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and restrictions. and the son of the late president ferdinand marcos is accused of writing a wave of misinformation. and his bid for the top job in the philippines. ah hello. at least 12 people including 7 children are reported to have been killed in a u. s. lead operation in northwestern syria, an al qaeda affiliated fighter is believed to have been the target in the town of ultimate an inlet province. it was the largest u. s. rate in the province since the 2019 attack that was targeting the ice, a leader i buckled by godaddy. the pentagon said us special forces conducted a successful, large scale counter terrorism mission in the rebel controlled area. and there were no american casualties. people say they heard shelling and gunfire, and homes were damaged. russia as condemning the
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u. s. decision to send additional troops to reinforce nato in eastern europe. in the latest diplomatic effort to ease fear of a russian invasion of ukraine took his presidency, doing cheer for talks with president volunteers. lensky. turkey has good relations with both ukraine and russia. 125000 russian troops are near the ukrainian border. and meanwhile, the u. s. is around 2000 soldier as well now had to poland and germany, while a 1000 already in europe will be re deployed to romania. the us and nato already have tens of thousands in europe or white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. after ramping up the possibility for weeks of a rush, an evasion of ukraine, the white house on wednesday, downgraded that threat from president vladimir putin saying an evasion is no longer imminent. i use that once, i think others have used that once,
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and then we stopped using it because i think it's sent and a message that we weren't intending to send, which was that we knew that president putin had made a decision. still, the united states is sending more troops to eastern europe, with some of the forces will be re position to romania. others will be coming from the united states to poland and germany. it's a response to president putin who has position tens of thousands of troops inside russia near ukraine's border. it's important that we send a strong signal to mister putin and frankly, to the world that nato matters to the united states. it made it matters to our allies and we have iron clad article 5 commitments an attack on one is an attack on, on all the roughly $3000.00 troops will bulls through the nato presence in europe and are in addition to the $8500.00 us troops put on stand by last month by u. s. president joe biden. the united states maintains diplomacy is the best path
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to resolving security disagreements. russia, what's assurances nato will halt expansion into former soviet republics like ukraine. but the west won't provide that guarantee. instead, biden's promised severe consequences if whom in bates. he has shown no signs of being interested or willing to deescalate the attentions. the u. s. forces will reinforce nato, the eastern flag working with host countries, as nato has not yet activated its response force to counter what it refers to as rush and aggression. i think there's getting aspect to what they're doing, which is to put something on the table that can be taken away as shit, if you will, in exchange for russian non aggression to get you the spike. no, no rush and threat to and no signs of an imminent invasion of ukraine. the pentagon
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says the movement of troops could begin soon, and there could be the possibility of even more true movements in the future. kimberly, how can al jazeera washington center because one who has more from a stumble turkish president or has expressed his willingness to mediate in this ukraine, russia crisis a couple of weeks ago. because out on see as himself as a leader who can openly and freely a talk with a communicate actually with both presidents, president putin and president zalinski. and as president zalinski air has expressed himself to other regional and international leaders or doing his diplomacy traffic. he will also be speaking the same topics with turkey and turkey . it is going to try to do a mediation between the 2 countries talk he expresses that it supports the territorial integrity of ukraine. but of course, while doing that, also as
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a nato member, a present, our don will have to try to please president a, put into it because it, with russia, turkey has some strategic relations and syria in libya and in a cutter bar during the armina, azerbaijan conflict so he announced that a he is expecting russian president putin, it to turkey in the couple in the coming days, and he will be listening to them. of course, a turkey is also in touch with the u. s. presidency, a turkish presidential spokesman's s id. hadn't paul conversation with you as a secretary, a u. s. security advisor sullivan and the day before so turkey's trying to keep a diplomatic track, an immediate between the 2 or 3 year back to the u. s. read the 2 closer north, west syria, al jazeera, zanna, dinner. lucifer is in italy, province. he's joining us now on
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a dinner at the sight off that ray. tell us what you've seen an arm at midway. yes, yes sir. flail helicopters after midnight last night. helicopters and all the american special forces, helen came from the northern hula gone to side of aleppo, directly calabash and her address. it leaped to cement the another cutter sight of ed living after midnight last night. and there been around 1 in the morning, one a. m at these helicopters, my head, one of the houses here in the village of hartman on the syrian turkish boulders. humph! 5 miss ty is, i'll have a head i had this house,
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i done all. so now we have her. we have heard, i'll emily kia, the american forces fall through her microphones and talking to man the people of the house. and they're the helicopters, as i said in my head to the house with 5 messiah and then hell, kathy, the machine guns out started, and her, i met them against the house on. and of course, alarmingly this operation guy went full more than 2 hours around 2 hours and have every single one inside the house. all the pain was killed behind these 2 floor house. in addition to a motor, he had a knee the ground jane. every one was killed in this house,
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as you can see. and the 6 children are badly set for women, and i, julie and 2 men have lost their lives. at last, alaska, so 13 dashing elements. the people were killed. 12 inside the house and one man outside the house has been targeted. with that, we would like also to say that monkey this part, this area is near the cam sir, now. so the main display so, so some people were terrified and were horrified because the operation lasted the around 2 hours and a half for until the moment that no one knows exactly who were, who were the one targeted inside the house in particular. okay, i didn't,
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you said thank you so much for that update from it. la province, the united arab emirates as its destroy 3 drones that entered its air space on wednesday, yelman's for the rebels carried out several attacks against the gulf nation in the past weeks. but they didn't take responsibility for wednesday's drill, launch an iraqi or a group called. and we twaddle. huck said it was behind the attack. meanwhile, so de la coalition forces launched airstrikes and retaliation against the host. these in front focused on tech for if it's soldiers have been killed and attacks on 2 army bases in the southwest, a separate group, and by that justice has claimed responsibility. the military says 15 of the attackers have also died. the provinces, seen decades of fighting between separatists and government forces. the secretary of state and defense have testified to congress about the military's chaotic withdrawal from of gone son. washington on its allies, have helped about a 120000 afghans. leave the country since the taliban sees power last year. but
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advocacy group say they're concerned about the refugees who fled to the us and the families they left behind. particle, hain reports from maryland. it's been a long journey for this young man who were calling up duel to protect his family in afghanistan, from the chaos of the cobble airport, to one of the last military flights to leave to a refugee camp. and now a rented bedroom just outside of washington dc. 6 months later abdul is desperately worried about the parents and brothers. he left behind. they spend 95 percent of live inside the home. nowadays. it's been 5 months that my family has no income. i mean, the income is 0. he worked with an american program, which is why he got out, but there are still tens of thousands of afghans just like him who still can't leave. jen wilson is
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a private citizen who's been working with veterans for 6 months to make moments like this happen. but she has not been able to get anyone out for more than a month. there is no explanation for it was not because it's not like, i don't mean any. i don't need any money from you to to get them out. i don't need, i don't need any money. i need nothing from you. i literally just need that oil to be put in their passport and, and i'll take care the rest. but the state department emits without a diplomatic presence in afghanistan, they aren't able to process any special immigrant visas right now, insisting they are trying to find a workaround. little comfort for the afghans facing a winter of freezing temperatures, a famine and extreme poverty of the u. s has announced more than $300000000.00 and $8.00, but is refusing to release billions of dollars an afghan reserves held in u. s. banks. first and foremost, the status of the funds is subjective. ongoing litigation brought by certain
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victims of 911 and other terrorist attacks. so hold judgments against the taliban. as for abdul, his focus now finding a way forward is very hard to continue my education dislike without any financial financial support. i should go to war dorm. ah, held my family or i should perform where execution. so it's a very huge problem for me, but i don't know what they should do a refugee reset them, an agency will pay for this room for another few months. then this 22 year old will be on his own to find his future in the us and find a way to help his family or the 10000 kilometers away. paddle haine al jazeera, hyattsville, maryland. still had on al jazeera, the 3rd government re shuffle within 6 months in peru. we'll have the latest on the political shake up on the way. ah
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hey there, welcome to your world weather update. so that driving rain, we had along the border with new south wales in queensland. most of that energy has pushed away, but still the risks for some showers and bursts of rain heavy at times off to the southwest perth at 39 degrees. i think we may just dad, another 40 degree day or 2 to your string so far this summer. maybe i'm friday. better shot for that will be saturday than those winds will shift around. and that's going to kick down your temperature dose with rain for the south island of new zealand. red weather alerts in play here. when really know much is going on on the north island gets been a high 30 degrees, but a ha watched this by the weekend. this all shoves into the north island, impacting the capitol region 1st. wellington, a hiv, 20 degrees southeast asia. we've got our storms through equitorial countries here as we would expect, but let's go to the philippines right now. a batch of heavy rain mostly of
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relegated towards central islands across the country. and in fact, there is a moderate risk of flooding to be expected here. that band of rain that we had across the southern sections of china mostly pulled away, still, clipping taiwan with some showers. and you guessed at the snow is still coming out for western areas of honshu and hope. kado. tokyo has got a hive. 9 degrees on friday soon. ah ah diets define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what we eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def, infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our place. food in glorious food on al jazeera.
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ah ah, the top stories are al jazeera this hour, you are slight operation and not syria is reported have killed at least 13 people, including 6 children. the target an inlet province is thought to have been a fighter, a link to al qaeda. russia is condemning a u. s. decision to send more troops to eastern europe. that comes as turkey's president had to care, to try to ease tensions of moscow's military build up at the border with ukraine. new zealand as easing strict border controls imposed nearly 2 years ago. in response to the pandemic, in the initial stage of her phased reopening, vaccinated,
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new zealanders in australia will be allowed home without having to quarantine from the end of this month. when he has this report. for almost 2 years, new zealand has been largely shut off from the rest of the world. tight border restrictions have seen it control the spread of coven 19 better than most countries, with only 53 deaths from the virus. and now with the army kron variant, already circulating here, the government feels the time is right to open up. there was life before. and now life with covered bed. that also means there will be life after covered to a life where we have adapted where we have some no melody back from the end of february, fully vaccinated, new zealanders will be able to return from australia without having to quarantine soon after it will be extended to new zealand is in other countries and to all visitors by october, key to this decision was the vaccination rate, which is recovered from a very slow start. more than 93 percent of the eligible population is now fully
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vaccinated. and the minimum time between the 2nd and 3rd doses has been shortened to 3 months. the government was also coming under increasing pressure politically, economically and legally to open the border. thousands of diesel and is, are stuck overseas unable to return home because there aren't enough quarantine or m i q hotel rooms and some a taking the government to court. it's easy to hear the word in my queue and immediately associate it with headache. there is no question that for new zealand, it has been one of the hardest parts of the painting, mac. but the reason that it is right up there is one of the toughest things we have experienced is in pad. because large scow, loss of life is not at this stage, quarantine will be replaced by home isolation for 10 days, which is expected to be shortened to 7, possibly fewer in the months ahead. wayne,
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hey, al jazeera towed on a new zealand food and energy price increases in turkey of help the official inflation rates a soar to a 20 year high of 49 percent. the official data come days after turkey is present inside the head of the national statistics institute. after just 10 months in the job. peruse president pedro castillo has re shuffled his cabinet after some of his closest allies resigned. the political crisis as frustrated peruvians with many saying he is not fit for the job. marianna sanchez reports in the capital lima. what a for the o. c. hailey rescue. then they look at the you're wearing a new cabinet. the 3rd in only 6 months. the latest shakeup comes after the interior and prime minister's resign this week. you could, exclaimed a theo, only trust an inner circle of advisors operating behind the scenes. they are not appointed ministers. this political crisis shows corruption. former prime minister
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admitted to vasquez, made theories, accusations that the government is not fighting corruption. we have all our president's questions and it's generating an enormous mistrust towards the authorities. most of it is former presidents are under investigation for corruption . the last presidential term was marked by a series of political crisis that let the health american nation look for precedence in only 5 years. the. the attorney general denounced sponsorship and influence, peddling a farmer and union leader denies amy allegation. instead, he said he hasn't been trained to be precedents a critic say. that is unacceptable. you can get the group, he should be prepared and especially in such a dramatic situation with the health economic and labor crisis. peruse has regressed several points and at poverty writes,
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and this is an element that is not for experiments. we need clear answers from our rulers. opinion paul say more than 60 percent of the, of the government. many peruvian, see that guy still has a credibility problem that he's not qualified for the job, and the country is a drift. former prime minister, mr. vasquez says that the senior could begin solving cruz solutions by surrounding himself with competent people. the growing discontent appears to be overshadowing the chief men. like the fight against the coven. one missed 80 percent of the target population has been vaccinated. at least once. i'm getting. we should change his mind immediately because he's ruining everything economically. there are no jobs, no sales dental made it. he really does not deserve to be there. he's totally incapable . we prove that day by day. it's a shame. this person is the head of peru. lawmakers have to decide whether they
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will approve the new having it. but for now, many opponents say they are focusing instead in paving the way to what changed him . but he, in a center just he to be to military leaders and foster have lifted a nationwide curfew. it had been in place since they seized power just over a week ago. cooter paul on read dummy. bob has been appointed in terms of states. the us, the president rock a border remains under house arrest. the west african regional block echo was suspended burkina faso. when the queue happens, leader is from the group meeting gone later to decide whether to impose sanctions on the military. estimated trees has more from across to the cross. i mean, to was initially call to address the unfolding situation in working possible. but 2 days before it started, we all saw what happened in getting to be sol. now, a lot of people here believe that we may not have seen or heard the last of such a comes in west africa region that was notorious for coups in the past. now the
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question on everybody's lives, if what, what, what stuff can lead us do to stop these attempts from recurring in the region? a lot of people say to little, because already these region is already fighting so many players at the same time. and there is little appetite on the part of what stuff we can make to spend the improves to try to rest power from soldiers who i'm constitutionally took away power from democratic electra civilians. and because this is because many of these countries are also battling to put out their own pies, the biggest contributor to any regional military build up nigeria is having to deal with its own problems. and you can see in the north, east of the country, a succession is movement in the south. it's of the country, banditry, kidnappings. and all these vices are happening all over would be military currently engaged in at least $32.00 of us $36.00 states. now the last time we've seen such move was, like we said in the gambia, when yeah,
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general was forced to retreat and handle the power to democratically elected government. while these meeting this particular meeting, holding in a car and lots of people will be watching closely to see what, what's african religious will do, how far reaching or how far they're willing to go to take measures other than imposing sanctions. schools in bonus, cutting of economic aid to countries why, who have taken place so us to stop this from continuing in a region that was notorious for cause in the past, the philippines election commissioner set to decide whether to bar front runner further on marco's junior, from a presidential election in may. the son, a controversial, former leader for don marcos is popular with many voters. but he's been accused of spreading misinformation. jamila alan duncan reports from manila really the 22 year rule of president ferdinand marcus is seemed to day as a brutal and divisive period in philippine history. a people power revolution
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forced him out of office and into exile in 1986. but decades later, his son for ended in mark as junior and also known as bon bonded, is a front runner in this year's presidential election. my intention to run it may seem surprising to many, but the political resurgence of the marcus's didn't happen in an instant. oh, experts see the marcus's have spent years using social media to rewrite history or say, online means like this. new zealand prime minister has sinned, dark turn, breezing, bumble, marcus, junior, or of the american basketball superstar michael jordan, receiving a box of bread from the late president, have dominated, online chat groups. it's even said that the marcus says will give away tons of gold bars. and other treasure, if bonbon becomes president treasure,
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that fact checkers and journalists say does not exist. but the story has already spread widely on social media, even after twitter announced last week that it has suspended hundreds of pro markers accounts. i think it's also important to consider the desperation of many poorer filipinos. oh, and that desperation, economic and social their needs. are. the pandemic has exacerbated that. and this is just the market of exploiting that desperation. making filipinos believe that there is a quick way out of poverty. al jazeera requested an interview with mr. mark. as his campaign team, there was no response. the marcus camp has repeatedly denied owning social media chal farms. we know that so should be just very low, very viability philippines once
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a shining star on democracy in asia is now full of books lighting country. the philippines is the biggest, the facebook user in southeast asia. and the 6 and the world's researchers say, the higher a population's exposure to social media, the higher it's vulnerability to dis, information. this information they say has the power to obliterate the ability of people to distinguish what is real. and what is not jamal alan. again i'll 0 manila . china will do its best to deliver a safe and splendid winter olympics otts. according to the president, eugene pain on the international olympic committee says everything is in place for an outstanding games. the committee met in beijing before fridays opening ceremony . asked her more than a decades the nfl team, the washington redskins has officially changed its name to commanders. for years, the team has been criticized for using
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a name that seen as derogatory towards native americans. alan fisher reports. we are the committee and you name a fresh start for the american football team in washington. when the new season starts in august, the washington commanders will take the field in the traditional burgundy in gold. i think it's important to, you know, understand of the old man was retired for particular reason. you know, i don't want to go into a name debate with people, but i'm happy that it's been retired and we're moving forward. it can represent so many different things, right? for the military, it's a very patriotic type of name, nothing favorite, but patriotic name. and then for other people, you know, it's a positive work. it's been 18 months as a team dropped to name, which was demeaning for native americans and regarded as racist. offensive an outdated, the team on a resisted coals from mirrors, senators, even presidents to change. he finally stepped on to the right side of history. when so the teams, biggest financial backers said they were,
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i'm happy unless the money's talking are just not gonna care. so that's really where you have to hit on. i think that's a huge reason behind the change the campaign to change the name stretched over years with protests, boy courts and lobbying, but many still see racist names and other cities and other sports and hope for change there too. i think it's helpful and i just again, really be one of the greatest demonstrations yet that these name changes can be successful, right? they can be done on the and so really it then turns in the engage to your teams like the kansas city chiefs and the atlanta braves. and you know, the still many schools across the country that still have races, sports mascots to say why night. why not you? well, why not? what you know you need to be next. the time is now. i think a lot of it has to do with how far technology has ground, you know, even in the past 5 years, the big thing about technology and things like social media is that it's given more
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of a platform, tant weiss as are historically silenced. the washington organization has been played with problems off the field involving racism and massage judy and on the field it hasn't won the biggest prize, the super bowl in 30 years. the funds snatching up merchandise here will be hoping the new name brings a change of fortune both on and off the field. allah fisher al jazeera, at the home of the washington commanders. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, a u. s. light operation in north where syria is reported to have killed at least 13 people, including 6 children. the target and in the province is thought to have been a fight are linked to al qaeda al jazeera on the additional use of has more from italy, province. kim alicia had had that were lindsay alady. this is the house that was under siege wash.


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