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tv   Al Jazeera World Palestine 1920  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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facility, so what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera ah, your geology, 0 me the hell robin in doha, reminder of our top news stories eva says the leader of i sell has been killed in a special forces operation in northwestern, syria, abba ibrahim al, hash me al grey she blew himself up as special forces approached it lib kimberly hel kits reports. this horrible terrorist leader is no more in an address to the nation from the roosevelt room of the white house. u. s. president joe biden spoke about the operation. he ordered that killed the ice,
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a leader abu ibrahim al, has she, me, al, karachi, and i directed the department of defense to take every precaution possible to minimize civilian casualties. knowing that this terrorist had chosen sharon himself with families, including children. we made a choice to pursue a special forces raid at a much greater risk than our to our own people, rather than targeting him with an air strike. as us special forces moved in the ice, a leader reportedly detonated an explosive and a final act of desperate cowardice. he chose to blow himself up, taking several members of his family with him. the mission happened thursday in northwestern, syria in it live province. residents on the ground said at least 13 people, including children, were killed in the operation. the pentagon said there were no true casualties. if the president were biden, his vice president and national security advisors over saw the mission from the
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situation room of the white house. it was the biggest us rated, syria says the 2019 operation that killed the ice. a leader abu bakar albert daddy . this operation was literally months. in the planning, the u. s. targeted the ice a leader for threats he allegedly posed to us interests and crimes committed in iraq in 2014, including the enslavement of edi women. the raid comes a week after the defense secretary ordered the u. s. military to do more to protect civilians in combat operations often largely forgotten in the west proseries. it may be the only a silver lining of this is it has brought media attention to the conflict and syria seems from their perspective that no one really cares. so one advantage in a sense is that this is now brought syria back into into the news. despite efforts to limit casualties,
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some members of congress are now calling for an investigation into the civilian deaths to ensure that every reasonable step was taken to protect innocent live kimberly health care al jazeera, the white house turkeys president is offered to mediate between ukraine and russia . received odo and held talks in care with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, who welcome the offer. now they signed a series of economic deals including one to produce turkish drones in ukrainian factories. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin is heading to beijing for talks with his chinese count on changing ping. the kremlin says china was set to formerly pledge and support for russia in its dispute with the west over nato expansion. west african regional blog echo us has decided not to impose sanctions against the key to fancies military leaders, but it wants the regime to set a firm date for elections. has of state matching gone to discuss recent cues in the
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region. and oil facility is exploded off the coast of nigeria. the 10 crew members are missing. the environmental impact is not yet known. miles as did lead, unsung suji is facing new charges in court, including corruption. she's already been sentenced to 6 years in prison. for celia aids to the u. k. prime minister, her resigned as the so called party gate, scandal deepens, they include bars. johnson's chief of staff, private secretary, and director of communications. bali has reopened to all foreign travellers. the indonesian island depends heavily on tourism and is lifting all benches despite to rise and cave 19 cases. and china has been no protest, has been protesting outside the olympic headquarters in switzerland, just hours before the winter. olympic games begin in beijing. those were the headlands of back with more news and half now to stay with us. soldiers that are a world is next. ah
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ah aah! greater syria was a major region of the middle east at the turn of the 20th century. it became part of the ottoman empire in $1516.00, and remained ottoman until the end of the 1st world war in 1918
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greater syria southern province. palestine was an active part of the ottoman world . trade boomed in its commercial centers which included jerusalem, jaffa and heifer fillasy, coffee shop, gun fia shot lawsuit, filed one fish mo. forget madame. ah . but the 1st world war changed everything. in november 1918, the allied powers of britain, france, italy, and yukon. defeated the central powers of germany, austria, hungary, bulgaria, and importantly, the ottoman empire, britain and france conspire to divide,
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greater syria to their best advantage. but they could not agree on the future of palestine. so $11920.00 the league of nations put it under interim british control or mandate some christian and zion as jewish writers described palestine as quote, a land without a people. one of the car lane walk that walks out while had a less like uni and message he yet i any idea if done as public fly in your hoard belinda in the philistine lithia, had shot out of a medal shot on them for levying layers at shop when they would have had that a layer that are what is that what they are but and the leg of shape if it was seen as the heck with thicket, had the sub for hot them, i wanted other get up. but this film looks at the region in the 20th century from a different perspective. here, historians and personal testimony by contemporary witnesses argue that far from
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being an empty wilderness, palestine was a vibrant arab country with a developing commercial and community infrastructure. this is the other side of the palestinian story. ah ah, ah. so it's a machine with
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palestinian society 1920 was society and then transition. it was for the period of globalization that should lead in great last quarter of 1000 century to out a degree of development. certainly. and in the cities, jennifer heifer and to some extent her jerusalem, ah jerusalem was becoming an important commercial centre. as were the ports of gaza and jasa. they combined to turn palestine into a trading hub with europe, north africa, and the middle east. these old treaty records in the jerusalem archives are evidence of its business activity. jerusalem exported soap to egypt, italy, and greece through garza grain to egypt,
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roads and to broadneck through alpha cotton to france, under smear and antiques on religious gifts, to stumble, italy, portugal, and spain. garza and yaf are also imported. rice and fabrics from egypt, textiles, from stumble, glassware for china, shawls from india, and lead from france. i'm the netherlands in europe. 3 trades, palestinian cities kept pace with development in the rest of the world. in the late 19th century, palestine also developed a transport infrastructure and built a railway network to connect jerusalem and other towns and cities with the ports on the mediterranean. ah,
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the opening of jerusalem's main train station was a landmark event in this part of the ottoman world. if there were, if he looked at that up for this game, medina, to put it in the old ellen, what are in the earth have i'll coordinate the sasha the id then and put them in me it with nano to seen. ah, jonathan walker rather than megan sent her middle se then mr. moon, what did you method hon? my i was maria on the alum, so yet was allah. in other words, what can i not them on unbelief? what can i then jamia asked if i don't want financing and what the was you need fi, medina to put when medina viani. ha. in that the her in muscle to such as you go to
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ah, we'll see you all, are you sure she said with all we do to see yeah. good, that's in i he has an idea to he had the head d. do he l man? dash her mom on below they had deck and yet jack was the main port of ocean pines assigned, but he was rapidly overtaken by heifer. which in 19 o 5 was achieved
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a very important step forward with the arrival of a branch of the hedges railway that was from damascus to darren in southern syria. and it was extended to heifers. so afterward, after that you could travel from, from, by railway to, from heifer to damascus. and to medina in the modern day, saudi arabia and the significance of that was a link talk maritime roots at an age of in age of european colonial expansion and industrial expansion. the 2 overland groups which and, and that was later used to connect to places as far away as a kid, a coke in, in northern iraq of which is obviously an oil, a producer to add to the white olu
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with how many and how got up sam feel the poem, i mean, the 5th of the unit was of you and i had a kid is getting you call we should them may not be as well as the dog. ah, not a lot of a we usually done double to corrupt if that if we had the medina ophelia as yeah, world plumber, then i'm not sure that ali bad in that either here or maybe it from sheet and hierarchy. that theory, that really it can even malott method. i'm in hold on me looking at the chocolate or don't we figure a medina fiber hub? how did efficiency, why did 37 out of the soccer,
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the others who can to love the other for their mental masses. so i can pick to saw the also coffee. i wish to marry ottoman reforms encouraged me if you like her the growth of european interest, certainly capital and, and trade and communications. and that of course led to growth in jerusalem. jennifer in particular and are and heifer i turn on the growth was very also driven multiple can move to her. her list of murat, missouri, the. what are the her look at the hurricane medina? la medina, lowest with murphy below it was either was or no, i don't is that morality are go. we're here for we have a has a
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lot of me full of fears. this murat min lazar enough, will callian wilburn all that bad. daddy had a category as about that one variable a little bit, the heard neither. emily, if there's a feel at the the, i mean cathedral should see what kellow heavy out of how to get. usually if it medina matter over, i mean after with managed camel should with daddy, may i smell it out in full study? you so do, you will look in any you at that. how you were the lead to jesse, but the apostle left on my feet and any whether a lot of our moran from mother. what of the part of the salvi? what it then you look up a war and higher and wish them are you while coffee? ah, the f o b philistine baker. i mean, you know, men in the credit t g i live been
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a 30 shuttle. oh so she she bed. but kennedy hesh. oh man you be if been here we live nad shooty yet to my food year, been in a jed my love fish clue. i shall at a low fee. no ma'am. oh, i mean if you mean that you would see it in philippines. good. and i think that'll take a minute for you if a anthem not a but i'm mobile shockey already him pretty me that well, in this radio report, however, talks about the way the british mandate kept a tight grip on arab workers by regulating the influx of foreign labor ah
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nothing demonstrates the development of palestinian infrastructure at this time better than the efficiency of the new railway network. if the train was late by so much as a few minutes into haifa, it was big news to o'clock, i thought i'd be much. kiefer love america but i do much but everybody went and didn't that didn't have the chicken no nest under them any under my wife's been up to local to kinda it to fuck yet with the foam at the jury of the can different resorted. are many i'm and took them in the musk, ilya farmland, diesel tauriel, medina, fifa, ontario tickets. i had the end of tell you within took leila medina definite memo the faculty member local, the data you. whether between the shuck animal can, if this philosophy with his ebony, ah, palestinian cities became known for their manufacturing sectors. each
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developed its own special teens. nablus was associated with manufacturing a well known brand of so hebron with leather products and act down with construction and oil exploration through the l. cats. company candy commentary ticket that it says that a on the ab be here schafer. that would be f shelly cutler. a 2nd 2nd bill madden went dead. sam la la la la la, thought wally america, about on a motel and were and may be of her. shitty can issue my should keep the secret between his the new year year my address it. oh my. so now we're good now and it died last year. the one they should get this shit, dentist,
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dentist need. then i'm better yet that the oh good said is sent did jam and you had left busted better. julia, sil chub. if not, then i shouldn't say ah, under palestinian companies were set up to import modern luxury products. but as he was one of the best known, it had branches in several cities and imported electrical appliances, bicycles and a new musical device for playing music at home, using disks or records as they were called them about the earth law. harold is grandma for not johnny in judge. she has this marriage cost one up be an empty
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but by high at the him can react. if one animal than offended, it will show to form a than behalf hello palestinian society showed every sign of rising to the challenges of the 20th century. but always lurking beneath the surface was the promise that the british had made to the zionist movement to support the founding of a homeland for the jewish people. and this would soon threaten, not just the development, but the very existence of palestine itself. ah, americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several stuff along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like try to covered on what your take on why they've gotten so long. that to me is political well for the bottom line on us politics and policies, and the impact on the world on al jazeera, for quite a few decades. casa,
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has been dealing with political and economic turmoil, and its people struggle to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water, a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers, and limited access to up to date information for students. and in the has the, the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents . this led to the development of the new water treatment facility in han, eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of as shift as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world beyond
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informed opinions that initial thought is on national resource by is not large enough to adequately do people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah, i don't, you know, just bear with me. so robin and reminder of our top new stories. us president joe biden says the leader of isaac has been killed and arrayed in syria. but abraham hashmi, crash, he blew himself up as special forces advanced in italy, province, 13 others, including civilians were killed. this operation is testament to his merrick, his reach and capability to take out terrorist threats, no matter where they try to hide anywhere in the world. i'm determined to protect the american people from terrorist threats,
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and i'll take the decisive action to protect this country. and we'll continue working with our close allies and partners. the searing democratic forces directly security forces including the kurdish pressure target, and more than 80 members of the global coalition to keep pressure on isis to protect our homeless turkeys president is offered to mediate between ukraine and russia. match up type. the one held talks with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski in kiev. the parents signed a series of economic deals including wall to produce turkish drones in ukrainian factories. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin is heading to beijing for talks with his chinese counterpart cheating thing. the kremlin says, china is set to formerly pledge and support for russia, and it's dispute with the west over nato expansion. mammals asked leda unsung suit . she is facing new charges in court, including corruption. she's already been sentenced to 6 years in prison. west african regional block echo us says decided not to impose sanctions against the key
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fancies military leaders. but at once the regime to set a firm date for elections, heads of state met him, gone to discuss recent coups in the region. full senior aides to the u. k prime minister, who resigned does the so called party gates, scandal deepens. they include boris johnson's chief of staff, private secretary and director of communications. barley pans reopened to all foreign travelers the into. these nyland depends heavily on tourism and is lifting all measures despite to rise in cave. in 1900 cases. the 1st direct flight in nearly 2 years landed on thursday. and protests have been held outside the olympic headquarters in switzerland hours before the opening ceremony to the winter games. and beijing activists accused the committee of complicity and atrocities committed against weakness and tibetans. those were the headlines we'll use to read in half an hour to stay with us. with
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a 100 years ago palestine was a very different place compared with to day it was under british control or mandate. and there were those who suggested it was just an empty land. but in fact, cities like jerusalem had an established commercial sector transport networks and then emerging cultural life. they began to attract arab intellectuals, writers and artists and interests grew and developing new media like cinema and film, making. people were also getting interested in sports and hosting international events and competitions, the municipality of yoga disgust,
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a time to host them arab olympic event. while palestinian athletes won international championships, fema lamba model, viewed them for the iraq, for the organ. when will echo me? would that a are that w should than manila be? is more liberal thus. ok. they would the suki had they are fairly or couple in neck b has i love will tulip the shirt quillen mueller coming bother and has them both on the studio will bottle and live nanny will bought a little muscle. they feel welcoming. i le shabbots animal hammond, i updated on la than mom that up on. but i, like i said, it's in one how america will do that a shot, and it's her yearly due to cinema, to stammer less. let's walk out loud. de la fleur, due to cinema the how about the la monica circle? free? we see a few how come on she might see a see you really busy. a viagra mom out of lamazzo is did a few come on or would most likely yet to be a one measured duck? was if you come on out of buffalo ah,
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alongside commerce and culture and active political movement developed during the ottoman era, palestine had representatives in the chamber of deputies, the lower house of the ottoman parliament. but at the start of the british mandate, the palestinian national movement began to take shape in jerusalem. it called for the independence of palestine. the 1st arab, palestinian congress was organized by local muslim and christian groups in 1919. it's 30 attendees denounced the british mandates and called for their different groups to unify under one association no hobbling to so the just took a good minute on bomb le harder cassius,
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the yearly kind of model. deborah philosophy, user covian, min, our daughter, jodi lamar, her door. v, as well as the clar lopez with defer will, as i will clarity where i lie, a little for sydney. and he can, theodora computer should dunlab mall door. it's linda sassy, highly. of course all the usual you'd maria holland thus live to smile inactive digney a sheer ok but big the minute the or just ah, sam and some of you were had with that again 0 if you medina the what's not the modern lim yesterday. mr. the whole happy of them for coming or seen hunter a lot come out and slam alarm was there a higher than what the hard accidentally meal from sienna hold one minute how i lay couldn't else out of our she had some source we'd better than ought to be in what let me in for 9 am. and then with that i should have
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little an anal from my neck to one of them. the model had them hooked up as an ipad the end. but any decisions taken by these congresses were increasingly overshadowed by a growing phenomenon in the 19 twenties and thirties, immigration, the zionist movement had grown up in europe in the late 19th century, lobbying for a homeland for the jewish people. the pressure at put on the british government led to a major announcement in november 1917. the balfour declaration was named after the british foreign secretary arthur balfour. it was a letter he sent to a leader of the british jewish community, which set that's his majesty's government to do with favor the establishment and palestine of the national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement zone. the subject has been clearly understood that nothing shall be done,
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which will prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non jewish communities in palestine. the eventual impact of the balfour declaration was to encourage you repeat jews to emigrate to palestine. but that impetus had not really built up by 1920 helena northerner in missouri. the so tunnel is the amount is law you. and if you fall asleep few marolla confession delay had the will are common law. and i am alfred sammy or to saw barsha shaheen. hurdle, master or master or fair share will daughter a says to will marcus, you will a shovel are i will follow soon. if you take a look, the thought i didn't know little more durable are come. min, any user, kabir chemical, mental muscular asli yoni. banana officer fi medina, t of or howl medina tearfully. and i cannot in my,
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the another humphrey velocity or been or did a here or matter. my number home got out is strategic land on my store. confession bill are gone and i mean i'll put them on mute in, in with the money had the am alpha to sammy or to salt osh. either did he owe, didn't the mosier didn't feel medina dear for shamela chuck medina, to offer home and fin oliver. your saw her coming in wires, jarine cannot to stop allah blood. now ma cannot do that. it comes little monarch. what took the scanner jani him now? hello home. while again, while i of the far for your what can you show her drama? her lot also. pharma, leah oh, well, auto being home in mushroom slow, you know, mushroom fashion things began to change. however, as the victorious allied powers of britain, france at leanne, japan discussed how to divide up the old ottoman empire. britain
9:41 am
was granted a mandate for palestine at a conference in the northwest, italian city of some remote in april 1920. this was approved by the league of nations in july 1922. but there was a crucial contradiction within the mandate. members of the zionist movement, including the british politician, herbert samuel, attended the san remote conference. and the balfour declaration was incorporated into the british mandates. but the british also had a dual obligation to govern and conduct policy in palestine on behalf of both jews and arabs. in reality, however, the son reno conference tipped the balance significantly. one wait with that. sure, jenny,
9:42 am
important landmark for designing this. so by 920. when the send remote conference withheld. of course, that was also celebrated as an important victory on the basis of the bow for decoration promise. and also because design is working hard to ensure that the terms of about for the creation would be incorporated into the terms of the mandate itself. so that was a hugely important movement moment and can be compared only with the un decision in 1947 to partition kind of started into jewish doris bobbin. matt, i'm in and young. what neither she i'm on for it's i'm usually in madame lindsey, debbie. tony, be shuttled was me battalion a woman tube. sammy, but it's on the on the philosophy him while we're head. but it's on while we're
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we're yahoo! the saw you and him a thought of my many a funny where the can i had more alyssa, helen, a body of i miss i junia, the order associate and fairly ya for sleep on allah of. while on my son not for the fullest. herbert samuel was wanted to sign his movement, delegates at the sand remote conference. he was then appointed british high commissioner for palestine in july 1920. but before he took office, he visited the region. some of his meetings were monitored and published in the press. the surviving records shed light on the tense relationship between samuel and palestinian leaders, as well as his attempt to persuade them to share land with jewish immigrants. i see a group of jews in your country who can help you construct your land and teach you the economics in a good homeless way or country has enough only for it and willing people to
9:44 am
properly invest in our land. and believe a lot of states affairs without out of the mission of the dupes. but if the jews came to your country, they build the on planted lands, which are an excess to your people's needs. that all know and glanced at lands and over country except for some small areas that are oh, fit for agricultural we will definitely have to plant and invest in them in the future because a lot of people really produce in big numbers. thank god. each one of us as an average of 7 children, we must repair lunch for them. have here that you are one of the founding villainous leaders. i'm not one of design is. we know that you're one of the key zionist leaders. you organize your finances. now that you've seen her situation and heard our wishes, you must have realized that our land doesn't fit other people and that we won't let
9:45 am
bizarre in the stead. as long as we live till harlem allotted me, she ended up put on c i. then we'll see ended up, but he thought i had lunch at off while or debit. what'll be 2nd? i am glad that i'm, i'm even be lacking. people will say this kind of humbled all the under shobit policy. and i was about who bought out into the way that is going to put us like on here. what is it, what, what a fellow are you gonna hold it off? when i say, look, we've got a bunch live in my is that i get back on, i get them in the what you live in my, the preferred you got my gun at them. megan pulled out that black was the walk of luck in a have been my thoughts up the increasing tension between arabs and zion, as jews boiled over when they clashed in jerusalem in august 1929 in what's known as the boot off uprising.
9:46 am
the most powerful country on earth promised to create a national home for the jewish people. so whatever the progress that palestine has made under the ottomans one to the british it was over shuddered certainty by by what was happening politically. for example, jennifer, which was the most cousin, farmington city in palestine. her diary as well as jurors living room was well learned for it sir. cinemas, for example, joe, in the mandatory period. and clearly there were the strong local culture and so and so forth. but everything was dominated by the politically challenging situation of the british having conquered the country
9:47 am
and promised it to promised turn it into a national home for another people. jewish immigration became the main plank of the purchase mandate. most east european jews wanted to go to america or to western europe. 1925 more jews went to palestine than to america because of restrictions in jewish immigration. so for example, by 1935, which was the peak of jewish immigration during the mandate, the immigration reached over 65000, just one. yes. what's more,
9:48 am
the british mandate allowed jewish immigrants to become palestinian citizens, palestinians. we never consulted about these things. and again, it's to do with the overall strategy, promoting the idea of a jewish national home in palestine. from 1920 onwards, i was formalized in the mandate, which came into force in 1923 and granted palestinian citizenship to jewish immigrants. absolutely. ah oh yeah. maria looked out, was in sienna, cool, but both philistine again his. hm. i thought a little while gillian luma. sultani really older louis, look better. auxiliary. you'd wanna look at so from mazda, then why shouldn't be more guard mortality unassailable heart of italy, the corman hurricane. so you only, you'd be the aussies foreclosure the bomb. well, but good. my mother, tom saw
9:49 am
a jazzy memory little more buffy him. a yo would say when he understood the lo fi a leader to lead. but if on the ye young sandal nor men her muscle be yell at norman mary, if you must book another english in why that is, and i have, i'm with them or but deli at arbor elk, a few men agency, yet were leisure, was at the sofa, lillia hood dawna, a hock loam, feel hostile aaliyah. one the lane walk that walks out while harker alert like o'neill message here i any of your audio? if data of public fly in a, your hoard will, a dark in the philistine lithia had shut? are they in bed or should i never left ian layers at shop? when i would have had that a layer, there are what is that what they are, but, and allegra shape if it was seen as the heck one thicket had the sucker,
9:50 am
hot them about that other get up. in december 1947, the british announced that their mandate for palestine would end the 5 months later this led to increased violence by armed scientist, jewish groups. on the 14th of may 1948 the day before the mandate ended the head of the jewish agency, david ben gordon proclaimed the establishment of the state of israel. the new state incorporated, 78 per cent of mandatory palestine over $700000.00 palestinians were forced from their homes and became refugees in neighboring countries. garth assuming philosophy in mechanics foggy at the column and i'm a semi barava philosophy, a sharp confusion lawsuit filed one more for garrick. madame,
9:51 am
well darn bullying, doctor, you must be safer. be ever back up this off of the body yet and be sand. and last, when bill said, belinda, rumbly mil could be there, a man in wooden the fullest honey. good heavy in was i sat in the to abad incentive for seni, why so? so good l o moran, alicia you know his and full teeny and how to go finally i'm a december. we had man of at the for the family at the popular. okay. what are the so can call her the human shad? said the old bill for either allah wires you're in almost all to him. and the old a latino was already had the lead, mcgross, gardonia, and all the gunners. i believe if you aren't them and automate, if i were to bring them at the moment. i'm elected popular p minute, modern america. zia, mobile, charlotte and. but at coercion. what as herb was so fun, we'll talk a lot. miller, my hygiene earlyhood min, more than of us. par dounia middle school in philosophy when bershana dun,
9:52 am
dun boating, home feel we ought. well, and my 2nd and fullest, the me, you know, again i had my super settlement cupboard you can can between your how to cuz i only use robot he had the last ard, left men in wylie and let's say, templeton county, how do manadis gambling, montgomery, missouri, fuqua, when we're done, we're done. we left admit in missouri. i saw you on lisa, come in, yoga been hi cash sir to be there when you did. did her cash the so the when you were, when her cash issue act crazy or, and her back it be sure to back he should list met back then
9:53 am
the shoot, tick t to when you add a b to said the maria of who were then this year to latino, any with ah much there asli yoni hodge that i had well a little bullet. what us will buy, your aunt will must one will, will you will say you're on wife, she nastily. believe you will. how that will our with cinema will, missouri will, will know, could share macabre. luke, what does that mean? massage it cannot good later. or how well her duck, hook mo,
9:54 am
slope up. but i sample goodman. oh, what was did oh god. right in the edge of when you're going, we're not going to buy them on the alamo lobby. well, nur lunesta, when i look on my la la la dablin, i could pull him up a clue what the plan, medical surgical mclamery. it shows on it the seller and coleman terika will be play. so again, the band hall you could be thought of could although you could, must huddle thy bow, madame, in what had. but probably, alba shall ye behalf mental passive behalf minute i am. and yet to very you will is rami you will have abbey huck go and young enough. so why the herschel mchenry. ha ha, ha ha po battalion yadi la bay and yahoo!
9:55 am
the law must not when the allah shaddick to face or alia. don't really believe g b phill harlem. phillip to trod with them. not in your shower. hockey. had that will actually horrible. men. medina? he la are you was yeah, very oh. where the 50 met. fucker and i don't. loki limited were had, had documented what are the now taking mr. had is a fully horrible nozzle. no digital cause if well amaya roscoe, he does minim pleasure. lamazzo ad hoc in san angelo in san angelo mckinney me. lemme yet i'm at coronado. tell me that he'll abuto. like a sudden call he lisa took up the vehicle. yes sir. okay. so the car was out on it . took on to him. i was funny. got was there was data fabric. if matt be from sushi g i g flowed by. yeah. no,
9:56 am
and my chevy truck through bish lab is scheduled. i d i had said when it is leakage . oh, and a gen m i t t. she said i lab work there. now us with 30 bet. fuck frederick, who was that? all in lebanon, and he said, the buffalo, a 100 out of my hus fish lab. well shall do it. oh, do lets you said you had a mo, do i do a slow surgery in gen. thank sir. looks clearly confused. because ah
9:57 am
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world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. ah, there when you stop the wind, it is tangier, cuz sometimes you get seasonal cold winds. so for down down the gulf, the sun gets to work and it gets pretty warm. the temperature react could be $29.00 degrees or fried dough house at $25.00. it's quite a contrast. me come for the north, still with a late winter storm blowing things into nolan, egypt, and saudi liked. he had a sandstorm running through the ne, hitting southern iraq, eventually q 8, some showers to follow of rain or snow in the higher ground of northern iraq. and iran might see a shower to near q 8, and that band is going to head slowly sizes, but then fizzle out. here is the picture on saturday. the remaining shall still
9:59 am
blowing in a lighter wind down in gather city. for example, maybe in beirut, sons out in cyprus, probably most of egypt and all of turkey for a nice change because things are marched on this as well as there will be. there's been snow in toronto itself, rather than just the mattress area of this part of iran. and the could be a little bit more mostly we're talking about rain showers. it's warm for the sas is quite woman, something pakistan units. but the shamal has picked up by this time, not a cold one that could well be a dusty one at his dusty australia and the southern part of saudi arabia. a quick word on what's on its way to madagascar. but sir, i a nasty looking tropical cycling. ah, there was a time when the aka vanguard river flowed through enough to sustain life in the northern calahan deserts all year round. but that's changing. we follow 3 men in different parts of the van go down. they faced drought,
10:00 am
wild animals and man made threats in the constant fight was a vital risk in it all. but swan and al jazeera oh, i presenting a united front on the ukraine crisis. russian president vladimir putin arrives in china for talks ahead of the opening ceremony. of the winter olympics, ah, you're watching old life from a headquarters in delphi and the also ahead leader of ice or has been killed. the raid by us special forces took place in syria as it lead province. more than half a 1000000 people have now died from.


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