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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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presidential bypass, threatened president political, severe economic sanctions saying if conflict occurs, it could be the largest invasions world war 2 kinds implemented talks if use hostilities. what we live for moscow were you the latest development on al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianna mossey. welcome to the news our life from london coming out in the next 60 minutes. all eyes on bay ging as the 2022 winter olympics officially opens . but there's also scrutiny over china's corona virus response, and it's human rights record. presenting a united front, the chinese and russian leaders commit to a stronger strategic relationship. response to sorry,
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relations with the west rescue was work around the clock defined a 5 year old boy was falling into a deep well in northern morocco and finding their own way south african researches develop a corona virus job based on madonna's m r n. a vaccine. ah . hello and welcome to the news our top story. china is present. gigi, ping as open the winter olympics and a spectacular ceremony in beijing. nearly 3000 athletes are in a strict bubble because of coven 19. no foreigners able to watch and compete. and there's a diplomatic boy caught in, protest at human rights abuses, despite all that, athletes are ready to go for gold. david stokes reports now. thornton g. olympia couldn't long way. try more. ah, after
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a trouble build up the 24th winter olympics have officially begun in beijing. the venue for friday's opening ceremony was the birds nest stadium originally built for the summer olympics, back in 2008. it's the 1st city ever so spoke the winter and summer games. dear fellow olympians, your olympic stage is set you are for i fear after overcoming so many challenges. but now you are more with this come the moment you have been longing for like the tokyo olympics last year. coping 19 has given these games a different complexion that taking place inside a closed loop system, keeping competitors and staff away from the general public athletes must get tested for carbon 19 daily. and there were no foreign fans with only a small handpick domestic audience allowed to attend. some of the world's best winter athletes are unable to compete after testing positive. this is much tougher
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than injury because you aren't putting yourself out. let's take the risk. it's just the risk is everywhere around us, and i really feel for those athletes, i can't, i can't even imagine how it must be to day 4 years of work and then at the last minute. so had that taken away by something that's out of your control. several world leaders have traveled to beijing for the games, but other nations including the u. s. britain and canada have declared a diplomatic boycott over china's human rights record. specifically, its treatment of muslim wages, china to no use human rights abuses. the people's republic of china is perpetrating a campaign of gross human rights violations, including janet sought over the next 2 weeks as an urgent moral duty to shine a bright light on the many human rights violations being perpetrated by the host nation. beijing 2022 organized as say the games will be carbon neutral. oh, venues will be powered by renewable energy. and 5 of them have been repurposed from
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2008, but with very little slow, full, more than 200000000 liters of water have been used to generate fake powder for the alpine locations. let's not be name in the artificial snow is used in a consistent way for decades. you oh, in a winter, a competitive sport. what is really important, like for any other activities that the we, we practice is to try to do it in the most efficient way. with the lead up to the olympics dominated by politics and carbon knowing team, most of the athletes will have the focus now shifts to the action as may be 3000 competitors from 91 nations. for it to take home a gold medal. david stokes al jazeera, the auto one is a senior china, as such, if human rights watch joins us live now for me or by skype. so what are your expectations about the general reaction and how things might unfold with the games over the next couple of weeks?
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well, i would say, you know, i mean courage did that to a certain leaders of certain countries didn't go, but i'm still disappointed at that to many leaders went, you know, we saw putting was there, this was not i expected, you know, i would say, you know, the un secretary general gero secretary antonio could hear it showed up and the gave a speech, you know, we reached that he didn't, you know, being part of that scene. all we likely to hear any statements or remarks regarding china's human rights violations against wiegand muslims and other ethnic groups. well, i mean, i d, the head of the you and he mentioned vaguely the word, the phrase human rice by did it. he didn't say anything regarding she just specifically or any kind of human rights violation pertaining to china specifically . so, i mean, we wish you that he would speak more forcefully about this rather than just vaguely used to word human rights. are we likely to hear anything from the, the athletes?
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do you think? well, i mean it's, you know, it's their decision whether they want to exercise their free speech, but to we are no given the political contest to, there are risks. the chinese government alpha shows already sad, you know, assets will go to china must, to a, you know, in compliance with chinese, los a regulations. and we all know that a chinese, but government has a history or prosecuting on a peaceful critics of the government by using all kinds of, you know, vaguely ward in the loss. so i mean, asked me to take the message in and many, you know, just try to be safe. they probably chose to self assessor. but what about china threatening to punish athletes for any kind of demonstration or condemnation? is that an unprecedented for this sort of situation?
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well, i mean, we all know what happened to the chinese attorneys start, i'm sure she's in olympia, she just made a one social media post, you know, alleging sexual assault allegation again, is the chinese official. then she disappeared or her entire existence was wiped off . the chinese internet. so i mean, as you know, most of the acids in our chinese athletes, but there are risks and the government has been, you know, threatened using vague regulation laws. so i think, you know, that's a warning sign to athletes. but i suppose you all tentative would be if a china, if there was to be an even greater boy caught them, we've already seen. or if the games won't be held in china, it's unlikely to change any of the issues and concerns that you talk about. it's not likely to change the behavior of the government. well, i think, you know, the diplomatic boycott is the 1st step and they are more actions should have been
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taken by various governments. the u. s. government has already passed to reger forced labor prevention act, which any effect bands or imports originated from john. that's a consequential at to because they are lot sinks made a change out, you know, half of the words caught in, i made any changes. so i think other governments, the u. k. government, you know, austria, governments should take similar actions to, you know, address the serious heroes violations in china. when you say you speak about the rights violations or is such a clash? isn't that between the, the hosting of these games and the circumstances and in the context that we're talking about how much of a sort of moral or ethnic dilemma does not present for anyone that chooses to engage in these games? the fact that you have so many thousands of people who are imprisoned in concentration camps on the basis of their faith and f,
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misty. absolutely. i mean, the chinese government is using the game to legitimize its policies, including terrible human rights violations, to showcase to the world. and you know, we deliver it to 2008 summer olympic games. the same city is deliver the wintering, pick games, it's the 1st time ever in history that to, to olympic games happened in one city. we try to show how capable we are. and this is a completely a political thing and you know, and for the i o c to say, you know, this is not political. it's, you know, completely farce. you know, try one. thank you very much. joining us that from new york from human rights watch . thank you for having me. so hearing earlier on, a russian president let him attrition was one of the few world leaders to attend the beijing opening ceremony. earlier he held talks with a chinese counterpart in the 1st face to face meetings at the start of the pandemic
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. and they presented a united front on foreign policy issues as katrina you now reports from beijing. mm hm. wanting to latter mid putin and she didn't pay a will standing shoulder to shoulder been doing sharing what they describe as an unshakable called the leaders of russia. and china met ahead of the opening of the winter olympics in beijing thinking it's the 1st time president she has met a foreign counterpart in person. would since the beginning of the pandemic conflict of certain the true story or spirit of friendship and the strategic partnership. her router, the unprecedented level, bozo or maria ad there. so she went to olympics 80 years ago. we promised to meet again. we have kept that promise given to the leaders, signed a joint statement, presenting a united front on a range of foreign policy issues, all what they called for nato to end it expansion youth and for the military alliance to abandon it. the so called cold war approach, they also denounced the orca security alliance between the united states with
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britain and australia on the team and the formation of further blocks in the asia pacific. we also will, the statement comes as both russia and china experience souring ties with the u. s . 2 and it's western european allies. but doors allies are also at arts from what they see that the west is not speaking with one voice and has some division. so this benefit spoke, russia and china. the visit comes as tensions escalate over the presence of more than $100000.00 russian soldiers on its border with ukraine. washington, his threatening to impose tough sanctions on moscow. should its forces invade? they g says russia, security concerns are legitimate. the intentionally here here is to send a very clear message to the west. that's russia has options that russia china relationship is a possible alternative for, for moscow that is, is not going to be backed into
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a corner. can leaders are expected to find 15 agreements on issues ranging from trade to technology during potent visits? winter we russia will increase gas applies to china, and has announced a 30 year contract for a new pipeline between the 2 nations. china already received gas through what's name to the power of siberia pipeline that began pumping supplies in 2019 economic support from china could undermine any western method to punish any possible russian incursion into crane. but anne was say, an even bigger concern, is it possible deepening of military corporation between moscow and they do? she didn't being has often spoken of his deep friendship with vladimir putin who was the 1st major leader to confirm his attendance at the dating winter olympics. the u. s. u k, canada and australia have not sent officials to the vet in protest against china's human rights record. katrina, you al jazeera, they ging,
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or diplomatic efforts to containing a convey trying to fears tensions of the build up of russian troops that ukraine's border. germany's chancellor is expected to fly to both russia and ukraine next week for talks and the french present. emanuel macklin will also travel to moscow and key of next week at ash motley has more now from paris. the french president emanuel my call is hoping to use some of his powers of pers, no persuasion to try and de escalate the crisis with russia. ukraine when he arrives in the russian capital on monday to meet of vladimir putin, the russian leader. now the 2 men had a telephone call on thursday evening. we understand it last just an hour. and this is the 3rd time that the tooth spoken on the phone in the past few weeks is all part of the french president efforts to really try and push diplomacy to try and put the european union back at the center of diplomacy. because the lisa are very
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adamant that this isn't about a manual micro, on a solo mission to moscow, representing from this is a manual mike crawl, trying to talk to russia on the hall for the european union. france has the rotating presidency of the european union at the moment, and he is traveling to moscow very much on behalf of the e. you, it's worth also noting that micro will be going to care just after his meeting with president putin. no doubt, to brief the landscape, the ukrainian president on the talk that he had with the russian leader or russian backs that protest in east and ukraine of set up training comes the next generation of fighters. instructors, say students are taught about patriotism in self defense. and as charles stratford found in the town of mac years ago, that means and allegiance to russia. who's teenagers, a, some of the 5000 members of a youth movement in the pro russia,
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separatists controlled region of east in ukraine. they are all still at school. you know, me roughly translates to army of the use in structures. many of them form a separatist fighters say they teach patriotism and how to defend the self declared republic of dement job. 8 years of conflict with ukraine remains unrecognized by any country in the world. even its main baca, russia, the students. it's also a range of skills including martial arts, 1st aid and assembling, and disassembling weapons, which we are not allowed to film. 14 year old christina joined 2 years ago after her cousin was killed during fighting between the russian bank separatists ukrainian army. just think of it ocean much. it's very painful for me when i remember she was like, my brother i joined because of his death because i wanted to remember those last in
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the war, especially. we don't want to make the same mistakes that we did when to soviet union was attacked in world war 2. murals in the school. cordele celebrate russian history and cultural figures like the novelist and poet alexander, pushkin. a map shows crimea painted in the colors the russian flag. so i started to come on doing today's class. she's about the victory of soviet forces over the nazis. and the bustle of stalingrad considered one of the bloodiest battles in history, claiming around 2000000 lives. just to the cliff that i don't unami feels like my 2nd family, my 2nd home when you go through so much together, you become very close to our bit of the nation develops our patriotism, we remember and a proud of our predecessors. and i want to eventually serve in the army outside students prepare for a mock battle. we split into 2 opposing sides and fired each other using laser guns
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and stacks of tires as cover. but this isn't just again, this might look like fun, but of course it has serious implications. and it's important to recognize that there are similar youth groups on ukrainian government control side also being trained like this. there they, it's whole, the danger is what ukraine is described as of russian expansionism with its roots in the soviet past. here it starts to tell the children that the danger isn't ideology that has huge residents with both the young and the old. they are working. ok he no the near work for susan. ukraine is not our enemy fascism. is it? the enemy and 2014. when the conflict started, we were standing up against fascists. like our grandparents did, we can say we have enemies. our only enemy is fascism. we don't want to just to
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make fresh isn't our friends? but christina and the friends are too young to fully understand how history can be manipulated to serve military or political ends in any conflicts. if you could almost as away on the abandoned ruins of homes and places where children once played destroyed in 8 years of war with no peaceful solution in sight, a conflict into which the young on both sides a being drawn. charles stafford al jazeera, don't ask. so i had for you on the news out. we look at the remote region of columbia where a tough one, but she, rival groups of rebels is damaging the election campaigns. i'm out. i'm rainy in northern port school home for europe, largest lithium, deposit local here, whose families date back generation say a proposed lithium mine threatens their way of life. and it's sometimes wrong.
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we've got a action from the folks at the turn. the news now rescues inching closer to reaching a young boy trapped in a well in northern morocco. 5 year old fell into the study to me to deep hole outside his home on choose day. such crews using 5 boulders is too big vertically. the operation has been hampered by concerns about ground stability. hundreds of people have gathered at the scene, hoping to see the boy safely recovered. well, either allow me, as american freelance journalist on joined us now from paris. and so this is quite extraordinary. this little boy has survived already several days deep inside this hole, and it seems to be a story that attracted a great deal of attention. yeah,
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it's a very compelling story. people are waiting to hear what's gonna happen. there. there has been some footage of the boy inside the well, and i think that's probably why attracted more attention. we can see that he's still breathing, but the rescue efforts are ongoing and are a very risky operation. how often does something like this happen in the country is a fairly sort of regular occurrence. it's hard to assess and to say something specific, but it's fair to say that it's not uncommon. and so in terms of what does that say about infrastructure, all safety measures that have been taken, if it's something that keeps on happening and obviously now it's affecting this little boy, i mean, is it incited some sort of public reaction or anger towards the government of course, i mean this, this is an interesting story in the sense that at 1st it was just the villagers
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there were trying to pull him out. and then there was a lot of outreach and for media, and this is when much more serious operation was undertaken. but it really took a lot of anger from moroccans to, to get there. it took a few days. that's why it took so long. i mean, in addition to the operation being so complicated, obviously the hope is that he will be pulled out safe and well, this because of the, the way the story is captivated so many people in just the amount of attention it's gone. it says it's also very high stakes in their affairs about whether or not he will survive or if it's been over 78 hours that he's been down there. he's barely conscious. you've probably seen a photo of him would love the cover his head. and there is the fear
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of everything collapsing, so the ground is not stable. this is such a tricky situation for everyone involved. the people in charge, the one, the rescuers to also get trapped. it's just so complicated to get him out of there and everyone is waiting and hoping that they will what we know about this particular area, the location of this well, and is there anything known about the little boy's family? little is known about them. what we know is that in a mountainous region in morocco and sort of ne morocco and that's the bit far from everything. what we know is that the boy was with his dad when the accident happened, and he just fell so good that he wasn't his dad in the sense that they know exactly where he fell. it's dry. well, that allowed him not to drown. but other than that little is known
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because, i mean there have been live streams of creation, but the parents are kind of just villagers who live in the kind of the middle of nowhere and morocco and we don't know more about them. all right, thank you very much for joining us. either me appreciate it. you're welcome your opinion as blacklisted molly's transitional prime minister and members of the military gin to which took over and last year's crew. 5 individuals were hit with tribal bonds and asset freezes, but not cooley there himself. a senior goiter, multiple sanctions were imposed last month by west africa, sweden, organization. eco. was often the military gentle delayed elections that were due to take place this month until 2025. a flare up of violence in northwest in ethiopia. despite thousands of students and south sudanese
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refugees. and the united nations refugee agency says it's a race against time to bring them food. and medical cap violence is focused on the spanish jungle. google is region which is home to $70000.00 sudanese and south sydney's refugees. but also more than half a 1000000 internally displaced ethiopians. you and hcr says the fighting, broke out in the town of tango between federal forces and on identified on groups. on january 18th, a refugee camp was looted and bond 2nd facilities to be destroyed since late december. more than $20000.00 people have now been displaced, and many of them have made their way on foot to areas near the regional capital. so some do and 8, she said that it's a fiyot opperation needed 335000000 dollars this year, but only 9 percent of that has been funded so far. what i spoke to you in refugee agency spokesmen, devon grabanko rich, and he explained the steps being taken to help with honorable the canvas were
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looted burned, and some 22000 refugees who hosted they were forced to flee yet again. and now to find refuge in 3 different locations within the region now. and what we are trying now is to bring them to safety to working with the government counterparts. this is the refugees and written the service of the deal here, as well as with other humanitarian partners in for us, bringing them to you know, save locations, but also to secure the emergency assistance that is really life saving in the situations and government cooperating with here because as you say, you have 20000 refugees you've been forced to feel though i know the figures are a little bit uncertain. but as you mentioned, overall the region has 70000 sidney's and south sydney's right here,
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but also some half a 1000000 internally displaced ethiopians. exactly. yes. and yes, we're working very closely with the government. the government was very quick to identify a temporary site near another camp in the region of the chemical, sorry exactly, to house those 20000 refugees from the 2 camps that have been abandoned. and thankfully, the government was very quick to, to establish actually that the temporary site where these people can find safety. can i ask if government is giving you access to 10 by the great we have had, and we are operating into great. so we do have access to, to various locations that were working there, which is known are the,
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the problems around the, the delivery of humanitarian assistance there. which is much needed to help. not only be the some 20, the, the trend refugees in the 2002 grey, but also to hundreds of thousands, actually 1000000 millions of the internally displaced people who were also assisting there as we are assisting in other parts of the p o. p. including diminishing was region and because of that is such a desperate humanitarian situation inside to gray. i know you said you're working with the government and giving you access, but is it enough to be able to meet the needs of people there who are reportedly suffering from hunger installed ation. it is well known that to be the assistant that is coming through is by far not sufficient to cater for really,
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very basic needs of the most vulnerable people there. and i said we're working on a daily basis, but the government's ensure that that, that this system comes in both with the central government, but also with the regional authorities. right now actually is ally from london much more than i had on the program, living through the covey tragedy. india pos is half a 1000000. death might, could be much more helter skelter finished. los angeles, darby in the m. b a with the role play, fight the clip is reggie jackson will have all that action later in ah well, snow swept across the british isles on this cold front didn't settle for the most
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part. it because it's quite cold enough. now, you know, it's february, the real cold air still in eastern europe, where any stay that falls tend to settle. but london's at 10 edinburgh at 7. so this windy weather really leaves the snow more or less just in norway. it's pretty fine for most rest. you've been quite warm in spain. push attempts to come down a little bit in analisia, but this is where the winter proper continues. scotland. yep. north, not least, the mountains of norway maybe occasionally in denmark and southern suite attempt to copenhagen, for example. just about don't effort to settle briefly. subtle this, as i said, generally fine. but in fact, if you're in france and increasingly in switzerland, it will become a cloudy and then a snowy day up on the mountains, still sunny for most of spain, and indeed italy and greece as well. even in turkey, things improving that light on shore breed brings a few showers, lebanon, and maybe syria. big picture in africa, north africa. the hamilton still blows, not as strong as before, but it's a dry one other than that dry,
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but dusty it madagascar saturday afternoon. we'll see the i war or but said i a major psycho hit. i ready? sparsely populated madagascar, but it's damaging storm ah, discover a world of difference determination. i'm talking about when we am with freedom char soldiers, among the 16 people with corruption and compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. cutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the wanting, cato needed to open and development for international shipping companies to become
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a p middle east and her trade and money skilfully, mcdowell, 3 key areas of development filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, carto cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, welcome back. main stories now, spectacular ceremony is open the beijing winter olympic games. nearly 3000 athletes are in a strict bubble because of the ongoing pandemic. and no foreign is able to watch them compete. that image pushes become the 1st foreign leader to meet china's
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changing, paying in person. since the start of the pandemic past that they shed an unshakable bond with west military concerns at the top of their agenda. and rescue work as a trying to save a young boy fell into a study to meet a deep well in northern morocco. fiver old fell into the hole on tuesday evening. now schools, colleges and sports complexes will reopen on monday in india's capital. this, despite the announcement that 500000 people are now known to have died from college at 191 of the highest tolls in the world. but it might actually be underestimated poverty. miss al reports from the daily g. then this a shante can barely speak about what he's experienced. the social worker has been organizing ambulances, but corbett 19 patients, and helping families cremate loved ones who they've lost. he was recently awarded in just port highest civilian off, but would it would be for social media. but because i lived the tragedy people
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witnessed on tv and social media. it was horrendous. one b. i could be reached at $156.00 bodies. we discovered unclean bodies every day. people with bad destitute, i saw children bringing the bodies of their parents. india has recorded the debts of more than 500000 people from covey 19. but some health experts say the actual toys is in the millions, at least half of these occurred last summer. during a surge of infections fueled by the delta variant, overwhelmed hospitals ran out of oxygen and many people died as they were waiting to be admitted. funeral pyres burned across the nation for days, and some families lined up for hours to cremate their dead in the northern states or with their predation. be hard. hundreds of bodies were found floating in the river ganges, and buried by its banks. the government denies claimed the debt all is being under reported. india has used an excessively stringent definition of whitehall,
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condensers, and this leaves no room for things. lake, a person who guides the now deposited s because some guns to be conquered as uncle lynette. several states have recently revised their tallies. caroline, sudden india has increased, its debt, told the most by 20000 over 3 months. and part of the collection isn't ah, being in recognizing that up to a month after the debt deb of the month of took over the admission. if the debt is linkedin and his ways this would be eligible to be counted as a covered debt. so all of this has actually resulted in a whole range of reconciliation of debts and therefore we see the numbers are going up in the recent times which seems a little artificial. while the numbers of people infected by the omicron very have broken records in many states, hospital admissions and deaths have remained relatively low. experts credit that to
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my the symptoms and patients with the variant more than 75 percent of the entire adult population being fully vaccinated. and most children above 15 ring partially innoculated exports and asking the government to expand vaccinations and boosters to protect people against future variance of new midville out of sierra new delhi. the south african pharmaceutical company is releasing a new vaccine to help poor nations are for generous design, developed and produced its own m r n. a vaccine based on madonna's successful job. the average in research is began with a publicly available sequence of the madonna vaccine. but developed it from there without madonna's help or approval. it's part of a world health organization initiative supporting poor countries after major pharmaceutical companies refuse to share their know how richer nations have bought out most of the walls vaccine supply. while the vaccination rate in low income countries is only 5 percent,
12:36 am
the w h o is said many times this is self defeating as it risks, africa, becoming a permanent covert breeding ground. petro, turbo lunch is the managing director of africa and the company that develop the vaccine. she says the breakthrough will have an impact beyond the pandemic. because at 19 is the catalyst. we bullying and demonstrating capacity and capability as we've just done with this 1st vaccine production. although at glasgow we will then build capacity and build process is to also look at the t b lesser fever and other diseases of relevance in low low and middle income countries. building this capacity and capability will empower lead molina up countries to produce their vaccines. we would not receiving tick technology transfer and we had to develop this on our own, which is good for the team. the fact that we had the opportunity to forward invite working from the sequence, which is great because that is
12:37 am
a learning exercise that bulls substance. the other point is that we were moving much faster than would we would have moved. it was if it, if there was a technology transfer. so anyway, we grateful that we had to move and, and, and empower ourselves. we are looking for support on the sky up and we are getting fantastic technical support across the globe from organizations who have already done some skyler. and we believe that in the next 6 months, we will scale up and we will produce the campus, good manufacturing practice vaccine ready for clinical trials. and that is the savings that eve african. and we have to demonstrate as an our vaccine meets the quality and safety and efficacy standards of the best vaccines in the world. madonna, by on, take that to the general public wolf support receiving a vaccine which is localized in africa for africa. americans have been pushing their jobs in record numbers,
12:38 am
especially low wage walk. it's partly due to health fears and generous stimulus. payouts to to the pandemic. manage is having to get creative to entice them back. as christian soon, we found out in the jesse staff incentives a getting bigger and bolder beach weather is still months away. but businesses along the new jersey coast are already looking to fill summer jobs, including more than $400.00 at this boardwalk, fund zone. if we don't have the employees in virtually like we had to do last, you had a shorter hours, so a lot of the guess a one to come. we couldn't stay open and see the whole time that we usually do. so a lot of guests are disappointed in that, so we're hoping we can go back to our regular operating hours. we just need to have those employees to fill those long days. nearby restaurants are also looking for more help. normally we'd wait till april or may to start hiring for the summer. we're starting now at the robinson ale house. they've raised their starting salaries to $15.00 an hour. well above the states minimum wage. places that rely on
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tourism like here on the jersey shore really have struggled, but labor shortages are a factor nation wide across retail and service industries. many businesses that have been dealing with supply chain issues, forcing them to raise prices are also now having to raise wages. big chains like macy's, department store, have cut operating hours. others are getting creative, offering bonuses in the case of this pizza delivery chain, cash incentives for customers who pick up their own orders. some states have even deployed the national guard in response to health care workers shortages experts, blame fewer child care options for working parents and generous government benefits during the pandemic for the problem. i think there's jobs to become a lot more unpleasant. we've also giving people lot of money. they're not still getting money, but they certainly got a lot of money over the last couple years. they have less need to work. and also they have more options. other say, the pandemic lead many people to rethink how work fits into their lives and to
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question whether jobs involving long hours and low pay are really worth it. industry groups, including the national retail federation, are pushing the government to authorize more work pieces for immigrants to make up for the shortages. for every worker is looking for a job, there is almost 2 jobs open that they can choose from. so that's really putting a strain on our, on our, on our members for sure. with the pandemic and it's special unemployment benefits beginning to fade away. they're hoping to bring back the workers and the fun before the summer tourism season. really heats up. kristin so me al jazeera seaside heights, new jersey all despite that chronic staff shortage in the u. s. the job market or in onyx picked it up, turn in january. well, the $700000.00 more jobs are created in the month of november and december. the white house is hailing figures design, the economy report has remained strong despite the fact that this morning,
12:41 am
the ford caps off my 1st year's president over that period are trying to recreate it. 6.6000000 jobs, 6600000 jobs. you can't remember another year when so many people went to work in this country. there's a reason it never happened. or france as often military support. the united arab emirates, falling drone attracts at donna's house by whose the rebels, french armed forces will deploy jersey to help reinforce the mit defense system. operations will be conducted from the i'll duffer air base to detect and intercept any drones or missile attacks. the u. s. is also offered to san fighter jets. the u . e has been hit by several attacks over the past few weeks. and escalation of the conflicts in yemen. a group setting up emergency shelters in madagascar as a tropical cycling approach is less than 2 weeks after another storm killed at least 58 people cycling batter. sariah is expected to force around 150000 people
12:42 am
from their homes. coastal areas of already been evacuated and schools were closed on friday. during the last storm, dozens of people were killed by landslides and buildings collapsed or washed away forecast to say this site and could be stronger intensifying to a category for before making landfall on saturday. now fighting between that rival rebel groups in colombia is affecting campaigning for next month. congressional elections for the 1st time voting include so called special electoral districts for peace, which created under the 2016 p seal with the armed group fark. it is alessandra b, at your reports from at alca, a renewed, tough or for control of cocaine trafficking and on the lucrative crimes is overshadowing the political campaign. farmer and congressional candidate to join us live the horror of columbia conflict. first hands a local victim leader. he's running for office for
12:43 am
a special electoral district for peace created to give a voice to under represented people like him. but the return of violent confrontation between arm groups in that ok as made, campaigning, impossible, vicinity? i meant there were some we are just sitting still trying to work in the village, talking to friends, knocking on doors when possible. more than 60 people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a conflict between 11 rebels and dissident groups of 4 or 5 gravels. we had planned to follow giovanni, handing out flyers and visiting a perspective voter. but as we were leaving, he had a change of heart. but he said, yeah, when i was, i don't think we should be a nice thing for me to take you around town and be on the news telling people what my plan is. what i want to do if i win, but right now will put us at risk the little campaigning that is happening is limited to the main urban center. that's because all candidates are saying it's
12:44 am
just too dangerous to travel to rural areas, even on main roads like this one. because the groups are known to set up checkpoints at any time. the situation is also affecting regular candidates. older cassidy's was running for a traditional seat in the house of representatives has campaigned, in at alca for years, and this momentous that we are putting our lives in the crossfire to campaign. and we accept silencing ourselves and confinement to try to sustain democracy. but unlike a man, he says, the situation is as bad as at the height of the conflict. he's running most of his campaign on social media go. yeah, it was organizing a meeting in for tool is impossible. going to the town of life where i was a teacher and getting 4050 people together, also impossible to sit with her kaiser, the local human rights official says political and social leaders have become the main targets of the arm groups and, and pop in thoughtful sooner on paper,
12:45 am
everything is great. the government is fulfilling its obligation to the victims who can vote on these elections. but the reality on the ground is the opposite. on people can't exercise their rights with only running a political campaign in a conflict ridden region like had alca was never easy, but this time was supposed to be different. instead, threats in attacks or once again silencing dis, already marginalized voices. allison that i'm beauty and jessie had alcohol. so had all, and he is out for you, the message for athletes on human rights protests as they're going to eliminate the can't games begin engaging fetal have long sport. oh
12:46 am
ah. oh ah
12:47 am
ah ah portugal is that to decide whether to give the go ahead for europe's largest lithium mine, but local residence, fear the mind could cause a lasting environmental damage. lithium is a chemical element in a metal. it's a key ingredient and the battery is used to power electric vehicles. therefore, plays a key role in producing the use of fossil fuels and fighting climate change. lithium is mainly found in australia and south america. extraction might look pretty, but it comes with its own environmental costs. the main method involves pumping huge quantities of water to, for salt water containing lithium to the surface where it dries out for extraction . it takes more than 2000000 liters of water to mine, a single ton of lithium. this can cause localized shortages or even pollute the
12:48 am
remaining water. alternatively, traditional mining methods can also be used. that means digging up and displacing thousands of tons of earth and rock often in remote and previously unspoilt areas. mass protests in serbia led the government to abandon plans there for a new lithium mine. 2 weeks ago, mining companies now being forced to look for new greener methods of extraction. adarine reports on this now from northern portugal. ida fernandez and her family have been stewards of this corner of northern portugal for 5 generations. a cattle farmer, she's convinced a proposed lithium mine, if approved, would destroy her livelihood and quick mighty streams must have failed. we rely on our perimeter of the proposed mind. it is not green and is not sustainable. it is not going to benefit us and it is going to destroy one more region, rich and water, and pure air and nature and biodiversity. the us food and agricultural organization
12:49 am
has declared this area, but also a globally important agricultural heritage site for the blend of grazing and sustainable farming. the wider area is also home to europe, the largest lithium reserves, a metal key for producing electric car batteries. electric cars are crucial to phasing out fossil fuels and can help europe reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. it's estimated the mind footprint would be $270.00 hector's. besides about 375 football fields. every year the mine would produce enough lithium for up to $600000.00 cars. and over 12 years that would result in a reduction of a 100000000 tons of c o 2 from the atmosphere. climate change is a huge challenge and to the carbon as economy, we need to get him for our electric vehicles. that's, that has a cost, and we want to minimize it by excluding the areas where social and environmental
12:50 am
impact is considerable. if they made a little bit, peters doesn't feel she's on the cusp of the environmental revolution. she points to where the mines perimeter would be, and you've been the worry about the destruction. it could cause any ruining our lives. we are here in a little corner of the world that they're going to damage opposition to the mine run strong signs against it, like this one are found across the community. that's despite the promise of obs and region people continue to leave behind in search of opportunities. we spoke to the company waiting for approval from the environmental agency. our plans will have 0 impact on the last styles or practices of farmers in the region. i think, you know, millions of european town and city dwellers are really trying to appreciate the, you know, the transformation. but electric mobility will like to the quality of lodge in the
12:51 am
cities of europe. government officials point out environmental and strategic benefit of mining, lithium in europe. and if our objective is to be f, the final, as we can, then i good way to start using those materials which are not source properly outside of europe. and europe has the opportunity to do it in a sustainable way. my dea, loretto isn't convinced she is fernandez show us where mining samples were excavated later says shall lose some of her land to the mine and that what remains will be contaminated in some not. we're not the ones polluting the environment. let the ones pleating pay the bill, not us. a sentiment shared by many who fear they'll pay the price for europe's green energy. adarine al jazeera and northern portugal. peterson doha, with all this for now, including the action so far from the page and really makes the news a locked down beijing winter olympics has been
12:52 am
launched against the backdrop of diplomatic boycotts over how china treats millions of its own people. the athletes ability to speak up for human rights has been discussed in the build up to the games under olympic roles. no political protests can take place on the field of play or podium. but in theory, athletes can say what they like to the media. top us politician, nancy pelosi has warned athletes to focus on they sport rather than risk angering the chinese government. but the head of the usaa olympic committee says there be no outright ban on american athletes speaking out because we didn't issue warnings and we didn't issue proclamations. we simply provided information to them and explained that you know, whether laws of the country or cultures or norms of the country or the environment, and that we find ourselves in the olympic games is a time for us to come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and the olympic values and we, you know,
12:53 am
we promote that with real sincerity. away from the opening ceremony. there's been action for a couple of days in some event so far. the united states has taken the lead off of the opening day of the teen figure skating, winning performances from nathan chin and ice dances, madison hubble, and zachary donahue for them to points clear of the team from russia. we've also seen the 1st action on the slopes with qualification rounds in the moguls. earlier we spoke to for time, winter olympian shami, all cos. who says, despite heavy coven 19 restrictions, the athletes will just be happy to be fighting for middle. in the end of the day, everyone just wants to, to compete and they understand that there's a close out there. i mean, the pictures i seen kind of crazy when i, when the food whole it was all about socializing and it was really promoted to talk to other olympians. and now you've got your plastic clocks one meter by one meter
12:54 am
next to you to just make sure that everyone is possible. and you know, these are big sacrifices to make in terms of your experience. you're getting from the gate and the end of the day we are getting an lympics. and i think that's the most important thing. there's always a chance that your dreams ripped apart at the last minute from injury. this is, this is not tough of an injury because you aren't putting yourself out. let's take the risk. it's just, the risk is everywhere around us. and i really feel for those athletes, i can't, i can't even imagine how it must be to be 4 years of work. and then at the last minute to have that taken away by something that's out of your control. and there's no natural snow in the mountain region. officials know there's been a lot of press about this. but actually over the last decade, sky races have new artificial snow on numerous occasions, more often than not in races. so it is something that can be used to skiing on.
12:55 am
it's very cold. yesterday, it was minus 21 in the mountain region. so the snow is super, super aggressive. it's really, really compressed cold snow. it's not the melt freeze overnight. they may look at injecting it later on in the games we've had with chemicals to make it kind of more ice like unless griffey it's very feeling base this lympics file plants gig is not about force or aggression. it's all about the feel that the know test, the bad. none of the athletes have skied it before. it's a level playing field for everyone. we were slightly nervous about the downhill. it's on the ribbon event and we want to say exciting won't be a challenge. the athlete in every to down to what time speed, technical and gliding. and that was a bit of worry about how this track would be. but we've had 2 training on say, on the site and all the reviews are really positive, like the best all students he is in the world saying this downhill is worthy of the
12:56 am
lympics. and we didn't have that 4 years ago in korea because the nature that's right. so it's really, really positive. i mean, i'm going to start talking about, i'm so excited to see this and it's historic in so many ways the los angeles clippers have beaten the lakers by a point in an n. b, a thriller making a 5 straight winds over. they across town arrivals. there were 5 lead changes in the final 63 seconds of the game. anthony davis put the lakers up 11109. we finished the night with 30 points for the full seconds to go read you. jackson made this lay up to put the clip back out in front. davis would go from here to 0. if you missed that jump short, it would have won the game for the lakers. the clip is taking this 1111110. are you? what is it about the scene? do you guys find yourself in so many dramatic games? on, on are we just want to get the chance? you know, the money's work. so that's,
12:57 am
that's why i think that's why we plan the school. do you enjoy those are 4 or i guess the best mostly best players. oh, i think that's what we all in life. i mean, everybody wants to win, i'm sure, but i don't think you want to blow anybody out. we're just over a week away now from the biggest sporting event in the united states. that is american football super bowl. the cincinnati bengals will take on the los angeles rams for the vince lombardi, trophy at the so far stadium in california, the bangles and the team streak of 31 years without a play off when the season and pulled off a late fight back to beat the kansas city chiefs to the a f c championship. okay, we're going to leave there for now more sports. these will be coming your way again a little bit later, but for now i'm gonna head you back to marry him in london. all right peter, thank you very much. that wraps up the news. allison now i will be back in alignment with another full bulletin for you round up the top stories coming up just a couple of minutes. i'll cc ah
12:58 am
ah ah, in south korea military service is compulsory. ah, but some refused to take part one at one eigth meets those dodging the drop on al jazeera february on august. either china host the winter olympics, but will diplomatically comp and the corona vibrates. overshadow the rigorous
12:59 am
debate. them unflinching question up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom al jazeera, keep you up to date as nascent tackling over covariance amid continued vaccine inequality. one, 0, one east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis. amid record levels of unemployment and extreme inequality. costa, ricans go to the po, february, on august eop, in iran, the head of a mental health hospital experiments with a bold, new treatment. the therapeutic power of love, the prescription roman, against all odds, his patience embraced the matrimonial remedy. but can wedlock lead to becca? well being on his board, the marriage projects,
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witness on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home, we'll put you can use in current affairs that matter to you for me. all eyes on beijing as the 2022 winter olympics officially opens, but as also scrutiny of china's corona virus response. and it's human rights record . ah, hello i mary, i'm to my see. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program, presenting a united front chinese and russian leaders commit to his strongest strategic relationship in response to souring relations with the west.


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