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falling on deaf ears from around the world. for on house people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging process. ah. from the beijing winter olympics kick off, overshadowed by coven 19, and a diplomatic voice caught over china's human rights records. ah, play you watching al jazeera live from to how with me for the battle. also coming up, russia and china present a united front. their leaders commit to a stronger strategic relationship in the face of pressure from the west. the u. s.
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wave, some sanctions on iran, as talks continue to try and salvage your 2015 nuclear agreement. and where in a remote region of colombia where tariff war between rival groups of rebels is damaging the election campaigns. china's president ching paying has opened the winter olympics in b. j. nearly 3000 athletes are in a strict bubble because of covered 19 and foreigners and not allowed to attend. the games have also been overshadowed by concerns of human rights abuses. david stokes reports from g olympia in long way for more after a troubled build up the 24th winter olympics have officially begun in beijing. the venue for friday's opening ceremony was the birds mess stadium originally built for the summer olympics,
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back in 2008. it's the 1st city ever so spoke the winter and summer games. dear fellow linton, your olympic stage is set you are for i fear after overcoming so many challenges. but vow your moment this come the moment you have been longing for like the tokyo olympics last year. coping 19 has given these games a different complexion that taking place inside a closed loop system, keeping competitors and staff away from the general public athletes must get tested for carbon 19 daily. and there were no foreign fans with only a small handpick domestic audience allowed to attend. some of the world's best winter athletes are unable to compete after testing positive. this is much tougher than injury because you aren't putting yourself out. let's take the risk. it's just the risk is everywhere around us, and i really feel for those athletes, i can't,
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i can't even imagine how it must be to day 4 years of work and then at the last minute. so had that taken away by something that's out of your control. several world leaders have traveled to beijing for the games, but other nations including the u. s. britain and canada have declared a diplomatic boycott over china's human rights record. specifically, its treatment of muslim wages, china to noise human rights abuses. the people's republic of china is perpetrating a campaign of gross human rights violations, including genocide. over the next 2 weeks is an urgent moral duty to shine a bright light on the many human rights violations being perpetrated by the host nation. beijing 2020, to organize the say. the games will be carbon neutral. oh, venues will be powered by renewable energy. and 5 of them have been repurposed from 2008, but with very little snow full. more than 200000000 liters of water have been used to generate fight powder for the alpine locations. let's not be name. you know,
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artificial snow is used her in a consistent way for decades. you oh, in a winter competitive sport. what is really important, like for any other activities that are we, we practice is to try to do it in the most efficient way. with the lead up to the olympics dominated by politics and carbon 19, most of the athletes will have the focus now shifted to the action as nearly 3000 competitors from 91 nations. for it to play, comb, a gold medal. david's folks al jazeera jackie wine, he's a senior china researcher for human rights watch. he says government should do more than straight boycott to address china's human rights abuses. the diplomatic boycott is the 1st step and they are more actions should be taken by various governments. the u. s. government has already passed a rigorous forced labor prevention act, which any effect bands or imports originated from sheen. john, that's a consequential ad to because they are large things made a change out, you know,
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half of the words caught and i made it and she and john. so i think other governments, the u. k. government, you know, austria, governments should take similar actions to, you know, address the sears, human rights violations, internal. the chinese government is using the gain to legitimize its policies, including terrible human rights violations, to heal case, to the world. and you know, we deliver the 2008 summer olympic games. the same city is deliver the when tony games, it's the 1st time ever in history that to, to olympic games happening in one city. we try to show how capable we are and this is a completely a political thing. and you know, and for the i o c to say, you know, this is not political. it's, you know, completely farce or russians present was one of the few world leaders who attend the winter olympics opening ceremony. vermeer proteins held talks with his chinese counterpart. it was shaking things 1st face to face meeting with
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a world leader. since the beginning of the pandemic attorney, you report some beijing that an illusion and she didn't ping standing shoulder to shoulder, showing what they describe as an unshakable bond. the leaders of russia and china met ahead of the opening of the winter olympics in beijing. it's the 1st time president she has met a foreign counterpart in person. since the beginning of the pandemic took a certain azusa rehabs or a spirit of friendship and the strategic partnership. her router, the unprecedented levels, bozo or maria ad there. so she went to olympics 80 years ago, we promised to meet again. we have kept the promise. the leaders signed a joint statement, presenting a united front on a range of foreign policy issues. they called for nato to end it expansion and for the military alliance to abandon its so called cold war approach. they also denounced the orca security alliance between the united states,
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britain and australia, and the formation of further blocks in the asia pacific. the statement comes as both russia and china experience souring ties for the u. s. and it's western and european allies. but doris allies are also at odds. they see that the west is not speaking with one voice, and i'm has some odd division. so this benefit spoke, russia and china. the visit comes as tensions escalate over the presence of more than $100000.00 russian soldiers on its border with ukraine. washington is threatening to impose tough sanctions on moscow. should its forces invade. they ging says russia security concerns are legitimate the intentionally, yeah, here is to send a very clear message to the west that russia has options that russia china relationship is a possible alternative for, for, for moscow that is, is not going to be backed into a corner and leaders are expected to find 15 agreements on issues ranging from
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trade to technology during putin's visit. russia will increase gas applies to china, and has announced a 30 year contract for a new pipeline between the 2 nations. china already received gas through what's name to the power of siberia pipeline that began pumping supplies in 2019 economic support from china could undermine any western effort to punish any possible russian incursion in crane. but analysts say an even bigger concern, is it possible deepening a military corporation between moscow and of aging? she didn't being has often spoken of his deep friendship with vladimir putin who was the 1st major leader to confirm his attendance at the beijing winter olympics. the u. s u k, canada and australia have not sent officials to the vet in protest against china's human rights record. katrina you out a 0 they doing in other wells needs to us is waving some sanctions on even civilian
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nuclear program as talks to save the 2015 nuclear deal and a critical stage for me. yes. present. donald trump ended the wavering 2020 bossing jordan has more from washington. essentially what to the secretary of state antony blinking has done on friday is restore one part of the deal that was reached back in 2015. this sanctions waiver eliles foreign companies and governments to assist iran in the maintenance of 3 of its nuclear reactors. both share a rock which is a heavy water reactor and the terror on research reactor. otherwise, without this a waiver, these companies and other governments could find themselves in trouble with the u. s. possibly facing sanctions or ra, criminal charges of their own for assisting the government. this is a purely a maintenance a type of relationship. you're bringing in parts,
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bringing in the ability to monitor the amount of, of, of uranium that has been processed. and basically making certain that everything is safe at these 3 facilities. this is a technical step, one that needed to be done just for the safety of these facilities. and to in order to load, try to make certain that all of the terms of the j, c, p, away or raw nuclear deal can be complied with. you need to have the ability for other parties, not just the u. s. and iran, but other parties, other companies, other governments to know what's going on inside these facilities have the technical information available. so that they can best provide the assistance that the iranians would need to keep these facilities running. more than half the members of the un security council have condemned north korea for launching
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a medium range ballistic. beside it is crime. sandy's launch is a significant escalation aimed at destabilizing the region. a china says if the u. s. that needs to change how it deals with young. i diplomatic editor james space report some united nations. she needed in new york. she almost kissed all this propaganda video has been ad in recent days on north korean t b kim john on is showing off his question skills riding at speed on a white horse. but it is the speed of progress is countries making with its nuclear weapons and miss all programs. that's worrying. diplomats, there were 9 miss our launches in january a record in a month. and the most recent launch was an advanced intermediate range ballistic missile. ambassadors came to a closed door meeting the 3rd this year. before it even started though, the chinese ambassador made it clear he felt there was a vicious circle and the u. s. needed to do more invoking the summits that
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president trump had held with the korean leader in 20182019. they should come up with more attractive and more practical, more flexible approaches, policies and accents. we have all seen, we have all seen what happened in finger pool. we have all seen what happened the hanoi china and russia wouldn't agree to a joint security council statement at this stage. that clearly angered 8 other council members, which came up with their own statement read out by the u. s. embassy. the cost of the council's ongoing silence is too high. it will embolden the dpr k to further defy the international community. your chinese colleagues said that the u. s. needs to do more, and he specifically referred to the hanoi summit and the singapore summit,
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which president trump had with the supreme leader kim. so is it time for president biden to get directly involved in the diplomacy? united states has made clear that we are willing to meet with the north koreans without pre conditions. but before we can, can met our president to meeting, we need to have a better sense of what there is to achieve. the united states would clearly like the security council to take a tougher stand on pyongyang, but china currently actually wants to ease sanctions on north korea. and it's a subject that will come up again on monday when the security council under the presidency of russia hold. so meeting about sanctions around the world, james spies out a 0 at the united nations. still ahead on al jazeera, why hong kong risks losing its role as a regions financial ha! america's job machine is going stronger than ever. and the u. s. reports better
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than expected employment growth. despite the pandemic that businesses are still struggling to feel empty positions ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. it's not snowing in beijing. well, not natural anyway, but it is throughout japan. western hunt june hawkeye day, you've seen this day after day to day and it carries on the air leaks out very cold air across the still open water, relatively warm and that generate snow shows doesn't do much further west. as you see. mostly it's fine. not particularly warm, but not extraordinary. other is some snow developing in the middle of china. again, heading out slowly uses along the yangtze, i think, will handle pick up a little bit on the script about necessarily the forecast, for example, looks like this. a day of snow on monday, but it's just
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a full likelihood temperatures staying above freezing the most part. so it's not going to settle for too long south of all this and i think ross, it, we will also sit in houseman, in the showers throughout bornea and a good part of malaysia. even sudden, tyler, which has been dry just recently. the orange tops, the heaviest rain, so probably western boyer most of india's dry. same is true sri lanka. we've seen showers in the northeast there, marching slowly, north east with the snow up in baton, for example. and some snow coming into northern afghanistan, dog and pakistan. but the northern plain of india is disappointingly though warm. foggy in the morning smoggy all day. and that won't change any time soon. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. there was a time when the aka bank go river floods were enough to sustain, lies in the northern color, harry desert all year round. but that's changing. we scored on 3 men in different
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parts of the alcove and go down as they faced drought, wild animal and man made threat in the constant fight for survival risk in it all. botswana on al jazeera ah ah, welcome back. our top stories on al jazeera, the 1st full day of competition, is underway at the went to game scene beijing. strict corona virus measures are in place concerns about human rights abuses. prompted some countries to stage diplomatic boycotts. the u. s. is waving some sanctions on iran civilian nuclear program as talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. enter
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a critical stage. former president donald trump ended the waiver in 2020 and more than half the un security council has condemned north korea for launching a medium range ballistic missile, describing sunday's launch as a significant escalation that aims to destabilize the reach and the russian president vladimir putin is said to meet the german chancellor and the french president in moscow next week to discuss the ongoing military tension in eastern ukraine. will have more pneumonia, mac on his visit in just a moment. but 1st dominic cane has more on germany's diplomatic efforts there. all those in the media here in germany, but also in the international news media you've been saying, where is all our shots? what c p an up to? why are we not hearing more from him in so far as ukraine is concerned, and sons, other world crises, well, he is planning lots of different involvements. so we know that on monday of next week he will be in washington. d. c, meeting president joe biden. the german government has slight difficulty in that it
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wants to emphasize diplomacy and the threat of sanctions against russia. if there is an act of aggression and yet it doesn't want to arm the ukrainians. it doesn't want to give weapons to defensive weapons to kia, even though they know there are increasingly loud voices coming from key f, asking for precisely that. so it's quite difficult. half that mister schultz and his colleagues are having to, to go down by trying to talk tough to the russian government while stressing the need for diplomacy. and yet also trying to appear like an ally to those in kiev who are asking for weapons which the germans don't want to give them. the french president manuel my call is hoping to use some of his powers of personal persuasion to try and de escalate the crisis with russia. ukraine when he arrives in the russian capital on monday to meet vladimir putin,
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the russian leader. now the 2 men had a telephone call on thursday evening. we understand it last just an hour. and this is the 3rd time that the tooth spoken on the phone in the past few weeks is all part of the french presence efforts to really try and push diplomacy to try and put the european union back at the center of diplomacy. because the li say, are very adamant that this isn't about a manual micro on a solo mission to moscow representing fraud. this is the manual micro trying to talk to russia on the hall for the european union. france has the rotating presidency of the european union at the moment, and he is traveling to moscow very much on behalf of the e. you, it's worth, also noting that micro will be going to kill just after his meeting with president putin. no doubt, to brief for lensky, the ukrainian president on the talk that he had with
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a russian leader. thousands of people have protested in molly against the former colonial power of friends. they were celebrating the expulsion of the french ambassador who had given 72 hours to leave. after frances foreign minister described knowledge, military leaders as illegitimate and out of control relations between the 2 countries. the strange thing, the military power in 2021 series of recent cause in west africa and the current of virus and make her top of the agenda out of some of african union leaders which begins on saturday. they are under pressure to increase the number of africans have been vaccinated against over 19 mama, i do has more from out of about can union headquarters in these european capital. the fust summits with big points did of a video link in more than 2 years. the newly established africa center for disease control africa cdc, is leading efforts to keep the 2 day summit covered free. the decision to oldest
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summit in possum, since the advent of brother pandemic was take him with the express. com decision that we're going to make it safe top on the some it's agenda is how to step up books in ation against covered 19 in the continent. although covet vaccines, supplies enough recoveries and significantly the continent is struggling to expand roll out with only 11 percent of the population fully vaccinated. african heads of state and government gathered here will also discuss another epidemic of multiple who's in the continent. emboldened by popular hunger was of the can military leaders in molly gideon, brooklyn, of fossil of cut it out folk who's in 18 months. they followed military takeovers instead, done, and chad in 2002, and one more than 115000000 africans that to day living under the rule of soldiers who illegally seized power. the african union with it's often much hyped slogan of
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african solutions to africa. problems has been unable to do much to tackle what sama calling on a p demco, whose the now increasing calls for more action from the continental body. there is such as of cruise has a loved was that because remaining civilian didas on friday colon images is some of the regional economic community of west african states. of course, miss not really fall into the illusion that the military takeover will solve the problem. they cannot solve the problem and that will not solve the problem. because we have seen it in the past. the african union suspended molly guinea burkina faso had done but not chad. some analysts worn. the double standards could hop dire consequences. there is a break down into official contract between the government and the people. the governments are not delivering for the people, but the benefits of economic growth are going to those florida rich and the poor continued to the poor. and the marginalized continue to be marginalized. with many
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african nations facing mid to security threats, relentless humanitarian disasters and millions of young people with no prospects producing the number of who's might be a tall order for the african union mohammed. i do elders eda i to some of a few appeal. hong kong is facing increasing pressure to shift away from its no tolerance approach to the pandemic. as omicron cases reach, record levels or the government has given no sign, it's willing to view from the co v t 0 strategy adopted by mainland china. economists, one that could trigger an exodus and jeopardized regions role as a financial hub. rick kennedy reports from hong kong. hong kong is known as asia is world city that economists a warning that could soon change the territory as keeping in line with a 0 coven policy adopted by mainland china. lock downs and mass testing are common
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place and social distancing. restrictions have been extended, at least until mid february. people have been suffering a lot in the past 2 years and i doubt whether people can stand another 23 years in the current state. so, so to me, this is definitely not ideal. according to a report by the european chamber of commerce, hong kong international isolation could extend into 2024 or until mainland china reopens to the world. experts say, hong kong reputation could suffer long lasting damage given that to the hong kong is the financial hub. is the headquarters for many multinational firms in the region? ah, and therefore many experts will want to come to hong kong when you get this courage by this policy is going to make hong kong last international. hong kong is one of the few places in the world. still maintaining its no tolerance approach to coven and sticking to mainland china's policy. but as a 5th wave of infections sweep through the community, followed by another round of restrictions,
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people here are increasingly questioning whether the strategies sustainable or not a scandal over a birthday party attended by government officials, has done little to boost trust on monday, hong kong home affairs chief casper choice stepped down after making he behaved inappropriately by attending the gathering last month. the government is also under pressure to boost vaccination rights among the elderly, currently at just over 30 percent. with our mc crohn infections expected to serge following the lunar new year. festive period. getting infections to 0 is looking increasingly out of reach brit clinic al jazeera hong kong. the number of people in the u. s. has died of coven, 19 past 900000. on friday. you infections linked to the omi con, very into falling by daily. dice are still on the rise, with an average of 2400 a day. how vex for say, infections are up because only 64 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.
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the u. s. has a highest number of current of ours tests in the world. and the u. s. job market has seen an unexpected up turn in january, despite a chronic, soft shortage. more than 700000 to more jobs were created in november and december . the white house is hailing the figure as a sign the economy has remained strong despite the pandemic. will go chopper just in the past 3 weeks, 2 days reached werner. a job reporting data was collected for cobra. crisis has been cut in half down and half in just 3 weeks. still too many cases. still we have to be amr on the alert, but to be clear, this is a dramatic decline aid groups as setting up emergency shelters in madagascar as a tropical cyclone approaches. their storm comes less than 2 weeks after another one that killed at least $58.00 people. psychos. but sir, i is expected to force around a 150000 people from their homes when it makes landfall on saturday. coastal areas
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have already been evacuated in schools were closed on friday. aid workers are raising to get emergency supplies to tonga as the country struggles off to last month's volcanic eruption and nami, the eruption blanket at the pacific island nation in ash, which made its way into drinking water supplies, clean water hygiene kits, and baby blankets are now being thrown into the country, investigators say they're also struggling to locate the main fiber optic cable, which snaps during this synonymy. it calls most communications to tongue to go offline. not to columbia, where fighting between rival groups is making it impossible for politicians to campaign for next months. congressional elections for the 1st time voting includes so called special electoral districts for peace created under the fog p. steel. the term for, for control of cocaine trafficking, and other lucrative crimes is overshadowing the political campaign for power.
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alessandra p reports, farmer and congressional candidate to join us live the horror of columbia conflict . first hands a local victim leader. he's running for office for a special electoral district for peace created to give a voice to under represented people like him. but the return of violent confrontation between arm groups in at alca, has made the campaigning impossible vicinity. i mean, there were some, we are just sitting still trying to work in the village, talking to friends, knocking on doors when possible. more than 60 people have been killed since the beginning of the year in a conflict between 11 rebels and dissidence groups of former 5 gravels. we had planned to follow giovanni, handing out flyers and visiting a perspective voter. but as we were leaving, he had a change of heart. but he said, yeah, when i was, i don't think we should, it would be a nice thing for me to take you around town and be on the news telling people what
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my plan is. what i want to do if i win, but right now would put us at risk the little campaigning that is happening is limited to the main urban center. that's because all candidates are saying it's just too dangerous to travel to rural areas, even on main roads like this one. because the young groups are known to set up checkpoints at any time. the situation is also affecting regular candidates. older cassidy's was running for a traditional seat in the house of representatives has campaigned in at alca for years. and this momentum that we are putting our lives in the crossfire to campaign . and we accept silencing ourselves and confinement to try to sustain democracy. but in like a man, he says, the situation is as bad as at the height of the conflict. he's running most of his campaign on social media. you go. yeah, it was organizing a meeting in for tool is impossible. going to the town of like, you know,
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the where i was a teacher and getting 4050 people together also impossible. la silver kaiser over the local human rights official says political and social leaders have become the main targets of the arm groups in poppin dorval's hill on paper. everything is great. the government is fulfilling its obligation to the victims who can vote on these elections. but the reality on the ground is the opposite on people can't exercise their rights. when i'm running a political campaign in a conflict ridden region like had alca was never easy, but this time was supposed to be different. instead, threats in attacks or once again silencing dis, already marginalized voices. i listened and beauty al jazeera, alca oh, hello again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera and 1st of all.


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