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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 10:00am-10:30am AST

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ah, who's from cruise to carver? maxine rollouts leaders meet in ethiopia. capital for the african union summit to come up with an action plan. ah, you want to come to harvey one? i'm come all santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera. it was a growing course of condemnation. over half the un security council bloss it's north korea's latest missile launches. china says dialogue that was the only way for which to me while the show goes on. and by jing, with the opening ceremony over the competition at the winter olympics has begun and
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event overshadowed by the pandemic and human rights abuses. i'm pursuing a 0 coven policy, but at what cost? hong kong official space, a tough task, balancing economic challenges with public health concerns. ah, corona virus curves, the stay of democracy at stake. leaders of $55.00 african countries have a full agenda to deal with as they meet this is african union summit to achieve the said the summit will be addressing challenges like regional conflicts with armed groups. and more recently, the increasing number of coups across the continent coming up with concrete plans on how to tackle the corona virus vaccine roll out is also expected to be a top issue live and how to stop about shortly. first, this report from mama to doug about can union headquarters in these european capital. the fust summits with big points did of
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a video link in more than 2 years. the newly established africa center for disease control africa cdc, is leading efforts to keep the 2 day summit covered free. the decision to hold a summit in possum. since the advent of brother pandemic was tick kim with the express of decision that we're going to make it safe. top on the summits agenda is how to step up books in ation against covered 19 in the continent. although covet vaccines, supplies enough recoveries and significantly the continent is struggling to expand roll out with only 11 percent of the population fully vaccinated. african had self state and government gathered here will also discuss another epidemic of multiple who's in the continent. emboldened by popular hunger was of the can military leaders in marley, gideon, brooklyn, of fossil, of cut it out folk whose in 18 months they followed military takeovers instead,
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done and church in 2021 more than 115000000 africans that to day living under the rule of soldiers who illegal is seized power. the african union with it's often much hyped slogan of african solutions to africa. problems has been unable to do much to tackle what sama calling on a polemical cruise, the now increasing calls for more action from the continental body. the resurgence of cruise has a loved was that because remaining civilian didas on friday, cold and emergencies, some of the regional economic community of west african states. of course miss not really fall into the illusion that the military takeover will solve the problem. they cannot solve the problem and that will not solve the problem. because we have seen it in the past. the african union suspended molly guinea burkina faso had done but not chad. some analysts worn. the double standards could hop dire consequences
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. there is a break down into official contract between the government and the people. the governments are not delivering for the people, but the benefits of economic growth are going to those who are ready to reach on the poor continue to the poor. and the marginalized, continue to be marginalized with many african nations facing mid to security threats. relentless humanitarian disasters and millions of young people with no prospects. reducing the number of crews might be a tall order for the african union. mom it is i with that report his line for us now at the i you summit in addis ababa so covered. and coups mohammad. i want to flip that with the the, the coven side of things. your report? talk to about the low vaccination rights across africa. i'd like to know more about why, why has there been such a struggle to get people vaccinated? well, there's a problem with the roll out. come all the, there's been a significant raise in the number of the amount of all the stuff is coming to the
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continent. more and more dollars bringing in the vaccines, but there is no roll out. the people are not getting this, but then they also push back from somebody off countries where people feeling that they do not need the glean. so a lot of education also needs, you know, the says it's so the position of the people on the advantages of the exam. and that's one of the reasons why the african union has top on its agenda. the issue of veins. and there are clothes from some of the countries to try and you know, peg, but the nation to some getting governments have is this troubling and all other kinds of things to ensure that more people take the figure right now. according to the african unions, center for disease control is that only 11 percent of the people in africa
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vaccinated and that is a very low number. and it goes right against the recommendations of the world health organization. right. and a quick word on, well democracy i guess, and coo, which happened, you know, we can look at it as the fact that there have been 5 qu, than african countries in recent history. but i wonder if the a you can even do that, can they look at it as an overall problem of military takeovers or you know, really does each country have its own nuances? well, better people of in speaking to here, the diploma to go that he tell us the best structural problems and that many african countries and african leaders have adopted elections just as you know, a calendar item that's done every 5 years. there's very little scrutiny of that kind of ability, full selections, and that is where they say the problem lies. just hold it holding elections every for 5 years. it's not going to hockey for many african countries. what people
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believe is that there is need to look at how fair and credible those elections are . the changing of constitutions for, for a lead us to stay. how also is a problem, the gulf between the poor and the rich about one of the reasons why you're seeing people celebrating when some of these codes took place. mama don't get to talk to you from the african union. so my son added on to the news and more than half of the un security council has condemned north korea for its recent miss. alt launches . 8 nations issued a statement including the u. s. france, japan and the u. k. china though, calling on the us to engage in dialogue with north korea, from our diplomatic at st. james bass. judy, she almost kissed all this propaganda video has been ad in recent days on north korean tv, kim jong own, showing off his question, skills, writing it's speed on a white horse. but it is the speed of progress in countries making with nuclear
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weapons and miss our programs. that's worrying. diplomats, there were 9 miss are launches in january a record in a month. and the most recent launch was an advanced intermediate range ballistic missile. ambassadors came to a closed door meeting the 3rd this year. before it even started though, the chinese ambassador made it clear he felt there was a vicious circle and the u. s. needed to do more invoking the summits that president trump had held with the korean leader in 20182019. they should come up with more attractive and more practical, more flexible approaches, policies and actions. we have all seen, we have all seen what happened in figure pull. we have all seen what happened in hanoi, china and russia wouldn't agree to a joint security council statement at this stage. that clearly angered 8 other
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council members, which came up with their own statement read out by the u. s. embassy. the cost at the council's ongoing silence is too high. it will embolden the dpr k to further defy the international community. your chinese colleague said that the u. s . needs to do more, and he specifically referred to the her noise summit and the singapore summit, which president trump had with the supreme leader kim. so is it time for president biden to get directly involved in the diplomacy? united states has made clear that we are willing to meet with the north koreans without pre conditions. but before we can, can met our president to meeting, we need to have a, a better sense of what there is to achieve. the united states would clearly like the security council to take a tougher stand on pyongyang,
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but china currently actually wants to ease sanctions on north korea. and it's a subject that will come up again on monday when the security council, under the presidency of russia, holds meeting about sanctions around the world. james spies al jazeera of the united nations. the u. s. though he's waving sanctions on iran civilian nuclear program as talks to save the 2015 nuclear deal, enter a critical stage. the waiver was ended in 2020 by then you as president, donald trump, of rosalind jordan in washington. essentially what to the secretary of state antony blinking has done on friday is restore one part of the deal that was reached back in 2015. this sanctions waiver allows foreign companies and governments to assist iran in the maintenance of 3 of its nuclear reactors. both share a rock which is a heavy water reactor and the terror on research reactor. otherwise, without this
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a waiver, these companies and other governments could find themselves in trouble with the us, possibly facing a sanctions or ra, criminal charges of their own for assisting the government. this is a purely a maintenance some type of relationship. you're bringing in parts, bringing in the ability to monitor the amount of, of, of uranium that has been processed. and basically making certain that everything is safe at these 3 facilities. this is a technical step, one that needed to be done just for the safety of these facilities. and to in order to load, try to make certain that all of the terms of the j, c, p, away or raw nuclear deal can be complied with. you need to have the ability for other parties, not just the u. s. and a rob, but other parties, other companies, other governments to know what's going on inside these facilities have the
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technical information available so that they can best provide the assistance that the iranians would need to keep these facilities running. now the 1st full day of competition is officially on the way the paging winter olympic games and event overshadowed by the pandemic, by a diplomatic boycott and concerns of human rights abuses in china. this report is from david stokes. from g o m t curry in long way for more after a trouble build up the 24th winter olympics have officially begun in beijing. the venue for friday's opening ceremony was the birds nest stadium originally built for the summer olympics, back in 2008. it's the 1st city ever to host both the winter and summer games. dear fellow olympians, your olympic stage is set you are for i fear after overcoming so many challenges. but vow your moment this come the moment you
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have been longing for like the tokyo olympics last year. toby 19 has given these games a different complexion that taking place inside a closed loop system, keeping competitors and staff away from the general public athletes must get tested for carbon 19 daily. and there were no foreign fans with only a small handpick domestic audience allowed to attend. some of the world's best winter athletes are unable to compete after testing positive. this is not tougher than injury because you aren't putting yourself out. let's take the risk. it's just the risk is everywhere around us, and i really feel for those athletes, i can't, i can't even imagine how it must be to day 4 years of work and then at the last minute. so had that taken away by something that's out of your control. several world leaders have trouble to beijing for the games, but other nations including the u. s. britain and canada have declined a diplomatic boycott over china's human rights record. specifically its treatment of muslim wages. china to noise human rights abuses,
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the people's republic of china is perpetrating a campaign of gross human rights violations, including genocide. over the next 2 weeks is an urgent moral duty to shine a bright light on the many human rights violations being perpetrated by the host nation. beijing, 2022 organized essay. the games will be carbon neutral. oh, venues will be powered by renewable energy, and 5 of them have been repurposed from 2008. but with very little slow full will the 200000000 liters of water have been used to generate fake powder for the alpine locations. let's not be name in the artificial snow is used in a consistent way for decades. you oh, in the winter, a competitive sport. what is really important, like for any other activities that there we, we practice is to try to do it in the most efficiently with the lead up to the olympics dominated by politics uncovered 19,
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most of the athletes will have the focus now shift to the action as nearly 3000 competitors from 91 nations white to take home a gold medal. david stokes al jazeera and the news that had the united nation says time could be running out to say thousands of refugees in north western ethiopia. and neighbors of a man killed in a u. s. rate close to the turkey syria border. want to know how he managed to hide in plain sight. ah well, snow swept across the british isles on this cold front didn't settle for the most part. it because it's not quite cold enough. now, you know, it's february, the real coldest to in eastern europe where he stole that falls tends to settle. but london's at 10 edinburgh at 7. so this windy weather really leaves the snow
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more or less just in norway. it's pretty fine for most rest. you've been quite warm in spain, in bush, i think attempts to come down a little bit in analisia. but this is where the wind to proper continues. scotland, yet north, not least, the mountains of norway, maybe occasionally in denmark and sudden sweden attempt in copenhagen, for example, just about lona for to settle briefly. subtle this, as i said, generally fine, but in fact, if you're in france and increasingly in switzerland, it will become a cloudy and then a snowy day up on the mountains, still sunny for most of spain and indeed italy and now greece as well, even in turkey, things improving that light on shore braid brings a few showers at lebanon, and maybe syria. bigger picture in africa, north africa. the hamilton still blows, not as strongly as before, but it's a roy one, others that dried but dusty in madagascar saturday afternoon. we'll see the i will or but said i, a major flagler hit a ready, sparsely populated madagascar. but it's a damaging stool. ah
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frank assessments for china birds? well, banner said rom 0, call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs, i'm not protest on that statement. critical debate, why group would claims that native constitutes a disdain? chill threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou the me
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on alger, they were these all the top stories. this, our leaders from 55 african countries will be addressing corona virus coons and the state of democracy. they made the african union summit. they will also have to look at other challenges regional conflicts and how to get vaccination. right. condemnation of north korea's recent mis launches is growing more than half the un security council spoken out against the test. a nation including the us in the u. k . described it as a significant escalation. and the 1st official day of competition has begun to the aging winter olympics. strict current of iris measures are in place. and 10 nations of states to diplomatic boyd cars because of human rights. when i look at northwest and e, t o p, and flare up of violence in that region, which is the space, thousands of refugees from sit down in south sit in the you and refugee agency says it's in a race against time to get enough food. and medical care to them as violence is focused on the finish angle boomers at region home to 70000 of those refugees,
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and more than 500000 internally displaced ethiopians. the you and hcr is fighting, boca broke out in the town of tango between federal forces and on identified on groups. this was january 18th refugee camp was lucid and burned open. 20000 people have been displaced in the u. n. h c. i said it's 18 opperation needs 335000000 dollars this year. if any receive 9 percent of that so far. you in refugee agency spokesman, it never kristovich explains for us the steps being taken to help the vulnerable becomes were looted, burned, and some 22000 refugees who are hosted. there were opposed to the yet again, and now to find refuge in 3 different locations within the region. and what we are trying now is to bring them to safety to working with the government counterparts.
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this is the refugees and the new service area, as well as with other humanitarian partners in 1st bringing them to a safe location, but also to secure the emergency assistance that is really life saving in the situation. and yes, we're working very closely with the government. the government was very quick to identify a temporary site near another camp in the region of the story. exactly, to house those 20000 refugees from the 2 camps that have been abandoned. and thankfully, the government was very quick to, to establish actually that the temporary site where these people can find safety united states as the death of ice, a leader is a significant blow to the group of abraham l. hashmi. okay. she has thoughts of
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detonated a bomb during a u. s. military raid hitting himself and members of his family listening. consumer reports from uptime just across the border. i would turkey, people want to know how, okay, she was able to hide in plain sight their rooms hide out of isolator, i believe, brought him a cray, she in northwest syria, been down by the us special forces during the counter terrorism raid on thursday. president joe biden said l. cray, she blew himself up to avoid capture 12 other people, including 6 children, were also killed. the iraqi national was accused of orchestrating isola attacks and syria and iraq. his neighbors in the town of fatima i shocked that they lived next are notorious outlaw, sasha, where you and your hobbies. the fire for has the round one i am we went and so forth. helicopters flying low, we didn't know who the target was up. there is a one i confide in special forces, landed on the building. they spent 2 hours there. we gathered with the children in
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one house. the children couldn't bear while they were so afraid a lot in as little al christian, his predecessor, ever back girl. but daddy both chose to hide among families of internal displaced syrians in the navy. we were asleep when we heard the explosions. then they called everyone men and women and children to evacuate the building, saying they were destroy it. they tied us up and asked us a lot of questions. i told them, i don't know anyone from next door, al crashes landlord says he had no idea about his tenant. now he's trying to repair the damage to his property, up yaki, for carolina, and utterly assess him and of let me tell you, i'm from asthma that i'm not a stranger here. this person has been here for a year as a he said he was an id, piano i rented in the house like regular people. how did, how could, i know will verify his real identity. we don't acknowledge or tolerate the terrorism. we are harmed because of this man and this great of la mancha land i cells remaining leaders haven't commented on the re to which guilt their comm rate
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after the killing of to isolate or is why the united states over the last 3 years, many across the board, their fear, the group will see that as a challenge, and that will provoke more fear and hostility in the region and returns of people being force towards the border with turkey, siena co solo al jazeera hot. i did a because the crossing rescue workers in morocco getting closer to reaching a young boy who fell down a well, but digging up part of a hillside and a delicate operation to reach the 5 year old and trap to the bottom of that 32 meter well, for 5 days now, hong kong is facing increasing pressure to shift away from its no tolerance approach to the pandemic. as alma con, cases reach, record levels, economists warn the failing to relax, the restrictions could in fact jeopardize the regions role as a financial hub for credit reports. now from hong kong. hong kong is known as asia, is world city that economists
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a warning that could soon change the territory as keeping in line with a 0 coven policy adopted by mainland china. lock downs and mass testing are common place and social distancing. restrictions have been extended, at least until mid february. people have been suffering a lot in the past 2 years and i doubt whether people can stand another 23 years in the current state. so, so to me, this is definitely not ideal. according to a report by the european chamber of commerce, hong kong international isolation could extend into 2024 or until mainland china reopens to the world. experts say, hong kong reputation could suffer long lasting damage given that to the hong kong is the financial hub. is the headquarters for many multinational firms in the region? ah, and therefore many experts will want to come to hong kong when you get this courage by this policy is going to make hong kong last international. hong kong is one of the few places in the world,
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still maintaining its no tolerance approach to coven and sticking to mainland china's policy. but as a 5th wave of infections sweep through the community, followed by another round of restrictions, people here are increasingly questioning whether the strategies sustainable or not a scandal over a birthday party attended by government officials, has done little to boost trust on monday, hong kong home affairs chief casper choice stepped down after making he behaved inappropriately by attending the gathering last month. the government is also under pressure to boost vaccination rights among the elderly, currently at just over 30 percent. with our mc crohn infections expected to serge following the lunar new year. festive period. getting infections to 0 is looking increasingly out of reach brit clinic al jazeera hong kong. the number of people in the united states have now died. some coven 19 is past 900000. new infections are
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falling in nearly all states, but debts are on the rise. averaging 2400 a day. health official say infections are up because only 64 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. the u. s. has the highest number of corona virus deaths in the world. still in the u. s. and hundreds of protesters have driven their cars to the center of minneapolis to protest against the killing of black man a mere lock. he was shot dead after police entered his apartment without warning may or has imposed a moratorium on so called no knock warrants. mike, hannah has the full story to put it shows the police officers unlocking the door with a key and storming into the apartment. within seconds of a verbal warning, 22 year old m l luck lying under a blanket is dead. as an emotional news conference on friday, family members called for justice and accountability. i believe that he was executed by the apd and i what the police officer that murdered
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marcella here to be prosecuted and fired in the video lock can be seen holding a gun. family members said he had a permit to carry the weapon. amir was a gun carrying license in the bid you all earlier locks family appeared with the lawyers in a virtual news conference. baden, announce anyone's name. all they, all they announced was that they were, they're executing a warrant, waking somebody out of sleep, while lawfully possessing a gun. the minneapolis police department has confirmed that locks name wasn't on the warrant. these are wrenching videos to watch their painful but it's necessary. and i hope that it provides some answers along with the questions the minnesota gun owners caucus released the blistering statement criticizing the police saying
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mister lock did, what many of us might do in the same confusing circumstances. he reached for a legal means of self defense. while he sought to understand what was happening, this latest incident comes nearly 2 years after george floyd's killing by the minneapolis police spark international outrage. the depart but now finds itself at the center of another controversy. a lawyer for locks family pose this question. as he called or change the fact that it's repeatedly black americans who end up in that situation makes us wonder. why isn't it any america? why is it only black americans that we don't give a chance to to live in these situations? the minneapolis police department is being investigated by the justice department to see if there's a pattern of civil rights violations. my kind of, i'll jazeera washington,
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the us republican national committee has voted to censure to politicians from its own ranks. that cheney and adam kinsey. you're accused of defying party leadership because they taking part in an investigation into the january 6 riots. republican politicians have described as events as quote, legitimate political discourse and largely boycotted the inquiry. in former youth, vice president mike, pensive dismiss claims by donald trump that he could have overturned the result of the 2020 election pen, said he couldn't think of anything more an american. and i heard this week, the president trump said i had the right to overturn the election president, trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion than any one person could choose . the american president, emperor,
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hundreds of police officers and troops are being deployed to the capitol, lima, in response to a surgeon von and crime, security analysts say $70000.00 assaults were reported in the city last year. 45 days state of emergency has been declared. it suspends freedom of transit and the right to assembly, as well as other personal freedoms and a historic bridge and the dutch city of rotterdam could be dismantled to allow a super built built for amazon, founded jeff bezos to pass the city is considering a request from a ship building for the bridge to be taken down temporarily. if approved, the billionaire would have to cover the costs. as yachts will be the largest in the world and with half a $1000000000.00. ah, they are. these are the headlines leaders from 50.


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