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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w h l. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. ah, multiple coups conflicts and a slow coven vaccine roll out. ladies in the afternoons meet to come up with a coordinated response. ah, oh, then on come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. the u. s. is waived sanctions on iran civilian nuclear program, a step towards returning to the 2015 nuclear agreements. rescue workers in morocco
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are reaching the final hours to save a 5 year old boy trapped in a well for days and pursuing a 0 coven policy. but at what cost, hong kong officials fights a tough task, balancing economic challenges with public health concerns. ah. so a key summit of african leaders is underway in ethiopia, after really at a multi year across the continent that has seen military coups conflicts. and fir, the fallout from the corona virus pandemic. and so coming up with a coordinated response to best problems is at the heart of this today, meeting of the african union. the chair of the 55 member blocks commission has warned. several regions are facing serious threats to both peace and security. i live up from attis up by coming up at 1st. this report from mama to about can union
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had quarters in the philippines capital. the fust summits with people instead of a video link in more than 2 years. the newly established africa center for disease control africa cdc, is leading efforts to keep the 2 day summit covered free. the decision to hold a summit in possum. since the advent of brother pandemic was take him with the express a decision that we're going to make it safe. top on the summits agenda is how to step up looks in ation against covered 19 in the continent. although covet vaccines, supplies enough recoveries and significantly the continent is struggling to expand roll out with only 11 percent of the population fully vaccinated. african heads of state and government gathered here will also discuss another epidemic of multiple who's in the continent. emboldened by popular hunger was of the can military
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leaders in marley gillian brooke, in a fossil of cut it out folk whose in 18 months they followed military takeovers instead, done and church in 2021 more than 115000000 africans that to day living under the rule of soldiers who illegally seized power, lovick and union with it's often much hyped slogan of africans. solutions to africa . problems has been unable to do much to tackle what sama calling on a p demco, whose the now increasing calls for more auction from the continental body. there is such as of cruise has a loved was the because remaining civilian didas on friday, cold and images is some of the regional economic community of west african states. of course, miss not really fall into the illusion that the military takeover will solve the problem. they cannot solve the problem and that will not solve the problem. because we have seen it in the past. the african union suspended,
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muddy guinea burkina faso had done, but not chad. some analysts worn. the double standards could hop dire consequences . there is a break down into official contract between the government and the people. the governments are not delivering for the people, but the benefits of economic growth a going to those who are ready to reach on the poor, continue to the poor on the marginalized, continue to be marginalized with many african nations facing mid to security threats. relentless humanitarian disasters and millions of young people with no prospects producing the number of crimes might be a total the for the after communion. okay, more with mohammed is are now in ada sap about mohammed. i want to talk about the, the host country. ethiopia. it is hard if not impossible, to ignore the fact that there has been a conflict going on there since 2020, which has killed thousands of people. how's it being addressed?
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well yes, come all that is one of the issues the african leaders govern here are discussing and the main thrust of their discussions is how to bring the parties in the conflict in that guy region of law. funny, if you appear to around people for talks, there is a mess if humanity and crisis unfolding as was picking that guy ridge and un agencies say they have very little access to the people who number almost 2000000 people who are living in farming like conditions and many people feel that it's very urgent for them to be peace talks between the government and that the guy defense forces now call themselves deprived minutes diabetes speech. and during the opening session of africa, summit committed his government to talk something that will come as a relief to most if your parents and also a countries in the neighborhood. that's the horn of africa bridge. and this is what you had to say. our commitment to st,
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lusting and global peace in our candidly shouted main city. fast excellence is listen gentlemen. the greatest listen that your has learned or the past year is out with those the 30 that if you of our african brothers and sisters, our existence of the nation would have been at great risk muhammad, the other issues, of course, the issue of multiple crews across african countries, but covert 9 seen as well. take us through the problems they have been with the vaccine. rollouts welcome all is not a question of supply or what? because even because africa has, as soon as the venetian pulses began globally received more than 580000000 doses of the covered 1900 vaccine. the problem is the operational
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cost of taking both rooms that have been deleted or solved by government themselves, from the devils, and taking them as to the people who need them most. that is where the disconnect ease and that's what african need us trying to look into right now. with some of them calling for agend funding for vinnish and operations across africa. only 2 countries see shelf and malicious have attained the 70 percent fixation protocol that has been announced by the wild help organization. thank you, mom and keeping us close developments in the african union. somebody's in a south of the united states is waving sanctions on iran. civilian nuclear program, as talks to save the 2015 agreement reach a critical stage. donald trump ended the way the 2 years ago when he was president to her almost as it once guarantees from washington for the revival of the
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agreement. russell. so dot now with reaction from tax, ron is quite significant because this is maybe the 1st time doing the binding efficient at a practical action is being taken. iranian had some conditions to take forward the talks and they were asking the immediate removal of the sanctions and all the sanctions regarding the nuclear nuclear file. and they were asking for the, what is the cations and the guarantees, by what if occasion. they are seeing that not only on the paper but you run needs to see the practical actions taken by. do you see that the sanctions are removed and also be, are asking for the guarantees that in case of any nuclear deal, this is going to go beyond bite and m station and is going to be binding for the next president of the usa. however, the u. s, it says that it is almost impossible regarding the american political system. but
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when it comes to the where the cation, the said that they can give some of the guarantees. so in this sense, the partial removal of the sanctions from the usa is quite a practical to tap and it is welcomed in, in, in, in the u. s. a store for that hasn't been direct was between the iranians and the americans. and the for the minister of iran apply, you know, said that if the practical actions are taken down been, might be a direct talks between the 2 parties. and this a step is a kind of practical action that cool a paved way for data tours between americans and iranians. while rescue teams in morocco. so they are getting closer to reaching that young boy who fell down at 30 to meet a well he's been trump since tuesday cruise. say they are less than 2 meters from him. now he's the live pictures, in fact, coming in as the team digs out, part of a hill side, a delicate dangerous operation to reach that 5 year old boy. there's revolt from
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caught up with the this mission to see the 5 year old boy has grip or go for days. re yan fell on to the bottom of the well while playing outside on tuesday. he's been trapped, ever since. the well, isn't the town of barbara read? it's 32 meters deep, but his face is too narrow for rescue workers to go down and reach him. they've cut a hole into a hill next to the well hoping they can dig a horizontal tunnel to get the boy. they're loyal flush, they're not miracle. they turned on the light on the front camera and dropped it down. so they discovered that the kid is still there and you're still talking. i heard him myself, he was begging us to save him. he led the weather is holt, and it's unclear whether the boy has taking any food, water or oxygen that's been channeled to him like, oh great. okay. i hope he will come out of this. okay. it's like one of our own children has fallen. we are praying for his safety. he's one of our children. the
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hills have turned into a construction site with hundreds of people surrounding the area, anxiously waiting for a yan to be rescued. millions in morocco are watching the operation unfold alive, on television, on social media support is also growing. rescue workers say they're getting closer to the boy, but there's a risk of a landslide knock under schweitzer hockey. here we living in a true catastrophe in this area with our son, ryan. we pray to god for good news to make us in all moroccans happy. a helicopter is standing by to take raeann to hospital and across morocco and the world. people are also waiting and hoping will be saved. castillo, his other young al jazeera abs, 0 arabic correspondent, l mocked her al, i believe, is there and is following the rescue if it was. so i'll have her a law for k. what we know from our source is that the horizontal drilling level has
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reached to meet is after which brown will be there. the horizontal drilling has gone on for 18 hours. now, vertical drilling came to an end yesterday after several days of hard work. the ground fell into the well on tuesday. so today, saturday is the 5th successive day of continuous attempts to save the child. who now and a had a defect over there. you can see a member of the civil defense team with his tools to monitor the seismic waves as this area is known for its fragile and steep soil. the man is there on the right side of the big hole made by cranes and winches during the last few days. i'm going to have a use of boulders is helped move large amounts of dirt and sand. in the middle of the whole, you will see the well wherever i was trapped since tuesday, he fell into the 30 meter well, which has been deserted for years. digging and drilling moscow down to reach 32 meters in order to save and risky ran. here also, we can see the big tools that have helped a lot during the last few days and also supported sides of the hall with huge
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amounts of dirt to prevent any collapses, particularly after a few slides that have affected the digging operations. you can also see people from all over morocco who came to show their support. in the news they had why mike . penn has labeled a statement by former us president donald trump. as on american the neighborhoods tend to ruins of land slides and floods cause devastation in bolivia . ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways while can see your world's weather update. hello everyone, great to see you beginning in se asia where we've got our storms coming and going through the tropics. nothing out of the ordinary,
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but i want to get you up to speed with the weather forecast in vietnam. quite a temperature is spread from the north of the country to that south. so hanoi, 16 degrees, coachman city, 35. and there's that ne monsoon brushing some showers along the coast or snow that we had in the far northeast of india through nepal and bhutan has moved into western areas of china. it's now running across the yangtze river valley. toward the south. though we have some showers, for example, in boyland with a high of 7 degrees. and for western japan still getting hammered with snow, it's been a really active winter for this area. we've seen some historic snow fall, and it's still coming. natur also means another shot of cold air for the korean peninsula. so pyongyang on is 3 degrees on sunday. okay, after india right now, this is our satellite pitcher. we can see we're all that snow was falling and you know, snow levels dipped to below 2000 meters for the 1st time for some in about 15 years . in time for the northwest id is still foggy and hazy noodle. he's got
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a hive 21 degrees and dry inch, and i on sunday, coming in at 32. that's it. that's all soon. for the weather, sponsored by katara ways, from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and here are plenty promised to ensure the safety of women. what happened just to let people actually have more. why is the u. k, so hostile to the mystery to all of us join me if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and meet the contradictions time to get up front on al jazeera. ah ah,
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back with the headlines for you on al jazeera and the 55 member african union is making for to day some at the pressure is high to come up with a coordinated response to spite of military coups conflict and follow up from the pandemic. if you have his prime minister abbey, i had used his opening remarks to address the conflict and the tick region as well . a rescue workers in morocco still worried about so while the risks of a landslide, as they work right round the clock to save a 5 year old boy, they are seeing these light pictures digging out part of a hill side and a delicate operation to reach the child has been tramped to the bottom of the 30 to me to well for 5 days. and iran responded to the u. s. waiving some of the restrictions on its civilian nuclear program. the country says it has a legal right to continue research and that this cannot be restricted by any agreement. the u. s. wife, the sanctions, as talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, enter a critical stage. now the latest,
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a ballistic missile test by north korea being condemned by more than half the members of the un security council. britian, france, the u. s. they are among 8 countries describing the test launches. as a significant escalation, china though, urging the white house to show more flexibility if it want to break 3 or from a diplomatic editor james base. she'd you know, new york, she almost kissed woodall this propaganda video has been ad in recent days on north korean t. b kim john own is showing off his question skills riding at speed on a white horse. but it is the speed of progress his country's making with its nuclear weapons and miss all programs. that's worrying. diplomats. there were 9 miss all launches in january, a record in a month. and the most recent launch was an advanced intermediate range ballistic missile. ambassadors came to a closed door meeting the 3rd this year. before it even started though, the chinese ambassador made it clear he felt there was
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a vicious circle and the u. s. needed to do more invoking the summits that president trump had held with the korean leader in 20182019. they should come up with more attractive and more practical, more flexible approaches, policies and actions. we have all seen, we have all seen what happened in figure pull. we have all fin what happened in hanoi. china and russia wouldn't agree to a joint security council statement at this stage. that clearly angered 8 other council members, which came up with their own statement read out by the u. s embassy. the cost at the council's ongoing silence is too high. it will embolden the dpr k to further defy the international community. your chinese colleagues said that the u. s. needs to do more. and he specifically referred to the her noise summit and the
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singapore summit, which president trump had with the supreme leader kim. so is it time for president biden to get directly involved in the diplomacy? united states has made clear that we are willing to meet with the north koreans without pre conditions. but before we can, can met our president to meeting, we need to have a, a better sense of what there is to achieve. the united states were clearly like the security council to take a tougher stand on pyongyang, but china currently actually wants to ease sanctions on north korea. and it's a subject that will come up again on monday when the security council, under the presidency of russia, holds meeting about sanctions around the world. james spies, al jazeera of the united nations. the united states says the death of i soul's leader is a significant blow to the group ob abraham mile hash me al, could a, she is thought of detonated a bomb during
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a u. s. military rate. killing himself. i members of his family. the cynical sulu reports from hot tide just across the border in turkey. people want to know how i could i, she was able to hide in plain sight their wounds hide out of isolator, i believe abraham l. cray, she in northwest syria. been down by the us special forces during the counterterrorism rate on thursday. president joe biden said al cray, she blew himself up to avoid capture 12 other people, including 6 children, were also killed. the iraqi national was accused of orchestrating isolates, accent, syria, and iraq. his neighbors in the town of fatima i shocked that they lived next to a notorious outlaw sasha. where do i do? what is the oil for? has the round one i am, we went at and so thought helicopters flying low, we did not know who the target was up. there was a one eyed gunfire in special forces landed on the building. they spent 2 eyes
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there. we gathered with the children in one house, the children couldn't bear while they were so afraid. a part that was brought in as little al christian, his fear, the sasser ever back girl. but daddy both chose to hide among families of internal displaced syrians in the navy. we were asleep when we heard the explosions. then they called at everyone, men and women and children to evacuate the building, saying they were destroy it. they tied us up and asked us a lot of questions. i told them, i don't know anyone from next door. i'll crash his landlord says he had no idea about his tenant. now. he's trying to repair the damage to his property. on up the aquifer, carolina, i've been utterly assess him and let me tell you, i am from the last minute. i'm not a stranger here. this person has been here for a year, as you said, he was an id, piano. i rented the house like regular people. how did, how could, i know will verify his real identity. we don't acknowledge or tolerated terrorism. we are harmed because of this man. and this freight of la mancha land, i cells remaining leaders,
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haven't commented on the raid which kept their comm rate after the killing of to isolate or is why the united states over the last 3 years, many across the board, their fear, the group will see that as a challenge, and that would provoke more fear and hostility in the region and returns of people being force towards the border with turkey. soon i'm co solo al jazeera what i did, i guess the crossing now, hong kong leaders are under pressure to change the 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic . on saturday, 8 recorded more than 350 new infections, which is the highest since the pandemic began. economists sworn that failing to relax restrictions could jeopardize the territory status as a financial hub. re clinic reports are from hong kong. hong kong is known as asia is world city that economists a warning that could soon change the territory as keeping in line with
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a 0 coven policy adopted by mainland china. locked downs and mass testing are common place and social distancing. restrictions have been extended, at least until mid february. people have been suffering a lot in the past 2 years and i doubt whether people can stand another 23 years in the current state. so, so to me this is definitely not ideal. according to a report by the european chamber of commerce, hong kong, international isolation could extend into 2024, or until mainland china reopens to the world. experts say, hong kong reputation could suffer long lasting damage given that to the hong kong is the financial hub. is the headquarters for many multinational firms in the region? ah, and therefore many experts will want to come to hong kong. but you get discouraged by this policy that is going to make on kong. last international. hong kong is one of the few places in the world. still maintaining its no tolerance approach to coven and sticking to mainland china's policy. but as
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a 5th wave of infections swayed through the community, followed by another round of restrictions, people here are increasingly questioning whether the strategy is sustainable or not . a scandal over birthday party, attended by government officials, has done little to boost trust. on monday, hong kong home affairs, chief casper choice stepped down after making he behaved inappropriately by attending the gathering last month. the government is also under pressure to boost vaccination rights among the elderly, currently at just over 30 percent, with our micron infections expected to serge following the lunar new year. festive period. getting infections to 0 is looking increasingly out of reach brit clinic al jazeera hong kong corona, virus infections linked to the madame's have doubled within 24 hours to $45.00 cases, but organized to say they are unconcerned by the increase and they've got everything under control strict rules of being enforced,
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including daily testing for the 3000 athletes who are being isolated from every one else. a number of people in the u. s. have died in the pandemic is now surpass 900000. new infections are falling in nearly all states, but deaths are rising, averaging 2400 a day. still in the us, the republican national committee is voted to condemn, to politicians from its own ranks. was cheney and adam kinsey. gerard, accused of defying party leadership by taking part in an investigation into the january 6 rides on capitol hill. on friday, republican politicians officially described that attack by donald trump, supporters and the events leading up to it as legitimate political discourse and drums, vice president at the time mike pence is a couldn't of overturned the result of the 2020 election pence. in fact that he couldn't think of anything more on american and our this week, the president trump said i had the right to overturn the election president,
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trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people in the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion than any one person could choose . the american president hundreds of protest as have driven through minneapolis and the u. s. to protest the killing, the police killing of a 22 year old black men. amir lock was shot dead in his apartment on wednesday, after offices used what's called a no knock search warrant locks, family se offices woke him up while he was sleeping, and in the confusion he reached for a firearm. her as president pedro castillo has announced his 4th cabinet shake up in 7 months, and sacks, the prime minister, valar pinto his removal. days after he started work, follows public outrage revelations. he abused his late wife, though pinto denies domestic violence, resonant casias, and give details about the latest government reshuffle,
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which is raising further questions about his leadership skills and hundreds of police officers and troops have been deployed to the capital lima in response to a surgeon, vine and crime, security analysts say $70000.00 assaults were reported in the city last year. a 45 day state of emergency has been declared. it suspends freedom of transit and the right to assembly as well as other personal freedoms. reform or who fear heaving the state of emergency with the government as we have it is dangerous, but unfortunately it's anita siri. the figures of committed crime, speak for themselves. last year there were $70000.00 assaults and robberies reported in the streets of lima. in its 43 neighborhoods, 225 people died from hired killings. bolivians have been cleaning up after a series of devastating floods and land slides. tens of thousands of fam, it's been effected, and authorities are pricing for yet more downpours lap. house is one of those worst
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hit areas this sentiment in records. the. these are the remains of neighborhoods in the bolivian city of la pod, devastated by heavy rain that brought floods and landslides. local people are taking stock of the damage. this woman and her family lost their home after was submerged by mud. and the jo, you'll be the where to call maria of the day before yesterday, rains were heavy and the water came down like a river with great force coming from everywhere. because scared because we haven't been able to be for 2 nights last night at all terrain. and we stayed up until 1 in the morning watching over the house. the 10s of thousands of people have lost homes and property. many haven't slept for several nights as dark clouds overhead race fears that more rain could come at any time. but i've got a copy of all the weight of the mud was coming into my yard. since the mud comes from above,
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it comes down with drink and when it rains it becomes worse. and we practically don't sleep any more. local authorities are clearing debris. some houses are beyond salvaging and will have to be torn down. many are blaming the heavy rainfall on a weather phenomenon linked to extreme weather events. it can, if the video is done in the family, let me at the moment with suffering you to the la nina phenomenon because it's conditioning weather events. and it being characterized mainly by very short events with an extremely high intensity that almost doubles the rainfall. it was recorded and other ceiling. many parts of livia are on orange alert. many more landslides and reins are expected in the days and weeks ahead. dinged monahan al jazeera, our historic bridge, and the dutch city of rotterdam could be dismantled to allow a super yacht built by amazon, found a jeff bezos to pass the city is considering a request from the ship building for the bridge to be taken down temporarily. if
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approved the billionaire, it would have to cover the cost rightly the yacht will be the largest in the world and with half a $1000000000.00 at the crew of a so called super trula being accused of dumping 800000 dead fish into the atlantic ocean the french maritime minister is demanding an investigation, and images of the blue whiting carpeting the single shocking representatives of the ma grease, the world's 2nd largest fishing vessel, a blaming a broken net for the spill. the sea shepherd, environmental group doubts though it was an accident. ah, up of the are, these are your headlines. the key summit of african leaders is underway in ethiopia . the $55.00 in the african unions under pressure to come up with a coordinated response to a spite of military coups conflict. and for the fallout from the pandemic,
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if you have is prime minister abbey, i had used his opening remarks to also address the conflict and the to grey reaching out.


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