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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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southern portions of bolivia, tens of thousands of people force from their homes, and we see those storms lining up from paraguay rate toward the southeast of brazil on saturday. that's it for me season. the weather sponsored by katara ways. ah, this is al jazeera ah and a mom elizabeth bronman. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, multiple clues conflicts and a slow coded vaccine rollout. leaders from the african union meet to come up with a coordinated response. the u. s. wave sanctions on iraq civilian nuclear program as a step towards returning to the 2015 agreement with world powers near the front line
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. thousands of ukrainians take to the streets, calling for com on the streets of cargo. the largest city near the border were russian food station and rescue workers. the morocco are reaching the final hours to save a 5 year old boy trapped in a while for days. and i'm li, a hardy with sports american snowboard. star sean white says he'll be retiring after the beijing winner olympics. and the 1st goal of the games goes to norway and cross country ski will have more action leader in the our ah ok. summit of african leaders is underway in ethiopia, after a to moultrie last year, across the continent that seeing military coups conflict and further fall out on the coin of ours pandemic will coming up with a coordinated response to those problems will be at the heart of the 2 day meeting of the african union, the chair of the $56.00 member blocks commission has warned that several regions of
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facing serious threats to peace and security all over now to mohammed though his life for as an addis ababa no shortage of serious issues to get through muhammad, what's been happening so far today? well, liz, today all talk is about crews and covet 19, as well as the conflict in if you appear, well, we are in the north and legion are off to gray, where there is a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions unfolding. and ada does is saying they're not getting much access to rich. the people who are living in family like conditions. of course, also these concern about the number of coups these continent as harder for the past . wanted to have years 6 of them in total for them in west africa, which has traditionally been known as the cool belt of african band. they are the
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ease, the shortfalls on covered vaccinations in the continent. only 11 percent of the continents of people have been fully vaccinated so far, and the ease a real need for a push on that. and now joining me to discuss all these a father is a former prime minister of the republic of kenya, rayleigh, or dingo, who is also a high representative on infrastructure for the african union studying. are you seeing a resurgence of cruise in africa? there seems to be a disconnect between the lead us and the people. what in your opinion is causing this resurgence off a cruise when people were thinking that africa was finally on the road to democracy . well, it is a ugly, a very regrettable development. the continent that to did democratization process, that is, is started out in the early ninety's is on a russian,
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in some parts of a continent. a judge begin being, begin to see generals on the streets. i took me over the governments. i think it is a face, it says to do either. there are luck, tons of the live, to leadership, to actually deliver to the people. and secondly, also changing the constitution's aah to extend their their town. and also the way which elections themselves are held. that the rigging of elections themselves and under the, the, this, the leaders not are willing to, to, to perform according to the requirements of the people. i think this is local. what is a, bring back. these are new to cool soon. and they also real challenge with their
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covered 19 vaccinations in africa. only 11 percent. only 2 countries have managed to vaccinate as 70 percent of their people. and that's say shells and malicious were you know, have got very tiny populations. what is an, i mean, is there a remedy for this and you do think africa could be able to em intensify its physician process? certainly is. i think a, this is an area where there has to be a bit of compulsion that the government has really to come out a form of ounce will. ford and just a curry, foster people to go and get vaccinated cuz it is for them for their protection. for example, i so, and king of the government saying that if you don't have vaccination, you're not going to get government services. example, some people are single is unconstitutional and son,
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but i think if busy being done in order to save life and save the people in the government is entitled to took all the measures necessary to ensure that people get vaccinated. what the excuse been given is that there is no money to take them vaccines that have been donated by the rest of the world, from the deposed to the arms of the people who need them. is that a good excuse, in your opinion? my view that's is basically a empty excuse the really the, i mean, the government malpractice issues, they can actually cut off certain services in order to be able to provide this. it cannot tell me that in this, in a government what his name that cannot transport vaccines to the people. i mean that the government should not be existing. so i don't think that that is the reason a tall and id to acrylic because of the going very but lights. so go and just have
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to come out openly and ensure that the people are vaccinated even if they have to use force to good people vaccinated. thank you very much, former prime minister of kenya for a low dingo who is also a special envoy for infrastructure for the african union. but julius foreman, thank you for that mohammed. and over the latest live and addis ababa, the painting more head on the news hour, including in shock and syria, neighbors struggle to believe how isolate leader head among them before us special forces tracked him down. and find out why mike pence is labeled a statement by former us president donald trump, an american and sport a ran. miss fernando is manchester united. adopted for the f. a cup that's coming up with leah. ah,
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now the u. s. is waving sanctions on iran's civilian nuclear program has talked to save the 2015 agreement, reach a critical stage on trump ended the waiver 2 years ago when he was president. that answers at once guarantees from washington for the revival of the agreement is go now to our correspondent wrestled, said that his joining us live from the iranian capital that on and what has been the reaction there as well. so for there has been a reaction from the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of foreign affairs. a miracle lawyer has said that they are the posh of removal of their sanctions, is interpreting as a good intention, but is not enough. something tangible needs to happen on day or on the ground. iranians are from their beginning on have been quite clear that that, that they want the immediate law all of the sanctions regarding the nuclear file.
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but on the other hand, there has been another reaction coming from a very much powerful institution in the round the supreme a national security council, and that the secretary of that institution audition. honey just today has tweeted that they did their best. the euro's legal right to continue our research and development and maintain its peaceful nuclear capabilities and achievements will not be restricted by any off the agreement. so what does that mean in the many experts say that while the uranium since the beginning have been asking for the guarantees means the iranians are saying that as it happened in 2018, the, the, probably the president of the us be through from the deal and it was collapsed, so just not to let that kind of repetition of the same scenario. they are asking that deal should be go beyond the by the administration. and american software has
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said that it is almost impossible considering the american political system. so by these 2, we are the show currently, a couple official iranian official is standing a clear message to the americans. if the deal is not going to be binding for the americans. don is not going to be binding a for iranian as well, or at risk will thank you for that. especially with the reaction from pare down now, washington has imposed round after round of sanctions on iran since $979.00. as oil and banking factors received sanctions relief from the us, you and you out in 2015 in exchange for temporary limits on its nuclear program. the trump administration that we imposed all us sanctions and add a new one, sandra, maximum pressure campaign. now the state department says it's waiving certain sanctions to allow other countries to help around address safety risks as it's nuclear sides and carry out non proliferation work that says it should not be considered sanctions relief. well,
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let's get more on this. now we're joined by having the salvi, he's professor of political science. the university of fed on i is joining us by scott. very good to have you with us on al jazeera. so the americans, you know, really stressing that this isn't a concession to iran but isn't good enough, is enough rather of a good will just to do thing to lead to progress and the talks. yes . so the waiver basically allows non proliferation work to be conducted by foreign companies, any rainy nuclear sites. and this could potentially facilitate the technical negotiations that are currently taking place in vienna on nevertheless, it's not really the kind of sanction relief iran is seeking. or that has to do more with the ron's economy. the waiver that was announced actually has no impact on your ons economy. in fact, a new news, which is a media outlet, very close to the supreme national. you amy in security council called the move,
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very symbolic and something that can't really affect the outcome of the negotiations. i think the move that iran was seeking from the americans as a sign of good well, or was the on blocking of uranian foreign assets which have been frozen in countries such as south korea and japan and are worth billions of dollars. what do you think it will take to break this deadlock in the negotiations? you know, with iran maintaining that all sanctions imposed since 2018 must be lifted and the us wanting to keep some in place? well, i think are many of the sanctions that donald trump implemented were precisely and deliberately designed to actually prevent a return to the deal by the americans. are many of these sanctions have been labeled under a terrorism or human rights are but from your own perspective, if we the, it really doesn't make a difference. what the label of the sanction is. essentially it's going to prevent
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our foreign companies and foreign banks from doing business with you are and i think our iran position is that all of these sanctions have to be lifted for the deal to be revived. right. mr. ma, sorry, thank you very much for that. that is hum at the savvy life horizon fair down. thank you. now thousands of ukrainians in the northeast and city of concave and taking part in the solidarity march. as a situation, the rush of remains tends. the city is located on the border with russia. ukraine, president of them is lensky has expressed concern that if there were any escalation cod could, could be the 1st city to be invaded by russian forces. let's go to our corresponding child stratford. he's joining us live from the end. what's happening there, charles? well, that's right. there all thousands of people who come out to day to the center of car cave. this is the 2nd biggest city in ukraine, used to be the capital of what was then the soviet republic of ukraine
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for a number of decades. it is a huge significance. the city because obviously it is only about an hour drive from here to the russian border. and what we're hearing is reports of tens of thousands of russian forces, russian troops and musician munitions and weapons across that border. now, i'd say a couple of 1000 people here, they marched across the city to this freedom square. when you speak to them, obviously you get a sense of exactly that sense of passion and unity certainly that they are describing here in, in what they, what they say is russian aggression russian expansionism. there's a, a sense that said, despite the ongoing diplomatic efforts, this window for diplomacy is getting increasingly small. so they're all concerns here. just to give you a sense of some of the voices and the people that we've been speaking to or spoke
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to one man who said that yes, he was very afraid of what could happen. but he said that he wouldn't be prepared to fight because he has russians, russian family members, russian relatives, and ukrainian relatives in russia. many the people here though, say that so no matter what russia throws at bay city is as i say, it is so close to the border. they are prepared to defend it. we spoke to one lady who moved out of crimea in 2014 moved here to car cave. she's in contact with people in crimea, and she's saying that the people that she's speaking to say that they're all along lines all. what will ukrainians with, with russian loyalty, allegiance is living in crimea that allowed me recruiting whole sliding off to join the russian military. another man we spoke to, he says that he didn't believe that there would be a war. but it cleans thorazine cannot be trusted. but as i say
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this, the city of huge both cultural, political and economic significance. yeah. thousands of people here, this protest goes on. we're expecting to speak. he's later, i'm certainly a show of unified response. so as i say, what the people here describe as being russian aggression. charles, thank you for that child stratford with the latest live for us and cognitive are we going to morocco? now we're rescue team say they are getting closer to reaching a young boy who fell down 830 to me to well, he has been trapped since tuesday and cruise say that to the less than 2 meters away from him. now, these alive pictures from the scene where there are many people gathered around the world as well as the rescue workers themselves. now the team is digging out part of a hillside. it is a delicate and dangerous operation to reach the 5 year old boy. katya
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lopez, what i am, the ports this mission to see the 5 year old boy has grip or go for days where yan fell on to the bottom of the well while playing outside on tuesday. he's been trapped ever since. the well was in the town of barbara read. it's 32 meters deep, but his face is too narrow for rescue workers to go down and reach him. they've cut a hole into a hill and next to the well hoping they can dig a horizontal tunnel to get the boy. they're loyal flush, they don't. american. they turned on the light on the fence camera and dropped it down. so they discovered that the kid is still there and you're still talking. i heard him myself, he was begging us to save him. he let the weather is hold and it's unclear whether the boy has taken any food, water, or oxygen that's been channeled to him. like, oh great. okay. i happy will come out of this. okay. it's like one of our own
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children has fallen. we are praying for his safety. he's one of our children. the hills have turned into a construction site with hundreds of people surrounding the area, anxiously waiting for a yan to be rescued. millions in morocco are watching the operation unfold. live on television, on social media support is also growing. rescue workers say they're getting closer to the boy with their servers of a landslide. knock on their, schweitzer arcadia, we living in a true catastrophe in his area with our son, ryan. we pray to god for good news to make us in all moroccans happy. a helicopter is standing by to take raeann to hospital and across morocco and the world. people are also waiting and hoping will be saved. hartfield. his other young al jazeera and al jazeera, our, that correspondent l mock. thou l. abilene there. following the rescue effort. most
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ho, i'll have an awful key. what we know from our sources of the horizontal drilling level has reached 2 meters after which brown will be there. but horace, dental drilling has gone on for 18 hours. now, vertical drilling came to an end yesterday after several days of hard work. round fell into the well on tuesday. so today, saturday is the 5th successive day of continuous attempts to save the child, which i had. and i had a defect over there. you can see a member of the civil defense team with his tools to monitor the seismic waves as this area is known for its fragile and steep soil. the man is there on the right side of the big hole made by cranes in winches during the last few days. i'm going to have a use of boulders is helped move large amounts of dirt and sand. in the middle of the whole, you will see the well wherever i was traps. since tuesday he fell into the 3rd. he made her well, which has been deserted for years. digging and drilling moscow down to reach 32 meters in order to save and risky ran here. also,
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we can see the big tools that have helped a lot during the last few days, and also supported sides of the whole with huge amounts of dirt to prevent any collapses, particularly after a few slides that have affected the digging operations. you can also see people from all over morocco who came to show their support, that the rescue operation is gripping the arab world. can all santa maria has been looking at the reaction on social media. the hash tag is save rayon, but it is obviously more prevalent in arabic, in morocco, a small amount there. but i would say, actually a lot more over in the ravine peninsula, particularly in saudi arabia, where there are a lot of twitter uses there. i wanted to show you this morocco world news, the front page of morocco, world news dot com. obviously the top story, celebrities embassies express sympathy with little ryan, but also 123 of the 5 top stories are all about ryan. it's a huge story. obviously in morocco with people, absolutely glued to the television screens and there're their phones. morocco will
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news also put this out on instagram. i thought this is actually quite helpful. this isn't the, the news you can use category showing how this rescue operation is going to look. there's round on the bottom and you see there, if i, to circle at how the well narrows down to just 20 centimeters at the bottom. and then if i get rid of that, you say the 150 meters that have had to dig in and down to get to where ryan is in now, hopefully getting to the end of that's official social media channels. i have been charming and is all. this is just one example from the u. s. embassy morocco. in arabic, they're giving their best wishes to ryan and those who are rescuing him. and then i've seen a lot on twitter. football is actually the algerian football stars, including this former football andy de la, who has, oh, it's not china there. he goes, see, says infringing for severe liberty high on we must save a little ryan art work like this is actually been really prevalent or just selected
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a couple more here for you there. this one's quite nice on the left. see just down the bottom. it's got the world and around and that's what it says in arabic. it's like the whole world is down there with him. and this picture on the right, what we are all hoping for and we are following that story very closely on al jazeera. again, those are the latest pictures from the village near the rock and city off ship shalon, and we will bring you update on that when we have them. now the u. s. s. the death of ice's leader is a significant blow to the group. i believe him hashmi could a, she is thought to have detonated a bomb during the u. s. military raid, killing himself and members of his family. but a set, of course, he only reports from heart. a that's just across the border with turkey. people want to know how awkward she was able to hide in plain sight. the rooms hide out of isolator, i believe, brought him a cray, she in northwest syria,
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been down by the us special forces during your counter terrorism rate on thursday. president joe biden said l. cray, she blew himself up to avoid capture 12 other people, including 6 children, were also killed. the iraqi national was accused of orchestrating ice la facts and syria and iraq. his neighbors in the town of fatima i shocked that they lived next to notorious outlaw sasha, where the, where the hobbies the fire for has the round one. i am we went hat and so forth. helicopters flying low. we didn't know who the target was out. there was a one i had gunfire in special forces, landed on the building. they spent 2 eyes there. we gathered with the children in one house. the children couldn't bear while they were so afraid of the holiness 0. elcorta and his predecessor ever back girl, but daddy both chose to hide among families of internal displaced syrians in the navy. we were asleep when we heard the explosions. then they called everyone men
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and women and children to evacuate the building, saying they were destroy it. they tied us up and asked us a lot of questions. i told them, i don't know anyone from next door. i'll crashes landlord says he had no idea about his tenant. now he's trying to repair the damage to his property. on up the aquifer, carolina ivan utterly assess him and of let me tell you, i'm from asthma that i'm not a stranger here. this person has been here for a year, so he said he was an id p, a limo i rented in the house, like regular people. how did, how could, i know will verify his real identity. we don't acknowledge, tolerate the terrorism. we are harmed because of this man and this great of la mancha land. i sales remaining leaders haven't commented on the raid which guilt their comm rate after the killing of so i so leader is why the united states over the last 3 years, many across the board, their fear, the group will see that as a challenge. and that will provoke more fear and hostility in the region and returns of people being force towards the border with turkey. seen anchor solo al
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jazeera, what i did because the crossing now, hong kong leaders are under pressure to change their 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. on saturday, it recorded more than 350 new infections. the highest since the pandemic began. economists warned that failing to relax, restrictions could jeopardize the territory status as a financial hub, but clench reports from hong kong. hong kong is known as asia is world city that economists a warning that could soon change the territory as keeping in line with a 0 coven policy adopted by mainland china. locked downs and mass testing are common place and social distancing. restrictions have been extended, at least until mid february. people have been suffering a lot in the past 2 years and i doubt whether people can stand another 23 years in
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the current state. so, so to me this is definitely not ideal. according to a report by the european chamber of commerce, hong kong, international isolation could extend into 2024, or until mainland china reopens to the world. experts say, hong kong reputation could suffer long lasting damage, given that to the hong kong is the financial hub. is the headquarter of for many multinational firms in the region. ah, and therefore many experts will want to come to hong kong, but they're discouraged by this policy that is going to make hong kong last international. hong kong is one of the few places in the world. still maintaining its no tolerance approach to coven and sticking to mainland china's policy. but as a 5th wave of infections swayed through the community, followed by another round of restrictions, people here are increasingly questioning whether the strategy is sustainable or not . a scandal over birthday party, attended by government officials, has done little to boost trust. on monday, hong kong home affairs,
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chief casper choice stepped down after making he behaved inappropriately by attending the gathering last month. the government is also under pressure to boost vaccination rights among the elderly, currently at just over 30 percent, with our micron infections expected to serge following the lunar new year. festive period. getting infections to 0 is looking increasingly out of reach brit clinic al jazeera hong kong. now, colona vas infections linked to the beijing winter. le pen games have doubled within 24 hours to $45.00 new cases, but organize the say, they unconcerned by the increase and have everything under control. strict rules are being enforced, including the daily testing for the 3000 athletes who, being isolated from everyone else. the number of people in the u. s. have died in the pandemic has surpassed 900000 new infections of falling and nearly all states
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but deaths arising averaging 2400 a day. it is time for the weather. now. he is jeff. all lies on incoming tropical cyclone bad sir. i making landfall to wear that east coast of madagascar just south of the capital. we know this one's going to pack a punch at one point. it was the equivalent of a category for hurricane was sustained winds of a 145 kilometers per hour. but here's what we can expect about half a meter of rain in the days to come or press play, see where this goes. it's looking like it's going to dip right toward the south, ducking and dodging mozambique and south africa. okay, let's go to the rest of africa. your weather report right now. com, toward the northwest and the northeast. cairo has a high of 19 degrees. we have some active weather that's moved across the english channel that slammed into northern parts of germany right into northern france. and at times we'll see some heavier bouts of rain here and for central areas of europe . pretty quiet. so we do have some showers rolling across at most of cloud cover
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actually for the balkans. xandra has a high of 11 degrees and the easter med is also quiet right now, except for a few showers and snow over the higher ground for turkey's northeast black sea region, some showers for the levant as well, and we can expect showers for southern portion of spain, but high temperatures. here is seville. 22 degrees on sunday. that's it from the season. still head on the news, our russians crumbling coastline. we ask if it can be saved from the impact of climate change and the sport controversy ahead of the men from down from base at the winter olympics and bay jing leah will be here with the details ah february on a disease or the winter olympics will diplomatically call the corona via, with the event rigorous debate. them unflinching questions up front. cut through
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the headlines trelin. conventional with how did they will keep you up? it's nathan to tackle here on the con variant and it continues. vaccine inequality, 11 east investigates how breakfast the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis. a me to record levels of unemployment and extreme even quality cost to we can go to the po, february on a, just either from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me if i take on the live this man or the misconceptions, and the me a contradiction are mark lamond hill and it's hard to get up front on al jazeera. oh,
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a watching all just a reminder of our top story, the south african union as meeting for a 2 day summer. the $55.00 members lock is under pressure to come up with a coordination response to phase of military coups conflict and further fall out from the corona virus. and demick p. o, p as prime minister abbey abuse has opening remarks to address the conflict and the to dr. region wrong because it has the legal right to continue nuclear research, which can't be restricted by any agreement that's in response to the us waving some sanctions on iraq civilian nuclear program. as talks to revive the 2015 and agreement to reach a critical stage and rescue workers in iraq to their close to reaching a 5 year old boy who fell down well digging out part of the him side in
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a delicate operation to reach the child. been trapped to the bottom of the 30 to me to well for 5 days. now, the latest ballistic missile test by north korea being condemned by more than half the members of the un security council. version france and the u. s. are among 8 countries describing the test launches as a significant escalation. meanwhile, china asserting the white house to show more flexibility if it wants a breakthrough. diplomatic editor james bays in new york. she didn't, judy of, she almost killed all this propaganda video has been ad in recent days on north korean t b kim john on is showing off his equestrian skills riding at speed on a white horse. but it is the speed of progress his country's making. this nuclear weapons and missile programs. it's warring diplomats. there were 9 miss are launches in january a record in
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a month. and the most recent launch was an advanced intermediate range ballistic missile. ambassadors came to a closed door meeting the 3rd this year. before it even started though, the chinese ambassador made it clear he felt there was a vicious circle and the u. s. needed to do more invoking the summits that president trump had held with the korean leader in 20182019. they should come up with more attractive and more practical, more flexible approaches, policies and accents. we have all seen, we have all seen what happened in finger pool. we have all seen what happened the hanoi china and russia wouldn't agree to a joint security council statement at this stage. that clearly angered 8 other council members, which came up with their own statement read out by the u. s. embassy. the cost of the council's ongoing silence is too high. it will embolden the dpr k to
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further defy the international community. your chinese colleagues said that the u. s. needs to do more, and he specifically referred to the her noise summit and the singapore summit, which president trump had with the supreme leader kim. so is it time for president biden to get directly involved in the diplomacy? united states has made clear that we are willing to meet with the north koreans without pre conditions. but before we can, can met our president to meeting, we need to have a better sense of what there is to achieve. the united states would clearly like the security council to take a tougher stand on pyongyang, but china currently actually wants to ease sanctions on north korea. and it's a subject that will come up again on monday when the security council under the presidency of russia hold. so meeting about sanctions around the world,
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james spies alger 0 at the united nations, where we're taking you back to the rescue site in the rock over a 5 year old boy has been trapped in a well near the city of chef shout. we've got al jazeera arabic correspondent, l mock there, and i believe there and tell us howard cruise getting on seeing van now are many yet, sir? yes sir, the digging he let all peroration is still a go away and gone few minutes ago. laughter from this tunnel gen one of the rescue teams can wow, that was very tired. and i managed to talk to him and asked him how many meters left to reach ryan. and he told me it is one
4:36 pm
meter and half. exactly. he said there are some difficulties, and there is a rock over there that has ended the, the manual digging. now, they are doing the horizontal drilling and digging and this is ongoing for 24 hours. this sir, horizontal digging came after the vertical de again as m and the, as you can see here, you can see people from different parts of the morocco that he got and waiting for the happy piece of good news that ryan is rescued and is saved here we have a very well equipped, sy ambulance with very high, talented doctors and medical themes in order to take roja immediate to the hospital
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. also we have he helicopters to help in taking re and to a hospital in order to be given the necessary help and support the most important challenges was there is some there for drill foil that has led to little one slides. and this has hindered thee digging good operation. people are all over hey, the place in order to show solidarity with ryan and his family, or that is out as they are arabic sir. and martha and apple alley. joining us live from the side of that masculine, for thank you. now, tens of thousands of families in bolivia, picking up the pieces often devastating floods and landslides and motor ventured rain is full cost in the pas, which is $1.00 of the worst had areas. fenton monahan reports the these other remains of neighborhood in the bolivian city of la palm,
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devastated by heavy rain that brought floods and land flight local people are taking stock of the damage. this woman and her family lost their home after was submerged by mud. jack, you'll be the where to call maria of the day before yesterday, rains were heavy and the water came down like a river with great force coming from everywhere because scared because we haven't been able to speak for 2 nights last night. it also rained and we stayed up until 1 in the morning watching over the house. the 10s of thousands of people have lost homes and property. many having slept for several night as dark clouds overhead race fears that more rain could come at any time for a living and let me copy all the weight of the mud was coming into my yard. since the mud comes from above, it comes down with strength and when it rains it becomes worse. we practically don't sleep anymore. some local authorities are clearing debris. some houses are
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beyond salvaging and will have to be torn down. many are blaming the heavy rainfall on a weather phenomenon linked to extreme weather events. it can, if the video is done in the media at the moment with sufferings due to the linear phenomenon, it's conditioning weather events. and it being characterized mainly by very short events with an extremely high intensity that almost doubles the rainfall that was recorded and of the ceiling. many parts of bolivia or on orange alert. many more landslides and reins are expected in the days and weeks ahead. benjamin al jazeera, now the u. s. republican national committee has voted to condemn to politicians from its own ranks. those cheney and adam kids and accused of defined party leadership by taking part in an investigation into the january, 6 fries. on friday, republican politicians officially described the attack on capitol hill by donald
4:40 pm
trump, supporters and events leading up to it as legitimate political discourse and trumps wise president of the time my pen said he couldn't have overturned the result of the 2020 election and said he couldn't think of anything more on american and i heard this week, the president trump said i had the right to overturn the election president, trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion than any one person could choose . the american president hundreds of protest as have driven through the u. s. city of minneapolis to protest the police killing of a 22 year old black man. i mean lark was shot dead in his apartment on wednesday to offices use a know not search. lot families has offices, woke him while he was sleeping, and then the confusion he reached for
4:41 pm
a firearm. my cana report, the foot. it shows a police officers unlocking the door with a key and storming into the apartment. within seconds of a verbal warning, 22 year old m. a luck lying and blanket is dead. as an emotional news conference on friday, family members called for justice and accountability. i believe that he was executed by the m p d and i want the police officer that murder my site here to be prosecuted. you're in fire. you're in the video luck can be seen holding a gun. family members said he had a permit to carry the weapon. amir was a gun carrying license in the bay. do on. earlier locks family appeared with the lawyers in a virtual news conference. didn't announce any one's name. all they,
4:42 pm
all they announced was that they were, they're executing a warrant, waking somebody out of sleep, while lawfully possessing a gun. the minneapolis police department has confirmed that locks name wasn't on the warrant. these are wrenching videos to watch their painful but it's necessary. and i hope that it provides some answers along with the questions the minnesota gun owners caucus released the blistering statement criticizing. the police saying mister locke did what many of us might do in the same confusing circumstances. he reached for a legal means of self defense. while he saw to understand what was happening, this latest incident comes nearly 2 years after george floyds killing by the minneapolis police spot international outrage. the depart but now finds itself the center of another controversy. a lawyer for locks family pose this question. as he
4:43 pm
called for change, the fact that it's repeatedly black americans who end up in that situation makes us wonder. why isn't it any america? why is it only black americans that we don't give a chance to to live in these situations? the minneapolis police department is being investigated by the justice department to see if there's a pattern of civil rights violations. my kind of, i'll jazeera washington. now the quote was pandemic has led to school closures all of a nation. america with undo, particularly hot as nano ruffled reports, extreme poverty, limited internet access, and classrooms badly needing repair. following back to back hurricanes, all add up to a crisis load this, they have a is struggling to keep her children focused on school assignments. she says it's
4:44 pm
hard enough being a mother of 3, but providing her kids with a decent education in honduras, one of the poorest countries in latin america is a daunting challenge. i thought i had part of the family. everything here depends on parents lessons, that schools are very bad. we have to contribute with everything. and many parents can't. we don't have the money to buy the things the teachers say they need. even before the pandemic, the education system in honduras was already indicated. but the death blow came in the form of to back to back hurricanes, which damaged and destroyed dozens of schools across the northern part of the country in 2020. despite ongoing rebuilding efforts more than a year on many or still wondering when there will be schools for students to return to alamo, lock aqua lap. okay. but how many schools here were destroyed, even though they say in person classes will start soon. i don't think they will
4:45 pm
because all the buildings here are still destroyed. students are due back very soon at this small public school in shamella gone, one of the poorest suburbs of some federal sula, but the director says a complete lack of support from the government has slowed their preparations. armando dania has honduran, i feel ashamed over the handling of the pandemic, how the education system has been deficient. and i dare to say that many teachers have been the ones who rescued education by going the extra mile teachers directors and parents have been attentive to the work that's been assigned. another major obstacle to learning is a lack of internet access. it's estimated that less than 13 percent of households in honduras have access to a computer and internet and last year, as schools remain closed due to pandemic restrictions. as many as 600000 students abandoned the education system altogether. according to statistics from the world bank,
4:46 pm
the coven 19 pandemic has said back educational efforts in honduras by almost half a decade. in issue, the newly elected president of honduras seo manor castle has promised to make a top priority. manuel to the apollo al jazeera san pedro sula honduras. now, living in the british isles means you'll never fall from the sea, but with climate change and rising sea levels, cliffs a crumbling, taking homes with them. on top of that storm, damage and flooding could make some close to communities uninhabitable. within the next 30 years, ms. jonah hauled reports from devon, difficult decisions will have to be made on which areas saved or surrendered to the sea. this is sidney from the devon coast. a georgian town that lost a 100 meters of shoreline in a century. a rate that's now close to double in places on its east beach. the clips have been crumbling for years. where once there was climate denial,
4:47 pm
there is now an unavoidable reality. as we watched another section fell into the sea. a certain climate change now has changed people's perception. in the last couple years. i think that there's a recognition that there's a tremendous danger from climate change. coastal defense is already in place. protect the towns proven out, but they've affected the natural title drift, making things worse for the nearby cliffs. down here at the water line, you can clearly see the forces of nature weighing on this landscape down one side. this river runoff made heavier by more frequent storm activity, up above the cliffs, heavy rainfall that saturate the soil from below the waves lapping. although i pretty much up to the base of the cliffs, their own beats protection washed away. it's a 3 pronged assault making this world heritage site and others like it all the way up and down the drastic coast. vulnerable, fragile,
4:48 pm
prone to collapse. the problem is people live up here, some in large houses with majestic c views and fast receding from lawns. it is worrying, but i assume with the, my age is not going to be a physical problem to myself. but the further down the road you get oversleep is the worry will get larger. and there are gardens that are literally falling into the sea down. absolutely. and at some stage they've got to do something to protect the town. a 2020 report by the committee on climate change found that 1200000 homes in the u. k are at high risk of flooding, and a 100000 more will succumb to coastal erosion in decades to come. there's increased funding for protection, but not everywhere can receive it. and that means hard choices lie ahead. basically telling those people who lives there, but you will not be will no longer be able to live here in the next 203040 years,
4:49 pm
you'll have to abandon your house because we can no longer afford to protect you. now those are really, really tough decisions, and they, those sorts of decisions will, will increasingly be necessary in the future. the homeowners overlooking east beach, a clinging on her. now, there are plans being worked out by the local council for a protective barrier to be placed in the c. it's a race to hold back the rising tide. jonah haul al jazeera and sidmouth. still ahead on algebra, a big announcement of the bay gym and then picks from one of the world's biggest went to school start. lia will be here with the details. ah frank assessments for china will benefit from their college strategy if the rest of the world got together informed opinions at all on sundays. enough reading from
4:50 pm
that critical debate would be the claims that need to come do an interest in your threat to russia, but it's precisely, he's actually that created the insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera news . ah, ah ah ah
4:51 pm
oh, all right, it's time for sport and he and leon starting with the winter olympics. thank you so much, liz. there's lots of big news coming out of beijing, but let's start with the 1st gold medal when at the olympics so far, nugent cross country, scared that he said jo hug, she snagged the 1st bit of hardware. she powered her way to victory in the women's ski f one race there 6 golds in total up for grabs on saturday alone. visions out there the day. a lot of rain did with call, but they're at the tracks. i love them. i am really happy to then take the gold medal to day and that i reach my dream says i was a little girl to take, ah, individual, a gold medal. and that was just the 1st of 2 golds for norway who go top of the
4:52 pm
metal table at this very early stage in the games, slovenia, and the netherlands are the only other nations with the gold medal at this stage so far. all right and things are also looking good for norway in the ski jumping. robert johansen finished top of the standings and qualifying for the normal hill event. and there's another norwegian in 2nd 2 and there was some spectacular action over at the qualifiers for the women snowboard slopes style. even more impressive when you consider that they were competing and very windy conditions and temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees celsius. the course at the snow park is designed to resemble the great wall of china was sticking with snowboarding and one of the biggest winner sports stars in history, sean white, he is confirmed that he will retire after these games. the american snow border is the face of his sport and has so far $13.00 gold medals across 4 lympics, the so called flying tomato is 35 years old and says he made the decision to hang up his board recently while he was in austria, i broke down a little guy,
4:53 pm
very emotional and then called friends and family manager. people kind of told them why i was that they all agreed and said, hey, beautiful run. and let's see this through that and see what's next. well, earlier we spoke to 5 time olympics here, graham bell, he explained how much weight has done for the sports. well, it's about, i'm ready. i mean 35 years old in a very young man, sports is quite incredible that he's been out to keep his body together for such a for such a long time. i spoke to him in rhea limping gauge in the summer and the big games and ria and i thought that he'd be retiring then i, he was focusing more on his music and playing in a rock band of that song. but to come back and it come back that he made in china to win. gold was quite incredible. but to even make it to these games is,
4:54 pm
is fantastic. and you know, if you can get onto the podium, it would just be, it would be the story, but he's basically taken snowboarding and taken it into a different level. you know, people not sure why it's not just through sports anymore. well, the international olympic committee, they say that foreign media will still be able to report from the games after an honor incident. on friday, a chinese official interrupted a dutch reporter during the live broadcast, prompting international backlash and fear for media rights. here's a look at exactly what happened at latino to coleman that he would allow to g. yeah, i'll chance the other issue though your was his hi cecilia blows. you know, the hot. yeah. the boarding here in the middle of the girl there. yeah. okay. i was out of local that almost will be it visits until this exchange of i love it if it been able to to go up a little molly? oh good. i will. i o. c has repeatedly assured foreign media that the contracts signed with the chinese host will allow them to speak freely with the olympic
4:55 pm
bubble. it was an unfortunate circumstance. i think someone was being over zealous . he was able, very quickly afterwards with the help of officials that the duties piece to currently stand up. these things do happen and i think it's a one off. i hope it's a one off. i'm, you know, we will, we assure you that live in the close that you'll be able to carry on your, your work on should that, should that not be the case, would be happy for it to be ready. but as i said, we spoke to an ice, they consider that everything was done that needed to be done to football and manchester united have suffered a shock defeat and the english f, a cup they were playing in the 4th round against middlesbrough who play in the league below them, and there was a rare miss penalty for kashana rinaldo, but united still went ahead in the game soon after this school from jaden sancho back came middlesborough though, with an equalizer from that crooks in the game, eventually went to penalty. shoot out anthony. a longer shot over the bar, which means the 12 time champions united or out in middles broke go through. will
4:56 pm
chelsea play plymouth in the f a cup shortly, but just a few hours before kick off, their coach, thomas chuckle, has tested positive for coven 19 to call, will go into self isolation, and most likely join the team in abu dhabi next week. at the club world cup african champions alley are already at the club world cup and without their coach, who's also tested positive for coven. 19. they face mexican side, monterey, without several of their international players who are representing egypt at the africa cup of nations. australia's cricket coach just in langer has quit just days after guiding them to afford mil ashes when over england, cricket, australia said the former player rejected a 6 month contract extension. he's now being linked to bank bacon england job following chris silver woods departure on friday. i understand, especially given howard modern respect, justin is an absolute legend of the gay. the many people will be disappointed by
4:57 pm
the decisions i offer just in short term contracts. and there were issues in the middle. you know, i think everyone really needed to address this decision is very much taking a future focus to put in place a sustainable model that we think is in the best interests of the to the n. b a and a very tight game between the cleveland cavaliers. and the charlotte hornets, it looked like the hornets landed, the decisive blow with this 3 pointer from kelly over a junior with 47 seconds left. but the calves they came back, cut the lead to one, and kevin love, hit 2 free throws with 1.2 seconds remaining on the clock. irish golfer seamus power is the leader at the halfway stage of the pebble beach pro. am he birdie 10 of the 18 holes during his 2nd round to finish with a score of 64. that puts him top of the leaderboard on 16 under park 5 shots. clear . well, that's it for me headed back over to las lee. thank you for that and that is it for
4:58 pm
this news, al, but we'll be back in just a few minutes with all of the days news to stay with us. ah, our diets define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices to def, infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains, and asks, what's really on our plate. food in glorious food on al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage, a type of animal you could ever imagine thing a flaw in abundance of well floss programming. we need that robot sort of got into and shut it in. a fucked sentence. designed to inform, motivate,
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a fear of my eye and power in pasha. we tell your stories. we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera, ah . rescue workers and morocco inch closer to saving a 5 year old, trapped in a well of for days. ah hello, i'm elizabeth bronman. this is al 0 live from doha. also coming up thousands of ukrainians rally and the la.


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