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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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you are making serious efforts in order to attend a meeting with a a thousands of ukrainians, riley in the largest city near a border where russian forces and lastly, ah, my money inside this is out, is there a life window hole or so coming up, rescue workers in morocco inch, close it to saving a 5 year old boy trapped in a well, the keys conflicts on a slow cove at vaccine roll out. leaders from the african union meet to come up
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with the coordinated response and portions crumbling coastline. but can some areas be saved while others all surrendered to the sea? ah, we began in ukraine and the city which could be the 1st in line for invasion by russian troops. khaki of ho said a so called solidarity march to demonstrate patriotic spirits and condemn russian aggression. 2 to 3000 demonstrators, cool for the easing of tensions as 825000 russian troops wait near the border. the criminal denies the army is about to invade. charles traffic has the latest from the rally in khaki if thousands of people are turned up today in car, kara ukraine's 2nd city in the shore. what i say is unity against wash and aggression in russian function is a good morning. good call. if he's only around an hour's drive from the russian
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border and beyond that border, of course, their own tens of thousands of russian troops. the people here to go to represent various different political policies and activist groups which quote, a high percentage of water from described nationalist group to the mission. kristen and it is this, the city of ha, ha ha. the people that live here are prepared for the worst and they will defend clark, if, until the last, in a game of a full scale invasion, we would be on a front line here. so yeah, and say in such a support, seeing a number of people or would it be ready to for you to order a resistant anyway, it's important to do, to uplift why all the spirit is all a. it's
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not too right for us on the culture of those physical. absolutely. i don't believe korean for me. the good russian is a bad russian. let them come. i'm looking forward to seeing them. i know what i will be doing. i was taught to do that and i've done it in 2014 and i'll be doing that very well. let them come, but we are waiting for them. what is bad for them is good for us. yes, that's a very interesting things being said on the stage behind me, a man a few minutes ago saying that if the people here wanted peace, then they should be prepared for war and saying that if they needed ammunition, there were places where it could be found was this altogether? the situation here is hugely complex. vladimir putin has said time and time again that russia has no intention of invading ukraine. and there are a lot of people in this area who do express loyalty towards russia. they see russian language and russian culture as being huge significance. one thing is for sure, certainly at this rally to day a unified voice who the people here will not stand up to bullying from vladimir
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putin as just gone up past 5 p. m. in morocco where a nation is praying for the safe recovery of a little boy, he's been trapped down a wealth of 5 days. now. we're looking at live pictures from that team has been digging out part of a hail side. it's a delicate and extremely dangerous operation. to reach this 5 year old boy has been named as ryan. he's been trapped down there since tuesday. we are hearing reports from local media. that's a rescue. workers have now reached the boy and are currently with them. as soon as we have any updates on this as story will, of course, of course, bring it to you, but let's get some background now. on what's been going on for the last few days from catcher. lopez hood a yan this mission to save a 5 year old boy has groped morocco for days. raeann fell on to the bottom of the well while playing outside on tuesday. he's been trapped ever since hours into
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saturdays rescue operation. a video appears to show the boy taking food and water from a tube supplied by emergency crews. and through another tube, they sent him oxygen. a middle the chaos. the boy's father stands nearby day and night, waiting desperately for updates. and the city will know people who love us or hear supporting us. they want to save my son and rescue him. the base of the well as to nero for emergency crews to go down and reach the boy. they've cut a hole into a hill that's next to the well hoping they can dig a horizontal tunnel to get to him. the hills have been turned into a construction site with hundreds of people surrounding the area, anxiously waiting for a young to be rescued. millions and morocco are watching the operation unfold. live on television,
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on social media. traction is also growing. this is mia grey rosemary. we are here to show support for this child. we want him to be out safely, members of different tribes. i hear that because we want this boy rescued on a hot, foreign pain rescue worker. see, they're getting closer to the boy, but there is a dangerous risk of a landslide, a helicopter a standing by to take her yawn to hospital and across morocco and the world. people are also waiting and hoping he'll be saved. katia locus of a young al jazeera mohammed. yes, and i'll be as the president of the shelf one association of caving and mountain activities. he spoke to us by phone and explain why the rescue operation has been so difficult. we tried to go through the same well, it wasn't possible because it's very, very no doubt, very often to, to dig out,
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you know, another like canyon. it's exactly come in. so the, it's not stable. they phone come. you know it's, it's very hard. so they need to protect the body, visit the both the, the risk you agree or, you know, the members down, why can i get the 5 that is the most important. you know, it's very hot authorities doing a very good job besides, you know, try and re randy thinking because it's not. it's not easy. oh, you know too much. a lot of people to manage the risk you are the same time. but they are doing very, very, very, very well, the rescue operation has grant be our world come all sense. mary has been looking at the reaction on social media. the hash tag is savory on,
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but it is obviously more prevalent in arabic, in morocco, a small amount there. but i would say actually a lot more over the road in pittsville, particularly in saudi arabia, where there are a lot of twitter uses there. i wanted to show you this morocco world news, the front page of morocco, world news dot com. obviously the top story, celebrities embassies express. sympathy with little ryan, but also 123 of the 5 top stories are all about ryan. it's a huge story. obviously in morocco with people absolutely glued to the television screens and error, their phones. morocco will news also put this out on instagram. i thought this is actually quite helpful. this isn't the, the news you can use categories showing how this rescue operation is going to look . there's round on the bottom and you see there by the circle at how the well narrows down to just 20 centimeters at the bottom. and then if i get rid of that, you say the 150 meters that have had to dig in and down to get to where ryan is and
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now hopefully getting to the end of that's official social media channels. i have been charming and is all this is just one example from the u. s. embassy and morocco. in arabic, they're giving their best wishes to rayon and those who are rescuing him. and then i've seen a lot on twitter football as actually algerian football stars, including this former football andy de la, who has, oh, it's not changing there. he goes, see, says infringing for savell, a pretty high on we must save a little ryan art work like this is actually been really prevalent. i'll just selected a couple more here for you there. this one's quite nice on the left. see just down the bottom. it's got the world and around, and that's what it says in arabic. it's like the whole world is down there with him and his picture on the right. what we are all hoping for. let's take another look at the live a shot where we're hoping that we've reached the end of that rescue operation of a small boy's been trapped down a well in that northern town. in morocco. since tuesday,
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we understand rescue work as a now with the boy they've been trying to reach him for 5 days now he fell down that tunnel on tuesday. as soon as we have any more updates, we will of course, bring them to you. a summary of african union leaders is underway in ethiopia. what the series of military coups on the current of ours pandemic, the top of the agenda, the 55 member countries have been warned that several regions are facing serious threats to peace and security. and our commitment to both st. lusting and liberal peace in our country shall remain. steadfast, excellence is loose and gentlemen, the greatest listen that is your behalf limit or the past you is up with those. the forgot, if you are african brothers and sisters,
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old existence or the mission would have been at great risk mohammed a tao. is an addis ababa with the latest these concerns about the number of coups these continent has had to for the past. wanted to have years 6 of them in total full them in west africa, which has traditionally been known as the cool belt of african than the the east. the shortfalls uncovered vaccinations in the continent. only 11 percent of the continents of people have been fully vaccinated. sofa and the ease a real need for a push on that. and now joining me to discuss all these a father is a former prime minister of the republic of kenya, rayleigh, or dingo, who is also a high representative on infrastructure for the african union. studying, are you seeing a resurgence of cruise in africa? there seems to be
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a disconnect between the lead us and the people. what in your opinion, is causing this resurgence of our coups when people were thinking that africa was finally on the road to democracy. well, it is a ugly, a very regrettable development, the continent that the did democratization process that it used. it started out in the early ninety's is a reversion in some parts of a continent. a judge begin being, begin to see generals on the streets are taking over the government. i think it is a face. it's as to do either the luck tones of unlimited leadership to actually deliver to the people. and secondly, i also showed you the constitutions. ah, to extend their,
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their town and also the way which elections themselves are heads the rigging of elections themselves. and under the these do you does not a willing to, to, to perform according to the requirements of the people. i think this is vocal. what is a, bring back these military coups. and there's also a real challenge with their covered 19 vaccinations in africa. only 11 percent. only 2 countries have minutes to vaccinate a 70 percent of their people and that's say, shells and malicious were, you know, have got very tiny populations. what is an, i mean, is there remedy for this? and you, do you think africa could be able to m intensify its physician process? certainly is. i think her, this is an area where the us to be a bit of compulsion, that the government has really to come out a for
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a loan to afford and just ugly. foster people to go and get vaccinated cuz it is for their, for their protection. for example, as so, and king of the government saying that if you don't have vaccination, you're not going to get government services. but simple. some people are seeing those unconstitutional and son. but i think if visit being done in order to save life and save the people, that the government is entitled to took all the measures necessary to ensure that people get vaccinated on palestinian prime minister and manage to attire has called on the african union to withdraw israel's observer status for the block. israel should never be rewarded for its violation. and for the apartheid regime it does impose on there by the senior people as an entity. israel has progressed from extremes the extremism to military's them,
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to colo colonial expansion. this must to stop. so head on al jazeera ah neighborhoods turn to ruins as lance lies and floods caused devastation in bolivia. and we look at why hong kong risks losing its role as to regions financial ha, ah ah, look forward to brightest guys with sponsored point cutaways, hey, they're good to see you. here's your weather report for asia him. we had some snow falling across the far north east of india through nepal and baton. you know, what snow levels actually did to below 2000 meters in some spots for the 1st time in about 15 years. that energy is running over in northern myanmar and pushing into
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western china. we'll talk more about that coming up. but otherwise pretty much smooth sailing for india. foggy and smug in the northwest new delhi has a height of 21 degrees. and the ne monsoon, it may brush in some shower, store that southeast corner of india. now the major here, after se, asia, we go and we've got storms come in and go in through the tropics here. but i do want to show you china as we were talking about that shield of snow, moving across the yangtze river valley here and toward the south though we have some showers so that includes grey lynn with the high of 7 degrees. shanghai with this breeze that's knocked down your temperature to 6. now, you guessed at the snow, still falling across western areas of japan. it's been a pretty relentless, really in this area for western honju and whole kado. and because of the wind direction here, we've got a shot of call there rate across the korean peninsula. so that includes 4 pyongyang with the high of minus 3 degrees on sunday, but hey, at the civil be sunny susan, blue weather sponsored by katara weighs about
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diet. define who we are. but who always, if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def, infiltrated international wholesale markets, and supermarket chains. and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food on ouch is around ah ah, you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this our ukrainians have marched in khaki in the city,
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which could be fast in line for invasion by russian forces that demonstrate is condemned what they call russian aggression the kremlin denies a 125000 of its troops are waiting near the border about to attack. let's take a look at these alive pictures from morocco, local media there, say rescue workers have now reached that 5 year old boy who fell down a well some 5 days ago. now they've been digging out part of a hillside. it's been a delicate operation to rescue the little boy's been trapped at the bottom of a 32 meter well qu, and the pandemic i'll topping the agenda of a 2 day meeting of african union leaders meeting in ethiopia, capital addis ababa. the 55 member countries have been one that several regions are facing serious threats to peace and security. the united states is
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waving sanctions on iran civilian nuclear program, as talks to save the 2015 agreement reach a critical stage. donald trump ended the waiver 2 years ago when he was president. teheran says it once, guarantees from washington for the revival of the agreement. for better americans must show the goodwill in action. and our view, this means tangible things happening on the ground. lifting parts of the sanctions and a real and objective manner, it could be interpreted as the good will the americans talk about russell said has a reaction from to her on is quite significant because this is maybe the 1st time doing the binding. insufficient that the practical action is being taken. iranian had some conditions to take forward the talks and they were asking the immediate removal of the sanctions and all the sanctions regarding
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the nuclear nuclear file. and they were asking for the, what is the cations and the guarantees, by what, if occasion. they are seeing that not on the, on the paper. but you run needs to see the practical actions taken by, do you say that the sanctions are removed? and also they are asking for the guarantees that in case of any nuclear deal, this is going to go beyond by than administration and is going to be binding for the next president of the usa. however, the us, it says that it is almost impossible regarding the american political system, but when it comes to the reputation, the thing that they can give some of the guarantees. so in this sense, the partial removal of the sanctions from the u. s. c is quite a practical to tap and it is welcomed in, in, in, in the u. s. a software that hasn't been direct was between the iranians and americans and the minister of iran apply, you know, said that if the practical actions are taken down, there might be
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a direct talk between the 2 parties. and this a step is a kind of practical action that cools a paved way for data tours between americans and iranians. tens of thousands of families in bolivia are picking up the pieces after devastating floods and lance lines. more. torrential rain is full cost in la pas, which is $1.00 of the worst hit areas. fenton monahan reports the. these are the remains of neighborhoods in the bolivian city of la, devastated by heavy rain that brought floods and land flight local people are taking stock of the damage. this woman and her family lost their home after was submerged by mud. jack, you'll be the where to go. murray. you of the day before, yesterday, rains were heavy and the water came down like a river with great force coming from everywhere. we got scared because we haven't
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been able to be for 2 nights last night at all terrain. and we stayed up until 1 in the morning watching over the house. the 10s of thousands of people have lost homes and property. many haven't slept for several nights as dark clouds overhead race fears that more rain could come at any time for a living and let me copy all the weight of the mud was coming into my yard. since the mud comes from above, it comes down with strength. when it rains it becomes worse. we practically don't sleep anymore. some local authorities are clearing debris. some houses are beyond salvaging and will have to be torn down. many are blaming the heavy rainfall on a weather phenomenon linked to extreme weather events. it can, if the video is done in the family at the moment with sufferings due to the la nino phenomenon, it's conditioning weather events and being characterized mainly by very short events with an extremely high intensity that almost doubles the rainfall that was
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recorded in other ceiling many parts of bolivia are on orange alert. many more landslides and reins are expected in the days and weeks ahead. benjamin al jazeera, 200 kilometer an hour winds. i expected to batter madagascar soon followed clone about sir. i will make landfall in the islands on saturday. of the crossing morris lee on your island, strong winds on the rental wayne for i expected to put millions of people at risk. coastal areas have already been evacuated. now living in britain means he will never to fall away from the sea, but with climate change. and rising sea levels, cliffs crumbling, taking homes with them on top of that storm, damage and flooding could make some coastal communities uninhabitable within the next 30 years. as jonah haul reports from devon, difficult decisions will have to be made on which areas are saved or surrendered.
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to the sea. this is sidney from the devon coast, a georgia town that lost a 100 meters of shoreline in a century. a rate that's now close to double in places on its east beach. the cliffs have been crumbling for years. where once there was climate denial, there is now an unavoidable reality. as we watched another section and fell into the sea. a certain climate change now has to change people's perception in the last couple years. i think there's a recognition that there's a tremendous danger from climate change. coastal defense is already in place. protect the towns proven out, but they've affected the natural title drift, making things worse for the nearby cliffs. down here at the water line, you can clearly see the forces of nature weighing on this landscape down one side. this river runoff made heavier by more frequent storm activity,
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up above the cliffs, heavy rainfall that saturate the soil from below the waves lapping. although i pretty much up to the base of the cliffs, their own beach protections washed away. it's a 3 pronged assault making this world heritage site and others like it all the way up and down the jurassic coast vulnerable, fragile, prone to collapse. the problem is people live up here, some in large houses with majestic c views and fast receding from lawns. it is worrying, but i assume with the, my age is not going to be a physical problem to myself. but the further down the road you get oversleep, the worry will get larger, and there are gardens that are literally falling into the sea down. absolutely. and at some stage they've got to do something to protect the town. a 2020 report by the committee on climate change found that 1200000 homes in the u. k are at high risk
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of flooding, and a 100000 more will succumb to coastal erosion in decades to come. there's increased funding for protection, but not everywhere can receive it. and that means hard choices lie ahead. basically telling those people who lives there, but you will not be will no longer be able to live here in the next 203040 years, you'll have to abandon your house because we can no longer afford to, to protect you. now those are really the really tough decisions and they, those sorts of decisions will, will increasingly be necessary in the future. the homeowners overlooking east beach, clinging on for now, there are plans being worked out by the local council for a protective barrier to be placed in the c. it's a race to hold back the rising tide. jonah hall al jazeera sidmouth, police and canada's capital, vowing to crack down on what they call the increasingly dangerous protest by
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hundreds of trunk drivers, roads. and also i have been gridlocked for more than a week. the purchase began in opposition to canada's requirement that any truck is crossing the us border must be vaccinated against current of ours. well, the anger has since brought in into general frustration with pandemic restrictions . hong kong leaders are under pressure to change their 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic on saturday, recorded more than 350 new infections. the highest since the pandemic began. economists warmer, failing to relax the restrictions could jeopardize the territory status as a financial hub for its planets. reports from home. hong kong is known as asia, is world city that economists a warning that could soon change the territory as keeping in line with a 0 coven policy adopted by mainland china. lock downs and mass testing are common place and social distancing. restrictions have been extended,
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at least until mid february. people have been suffering a lot in the past 2 years and i doubt whether people can stand another 23 years in the current state. so, so to me, this is definitely not ideal. according to a report by the european chamber of commerce, hong kong international isolation could extend into 2024 or until mainland china reopens to the world. experts say, hong kong reputation could suffer long lasting damage given that to the hong kong is the financial hub. is the headquarters for many multinational firms in the region? ah, and therefore many experts will want to come to hong kong. but you get discouraged by this policy, which is going to make hong kong last international. hong kong is one of the few places in the world, still maintaining its no tolerance approach to coven and sticking to mainland china's policy. but as a 5th wave of infections sweep through the community, followed by another round of restrictions, people here are increasingly questioning whether the strategies sustainable or not
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. a scandal over birthday party, attended by government officials, has done little to boost trust. on monday, hong kong home affairs, chief casper choice stepped down after making he behaved inappropriately by attending the gathering last month. the government is also under pressure to boost vaccination rights among the elderly, currently at just over 30 percent. with our mc crohn infections expected to serge following the lunar new year. festive period. getting infections to 0 is looking increasingly out of reach brit clinic. al jazeera hong kong on the mainland corona virus infections linked to the beijing winter olympics have doubled within 24 hours to $45.00 new cases. strict rules are being enforced, including daily testing, the 3000 athletes, her being isolated from everyone else. the games are being held on the strict corona virus role. sound participants are completely separated from the rest of the
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population. and in the competition, the 1st gold medal of the olympics has been won by a cross country skiing from no way to ease a jo. how power away to victory in the women's ski. athlone 6 goals are up for grabs. in saturday's events, the american snow border known as the flying tomato is aiming for his 4th gold medal. but the 5th games shawn white will be his last. that's a 5 year old who is one of the biggest stella in the history of the sport is retiring after beijing. ah, this is our desert. these your top stories. ukrainians have marched in khaki. the city which could be 1st in line for invasion by russian forces that demonstrate is condemned what they called russian.


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