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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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should only open a league looking saturday on is home to more than 5000 was to possess more than 1000. $500.00 of them are found on the normal to range on their prophecy . because the vision is, are under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking on the return of lou, this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm molly inside. this is the news, our life from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes condemning russian aggression ukrainians. rally and the largest city in the firing line. if vladimir putin gives the order to invade rescue workers in morocco inch closer to saving a 5 year old boy trapped in
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a well for days. and i'm sure he wasn't on board with restrictions already. and how the french government is seeking to reshape islam in the country and is for we've already seen champions com at the beijing winter olympics. first gold medal going to norway in cross country will have action from the games later on in the our ah hello and welcome to the program. we begin in ukraine and the city which could be fast in line for invasion by russian troops. concave hosted a so called sala darcy march, to demonstrate patriotic spirits and condemn russian aggression. demonstrates is called easing as tensions as
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a 120 falling 1000 russian troops wait near the border. the kremlin denies that the army is about to invade. charles traffic has the latest from the rally and concave . thousands of people are turned up to day and car cave, ukraine's 2nd city in a show what they say is unity against russian aggression and russian expansionism. bear in mind that car cave is only around an hour's drive from the russian border. and we own that border, of course, they're all hates of tens of thousands of russian troops. the people here today represent various different political policies. an activist group is quite a high percentage of would also describe this nationalist groups if the missions is the same. and it is that the city of car cave and the people that live here are prepared for the worst and they will defend the car give until the last in
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a gaze of a full scale. and you know, asian, we would be on a front line here. so yeah. and say in such a support seeing a number of people or would it be ready to for you to order a resistant anyway, it's important to do like to uplift my own spirit is all here is standing against a crazy for us on the coach or so still going to spook i don't believe period for me. the good russian is a bad russian. let them come. i'm looking forward to seeing them. i know what i will be doing. i was taught to do that and i've done in 2014 and i'll be doing that very well. let them come, but we are waiting for them for what is bad for them is good for us. yes, it is very interesting. things being said on the stage behind me, a man a few minutes ago saying that if the people here wanted peace than they should be prepared for war and saying that if they needed ammunition, there were places where it could be found this altogether. the situation is hugely
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complex, ludovic promotion is said time and time again that russia has no intention of invading ukraine. and there are a lot of people in this area who do express loyalty towards russia. they see russian language and russian culture as being huge significance wanting is for sure . certainly it was rarely today a unified voice. the people here will not stand off to bullying for vladimir putin while the 1st batch of us soldiers have arrived in poland as part of an additional troop deployment ordered by president joe biden. in total, 2000 american troops will be sent to poland and germany and another $1000.00 already in europe, a being re deployed to romania. the u. s. has said it is ready to defend its nato partners against any aggression from russia. is now just gone past 7 p. m. in morocco, where a nation is praying for the safe recovery of
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a little boy who's been trapped down a well since tuesday. let's take a look at these live pictures from there were rescue. workers are now currently with 5 year old ryan, a team dog out part of a hill side in what was a delicate and extremely dangerous operation to reach him. katya lopez heard a young, has this report this mission to see were 5. you will boy has group morocco for days. raeann fell on to the bottom of the well well playing outside on tuesday. he's been trapped ever since hours into saturdays rescue operation. a video appears to show the boy taking food and water from a tube supplied by emergency cruise. and through another tube, they sent him oxygen. amid the chaos, the boy's father stands nearby, day and night, waiting desperately for updates. then the city will know people who love us or hear
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supporting us. they want to save my son and rescue him. the base of the well as to nero for emergency crews to go down and reach the boy. they've cut a hole into a hill that's next to the well hoping they can dig a horizontal tunnel to get to him. the hills have been turned into a construction site with hundreds of people surrounding the area, anxiously waiting for a young to be rescued. millions and morocco are watching the operation unfold. live on television, on social media. traction is also growing. this is mia grey, adams. we are here to show support for this child. we want him to be out of the family members of different tribes. i hear that because we want this boy rescued on a hot foreign payments. the. c rescue workers say they're getting closer to the boy, but there's a dangerous risk of a landslide, a helicopter, a standing by to take reagan to hospital and across morocco and the world. people
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are also waiting and hoping he'll be saved, cuts yellow. this of the young. now does ear a speak to al jazeera is hash. am i hall, barbara hashem. we reported a few hours ago now that rescue workers had managed to reach ryan. are we still haven't seen the boy come out? do we have any idea what could be taking? so long, you know, the reason why we, we are yet to see what happens toward a, an when you look at the live pictures coming from the front from the side. you see that most of the people who were involved in the excavation process out except for few experts oh, are inside the the area because they've reached the, the, the most critical phase which is basically the, a few centimeters from and i, and, and for this,
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the basically need some sophisticated machinery because the biggest concern is the lead slight, and anything that could compromise the whole rescue operation or that could cause massive damage to literally and, and this is why the us careful now local media has been saying for quite some time that the paramedics, along with some rescuers have reached or yeah, but still we have to wait and see because normally that is a helicopter, which is in near the side, there is an ambulance. normally you would assume that the moment the reach him, they would have to take him all the way towards the helicopter, and then he will be flown to one of the most sophisticated hospitals in the city of 10, jewish not far from there or in the capital a robot, but you wouldn't receive someone inside a tunnel, but i think the operation itself has been from day one very complex. there were moments when they had to bring some local traditional well diggers because they
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were very expert in, in, in, in fraudulent ground. they are the ones who know how to navigate through the the clay ground. but there were moments when the article, for topography errors and for engineers, particularly when it comes to moving vertically and when they hit a rocks. and this explains why we've been waiting from tuesday now. the biggest question, what people are asking on social media, what the millions of more walk ins are asking, are the people in the world will re and be able to survive safe after all this ordeal? now the 1st video pictures, though were taken of rayon, we could see some sense of brazilian who was moving, who was reacting there, was sending him oxygen, food, and water. we don't know that whether he managed to drink that water will have the food. and over the last 48 hours, we didn't have that much information about what happened to layer of this explains the anxiety among what many people for hoping to get some good news today. most of
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the leaders of the ask of it, oh, of the excavation operation. of the rescue which are seeing or yeah, with come out of the well today. and let's see what happens indeed. and we're looking at those sam pictures are from that camera that was inserted down that well ed, distressing to look at those pictures of that little boy. and it did indeed show though that he was alive and hopefully that is still the case or and, and, and, and we know that his family, his, his father and mother are at the site waiting alongside the parent, paramedics are for him. what were the circumstances around this case itself, or how did he end up down this? well, thou, well worth dear. his house in a village, in a northern city, a course of sound in rock are those traditional wells are very popular in that part of the rock,
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or you will find them in different places. sometimes because of the arid or of the, of the added nature of the environment. so people are looking for water and they dig artisan or land traditional wells in different parts of the country. and the safety precautions sometimes are nearly not really very high. this well in particular was being repaired by ryan's father. and apparently it was most of the time covert lay and was given a candy by his father. he hopped out of the place and then they never found him again. what happened? this is exactly why they're trying to figure out how did he fall into the place he was very familiar with. he's been told by his bad at many times. this is, this is a well, should not get closer to it. this is, this is, this is something that the authorities are trying to figure out. and this is definitely something which is going to raise further questions about security and safety standards when it comes to wells. in rural areas,
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this is something that has been happening often times in the arab world in many parts of the world. and i most likely after this is over and hopefully at i an emergent safe and managed to embrace his family with see some new laws enact to be able to prevent further. incidence is just quite interesting and fascinating. what is happening? i've been covering more walk of the last 25 years. i've never seen a story of a single innocent boy grappling to survive, trying to do his best to move around when he was trapped behind the walls of that. well, that story of that innocent boy bryan, who lives in a, in a desolate area in the north of morocco house, captivate of them were walk ins has gripped the nation. now when you go to social media, hashtag save ryan is the most popular hashtag in the world in saudi arabia, incorporating the u e in egypt in yemen, in the refugee camps in syria all over the arab world. people are watching the news
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to night and they are all looking forward to see why an emerging from the well indeed we all are many thanks for that hush him. i'll borrow as soon as we have any more updates on the story we will. of course, bring them to you. let's go back to that live shot just briefly take a look at just after 12 minutes pass at 7 o'clock local time in morocco, the whole nation of morocco, and are indeed people around the world waiting to see that little boy being pulled out safely from that cave well mohammed yes and out. while he is the president of the chief schauen association of caving and mountain activities, he spoke to us a little earlier by phone. he explained to us why the rescue operation had been so difficult. we tried to go through the same well,
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it wasn't possible because it's very, very mellow out very opposite to to dig out another like canyon. it's exactly canyon. so the, the land is not stable. they phone come, you know, it's, it's. ready very hard, so they need to protect the body, visit the port, or the, the rescue 3. or, you know, the members down, why can i get the 5, that is the most important. you know, it's very hot. authorities are doing a very good job. they decide to try and re randy thinking them because it's not, it's not easy. oh, you know too much. a lot of people to manage the risk you are the same time, but they are doing very, very, very, very plenty more has only me including the wrong welcome to an announcement by
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the us to waive functions on a civilian nuclear program that says more needs to be done, ah devastation in bolivia, lance lies, and floods. why power entire neighborhoods and sport shall cease? have i the major scan the f a comfortable action coming up later on in? ah, the summit of african union leaders is underway in ethiopia with the series of military coups and the corona virus pandemic. at the top of the agenda, the 55 member countries happened warned that several regions are facing serious threats to peace and security. our commitment to post st. lasting and level peace
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in our country shall remain. steadfast, excellence is less than gentlemen the greatest listen that is your behalf, lynn, or the past year. is that with those, the philadelphia or african brothers and sisters, our existence or the mission would have been at great risk. mohammad other is an addis ababa with long story, least concerned about the number of coups these continent has had to for the past. out wanted to have years, 6 of them in total for them in west africa, which has traditionally been known as the cool belt of africans and they are the eas, the shortfalls uncovered vaccinations in the continent. only 11 percent of the continents of people have been fully vaccinated, sofa, and the ease a real need for a push on that. and now joining me to discuss all these are father is
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a former prime minister of the republic of kenya. i'm rayleigh, or dean gal who is also a high representative on infrastructure for the african union studying. are you seeing a resurgence of coups in africa and there seems to be a disconnect between the lead us and the people. what in your opinion is causing this resurgence of a cruise when people were thinking that africa was finally on the road to democracy? well, it is a ugly aversion, regrettable development, and the continent that to did democratization courses that are used as started out in the early ninety's is a russian and some parts of a continent. a judge begin being begin to see generals on the streets. that took me over the government. i think it is a face. it says to do either the luck tones of,
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of unlimited leadership to actually deliver to the people. and secondly, i also showed you the constitutions ah, to extend the term and also the reach election. so silver heads of rigging of electrons themselves and is this the does not a willing to to, to perform according to the requirements of the people? i think this is local. what is her being both? these are new to crews and there is also a real challenge with the covered, maintain vaccinations in africa, only 11 percent. only 2 countries have minutes to vaccinate a 70 percent of their people and that's say, shells and malicious were, you know, have good, very tiny populations. what is, i mean? is there a remedy for this?
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and you, do you think africa could be able to intensify its physician process certainly is. i think her, this is an area where the us to be a bit of compulsion that the government has really to come out a loan through ford and just a curry. foster people to go and good luck snitches cuz it is for them for their protection. for example, as so, and king of the government saying that if you don't have vaccination, you are not going to a good government services. example. some people are seeing those unconstitutional and son, but i think if visit being done in order to serve life and served the people that the government is entitled to took all the measures necessary to ensure that people get vaccinated police in canada's cap. so a vowing to crack down on what they call the increasingly dangerous protest,
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a hundreds of truck drivers, roads, and ought to. i have been quite locked for more than a week. the protest began in opposition to canada's requirement that any truck as crossing the us border must be vaccinated against client of ours. let's go live to shebra tansy use and not where for us. she are more protest this we can describe what's going on where you are. well, the police say there's about a hard core of about 250 truck is in protest as you've been camped out here for for a week now. but today, thousands law have joined them, and this is about far more now than just a cross border truck vaccine mandate. as you see in protests around around the world, really there's, there's all sorts of issues that are bubbled to the surface. now, yes, there is that cool? yeah, it's true this, this cool was organized by the stream, right? where the canadian politics, you certainly see that element had to what are some of the others here now from
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that range of simply anti vax and religious on the med list. but then to libertarians and people on the left hand, right, frankly, concerned about the precedence that mandates give for civil liberties. and in the future, for example, giving too much faith in the pharmaceutical companies. and then the 20 people who are simply just tired of the pandemic. and the political leadership here, and also we should be, the opinion polls are unequivocal. a majority of canadians do support mandates and support public health measures that are designed to prevent stress on the health care system. but they also show unprecedented disquiet with how the pandemic has been handled, both provincially and federal. if i don't talk to some, some of the you turned up that we have marissa and chad with a nurse. why did you feel that it was important to be out here today? i feel it's important to be out here today. because since the 7th grade,
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i haven't had a normal school year. everything has been locked down in person locked down again. spending like days and weeks in my bedroom and then going all the way back to school and still feeling isolated because i have to be restricted all my friends and stuff like that. it's just, i found it really difficult. and i think that it's really important for this to go back to saw that. but still the sander that y u. v. always government says we need mandates of skin. so because on vaccinated parts are more likely to get severe illness. i'm belgrade of the hospitals. i over strain resources, i mean, no one can potentially get healthcare off the bat. so that's why that needs to be. mandate what you make about. okay, well, i really don't like the mandates. i'm not vaccinated. i've had delta. i've had the omnia crohn. oh, my family has had the beyond mich, ron, everybody is fine. it lasted 3 or 4 or 5 days. it's definitely the flu. it feels like the news, the only way i can explain it. but i'm down here just to let people know i'm here
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for my family year for my daughter, who's been stuck in her room, who fries constantly blessed and who has anxiety. well i'm going to get acupuncture for my son doesn't want to come out of the basement. but i have my friends, tina tina. i'm here tina. i'm here for these people that lost their jobs because they didn't want to get vaccinated. i'm here for friends of mine who had a restaurant who spoke all their money, everything they had all their retirement savings into a restaurant and they are and they've lost all of it. they've lost all their hope, all their happiness. this is absolutely incredibly bizarre. it's horrible jazz mercer back to you. thank you so much. so there is a nuance range of political been in the frustration that is, you know, there's a sense of catholicism about this. it has to be said there. i mean, the little polls are about 30 percent of canadians supported support to this, i think as evidence now that that's the beginning to decline as the public nuisance
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issue becomes more, more pronounced. but it is difficult to see how this will end because you have that core of protests as who all camped out to say nothing less than the overthrow of the government. and the removal of all mandates will do which use all seems very unlikely. and what's interesting is we've colored protests in canada before and taken from me, the canadian authorities, they all come shy about rather brutally looking to removing protests against pipelines or poor indigenous rights that these guys have. and these protests have trucks. and that's going to be difficult, i would imagine to move, it's very difficult to see how this is actually necessarily going to be resolved soon. many thanks for that shampoo town. see that 1st and i'll tele while the corona virus pandemic class schools, all i the latin america with honduras, particularly hot heads as manual polymer ports, extreme poverty limits had internet access and classrooms battling, needing the path, lying back to bank hurricanes. all add up to a crisis did
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a lot of this data is struggling to keep her children focused on school assignments . she says it's hard enough being a mother of 3, but providing her kids with a decent education in honduras, one of the poorest countries in latin america is a daunting challenge. i thought i had by their family. everything here depends on parents. lessons at schools are very bad. we have to contribute with everything, and many parents can't on. we don't have the money to buy the things that teachers say they need. or even before the pandemic, the education system in honduras was already in decay. me, but the death blow came in the form of to back to back hurricanes, which damaged and destroyed dozens of schools across the northern part of the country in 2020, who despite ongoing rebuilding efforts more than a year on many or still wondering when there will be schools for students to return
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to alamo. lot there. well up. okay. but how many schools here were destroyed, even though they say in person classes will start soon. i don't think they will because all the buildings here are still destroying students or do back very soon. at this small public school in shamella gone, one of the poorest suburbs of some federal sula, but the director says a complete lack of support from the government has slowed their preparations from angelina as the honduran. i feel ashamed over the handling of the pandemic. how the education system has been deficient, and i dare to say that many teachers have been the ones who rescued education by going the extra mile teachers directors and parents have been attentive to the work that's been assigned. another major obstacle to learning is a lack of internet access. it's estimated that less than 13 percent of households in honduras have access to a computer and internet and last year, as schools remain closed due to pandemic restrictions. as many as 600000 students
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abandoned the education system altogether. according to statistics from the world bank, the coven 19 pandemic has said back educational efforts in honduras by almost half a decade. issue the newly elected president of honduras seal motto, castle has promised to make a top priority. manuel to the apollo al jazeera saint pedro sula, honduras. still a head on out his arrow persons crumbling coastline. but can some areas be saved while others are surrendered to the sea and sports a big announcement at the beijing olympics from one of the wells biggest winters, sports stars details coming up. ah
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let's go with your weather report for the middle east and africa. hello, ron, good to see you. we've got a northerly winds blowing down through the goal. so i think that's going to swirl around. that sand and dust will go on for a closer look. great here. and i think worst case scenario, we'll look for those winds. the gus to about 50 kilometers per hour in this region . after afghanistan, some snow showers, cutting across a cobble with a hive to degrees. some instability for northern areas of pakistan, but in the south garage has got a high of 30 degrees with fallen sunshine. things are quiet for the easter med right now say at for a few showers in the levant, around bay roots with a high 15 degrees and same goes for turkeys, northeast black, sea regions of showers and snow over the higher grounds. but most of the action contained towards southern africa, we've got an incoming tropical cyclone making landfall to wear that east coast of madagascar just south of the capital. we know this one's going to pack a punch at one point, it was the equivalent of a category for hurricane. and in the days to come, we can expect rainfall amounts of about half
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a meter. so through the weekend it's gonna cut rate across the country, but let me press play. we'll see where this goes. look like it's dip into the south . avoiding ducking and dodging madagascar and south africa. that's it was susan. ah, ah, palestine was once a very different place from today. holiday, of course 2 cities became connected to the interior in an award winning film al jazeera well. his historians denied with his account that portray, early 20th century palestine as a thriving, vibrant nation. the region was spoken, investments were active and moving from one city to another, palestine 1920 on al jazeera. when the news breaks, the kremlin says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on present employment, it would be comparable to severing ties with russia. and the story builds,
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we want to find out more about how alters have been taken from the wild and sold with exclusive interviews. an in depth reports al jazeera has teens on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. lou. ah he watching out as a reminder, if i top stories and sour ukrainians have moths in concave, the city which could be 1st in line for invasion by russian forces, but demonstrate as condemned what they called russian aggression. the kremlin denies that
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a $125000.00 of its troops are waiting near the border about to attack risky workers in morocco have reached a boy trapped in a deep well, a team dug out parts of a hillside to reach 5 year old ryan. he's been stuck there since tuesday, coo and the pan i make a topping the agenda of a 2 day meeting of african union leaders meeting in curious capital, addis ababa. the 55 member countries have been warned that several regions are facing serious threats to peace and security. the u. s. is waving sanctions on iran civilian nuclear program as talks to save the 2015 agreement reach a critical stage. all trump ended the waiver 2 years ago when he was president. darren says it wants guarantees from washington for the revival of the agreement. yeah, better americans must show the goodwill in action. and i'll view this means tangible
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things happening on the ground. lifting parts of the sanctions and a real and objective manner could be interpreted as the goodwill the americans talk about or salsa has more reaction from to wrong. is quite significant because this is maybe the 1st time doing the binding. insufficient at the practical action is being taken. iranian had some conditions to take forward the talks and they were asking the immediate removal of the sanctions and all the sanctions regarding the nuclear nuclear file. and they were asking for the, what is the cations and the guarantees, by what, if occasion. they are seeing that not on the, on the paper, but you run needs to see the practical actions taken by, do you see that the sanctions are removed? and also they are asking for the guarantees that in case of any nuclear deal,
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this is going to go beyond by than administration and is going to be binding for the next president of the usa. however, the us, it says that it is almost impossible regarding the american political system. but when it comes to the where the cation, the say that they can give some of the guarantees. so in this sense, that the partial removal of the sanctions from the u. s. c is quite a practical to tap and it is welcomed in, in, in, in the u. s. a software that hasn't been directors between the iranians and americans and the minister of iran apply, you know, said that if the practical actions are taken down, there might be a direct talk between the 2 parties. and this a step is a kind of practical action that cools a paved way for data tours between americans and iranian mark fitzpatrick is an associate fellow international institute for strategic studies. he explains that the change will help iran to continue with nuclear power and nuclear medicine
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programs. the idea is to make sure that these programs are safe and that they will not be used for weapons purposes. to do that for companies, foreign governments need to cooperate with iran, but the u. s. sanctions prohibited that cooperation. now today. yes, state department has government has that did those sanctions allowing cooperation to make runs cylinder, their program schafer and nonproliferation the sanction should never have been re imposed 2 years ago to begin with? they were they were done for political reasons by president trump. and finally by administration is doing the right thing to remove. i think iran correctly realize this, that this is not a signal that the united states is about to left
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a lot of other sanctions and restore the j. c p. away. but i think some in iran do see that the united states is trying to create more of a positive atmosphere. the timing of this is interesting. this should have been done any time in the past year. it was done this time because the negotiations are drawing to a close and the bind administration is in a look into what it can to, to provide a little bit of positive momentum. i hope the ron sees that well, it's cool. the form of islam in france is being launched by the government, which the french interior minister says will put an end to foreign influence on islam that president emanuel macros suggested that in moms are trained in france. instead of being brought in from countries like algeria, morocco, and turkey, in moms, business leaders and intellectuals all selected by the government will be part of
9:36 pm
the forum support as they will help and show adherence to francis secular values. critics though say the government initiative goes to fall in trying to control islam. we can speak now it's a yellow asi is a political analyst and head of the committee for justice and liberties. he joins us on skype from paris. thank you for joining us. what is your reaction to this new form of islam? the world like the other initiatives of the 1st 30 years, it is bound to fail. the initiative came from the government without even speaking to the masses of muslim is and they are a civil society. their organizations and they are leaders, etc. what you have seen, especially in terms of calendar, is that as the french government has been shutting down, most organizations on arbitrary grounds. the never to the cases at 2 quarter as these organizations are being shut down and leaders are being criminalized on top of the violence. we have witness of the past year in terms of authority and
9:37 pm
rhetoric and police brutality in mosques. the government stepped forward and says, despite the district separation of church, religion, and state in france, the so called lacy t. we are now going to violate this lacy in the french constitution. and then decide who would be our loosely or good looking rock resent it. and this again, you know, a manual about court forgets that we are not in the area either. 19th, essentially this friday, the 24th century. at least, you could listen to listening. want to say, we want to be evans, which was our leaders, and he won't listen. unfortunately. one of the ideas i understand is training a moms in france instead of bringing them in from other countries like tacky morocco. algeria, this, i understand is an idea that many in the muslim community in france actually approve of. yes, indeed, that's an excellent idea. the problem is that in,
9:38 pm
by the way back or has a shut down than the main it's, it's with the trains in bombs, in the northern suburbs off there is that. and why this government has, you know, pledge it's a twin friendship. in moms. why does the french government so that of the previous long and even the new ones continue to have agreements with both morocco and julia to bring the moms? what in monday, what about court does not want is to have independent with donna most muslim communities with 20 representative bombs at twin by them. which me that in return, what we would see is that in many ways about the whole was set up a french institute at $220.00 amanda and then how with them being imposed up on the, on the short doors of muslims. and again, that would be illegitimate. and they would all this further wide them, the gap between or fish will seem representatives and the broader and we'll see communities in once. what you can disagree with is the fact that france has been affected by numerous islamic extremist attacks. and i know you,
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you've had many of its citizens go to syria in the past. radicalization does exist. so what is the solution then? well 1st mother, we have to define what for the colors issue is at the front senate center for quote, unquote. the said that when the conversation is a term used under the pressure of events, or the 2nd point is that if the french a foreign anthony gents and domestic intelligence both are failed to prevent these attacks. it is not, i'm losing it will be held accountable for them. and i don't think you would prevent the risk. i faxed by, you know, violating lacey and then imposing leaders or muslims in front and beyond. many thanks for your time. yes. hello, otto political analyst, and had a fee committee's had justice and liberties talking to a staff from paris. thank you. the u. s. republican national committee
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has voted to condemn to politicians from its own ranks. is chaney and adam kissinger are accused of defying policy leadership by taking pos, investigation into the january 6th riots. on friday. republican politicians officially described the attack on capitol hill by donald trump, supporters and events leading up to it as legitimate political discourse or trumps vice president. at the time my pen said he couldn't have overturned the results of the 2020 election. pence said he couldn't think of anything more on american. and i heard this week, the president trump said i have the right to overturn the election president trumpet, raul. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion that
9:41 pm
a one person could choose. the american president view, a city where the killing of the black man, george floyd provoked international outrage. 2 years ago has seen a similar shooting. a mayor lock was shot dead in minneapolis off to offices use what's called a no, not a search warrant. his family say the 22 year old was asleep when police stormed as apartment and reach for a gun in the confusion. when i can have the latest, the footage shows the police officers unlocking the door with a key and storming into the apartment. within seconds of a verbal warning, 22 year old m l luck lying under a blanket is dead. as an emotional news conference on friday, family members cold for justice and accountability. i believe that he was executed by the m p d. and i want the police officer that murder my site here to
9:42 pm
be prosecuted and fired in the video lock can be seen holding a gun. family members said he had a permit to carry the weapon. amir was a gun carrying license in the bid you earlier locks family appeared with the lawyers in a virtual news conference. they didn't announce any one's name. all they, all they announced was that they were, they're executing a warrant, waking somebody out of sleep, while lawfully possessing a gun. the minneapolis police department has confirmed that locks name wasn't on the warrant. these are wrenching videos to watch their painful but it's necessary. and i hope that it provides some answers along with the questions the minnesota gun owners caucus released the blistering statement criticizing. the police saying mister locke did what many of us might do in the same confusing circumstances. he
9:43 pm
reached for a legal means of self defense. while he saw to understand what was happening, this latest incident comes nearly 2 years after george floyds killing by the minneapolis police spot international outrage. the depart but now finds itself at the center of another controversy. a lawyer for locks family pose this question. as he called for change, the fact that it's repeatedly black americans who end up in that situation makes us wonder. why isn't it any america? why is it only black americans that we don't give a chance to to live in these situations? the minneapolis police department is being investigated by the justice department to see if there's a pattern of civil rights violations. my kind of, i'll jazeera washington 200 kilometer an hour winds. i expect it's
9:44 pm
a bass madagascar soon. by clone, sariah described as a very serious threat is expected to make landfall on the east african coast. in a few hours, the cycling, the 2nd in 2 weeks, has already lashed malicious and the island of lee on your with heavy rain. you know, some of our family members have already left for the shelter. if the weather ever gets worse, we will leave it. we live in a small wooden house which we have already reinforced with sandbags, but we still don't have confidence. so we prefer to leave to stay with relatives who live in a solid house. tens of thousands of families in bolivia are picking up the pieces after devastating floods and land slides. more torrential rain forecasts in la pas, which is one of the worst hit areas. fenton mulligan reports the these other remains of neighborhood in the bolivian city of par,
9:45 pm
devastated by heavy rain that brought floods and land flight local people are taking stock of the damage. this woman and her family lost their home after was submerged by mud. jo, you'll be the where to go. maria of the day before yesterday, rains were heavy and the water came down like a river with great force coming from everywhere because scared because we haven't been able to be for 2 nights last night. it also rained and we stayed up until 1 in the morning watching over the house. the 10s of thousands of people have lost homes and property. many having slept for several nights as dark clouds overhead race fears that more rain could come at any time for a living and let me copy all the weight of the mud was coming into my yard. since the mud comes from above, it comes down with strength and when it rains it becomes worse. we practically don't sleep any more. local authorities are clearing debris. some houses are beyond
9:46 pm
salvaging and will have to be torn down. many are blaming the heavy rainfall on a weather phenomenon linked to extreme weather events. it can, if the video is done within the body. phenomenal, i mean at the moment with sufferings you to the la nina phenomenon because it's conditioning weather events. and it being characterized mainly by very short events with an extremely high intensity that almost doubles the rainfall that was recorded and other ceiling. many parts of bolivia or on orange alert. many more landslides and reins are expected in the days and weeks ahead. benjamin al jazeera, the crew of a so called shape a trawler being accused of dumping 100000 dead fish into the atlantic ocean. the french maritime minister says images of blue, wanting carpeting the sea are shocking, and wants to know who is responsible. representatives of the larger east, the world's 2nd largest fishing vessel, blame
9:47 pm
a broken net for this bill. the sea shepherd environmental group down that it was an excellent now living in the british isles means you will never fall from the sea, but wave climate change and rising sea levels, cliffs have been crumbling, taking homes with them. and on top of that storm, damage and flooding could make some coastal communities on inhabitable, within the next 30 years of jana hall reports from devon. difficult decisions will have to be made on which areas the saved all surrendered to the c. this is sidney. from the devon coast, a georgia town that lost a 100 meters of shoreline in a century, a rate that's now close to double in places on its east beach. the cliffs have been crumbling for years. where once there was climate denial, there is now an unavoidable reality. as we watched another section and fell into the sea. a certain climate change now has to change people's perception in the last
9:48 pm
couple years. i think there's a recognition that there's a tremendous danger from climate change. coastal defense is already in place, protect the towns problem out, but they've affected the natural title drift, making things worse for the nearby clips. down here at the water line, you can clearly see the forces of nature weighing on this landscape down one side. this river ran off made heavier by more frequent storm activity, up above the cliffs. heavy rainfall that saturated the soil from below the waves lapping. although i pretty much up to the base of the cliffs, their own beats protection washed away. it's a 3 pronged assault making this world heritage site and others like it all the way up and down the jurassic coast. vulnerable, fragile, prone to collapse. the problem is, people live up here, some in large houses with majestic see views and fast receding from lawns.
9:49 pm
it is worrying, but i assume with the, my age is not going to be a physical problem to myself. but the further down the road you get oversleep is the worry will get larger. and there are gardens that are literally falling into the seat. and absolutely, and at some stage they've got to do something to protect the town. a 2020 report by the committee on climate change found that 1200000 homes in the u. k are at high risk of flooding, and a 100000 more will succumb to coastal erosion in decades to come. there's increased funding for protection, but not everywhere can receive it. and that means hot choices lie ahead. basically telling those people who live there, that you will not be will no longer be able to live here in the next 203040 years. you last, you abandon your house because we can no longer afford to, to protect you. now, those are really the really tough decisions and i'm, they,
9:50 pm
those of decisions will, will increasingly be necessary in the future. the homeowners overlooking east beach are clinging on for now. there are plans being worked out by the local council for a protective barrier to be placed in the sea. it's a race to hold back the rising tide. joe, to hold al jazeera sidmouth still has on out his aaron sport, the africa cup of nation house looked to finish the tournament on a hi details coming up with center. ah, the gunner easy conservation park officer book those bringing nature and people together to work with what life is my pleasure. my talk is leaking between o'clock and one unity in african management to find someone who is a good meeting as to teach the community that living with one live. it's excellent
9:51 pm
elliot slim bumpo riding with las, my zimbabwe on al jazeera, with blue. ah, ah ah ah ah,
9:52 pm
let's get the sport with fanny. thank you very much, melinda. well, with debating with olympics, where no, wait, top the medals table after saturday's events, no region cross country skia. it is, i, johan claimed the 1st gold medal of the games that she powered her way to victory in the women's ski after on race. it was very tough. can vision felt very today a lot, but we ended with call but her. a at the tracks, i love them. i'm really happy to then take the gold medal today and that i rich, my dream is i was a little girl to take her individual gold medal. i also won the bias a mix relay and it was the victory that you'll see. they really enjoyed regions that winning ahead of france is 2nd. and the russians in sweden have opened their gold medal account,
9:53 pm
a wall to wall burg sawing in the free style skiing men's mobile set to finish at 1st head of the now former champion, mikhail kingsbury of canada. and the 1st speedskating gold has gone to the netherlands, irene austin, breaking a 20 year old olympic record in the women's, if you 1000 winning at time of 3 minutes, 56.93. and this is what the middle table looks like. now i sit at the top, china also opened. got there a 1st title, winning the short track speed skating mixed team. really one of the biggest win to sport stars in history. sean, why it to has confirmed he will retire after these games. the american snowboarder is the face of his face of his sport and has at so far $13.00 gold medals across or lympics, the so called flying tomato is 35 year old and says that he made the decision to
9:54 pm
hang up his board recently while he was in austria, i broke down a little guy, very emotional and then called friends and family manager. people kind of told them where i was. they all agreed and said, hey, beautiful run. and let's see this through it and see what's next. well, earlier was supposed to 5 time a lympics kia graham bell, he explained how much white has done for snowboarding. well, it's, it's about, i'm really, i'm 35 years old in a very young man. sports is, it's quite incredible that he's been out to keep his body together for such a for such a long time. i spoke to him in rhea olympic games in the summer in the games and ria and i thought he'd be retiring then. he was focusing more on his music and playing in a rock band that's on but to come back and the come back that he made
9:55 pm
a joke trying to win. gold was quite incredible. but to even make it to these games is, is fantastic. and you know, if you can get onto the podium, it would just be, it would be the story. he's basically taken snowboarding and taking it into a different level. you know, people not sure why it's not just through sports anymore. the international olympic committee says foreign media will still be able to report from the games often on our incident, on friday, at tony's official interrupted a dutch reporter during a live broadcast fronting international backlash and fearful media rights. here's a look at what happened. latino to call it a lot to g, a, b, a c has repeated it
9:56 pm
should foreign media and that the contract fine with the tiny host will allow them to speak freely. with an at the olympic bubble. it was an unfortunate circumstance . i think someone was being over zealous, he was able, very quickly afterwards with the help of officials, the duties piece to come. we stand up, these things do happen and i think it's a one off. i hope it's a one off and you know, we will, we assure you that live in the clothes that you'll be able to carry on your, your work on should, that should not be the case, would be happy for it to be raised. but as i said, we spoke to analyze, they consider that everything was done that needed to be done africa cup of nations, host cameron, have the chance to finish off the torment on a high the, in the month to bill lyons, a facebook key, not fossil in 3rd place that payoff shortly. come on and suffered a hot break. andy semi's losing that to egypt on penalties after this much come around. or shift focus to africa woke up qualifying playoff where they faced
9:57 pm
algeria for place in cutter. chelsea went into their fake up 4th round a match without co to thomas to hello, who's tested positive for cove at 19. and without him, the blues were given a real scare. they came back from a goal down to beat them with the are girl to one that south of bridge. marcus alonzo scoring the when an extra time, but it was the hero. spaniard, getting the booze over the line with the late penalties. save australia is a cricket coach at justin lag or has quit after guiding them to for nel ashes when over england cricket australia said the former player rejected the 6 month contract extension. he's now being linked to the vacant england job. but following christopher silva was the potter on friday. and that's why as well for me, i will have it more for you later on, but for now,
9:58 pm
i'll hand you back to melinda. thanks donna. and that's it for me for this news. our marion marcy will be with you to london more a days needs coming up in just a minute. ah ah. a february on a just trying to host the winter olympics with will diplomatic boycott and the corona virus overshadowed event rigorous debate. them unflinching question up front . cut through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom out there. it keeps
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you up to date as nascent tackling over covariance, and they've continued vaccine inequality. one. 0, one east investigates how brexton the pandemic and changing tastes are causing the great british curry crisis, amid record levels of unemployment. and it's pretty new quality. costa, ricans go to the po, february on a just eop dictatorships, to democracies, act to vista. corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to, you should buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera. south korea military service is compulsory. ah,
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but some refused to take pony one at 18 weeks. those dodging the draw on al jazeera, the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to what we thought here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, a show of strength against russia ukrainians. march the car keys, which could be the 1st city in the firing line. if questions force is invade this as the 1st you stroop reinforcements arrive in poland. ah, hello, i'm sorry. i'm ozzy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming off on the
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program. a nation prize as.


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