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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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technology is not only a repository of knowledge, but an access point to the world beyond ah, no signs of de escalation. as more u. s. troops arrive in poland to reinforce nato's eastern flank. but russia says it has no plans to invade ukraine. ah. other king vanelle, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up demonstrations into news you're against the judiciary as the country's top, george accuses the president of undermining the bodies independence. 5 the voice was the cell tract, a hundreds of all the with film. india mourns the iconic singer as m a. jessica is
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dives at $92.00 in champions of africa. synagogue sat there 1st african couple of nations to be in egypt and a penalty shootout. ah, more u. s. troops have arrived in poland to reinforce nato's allies in eastern europe, amid the russian military build up on ukraine's border. it comes of a growing fears of a russian invasion, although moscow denies it has any such plans. ukraine's president says, resolving the stand off through diplomacy remains the most likely outcome from said to her skin, the east in ukraine shall strafford reports. the u. s. military aircraft touches down in poland near the border. would ukraine on board? a few dozen elite us troops of equipment. the initial can engines around 1700
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us soldiers ordered to head to europe. because nato countries fair russian invasion of ukraine. the appointment of elements of the 2nd airborne division are here to enhance the readiness interoperability across all domains with our polish allies, and if necessary, defend any portion of nato satellite pictures supplied by a private us company had been published, which is said to show the latest russian troop build up in bella. ruth, ukraine's neighbor and russia's ally. the russian military build up includes nuclear capable bama patrol's part of moscow's huge joint exercise with batteries called operation resolve. the criminal says 11 days of war, game starting on thursday, are aimed at training to repel an attack on russia's southern borders. the white
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house national security adviser said negotiations with russia was still an option, but time is running out. we believe that there is a very distinct possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine. it could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could take some weeks yet. there was a different mild, a toad from the crating government, ukraine's foreign minister tweeted, do not believe the apocalyptic predictions. different capitals have different scenarios, but ukraine is ready for any development. today, ukraine has a strong army, unprecedented international support, and ukrainians face in their country. this enemy should be afraid of us, not us, afraid of them. another example of caves cautious attempt toning down the language of its western backers, off the president, lot him ears. lensky told his us, led allies last week to take a breath and calm down. russia still maintains it has no intention of invading
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ukraine, but of course, if it did, that would be the 2nd invasion in recent years because of his annexation of crimea in 2014 off the winks of negotiations between nato countries in russia that has be no significant outcome to those talks. the french and german lead is heading to moscow and cave. ready in the coming days, the space for negotiated settlement to this crisis is small, but it still exists. charles strafford al jazeera special, his eastern ukraine was now to rosalind jordan, who is in washington, dc. rosalyn. how certain is the us of a russian invasion? well certainly that was the message repeated on the sunday. public affairs shows here in washington. but when you were pressed for ra, giving specifics, the government officials, notably the national security adviser,
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were not able to say exactly when a russian invasion of ukraine could take place. they allowed that not only could it happen perhaps on monday or in a couple of weeks after the beijing olympics have wrapped up or perhaps a at the beginning of spring because of weather conditions might be better suited for a land invasion there. they've also intimated that it may not be a traditional land warfare type of activity. it could be a gross levels of a cyber hacking, for example. or it could be a, another type of repression that could be used. so not a lot of specificity, but tell us officials are adamant that they believe that the russian government has now organized itself in a way to try to invade ukraine. whether to take the capital cave or invade from
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the east, given that at least 100000 u. s. of excuse me, russian troops have been stationed on that border for some time. now. rosie mentioned it briefly, that better president biden spoke briefly on on sunday. what did he have to say? yes, the president had been at his home in delaware, returned to the white house on sunday afternoon. and one of the questions that reporters put to him was whether or not he was prepared to deploy more us troops to eastern european countries as a show of force and a show of support for ukraine. and the president's response was he wasn't going to speculate right, rosalind jordan there in washington, d. c. thank you. montela focus of the tension between russia and ukraine has been on energy supplies and the disruption that a war could cause. but it's hot until hamid reports global food supplies could also be effected. under the winter snow lies ukraine's black earth,
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known here as chair knows them, it's highly fertile, and it's what makes this country a major player in global agriculture markets. here at agro complex a 2 hour drive from give about $18000.00 tons of corn, wheat, rice, sawyer, barley and sunflower are produced every year from which to mel. service him rock. you know what? because we are in a state of war. we had to switch suppliers and we used to rely on russia for spare parts of fertilizer and diesel. we also faced problems because of the occupation of don bass and crimea. so if there is a full scale invasion, it will be a disaster for every one or what we can't focus on this now. but about 70 percent of each year's harvest head to the black sea port of odessa and
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from there to consumers around the world. ukraine is one of the major exporters of grain in the world. actually this farm alone exports about 70 percent of its production. so any disruption here. good to have a huge impact on global distribution and supply. last year, ukraine produce about a 100000000 tons of grain. only 25 percent went to the local market. the rest made its way to asia, the middle east and africa. ukraine's wheat accounts for half of all wheat consumed in lebanon, 43 percent in libya, and 22 percent in yemen. and ukrainian barley represents nearly a 100 percent of saudi arabia's barley imports and about 50 per cent of egypt needs . some of these countries are economically battered and are ready, suffer food shortages phrases went up due to the corona virus pandemic.
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now, the threat of war means that the staples may soon cost even more the last 3 weeks. more and more concern is that sa, mom, logistic companies, international companies, they afraid to go to ukraine and ah, black seaports because they are selling deadline death. look, there is a literary warehouse waiting there, war to start. and if you go there, so we can lose our facilities, etc, etc. over the past 20 years, ukrainian harvest boosted the country's role as a global breadbasket. much of the focus is on energy supplies. while talk of an imminent war is already biting at the country's economy. but the threat to ukraine's grain experts could pose at great risk to global food security. hood abdul hamid al jersey that she told me at a blast ukraine. the more senior judge intern is yet has accused president chi
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sides of illegally undermining the judiciary independence. after the president dissolved the supreme judicial council, the development has more from tunis. protest is on the march in tunis after the announcement by president chi site, dissolved denisia legal watched up the supreme judicial council. their march was on the 8th anniversary of the assassination of left during politician shall group allied by gunman who have not been caught. the anniversary is always an emotional day for 2 nations. a well of champion of human rights and freedom belied loss is still felt deeply and his murder remains unsolved. his supporters demand the launch of a murder investigation every year and cold for the prosecution of whoever was responsible many tenicia to say they've lost faith in the justice system. a leo, i'm pulling out of the a to see if the a book today, what all pulled good parties, specialty,
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sions and independence have come out to say that corruption is over and we all know everyone knows that before july 25th. good, judicial appointments were based on party affiliations, and the supreme judicial council was essentially built on party affiliations. oh, side says the supreme judicial council is corrupt and is preventing politically sensitive cases from being prosecuted with the help of what he called hidden powers . number one mm. hm, how good can you give us the law doing the valor and if you run, as i said, to dissolved a few period, council of the judiciary where positions are sold, 10 of these are mostly some critics of the president say he's targeting the judiciary in order to consolidate national institutional power, they cusick love a power grab suspending parliament and dissolving government last july. since then, ty site is ruled by decree, overseeing all state institutions,
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including the judiciary which continues to push back against his one man rule. the conflict between the judges and the president here seems far from over. in his ear feltman al jazeera tunis, still head on al jazeera. ah, why police as well as protested sabrina also rotted them demonstrating against the netherlands covert measures bus 140 years and the making is gone. is that i got a familiar, finally nearing completion. ah hello there, let's start in north america and it's a much more settled picture of the started this week. thanks to high pressure. that remains in charge. we are still seeing some significant weather at the edge is
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particularly coastal areas. we've got weather systems moving into the west of canada, bringing some heavy snow to british columbia. and some of that wet weather is going to trickle down into the north west pacific. but further south of this, look at that, plenty of fine, dry weather. a lot of warms coming into places like san francisco and los angeles, and it's a similar story for much of the south. it's that east coast, however that where we're seeing much of the action, you can see that storm system swirling its way up north is going to bring some heavy rain to the likes of george or the carolinas as well as virginia. and we are expecting sleep snow and some freezing rain from new york on monday. that clears by tuesday is going to make its way to eastern areas of canada and places like nova scotia. but it remains rather wet for much of florida. we could see some flooding here, and those showers join up some heavy rain that slightly to sweep into the bay of can pitcher in mexico. by the time we get to choose day, some of that heavy rain pulling across the yucatan peninsula. but for places like
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cuba, it's a much toy, a picture with sunshine in havana. ah, [000:00:00;00] with hulu.
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ah, ah, watching all jazz, there are a reminder about top stories. this all. the u. s. continues to reinforces military bases in eastern europe, but phase of a russian invasion, if you create the kremlin denies it, it has any such plans. meanwhile, ukraine is toni down the thresh of russian troop presence along its border, and is calling for a diplomatic solution. supporters of 2 museums. gov, would it be demonstrating against the supreme judicial council? it was dissolved by president to call you sides. i need says the body has be biased and not resolved. important cases, like the assassination of a left wing politician, a confidential un report claims north korea has stolen tens of millions of dollars with
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a crypto currency to help fund its nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report says, be on get install more than $50000000.00 of digital assets through cyber attacks between 2020 and mid 2021. the separate study says as much as $400000000.00 may have been netted. north korea conducted 9 ballistic missile test. last month, let's bring in jim anderson, he's a tech expert and c o of social flow. he joins us now from york. thanks for your time. jim. the very nature of crypto currency means that your wallet, we'll crypto with health and transferred to will from it's actually not linked to your identity. so how did investigate this? figure out that it was north korea, which was hacking these crypto accounts, or exchanges. we know it's interesting in many ways, crypto currency, the criminals, dream or a rogue nation. if you want to look at it that way because it is anonymous and you can't find it. but the very fact that it's not backed by a government means it must be traceable. and so you, for example, you have $100.00 bill life it's, it's got
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a serial number on it. but good luck trying to understand who's used that $100.00 bill crypto currency, it's actually traceable. and your anonymity is dependent on you getting it right every single time. if you're not enough for a 1000 transactions and you slip up just one time, then all the sudden, not just the transaction you slipped up on every single prior transaction is no longer anonymous. so i think it's a lot less ideal for a rogue nations or criminals than you might think. so what you're saying is that these hackers must have slipped up at some point on the anonymity chain. yeah, and i am, it is very hard to preserve it. yeah. and you think about it, i mean we've got fiber hackers coming from north korea. you've got intelligence agencies from the west. so i'm sure there's a cat and mouse game that goes on every single day where people are trying to change their identities. and people are trying to figure them out. so it's just being deployed a global scale around a type of currency they've never really been possible before. is in the block chain itself, which is big hacked or is it the lack of security of companies who are using crypto
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currency encrypt exchanges? i just kinda wanna understand where the vulnerabilities here. i strongly suspect it's with the users. so when you talk about these exchanges, if i have cropped up currency in an exchange and i have to log in, what do i have to use? i have to use a username and password and that is almost always the biggest point of vulnerability you. you launch a fishing attack against me. i don't really realize that i give you my credentials . i mistakenly log into what i think is my crypto current exchange. but it's that it's, it's a server hosted by somebody malicious all the sudden they have my username and password. and within minutes if not, seconds, you know, they can drain my wallet, transfer that crypto current to somewhere else that i can't get. and again, it's, it's not backed by a government, so it's, it's very effective once they've hacked and gotten your credentials. and i strongly suspect that that's a big, big portion of how they've managed to do the facts. are there any way that governments can clamp down on this? i mean, obviously not all government worldwide pro crypto currency. many of them want to
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keep their own digital currencies front incentive. but obviously they do have they are going to want to stop north korea from, from getting these kinds of funds for these sorts of things. so is there any way that governments can clamp down? yeah, i think it's going to be a losing battle for government. the appeal of crypto currency for many people is that it's not backed by a government. and so almost by definition, if you get into bitcoin or another crypto currency, it is outside the realm of the government. now that doesn't mean you as a citizen of a particular country are not obligated or bound by their law. you might actually be violating law depending on what you do with your crypto currency, money laundering, for instance. there are plenty of money laundering laws, so you're probably the best thing that governments can do is try to take their existing laws, adapt them to a world where there are crypto currency that they can't necessarily control, like their own currency and, and make sure that you know when people are exhibiting criminal behavior that they have the legal tools to go after them. all right,
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thank you very much for that to jim anderson. there. theo of social flow now protest isn't the least unusually see eye to eye, but in the netherlands have got one thing in common. they've taken the same route for valleys through the streets of rotterdam, but for different reasons. thousands of demonstrators have been out showing their anger of the dutch governments coven 19 restrictions, and vaccine mandates. and the police are on strike, demanding more money to deal with those kinds of protests. step bronson has more, for most of them. most number restrictions have been lifted here in the netherlands in the last couple of weeks, but thousands of people here on the streets on route to that, saying they want their freedom back. people from the fire brigade, i hear people from all walks of life. many here are and to the fact seems, but also people from the far right, but also people who are vaccinated, but they say they don't want the divisions in society because of a q r code, half a 1000000 people in the madeline have not got their booster shot,
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they refuse to get the 3rd shot and they are not allowed to enter any restaurant bars. starting this tuesday, connection nations are fine, especially for people with underlying healthy children will make about it shooting never before also i know for the 3 cars. oh yes, this is the conroy. we are representing the truckers and he represents farmers. we all one. 0 meanwhile police is on strike to day. they say they're not guarding this demonstration to have been guiding demonstrations in the last 2 years nearly every week, via for like a for a police officers for many, many years now. and this is going to be continued for the next years. and all this work, all kinds of demonstrations. we have a lot of lately in, in holland we need more personnel as being serious riots here in rotterdam. police has shot at damage rate, doesn't also do you and repertoire fraud. torture has complained that the dutch
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police has used excessive violence during these protests. so it is a lot of resentment among these protesters. well about police actions. a state funeral has been held for legendary indian singer lotta among jessica, who died at the age of 92. earlier on sunday. she suffered multiple organ failure at a hospital in mom by of the contracting coven. 19 in january. i minister there and remotely, and many bollywood celebrities attended her last rights. awesome august car sang more than 30000 songs in a career spanning decades. she was revered as the melody queen and the nightingale of india. to days of national morning have now begun. francie good looks back of a life and legacy the revered cultural star. oh to many in india and beyond, to listen to let them engage good songs is to hear the voice of
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a nation ah, she could reach the highest. no. i mean, i hear conquer any range unfettered by shondra or style. oh, she expressed emotion. so famous baldwood act is on screen with a voice often described as each las and peel. ah, born in the city of indoor, in 1929. let them engage, girl was the eldest of 5 children. her father was a classical finger and theater actor who died when she was 13. that was old. so when she made her debut on radio, i don't screen as
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a singer and an actor in minor roles. oh week i see my love this and on your she was a woman who was struggling and she entered a male dominated industry in the 19 forties and made a mark by maintaining an utmost dignity ah, after india lost to border war to china. 1962 lapel engaged, who sang the nation's most memorable tribute for its fallen soldiers. legend has it been, she sang in the us 1st prime minister, jaw her la marrow was moved to tears ah, over decades she became one of india's most prolific artist. oh, with thousands of songs, lips seemed by actors across india in dozens of languages,
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o affinity is unprecedented and bad. and i think the beautiful pretty in quality of our voice is red and unique, which is why, you know, she almost looked after the imagination of the entire listen. i don't recall the unified and anyway because there is no language. maybe the language that you did not thing in 2001. she was studious hi sydney, toward the pirate threat. now, 8 years later, franz presented her with its high civilian award, the legion of foreigner. for more than 70 years, her couriers spanned the entire spectrum of hindi cinema. a feat unparalleled by her peers. who down? ha, now, okay, let them again. her. the daughter of india was 92. 0,
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now at least 10 people have reported the dice in some 45000 people displaced while a tropical storm. they fit madagascar psy pond bonnet. i made landfall on the islands eastern coastline late on saturday. it brought strong winds and heavy rains which have blown roofs. of homes, no elm trees and blocked roads. it's the 2nd sancho to strike madagascar and 2 weeks as glean the city of the country director in madagascar for the world food program says the organization is providing ongoing support. people know that they were in the shutters. the show us that the damage themselves. so they did turn over this morning to try to see if they were, you know, we would have it as a means of their houses and to find them to be another that hasn't been damaged in the ship. so we got this be we are trying to support mainly
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with the as you know, for the sense for how much you fix. we'll be in a pendulum in the, with the national authority, support them with the order of elements valko, a masterpiece of architecture in spain. the forgot for maybe it's the biggest tourist attraction in barcelona. even though construction, which began in the 18 eighty's is still going on. as printed mon reports, after seemingly never ending delays to the roman catholic, the silica more challenges are expected, is building work creeps closer to completion. this masterpiece by famous catlin architect, antony gowdy has been under construction for nearly a 140 years. although unfinished that the gruff, amelia is one of parcel, luna's biggest attractions. many people in barcelona, so they'd never live to see it completed. but it might finally happen on this intensity of county's death in 2026. no,
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i believe tomorrow. it's beautiful. it still has to be finished, but once they finish it, it will be even more beautiful. we'll be able to admire the beauty of the whole complex whether it can be finished on time will depend on tourists like bes, gowdy demanded that the entire project be funded from ticket sales and private donations. but constance shortfalls have stole the project longer than perhaps even he imagined love on the metal ball. the pandemic brought construction to a home. we didn't have visitors for almost a year without receiving funds. we had very little, but the construction board decided to keep going ahead. but now the socratic amelia is facing a new challenge. fishing the main entrance will require demolishing several nearby buildings. thousands of people could be evicted and many don't want to move the property ownership dental. our proposal both for the city hall and the board of construction is that we are very comfortable in our home. we've paid for them and
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they are totally legally are balancing the rights of residents against a major architectural spectacle for the city has put local authorities in a difficult position night. we will nice little soon as nothing customers and doing it. there aren't magical solutions. here we don't think that in order to finish the silica old buildings involved must be demolished. but we also think it isn't likely that old buildings will be saved. we must see the different options, and we as local government with the neighbors, under the grot familia, are working on the project has been delayed many times by the spanish civil war in the 1900 thirty's, by economic downturns. and most recently, by the pandemic, gowdy died in 1926, and never expected the grad, familiar to be finished in his lifetime. referring to who he described as god. he was often known to say, my client is in no rush. vincent bonham al jazeera senegal has won
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the africa cup of nations after beaten egypt in that final outcome on penalties. synagogue one for to the shoot out at the both sides failed to score an extra time . final was played and cameras capital yom day, and thousands of fans gathered a docket to watch the match the 1st time. seneca has won the africa cup of these ah, misses al jazeera, these are the top stories. the u. s. continues to reinforce its military bases in eastern europe, mid fears of a russian invasion of ukraine. the kremlin denies it has any salt plans. meanwhile, ukraine is downplaying the threat of russian troop presence along its borders and is calling for a diplomatic solution. we believe that there is a very distinct possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine. it
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could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow,


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