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me the ivan, poland, to reinforce nato's eastern plan. cuz russia again says it has no plans to invade ukraine. ah, well again, i'm pete adobe. you're watching out his ear, alive from doha. also coming up. pakistan says 5 of its soldiers were killed in cross border firing from afghanistan, stealing crypto currency to fund nuclear missiles. sanction hit north korea's new
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ploy, according to a new un report. and also had a misunderstanding. the chinese tennis star punctuate says she never accused the top official of sexual assault. ah, more us soldiers have arrived in poland to reinforce nato's allies in eastern europe, amid the russian military build up on the border with ukraine. there are growing fears of a russian invasion, although moscow again has denied it. has any such plans, crane's precedence as resolving the standoff through diplomacy does remain the most likely outcome from specter haskin, eastern ukraine. he is charles stratford. the u. s. military aircraft touches down in poland near the border would ukraine. on board, a few dozen elite
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u. s. troops and equipment. the initial contingent of around 1700 us soldiers ordered to head to europe. because nato countries fear a russian invasion of ukraine. the point of elements of the 2nd airborne division are here to enhance the readiness interoperability across all domains with our polish allies, and if necessary, defend any portion of nato satellite pictures supplied by a private us company had been published, which is said to show the latest russian troop build up in bearers, ukraine's neighbor and russia's ally. the russian military build up includes nuclear capable, bama patrols, passive moscow's huge joint exercise with batteries called operation resolve. the criminal says 11 days of war, game starting on thursday, are aimed at training to repel an attack on russia's southern borders. the white
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house national security adviser said negotiations with russia was still an option, but time is running out. we believe that there is a very interesting possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine . it could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could take some weeks yet. there was a different mild, a toad from the crating government, ukraine's foreign minister tweeted, do not believe the apocalyptic predictions. different capitals have different scenarios, but ukraine is ready for any development. today ukraine has a straw me unprecedented international support and ukrainians, faith in their country. this enemy should be afraid of us, not us, afraid of them. another example of caves cautious, attempt toning down the language of its western backers, off the president, lot him ears. lensky told his us lead allies last week to take
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a breath and calm down. russia still maintains it has no intention of invading ukraine, but of course, if it did, that would be the 2nd invasion in recent years because of his annexation of crimea in 2014 off the weeks of negotiations between nato countries in russia that has be no significant outcome to those talks. the french and german lead is heading to moscow and cave in the coming days. the space for negotiated settlement to this crisis is small, but it still exists. charles strafford al jazeera special, his eastern ukraine. rosalind jordan picks up the story from washington on the sunday public affair shows here in the united states. it was the white house national security advisor jake sullivan, who was arguing why people should be worried about a potential russian invasion of ukraine on his way back to the white house on
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sunday afternoon. u. s. president joe biden spoke briefly with reporters about the situation. ah, i'm not going to speculate on that with i think frankly, cannot get on monday, the u. s. president will welcome to the white house, the new german chancellor alex sholtes. they're expected to talk about the risk of a russian invasion in ukraine, and the potential impact that could have on germany's energy supplies, hectic diplomatic effort, saw well on the way to defuse the crisis in under round ukraine. the french president emanuel michaels heading for moscow. the german chancellor heading for washington, olaf schultz. his trip is seen as a visit to reassure the biden administration that all nato countries are standing up to russia. i know that death was like this. russia must know as military
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aggression against ukraine, you will have a high price. meanwhile, we are paid in no way that it can take place. again, your talk between the us and russia in the nato, russia council window s the. and of course, also in the context that germany in front can bring forward hope to focus normandy format, where russia, ukraine, front from germany meet. there was not much life there for a long time. we have managed to get that back on track, and that is now to basis for us also talking to each other in washington. the pakistani army has strongly condemned an attack on his soldiers which killed at least 5 troops. they were shot out from across the border in ghana, stung by pakistani taliban fighters in december, the angry withdrew from a sci fi with the pakistani government attack on the pakistani army comes just days after the soldiers fought with separatists in the province of ballade stone. fighting broke out on wednesday, killing 9 soldiers and 20 fighters. the military says to army posts were targeted.
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and one of the biggest attacks in recent years. the situation is not good after the explosion district checking everywhere. we are here to provide bread and butter to our children. there is nothing in the market on the pilot. oh, come we came here in the morning 1st. we were working. and after finishing work, 11 o'clock, we came to this place we haven't left. well, there was a lot of damage. we don't know what happened inside. ok. let's take a closer look at what's happening across the border between afghanistan and pakistan. attacks by the pakistani taliban had been increasing since the afghan taliban takeover in cobble in august of last year. the un estimates several 1000 pakistani taliban fighters are in afghanistan. the recent attacks are raising for years of violence, lasting in 2014. when the military launched a major operation against various groups in the northwest, displacing more than 1000000 people in the same year, the group attacked
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a military run school and push our killing 132 children. a san jimmy, a is a senior experts at the united states institute of peace. he says slum above has to decide how to respond to the optic in attacks, which could include a covert operation is the or that it's leadership, as well as the a lot of fighters are enjoying the fact asylum bonds. and that is very ironic. i mean, just by being allied to back, it's not getting get support against the us government does on i'm not taking meaningful steps to the screen in district the goods in been all of it's been with each other in the back of money government and consistently downplayed that dimension your bonds, relationship with the, with the pocket of the money. in fact, you know, by leadership,
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political leaderships decision to celebrate the other bonds or in the us defeat. i think that is proven to be fairly short sighted. i suspect that going forward, but the other bond will retain their lines with big fox any thought one breath. and that will continue to disappoint the pockets i need to get back with them has been the same thing. this order to make it less. it turns out that even in my timing in dollars is not enough, is dr. movement up these, the surgeon, they continue to cross over? so the question that i think on the policy makers are now deliberating is what, next, what, what, what are some of the options that they have at hand? and one option that remained on the table is some kind of military action. it could be the word demean, danderset, assassination off the top eaters are un report claims north korea use cyber attacks
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to fund it's nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report says pyongyang stole $50000000.00 of crypto currency. in the last 2 years, a separate study says as much as $400000000.00 may have been taken. north korea conduct with 9 ballistic missile fast last month, rob mcbride. now with more from sol. this does follow a pattern. we do know that said north korea has been accused now for years of being involved in all sorts of nefarious international criminal activity as a way of getting much needed foreign reserves to basically at the let it survive. it has been involved, for example, has been accused of being involved in international narcotics in an illegal arm sales. but it does seem to have found a lucrative avenue in cyber crime with another reporting 2019, for example, from the un suggesting that north korea had managed to accrue $2000000000.00 worth of digital assets in recent times. and that with the current economic,
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dire straits that north korea is in, it seems as though it's not going to desist from the cyber crime because of course, it's effaced, his international sanctions, the impact of 2 years of basically being cut off from the outside world or by the pandemic, it is a very difficult to die economic straits. there are talk of food shortages in north korea and as we get into 2022 still the same. a question of how to deal with north korea, especially given this flurry of a miss our launch is well jim anderson as a tech expert and c e o of social flow, he says crypto occurrences aren't as hard to trace as people think. in many ways crypto currency as a criminal's dream or a rogue nation. if you want to look at it that way because it is anonymous and you can't find it. but the very fact that it's not backed by a government means it must be traceable. and so, for example, us $100.00 bill like this, it's got a serial number on it. but good luck trying to understand who has used that $100.00
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bill crypto currency, it's actually traceable. and your anonymity is dependent on you getting it right every single time. if you're anonymous for a 1000 transactions and you slip up just one time, then all sudden, not just the transaction you slipped up on every single prior transaction is no longer anonymous. so i think it's a lot less ideal for road nations or criminals than you might think. so when you talk about these exchanges, if i have a crypto currency in an exchange and i have to log in, what do i have to use? i have to use a username and a password, and that is almost always the biggest point of vulnerability you. you launch a fishing attack against me. i don't really realize that i give you my credentials . i mistakenly log into what i think is my crypto currency exchange, but it's that it's, it's a server hosted by somebody malicious all the sudden they have my username and password and within minutes if not seconds, you know, they can drain my wallet, transfer that crypto current to somewhere else that i can't get. and again it's, it's not backed by a government, so it's, it's very effective once they've hacked and gotten your credentials. and i strongly
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suspect that that's a big, big portion of how they've managed to do the tax. now, the chinese tennis star punk sway has met the head of the international olympic committee after concerns about her well being early, as she said, a social media post seen as an allegation of sexual assault against the chinese politician was misunderstood. the 10 star disappeared from public view for nearly 3 weeks after that post live now to beijing and correspondent following the story. katrina, you katrina, how's the i o c reacting tool this well there are say again press conference on monday morning and was asked about puncture why and they just repeated this statement released earlier saying that punchline had dinner with the head of the i was saved, thomas buck on saturday, she had conversations with the i c officials and she attended some sporting events following that dinner. and that they have been in phone contact with her since
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november the 21st. the iris. he also said that it was not their job as a sporting organization to make any judgment cool as to whether punctual i was speaking under duress or to push for an investigation into jungle lead that high ranking or that former high ranking chinese communist party official. now just as a reminder, puncture i is, and a 3 time olympian and tennis are here in china who sent shock waves through social media as you posted on chinese social media. that she had been in a relationship with jungle lee and accused him of sexual misconduct. now this statement from the i o c follows the 1st interview given by punctuating independent media. since all that occurred late last year. no, she gave an interview to the french publication. the keep and her main message was that she was fine and well and that she did not understand this widespread concern
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about her safety. now it's important to note that during that interview, she was accompanied by one khan who is the chief of staff by the chinese olympic committee. now the article also said that she seemed to bristle when she was asked specific questions about as to why she made that social media post in the 1st place . and she simply said that it was a private affair and that it was vastly misunderstood. and when asked questions about why she had seemed to have disappeared or at least was not replying to communications. she said that she was simply overwhelmed my messages or she had difficulty accessing her e mail. now of course, there has been an enormous amount of concern about puncture why it remains to be seen. whether this will cause many of those concerns. it does seem to raise more questions than it does answers the women's tennis association or one of those bodies specifically that have raised a lot of concerns and question. they jig about this to the point that it has
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suspended all tennis tournaments in china going forward. they seem to be her left out of the communications and when asked about the w t punctual, i simply said that they released a statement that was in her eyes seeming to be exaggerated. it's also important note. she said that that politics and sport should not be mix, which is a statement or a sentiment that is often repeated by beijing itself. and surely, the issue of punk try remains highly sensitive here in china. it's completely sense at any official mention of it and government press conferences is not added to the record. so going forward, it will be interesting to see if there is any mention of her here in china's certainly the i o. c. have mentioned that she has been invited to europe going forward after the pandemic, and she may attend a future winter olympics events. katrina, thank you very much. katrina, you are talking to fly out of the bureau in beijing. stillard here on al jazeera, the judiciary course in the middle of
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a major road in tramecia. ah, instead of leaves will be from celebrating is 13 with african tight. ah, ah, look forward to blue skies. with spoon super cut off at ways. hello, they will start in southern africa, and sy, clone bats arrived. weakened as it worked its way west across madagascar. if we take a closer look now it was a very intense and powerful storm. but by monday, it's expected to pull out across the west coast of madagascar into the mozambique channel. and by tuesday, it's going to skirt further south moving towards the southeast. now it's going to take those wet and windy conditions with it, but we could see some of those impacting coastal areas of mozambique and south
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africa. now across the region, it is looking rather wet. we've had flooding in part to south africa such as how 10 we could see more as that rain continues and growth as he flooding in places like malawi, the rain is set to intensify here in the days to come. but up north, it's a different story. it's hot dry and it's windy. we are going to see the wet weather pick up across coastal areas of libya and egypt. by the time we get to choose day, thanks to a weather system, moving east across the mediterranean, it's going to bring some heavy snow to the likes of turkey. by the time we get into tuesday and rain to lebanon and syria. further south, it is a windy story. we've got the shamar wind that's going to pick up and we've got warnings out for high winds and stormy seas for the you a come tuesday. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always examining the impact of today's headlines. there are threats to peace and security that don't appear on the tv screens.
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setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. thousands of palestinians been displaced in having met himes destroyed in that land unexplained international filmmakers, m world class journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire you. climate has to become part of the way we tell stories on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera welcome. if you just joining us, your head lining stories, the u. s. is reinforcing military bases in eastern europe senior u. s. defense officials are accusing russia of planning to invade ukraine and allegation. moscow has again denied. the pakistani army has strongly condemned an
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attack on it. soldiers was killed at least 5 troops. they were shot out from across the border in afghanistan by pakistani taliban fighters. and the chinese tennis del pung sway has met the head of the io see oft concerns about a well being. earlier she said, a social media post seen as an allegation of sexual assault against the chinese politicians was in fact misunderstood. fema, senior judge into nicea, as accused the president of illegally undermining the judiciary independence, chi's saeed has dissolved the supreme judicial council. that's the country's legal watchdog for testers, rallied in support of the move in the capital tunis elisia of oakland has more from their protest is on the march in tunis after the announcement by president chi site, dissolved denisia legal watched up the supreme judicial council, their march was on the 8th anniversary of the assassination of left during politician shall group allied by gunman who have not been caught. the anniversary
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is always an emotional day for 2 nations. a well of champion of human rights and freedom besides last is still felt deeply at his men to remains unsolved. his supporters demand the launch of a murder investigation every year and cold for the prosecution of whoever was responsible many tenicia to say they've lost faith in the justice system. a leo and pull it out of their pacific walk today. what all pulled good parties, associations and independence have come out to say that corruption is all we're not, we all know everyone knows that before july 25th. good. oh, judicial appointments were based on party affiliations. and the supreme judicial council was essentially built on party affiliations. oh, side says the supreme judicial counsel is correct and is preventing politically sensitive cases from being prosecuted with the help of what he called hidden powers
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. member one. mm hm. how good can you give us the law do another, and if you run, as i said, to dissolved a few period, council of the judiciary where positions are sold, tell of the so much the critics of the president say he's targeting the judiciary in order to consolidate national institutional power, they cusick love a power grab suspending parliament and dissolving government last july. since then, ty site is ruled by decree, overseeing all state institutions, including the judiciary which continues to push back against his one man rule. the conflict between the judges and the president here seems far from over. in his ear feltman al jazeera tunis, the prime minister of libya's eunice. he government says he'll continue to carry out his duties until the elections are held in june abdul, hamid babies. comments come out, the speaker, a parliaments at the chamber would choose a new interim prime minister on monday. elections were scheduled for december,
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but were delayed because of disagreements between political parties. several factions are boycotting a meeting of the palestinian liberation organisation. the central council is electing people to several important vacancies in the 1st meeting since 2018. but critics say the president movement of us and his fatter party have too much power over it. no, not ob and loaner car, joseph and madison marcus if halley are the ones who are participating in this central council meeting our contribution to palestinian division. because the conveying of this session is without a national agreement with the withdrawal of a number of historically important part is in the p allow, as well as independent politicians who are against the conveying of this session. we want to full palestinian election, starting with the national council of the p allow you, you know, we came here to say a council that takes away the power of the national council is in the legal counsel . we came here to say that the time has come for a national talk aimed at preserving the pillow and protecting national rights. the
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mirror also has declared a state of emergency is canadian truckers and their supporters continue to paralyze parts of the capitol on the 10th day of protest. oh, city officials, according it received and they say the demonstration is a security risk over the weekend process groups have also gathered in other cities and towns in solidarity. thousands of demonstrates is in rotterdam have been rallying against corona, virus restrictions and vaccine mandates. most measures have been relaxed recently, but protested won't, old restrictions lifted. the police also demonstrated at the same portrait brought about, they were demanding more resources that boston has more from rotterdam. most loved on restrictions have been lifted here in the netherlands in the last couple of weeks, but thousands of people here on the streets and rob to them saying they want their freedom back. people from the fire brigade, i hear people from all walks of life. many here are until you fact seems,
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but also people from the far right. but also people are vaccinated, but they say they don't want the divisions in society because of it. you are code half a 1000000 people in the madman have not got their booths. assure them who refused to get the 3rd shot. and they are not allowed to enter any restaurant bars. starting this tuesday, collection nations are fine, especially for people with underlying health insurance. a little bit about it. shoot. never before so no for the 2 cars. oh yes. this is the conroy we are representing the truckers and he represents farmers. we all wondering? oh meanwhile police is on strike to day. they say they're not darting this demonstration to have been guarding demonstrations in the last 2 years nearly every week. the i for lack of police officers for many, many years now. and this is going to be continued for the next years and all this work. oh, kind of demonstrations. we have a lot of lately in,
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in holland we need more personnel to have been serious. riots here in rotterdam. police has shot at demonstrators and also the you and rapper to our for torture, has complained that the dutch believe has youth excessive violence during these protests. so there's a lot of resentment among these protesters as well. about police actions, least 10 people are dead and madagascar after a cyclone made land full on sunday. tens of thousands of people have been displaced . gillian wolf reports cycling, but the rain slammed into madagascar eastern coastline with heavy rain and wind speeds of a 165 kilometers per hour. flooding roads and leaving several houses completely submerged. tens of thousands of people have been displaced in alaska, or le marino visual m. i thought it was early morning. we're still sleeping with our landlord. came to tell us that water was rising. who got up to moved furniture
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all while to war continued, tries. the house started cracking. some of our furniture was still upstairs and the crack started to get worse on market. some of our belongings have been destroyed. marketers, sheesh that the residents use tree branches to measure the depth of the floods. the damage compounded by the destruction left by another cyclone, 2 weeks earlier, which killed dozens and displaced a 130000 people. we showed a large amount of lucia. hi, i don't think the damage is big, the wind was very strong and even if people took her to protect their belongings, there had been a loss of damage to london. have done full full b a. the disease had prepared food to distribute those in need with you and evacuation flights on standby children and worried parents fill the floors of this local evacuation center located a guardian of michael columbia. we live on the hill on the edge of
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a cliff. the wind was strong, but our house is also strong. early in the morning there was a landslide to be safe. the head of the neighbourhood told us to go to the evacuation center. that's why we're here. madagascar has recently suffered drought, another country hit by extreme weather as a result of climate change. giant wolf al jazeera social media in mexico is all a buzz with posts about a bright light seen in the night sky. the viral videos show a shiny object shooting above cabo san lucas in baja, california state. it's not clear what was caught on camera, but many a guessing it wasn't actual blank meteorite or space debris. senegal has claimed dispersed africa cup of nation's title with the 42 penalties shooting victory. it was 7 time when i egypt i said bake watch the match with fans in the capitol deco they watched
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they waited. they prayed then twice before they reached the final but lost this time. it came down to a penalty shoot at. it's the 1st ever africa a couple of nations victorious at last.
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throughout the day, they've been hope and preparations. every pillow, post and treat painted in the countries colors. even hair. i don't mind faces and lips. shrines in the neighborhood pairs come from, senegal is celebrated. their part to the team is expected back on monday. the find an entire nation out on the streets to bottom them home. i said bake a da 0 doesn't. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, the u. s. is.


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