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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah ah she is of a pakistani taliban resurgence as the arm group claims a cross border attack from afghanistan, killing 5 soldiers. ah, bill again on pete, adobe. you're watching al jazeera alive from dough. are also coming up more us troops arrive in poland to reinforce nato's eastern flank because russia again says it has no plans to invade ukraine. tens of thousands of people have been displaced
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by a 2nd cyclone to hit madagascar. and the death toll is rising. and a misunderstanding the chinese tennis style, pung suede says, she never accused a top official of sexual assault. ah, pakistani army a strongly condemned an attack on it. soldiers which killed at least 5 troops. they were shot at from across the border in afghanistan. by pakistani taliban fighters in december, the arm group withdrew from a c spy with the pakistani government. the attack on the army comes just days after it. soldiers fought with separatists, and a province of baluchistan fighting broke out on wednesday, killing 9 soldiers and 20 fighters. the military says to army posts were targeted and one of the biggest attacks in recent years. and some tele, medicine de situation is not good after the explosion to restrict checking
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everywhere. we're thing here to provide bread and butter to our children. there is nothing in the market that savannah area i buy the dog. com we came here in the morning. the 1st we were working. and after finishing work at 11 o'clock, we came to this place why we haven't left. oh, there was a lot of damage. we don't know what happened inside live now to islamabad and correspondent, following the story. come, all hide, come out what options to the government in islam about half now? well 1st of all, the budget tiny tartar gauge, i've informed the government and on that day had given a commitment that one story will not be used for the attack against any other country. last night that took place and not pressed in the courtroom district along the avalon border. the buckets, new fed day, also engaged by dead inflicting v casual days. but indeed,
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and the few weeks you mentioned your cell, they've been a number of tags that or de shirts at dak in blue, just on by the organization, the balloon liberation army which had been lifted. get it organized ation by the united states, the united kingdom and budget on getting out that sophisticated warden aided attack against the buckets on the 14th. now it should be undisturbed. that 1000 dollar dollar bond bugs on the dollar bond. i much say stranded and no one is done, they are hard bread and therefore did an increase in the number of attack an escalation, as far as that action is concerned across the border and to bargain on, does that mean the pakistani taliban wants to return to pakistan and is the worry for the government if they do, they will take the fight to the heart of government to if i'm about where you are, where they have been carrying out a cross bargain on there with
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a bomb blocked and all that is regular dog dang of relief and other shows. and buckets on for a cross country bucket, thought enough gods had deployed a considerable number of troops expense the border. so it read in order to allow the dollar bond, the buckets on the dollar barn 2, the gain of foretold. and one partner time day, what strain now david forced to buy a bug, it's on the military of friends, most of them start sanctity. and i've gotten this done and buckets done up. gotcha . also said that they are getting support. busy from india, and of course, the balloon and surgeon are attacking those targets as a message through china richard, re can and developing the jain up august on economic quarter door below just on his dad showed up. i guess i need a got now repairing to base another wave of our tax garage that borders border, which is about 2600 kilometer long and its up gotcha is going to be
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a challenging dot com. i'll thank you so much call high to the joining us live from islam about more us troops, sub arrived in poland to reinforce nato's allies in eastern europe, amid the russian military build up on the border with ukraine. there are continuing fears of a russian invasion older moscow denies. again, it has any such plans. ukraine's president says, resolving the stand of through diplomacy does remain the most likely outcome from spirit haskin, eastern ukraine. his cha, stratford. u. s. military aircraft touches down in poland near the border with ukraine. on board, a few dozen elite us troops and equipment. the initial contingent of around 1700 us soldiers ordered to head to europe. because nato entries fear a russian invasion of ukraine. the appointment of elements of the 2nd airborne
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division are here to enhance the readiness interoperability across all domains with our polish allies, and if necessary, defend any portion of nato satellite pictures supplied by a private us company had been published, which is said to show the latest russian troop build up in bearers, ukraine's neighbor and russia's ally. the russian military build up includes nuclear capable, bama patrol's part of moscow's huge joint exercise with batteries called operation resolve. the kremlin says 11 days of war, game starting on thursday. are aimed at training to repel an attack on russia's southern borders. the white house national security adviser said negotiations with russia was still an option. the time is running out. we believe that there is
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a very interesting possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine . it could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could take some weeks yet. there was a different mild, a toad from the crating government, ukraine's foreign minister twisted. do not believe the apocalyptic predictions. different capitals have different scenarios, but ukraine is ready for any development. today ukraine has a straw me unprecedented international support and ukrainians, faith in their country. this enemy should be afraid of us, not us, afraid of them. another example of caves cautious attempt toning down the language of its western backers. up the president. laudermill zalinski, told his us led allies last week to take a breath and calm down. russia still maintains it has no intention of invading ukraine, but of course, if it did, that would be the 2nd invasion in recent years because of his annexation of crimea
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in 2014 of the weeks of negotiations between nato countries in russia that has be no significant outcome to those talks. the french and german lead is heading to moscow and cave in the coming days. the space for negotiated settlement to this crisis is small, but it still exists. charles strafford al jazeera special, his eastern ukraine cornerstone, and rosalind jordan picks up the story from washington on the sunday public affair shows here in the united states. it was the white house national security advisor jake sullivan, who was arguing why people should be worried about a potential russian invasion of ukraine on his way back to the white house on sunday afternoon. u. s. president joe biden spoke briefly with reporters about the situation. ah,
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i'm not going to speculate on that i think frankly cannot get on monday, the u. s. president will welcome to the white house, the new german chancellor alex sholtes. they're expected to talk about the risk of a russian invasion in ukraine and the potential impact that could have on germany's energy supplies. well, diplomatic efforts a well underway to defuse the crisis, the french president setting to moscow. the german chancellor heading for washington olive shots, his trip is seen as a visit to reassure the biden administration that all nicer countries are standing up to russia. as it does was long this. russia must know that if there is military aggression against ukraine, that will have a high price. meanwhile, we are paving away so that tours can take place again. there are talks between the us and russia in the nato, russia council window s, c, e. and of course,
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also in the context that germany and france can bring forward to so called normandy format, where russia, ukraine, france, and germany meets, there was not much life there for a long time. we have managed to get that back on track, and that is now to basis for us also talking to each other in washington which murphy at these 10 people are dirt in madagascar la for a cyclone. made land full on sunday. it's the 2nd storm to hit the country this month is julian wolf. cycling bad. the rain slammed into madagascar eastern coastline with heavy rain and wind speeds of a 165 kilometers per hour. flooding roads and leaving several houses completely submerged. tens of thousands of people have been displaced, alaska, or la moraine vision. wilma thought it was early morning were still sleeping. our landlord came to tell us that water was rising. who got up to move the furniture all while the water continued tries. the house started cracking. some of our
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furniture was still upstairs and the crack started to get worse on margaret. some far belongings have been destroyed, not as she shut the residence, use tree branches to measure the depth of the flood. the damage compounded by the destruction left by another cyclone, 2 weeks earlier, which killed dozens and displaced a 130000 people. michelle nadia monta. lucia. hi, you don't. the damage is 6. wind was very strong and even if people took had to protect our belongings, that had been a loss of damage. when you've done fulfills been a didn't you have prepared food to distribute those in need with you and evacuation flights on standby children and worried parents fill the floors of this local evacuation center. i think we live on the hill on the edge of a cliff and the wind was strong, but our house is also strong. early in the morning there was a landslide to be safe. the head of the neighborhood told us to go to the
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evacuation center. that's why we're here. probably, madagascar has recently suffered drought, another country hit by extreme weather as a result of climate change. gillian wolf out a 0. the chinese tend to style pung sway has met the head of the i o. c of concerns about her well being earlier she said a social media post seen as an allocation of sexual assault against the chinese politician. i've been misunderstood. the tennis star disappeared from public view for nearly 3 weeks after the post. we are at the sports organization of doing everything to ensure that she is happy and i don't think it's for us to be able to judge in one way just as if not viewed judge either in one way or another. her position. trina, you is following developments out of aging. well, they say again, press conference on monday morning and was asked about post why?
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and they just repeated this statement released earlier saying that puncture. i had dinner with the head of the i was say, thomas buck on saturday. she had conversations with officials and she intended some sporting events following that dinner and they have been in phone contact with her since november the 21st the iris. he also said that it was not the job as a sporting organization to make any judgment call as to whether punctual i was speaking under duress or to push for an investigation into jungle the that high ranking or that former high ranking chinese communist party official. now, just as a reminder, punctual i is, and 3 time lim, peon, and tennessee. here in china who sent shock waves through social media after she posted on chinese social media. that she had been in a relationship with jungle lee and accused him of sexual misconduct. now this statement from the c follows the 1st interview given by punctuating independent
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media. since all that occurred late last year though, she gave an interview to the french publication. the keep and her main message was that she was fine and well and that she did not understand this. widespread, concerned about her safety. now it's important to note that during that interview, she was accompanied by one khan who is the chief of staff by the chinese olympic committee. now the article also said that she seemed to bristle when she was off specific questions about as to why she made that social media post in the 1st place . and she simply said that it was a private affair. and that it was vastly misunderstood. still to come here on al jazeera stealing crypto currency to fund nuclear missiles. functions at north korea's new ploy. according to a un report. oh, in celebrating 1st african towards
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ah hello, there will start in southern africa and psych loan bats are i weakened as it worked its way west across madagascar if we take a closer look now it was a very intense and powerful storm. but by monday, it's expected to pull out across the west coast of madagascar into the mozambique channel. and by tuesday, it's going to skirt farther south, moving towards the southeast. now it's going to take those wet and windy conditions with it, but we could see some of those impacting coastal areas of mozambique and south africa. now across the region, it is looking rather wet. we've had flooding in part to south africa such as how 10 we could see more as that rain continues. and we could also see flooding in places like malawi, the rain is set to intensify here in the days to come. but up north,
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it's a different story. it's hot dry and it's windy. we are going to see the wet weather pick up across coastal areas of libya and egypt. by the time we get to choose day, thanks to a weather system, moving east across the mediterranean. it's going to bring some heavy snow to the likes of turkey. by the time we get into tuesday and rain to lebanon and syria. further south, it is a wendy story. we've got the shamar wind that's going to pick up and we've got warnings out for high winds and stormy seas for the you a come tuesday. ah . ah, i'll just a oh, as punches intensify along the russian frame border
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u. s. presidential bypass threatening president with severe economic sanctions saying if conflict occurs, it could be the largest invasions world war 2 kinds of melodic talks. a few possibilities, what we live for most folks, were you the latest developments on al jazeera? ah ah. 517 gmc, these are your top stories. the pakistani army has strongly condemned an attack on soldiers which killed at least 5 troops. they were shot out from across the border in afghanistan by pakistani taliban fighters. the u. s. is reinforcing military bases in eastern europe. senior u. s. defense officials are accusing russia were planning an invasion of ukraine and allegation, moscow has again denied. and the chinese dentist saw pung sway has met the head of
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the eye of c alt concerns about her well being earlier she said, a social media post seen as an allegation of sexual assault against a chinese politician, had been misunderstood. now a, you and report is claiming north korea used cyber attacks to fund it's nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report says pyongyang stole $50000000.00 of crypto currency in the last 2 years. a separate study says as much as $400000000.00 may have been netted. north korea conducted 9 ballistic missile tasks last month, rob mcbride, now from so this does follow a pattern. we do know that north korea has been accused for years of being involved in all sorts of nefarious international criminal activity as a way of getting much needed foreign reserves to basically let it survive. it has been involved, for example, has been accused of being involved in international narcotics in illegal sales. but
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it does seem to have found a lucrative avenue in cyber crime with another report in 2019, for example, from the un suggesting that north korea had managed to accrue $2000000000.00 worth of digital assets in recent times. with the current economic, dire straits that your career is in, it seems as though it's not going to desist from the cyber crime. because, of course, if faced his international sanctions, the impact of 2 years of basically being cut off from the outside world. by the pandemic, it is very difficult to di, economic straits or talk of food shortages in north korea. and as we get into 2022, still the same question of how to deal with those career, especially given this flurry of missile launches, jim anderson is a tech expert and ceo of social flow. he says crypto currencies are not his hardest to trace. as people think in many ways crypto currency as a criminal's dream or
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a rogue nation, if you want to look at it that way because it is anonymous and you can't find it. but the very fact that it's not backed by a government means it must be traceable. and so you, for example, us $100.00 bill life if it's got a serial number on it. but good luck trying to understand who has used that $100.00 bill crypto currency, it's actually traceable and your anonymity is dependent on you getting it right every single time. if you're anonymous for a 1000 transactions and you slip up just one time, then all the sudden, not just the transaction you slipped up on every single prior transaction is no longer anonymous. so i think it's a lot less ideal for road nations or criminal than you might think. so when you talk about these exchanges, if i have a crypto currency in an exchange and i have to log in, what do i have to use? i have to use a username and password and that is almost always the biggest point of vulnerability you. you launch a fishing attack against me. i don't really realize that i give you my credentials
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. i mistakenly log into what i think is my crypto currency exchange. but it's that, it, it's a server hosted by somebody malicious all the sudden they have my username and password. and within minutes if not, seconds, you know, they can drain my wallet, transfer that crypto current to somewhere else that i can't get. and again it's, it's not backed by a government, so it's, it's very effective once they've hacked and gotten your credentials. and i strongly suspect that that's a big, big portion of how they've managed to do the tax the african union. some is n, e, c o, p, a has finished with a condemnation of the recent wave of military coups. a leaders also called for permanent feats on the un security council. the cold on the host countries went on c, spy with rebels into gripe. muhammad at o has more the to day summit in the see up in capital concluded with a cold for greater africa presentation in the global stage. 70 as of to the creation of the united nations. a you lead us complained of africa was still under presented on the you have security console demanding at least 2 prominent and 5 non
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permanent sits. it is the right time to reform and live at the lies the united nation system for reflect current global realities and then sure that it is a more representative and equitable body. only fairly presentation and thought to spot and see ins austin institutions, con, usher in a just iraq in multilateralism yet. 7 7 the past 18 months have been celtic for africa with cues in church guinea. molly book in a fuss on sudan as well as the protracted civil war here in if you appear the a you has been accused of one inconsistent response, notably by not suspending char from the 5th to 5 member organization. after the military took over following the death of longtime leda, addressed debbie. every african leader in the assembly
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has condemned unequivocally the pattern off or the resurgence of the cycle or the wave of unconstitutional changes of government. the african unions efforts to combat the covered 19th pandemic will also discussed at length of time. a long delay of the conditions began receiving like deb donations of covered 19 bugs in, in november. while the continent is still far behind global. but volitional targets, partly due to what some say on logistical challenges. governments now hope the a use creation of a continent white drug regularly to the african meds. his agency helps them roll out exams to catch up with other parts of the world. and differences between members of the unions relationship with israel brought into the open palestinian prime minister. mm hm. it should tie amid an impassioned plea to lead us to reconsider their decision to give israel observer state us up
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a you meetings. we believe that the granting is right. observe what the status of the african union is. undeserved reward. this actually at a wad that encourages israel to continue evaluating and thought emotional threats is a breach and gall agreements with us. the prime minister was supported by some important member states, including nigeria in south africa who's the ruling party. the african national congress supports the palestinian cause. in the end, the palestine, an argument was worn and leaders agreed to suspend isabel's observer status. madame de welch's eda, a december the prime minister libby is unity. government says he'll continue to carry out his duties until elections are held in june. abdul, hamid babies. comments come after the speaker of the parliaments at the chamber. would choose a new interim prime minister on monday. elections were scheduled for december, but were delayed because of disagreements between political parties. the most senior judge into nicea has accused the president of illegally undermining the
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judiciary independence. kay, said has dissolved the supreme judicial counsel. that's the country's legal watchdog, protested, rallied in support of the move in tunis, and he's a bulk man has more from death. protest is on the march in tunis after the announcement by president chi site, dissolved denisia legal watched up the supreme judicial council. their march was on the 8th anniversary of the assassination of left ring politician shock group allied by gunman. we've not been caught. the anniversary is always an emotional day for to nations. a well champion of human rights and freedom. the light loss is still felt deeply and his murder remains unsolved. his supporters demand the launch of a murder investigation every year and cold for the prosecution of whoever was responsible many tenicia to say they've lost faith in the justice system. i don't pull it out of their pacifica walk today. what all pulled good parties,
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associations and independence have come out to see that corruption is over and we all know. everyone knows that before july 25th, good judicial appointments were based on party affiliations. and the supreme judicial council was essentially built on party affiliations as well. oh, side says the supreme judicial council is corrupt and is preventing politically sensitive cases from being prosecuted with the help of what he called hidden powers . number one, how good con gamma do with the valor. and if you run, as i said, to dissolved a few period, council of the judiciary, where positions are sold, 10 of these so much the critics of the president say he's targeting the judiciary in order to consolidate national institutional power. they accused of love, a power grab suspending parliament and dissolving government last july. since then, ty site is ruled by decree, overseeing all state institutions,
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including the judiciary which continues to push back against his one man rule. the conflict between the judges and the president here seems far from over. in his ear feltman al jazeera tunis, several sanctions, a boy causing a meeting of the palestine liberation organization. the central council is electing people to several important vacancies and the 1st meeting since 2018. but critics, a president must my boss and his fat party have too much power over it. the police in mexico who evicted migrants from make shift camp on the us border area near the town of towana, a 100 offices and the national guard dispersed some 400 microns from the camp. migrants from central america had been living in the camp for nearly a year, waiting to cross the border into the us. when and i thought that more than the most, well we don't have family here. we are on our own and we are in a country. we don't even know, and we are asking for asylum in the united states,
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but we never thought this is going to happen. i had to wake up my children and they are still asleep and it's tough. it's not easy. the mayor of also has declared a state of emergency as canadian truckers and their supporters continue to paralyze parts of the capital on the 10th day of protest, the city officials, according to thieves and say the demonstration is a security risk over the weekend protest groups of also gather in other cities and towns in the attic. senegal has claimed its 1st africa cup of nations title with a 4 to penalty shot victory over 7 time when i egypt i said bake watch the match with fans in the capital tackle. they watched they waited, they prayed,
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then twice before they reached the final but lost this time, it came down to a penalty shoot at. it's the 1st ever africa a couple of nations. victorious at last. throughout the day they've been hope and preparations. every pillow, post and treat,
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painted in the countries colors even hair. i don't mind faces and lips. shrines in the neighborhood has come from. senegal is celebrated. their part to the team is expected back on monday. the find an entire nation out on the streets to gotten them home. i said bake a da 0 doesn't. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the pakistani army has strongly condemned and attacked on it. soldiers which killed at least 5 troops. they were shot from across the border in afghanistan by pakistani taliban faces come, all hider has more from islam about bread. first of all, the budget, tiny powder days have informed the entered government and of runners on.


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