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tv   Witness Ringside  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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ah, holding the powerful to account was we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, ah 1200 i was g m t here on al jazeera, come all santa maria with a look at the headlines and diplomatic efforts to win the standoff between russia and the west of ukraine, a gathering pace. the german child sla, all off schultz will be meeting you as president joe biden in washington. and the french president is due in moscow for talks with president vladimir putin, joseph jabari, with more now from moscow. the general consensus here is that emanuel micron, who shares a good and close relationship with president vladimir putin, is the highest level diplomat to make this trip to moscow in an attempt to try and
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keep the lines of negotiation a dialogue ongoing and to make it a point to say that russia has a right to have its concerns and that we have to really engage in dialogue to be able to get out of the situation that we're in, which many here think it's very much a complicated one. the other headlines for you a you and report says north korea used cyber attacks to fund it's nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report indicates pyongyang stole at least $50000000.00 of crypto currency in the last 2 years. rob mcbride following this one from sol. this does follow a pattern, we do know that north korea has been accused now for years of being involved in all sorts of nefarious international criminal activity as a way of getting much needed foreign reserves to basically let it survive. it has been involved, for example, has been accused of being involved in international narcotics in illegal sales. but
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it does seem to have found a lucrative avenue in cyber crime with another report in 2019, for example, from the un suggesting that north korea had managed to accrue $2000000000.00 worth of digital assets in recent times. with the current economic, dire straits that your career is in, it seems as though it's not going to desist from this cyber crime because of course, it faced his international sanctions. the impact of 2 years of basically being cut off from the outside world. by the pandemic, it is very difficult to di, economic straits. there are talk of food shortages in north korea and as we get into 2022, still the same question of how to deal with those career, especially given this flurry of missile launches, the chinese tennis stop on tri, has met the president of the international olympic committee after concerns over her well being. she says a post she made accusing a chinese official of sexual assault was misunderstood. our job is to remain in
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contact with her, as we've explained in the past. to carry out personal, quiet diplomacy to keep in touch with her as we've done to meet in person as we've done. and now invite her to see us. so we are, as a sports organization, are doing everything to ensure that she is happy and i don't think it's for us to be able to judge in one way just as it's not for you to judge either in one way or another. her position, hong kong, so strict 0 covered strategy is facing its biggest challenge yet as the city deals with record infections. hong kong is followed china and trying to eliminate outbreaks as soon as they emerge. but there have been more than 2000 cases recorded since january and ever in japan, prime minister for me. ok. she wants to double the covert booster shot program to a 1000000 doses a day by the end of the month. few than 5 percent of the japanese population has received their booster shots,
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but australia is reopening its borders nearly 2 years after the government closed the country after the rest of the world. from every 21st fully vaccinated travelers can now enter the country. australia was only allowing in a limited number of citizens and permanent residence. israel's police chief has asked for an independent inquiry after reports that investigate has used the controversial pegasus spyware. to target citizens coby sharp. ty says the investigation is needed to restore the public's trust. and police and mexico of evicted migrants from a makeshift camp in the border city of t juana. if officers forced around 400 people to leave the camp using heavy machinery to destroy their tents, the migrants from central america had been there for nearly a year, waiting to cross the border into the u. s. the headlines are at al jazeera dot com whenever you want them, and we'll have another update for the news for you in about half an hour. witnesses next? ah. ready
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hulu. 2 a into the rings. mm hm. it has an opportunity tonight to make his way into the final . so he's going to be looking to really go into the reading and 2 charges, or some instructions for junior he's about to with
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even with hands held up, his hands held up. be wonderful to see. i'm just wanted to call about this kid is up and tell me i top of the street cute for chicago south side. oh, say a lot about the finest. 12 year old boxer in america. there yesterday, butler junior desperately but knew judy was working at a champion junior golden blood officers. he's a sister who lives in los boy phrases outside with coach frank smith and the gladiators boxing club. he's only 12 years old. you may want to remember the name destiny. butler ferry porterfield says destiny butler junior. if someone you should know my hopes and go is hopefully being lampey said 17. anyone in the coming
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professional, by a 13 year old, been boxing since the age of 6. and he already holds from a final bill is going to what is it about this sport that you love? so my, i can hear people when you can get in trouble for any buffer trying to remember the name. i don't about no side about this and it was already boxed and any game destiny was the mayor. destiny was there in the nation. so it was came to me, it was linkedin profile, and they were on the top and again he
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he hasn't had it easy with this particular neighborhood you was said to see at least once to twice more. gunship you said you see cranky, don't thing every bit you struggle with been times well, you know, we have likes to have gay sometimes we have, oh no, you're right. but your best buy it has come from or chip that would have to come over. there might be difficult to see when i step on. i think my
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right proposed boone right. now you can do drugs. if you with me. i know you can't get in trouble. if you would mean, this is what you do. the right. that's why keep them up on to me. look, i get you want to right. are you going my own? we're going to do. you get anybody? because i work in a 1212. in there. yes sir. let me see. news i usually he's even gonna look up to his father or he's gonna look now on his file . if he has the father has done his job. he's gonna look up tool. if he has father who hasn't lived down there, he's gonna look for role model. so it, as i works,
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as a coach, i want to bring that up as a father. i want to see him smack is been times where i've had with him and patted him and patted him. and he was ready to quit that made him keyboard. this is the better strategy. i made him work till he told up and i know if i can break it,
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nobody else will break. our goal is to make them every day. yet natural talent. he just made him bare diseases which sometimes you can't get out of i was may it hurt
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of sick? she had to do that. i made all the sacrifices for this family and you want to do some damn stuff like that. i gave you my less. mm. hm, so he cut his ear. he could to him. huh. oh. as a deal out as a deal, i was good for real ill. be working out. i know you me, morgan out every day. what about us it us? oh, very, very problematic. not a, an automatic did major. he want to be like his big brother, man. he won't be like you man. and you want to hang with a you put you show the do
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a good example. no, he won't, he won't the fame. he won't define this like you own the fame and glory. right? a on, can you see my mom or she finished it right here for saying he how are you doing? you doing good. yeah. like make a muscle so i can see the work. now let me see who does not think is bigger than yours? i mean, so i you been doing? yeah. we miss you tremendously. you know then don't you? yeah, i feel like alone, darker like a low, a low. you spoke a low, you spent more form and no, he never thought i was going be
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a jew. i never thought would be and you so does. that's the main thing. you know, he paid a no, he thought i was won't be. so we're father. i'm a box caribbean. no, it is. yes ma'am. now they've charged him with 3 burglaries. how to cook county and then we're staring down 12345, burglary. he's out of lake county residential burglary, is what we call an illinois a class one felony class one felony. you're not eligible for probation. it's a minimum of 4 years in prison, a maximum of 15 years in prison. but the kicker is, is you are eligible for something called boot camp. it's called the impact incarceration program,
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the 6 month program. it's in the department of corrections. you go to a camp, has a military like, ah, training, good mentors. it's a really good program that's actually i found that be very, very successful for a lot of my guys. he could be out a boot camp by september back training, back with your foot to his throat, the keep him out of trouble. and i don't see why he couldn't, he'll be ready for the olympic trials and making united states live yet ah oh ah
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. 6 6 6 ah, it won't allow us for us to lose allows to lose the gracious extra peace of mind. maybe
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with time to be a father it was a long time to be to coach. it was time to be a father and protected
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we'll try to get to boot camp. man, you ain't yet no probation, but you know to get that. that will have only keep 100, which you not get no probation man, you get in a big boy. this big you have to get in a big window in all my life. you know, a big boy, man, you know, had to do not a day. so you, as a young man, you gotta suffer, asked listen, good. i will tell you, go to steve. graduate, get in the gym, but that's your natural god. given talent and the other, you know, scholarship now you want to get in the gym as crazy, but now you got about it. i am not saying you can't. maybe you can do the ne, ne minute joint. when he got out the joint, he made it to the epics. that new person did the same day as when
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5000 is bad 1000 desson. is there gonna be more? oh what, what do you had a show for like me when i was, i'm sorry. jose monte sale. don't i? joe hall? i had up house. i had money, i had gone with that the shop or the closet that you there. you got to close it. be so bored. gym shoes on it. you can get no money for them. you got full robberies in lake county, the synonym. amen. i mean tell them i told you in like you to do is in a car in is do shoot. what i tell you always you measure grad going to shoot yourself. good. you did to how can you not listen to me? i'd been, i'd been rich, i've been broke up in paul, i've been through it all. kid nat shot it. gang bang are indeed. all right, how can you not listen to on the per roll? mom?
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i didn't made the only thing car like a big baby since then they had the national pow, not tobar. i one that i want to you as a nationalist felt like i
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wanted to do something bigger go to the next level with a couple people contacting me. they fill me in to talk to me and stuff because a singing as an amateur is seen. i was do it so days china convinced me it's her pro, sometimes just jamie down and listen to him. give me some ideas of what a
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a what's your part of a plan where is laying all their readings on? every dollar is my responsibility to train. you train, you, i will say a day you want to reach down inside. you have a very good morning and decide that you're going to do this for yourself and your family. you have to say, oh,
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well everyone else everybody doing that? i good you ready for the next transition? everyone is now officially i'm been i talked to gary sean yesterday. you know the best thing that they say it really was what a nice young man you how you're your dad. they left you out mom. i how you and your dad, you know, worked together and came up through the ranks together and just been very honorable and nice. so they were all his mom, mom, mom, mom is anchor. they probably know me if i'm out in a sound and how it is the mom is anxious. so if that makes sense, the contract is 5 years. and if he becomes world champion during that time is extended automatically or another 2 years
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with more i'm to the here man with george steinbrenner with. that's why i love shoes. i
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don't well this is one of many checks that i have to deliver to you today. okay. it's good to have you on our team is good for you to be brought family a that said the guys now finishing the pros. a. c will california in the ring, ah, a book. but at that he found out that all the box was pulled here 2016
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a little bit. that's when they really started a on your mark yet, said they put me to the hardest net they will come down. oh, interesting call motivation. you were go non stop 530 to 330.
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they were just trying to give me say, i'll click it felt like i had some to achieve so they don't want to take away from i was thursday to go home. i'm thinking like i got this off. the phone terminated. no. oh man, that was a whole play in my old stuff. but you got to live every day this program like you mean? yes sir. you have to sound off every day. like, you mean? yeah. convinced me you happen to desire just like a week this program and then your work, me and all the rest of these dad,
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investing our brick and interest and our, our effort into the you're worth it because you're going to give us the result we want. yes, you understand me? yes, i do this and they kick me off. when i was that close, cindy's love all the world of frequency share trading exposed ins, engine that was basically trading. i could a last $39.00 was a terrible experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money market with market scow vaster, we're opening up
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a policy deliverance building for no, no use with money box on al jazeera, for quite a few decades casa, has been dealing with political and economic turmoil, and its people struggle to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water, a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers, and limited access to up to date information for students. and in her thought, the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents . this led to the development of the new water treatment facility and hun eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of, as if, as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only
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a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world beyond lou pot, 2 of witnesses coming up here on al jazeera. but 1st, we'll check the headlines for you and diplomatic efforts to end the standoff between russia and the west of ukraine, i gathering pace. the german chancellor, all of sholtes will meet you as president joe biden in washington. and the french president is due in moscow for talks with president vladimir putin, tulsa jabari with mo, from moscow. the general consensus here is that an annual my chron who shares a good and close relationship with president vladimir putin, is allen them, highest level diplomat to make this trip to moscow in an attempt to try and keep
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the lines of negotiation and dialogue ongoing and to make it a point to say that russia has a right to, ma'am, have its concerns and that we have to really engage in dialogue to be able to get out of the situation that we're in, which many here think it's a very much complicated one of the headlines and a u. n. report says north korea used cyber attacks to fund its nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report indicates chung and stole at least $50000000.00 of crypto currency in the last 2 years. hong kong strict 0 covered strategy is facing its biggest challenge yet as the city deals with reco infections . hong kong is followed china in trying to eliminate outbreaks as soon as they emerge. but they're more than been more than 2000 cases at since january. and in japan, prime minister for me, ok, she wants to double the co good booster shot program to a 1000000 doses a day by the end of the month, few than 5 percent of the japanese population has received booster shots. but
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australia is now reopening its board. as nearly 2 years after the government closed the country off to the rest of the world, from february 21st fully vaccinated travelers can enter the country. australia was only allowing in a limited number of citizens and permanent residence. and israel's police chief has asked for an independent inquiry after reports that investigators use the controversial pegasus spyware to target citizens. coby shopped, i says the investigation is needed to restore the public trust and police in mexico have evicted migrants from a makeshift camp in the border city of tijuana. officers forced around 400 people to leave using heavy machinery to destroy tense. the migrants from central america had been there for nearly a year. as we say pot 2 of witnesses coming up here on out as they are. i will see you in about 25 minutes time for the usa 1st
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in friday.
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with oh, body shop. save
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you want to buy 379, they'll say hey guys. good evening. i just went over the rolls with your opponents so they have
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a pretty good understanding of what should happen tonight. what should happen tonight? you guys have an obligation to the promoter and the fans with with all that you are ah ah.
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i madison square garden, ladies and gentlemen big night a fight. we've got a nice 6 rounder here. 2 young charges and that is the 1st meeting between kenneth, the boss, man sims. and may
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you know it as calm me? oh man as coming oh anyway. oh glow there. ah, well my question would got a cough oh there down there. oh oh there you know, it was i wrote a good whatever you need. are they getting? yeah. were also a good good. oh, i think this. all right, now do you somebody else dog. although somebody leaves right there. there we go. we
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off, they problem very want boy, yes, her ready. they are ready. you only there till little little bit. you know, you can be no 165. so you know, i had the job that you love it go through june right now. so so would you gotta tell you, well, you know, when i was the chair, i need to eat be some feeds when you get it says, well state i say it as i say like i was they
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1st told were praying restore a. 8 0 yeah,
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i just follow the same box with my time. i was all must be one though. what the ah, i just feel awkward. a okay you i don't get back in
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a moment they certainly will. man. you already knew we already knew where you're going. get tired. it's okay. are you gonna get back there? in i just randomly. oh god, i like for diana, moya the head i or fast text messages. people tell him
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they told me how bad it was. another homicide over the weekend took the life of one of chicago's best boxer, 25 year old and brown. and you know, relative which got early saturday morning with our field rep and had relative look got a leg manager say they were heading home after working on the nearby gym when someone pulled up next to them ignore and open one you've been together has i was 8 or 9. i would call them a friend. i got my big brother. his clothes, george. i used to tell him, go of our house to keep a lot of trouble. we call my mom his mom on my dad, his dad. ah
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ah we ma'am talked about being well champions when entitled together says use halls i do have both of us because you can't do it yourself now and make them proud to do what we talked about
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a with a miss with a with
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with bad voice. molly, like that i drank a spirit dive a with a
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a a, a with all night so i see it in his eyes. i see to wield and determination. he can taste it. i can take to the whole team can take a it has to be his dream.
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no, it can't be mine. john. i'm with 100 percent re max in get out to get is is not that you just want to get the people around me like the people around me is looking for me to make it out. you know, look for me to keep and look for me to get all of us out. all of us out the situation that we are, you know, so they always tell me the ssl is big and i me a
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how much
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oh no it's fine. i was, we did a lot of all it is already been
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a long follow. you know your dish fall. oh yeah. well they come on 6 months and you back i wish the best they have a family home and i think we reach into almost it. ah ah
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that's it. well, i've pretty much show pigeon from everybody. and his mom pretty much our show to know. he has the system just sitting around him for him not to feel be bad tomorrow. junior city.
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but being like no i don't want him to be like if he has a child, i don't want my grandson to be like oh, worse or the bar? why no, no, he's supposed be better than i who lou in iran, the head of a mental health hospital experiments with
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a bold new treatment the therapeutic power of love, the prescription romance against all odds. his patience embraced the matrimonial remedy. but can wedlock lead to better well being on his ward? the merest project witnessed on al jazeera ah, with ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. let's go with your weather report for the america. hello, everyone. good to see you. some acts of weather through georgia and the carolinas.
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in fact, this will be some dangerous stuff. winter weather advisory in play for freezing rain, and that's going to be rate around wildly, pretty much central areas of north carolina. now we move up the atlantic. we see this precipitation through virginia showers for d. c and the potential for freezing rain in new york as was, was found. we go a mile push there through the canadian prairies, the northern plains billions, 15 degrees. that's about 10 above where you should be for this time to the stellar's stretch of weather for a southern california los angeles. at 26 degrees. we're going to keep it going. we'll get you up to 32 by thursday. not record breaking stuff, but certainly high temperatures. to be sure. while the activity around the baby can pet shay, it's going to draw some cold air that can power up thunderstorms through the you could tan and also guatemala. on monday, south america through pedro bolivia, western amazon, out toward the south atlantic. we've got bursts of rain. and once again for that southeast corner of brazil, it's still coming out. just south paulo orange,
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alert in play, could see about a 100 millimeters of rain and breezy through the river plate region. on monday, that's a snapshot of your weather. we'll see you soon. take care. oh, the weather. sponsored by katara always talk to alger. while the army, as we listen design is, are making serious separate talk. the 10 we need use making the store on rivers, trying out greasing land is shrinking, and some roots long. used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all these kenyan needs more money for conservation and with a karone of ours condemning, keeping many visitors away. revenue from port is it not here at the embassy national park?
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and i knew all ceremony has been launched the whole creation than individuals pay 5000. yes. dollies. to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00 . much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, this is al jazeera ah. at 1300 hours, gmc, this is the news all from al jazeera. i'm come all santa maria. the push for diplomacy to avoid any chance of escalation of russian and ukrainian forces still remain on high alerts. we will also hear from people on ukraine's east and border about wanting to maintain their links with russia and the frosty relations between the neighbors. also in the news this monday fine.


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