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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah ah i think he has to realize that it would be a gigantic mistake for him to move on ukraine. the u. s. president warns letting me put in after meeting with the german chancellor on a day of intense diplomatic activity. in moscow, the russian president says he's open to considering western proposals on ukraine after meeting with the french leader, emanuel macro ah,
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logan on peter w, watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up the israeli spying scandal deepens. after allegations, the police use pegasus software to spy on prominent figures, including associates, of the former prime minister and haiti's prime minister rejects calls to step down after his term ends raising fee is of more instability. ah, well, leaders stepping up their efforts to defuse the crisis in ukraine in washington. the u. s. president joe biden hosted the german chancellor, olaf schultz. mister biden warned russia of strict economic measures including blocking a gas pipeline project to germany. yes, our white house correspondent kimberly hawk it. u. s. president joe biden and german chancellor, olaf schultz sat down in the oval office for their 1st white house meeting,
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attempting to put on a united front to state the obvious. germany is one of the murders closest ally, working on a walk step further deter russian aggression. your biden statement follows weeks of criticism that germany has been vague in it supportive nato allies. schultz is also fighting accusations. he's been soft on russia, as it's a mass, tens of thousands of troops along its border with ukraine. but the biggest concern might be the issue of nord stream to a contentious $11000000000.00 natural gas pipeline. being built between germany and russia. germany relies and russia for natural gas, and even though nord string 2 is not yet operational, if russia invades ukraine, the u. s. insist nordstrom too must stay dormant, but germany has been noncommittal until monday. if russia invades that means tanks
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of troops crossing the on the border of ukraine again, then there will be we, there will be no longer a nor steve to we will bring it in. will you commit today to turning off and pulling the plug on north string to as i already said, we are acting together. we are absolutely united and we will not taking different steps that answer may not be enough for republicans and democrats in the u. s. congress who railed against shorts for failing to increase troops to nato, or send lethal weapons to ukraine. biden pushed back on the criticism of his german counterpart. there's no need to win back trust. he has a complete trust of the united states. germany is arm one of the most important allies in the world. there is no doubt about germany's partnership with united states. none. the german chancellor is expected to travel to ukraine and russia
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next week to build on white house discussions. it's diplomacy aimed at averting a russian invasion of ukraine. kimberly hel, can al jazeera the white house, while the french president emanuel, my quote, held discussions for more than 5 hours with letting me put in moscow. the 2 leaders both said the talks were constructive, torso jabari reports from moscow meeting, as if old friends, after 2 and a half years apart, reunited in moscow. russian president vladimir putin clearly happy to see his french counterpart, emanuel micron finally face to face. the 2 leaders spoke briefly in the kremlin before meeting behind closed doors were emerging after several hours. but that you previously, delaware, our talks with macro, according to tradition, were businesslike, useful, and substantive. we have good understanding that macro visited russia to speak
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about global and european security questions for which supporting our country's as permanent members of the united nations security council, especially responsible for the french president firmly positioning himself as the peacemaker in the middle of this crisis. the pony remoted, innocently. the 1st element is the necessity to work. pressed to avoid escalation, let growing tensions increase the risk of seeing a brutal deterioration of continents balance of power and stability in it would be no one's interest. because disorder and instability would be in the interests of neither europeans nor the russian spoke. to come to know president emanuel mac, rob will be traveling to care from moscow, where he will haul talks with ukrainian officials. as international diplomacy continues, the russian military's preparing for war games with neighboring bella roost. the exercise is called allied resolved, and is the biggest russian military deployment to bela bruce. since the end of the cold war, the russian military built up includes nuclear,
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capable bama patrols as well as s $400.00 arrow defense system. and across, beller uses western border in neighboring poland. there are now nearly $1700.00 us troops as part of the pentagon's efforts to bolster nato forces. ukraine's army is also getting ready for any eventualities. they have been carrying out drills of their own. while the military preparations continue, a diplomatic road block remains. moscow still insisting on limiting nato's further expansion. a demand still being refused by the united states. dorsey jabari al jazeera moscow. israel's prime minister has promised an inquiry into reports that the police hacked the phones of dozens of prominent figures on his really newspapers. as pegasus software was used to talk with some of the former prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and his advisors, protestors, business leaders and cabinet ministers are also said to have been targeted
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billionaire but shot the pegasus. the cyber tools are intended to fight terror, intended to fight crime severe crime. there were knight attempted to be used against citizens. we will assure to check the matter in a transparent, profound and swift way because all of us, the citizens of the state of israel, as the ministers of the government, to all the system. we all deserve answers. the israeli reports also said spyware may have targeted a key witness in benjamin netanyahu's trial on charges of corruption. williams, a whole him do not the flu. this is a black day for the state of israel without referring to my issue, which of course has wide implications. i think this case concerns all citizens of the country. not right, not left. all citizens of the country without exception or something inconceivable has happened here. gideon levy, as a columnist at her reads the newspaper, he says,
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the revelations of caused a political earthquake. nobody should take you. there is a surprise when a country like israel sells those systems, those devices to the worst regimes in the world. when a country like israel holds 5000000 people in the west bank and gaza, i'm very, very strict and targeting. so it's kind of stayed there. we always say look, everybody's doing so. busy good vacation, we'll get back into it and will slowly but surely damage this so called these when democracy and this what we are witnessing now, they talk a former party senior officer from the secret services from the shower. they nominated him as the chief of the police and law. everybody surprised that he tried to import from his people and devices and
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methods. and we're thinking from the seeking services who are fighting terror into our domestic life. and this what's happened and say. busy yes, it is surprising. a bye bye diaz identity of the people, you know, the prime minister, the son, or the general manager of the justice ministry. we have, i mean, those things you hear from them all in dark regimes, not from the country. you claims to be a democracy. now haitians are bracing from all political chaos as the interim prime minister, who took power off to the assassination of their precedent, refuses to step down. monday would have been the end of the late presidential and i don't know, use his term. his manuel or apollo security forces are on high alert. in puerto prince criticisms are growing over prime minister arielle henri,
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who has led haiti since the assassination of president of nell marie's last year for overstaying his mandate. as interim leader, w r e l. honory has no legitimacy to organize elections and no legitimacy to govern the haitian people cannot cope any more with this current situation, though, on re counts on broad political support from the international community, he's sparked a controversy for saying he has no plans to step down until the country holds new elections um, for both credits you, we must achieve good, nonpartisan elections without fraud and without handing out money or violence of your loss. opposition groups are vying for a shot at filling the power back you left after the marie's assassination. one group known as the montana accord, have elected their own interim president and say, the current ruling government should be rendered unconstitutional. i think that the montana agreement is the best that, that people,
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haitian people can have in their hands today. because after prison moiz that we did not have any way to have a constitutional unit or where to succeed, mr. moore, is that adding to the crisis, created by molly's is death. last july, haitians are still reeling from a devastating 7 point to magnitude earthquake in august. and most recently, heavy rains that have left thousands of homes under water. while an investigation into who ordered the killing of haiti's late president remains unresolved crimes like kidnapping and extortion. linked to worsening gang violence in the countries capital have only grown in the north java executed. we are in an exceptional situation of institutionalized violence in our criminal to has emerged in the country of kidnapping cases. that also means there are set acts in regards to human rights in 2021. that is what we have verified in one of the examples that we can
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put forward the case of the assassination of president shawn elmore. from the walk with the analyst worn, the insecurity and crippling economic conditions that have plagued the caribbean nation for years are likely to only worsen as this latest chapter. in haiti's political crisis drags on manuel drop a little al jazeera still to come here on al jazeera for you. a surprise result in the 1st round of costa rica, the presidential election. yeah. ago celebrating the biggest triumph in the country. sporting history, ah, walk into your world weather report for the middle east in africa. nice to see you
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. every one. so the here's the same energy across the levant, moving to the north and it will drop down to the south. the north and east i should say, so look at pockets and what this is going to do for you, some showers late wednesday into thursday, and your temperature down to 18 on friday pretty well where it should be for this time to year. let's go back to the here and now dealing with a wind out of iraq, north northwest, or least. so that's a shame all with an up the sand and dust at times, especially any consider for though how those wind gusts 55 kilometers per hour on tuesday. now through pakistan we've had a few spits of rain across the country. it's dropped down the temperature in karachi to $26.00 degrees, but intense rain will be falling in istanbul really. right across western areas of turkey through to the south winds have shifted around his fall. so you're certainly going to feel that for it's stumble on tuesday with a high 6 degrees. here's the latest on tropical cyclone, but sir, i, we know up to a quarter of a 1000000 people somehow some way impacted by this storm. there's the damage. we check out where it's go and in the days to come,
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it's going to dip to the south. now the good news is, mainland africa is going to duck in dodge. this one, especially when you consider there's been flooding for eastern portions of south africa. that's it. from me see said, the one counting the cost sweats the sanctions again in the ukraine standoff fought well, they've really bite europe's energy supply since crosshead who could fill the gap at the whole trade organization to force china against the west. if beijing willing counting the cost on al jazeera, a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can. as all 0 correspondence, that's what we strive to do with
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ah, almost 515 g m t, your top stories, the u. s. president joe biden has threatened to shut down a russian gas pipeline to germany if moscow does invade ukraine. his comments came as the german chancellor left schultz was in washington. the russian president vladimir putin met his french counterpart emanuel michael. they describe them meeting as constructive and said they were confident. a conflict with ukraine could be avoided. one of the story, the haitian prime minister is rejecting calls to step down and as promising elections opponents renewed demands on monday, 7 months since the former president janelle maurice was assassinated, costa rica, set for a presidential run off in april after no candidate secured the 40 percent required to win sundays election. the former president jose maria for gladys came 1st. but
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the surprise runner up was the former world bank official. rodrigo chavez, his john holman. i'm the winner of the 1st round of custody cuz elections was expected. ex president, posing muddy. i forget is the runner up was not good. rodrigo chavez, an internationally recognized economist, nevertheless, seen in costa rica is a political up star. after 6 months, his finance minister in which he classed with the outgoing president. now the 2 men who had to run off this april for chavez, who polled in 4th place, that's ready in achievement. bob was how and as they won't run, we're going to a 2nd round the new body and we're the youngest body of this campaign is going to the 2nd round. but we are leaving behind to conflict the confrontation, some struggle to make peace with a man whom several women accused of sexual harassment during his more than 20 years
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with woe bank. he dismissed the claims as gossip and lies. the man who now facing the run of drags the weight of his own scandal behind him. those to recon media accused jose maria forget is of receiving bribes from a french telecommunication company back in 2000 and pool. he denies that the case never went to cool and presents himself an ex president running with one of the country's oldest parties is a safe pair of hands. 10 points clear chavez. he's feeling confident, or he got off to day, costa rica won it up on them. yet. what was not even the pandemic could stop the civic spirit of our people, then west of way of courage and love for our homeland, our responsibility to take our country flood. congratulations, costa rica to day we return to shine in the world. but that's painting a very rosy picture of an election which saw about 40 percent of the electorate declined to vote. that's the highest abstention for a 1st round in 70 years. only say that's not just you to the pandemic, but
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a general lack of enthusiasm for the political options, even as living costs rise, and unemployment stands at 14 percent as well. now, seniority is forget is, and chavez. we'll see who gets the chance to tackle that. they run again in april. john homan al jazeera politicians in honduras have resolved their stand off who will lead that newly elected congress legislatures within the president left his party to speak to the appointment of a house speaker that a scream, it was an early challenge to the country's 1st female leader. who was sworn in last month election campaigning has officially started in the philippines to pick a successor to president rodrigo to 30 in may. the front runners include the son of a former president, as well as a retired boxing champion, shamella adding doggone reports from manila. on the 2022 presidential campaign is one of the most contentious in recent philippine history. opinion polls suggest
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bobo marcus junior, the son of former president for dan marcus is the head. his father was overthrown by a popular revolt in the 1980s. for years, his family has been using social media to rewrite history. he's facing disqualification cases before the commission gun on the elections as of gun vice president. lenny robledo is leading to fight for the opposition. before joining politics, roberto was a human rights lawyer and a development worker whose campaign theme radical love has garnered widespread support. but her biggest challenge is how to counter the large scale disinformation attacks against her sen, pine to relax on has the longest experience in government, out of all the presidential candidate father. he was the chief of police and is served more than 10 years in the senate. but many question is human rights record and his push for a controversial anti terror law,
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manila mayor is calmer and his story is quintessentially filipino as a boy scavenged for food before becoming an actor. his position as manila mayor has made him a formidable candidate, but many think he may not be ready for the presidency. just like renowned boxer mine, he buckled the witness says law like in his boxing career. it will be god once again . who will help him be the way to become the next president? this year's election will be in no different patronage politics remained rooted in the country, his electoral system. most it, it's, are using their popularity, family connections and money to get elected. but the fight for the highest post in the land is also seen as a test for the kind of values the voters would seem important. democracy benefits and right from this kind of paper sheet. and that kind of malaria zation will be
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reflected in the way the presidential campaigns through their messages. the online world is the public sphere and that online world is easily manipulated. election day is on may 9. and although it is just a few months away, presidential elections here have historically been quite difficult to predict. but whoever wins will have a huge jump ahead of them. issues including the pandemic, unemployment, regional relations and drug violence will all lead their undivided attention to my lean dog and al jazeera manila. schools in many countries in southern africa, went back to full time classes on monday, but ends in bob way. several teachers failed to show up for work, comatose, a reports now from the capital city. hoary. oh, what is meant to be
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a full day of lessons for the students in zimbabwe turned into a few hours of loitering because the teachers didn't show up. after being closed since december, because of the coven, 19 pandemic schools here have opened again. but some teachers say it's not safe for all students. to return to class, we need more teachers, we need more space. we need more classrooms, and we need more abuse facilities. they have not been billed, show me a school, you know, where the new classroom block or new toilet were, were built, you know, was missions with all this is politics. all this is just mere talk and nothing has happened on the count. then the is the issue of salaries and average work in the public sector in zimbabwe takes home less than $200.00 a month. there are 4 schools on the street. some teachers have turned up for class, others haven't. for years, teachers here have complained that most public schools and equipped and wages are too low, ultimately is the children who are affected. the most. charles,
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my dad he got tries to explain to the students why he and some of his colleagues are not teaching. renewed food right now we need money for transferred to we need to money for mitigation and to be our surgeons the school fees as needed now. so where are we going? is it and we love our country. we love our week. we love the children that we teach, we have a certified judgment with them. but the situation is just making it impossible for us to do in the government has so far ignored demands for salaries to be paid in us dollars or this and bobby and dollar equivalent saying the country can't afford it to try and protect more citizens from the pandemic, the government is encouraging 16 and 17 year old to get vaccinated. but making all striking work as go back into the classroom to teach these children could prove more difficult. how to matessa algebra and i there are signs that of the united states are emerging from the worst of the omicron variance of cope at 19 positive
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cases continue to fall as do hospitalizations. however, as gave out his under reports, the death toll is still rising. almost 2 years into the pandemic and easing of coven restrictions in one of the states hardest hit. new jersey governor phil murphy announced he would lift the statewide mask mandate in schools. we're not going to manage covered to 0. we have to learn how to live with covered as we move from a pandemic to the endemic phase of this virus in neighboring new york. these were the scenes just a month ago when it was an epicenter of them, a cranberry, and spread people weighing hours for a test. today that is no longer the case here in new york. exactly one month ago. 90000 people a day. we're testing positive for coven. today that number has dropped to lesson 8000 a day. and the positivity rate a key coven indicator was a sky high,
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21 percent. now that is dropped to less than 5 percent. nationwide coven cases down over 60 percent hospitalizations down over 40 percent health experts say the decline of cases of the highly infectious ami kron varian have little to do with vaccines. a much greater proportion of the population becomes attracted over shorter time period. and when that happens, it more quickly can run out of people to in fact, the death toll is going in the opposite direction. on average, 2500 people a day in the us are dying from cove. it much higher than most other developed countries compared to our european partners or even to canada and the u. k. we ever extraordinarily low vaccination rates and even lower rates of boosters.
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and that's a really important explanation for the increased death rates in the united states. in a country quickly recovering from the army kron variant but not the lives. it is still taking a number that now stands at more than 900000 gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york. cuba is mocking 60 years since the us imposed sanctions on this island nation . the world's longest running economic embargo has mostly affected ordinary cubans for you and estimates the blockade has cost the island more than $130000000000.00 or less in america, editor to see a newman as more disintegrating buildings of tobac, once magnificent capital, a reflection of a crumbling economy in which was once regarded as the jewels of the caribbean. it's as though the country had been frozen in time back to 1962 to when the united
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states declared an economic, financial and diplomatic embargo against its tiny communist neighbor. it was at the height of the cold war, 75 year old rolanda ignacio reese was 15 then just 3 years after the triumph of the cuban revolution. 60 years later, he lament that the embargo is still in place of the mother. there should have removed it long time ago. if after all this time the united states has an achieved anything, it said tend to want to know. it only has our people by the govern domains in place . he's not wrong. the world's longest economic embargo has certainly hurt ordinary cubans. limiting access to medicine, cheap us imports technology credit through a u. s. dollar dominated financial system. washington's purpose has always been to modify or force out cubans, one party communist system. but clearly it's failed miserably. you'll get able to
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go daddy. on the contrary, in cuba, case embargo has become a fundamental component for the survival. the cuban state as current government a tougher the sanctions, the easier it is to accuse the united states of violating sovereignty destabilizing country and organizing rebellion. yet that is exactly what happened when economic hardships and restrictions on freedom of expression exploded into impressive did mass demonstrations last year. get down to referring to 60 years of economic embargo. president miguel diaz canal alluded to sanctions against cube as allies, venezuela, and nicaragua. at w got giving me no immortal, this criminal and a moral policy imposed systematically against us is a massive violation of the human rights of the cuban people and is the same one that is now threatening and attacking other nations of our region with unilateral coerce of measures our sanctions against venezuela and milder ones against nicaragua. daniel ortega have, in fact, encouraged alliances with china,
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russia and to run, making them less dependent on the u. s. no, or no. i don't know of any case in latin america we're sanctions of produce the desired results. even partially. the same might be said for unilateral sanctions in other parts of the world. but while they may not be effective, they remain washington's preferred means of persuasion. to see a newman al jazeera, senegal football as have received a heroes welcome after returning home as africa cup of nations, champions for the 1st time. it's the biggest triumph in the country. sporting history, senegal beat egypt on penalties, and the final of the tournament on sunday vouchers. here, as i said, bag is in decor. wow. doesn't align to susan with,
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[000:00:00;00] with senegal on the best, not just in africa, but everywhere. we have the best players in the world and then be really happy because is the 1st time we run the africa cup of nations, we have really, really happy. oh, on the morning. wow, that's a good with ah, exactly, half past the out. these are your headlining stories. you as president joe biden has threatened to shut down a russian gas pipeline to germany if moscow invades ukraine. his comments came during a visit by the german chancellor. hola schultz to washington. if russia vague


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