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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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whatever the weapon to provide for the growing family and the cowboy who enjoys his rough life risk and power outages there ah, me a warning of a possible cyber attack on your banking system as diplomatic efforts to de escalate tension between russia and ukraine continue. ah, around the you're watching on their life headquarters here in also coming up. i'm john henry on the u. s. canada border were protesting truckers are disrupting hundreds of millions of dollars in commerce every day. to mask or not to ma, several usa list the requirement, but the white house surgery,
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students and teachers to keep wearing face coverage on the top court orders. uganda to have democratic republic of congo. $325000000.00 for compet leave to kill $10000.00. ah, welcome to the program, the european union's top financial regulators, warding of a possible russian cyber attack and reserving banks to be prepared. that's according to the reuters news agency, which says banks are conducting cyber wargames, while european leaders make a diplomatic push to stop a conflict between russia and ukraine. the ukrainian foreign minister says tools with western leaders, the lower intentions of moscow, which has been sending troops to ukraine border french present maronda craw has met both the russian president vladimir putin and ukraine's of locked up his lensky in the past few days. now is the case her with the foreign secretary lead trust,
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arriving in bhaskar for talk. natasha butler is following developments from key f. but the ukranian foreign minister said his country won't accept any ultimatums to defuse the pension with russia. dmitri labor, or giving a press conference here in kiev, and he went over a couple of points. really, he said, 1st of all, in terms of the situation along caves along ukraine's border, he said that it was calm. it was quiet despite the built out of russian troops there. and that i caused some of the comments he made earlier today in which he said, look, the situation is still very tense, but it is under control. he said he also welcomed a recent diplomatic efforts by various a western leaders. he said that those efforts that really helped to reduce tensions that helped ease tensions and that the a president zalinski had also welcomed them. he talked about the french president
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emmanuel mcgraw, who met with the russian leader vladimir putin in moscow on monday. and also with the ukranian present in kiev on tuesday, or he said the macro had put no pressure on a ukraine, had not come with any proposals, but it only come with opinions, particularly when it comes to a efforts by ukrainian and rochelle senior advisors to try and revive the piece process for the east of ukraine, that those are the so called minsk agreements. they are a talks that are being mediated by france, by germany. something that emanuel mark raw has said is very important. indeed, he sees that as a possible way to try and diffuse a tensions of ukraine, perhaps a possible solution to the crisis. perlalichi paganini is a cyber security expert under intelligence expert. he explains how attackers could exploit faults in the banking systems. there is no computing system that these
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totally secure banks are privilege a target for both state sponsored august and also cyber criminal gangs. and talk i could use a so call it a 0. the exploit to target the any system and has a great unlikely you the success of your, the flow that the computer system that he's not to know at the time of the attacks . these means that defenders have no idea of a bargain. the system and the talks exploit the thing, no order to breach into the talk and they talk. you must also consider the initial, they say doctors like russia was, are where he said, and usually have multiple the are the exploits in the us. and for the reason, the friends from the attacks is not seen of us as a key rush of escalating tensions by planning more military exercises and bellow. ruth drills are planned for thursday. russia says it's training to repel any attack on its borders or that celebrate. but it comes as the pentagon says moscow been
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deploy more troops, so it borders with the crane. now the 1st called voice coming u. s. military equipment of arrived in romania for a 1000 american troops. i had it in the coming days of l. join $900.00 service personnel already stationed, that is part of an additional true deployment that president biden orders. now there's been an attack called the interim at libyan prime ministers. convoy in the capital tripoli of the hammond. the bay was returning home at the time when his call was find a pump, but he escaped of hurts. now the incident comes a day before libya's house of representatives is due to hold a session on choosing a new prime minister. ah, counted as prime minister as cold a growing protest movement against crone of iris measures, a threat to the economy, truckers have created a blockade on a vital border crossing with the u. s. as they protest vaccine requirements and
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pandemic restrictions. the so called freedom con boyle, so continues to good luck, the canadian capital for 2nd week. as john 100 reports on the american side of the busiest land crossing between the u. s. and canada, not a wheel is turning. traffic on the ambassador bridge had been stopped in both directions. now on the other side from canada to the us, just a trickle of trucks is allowed through. on monday, hundreds of angry truckers disrupted north america's most bustling international commercial connector and they say they'll keep it up until vaccine mandates and other covert 19 restrictions are abolished on both sides of the border in a heated exchange in canada, parliament, time minister, just to to go and says, canada won't be bullied. you can't end a pandemic with blockades. you can't end a panoramic by decreeing you can even ended by legislation. you
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need to ended with science, you need. and oh, and even as canadians are tired and impatient for it and we're going to continue to be there for them to support them through it and to make sure we do everything necessary to and her, oh the protesting truckers say they'll continue their blockade as long as it takes so far, police have been reticent to cleared the roads. you know, domino effect when to stop added up with these guys. to save each day, hundreds of millions of dollars and crosses the ambassador bridge, including 25 percent of canada's total global exports. so with billions it stake each hour and each day the chance of a confrontation between police and protesting truckers increases in the us and in canada, patience is wearing thin. will have to be resolved one way or the other. not saying,
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i just suggest you know, better and rams and, and police officers that may not be the solution. but there has to be a resolution to get the pricing on impact on the united states and canada as the stand off. whereas on it remains to be seen whether the 1st to lose patients will be the protesting truckers or police john henry and al jazeera on the u. s. canadian border. bessler money is a professor at the university of waterloo. she says the truck of the wrong be taking credit for the evening of restrictions in canada. we're seeing the peak of alma crohn that went through canada mostly throughout january and we are seeing restrictions being lifted every day throughout the country. and so the timing is there to sequence and removing some of these restrictions, but indeed you're seeing these, these truck convoys taking a lot of credit and that is very, very dangerous. i think it sends a signal to, to many that indeed french movements and occupying public places like they are
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throughout auto today and many other, you know, junction points. and it works. and that's really a very sad testament to wait the way things should happen. and particularly politics, it's really interesting because, you know, the vast majority of canadians, of course, support restrictions in a sense that they're very much in supportive vaccines. much of those in terms of the truck or convoy and the movement are vehemently against vaccines. so very much the messaging that we're seeing coming from these convoys an occupation groups don't match the reality of most canadians, but that's not to say that canadians are tired. everybody's tired of coven, let's be real. and there are restrictions are very much limiting or everyday life. so there is, if you will, and you know, absolute, a support for the fact that we want these restrictions to be released and relieved as media, you know, as soon as possible. but i do think that there is far more support for prudence here and not for the messaging that's coming out of the convoys. the repulse, a similar approach has called voice plans in the u. s. white house press secretary
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gen sac. he says, washington, his closely monitoring situation. i'm working with canadian officials, ambassador bridges, candidates, busiest link to the united states and accounts for about 25 percent of trade between the 2 countries. and so the blockade poses arrest to supply chains for the auto industry because the bridge is a key conduit for motor vehicles, components and parts, and delays risk disrupting auto production. we are in close contact. we've been doing a great deal of work on this. alicia wood randall, our homeland security advisor convened a meeting just today. in the united states, a growing number of democrat lead states are rolling back face mask mandates. on wednesday, the governor of new york state said its indoor math policy for businesses would not be renewed when it expires on thursday. and the state of illinois and massachuset say the bell and some mask requirements by the end of the month. i must monday have be they help political issue with state cities and schools all using a range of policy shepherd. townslee has more for washington,
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dc. it's about signs. it's also a matter of public health policy. the metrics, the, the centers for disease control uses the federal organization here in d. c is rates of transmission. that's what they're looking at when they decide on their recommendations for masking mandates. and because all the cronies, so transmissible those rates are really, really, really high. so that's why the head of the cdc said that the cdc is not ready yet to recommend loosening vaccine monday to then she points to, you know, around the statistics which are very, very we're in new cases and still it's around 240000 a day in the us, daily depths of 2500 a day or hospitalizations were sent over about 100100000 patients. having said that, with these statistics because of all microns trans admissibility, there isn't that very, there is no specificity about how many of these cases actually specific coded cases . and how many people are people who went to hospital or something else and were
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found to have a lacrosse? what we're looking at now is a debate about the use of those metrics. it's perhaps the metrics should be different, especially when you're looking at different regions of the country. so instead of looking overall transmission rates should we be looking at overall hospital capacity? because in the end, it's all about saving the public health system and about vaccination rates. in particular areas, there's a real worry among some public health officials there is that when on the chronic spreading, it's such a right even when you're wearing mosques because it's producing so much virus that then people are going to not really believe much in my city. most well still had hail and al jazeera, we won't our racism. we won't tolerate discrimination if the head of the national football league admit that falling short when it comes to racial diversity. do better. also police and indonesia being condemned for cracking down on villages. fighting to stay there, likelihood story after the break. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored play cut on airways. magic pants had a lot of snow this winter, mostly on the western slopes of horseshoe. but now it's time for tokyo to get some more about a month after i had his last a mattress. now he won't necessarily last for long, but i think 1020 seemed to be just seemed quite likely in stick on the hills. but given that good day for the attempt to rise to 10 degrees is not gonna hang around for very long. so thats tokyo's fortune. by the time we look further west, there's no snow inside really little bit up in the higher ground in front, fond or west, but there is overcast weather, yankee valley and down towards the southwest poway delta. and that might well reach shanghai attempt is above that of the north that beijing even hobbin a bit higher. they should be average wise, but they're coming down as well. said normal winter really significant rain
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recently in western body. and this more in the forecast, the same is true in southern philippines expects and flesh telling from that possibly also in color lumper was being went recently and the rains picking up in sir lanka in time. well, now there's still some showers in this northeast and part of india there on the way through. the north indian plain though is as usual, not cold, but settled to settle with poor actually. not always in that new delhi, but that's a good example. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always take take the ships to democracies activists . the corporations control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment, you do to usually buy our oil plate for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you can see on al jazeera.
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oh, the book about your walking on there with me. so the reminder of our top story is the ease. financial regulator is preparing bang for a possible russian cyber attack. that's according to the reuters news agency where it says banks are conducting cyber war vein, lima, european leaders, the wrong diplomatic push to stop a military conflict between ukraine and russia, which is the muscle tree from the printing and border, the french president. my phone's the latest leader to meet the president of both russia and you frame a neil has to come the latest states robot faced by monday. the government doesn't plan to renew indoor bass policy businesses on the state of illinois and
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massachusetts. they will end someplace covering requirements of the the international court of justice as ordered uganda to pay $325000000.00 for the democratic republic of congo. now the find is reparation for a conflict 20 years ago that killed tens of thousands when you can then and rwanda's back troubles for congress troops. the control of the mineral rich region of a tutti and fine is far less of the 11000000000. the congress had actually been seeking the court's decision could not be appealed. jom, a bad singer is a researcher for the democratic republic of congo at amnesty international. he says, the ruling is a step forward, but the find should have been bigger. today's ruling by the international court of justice is very important. symbolically 1st, because for, i mean, for the 1st time since the congo wars started,
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a state is being held to account. there was this for strolling in 2025. we recognize the responsibility of uganda, and now there are also the compensations coming. now, it saw their amount of compositions since of very little compared to the damage compared to the number of victims. but it is still some important step. it's also some, somehow depends on the or says government willing to make sure that you're gonna pay what it has to pay. because you know, it's the, the court, the court of justice has done its work. but now it, there is a diplomatic walk that needs to be done, but did your see to make sure that the money is paid and that it goes to,
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to their victims. i mean, as all, say, seeing them amount of recreations that has been decided by the court doesn't seem to meet the level of the damage, but still it's so it's an important step for, for the victims and internationally acclaimed uganda and all the critical of the president has fled the country cock wings out. we'll get our best shot was arrested in december, charged with insulting present social media. the he's released on by last month and his trial is sets of march is always as he's going to europe and will seek medical treatment for injuries. he suffered behind well cook. when's a record busha lewis to out was there earlier, cousin said that the persecution of his client is symbolic on business attempt to intimidate of the critics of the president. risks? well, so the max import time that you've been paid,
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it's somebody you've done the same over. ringback some retro criteria to see you bunch, talk about them and if you talk about to them out of the hash consequences so that you're not just woke up with them, but for quite some people it's supposed today about in this country and they feel bad about doing the funds for me, it's fun when the going to do thinking in the country, the people want to go for credit about the money you must be, keep them behead from the men. the other people don't photos to have been to europe . this gets one doesn't border. i know that many
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wonderful long. so i think that now 3 international news. others have been given 72 hours to obtain an operating license in turkey or face being blocked. the media watchdog and stumble is requesting licenses from the turkish websites of broadcaster da shavanne, voice of america and uranus. it's the 1st time the regulator has used mandate on foreign digital media outlets. u. k prime minister boys johnson has indicated that england's last remaining co with 19 restrictions may be scrapped early, and that includes ending the requirement for people to self isolate. if they test positive, johnson says he'll reveal plans what he's calling, living with the virus later in the month is leadership is also under pressure though the photos of the matching more possible violations during the covert, 19 locked down. mistake i can tell the house today that is my intention to return
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on the 1st day after the hot to recess, to present our strategy for living with cable and provided the current. encouraging trends in the data continues in my expectation that we will be able to end the last domestic restrictions, including the legal requirements. so if i said, if you test positive a full month, my general has more for westminster. it was a big important, an eye catching announcement by the prime minister in the house of commons at the start of prime minister's questions when he confirmed his intention to lift the remaining covert restrictions when the house returns. on february, the 21st after half term recess, important because at the moment some 2000000 britons in self isolation following a positive covey test that would come to an end. and it was met with a roar of approval by back bench tory m. p 's. some of whom, of course, are among the prime ministers, harshest critics having called for his resignation over the party gate affair. if
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you are cynically minded, you might suggest this was all part of a concerted effort to show up his leadership, along with senior staffing changes inside downing street in recent days. and certainly, as much has been suggested by some in the scientific community who call the move in cautious at a time when a few 1000000 britons are unvaccinated and deaths are still hitting 300 or more on some days. well, if that is the case, then the prime minister may feel he has good reason. the latest bombshell photograph shows boris johnson sitting at a downing street desk in an office with an open bottle of per seco near by staff members in the room wearing christmas party decorations allegedly taken in december 2020. when office parties were strictly banned. well, that picture may or may not prove to be a smoking gun in the party gates scandal, but it is a reminder to boris johnson, his team and wavering and peas. the party gave hasn't gone away. and that more or
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even worse, may yet be to come. 5 rangers and a soldier had been killed in the tank of the national park in northern beneath. they were ambushed while patrol in the w national park. where it is sex is naesha and became fast to people wounded. repeat a series of attacks by all groups in the area. and now security forces in sudan have arrested a former government minister who's been an outspoken critic of lustrous military take over his parties. as college, my usa was detained because of his role in the tough false appointed to dismantle the former regime. that asphalt has since been dispensed by the military. more rest . so expected, the votes being issued for all its members. have a morgan have been following the story from the capital cartoon the committee to dismantle the june 30th regime that the regime former president martin bashir was suspended when the military took overpower in late october last year. now just 2
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days ago, a review committee that was set by the military that lead the takeover issue to report the thing that the work of the members of the committee raises some questions. it says that many of the decisions that were made were made without reaching a quorum of the committee members. it says many of the assets that were received from people who were loyalist to bashir regime were not seen following due process and were not headed over to the ministry of finance as they should be. and they mentioned many of irregularity saying that many of those who were dismissed from their positions in government, institutions and ministries were not to be, were not supposed to be dismissed or rather that they should be judicial process for their dismissal. so all of that reports or statements that came with the report from the review committee said a by the military after the suspension of a dismantling committee. re some questions and led to not only hired on the use of who was cabinet minister for the last several months of prime minister, hum,
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doke governments, transitional period. but also spoken an outspoken critic of the military and leading member of the force of the freedom and change coalition, which has been pipeline since the pick over. so other members have been erected as well. at least 2 members off the dismantling committee have been arrested since morning. there are reports that more will be more or more warrants will be issued for the other members of the committee because again, the review committee says that the work of the initial committee that has been suspended since the takeover raises some questions. and those members should be answering some questions to the authorities. human rights groups of accused security personnel in indonesia using excessive force during police operation. dozens of people who are arrested when the village of the weather will protest against planned to develop a voc finding bodies in central java. they were trying to prevent police from entering the town when things reported he turned violent. non governmental organizations say they've been denied as to whether,
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well jessica washington in one of the village central java. the police presence remains high, up to early a 10 scenes between security officers and residence. dozens of people were brought that to their village after being detained by how many host minus one man explained how he is detained. i was at the mosque where it was time to praise or open the door and went to wash myself. then i was taken away by police. i got here opposed to refuse to let authorities survey them. a legal aid lawyer was also detained. communication in the area was disrupted. grandparent nisha condemn, very much condemn the ah, excessive force used by the police and other state barret. this
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authorities plan to create the mining side in what us the and said, well, will be used in the construction of the banner dan, a major government project this very office that this will create a college go bigger edition in, in the village authority say they have already given people the chance to voice their view but for lack of what the ad we had already communicated with the regional government with people religious leaders in waters. so we could go and start measuring the land of those who agree with the project. * local police say they were trying to prevent the ben again, one of the major ongoing infrastructure projects in construction is considered a priority for the central government. but some have concern that officials might be putting developing the full human rights human rights group say the
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reason infrastructure projects have also resulted inland documentation of land grabbing. definitely government has put priority over development rather than human rights security rather than liberty rights groups. the calling for an investigation into the conduct of security personnel. jessica washington 00 to counter the intervals commissioner has admitted the football league has failed to ensure coaching opportunities for minorities as any who are being one black head coach in the league. and yet 70 percent of the national football. the players, all black or girls commons come a week after and also from a former coach, alleged racism. emily rob reynolds as will los angeles with american football's biggest event of the year, the super bowl just days away. nfl commissioner roger goodell held his annual state of the league press conference, an event that was dominated by questions about
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a lack of diversity in the leagues upper echelons. fidel said in his words, that the league had fallen short by a long shot in making head coaching jobs available to people of color. this coming after former miami dolphins head coach, brian flores filed a lawsuit against the nfl and several teams alleging racial discrimination against head coaches and executives. at the league. there is only one black head coach in the entire nfl at the moment, and none of the teams owners are people of color. good else said the nfl would be reevaluating its rules and procedures regarding these matters and said that racism would not be tolerated. now, many coaches players and fans will be waiting to see if good dells words are followed by action. one of the medal ceremonies of the beijing winter olympics has
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been delayed by what's being described as a legal issue. russian figure skater, camilla valley eva, one 1st place, but the aisle report, she tested positive for a band hot medication. full the games began for the 15 year old landed the 1st quadruple jumps by woman in an olympic competition. the international olympic committee says the 70 would take place as soon as possible. ah, what you'll have to do with me said rob, reminder of all top stories, the eas, top financial regulators, preparing banks for a possible russian cyber attack. that's according to the reuters news agency which says banks are conducting cyber wargames. meanwhile, european leaders on a diplomatic push to prevent a military conflict between you framing russia, which would be the massive troops on the ukrainian border. french president of barrow macro is the latest leader to meet the president of both russia and ukraine
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. the u. s. is accusing russia of escalating tensions by planning more military exercises and valerie.


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