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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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listened to the mine run strong signs against it, like this one are found across the community from around the world. very hard to get a sense of public opinion inside me. i'm up with the military arresting people for their political beliefs. ah, american citizens should leave, should leave. now. the u. s. president says that things could get crazy quickly as concerns grow. moscow could invade ukraine. ah, around. com. this is out there alive from day, also coming up. phase of power struggling libya as pollen picks, a new prime minister. but the current lead up refuses to step down. i'm john hender in in the u. s. border with canada where the truckers blockade is really slowed
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down. commerce olympic officials confirm a russian figure. states skater tested positive for a band drug, a cold will decide if she can keep competing. ah, the u. s. presence is warning that things in ukraine could get crazy quickly, and he's urging americans to get out. russia has been sending troops to the border with ukraine raising phase. it could invade. joe biden says, if that happens, he will not send troops to rescue americans who are playing in ours alone. but look, that's why would i have asked is american traditions should leave? should leave now, we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it's a very different situation and thanks could go crazy quickly. heidi's, you castro has more from washington
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d. c. this is an interview that president biden gave to, and b. c. news. he said essentially that americans sure to leave ukraine now because in the case of a russian invasion, he said there would be no scenario that he would order u. s. troops in to rescue stranded americans. because in his words, he said that would be a world war americans and russians shooting at each other. and he said there is no scenario he would allow that to happen. the president's words, echoing a very similar warning issued by the us state department also today, which told american citizens to leave ukraine now, using a private or commercial means, again, reiterating that the u. s. would not be going in to help americans leave after the fact. if russia does invade, of course this is all coming after us intelligence assessment has found that more than a $100000.00 russians troops have amassed near the border with ukraine, with fears that they will achieve full capacity to invade the country by february
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15th, which is something that russia denies. prism biden's warning comes as russian and bella russian troops begin at joint military drills. moto estimates that $30000.00 russian soldiers are taking part the largest deployments, the ex soviet state. since the cold war western powers further drills could be used as an opportunity to attack ukraine, said lawson reports on the belly, russian capital mintz. russia flexing its military muscle, just 50 kilometers from the bela roshan border with ukraine. 4 weeks truce have been arriving even from russia as far east than 1000 kilometers away. it is clear that is as far bigger than previous military exercises. russian officials have not disclosed a number of soldiers. info. nato speaks of 30000. if you consider that an invasion of large territory like ukraine is importance in to has
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a chance to attack from the south from marine ants on crime. your forces from the east, from russian soil, and from them to was in a joint action of russia at its ally bellows. so. ready military speaking, it couldn't be added footage released by russian ministry of defense show tanks and metal launchers being used in the drills and military jets in the ear from the bell russian border which ukraine it is less than a 2 hour drive to the capital key of was a lead of worry if this is a serious drill or a ploy for real attack. for the next 10 days, the world's eyes will be on the lie. just rushing contingent on barrison. foyle indicates a possible 2nd front for vladimir putin will make use of the isolated and international weak position of his prodigy, alexander lucas shanker. lucas shanker,
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came under, sanctioned from the west after you was accused of election fraud and a violent crack down on the opposition. while the bell, a russian leader has always stressed the independence of bellows and refrained from condoning, put into military actions in crimea and eastern ukraine. yes. now turn to the russian leader for help. good. it's a book, mass mutual dose, you poor, military forces have always left bella luce after the end of an exercise. right now we have a more participants in the rhetoric is aggressive. i think location because attitude is caused by his annoyance with the west. and the fact it doesn't recognize him as a legitimate leader. he believes russian talks will eventually leave acid drills, finish on february 20 until then, speculation about the real purpose of this show of force will likely continue. steadfast and al jazeera, immense toes retain ukraine and russia aimed at resolving the conflict. in easton, ukraine had ended without progress. officials met in berlin for the so called
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normandy format talks mediated by france and germany zulu bush. and fortunately, almost 9 hours of talks have ended without any significant results formed in documents for the stupid girl. so we hope that the ukrainian authority will have enough prudence not to launch combat actions against their own citizens. on the other side of the contact line possible. but while ukraine agreed, there was no breakthrough, it's on voice sounded a bit more positive. doctor, not sure who nearest business to you. yesterday we have disagreements. it's yes, there are issues which have to be coordinated. but there is a will to continue and there is a will to negotiate. this is the key thing, so we're so more north west this color, obviously without de escalation, without withdrawal of russian troops from our borders. one cannot speak of comp that the situation can be calmed, but we, the president and our team are working 247 to make it happen. he's not. germany is charles le hosted the leaders of estonia,
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lethia and lithuania for talks on the crisis in ukraine. the 3 countries border russia and they say they are increasingly worried about his accent. the estonian prime minister said de escalation could not come at gunpoint and demanded no concessions. they made to moscow diplomacy and generating dialog. we'll have a chance only in combination with the credible deterrents and force posture. any failure in this would send an encouraging signal to russia and could lead to similar tactics and pressure elsewhere. we must be aware of not giving any concessions, even small glance. a new power struggle is fair to be brewing in libya. the parliament voted to replace in swim prime minister abdul hamid baber. just hours after he survived an assassination attempt, but de baber says he won't hand over power until elections are held. while it
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trainer reports now from triple in the eastern city of to brook, i live his parliament selected a new prime minister that he bossa was voted into office unanimously. he arrived and tripoli on thursday night and was received by hundreds of people. the former interior minister is widely seen as western libya, strong men, and he's got the backing of powerful orn groups across the country. including warlord fully for after self proclaimed libyan national army or elani, which controls the oil rich is the high belt, the other we will come and support the decision of the libyan parliament made on 1st day to appoint mister bashir car as prime minister and to form a government that leads to a better future for all libyans with that but in turn, prime minister abdul hamid the beaver says you will not hand over power. then as let be amerihome, i will not allow for new transitional stages. i will not be deterred from our role
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in the government until elections are held. the government of national unity will continue its work until it is handed over to an elected government. and for the moment the un agrees that we've seen the reports of the appointment of her, of another. oh prime minister. this is part of stephanie williams, ongoing consultations. our paula been our position that i stayed any very clearly yesterday. oh remains unchanged. if your position remains unchanged, you still recognize entering prime minister as the prime minister of libya. is that correct? yes, the short answer is yes. to be both main task as in term, prime minister was to hold elections, but the country has to rival legislatures, the parliament in the east and high council state in the west. in december, the vote was postponed because they couldn't agree on the rules for holding it. job realist weighs a political analyst and says, changing the government now will only prolong the conflict with the customer.
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lemonade in a elementary elect ends of the base solution to the contract because it ends the mandate of the rival legislative houses. it's clear the parliament and high council of state are blocking the way and don't want elections in order to stay in power. as a major political figure from libby as west west support. busy from the way the warlord in the country is that he believes he can bring libya, the government back together with the un and other powers refusing to recognize them as prime minister. whether he can bring stability to the country or. busy even take office, both remain very uncertain. now, train us is urging candidates use federal powers to end the food a blockade alicia border thousands of truck drivers have been protesting against coven restrictions by disrupting the flow of cargo. kinda as prime minister just intruder is due to hold a virtual meeting with opposition leaders to discuss ways out of the crisis. don't
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a 100 reports from port huron michigan. along the us canadian border, the truckers blockade is slowly taking its toll. this paddle border is moving faster than traffic and is rebels in 18 wheelers demanding an end to covert 19 restrictions continue using their freedom convoy to block the border on the canadian side, the pain is being felt on both sides. ford has stopped its auto assembly line in windsor, toyota. his close 3 plants across ontario and general motors is cutting shifts in michigan, and those closures threatened to reverberate throughout the auto supply chain. despite the added time and traffic. this drucker says the demonstrators have a point, everybody. ah, right, yeah, whatever. one of the i want a vi i was i out of band. i support him. you know? but i think it kind of sucks in all the traffic hearing. on thursday the truckers
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opened another front blocking all lanes on manitoba main. crossing to north dakota and with the ambassador bridge blocked from detroit to windsor traffic on the busiest land crossing in north america is shut down entirely from the u. s. to canada and all but closed in the other direction. trucks carrying everything from cattle to car parts which under automakers just in time delivery system need to be delivered within 48 hours to keep assembly lines rolling. have been diverted to the crossing between port huron michigan in the canadian city of sarnia at the blue water bridge. these trucks are getting across to canada, but wait times have been up to 3 hours and traffic crawls and as likely to continue as long as the truckers blockade goes on and politicians seem unwilling to crack down. we are canadian prime minister justin trudeau insist canada will follow the science. not only are canadians, tired of this hand demick of the challenges we're facing. but they're also of
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course, tired of the restrictions hired of the rule, hired of the local. that is understandable, but you know what helps lift restrictions. you know, it helps move beyond lockdown, vaccinations, but some canadian provinces, including alberta and saskatchewan, has eased covered rules in quebec and prince edward island announced plans to do the same. but with plans for a freedom convoy in the us, the truckers protests show no sign of vending. john henderson al jazeera on the u. s. border with canada. and then pick testers have confirmed russian figure skater. camilla valley have tested positive rebuttal substance before the pigs began. the 15 year old case will now be taken to the court of arbitration, to support its will rule whether she can continue competing at the games. it may also consider with the russians to be stripped of the gold medal they won in the team skating event on tuesday officials delayed ceremony to present metals. such
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cases are not helpful to the games. i think hopefully most people see that of the, the 3000 people are competing. here are some wonderful sports and graceful, and hopefully we can continue to concentrate on that. but you'll also appreciate that we need to the these cases need to be prosecuted properly taken care of properly and due process needs to be, needs to be gone through. and still the head all now deserves living in limbo. why thousands of venezuelan columbia and citizens of lost the right ease and the u. s. secretary of state heads down under for a major meeting of foreign ministers in melbourne. ah well it's warming if again in some parts of the middle east, particularly the arabian peninsula. look at this orange hits or doesn't 25 q
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weights 23 back. that's 22. but the still wintry with around this. this area here. some of it high ground, some naughty is a little bit on chill aside. obviously a good part of iran is much to say the weather associated with it. a few showers of rain may be mostly we talk about snow and radiant mountains. and that little line here that might produce something interesting, q 8, a thunderstorm, and fat. it'll tend to develop into something, give shamal that normally breeze. it goes down the gulf, bringing sand with it, and possibly again a thunderstorm. most you think it'd be the sand this notion because the wind will persist behind it. the sun's out is getting a little bit warmer in, for example, beirut at 16 degrees forecast, the doha. a disappointing one. as that strong wind comes in carrying something from iraq, probably fine sand or dust. and it's gone by monday sinks just once again. as you know, madagascar suffered recently from cycling. it's still a wet time of the year, but most the rain is in the north of seasonal rain, which goes across tanza near in, towards zombie kills, backs wrangler,
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and down to wasn't maybe a good part of the be namibia is wet, but not the skeleton coast ah, this to feel like present portion of who i am and what i want people to remember me by boxing is my get out ticket is, is not a human. just want to get the people around like we've got to when i'm chatted a story about my life and it's going to take 50 future to do a don't so bad will need to do the can you let you deep? oh ward, with your documentary, with me for now to sierra ah
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ah, the want to go 0 remind of all top stories this hour. the u. s. president is warning things in ukraine could go crazy quickly. these urging americans to leave now as concerns grow that moscow could invade country living as parliament, his appointed a new prime minister fought the busha, was picked to replace abdul hamid the baby who's refused to step down to vega, says the learning hand over power to an electric government olympic just is african phone, russian figure skater. camilla valley ever tested positive for band substance before the games began. the 15 year olds case will not be taken to the course of arbitration for sport. it'll roll whether she can continue competing at the games
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and in the us, inflation has hit its highest level in 40 years. consumer prices rose by some point 5 percent over the past year. energy cost, so the biggest jump, rising 27 percent president joe biden says he expects inflation to ease by the end of the year. and end of these years ordered $42.00 fighter jets from france as it looks to replace its aging fleet. harris has been trying to expand its tires in the indo pacific. that's after a decision by australia last year to counsellor french submarine deal in favor of a strategic alliance with the u. s. washington. a separately approved the sale of airplanes, a warplanes to wind, an easier for that deal hasn't been finalized. zachary abuser is a southeast asia, political expert, and professor at the national war college. he explains why southeast asian countries are trying to diversify the weapons purchases in the past. united states has been deemed fairly unreliable because of our restrictions on sales of weapons
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and even spare parts for weapons because of their human rights abuses. but i think indonesia would like to a consummate, a major arms deal with united states to keep us engaged in regional security. american weapons are simply too expensive for many countries, and the process of acquiring them takes a very long time to work its way through the american bureaucracy. and congress saw a lot of countries in southeast asia. i are looking to newer suppliers and international arms market. south korea, india, or, or even are russia ukraine, arm to arm themselves. philippines recently purchased a anti ship cruise missiles from india, arm. and, you know, we, we see indonesia consummately, kind of going around the world shopping for, for a bargain. deals that they can cat, you will succeed, stay as the lincoln is in australia to discuss growing russia. china ties at
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a meeting of foreign ministers of the circle quad in melbourne. the court is the u . s. lead block that includes australia, japan and india was set up to counter chinese growing influence in the region. australian private and cisco. morrison met the pharmacist before the talks. now sarah clark joins me from a brisbin. sarah, what's on the agenda at the moment? well, the meeting has just got on the way off for a number of bilateral talks throughout the, the day at china, of course is top of the agenda. it's growing power in the rage, in its territorial expansion. these are the key points of discussion, but also another issue that's creating grad anxiety is not just china's assertiveness in the end pacific. but also it's growing partnership with russia. you might recall gigi ping anatomy putin. and the last week also announcing a new declaration, whether be a no limits, a strategic partnership, peddling pledging mutual potential and protection of the cool interests. of course,
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this is in reference to russian ukraine and of course at china and taiwan. and that's an issue of significant saw in the in the pacific region and will be at central to the agenda and other quote group. as you mentioned, it's india, u. s. japan. and it's been hosted by strategy that se, defense minister at maurice or foreign minister, i should say, embrace pine the they're offering. basically i an alternative to what china is offering with regards to regional order. the u. s. often uses the term affirmative . that will be offering a vision that's free and inclusive on the other issue that when it will inevitably be res, that so he rushes military build up on the cranium border. it's not an indirect pacific issue, but of course it's a global issue and that will be discussed. but the main goal of this initiative run by called the pharmacist from these full countries is to show up they end up pacific partnerships and pushback on china. oh, so and his reaction been to this strategic partnership.
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china's been long time critical, the initiative it's described, i saw this pact and they strategic declarations is inflammatory and raising tensions are in the area. of course, i, analysts always note that china simply doesn't want a group of countries working corporate a cooperatively to push back on china's desire to expand its military bases and it's economic front in the innovative region, we have seen china's increasing aggression towards the likes of india and japan, so the quote countries will be looking to collaborate on that are in the joint statements in the declarations which we expect in the next couple of hours. but it is a pat agenda. it's happening now, as i said, we do expect some form of outcome at a press conference in about 2 hours time. sir clar, they're reporting for us from brisbin. thank you. on controversial more than 1300 new corona virus infections. another record high for cases in a single day. the numbers increased tenfold since the start of the month despite
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a tough isolation policy. mainland chinese officials meet their hong kong transports on saturday to discuss how to respond. and students in india have been arrested during a protest against a band on female people's wearing the job in the southern southern state of cannot figure people gathered in the capital, new delhi in opposition to the move. the band has triggered demonstrations in other parts of the country in recent days. let's bring in, pardon him at all, who is in that manner in cut off the cap. what's the latest on this coast? to the case right now is in front of the high court, which will resume the hearing on monday. now, schools that have been closed will reopen for some students on next week. the high court had ordered students to not insist on wearing religious attire and also to maintain peace. but this has angered many people who've been supporting these young
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women. some people have filed an appeal in the supreme court saying that this entire him order suspends that constitutional right to our freedom of expression. now a in the capital city of bengal, lou in karnataka, the government has been protest in the vicinity of the schools. remember, colleges will still remain closed, but solidarity for these young women is growing nationwide. the police in the capitol a new jelly, detain 70 students that were protesting in favor of these women to be able to wear the head scarves in classrooms. but we'll see reaction on the ground here. and what are people saying about this? are they, are they concerned that they could turn into a national movement? yeah, it already has turn into a national concern. you know, we are in the town of mandia. oh, where a young woman wearing a booty call was heckled by a group of hindu men. that video has gone viral and has come to define this
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national controversy. we actually just met her and her family. on one hand, she has become a local hero. people have travelled from foreign wire to come and visit her. on the other hand, her parents are concerned about her safety because she's been short online and dr. videos and photos of hers have also been doing the round on social media. in this town, there is a section that is really angry at the situation because of what it's doing to the minds and futures off. essentially, teenagers, you know, india has had one of the longest poo closures because of the pandemic. and now students are missing out on classes. just ahead of critical exams are many people are angry at the govern. don't say that instead, it should be focusing on expanding education, particularly to young women and minority women. and instead you have a situation where young people are talking about religious identity and unconstitutional rights. ogden,
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utah reporting their 1st thank you. i'm more than 40000 migrants from venezuela have unexpectedly lost their colombian citizenship. cars without being told, most of them are the children of columbia and citizens. and alice alice hung around pierre to report some have been arrested while others can't access their bank accounts for healthcare. venezuelan colombian edward. catherine was doing his job in but with that recently, when he was stopped by the police for a routine check, he was them founded when he was told is gonna be an id, was fake and was arrested for 36 hours with okay. i mean, i was in shock because i was sure i had done nothing wrong. they still handcuffed me and took me to the police station as he was born in venezuela. but having a colombian mother, he was able to get citizenship when he migrated. here in 2019 but now he says he's living in limbo, fearing he could end up in jail again every time he leaves the house. if it's on
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the part of the channel, right to my identity has been violated. yes, i was born in venezuela already have a life. yeah, i credit history everything. now i live in fear feeling that i am some sort of criminal. and edward is not alone. 43000 venezuelan colombian cities in the last year i. d. 's in the last few weeks columbia, the national registry says they found the irregularities in their documentation. as far of a purging of the electoral senses, their ideas were cancelled and the majority were not notified since then. more than 200 have been arrested and others have had severe consequences. the director of the civil registry says that while the difficulty many faith, unfortunately, they have no option given the fact the records show. some irregularity is in macon, it's the mechanism we have in our country to integrate people effectively into the rule of law that will give them all the guarantees that correspond to them as colombian citizens. but the adjustment to the law is inevitably applicable. but
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some suspect, darker motive. they have the so called irregularities, could be an excuse used by the government to reduce the participation in upcoming presidential elections, of citizens linked to socially been it's way better than others. claim it's the government heavy handed response to allegations of fake id circulating in the country. whatever the reason it's having an impact. audi muscle, graham, but i cavity aladdin as who ran. so human rights foundation that assist venezuelan migrants has gathered almost 5000 wrongful cases. it is, people is columbia, we are columbia, and every administrative decision that to take effect the life of this people today we have people that have cancer and are not receiving their treatment because the situation leaving many to face the real life consequences of bureaucratic decisions beyond the control allison, that m p at the i'll just eat with that. oh,
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surely as governments, as declare the call as an endangered species, after experts warn their populations, were sliding towards extinction. the status of great offers more protection to qual as a new south wells. queensland and the australian capital territory, a decline in numbers is being blamed on bush fires, land clearing and prolonged drought. the corolla has been under pressure for a while because of climate change because of long dry spells as a rural astrology. and i know that well, and also because of disease, we estimate that up to 50 percent of our populations have chlamydia, so that's a real pressure. and of course the bush fires. so coming out of those fires, i asked my scientific experts to really examine whether the qual is listing, as you said on the endangered spaces list, needed to move up a notch. and today's announcement is that it has which is all about priority conservation for this extraordinary marsupial u. s. aerospace company i asked, rose fell to put for satellites into orbit in its 1st ever mission of the kind. the
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rocket was carrying the satellite for nasa, but a camera on board. the rocket showed its body spinning shortly after it took off in cape canaveral in florida. i shall stalk valley dropped by a quarter after the incident had ah bizarre zara. amazed at the top stories, the u. s. president is urging americans, the levy crane as concerns grow that moscow could invade the country. but he said he won't send troops to get americans out. biden was asked about us citizen safety on m b. c. news. you know, us alone, but look, that's why would i've asked is american citizens should leave should leave. now we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it's a very different situation and things could go crazy.


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